Leah Quits Teen Mom 2

Leah Messer


We've all heard the rumors about Leah lately, but this latest one is leaving fans of Teen Mom 2 a little confused.

Leah has confirmed that she will not be signing a contract with MTV for a 6th season of the reality show which has followed her life and supported her family for the last 5 years.

When a fan took to Twitter to ask if Leah would be taking part in a 6th season of the show, Leah simply replied with "no."


Leah has failed to address any real divorce rumors, but The Ashley has also reported that a source claimed that Jeremy was flirting while out of town on work and said that he was getting a divorce.

This hasn't been confirmed anywhere, but it could explain Leah's strange tweets and Jeremy's social media frustrations lately.

Some questions have arose regarding the future of Teen Mom 2 without Leah and her girls, but our sources have revealed some bits of information about this whole situation. As far as we know, Teen Mom 2 will continue with Jenelle, Kailyn, and Chelsea.

Leah and her entire family will be left out of any upcoming filming that MTV plans to do.

While a 6th season of the show hasn't been confirmed by MTV, our sources claim that the camera crews will be back out to film the three remaining girls after the first of the year.

We haven't had any updates on Leah's custody situations, but she's still been posting a lot about Addie and not much of anything about the twins besides mentioning that they were sleeping at one point.

Jeremy has remained quiet online about his pending divorce, and neither he nor Corey have mentioned anything else regarding the end of their time on MTV.


I'm glad. I think she will struggle without the MTV money, especially since she has so many medical bills, but I do think it's for the best. She cannot handle the pressure and having to relive another divorce on national tv. I know it's all her stupid decisions, but a part of me does feel a bit bad for her.... I just sincerely hope she's able to clean herself up and get herself better for all her girls.

I agree, going through another divorce on tv would be awful for her. But I am curious about what her plan is without MTV and Jeremy. I doubt she's willing to give up her expensive habits (the pills, getting nails done and hair did, eating out, high end appliances, moving frequently and new cars, just to name a few) and her work ethic isn't all that impressive.

Corey paid most of the bills anyway. and she could afford them before, she just preferred to spend her money on other things. I'm sure NOW after losing Jeremy's money and the MTV money she'll struggle but Corey's got a stable job to take care of Ali so it's all good.

How long until she is on the pole. I love MTV.

As soon as she runs out of cheetos and pills. So probably next week.

The sad part is that she's the only mom on the show that I didn't mind making so much money. If she was actually smart with her mtv paychecks and spent them on medical bills, the willchair when insurance wouldn't approve it, and making Ali's life as easy and happy as possible, I'd be so happy for her. Now she's going to struggle with all of those expenses for real, and Ali is going to be the one that really suffers in the end.

I mind her making the money! She never spent it on the girlses! They were getting around in underwear most of the time! It was always new hair, new nels, new cars! No highchair for Addy and no will-chair for Ali. It's deplorable. She should've had enough money set aside for that chair and just bought it and been reimbursed when insurance came around. Chelsea (who everyone seems to hate) is a sole parent and actually bought a house on her own!! Now that's someone who I don't mind having the money. She has had the same car for almost 5 seasons. The same smashed up phone. She is good and wise with her money.
Leah thought she was a somebody. She is going to have those dreams dashed into reality super fast now.

Amen, although I still think Chelsea's car is a black hole for fuel, but that's another story entirely.

I don't understand why everybody seems to dislike Chelsea. I dislike that she hooks up with her asshole ex who insulted her and their daughter and has probably put said daughter's wellbeing in jeopardy. I don't care if she came from a privileged family. She's putting the money to good use and is actually involved with her kid unlike Leah, who sends her girlses off with whoever will take them so she can go snorting pills and hopping on dicks.

I think Electronical meant that if Leah was actually spending the money on the girlses, especially with Ali's expenses, then she would have been the most deserving of the money. But, she didn't. She didn't save (to our knowledge) nor did she use it for the necessities for her children.

