A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots

Chelsea Houska


Crazy Days and Nights' most recent TM2 "blind item" (a piece of insider gossip that omits the subject's name for fear of being sued) had the the Teen Mom fan community speculating whether or not Kailyn Lowry has been cheating on her husband, Javi.

However, based on today's dose of social media drama, it appears this blind item was actually about Kail's co-star, Chelsea Houska.

Early this afternoon Chelsea's baby daddy, Adam Lind, posted a screenshot of a text message conversation between the two in an attempt to defame her.


In any other circumstance most would take Adam's claims with a grain of salt if it were not for Chelsea's fiance, Cole, recently updating his relationship status to "single" on his private Facebook account.

Chelsea and Cole have yet to comment on this recent sequence of events.

However, the couple is no longer following each other on twitter.

In other news, this story is 100% fake. April fools! Chelsea & Cole are still happily engaged.


Gaaaaaaaah! Don't ever do that to me again! I'm a 34 year old woman!

Definitely stopped breathing for a few minutes. Oh my god.

Speaking of Blind Items, there was one posted today about there being a video of a Teen Mom smoking Meth.

Yeah, I saw that one. It could be about Leah? Wasn't TR supposed to be a drug dealer?

I can't see Jenelle doing meth, but the twitter haters are speculating that it could be her because when they were last in NYC she posted a selfie that had Dave holding something that looked like a pipe in the reflection on her glasses.

You can't see Jenelle doing meth?! She was on heroin for like a year.

@Adam's Personal Training

Maybe I should clarify that, I don't think that Jenelle LOOKS like she's on meth. Leah, on the other hand, looks like a hot mess.

THE FORGOTTEN TWIN SPOKE OF A METH SMOKING VIDEO OF LEAH!!! OMG! Her predictions are all coming true! Jokes on whoever didn't believe her and caused her to leave here.....

That was my first thought as well when I saw the post.

What else did she say about Leah before she left??

I stopped breathing for a few seconds too but luckily I'm a speed reader ;-).
I was like WUT?!! Noooo! Adam is so gross inside and outside. When Chels would boink him after everything, she would be seriously mentally ill.

Think it was Kail who cheated, while Javi's mom was raising her kids for her.

I hate April fools. It's annoying and stupid. Ugh

Not funny. Just gross. Ad-dum's tats & faux mohawk are SO unattractive. Haven't we all suffered enough? lol

Is it embarrassing to admit that I fell for this? I was getting ready to post some arguments haha.

In some unrelated news, Catelynn is apparently going to the same place that "treated" Leah's ~stress and depression~. So chances are Cate is not going to get the help she actually needs and may leave this center even more depressed and stressed than she was before she got there. I don't know how long she's staying, but Tyler and Nova visited her quite recently---a little too recently for somebody trying to get some individual therapy, in my opinion. Don't they usually save family visits until the patient is well into treatment and doing much better? Plus, Tyler is a huge part of Catelynn's anxiety whether she wants to admit it or not (and she probably won't, especially if he's already flying out to see her and reminding her of how lucky she is to have him ugh he's so gross). At least he brought Nova with him instead of leaving her at April's with a flimsy excuse. Yay...?

I would put money on it that April has been looking after Nova since Catelynn went into treatment. Tyler's excuse probably would be that Nova is a girl and needs to be around females and has nothing to do with Nova not being male.

The fact that Tyler didn't post any pictures of nova from the time cate left until he took nova to arizona supports this theory. If Tyler had nova in his care for those two weeks, we would have seen several instagram posts with pictures of nova like #dadlife and "I don't know how my wife does it, she's amazing and I luuuv her"

I support your theory.
You have got to be kidding me Tyler! He doesn't have a job or school but he isn't taking care of her?
If you ever want to meet a real man, come over Tyler. I have a man here who took care of a baby just a few weeks old while he knew nothing about babies and taking care of a few months old and a three year old while Iwas ill. By himself. Okay the second time he used daycare for our eldest when he had to work. He came to see me almost every day too the second time, every day the first time.
Oh and he has ADD, so planning and changes in his life are really hard for him. His brains were exhausted and so was he. So what's your excuse Tyler?

