Leah's Social Media Rant

Leah Messer


There's nothing I love more than a good social media meltdown, complete with terrible grammar, lack of spellcheck, and some raw emotion. This time around, the meltdown comes from Teen Mom 2's Leah Calvert. Apparently Leah was reading through her mentions and her news feed, and there were several comments from people about her excessive spending, mistreatment of Corey, and purchasing a horse.

Leah took to Twitter to address the issue in this 14 part rant.

I'm not going to link ALL of the Tweets, but her name is @TM2LeahDawn so if you want to check it out on individual Tweets, go for it.

Here's what she wrote (please note that I am keeping the spelling and grammar the exact way that Leah shared it):

As I'm reading through my twitter feed I can't help but wonder what goes through som eof you alls who mind...First off, the horse was given to the girls and for Ali to use for therapeutic riding from her grandparents. Second the money I spend or "spent" so to say wasn't only on make up. You guys do seem to forget that this is reality TV and many things are edited to fit timing etc. So you guys really should take a step back to THINK before being so judgmental. I love to hear you opinions even the ones that is so hurtful because I take it to heart and try to let it make me a stronger person by looking at opinions as a lesson and be more understanding of what each and everyone of you guys are trying to say to me. I try to share my story in the more inspirational way possible. All I've ever tried to do is stay loyal and honest to each of my viewers so you can relate to certain circumstances and either learn or give me the advice I love accepting and remaining strong through all the ups and downs that I have. I appreciate everyone, and will always remain the person I was 5 or 6 years ago. Remember I don't do this for myself I do this for others. I love my daughters with all of my heart and all I will ever want for them is an amazing life and for them to be able to look up to their mommy as a role model. I hope in time each and everyone of you guys out their a over the world can see I care about every human being and all I want is to make a difference and bring peace to everyone out their. I'll be the first to admit I put everything before myself and I always will because I am so soft hearted and only want the best for my family and the world itsef. I love each and everyone of you guys and I hope my journey on TM2 has made a difference in many others lives !! We love you guys ! !!

So, basically Leah starts this tangent saying that everyone is wrong about her spending and that sometimes people should take a step back and reevaluate things they see on television, but ends it by saying that she loves everyone's opinions and that she loves everyone who watches her show and simply wants world peace.

I don't even know what to make of this nonsense.

P.S. Ali finally received her wheelchair, but I'm not sure if it's under Jeremy's insurance or Corey's. Here's a picture:



that wheelchair seems more of a hassle for little ali than anything. a manual foldable wheelchair would seem so much more accessible.

its a shame ali has such a terrible mom. i hope corey gets custody honestly. at least he and miranda dont drop 2 grand on mary kay makeup.

I don't think she's a terrible mom I just think she smokes too much meth and has a dumb....oh wait....... I have to say I hope Corey gets custody too. Not that I would want the girlses totally taken away from leah of course but Corey and Miranda seem more stable. They don't have an infant to worry about, as far as I know they don't blow money (at least from what we see who knows) but yeah...I was just saying on the other post how if she never bought that Mary Kay bullshit (2000), 3000 washer dryer, and all of her other unnecessary expenses she probably could have easily bought the "Willchair". Also it looks like Ali is already out growing it....how stupid! What a waste of money. I hope she at least donates it to a kid in need.

This is what got me though:

"Remember I don’t do this for myself I do this for others."


Totalllllllllllllly not for the money for the baby's dye, the meth, the fake nails, the hair. Totally.

Well fucking said!!!

I don't think she's a terrible mom. I don't think she's the most amazing mother in the world, and she IS terrible with money management, but she does love her daughters.

I'm sick of arguing about money!!!

i do think she is a terrible mother as well as a terrible person in general. she smoked while she was pregnant, cheated on her fiance, uses money that could benefit her kids towards her own personal luxury items (cigarettes/makeup/brand new washer dryer when she could have bought cheaper models), talks badly about their father in front of them. also the fact that she keeps them dirty and feeds them crap.
i think it was a camera man who allegedly said she kept the home disheveled and the kids would run like mice to food as she threw it around on the floors for them.
shes just the epitome of trash, with a bit of fame and MTV money she has made herself even worse.

one key scene that sticks out to me is when one of the girlses grandmas proclaimed at their 2nd birthday party that they could have soda now! why would that even be on your mind? maybe its their culture? but ali has a muscle disease, and feeding her junk and sugar/sodium will just make her health worse. she needs a a healthy lifestyle which her family doesn't provide for her. its disgusting.

I'm the crunchiest of crunchy moms around, so I totally get what you're saying about the disgusting lifestyle she provides. But when gma is stoked that they can give the girlses soda, I don't think she knows better and I don't think Corey would do better in that department either.. She needs parenting classes and money management, like asap.

Yuck about what the camera men said, I wonder if CPS ever investigated their home environment?

That's so gross. I don't have kids, but I have been around a lot of young families. When kids get to a certain age, they start to want what other kids have. Things like apple juice which is essentially sugar water become kind of a necessary evil. Aside from treats on holidays or birthdays, I see no reason to encourage two year olds to eat and drink crap. Yes, give her a piece of cake at a birthday party, and if she sees other kids with juice boxes and wants one, then fine. But why encourage them to drink Mountain Dew? Just because Leah is thin doesn't make her healthy.

Don't forget the cameraman claiming that she left bloody tampons on the floor. He said she was the most disgusting housekeeper, and her kids were hardly attended to while she spent time putting on makeup and doing her hair.

The scary thing is (and correct me if I'm wrong) that the camera man saw all that happen BEFORE Addy was born. I can't even imagine how much worse it's gotten since since another child was added to the mix

You are so right! Ali's diet is very important. The crap chemicals will not help the her maintain what healthy functions she has or delay the deterioration of her body! The nitrates in those lunchables alone! Geeeesh!

Refresher for those that missed the Cameraman's AMA that was then pulled from Reddit :(


I tried to read Leah's Word Diarrhea but couldn't. She can go eat a bowl of fuck.

How dare you. You have your business I have mines!!!!! Don't you know you have to spend money to make money????? You never let me do anything!!! I'm not allowed! You got me the cureig so I can have energies for the girlses and now you want Miranda and Corey their to have full custody? I'm on MTV to help their people! I was loyal and honest to Corey and it his fault I spread my legses for Robbie. All my money only goes to healthy foods for the girlses I spend nothing on myself. I don't even have my purple extensions anymore I had to get a horse and a pool and a house for Ali ok??? MTV edits out everything. You really dropped the ball on this one.

Don't forget that if Corey didn't watch the porn you would still be marrieded. He stopped showing you attention. I feels for you Leah. The pipe understands your pain.

I love this as a conversation between the pipe and the user hahahahah. Brilliant on both parts.

Corey didn't let me spread my legses enuff so I put the pipe in my mouth and I felt soooooooo free. It's the only good thing in ma lyfe besides my LAHYUR

I think Leah is a good mom who is not smart and is overemotional and can be misguided. I think Corey is a good dad who is not smart and underemotional and can be misguided. I don't think either is better than the other. I don't see why they shouldn't stick with joint custody.

I think I should have the girlses and he should give me the moneys for my nells for Robbie. Corey is just a weekend babysitter and doesn't even feed the girlses groceries while they're at his house. I feed them all the cheetos all the popcorn ALL the spaghetti on the floor and Miranda and Corey their not well. OK???

Leah wanted to show everyone she's a cool mom by getting a customized "willchair". Ali doesn't slather makeup on her face or wear poor quality extensions, so Leah is trying to glam up the willchair so everyone thinks of her every time they see it. Ali will outgrow this 20k willchair 2 years tops. Maybe she can settle for riding her therapeutic horse everywhere when that happens. And lmao at this quote "Remember I don’t do this for myself I do this for others". Stfu Leah. You do it for the money and nothing else.