I don't think Chelsea is a bad mother at all, so the dislike isn't comparable between Chelsea and Leah, or say Chelsea and Jenelle. I thnk the dislike came from the fact that she was given more than enough support but still took forever to do anything. She even lied to her dad and basically let her ex treat everyone who cared about her (Randy, Megan, AUBREE) like crap. She came off too entitled, lazy, and bratty AT TIMES, not always. The times that she really annoys me though are when she gets too snappy with Randy just because he slightly disagrees with her. She's really rude in most of her interactions with her mom, or if anyone asks her anything about stupid decisions she makes, and she also handles things immaturely. E.g. Taylor showing up at the baseball game and she has to run around and tell everyone instead of at least pretending it didn't bother her. She barely paid attention to Aubree that game.
Then she goes to great lengths to say how over Adam she is, he's such a loser, blah blahh, then we find out she's basically been hooking up with him everytime they've ever broken up.

NOW with all that being said I'm not saying I even necessarily dislike her, she seems sweet and is miles better than the trainwrecks. But I think people that like her act like she's so incredibly amazing just because she stands in such stark contrast to the lowlife people. But she's doing reasonably well and is a good mom to Aubree for sure.

One thing aside from all of this that did bother me is that I think she isn't totally genuine and is kind of egotistical. First she made those Chelsea's Choices thing and many girls got ripped off and scammed out of their money, without receiving what they paid for. Lots of comments suggested they never got reimbursed, and she simply closed the site down and never discussed it. I may have let that go if it wasn't for the fact that she also acted shady with Landon with the wedding thing where she clearly got paid and got outed twice (Landon: "No cheques were written" and then her boss made a comment too but I forget the exact words). I don't think it's nice to take advantage of the fact of being famous and thinking you are above giving people their money back...

Sorry for the long rant ...

I like Chelsea. I actually like her a lot. Her baby talk can get annoying, she was very spoiled by Randilicious and took a while to get things together. But, she has a job, bought a house and she is a single mom taking care of her daughter (even with all of her support). She isn't making p0rnos, working the pole, jumping from guy to guy to support her or depending on MTV money. She has saved and put Aubree's interest before her own. Honestly, her situation with Adam is probably something a lot of girls go through. That whole back and forth and emotional/verbal abuse.

I don't know why everyone hates Chelsea either. She has become less whiny and is actually quite funny if you can get passed the baby talk (which I noticed happened less towards the end of last season)
Girlses, if that's the case, then I agree-Leah would be most deserving. But for 5 seasons she has proved she hasnt been. Even before any drug allegations. The girlses always look unkempt with ratty hair and half dressed. They were sleeping on cheap plastic "toddler beds" and I never once saw her cook a proper meal. Fuck, even Jenelle posts food pics that she and Gaythan have cooked! I think everyone has been so focused on Ali's disability that no one has taken a good hard look (except Robbie!) at Leah until now.

I swear the last time I saw Leah cook was when she made macaroni for dinner with biscuits and Corey said "Thanks for making my dinner baby girl". Then in the voiceover she said she felt cooped up in the house and starts thinking about being a dental assistant.

(Don't ask why I remember so vividly lol).

I agree that Leah making money could potentially have been very positive to provide for her girlses... Not that she uses it for that!
And I also agree with everyone supporting Chelsea... So what if she baby talks?? Or is a bit bratty? Holy crap, have you seen Jenelle shooting up and abusing animals?? Or Leah passing out from drugs and letting her girls eat cheetos off the floor? Honestly, she's not perfect, but she would do anything for her child and I think that's WAY more important than her annoying quirks... We all have them, hers are just shown over and over on MTV which make them extra annoying. As much as I hate her hooking up with Adam, I know it's a self esteem thing and obviously a difficult thing for her... Very easy to judge, but I know for a fact I did not so good things and had attachments to guys who were also not so good when I was her age. I just didn't have cameras rubbing it in my face (thank god!)

You think everybody hates Chelsea? It actually seems to me like everybody gives her way more credit than she deserves. I know when I truly starting disliking her was when she let Adam basically bully Megan to the point where she had to move out, in spite of the fact that Adam treated her and Aubree like shit when all Megan ever did was be there and help her. And give all the thumbs down you want but I personally don't think she's that good of a mom, she seems more like a friend or glorified babysitter to Aubree. I know she loves Aubree very much but she NEVER disciplines her. Whenever they go anywhere Aubree is running around and acting like a brat, and the fact that she had to call Randy when Aubree threw that tantrum basically confirmed that she doesn't know how to handle her own child.