The difference is that I think Cate probably is there for anxiety/depression (PPD). Whereas Leah clearly wasn't! I also read that this particular treatment center focuses on the whole family/kids, whatever for therapy. Especially if it's PPD-related it makes sense that about now (halfway through her treatment) they would bring Nova in. Just a guess!

Oh my god, whyyyy??? Haha, I was about to die!

Totally thought this was for real

The only reason I knew it was fake is because the text messages are in the old style format for the iPhones and they haven't had that for over 2 years lol

Shoot! I have an android so I'm totally clueless about that stuff. Good catch!

Shows how easy it is to fake text messages/screen shots!

That is a really good point! So easy to edit anything these days

That's why at first I thought it was Adam purposely stirring up trouble with old texts! lmao

Farrah started selling a furniture line and is planning on opening a store. Sure to be another one of her "successful" business ventures. Her promo photos for Furniture by Farrah have no furniture buto do have her in lingerie for some reason. The only successful anything she's had is her sex toys so maybe she's banking on that to sell some couches. Maybe it will be a package deal. "And this chair by Farrah comes with a farrah fleshlight"

Yes, it probably will be successful considering she is already in the real estate business and Simon runs a company that stages houses (with furniture and home decor). This venture makes a lot of sense, honestly.
Also, I'd like to point out that the instagram dedicated to promoting the furniture line (https://www.instagram.com/furnishedbyfarrah/) includes 28 promotional pictures, only one of which shows Farrah in lingerie. The rest of the pictures do in fact feature furniture.

The pasta sauce, froz-yo place and restaurant would have made sense because that is what she got her degree for yet none of them panned out.
Why are they're any lingerie pics at all when it's furniture??? Let alone a sole pic of her in lingerie without any Furniture?
She has yet to sell her porn bought mansion
What does she know about furniture. I think I read something about Simon doing something with it because of his related stuff so it's probably not her just her name

*? *Realestate

I had a look at the wicker furniture, wow!
Color options: Cloaca Cocoa, But Workers Brown, Deep Dark Secret??
The colors Forever Young Yellowish and the Contrasting Con Color are a Deb's special, you will receive a spandex US flag candle light holder for free with it.
Everything is high quality, only at her store you can buy the real Osteen Wealthy Wicker (patent pending), it comes with a giant book with maintenance guidelines but you don't actually have to follow those. Just a bit of simple touching up with a spray tan and your wicker furniture will always look wealthy, nobody will notice it is rotten on the inside!

Kail and Javi are actually rumored to be on the outs again with rumors of naked or mostly naked snap chatting between Javi and some chick he's deployed with

I thought it was with one of Kail's friends? Kim, or something? I was under the impression she was dating one of Kailyn's other friends. I don't know. It's messed up either way though. Could be an April Fools joke, but we all know how horrible they are together.

According to the forums on Previously TV, Kail tweeted a thumbs-up at somebody questioning her about Javi's apparent indiscretion with the other women. Kail also publicly tweeted a male friend and asked for his phone number since she accidentally deleted it or something. She and Javi are no longer following each other on Twitter and Instagram.

If this were happening to anybody else, I'd say, "Yeah, Javi just snapchatted somebody at the wrong time and Kail simply wants a friend's phone number because she lost his." But considering how toxic and dysfunctional their marriage has become---not to mention the cheating rumors that abounded last season---I think it's something to talk about. Kail and Javi could hardly try and work on their marriage before all this shit hit the fan. There isn't really a doubt in my mind that they'll just up and quit now that the real issues are coming out of the woodwork.

Of course, considering today's date, it's possible it's all an elaborate April Fool's prank. However, I don't think Kail is the kind of person to joke about her marriage falling apart; she's always been defensive about it in the past. It's not something she'd probably be keen to joke about.

He was also taking pretty sketchy photos with another girl who I don't believe was the "lesbian friend"

I agree with you CBB, I don't think they would joke about it and I also don't think Kail woul publicly show her distaste for the situation unless it was so far gone she doesn't care.

Deleted my last comment because I came across new screenshots that do in fact reveal that snapchat-gate has created a problem between Kail and Javi. One of our writers will publish a story soon.


Has anyone got links to the snapchats?

Kail also tweeted a message essentially saying, "If you're going to choose between me and her, don't choose me." Either they're playing a trick or they're doneskis.