HAHHAHA I totally laughed out loud at "it's a shame she has such a terrible mom." Lolol..we all know she's not mom of the year. Let's hope Leah can start focusing more on her kids and less on social media/having to comment on everything. It's such wasted energy especially when you have 3 kids who need you, one of who has special needs.

EXACTLY! How many times have we seen Leah in her TM2 segments, sitting on the couch, tap tap tapping away on her phone while her kids are getting their own Lunchables, climbing on counters and furniture, etc. Pay attention to your kids! That in itself is a full time job, especially when one of them has special needs. If she's doing that when the cameras are on her, imagine how much she does that when they aren't. She needs to develop a thicker skin, get off the social media and really be a more attentive mom.

My first impression was NO FUCKING WONDER insurance didn't want to cover that! I think we all love Ali (and feel for Aleeah for being the forgotten twin) but DAYUM that thing looks way too fancy for just being used "on the way to the park" so she can play when she gets there. Like you said, a foldable wheelchair would've sufficed perfectly for that purpose. This kind of chair seems more adept for getting around as a teen or adult.

Yeah but then I made a video of willchair and was like BOO YAH Corey gets to pay me more money CHA CHINGGGG

The point of the electric wheelchair is for her to be able to use it herself. If she's not strong enough to walk she's not strong enough for a manual wheelchair. Not saying they needed one this fancy but electric was a necessity.

No I agree totally. Her having a wheelchair she can use herself would be awesome! I have just literally never seen a contraption like the one in the picture. Ever.

I had envisioned the wheelchair before during all the fuss about it but I NEVER could've imagined it was something so extravagant. Ya know, like a $3000 washer and dryer when you could get the both of them new for under $600.

Basically I think this is more evidence of Leah's entitlement and shitty money management. Get her the wheelchair of her own, get a pink one for all I care, but THIS seems extreme - especially for a little girl who still has some mobility. Shit I wouldn't even begrudge her really if Ali was not able to walk at all but she STILL CAN - this is overkill.

Well they kept saying how the wheelchair makes Ali feel "free" and more able/independent which wouldn't be the case with a manual because then she may as well just be in a stroller since she wouldn't be propelling herself. That being said, I do think the chair they got for her is pretty excessive and a simpler motorized wheelchair would have sufficed, especially at the rate kids her age grow.

shes a 3 year old, she shouldn't have too much independence until she's older though. i would hope they don't plan just leaving her for hours on end...
the logistics of a wheelchair this size just seem odd at this age. when she is at home she doesn't need to actually RUN around and use up all of her energy to play with her sisters, she can simply sit on the floor. even if she wants to go from one room to another, using the wheelchair seems more of a hassle then simply being carried to another room. when she gets older and is heavier that would be a different story.

i don't know ali's condition to a T but i knew a man who had muscular distrophy and he used a manual wheelchair (also had an elevator in the home) to get around from room to room. he could use his arms and hands just fine as his condition was more in his lower body. i wonder if this is the same for ali? if its not i can totally see them not wanting her to manually use up her arm muscles to get around. but if not it just seems like a more convenient option than lugging this huge machine around.

My uncle had MD. It affected his upper and lower portions of his body. When he was out, he used an electric wheelchair. Nothing like this but he was able to move around with a joystick. Most of the time, he was in his room. My grandmother had to help him get in and out of the wheelchair, into bed or into the bath beyond that. He was diagnosed pretty young too. I think Leah wants what's best for Ali. As a parent, you will go above and beyond. I originally thought it was a lot of hassle and money for a customized wheelchair. But, she probably wants to make Ali as happy and comfortable as she can be. That's a lot to handle at a young age--both Ali and Leah.

Yeah the willchair looks too complicated. 20K on a willchair is ridiculous.She rilly needs to go to community college and take grammar and financial management courses.

Perhaps a manual wheelchair would have been too much on Ali's arms. I can't see how wheeling herself around manually would conserve energy for her, she may as well be walking at that point.

I feel like BOTH Leah and Corey have dropped the ball here. I think Leah spends because she's unhappy. I think she drops the $$ to try and make herself feel better and of course it doesn't really work and then she spends more and more.

Yes she cheated on Corey yes she made her mistakes there but tbh I am not of the "once a cheater always a cheater" school of thought. I do believe you can be young and dumb and make a crap choice, it's how you manage it and learn from it that counts.

But the thing is, Corey has been entirely rubbish about chasing Ali's chair and helping to get it sorted through the insurance. And why? Because he's in flat denial about her condition. That's pretty shitty for Ali, why should she suffer because her dad can't get his head around it? He has a responsibility to fight for Ali and he hasn't really been doing that IMO. Don't get me wrong I ADORE Corey, and Leah needs to realise how lucky she is he is there doing all he can for the most part.

I don't see why Corey suddenly wants full custody, although it confuses me that he only has the girls 1 day a week!!

I think Leah is a young mother trying to deal with three kids, one with a major disability and illness and she's doing all she can. She fucks up totally but I don't believe her heart is in the wrong place at all.

Dear lord Leah spend that Mary Kay money on tuition at a community college instead.

5th grade grammar !

I think you meant she should spend that money on fifth grade grammar. ;)

Yes. I think she doesn't have the skills for CC English.

You mean for cosmology school?

Leah, put down the pipe, girl.

And, Ali looks like she's going to need a bigger "willchair" really soon. Ah well, good story line for next season, I suppose.

I thought the same! That thing looks small already!!

Exactly!! I said the same thing many posts ago. It was absolutely ridiculous to get a brand new shiny pink expensive wheelchair, when she is just going to outgrow it in less than a year. She could of easily got a used one, decorated it, and got used to operating it. When she outgrew it, bam pink wheelchair.

I am not in anyway trying to defend Leah but I am an OT from Australia and I do paediatric wheelchair prescriptions. Any child with a disability will outgrow their wheelchair, having a child with a disability is expensive as they outgrow any equipment they get. In the perfect world it would be great to have a wheelchair that kids could use when they are young like Ali all the way into adulthood, but we also have to remember that ali's condition will deteriorate (as sad as it is to say) and she may have lower mobility when she gets her new wheelchair in a few years and thus it will have different functions - it's not really a one wheelchair fits you for life type scenario with muscular dystrophy.

The chair Ali has is the only chair that goes down to the floor (so Ali can get in/out as independently as possible) and elevates (so Ali can wheel up to a table at school and sit and do craft with other kids for example - it is probably very tiring for Ali to constantly get in and out of a wheelchair all day long (especially with muscle weakness) and eventually she won't even be able to independently get in and out of a wheelchair by herself so these kind of functions are really important. It also means she can wheel around inside at school and access things on tables, low shelves etc and conserve all her energy so then at lunch time she can get out of her chair and have energy to run around with all her friends.

Another feature of this chair (any many paediatric wheelchairs) is that the seat depth and backrest height are adjustable. This doesn't mean you can adjust the chair until Ali is an adult but it will allow her to use the chair for a number of years. The chair is also customisable and things can be added in the future for example extra trunk supports for her body which she may need as her condition deteriorates and her muscles weaken (I do not know Ali personally so I am not sure how quickly this will happen).