No one is perfect. Chelsea obviously has a lot to learn when it comes to Aubree. And she relies a lot on her dad for help. A bit too much. She has made bad decisions when it comes to Adam. But, that is what an abusive relationship can do to you. I am pretty convinced Adam is a sociopath and they are known to be charming and manipulative. People who are abusive can make it seem like they are the only ones who care and who will understand. Or will give that ultimatum it is me or them. That is hard. Does Chelsea act more like a friend to Aubree? Yes. A glorified babysitter? Hardly. Leave that title for Jenelle.

I just hate the fact that Chelsea is constantly made out to be a victim. Yes, Adam is a douche. But he is not the source of every problem in her life. She's a grown woman who makes her own decisions. Adam may be manipulative but it's HER choice to keep sleeping with him after he neglects her and their daughter. I also feel like the fact that she slept with him while Taylor was pregnant is just glossed over all the time. As much as I hate Leah, I don't think that's any better than cheating on Corey or Jeremy and look at all the shit Leah gets.

In addition, this is probably an unpopular opinion but I've never liked Randy. I've never ONCE heard him call Chelsea out on her bad decisions. He has that "my daughter can do no wrong" complex and blames everything on Adam or whoever else.

Haha @jessica,when I was reading your comment all iI could think was 1.2.3........pleeeaaaase? Wonder how Aubree would react if Chelsea actually followed through with her discipline one time.

He mildly called her out for being slow with her GED and for going back to Adam, esp. back when he was paying for the apartment. She reacted all snobby and when they ended up talking about it again he basically said "I don't blame you, I don't like him" so shifted the blame to Adam. I think it's tough when someone gets in those relationships. Still, he could have been more adamant with the GED thing. Like "if ____ is not done by ____ then no more apartment" or something. She actually went as far as living in the apartment her dad paid for and then lying about dating Adam AND THEN lying about him living there! She could have at least not let him stay over. (Not to mention letting her best friend leave).

@valkyrie Right? That part made me roll my eyes to the extreme haha. My parents would NEVER have let me get away with all she does. I define a good mom as somebody who teaches their kids manners and respect, which Chelsea doesn't.

I also think it's hilarious that Randy is constantly defending Chelsea on Twitter claiming she's so over Adam and would never go back to him. Then at the next reunion we find out they've been hooking up and he looks like an idiot. This has been happening for years. Randy give it up because nobody believes you.

I agree with you there. She was always the victim. And rarely was made to deal with the consequences of her actions. Randy didn't not put his foot down hard enough when Chelsea deliberately went against his back. Chelsea is spoiled as heck. I do think a lot of her actions were coerced by Adam. Does it excuse it? Not entirely but I can see why she MIGHT have been doing it.

But, she has been getting her shit together. Finished school, working, bought her own house, etc. And she takes care of Aubree. She does need to learn to discipline her and put her foot down. It could be a learned trait from Randy. Who knows. Bottom line: I agree with her being spoiled and all but I do think she is a good mom. It is hard to completely fault her because she needs to learn to discipline.

I think Kailyn and her are similar in the fact people might not like their personalities but they love their kids and try what is best for them. Though Kailyn is better as discipline. Lol.

I like Chelsea and Kailyn. I just d not agree with their decisions or some of their actions but no one is going to like everything you do.

I have to completely disagree about her sleeping with adam while Taylor was knocked up. That is NOT the same as Leah cheating on her husbands!! At all! Chelsea wasn't dating Taylor, Adam was, it's HIS responsibility not to cheat, not hers. Was it a bitchy thing for her to do? For sure, but not even close to cheating on your spouse. He probably told her they were broken up (didn't they break up a few times while she was pregnant?) and all sorts of stuff and she wanted to believe he still wants her. Not a good choice by any means, but again, not comparable to serial cheater Leah.