I've been trying to find the screen shot of all the snaps of Javi and the other woman, it was a little collage of 4 photos. I can't find it anywhere! There is a radar article over it, but no photo except one of them on the beach.

I don't think Kail could cheat on Javi. Cause Javi is checking her every move and probably has a gps tracker app hidden on her phone or something else of the sort. That is probably why he doesn't want her to have males over at the house when he is not present. GPS will say she's is near the kitchen were Javi feels a wife belongs but when men are allowed on the safe location, Javi's system becomes unreliable.
But Javi seems to allow himself much more freedom.

I almost cried

?? The fact that everyone believed this at first says a lot....

I did too!

Haha! That's not fair! I totally bought it!

Oh wow, I completely bought this! I'm also kind of disappointed as I wanted to see the Chelsea-can-do-no-wrong crew explain this away. Oh well.

Ok, THIS brought me out of the lurkosphere, I got gotten SO good, can't believe I fell for it, I feel like Chelsea knows the only good Lindt is a chocolate!

Haha about the time I got to Cole's fb status is when I started to catch on. Good one! :D

OMFG..... I didn't read right to the end and was actually devestaed!! Good thing I read the comments. Phew that would have sucked!!

Ahh this got me! I definitely think there is something going on with Javi and Kail though. Apparently Javi deleted all his photos of him & Kail on Instagram (not ones with the kids though) and in his recent photos he isn't wearing his rings. And then I haven't seen it, but people were saying at the reunion when they put Javi on Skype that they were being weird, and then that clip that showed she was annoyed at it and said it wasn't a good surprise.

I really, really wish people would stop believing those fake-ass "blind items" from that terrible site. This dude used to post about A listers doing hard drugs, being sexual deviants (including bestiality and pedophilia), commiting crimes (including somehow miraculously undetected murders), implying that his source (and a popular commenter) was Robert Downey Jr (doesn't that sound ridiculous?) before he was discovered to have no connections to Hollywood whatsoever. He was making all of this up. His blog kinda died for a while (save for a few people who just really wanted to believe him) and now he's enjoying second wave of popularity because he discovered that if he writes about Teen Mom, the tumblr/twitter obssessives will eat this up. And it is really easy to make up Teen Mom blind items: there's always somebody cheating, somebody getting back with an ex, somebody doing drugs... And people are just itching to believe, especially if they think it's about a girl they hate. So transparent.

I know it doesn't apply to this site (especially not on April's Fools), but God, this really is one of my pet peeves. And I actually love legit blind items (like Lainey's or blindgossip.com, they're much more reliable), but in teen mom community, every time there is a blind item, it's from this asshole...

Haha I do agree! The blind items are basically a re wording of a rumour that is already circulating around or just something that is plausible enough to take off.

This time next year it'll probably be true.


Jesus Christ, you had me shouting at my phone o_O

Farrah's stupid instagram page has no info costs, how to purchase, people already complaining already....oh yes, another Farrah failure that will disappear once Simon gets what he needs from her and finally dumps her for good.

Oh djezus how stupid!
Such a successful business woman.

God I'm not even a Chelsea fan and this still made my heart jump!!Good one definitely caught me on this one.I was screaming Nnnnnnnoooooo at my phone before I read to the bottom!Didn't help that we're 5 hours ahead here in Ireland so I thought I was safe from April Fools when I read it!

By the way, Rebecca, a certain Tumblr blog has absolutely no sense of humor. (eyeroll)


She took it WAY to seriously. I like her blog but sometimes she's just, ugh.

Wow,yea I agree! Lol she needs to chill out, it's just Teen Mom and it's just a joke!

You are right. No sense of humour at all.
I think Chelsea wouldn't have mind this joke and think it was a good prank.

I'm convinced this girl hates everything in her life. She bitches about EVERYTHING these moms do and half the shit she says is blown way out of proportion. She thinks she knows everything about everyone. But for some reason, I still read that tumblr daily, I just roll my eyes at most of it lol.

Anyone remember when she said if Nikole was actually pregnant she'd eat her shoe? Then when Nikole ACTUALLY had her daughter, and she was like OMG YOU GUYS CAN'T TAKE A JOKE, but now she's criticizing this? Get a life girl.

Not amused.

I don''t like her much but even I was shocked and thought ' Good God gurl.. WHAT THE HELL did you do?'. I am glad it was a joke... And a good one too!