As for the colour, it usually does not cost extra for coloured wheelchairs/different coloured fabrics in Australia - it may be different in America. The only difference is that as wheelchairs are made overseas (usually europe) it may take longer for the wheelchair to be made if you pick a certain colour if they don't have it in stock, and of course fancier fabrics etc can cost more. It is like buying a car when normal paint or metallic paint - there are lots of different options and to be honest Ali is a little girl and she will be using this wheelchair a lot and it is just like a little girl going to the shops and buying a bike they will pick the one that they like, it may have been Ali that picked the pink colour and if that makes her feel happy and enjoy using the wheelchair then who are we to judge?

Also wheelchairs are prescribed by professionals - yes there are things you can add but a professional will not tell you to put all these extra expensive additions if they are not needed. I am not trying to defend Leah because I personally don't like her but a professional must have felt Ali needed some of the customisations she has. All wheelchairs and expensive ($10,000 plus). It is like a mini car for kids so of course it is expensive and every child with a disability is different so it is not as easy as saying just use a second hand one because it may not suit Ali's abilities/level of muscle weakness etc -no two children are the same and thus no two wheelchairs are the same.

Sorry for the long rant, but I hope this sheds some light on wheelchairs for people that don't know much about them :)

I guess Corey's ass better call the insurance and get me a new one. he's such a deadbeat! Thank God I have Jurmy and Robbie to support me.

Cool comment Julia. It's neat getting some info about the practical aspects of this chair. I want to ask you about other models though. My mom is a second grade teacher and a couple of years ago she had a student with MD who was in a wheelchair. His was motorized and had some of the features you were talking about, which helped support his trunk. It looked TOTALLY different from this chair. I've never seen anything like it before, honestly. Is this standard for children with MD?

@ Pissed out IUDS

I don't work with children with MD so I can not say and it really depends on the therapist, each therapist may favour a certain brand or style just because they have seen how they benefit kids or they are small in size so they fit inside people's homes easier etc etc.

I think perhaps Ali got this specific chair because she does have some mobility and therefore the feature which lowers right to the ground allows her to get in and out independently - I have seen this feature with kids with cerebral palsy who might use a walking frame for short distances but need a wheelchair for long distances, the feature increases their independence. We also need to remember quality over quantity - just because Ali can walk doesn't mean she should constantly walk all the time, wouldn't you rather your child had a 30 minute maths class and really attended to the teacher and tried their best than 7 hours of sitting their staring out the window? This feature allows Ali to decide when she wants to get out/in the wheelchair instead of relying on others - can you imagine how long it would take Leah to get off her lazy ass and come and lift Ali into her wheelchair? Allowing Ali to get in and out by herself is important as in Australia it is illegal to lift children over a certain weight and there are OH&S issues etc so children are hoisted between wheelchair and other chairs (e.g., onto the couch, the toilet etc) when they are at school. Hoisting takes 10 mins per hoist maybe even more by the time you put everything in place etc and some organisations require you to have two staff assisting with the hoist incase something goes wrong, so it can take some time. Also while she can do it for herself it is important for her to retain as much function as she can. The low to the ground feature might also be useful when kids sit on the mat in the classroom for story time, she can then sit at a similar level to her peers.

Sorry I can't really answer you question specifically, every child is different which is why the chairs are customisable. Also children who do have some mobility usually have more functions on their chair, whereas in the future when Ali has very little mobility she may not need as many functions for her to control. I have seen children with MD where they have no movement at all, they can not even control the joystick on the wheelchair, a carer does it all for them - but they still have powered wheelchairs because it assists to carry things (oxygen tank, medicine, food etc).

@Pissed out IUDS it could be a matter of Ali's chair being a more recent model, not to mention her specifications are probably not the same as your moms student, as Julia pointed out all cases are different. Not to mention all manufacturers and models are different.

Its cringeworthy and sad to read all of these comments bitching about the necessity of Ali's wheelchair having "hoops and whistles", and heaven help us, is pink. Thank goodness shes able to get that "fancy" chair, which im sure she, her mother and father would trade in ten times over to have normally functioning muscles.

Cue the downvotes, but I won't whine and cry about it thread after thread like alot of posters are doing, as if it affects the validity of their opinion, or prevents them from posting on this site lol.

@Reformed I think the thing that got my attention and raised an eyebrow was the tablet looking screen thing in the picture. I think everyone on here wants Ali to have the most badass care and suppprt for her MD but I didn't know wheelchairs had touch screens now! "I'll be the first to admit" (lol) I don't know much about these kids of technology, hence asking Julia for info (thanks btw!). But I still wonder about how much of this is standard for a design allowing Ali to get in and out on her own, and how much were "customizations" added by Leah.

Thanks for a great comment Julia!! I have worked with adults with disabilities for a while now and agree that all wheelchairs are expensive and should be customized for the person using it!! While I think Leah overspends and is obviously young and immature, she is going to have a long road ahead with Ali and anything that helps that child out should be covered by insurance in my book. That's what insurance is for, to pay for necessary medical treatment!! Anyways, thanks again Julia for clearing up so many misconceptions people tend to have!!!

It does look small, but I can still see the other two girlses hanging off of it as all three buzz around the house! How long will it take for this one to be busted too? BTW, wonder if they ever got the loaner chair fixed before they returned it?

It looks small but still wouldn't fit through the doors or halls in that one very nice house Leah said she didn't like- it wasn't regal enough for her!

That house was a "manufactured home". (trailer) That's why it wasn't regal enough for her.

I hope you know out their I just want to make a difference out their.

A) Ali-girl is precious.

B) all I got from this was we really need to do something about education in this country. I could barely comprehend enough of that gobbledygook to even judge the actual content. Who do we even talk to about this? Education is a state issue, right? Is the government in West Virginia aware that the likes of Leah Messer graduated high school? The movie you all love to talk about, Idiocracy is happening.

She had to have been high off of anti anxiety medications when she wrote this..

Nope that's just how I normally right!

It's the meth.

I agree completely. I guess she was rushing to get this off of her chest or something, but at 22 years old with a high school diploma, you should know which form of "there/they're/their" to use. We can rest assured that the schools aren't well in WV.

My kids had that ( your/you're their/there/they're) 2nd half of 2nd grade and in California which ranks pretty low in education in the country.

I'm certainly not defending Leah in any way, but I often think the same thing while scrolling through my facebook feed. And a lot of these people went to my high school. And had higher GPA's than me (I guess they must've actually done their homework or something). It is SCARY.

Lol!! I think you're right on about education. Leah is probably using some sort of substance though at the end of the day, stupid is still stupid.

My person issues with Leah aside, I'm glad Ali got her pink chair. Although I agree with Corey's sentiments that he doesn't want Ali to become dependent on the chair until she has no other choice, I also think he's in a little bit of denial.

What was really telling for me was when Ali was running around in the waiting room of the doctor's appointment and her muscles just suddenly gave out and she was so upset. Little kids just want to run around and play and her little body just can't do that. That must be a really scary feeling for her- for her body to just fail like that.

I agree with Leah that this will be good for her for conserving the energy that she has for other things. Muscular dystrophy is a very, very serious incurable and degenerative disease and things are only going to get harder for sweet Ali. I hope she can enjoy the time she has.

That was painful to read. What the hell was she talking about, she's been popping them pills again for sure because this makes about as much sense as the dye for the babies head

Omg! I'm starting to really think leah is on meth more and more everyday! Who would sit there and tweet that long ass novel and waste the time cause none of it really makes sense and her mood changed from one extreme to the next just from the beginning to the end of that story sheesh

I feel like a god damn druggyyyyyy

I am trying to passively aggressively admit to being a damn druggy! Is what she was really saying....

Haha, best name ever! Lol

Sometimes if I'm really passionate about something on here, I'll type out a longish post on it. But more often than not, I reread it before posting and I edit it because I often go off on tangents that have nothing to do with the topic. Girlfriend needs to compose her thoughts before tweeting a bajillion things in a row.