I actually think Kailyn is a great mom especially considering she had to do basically everything on her own and had no real role models. People give her a lot of shit for her personality, which I fully admit can be awful at times, but nobody can deny she loves her kids more than anything and would do anything for them. I do think Chelsea loves Aubree very much and wants what's best for her, but the "friend" parenting style is getting her nowhere. I do think she picked that up from Randy in that he just lets his kids do whatever they want. If she doesn't learn to discipline Aubree I think she'll probably be a teen mom as well.

i thought i was pretty clear with what i was saying, but i've been drinking so maybe i wasn't. if leah spent her mtv checks wisely (i.e.: on medical bills, ali's needs, etc), i wouldn't mind her making as much as she does. because even with a college degree and a well paying career, ali's medical bills would be a lot to handle. leah doesn't financially stand a chance without mtv. and ali will be the one suffering because of it because she might have to go without things that insurance deems unnecessary (like therapy for instance since some insurance policies don't include that).

Sorry Electronical. Maybe I didn't read your comment properly. I wasn't having a go at you, just saying Leah has wasted an amazing opportunity and a substantial amount of money. And I agree with you, she won't have the capacity to earn enough now to pay for Alis bills.

Haha no you're all good! I did word it a little weirdly in the beginning I guess. it's just so sad because leah could've afforded to get Ali the best care/therapist and she just threw all that down the drain. And who knows how much that's going to negatively affect her life in the long run.

now that i get what you're saying, i'm totally with you. she NEEDS the money the most with all of ali's bills, but sadly, it looks like she's almost bankrupt from an addiction :/

Being a Felon, yeah that was a very minor instance though. It always ends up being Adam's fault. Most parents wouldn't buy their daughter a house in the first place, and those who do would have taken it away in a second if they completely disrespected them the way Chelsea did. Don't get me wrong Adam IS a complete ass, but Chelsea is dumb as bricks and Randy refuses to believe it. The moment I realized that Randy was as big an idiot as Chelsea was at the reunion a few years ago when he blamed Adam when Chelsea gave him nearly 2k so he wouldn't leave her. He said and I quote "Who would take the money?" Are you fucking kidding me?

I Think one of the things that annoyed me was that Adam was made out to be the cheating one when we found out she cheated on him too....

Yeah when Adam mentioned that Chelsea cheated too Randy just laughed. Come on.

she probly found out that if she did the show she'd have to pay Corey more child support....

either that or Corey and marianda fought to keep the girls off the air...

That's what I think happened, and I wouldn't blame them. I don't think growing up on tv is good for kids.

yeah I mean marandia hates being on TV rightfully so...

maybe they put it in the court order to stop putting the girls on TV and such?

it's so sad to see it all unfold but I was looking forward to seeing Corey with the girls....

sad to think that I once looked at Leah's life and was in WOW......

( not to mention she's much younger then I am)

somewhere it all went wrong.... time to pick up the peices Leah....

I absolutely commend Corey for being a good father to his girls...

I know, I used to really like Leah, and even after she cheated on Corey, I was wishy washy and thought, "oh, she's young, she made a mistake, etc." But this past season I was really over her. If Corey and Miranda do have primary custody of Ali and Grace, I can see them choosing to stop being on the show.

The first time she went back to Robbie, right after the twins were born, can be forgiven and attributed to being young and hormonal. I remember feeling badly for her, most can relate to making wrong choices in love when you're young.
The next time she did it while married? There is no justification for that, I don't care how bored your are or if your husband chooses to whack off to porn. And doing it one. more. time. to your second husband is just insane.

Dude, she lost custody and Corey said no more filming. Because honestly, she can still film without them. She doesn't have them half the time anyway.
And look at nasty ass Jenelle? She hasn't had a kid for the past 5 years and they still follow her sorry as.


I think that's what happened too.

THANK YOUUUUUUU MEGAN!!!!! I just couldn't take it anymore!!! Woo my eyes and I thank you!! *Hugs*

Those Jordan pictures were horrifying! But it was nothing compared to the hideous ones on the Facebook page that someone posted a link to...I will never unsee that.

LOL "horrifying"

Vee might even call them "vulgar" :)

you're hilarious! One of my faves on here. All of your posts always make me laugh

Thanks, Being a Felon's Not Illegal!! <3 That's so nice, you always make me laugh too! These girls make excellent fodder for our amusement :)



Welp...I guess we kind of saw this coming since Jeremy's dad (or whoever it was) Seen Her on the Deer Cam. ;)

As much as I love this shit show, and I would have loved to watch MTV and Leah worm her way out of taking blame for a second divorce, I definitely think it's in the best interest of the girlses (and all children, really) to not grow up on reality tv. I'm going out on a limb and saying Corey probably put his foot down and said enough.

Despite her having a very good reason to quit, I doubt it was entirely Leah's choice. If she and Jeremy are getting divorced, she won't get his money. If she's not on the show, she's not making her own money. Her "appearances" aren't going to support herself, the girls and her lifestyle. I doubt she would ever write a book. She's lazy as fuck so I doubt she'll ever go back to school. So no matter how humiliating it would be for her to be on yhe show, the girl has to make a living somehow. My theory is that Corey had the girls and said no more to the show. No girlses, no Leah.

Get ready for extra helpings of smokin' da weed, bronzer&hairspray and neglected laundry. (Just kidding, Kail! Your house is way cleaner than anyone else's!)

i'm with you - i don't think it was 100% her decision to leave the show. but i think in the end it'll be good for her - she'll finally learn that 5 weeks of work for $40,000 is AMAZEBALLS and she totally took jurmy for granted.

I agree it probably wasn't Leah's idea to quit the show. Not only is she going to miss the money but the whole fame thing. That's what she lives for, all the twitter followers and the fangirls constantly telling her what a great mom she is. She is addicted to the limelight and it's going to be a rude awakening for her if she isn't in it. As much as I would have loved to see all the divorce/drugs/custody drama play out on TV, it's best for the girlses not to have that on film. I'm guessing either her lawyer or a court order had some role in her decision. I think she would have loved to stay on the MTV gravy train as long a possible.

also i have to admit i really related to kail, who i never really liked, last season since i had my daughter a few months after she had lincoln. so i feel her on the laundry thing - i'm usually SO CLEAN but now what people come over i'm like...ignore the huge pile of clothes plz

Ahhh i'm so behind on commenting this week. I just finished commenting on Jordan's story and now this ones up! Listen to Whiskey Myers Broken Window Serenade, it's a beautiful, dark song about a girl in Jordan's situation.

Anyway. I'm kind of sad about Leah quitting. Who will we make fun of now?! Plus I would like to see the girls grow up. Well, since we know they don't film all the TM cast at the same time, maybe they will film Chelsea, Kail, and Juhnelle and when they wrap that hopefully Leah will come around and decide to be filmed.

Oh, don't worry, there will be plenty to make fun of. That's why MTV hired Nathan ;)

omg no he's just gross and gives me anxiety. I would die so happy if I never had to see him again.

*shudders* i just thought of his ms paint shirt...

I think I read somewhere else that MTV is still hoping she will change her mind. So I don't think it has to do with corey saying no to the girls filming. I believe its because leah won't be shown as poor little country girl. She will be shown as the WV cheetoh slut. She was bitching on the Ask The Moms special about still copping shit for cheating on corey "all those years ago" so I think leah KNOWS her ass will be hated and picked upon so bad if she continues.
I don't know what she will do for money. Jerms won't have to pay her alimony if he has proof she cheated. If she loses the Girlses she will have to pay corey. And where will she live?

I can answer all of these questions for you. The Queen of the Hypocrites will go on welfare because she is only going to be able to work for minimum wage (which, even in West Virginia is not going to get you very far), and Corey probably won't make her pay what the courts make her pay...'cause let's face it, he's too nice for his own good. She'll have to move in with Mama Dawn and Papa Lee, but she'll probably spend a good majority of her nights with Wonderpeen and her army of Dick for Drugses backups so she can feed her adeekshuns.

My outlook for Leah is very grim, but I've lived in Eastern KY and WV so I know it's also pretty realistic. I am so sad for those little girls that their mother is a wreck, but there is a chance she can get clean and straighten up and they will always have their fathers and families.

and don't worry, we'll still make fun of her here. the internet is beautiful.