Impulse control? Drugs? Not happening for her! Spending money---

Well, that was painful to read.

My god she's off her rocker. I know the schools aren't well there but damn girl! And she tweeted all this. Lmao twitter only allows 140 per tweet. She needs to be paying attention to her girlsies than lurking on twitter.

Starcasm posted the model of the will-chair and I tried to research the price. What I found is that they start off at 11,000. Leah spent half that on shitty make up and a washer and dryer she didn't need.

Too bad Leah has a welfare mentality and wanted the insurance to pay for it.

Get off the meth Leah.
Seriously. It sounded something Farrah would say? Half of it made zero sense.
And she is NOT the same person she was 5/6yrs ago. Not even a slight resemblance. Corey is though! But for how much longer we will never know, with the way Leah is trying to break him.

Does she read this blog? Lol

I'm sorry, but I don't get how she can say she didn't spend $2000 on makeup. I thought Jeremy said something about an $1800 charge for Mary Kay, as he was looking at their mobile banking (and driving)? How would editing change that? Does Mary Kay have other non-cosmetic products that I'm unaware of? Sorry but that makes no sense. Even if it somehow wasn't all spent on makeup, what the hell else was she buying that she decided not to tell Jeremy about? Something that was more important than a new washer and dryer to replace the one that they couldn't even agree was really broken or not?

I thought Mama Dawn bought the horse. Is that what she means by the horse being "given" to Ali?

This is why we need to teach proper spelling, grammar and writing skills. I can't make sense of much of what she is saying in this rant. If she took just a bit more time to put together some coherent thoughts, maybe her point would be more clear. Maybe if she managed her finances better, she wouldn't have so many issues paying for the wheelchair or Ali's medical bills. Just a thought. I just think that viewers see her driving nice vehicles, nice clothes, tons of makeup and a new hairstyle every week and wonder what is going on with her that she complains and fights so much about money. What are people supposed to think when they watch that? I don't think she's the same person she was 5-6 years ago. She's had three kids and two marriages since then. That stuff will change you as a person. I think the sudden fame that goes with being on TV has something to do with it also.

And those manicures! That's at least $30 a week or mor if they're not natural nails...

My brain hurts after reading that...

Basically she's complaining that people don't agree with her, while at the same time saying she loves getting feedback, good or bad. That makes no sense. You either like it or you don't.

Yes teen mom is a reality show. But everything she says on the show comes out of her mouth. She isn't forced to act like a bitch or say anything she doesn't want to. And I highly doubt she is doing this for other people. She's doing it for the money and fame.

It's editing it's all editing! The cheetos are CGI

"The girlses are actually eating dried fruit, but MTV edits it into Cheetos to make me look bad!"

Only the best for my girlses.

We didn't mean to hurt your "fillings". Lol

Judging from the preview for next weeks episode(the crunched together one they showed at the end of this weeks episode) I'm wondering if Corey confronts her about drugs. It only shows her saying "don't you accuse me".

Leah is a brat, and entitled at that. If the drug rumors are true, I hope Corey can get custody. A scene in their 16&P stuck out to me. Leah was being a brat saying she didn't know if their relationship was fixable, and he started crying saying if they couldn't make it work, he wouldn't get to come home and see his little girls every day. He loves those little girls.

It was about Ali's therapy. Corey was saying that therapy was working fine and mentioned something about Leah missing two of Ali's appointments.

So Leah can miss appointments while having no job, yet Corey can't save his vacation says for important appointments. F off Leah

"Corey neverrrr goes to Ali's appointments. You always take off work to go with me, Juuuurmy. You love the girlses just like Ah do. Ah weesh Corey would be there for Ali like we are."

Like their are

The scene from Leah's 16 and pregnant episode that always stood out to me was when she was out with Robbie and she said she was getting her driving license and when Robbie asked what kind she sniggered and said the he would get her whatever she wanted. At that point she just totally struck me as a spoiled little bitch especially because it was obvious that she was trying to get back in Robbie's pants

Or how about when she was prepping him to be daddy and asked him if he wanted to hold one of the girlses. And he refused. And then told her she made a stupid mistake. She was gutted. Fucking funny. Suck shit bitch. He didn't want to be daddy number 2. Clearly Jurmy missed that episode....

Thas exactly when I knew I didnt like her. Because I hate seeing a good guy being fucked over when there are so many pos guys out

That whole little snicker she did after she said he's going to buy her any car she wants then her friend said "And you're going to leave him!?" Then they both started giggling...really pissed me off.

Yeah and then her friend Reagan says "He's gonna buy you a car, and then you're gonna leave him?" and she just howls up a storm over that one, too. She's atrocious and is a terrible person. Corey was nothing but nice to her.

Leah reminds me greatly of my husband's ex. She was pregnant at a young age. Though she didn't have twins, they had two children very close together. She cheated on him with one of his friend's. They rushed into marriage as soon as the ink on their divorces dried (yes, he was married as well). She had another child though they weren't financially stable and she wasn't physically healthy. He worked while she took care of three kids. She cheated on her new husband when they were first married. Then again a few years after. He forgave, they got back together and a few years later he caught her cheating again. He kicked her out and she moved on within a matter of months. However, she didn't marry rich and lives off welfare. She isn't taking care of a child with special needs but she is a mess and a half. I worry about my stepkids. She obviously loves them but the environments she puts them in. She keeps jumping from guy to guy and it is scary how quick these guys take on the role of father figure. And how she lets them without thinking the affect on the kids. Five people are living in a two bedroom apartment. She maybe frugal but she is never financially stable. In a way, she is a cross between Leah and Jenelle. She was diagnosed with bipolar.

I had somewhere I was going with this...

And of course it's pink. i heard that was mentioned but i did not think that it really would be. and that doesn't cost more money?

Not usually... my mom just got a new wheelchair and they asked her what color she wanted. She said anything but green... she got a shiny red chair.

also i was watching one of the last episodes of this season...i forget which one but my sister who doesnt really watch the show was watching it with me and she said that leah looked old. lol.

and the pic that you show of her on this discussion shows us what she used to look like just awhile ago. now she just is all over the place with her hair and makeup

She doesn't do Teen Mom 2 for herself but for others? She puts everybody before herself? HA!

She's on the defensive! Could it be it's because there's a grain of truth in what's being said about her? (excessive spnding, check. questionable parenting, check. and so on.....)

She sounds HIGH, HIGH, HIGH!!
Seriously leah, put the drugs and the phone DOWN.

"I'll be the first to admit that I put everything before myself and I always will because I'm so soft hearted"

Basically Leah will be the first to tell us how amazing she is.

This is her incoherent way of saying she's perfect and everyone is mean. Let's egg her house.

My eggses are fertile and well whenever Jurmy slaps me with his bacon

Of course she would. I don't think she understands that when someone says "I'll be the first to admit" they typically follow it with something not so great about themselves.

Exactly! She should have said " I'll be the first to admit I need to improve my make up skill, communications skills, my mothering skills and my marriage skills"

Ahl be the first to admit I do everything right and Corey is just a babysitter and I put my extensions first before everyone else.

And you put your Mary Kay first too, don't forget that!

Yeah and I'm so nice that I spray paint my friends faces and Robbie spray paints my face too

Hahahaha you have me cracking up And of course my fiance doesn't find it as hilarious as I do.

I feel so bad for Leah :(

I feel bad for me too. I make nearly 6 figures and still can't afford a second willchair for Aleeah!

I feel bad for her hair.