I wonder this will change her feelings on those dregs of society on welfare? Lord knows, that lazy skank isn't going to get a job!

I've seen references to her being snooty about welfare before, but I don't remember where it came from. Was it on the show, or a tweet, or something else?

It was a tweet she made. If I remember correctly, it was during the last presidential election, and Jurms was going off about how if Obama got elected his job was in jepordy and Leah was going off about how the only reason he would get elected again is because a bunch of welfare mommas were voting for him.

I'm pretty sure that was the gist of it.

Ew, that made her even more unlikeable for me.

I do think that welfare should have more restrictions for who should get it BUT, if her disabled daughter lives past the age of 18, I am sure her main source of income will be DISABILITY. Leah will be eating crow then.

@Jeremy's Leah lacks enough foresight to even consider things 13 years (or 13 minutes really) in the future

Yeah well we can't all spread our legs for a paycheck Leah! And the ones on welfare have way more self respect and dignity than you or your whole family ever thought of trying to have!

Does anyone hope that Leah moves to whichever Carolina Jenelle is currently in (I think South?) And gets a job at Bojangles or something and forgets to give Jenelle a straw with her super extra large soda?

I am absolutely certain someone in Leah's family would be on welfare.

Leah's Meth Pipe, I wouldn't be surprised if that dawnster fire herself was on some kind of assistance at one point or another. I know she is a dental assistant, but that requires some classes. She got married at 16 and popped out Princess Leah, Oreo and the othet one in rapid succession. I think Messer dad left when Leah was 5 (Dawn would've been 22) and there was a stepdad before Lee if I'm not mistaken. I highly doubt she was self sufficient that whole time. Just going off suspicions, sorry if I'm wrong.

Leah's just following in her mama dawnses footsteps by bringing in a succession of men to support her girlses. Dawn really did fail Leah by not teaching her that she's worth more than being "arm candy" to a man that will take care of her, hopefully someone is making sure Ali and Aleeah know that they can be strong independent women and they escape the family tradition of teen parenting and succeed at actual careers

Wow what a cunt.

Do Leah and her siblings all have the same dad?

Jessica I'm pretty sure they don't.

Surprisingly, yeah @Jessica they all have the same dad. Gary Messer


There's a shitty article about her welfare tweet. Jeremys tweets about the whole situation were way worse.

They are both very lowbrow...but I guess we all knew that.

Jenelle was actually the most reasonable person in that shit show... what?

yup, Jenelle 2.0 LOL.

and Leah "maybe people should WORK FOR A LIVING" well you're about to get a taste of that dahling. :)

Thanks, Jeremy's Blank Look! :) is it immature that I giggled at I NO LONGER LIKE YOU in all caps? I'm sorry, but it was funny to me.

Woah at Jenelle actually making some damn sense. I agree with her, I think social welfare programs were started with the best of intentions, but are susceptible to abuse by people who want to work the system.

Gotta jump in here, guys. I used to work for the Commonwealth of KY in the Department of Community Based Services (aka the place where people go for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, Medicaid, HUD etc.) Social Welfare programs have been slashed for the past couple of decades, starting with Reagan and continuing on up to Clinton, who placed more restrictions on welfare programs than any president in recent history.

40% of adults receiving SNAP benefits have at least one job. Looking at how many people of that population are also on Disability and can't work, this is a high number. 80% only use SNAP for two years. The major beneficiaries of SNAP are children. I'm not saying that everyone who uses welfare programs is a saint and has never traded a few of their SNAP dollars for actual circulatory cash, but major fraud is actually quite rare. The biggest case of fraud that I'm aware of was actually committed by physicians who funneled millions of Medicaid dollars into their own pockets by performing unnecessary procedures on Medicaid participants.

The whole notion of "welfare queens" was made up by Ronald Reagan to ramp up his War on Drugs...even though drug use had majorly declined. They literally don't exist, so if you hear someone talking about abuse of the system just know that it's not really affecting you at all. Sure it's annoying, but it's not affecting you (looking straight at Leah right now).