Yeah but I got a asimetrical electronical haircut that yall get to see next week when I'm on the TV with my horse banner SUV and when me and Jurm yell at that deadbeat Corey

Thank you. We appreciate your support, as we are quite literally dying over here.

Svenette I feel bad for you!

This bitch pisses me off. You do it for the fans and world peace? Do the world a favor and quit reproducing! No offense to the kids, but the more she pops out the more bullshit comes out of her mouth. If she's "doing it for the fans" then why doesn't she donate her MTV paycheck to the fans in need? That's what I thought bitch.

I just want to say I have hated Leah since day one, because I've always felt like it's HER who's in love with Corey, yet she tries to play it off as Corey being obsessed with her. Like when Addy was born and she was awkwardly telling Corey they could have tried harder. Too bad he's smart and thought a truck was a better investment than a Mary Kay wearin', cheeto eatin, bacon slappin, two timin damn hustla! BAM!

"As I’m reading through my twitter feed I can’t help but wonder what goes through som eof you alls who mind"

LOL. And: " I’ll be the first to admit I put everything before myself and I always will because I am so soft hearted and only want the best for my family and the world itsef." Too easy to reply to that..I'll just leave that there.

I was expecting her to call her haters "piece of s***s" next. For goodness sake she needs to get off her high (expensive ;) ) horse. Yes you have a child with special needs and yes you should do your best to care for her. But that does not excuse her immaturity. She seems to think it's a competition between her and Corey. She can air out her problems and badmouth her twins' father (as well as make implications about Miranda and Corey's parents) on national television and social media but has to write this giant reply to because people out there disagree with her.

The nonsensical rantings of Leah...Someone needs to make that their name.

P.S. She looked pretty in that picture. What happened to her?

I totally agree about there being some kind of competition between her and Corey. She rarely has anything positive to day about him, but can't say enough about how great of a mother she is. Give me a break. I think their amicable relationship has been over for a while now.

Regarding the picture, I think meth happened to her. It shows in her face. I think she looked her best in her 16 and Pregnant episode. Less extensions and makeup back then, she actually looked more human. She has nice, pretty, real hair and why she ruined it with the fake crap is beyond me. I didn't care for the crunchy curls but the color was pretty back then. I keep hoping someday she will learn that less is more when it comes to hair and makeup.

Btw, what's up with all the grammar and writing bashing on this blog? This blog isn't even that we'll written. I'm not complaining, just saying that if you're gonna comment on how someone else writes, at least make sure your own stuff is impeccable.

Really? I'm sorry, you can't compare this blog to that trash grammar-wise. Why don't you refrain from reading this blog if it's not good enough for you?

We'll written is bad grammar.

So is gonna.

It would also be "impeccably" as it's an adverb in this case.

"We'll written" is just plain retarded

You think you can do better? Seriously. Megan isn't a professional. She's not writing a fucking published book. These girls make money off their books. They should be well fucking written!!! And Megan does this while also studying, raising a small child and doing prac as a teacher. And organising a wedding. I think she writes well and does a great job giving us all down thing to snark on very regularly. Back the fuck up Svenette.

Plus there is a difference between a book with editors and a tweet sent out to thousands by a " famous person and a blog post from a phone with a fat finger and auto correct!

I can fully admit that there is sometimes more grammar-bashing here than one might expect on a Teen Mom fan-forum, but I also have to point out that absolutely none of it is done by Megan (who, for the record, does an amazing job quickly putting out articles that are concise and walk a fine line between snarky and neutral, so that's a random low blow). I also think that this is a strange post to take such a strong stand on it because Leah's rant is almost incomprehensible. That's actually a big part of what makes this worth posting on a Teen Mom website; Leah wrote a big and emotional and near-incomprehensible Twitter rant and that is why we are discussing it now.

Hi Svenette,

I'm sorry that you have an issue with the grammar and writing bashing that's done on this blog. I will be the first to admit that I am not perfect, and I frequently make mistakes when I'm typing articles for this blog. With that being said, the last two articles have had a lot to do with how a Teen Mom star has worded things, spelled things, and conveyed messages.

The previous post was about Amber writing a book. I did comment on the grammar and spelling in the excerpt that was shared. This is not because I care whether Amber correctly spells things, but because I was talking about a book and what you can expect if you decide to read it. All grammar issues aside, I am happy that Amber was able to write a book, and I hope that it has helped her recovery process to be able to get her feelings out on paper.

This post, which is about Leah's Twitter meltdown, had nothing to do with grammar. I mentioned that I was leaving her Tweets in their original state (spelling and grammar errors included) because I didn't want someone to think that I was being careless when transferring them from Twitter to the blog post. The message that Leah was trying to convey here isn't really clear because her logic is completely scattered. Her spelling/grammar mistakes don't help her case any, and that's just one thing that people are going to make fun of.

I'm not going to be a grammar Nazi about things...if you're doing "good" or "well" that's fine by me.
If "me and my sister" go to the store, then more power to us.

Thank you for reading, and I hope I was able to clear up some things for you.


Meg you didn't have to take time to explain jack shit to s s s s whatever her name is.

This is a blog not a college research paper. She doesn't like how it's written then she can take her foolery and whine on someone else's blog.

We could care less. Buh-bye now. You won't be missed. (:

You have nothing to apologize for. Seriously Svenette you are rude to everyone also BTW isn't a fucking word if we want to talk about grammar. Eat shit and quit bitching. Seriously Megan takes time out of her busy life to entertain us and update all the time. You are an unappreciative twat. Go away.

Yes yes Svenette we all know you thumbed me down you twat. Eat Gary's dick. How is that for grammar ya twat waffle? It will be the smartest thing that came out of your mouth PRICELESS COMMENT I cannot take credit for lollllllllll!

She thumbed me down too Trap. Whatev's (ooooh look at my bad grammars!) Eat Gary's dick? Hahahaha HARSH! So harsh! And so funny!

I don't actually comment that much (I guess I just feel like it tonight?), but you're a class act, Megan. Pointing out that Amber's book has some typos and acknowledging that whatever the heck Leah wrote was crazy do not qualify you as a basher. Those are just facts. You totally didn't need to apologize.

The blog is not that well written yet you're storyin that you like it? Quit drinking my dye! That's for the babies head! You really dropped the ball on this one.

Omg then fuck off you stupid cunt. No one likes you anyway.


Seriously so fuckin rude!!! Megan's awesome. This was probably the twat thumbing down the CURE-IG stuff for Megan. No one wants to give you coffee Svenette. Go home you're drunk.

No one wants to give her sex for a Keurig either....

I'll bet Svenette is H.C.

Chalkboard business must not be booming so she's lurking around on here. It's the best teen mom site out there, so I'm sure ALL the girlses creep around here. We say Leah needs to brush the girls hair, and last week they were both in nice neat pony tails. We say Kail left Lincoln in the car and she immediately goes on twitter to clear that up. Everything Leah addressed in her rant came from us. I just wish one of them would log in with their own name and have it out with us. That would be awesome. Until then, just hide behind your screen name and continue to down vote us h.c.

Skanky, I reckon Juhnelle creeps us for sure!! She's so paranoid and constantly online.

I seriously just DIED reading your comment! "Skanky.." Fucking priceless, man.

No... can't be. H.C. wouldn't realize that there were grammar and spelling mistakes. Since clearly she never corrected her own.

You're not complaining like I'm not banging Robbie

Grammar bashing small errors is petty. Grammar bashing incoherent rants from the likes of Farrah and Leah is well deserved and fun!

Leah, is that you??

Agreed. Very classy if you ask me. I think Svenette needs to go check out the Clouse's (former) Teen Mom blog and then decide which is more poorly written. She has no idea what the fuck she's talking about.

Better yet let her go read Farrah's book

You make it sound like Leah had a few minor typos or something. That was almost unreadable and it's not as if English is her second language or anything.

"som eof you alls who mind" LOL

If i remember correctly, you are the one that called Kail "Karl". And yeah, please make sure your stuff is also impeccable before you comment.

I won't lie the Karl thing was funny. Probably the only cool thing she ever said hah

I do not know how to tell you this, but you are complaining.

I read a lot but don't comment much and you almost always have something useless and rude to say. Also what does we'll written mean? Stupid troll.

I wonder if this is the record for most thumbs down lolol. No one likes you.

Put everyone before yourself? Popping out yet another kid because you wanted a perminent dick in your life is really putting your child with medical needs bedroe your own. Bravo Leah.

I don't think Jermy will be permanent :-)

His dick won't be, that's for sure.

his dick wont but im sure his child support checks will

Ooh, I just had a scary thought. If that's a 20K wheelchair, it cost as much as my first house! (and yes, I'm old...)

You can buy some cars for $20k brand new. That's what blows my mind about this wheelchair. It looks fancy and expensive, but not $20,000. $10,000 is a more realistic guess.

If you go on their website, this model is 12000$.

Damnit! I love everyone on this blog lmao you guys are hilarious and the Megster is awesome!

I attempt to do homework but I end up on tmj procrastinating.

So true!! Haha I just started back at school, and I'm already over it :/ this is much more fun :)

Lol me too girl! I been over school since the first year but I didnt want to end up with "half an associates" like Jenelle so I kept pushing! Lolol I'm in my 3rd year now and can't wait until it's all over.

I use this site to procrastinate on house work. I will be starting school soon. I'm anxious to begin enrolling in classes. I might jump the gun and start registering before speaking with my advisor. But, I can guarantee I will still be frequently visiting TMJ

I laughed a lot at "Megster"
I don't think anyone has called me that since like middle school. :)

What in the world did I just read? Lol. She doesn't do TM2 for herself? Hilarious. The ramblings that went on in that post are ridiculous haha.

Ali looks so adorable in her chair, but I hope it has lots of room for adjustments because she looks to be getting to tall for it already! It looks fairly big too. I would not want to be the person transferring that chair from Leah's to Corey's every week.. We find it hard enough taking apart and lifting around our daughter's manual wheelchair.

I honestly think one of Leah's main reasons for pushing to get the wheelchair is because Addalyn (spelling?) still needs to be carried a lot and she realized how hard it was having an infant along with a child with special needs.. Just a thought but I don't think she would've pushed it so hard if she didn't have another baby on her hip.

If leah keeps up with the drugs, there won't be any transporting of this willchair, it will be permanently at Corey's house!

A couple questions I need answered:
1. Will that wheelchair grow with her?
2. What do the proceeds of the Aliannah HOPE foundation go to?

She's clearly been reading her mentions. Hasn't answered my questions. Hmmm

I've looked into the wheelchair thing a little bit, but not a ton. I know that this has been said to be Ali's "first" wheelchair, which would lead us to believe that there will be more wheelchairs in the future.
I also have heard that there's an upgrade system in place for chairs like this one (similar to trading in a car) that will allow Leah to trade in this wheelchair for some money off of the next wheelchair that needs to be purchased. The old wheelchairs are then used to help new patients that are coming to hospitals across the country. This is how Leah's family received Ali's loaner chair that's been on a few episodes of Teen Mom 2 this season.

As for the Aliannah Hope foundation...I'm still unsure. I'll try to look into it a little more.

Thanks! Hope you have better luck than I did. You're a better investigator anyway.

The proceeds go to "Ali and other kids" (seriously those were my words but other kids really means my Mary Kay and my miss me jeans.

And the Meth.

Definitely the meth.

No I used ma chald support from Coorey to get the meth. Me and my mama dawn smoke it togethers because she let's me do whatever I want because I'm an adult yallllllll

And the lunchables and Cheetos.

Corey's child support pays for that *most* of the time.

Corey's child support ($200/month) couldn't afford to pay for the lunch abled & Cheetos, as much as she buys

Watching the preview for next week, and there is no doubt in my mind that she is on drugs. I don't think it's the anxiety meds, and I don't think the meth rumor is true either, but she is DEF on something. No doubt. Pain pills. Easy to get, easy to justify.

Maybe it's Ali's pain meds....

And yes I do agree it's pain meds, my mom looked just like she did (having to hold on to the fridge while talking to juuurmey and dead in the eyes) while she was on a binge. DEF pain pills. Oxy or Vicodin I would say.

Nice name

I agree with you, but I don't think it is pain pills. I think it is a stimulant of some sort. I messed around and got hooked on a prescription stimulant several years ago. I've been clean for some time now, and while I'm no expert, I remember the behavior. My best guess is that she is using both a stimulant along with her anxiety medication. Whether it is prescription or meth, she appears to be on a stimulant, just maybe in the beginning stages.

I was pretty out there while I was trying out anxiety meds, but it was never this bad. The only time I get like she did is when I take my meds to help me sleep, and its rare when I take those.

It's dye for the babies head everyone in WV does it

She might be on an "ADHD" med and anxiety drug simultaneously which is bad prescribing because the Rx meth drugs can cause anxiety unless its not from a Dr. and that could also explain how she can eat out at those fast food places and still be so teeny tiny ( but she smokes too). Why would she be on a stimulant and even think she needs one? What conversation would she have with a doctor would conclude she needs Ritalin or Adderall?

I know she's still pretty young for the diagnosis, but what are the odds Leah drags Gracie to the doctor saying that she has ADHD and that's why she misbehaves so she needs Ritalin or Adderall? Then Leah gets herself an unlimited supply with little to no suspicion. It happened on desperate housewives...

Yeah, I don't know what she's on but she is definitely on both uppers & downers because her fidgety rants and rambling tirades are sipped and her slurred whines are downers. Eventually, she will need to be wearing night time Mary Kay Smokey Eyes expertly applied in glittery shades to street walk those fast food joints to pay for her habit 'cause Corey just don't understand and Jermy is doesn't make enough money laying those pipes!

Auto correct issues--- you can get the drift :;-)

Hillbilly heroin!

I see a new user name!!

I do think it would be hard to deal with having your parenting choices out here for the world to know... But common!!! You complain about not having $$ and then spend like its nothing! Put all that Mary Kay money into an education fund for the girlses.. They need it.. Believe me.. Then maybe they have a chance at living off their own money.. Not whatever the dick of the month makes!

I want your user name tattooed on my boobses

Ok I haven't commented on here in a while but I just can't resist.

Where to start...

That pic of her is crazy to look at. She used to look well. And the first line of her rant... OMG. Girl has lost it.
And I saw the sneak peak of next week on MTVs website. First off, she and jurm are talking about her hair and the look he gives her or comment (I forget) but yuck. Eew just ew. Second they are pulling up in what appears to be a purple scion. Wtf with that. That's not even close to a practical car with 3 kids. But nooo Leah you don't spend $ ridiculously. Did she buy jenelles old scion off her or something? Third I could have sworn she told the girlses to get in their new car seats. Why do they need new ones already. Not like they where booster seats (shockingly). But I like how if that was what was said she made sure to say it I front of Corey. Like "ooo see how I always gotta spend my money on the girlses".

I can't stand this chic. Sorry I'm done bitching lol

Oh Leah Leah Leah. It's too funny, she tries to defend herself but just ends up making herself look worse. Her tone at the beginning is so defensive and then her last sentence is all bubbly, it's hard not to laugh at this. I just can't get into her being inspirational I dont know Where to start on that.

Leah, just shut it.

Btw, I totally didn't even attempt to read her entire failed speech. I already have a headache.

Bitch is back on her "anxiety" meds, I suppose.

Dearest Slutty Barbie (aka Leah),

Get your ass down off the cross, someone else needs the wood.

All of us

What is going on in this picture?
I understand she is making a silly face, but the lipstick has only been applied on half of her bottom lip.
Leah is all about the weird shirt patterns now.
Girl is on drugs. Literally. This girl is on drugs. Even when she's not overtly slurring, she's disinhibited and talking with a weird accent and going off on tangents. Maybe to hide the slurring.

I had to see the half applied lipstick- terrible!
But then on closer inspection, the article showed the horse and I realized she put that sweet horse in a hot pink lead! She didn't get pink for Ali! She gets all pink because she is a low class no taste idiot tweener white trash jerk who thinks she's being cool! What rider had neon tack? She is such a complete train wreck!

Ali looks like she has a spaghetti noodle in her hair.

2 episodes ago, she was eating a plate of spaghetti on the floor. Maybe that's where it's from? Lol

Alright junkies ... I'm desperate here. Let's file this under "off topic" as we've all beaten the dead horse that is Leah (and her future dead horse, but I digress). So downvote me away, I just need advice.

It's easier to talk to people online, I feel like I know you all, even if it's just over what a wreck Jenelle is. Anywhos. I'm 23 years old, currently living at home as my engagement fell through last year. I graduated last december with a BA in biology, and no idea and what I'm going to do with it. My favorite courses were genetics and psychology, but no logical career path to take with that.

Basically, I feel stuck. I have no solid future plan, and I feel all alone. What would you do in my situation? I know the logical answer is I need more schooling to get anywhere, but right now the thought of taking more classes without an end in sight just seems so endless, and it's making me depressed.

Hi! I've read this blog regularly for way longer than I'd like to admit, but never really commented because I just like reading you guys' comments so much. So in a weird, totally non-stalkerish kind of way, I feel like I know you guys and your post has finally motivated me to comment...

First off, congrats on graduating! I graduated last December too with a MS in Biology. If genetics is what you're into, have you thought about a biotech program? You could probably get some kind of certification in a year or less and start working in the field soon. I don't think you would have any trouble finding a job in that. Even right now with just a BA, you might could find a lab tech/assistant gig.

If you want to go the Master's route and do your own research, you could finish in ~2 years depending on your thesis. As far as genetics/psychology combo, maybe you could look into genetic counseling or behavioral genetics?

You are still young! I was the same age as you when I started my MS program and finished it when I was 25. Biology is a huge field, so you have lots of directions you could go. Even having your BA in a subject like that is a huge accomplishment! I mean look how hard it is for Maci and the other TM girls to get their degrees in relatively easier subjects lol.

I was going to suggest a genetic counselor as well. Or a pharmaceutical sales rep. I would imagine there would be lots of career options with a biology major. Especially in medical.

I'm 28, a stay at home mom.) and I only have a general studies associate and a medical assistant diploma. I just started going back for a BA in Liberal Studies. I still don't know what the hell I want to do! You already have a step up by having a BA.
You can always check on Onet and look at various careers options. I find its a good tool.

with just a Bachelor's in Biology you could go for:

Biologist Technician Median Pay $39,020
Cardiovascular Technician Median Pay $49,410
Conservation Scientist Median Pay $57,420
Elementary School Teacher Median Pay $51,660
Environmental Science Technician Median Pay $41,380
Environmental Scientist Median Pay $61,700
Food Science Technician Median Pay $32,760
Food Scientist Median Pay $58,450
High School Teacher Median Pay $53,230
Kindergarten Teacher Median Pay $48,800
Middle School Teacher Median Pay $51,960
Nutritionist Median Pay $53,250

I completely feel for you! I have a B.S in Biology with a concentration in genetics. I realized quickly that I f*cked up and should've thought about careers. I didn't want to go to med school and I didn't want to go right back to school. I took a couple of years off and did education research and I was a substitute teacher for some high schools. Working with kids and being able to help opened up my eyes a lot. Eventually I may want to teach at the collegiate level but I still liked science and being in a lab. I also needed to make money. I looked at which jobs are needed and made sure it was something I wanted to do. I went back to school and got a 2nd B.S in Medical Laboratory Sciences. I can do molecular genetic testing and testing in a bunch of other fields too. I passed my boards and the jobs poured in. I've even had head hunters contact me. I love my job and I'm paid decent even though we are generally underpaid for what we do.

It is difficult findind a job with a Bachelor's in biology. I'm not going to say it's easy but it's doable. Try your state's crime lab, clinical research (I did that for 2 months, I didn't care for it), or even just substitute teaching until you figure out what you wanna do AND can make money with it. During my 2nd degree, I would search the MLS jobs in my city and just contantly make sure the need for us was rising. I wanted to make sure I wasn't screwing myself. Just make sure, if and when you decide to go back, that you will have a job afterward.

And don't feel bad! I went through some depression too and I know it's hard but you are not alone! There are so many of us that have been through this. I had no guidance in college and no help and it took a long time but I'm finally at a place where I'm happy. I love my job and am content with my choices. Try not to have regrets and just know that it's your time to be "stuck" and take a moment to pause and try different things and find what you love. Sometimes we have to be stuck to get where we ultimately want to be. Good luck to you and keep us posted! Seriously, you will do great, just let yourself breath for a little bit :)

Without revealing too much- my husband has many post undergrad degrees and he works with bio- equipment sales and drug reps who have BS degrees or even just BA's and they make significantly more than he does. The company they all work for requires them to stay within the same county ( my husband travels to them) so they don't cost the company extra hotel fees. When they first start out, they hustle big time, but they drive German or high end Japanese cars and pull in three times what he makes and he is twice their age. One woman just left to have a baby and after three months maternity leave left to stay home. Not a field you want to drop your edge in, but you need bio language and ability to read technical info with some knowledge but not interpret. There are so many of these types of jobs and its hard so the young have an advantage. Perks are huge!

Thank you everyone for the helpful advice. I wanted to say for the record I am not the one thumbing everyone down. I'd hate for someone to think I asked for help and disliked the replies. I have a ton to think about, but just knowing I'm not so alone helps so much :)

Hi Maci's Ass Degree...hehe. I read your question and I work in NICU. I immediately thought that you would be a perfect fit. Our babies who need genetic investigation could really use you. The fact that you have a passion for Psych, Genetics and Biology would make you a great genetic counsellor for a NICU and pre-pregnancy/pregnancy patients. They need someone who has the smarts (genetics) and the know-how (biology) and a tender, caring heart (psychology). Maybe you could find a field such as this that encompasses all your skills. You sound like an amazing asset to any hospital. I wish you all the best and I am impressed with your education!



There are so many things wrong here.

A, Spell check is your friend!! Even twitter spell checks!!

B. She drives an Escalade, Corey drives a Ford truck. The girlses do not NEED an Escalade, she is delusional.Her spending is disgusting.

C. In the OK clip, they needed to caption half of it, I don't think even MTV knew what the heck she said though.

D. Also in the OK clip, it is quite clear she is on some sort of mind altering upper. Even the way she kept weirdly opening her mouth in the very beginning looked like a coke or meth addict would (I work at a rehab residential facility) Her mannerisms are distinct and the lack of annunciation is actually one of the signs of being high. She slurs her words and her eyes cannot focus for very long. She truly looks like some of the patients I work with. Corey should take the kids IMHO

With all those cryptics tweets she made about people really seeing what Corey is like I think the reason why she's going on a rant here is because she is legit pissed that people are still criticizing her more than Corey. She probably thought that the whole child support/ "willchair" thing was gonna be it and that she would get some of her fans back but nope, she's still the one who looks like a cunt.

in the OK clip she says that Corey pays $200 a week. I don't think she can count because that is $800 a month!

Aha! That explains the discrepancy between $200 & $800 perfectly! Hopped up druggy with subpar communication skills says week and month interchangeably! OK- all the Corey bashing about $200. A month- if its a week- he is doing what they agreed. It's still not a lot but he pays for day care for a stay at home mom... Although stimulating their minds and healthy snacks are needed! And 60% of medical bill and the insurance premium is more than fair. Lets not take what comes out of her not well schooled mouth as gospel- hallelujah !

Well in Leah's defense, maybe she had Summer do the maths moltiplying and she ain't well at maths.

Did you guys see the blind item from 9-5?

"This Teen Mom is using her child support money to support the drug habit of herself and significant other. She has already run through her money from the show."

My money is on leah. Can't be jenelle, she doesn't get child support. Maybe maci I guess? Still think it's methy leah.


Ive always been told and heard that equine therapy would require you to actually go to a specialized facility with specially trained horses and professionals that will work with the individual and the trained horse. If this horse that leah got is just some random picked out horse then they will need to pay to have professionals train the horse and be supervising everytime one of the kids is on the horse.
Im also not sure but with other therapy animals things are extremely strict (diet, environment, the way they are handled) and for some reason that hot pink lead that she has on the horse just seems to me like it would not be appropriate for a horse that is being trained to be a therapeutic riding animal. It looks too long and too thick around the horses face. I know a few people with therapy dogs (and it may be different) but with the dogs they are very strict even about who touches them. I also cant see Leah taking very good care of it and it will become stressed and unhappy and having an unhappy horse around small children may not be the safest thing.
I will almost bet my life on it that Leah just wanted a horse because SHE wanted a horse and her mother knew it so they worked on it together to get her the horse (i cant see her mom being able to afford a horse on her own) and she is just using Ali and her condition as an excuse to have a horse so it will make her seem like the "great person that she is". YOu would think also that if the horse was meant for Ali then the first picture publically released of the horse would be one of Ali with the horse or all the kids with the horse not one with just Leah and the horse lookin all gung ho about HER new horse.

You are correct about the training a therapy animal needs. Usually they have a specific handler who they have worked with for hours a day for a long time. Little girl Leah wanted a pony and didn't get one, so whine druggie Leah got ATM dawn to pretend she bought it. Even if Dawn bought t he field horse, maintaining the sweet horse is $500.00 a month minimum and Vet care for neglect is huge! And just like that pink "willchar" Aleeha will see that Ali needed something that she has to wait her turn on or that she must understand about. Nothing Ali does is her doing and leah is creating a little mean girl in both of her precious twinses and what her trap baby Ady is observing God only knows but she will be in cheer camp wiggling her tush soon enough!

I feel for that horse. I cannot envision Leah feeding and watering twice a day, every day in all weather, rain or shine. I can't see her shoveling manure, mucking out stalls, scraping bot flies in the heat of the summer, waiting on the farrier to come trim, currying and grooming, shelling out big bucks for vet bills, feed, hay, tack, and the time it takes to train and develop trust with these beautiful but complicated animals. If she thinks all the're is to is buying a cute pair of boots and climbing own it's back, she's crazy. And we all know she's too lazy to hit a lick.

Can we ever see her holding or spending time with Aleeha when its not about Ali? Does she know what she's doing? Gand! She is creating the worst dynamic for these kids! Idiot!

The chair looks small, like it was measured before a growth spurt. She will not get much use from it, even if it is not torn up by her sister.
I predict Leah and Jeremy heading to Bankruptcy court, then divorce court before all is said and done.
I also predict a poorly written, hick autobiography to try to recoup some of the squandered MTV funds.

Hi everyone! I’m a long time lurker and first time poster. First I want to say Megan thank you so much for reviving this blog. Its fantastic that you’ve been able to update it so regularly again and feeding my TMJ addiction!

After reading this post I feel like I have to point out a few things. I’m an Occupational Therapist and wanted to point out a few things from a therapy/ professional perspective. We’ve seen Ali’s occupational therapist a few times on the show most recently when she was evaluated for her wheelchair (however most of the time people mistake her for a PT) I know another OT from Australia chimed in a few posts ago about wheelchair evaluating, fitting, positioning, training etc which was awesome! I’m not going to go over my thoughts on that since someone already did, however I feel the need to point out a few things that have come up in recent posts.

First of all, the family purchasing a horse to perform therapeutic riding at home is insane. One, the horse is young and the horses used for therapeutic riding go through years of training due to their work with such a diverse patient population each with different disabilities. Secondly, you need a trained professional to perform the therapy, you simply can’t throw your child on the back of a horse not knowing what you’re doing and call it therapeutic. Thirdly, if Leah wanted Ali to get more therapy from therapeutic riding, aka more than whats already been determined in her treatment plan just schedule more sessions and pay out of pocket which would be a hell of a lot cheaper than trying to care for a horse on your own since the therapy company already owns the horses, stables, etc.

I also wanted to point out in the latest sneak peak where Leah flips out on Corey for not calling the insurance company every day about the wheelchair that calling and bugging the insurance company isn’t going to help out. Yes there are forms the parents have to fill out which are the first steps in beginning the approval process but they also require a letter of need from the therapist. The OT will fill out of form with why Ali would need each component of the wheelchair and why it would make her more independent in her ADLs and classroom performance at school. We saw part of this process a few episodes ago when they were videotaping her being able to use the controls and navigate her environment (aka entering buildings, going up and down ramps, through doors, etc). The approval process for something as complex as a wheelchair can take a long time because the insurance company wants to make sure 1 the equipment being requested is appropriate for the child and 2 she’s not going to grow out of it in a short amount of time and then the patient would have to go through the whole process again. My point is simple calling the insurance company and harassing them in an angry manner isn’t going to solve anything.

Lastly, and I know this is getting long i’m sorry, is when Corey pointed out that Ali was going to be discharged from therapy since she’s been missing sessions and Leah gets all worked up saying they missed two weeks because they were on vacation. A therapist wouldn’t discharge a child simply because a family goes on vacation, they get rescheduled. Discharge comes when a child effectively no calls no shows for several sessions in a row. It breaks my heart that Ali has been missing therapy because I know how important its going to be for her development down the road. Oh well. I’m going to be chiming in every so often giving my perspective with my OT eye, hope ya’ll don’t mind :-)

[…] Leah went on an epic, lengthy twitter rant to defend herself, her kids, and her spending habits. Teen Mom Junkies consolidated it all into one paragraph, which is below. And BTW, those typos and grammatical errors […]

[…] Leah went on an epic, lengthy twitter rant to defend herself, her kids, and her spending habits. Teen Mom Junkies consolidated it all into one paragraph, which is below. And BTW, those typos and grammatical errors […]

[…] Leah went on an epic, lengthy twitter rant to defend herself, her kids, and her spending habits. Teen Mom Junkies consolidated it all into one paragraph, which is below. And BTW, those typos and grammatical errors […]

[…] Leah went on an epic, lengthy twitter rant to defend herself, her kids, and her spending habits. Teen Mom Junkies consolidated it all into one paragraph, which is below. And BTW, those typos and grammatical errors […]

No wonder insurance denied that wheelchair. It screams "look at me, I have money!" She'll outgrow it in 2 years ffs!