I knew someone who had multiple kids. The last few shared the same dad who lived with them. But he claimed to live somewhere else because he had a good job making more than the average American. She had a job but was getting paid under the table. She was getting about $1000 in food stamps or whatever they call them now. When I found out, I thought it was shitty but didn't make a peep. But a few months later she posted on fb about going to get her nails filled. I got pissed because that is a luxury. If you are on food stamps, acrylic nail maintenance shouldn't be in your budget.

Well I called DHS fraud and told them what was up, and the rep I was talking to told me how common it was for this scam to go on. The people got busted and lost their stamps for a year and I'm assuming he will get in trouble for mail fraud.

I encourage people to call the fraud hotline if they know someone is truly being fraudulent. I should mention, though, that most of the people I worked with were not the least bit sympathetic towards the people who were seeking assistance. They look at it the same way Leah and Jeremy do, so I took their warnings and advice with a grain of salt. Turns out I was right to do so. We didn't get many hits on the fraud hotline while I was there.

Also, a lot of the issues people have with those on benefits getting their nails done and whatnot...remember that most of the people who are on public assistance do not have access to great education. They don't know how to manage their money and are short-sighted about their finances. They look at the extra $30 they have at the moment and think it's okay to spend it, not considering that it would be wiser to save it for bills or emergencies. I'm not saying it's okay, I'm just saying that's how it is.

Look at Leah as a prime example, because she was a prime candidate for public assistance. Instead she ended up getting the MTV handout and has managed to squander more money than most of us make in a year, and certainly more than people using social welfare programs get.

Hmm, I just can't feel sorry for this girl. Thumb me down, I just can't. Sure she is young, and makes mistakes, and has to deal with a disabled child. I can't say I know what it's like to have to deal with a disabled child, because I do not. And I thank God for my children being healthy.
But like I have said before, she knew Ali's disease wasn't going to go away, she had already been married and divorced, and it was broadcasted all over the world. Again a choice she made her self.
Someone posted about how embarrassed she was about that, yet I do not believe so, because she "renacted" telling Corey she cheated on him so MTV could film it. She was no way embarrassed by that.
Then, she meets Jeremy they get pregnant twice, get married, and her troubles just keep getting bigger and bigger, and she kept signing her contract.
It was only until now that she has realized this isn't fake this is her real life, and she is in serious trouble this time. Her children are in real danger of being taking from her, and MTV or their money can't protect her anymore.
Ever hear, too much of a good thing, can be bad? I think Leah just might be hearing that now. But it's already too little too late.
I don't feel bad for her, I feel bad for her children, jenelle was right, Leah shouldn't crap out now, she should remain on the show, and let them film her struggles, and her rise above it, because she has hit rock bottom, the only way to go now is up.
Then, her girls can indeed see, their mother hadn't made the best choices during their lives on screen, but she didn't crap out to hide in private to fix their lives either. That would be the best thing she could show them. But she is young, and makes dumb decisions.
Don't quit when the going gets tough. This is what her children NEED her to show them.
But sadly they will never see that, because their mother is too selfish to put anything above her self and what might be left of her pride.

I would love to hear the REAL reason why she quit, but I am confident that we never will.

I think she has already lost custody of the kids. So it could have been something Cory put in the custody agreement that forced her not to film.

Someone posted on the Jordan thread that if she and Jeremy get divorced, her working (filming) would affect how much, if any alimony she would get from Jeremy (If WV does alimony).

It could be because Jeremy is forcing her to quit because he doesn't want the world to know he's back with her lying, cheating self.

Who knows. I think quitting is going to cause her rock bottom. She will not have that income, clearly Jeremy doesn't make enough to support their lifestyle. I doubt the tabloids will be interested in her stories anymore. I have a feeling that once her spending is stopped she will turn to the really hard drugs and ruin herself completely.

I can't believe I'm saying this, because I never thought she would be the type before, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear a year from now that she's on the pole. Her issues with men, combined with needing money makes it look like a very real possibility.

Are you forgetting about her Mary Kay business!!! That shit is booming. Leah and her clown face will become the ambassor for Mary Kay!

How could I forget!!! I rescind all of my comments about Leah on welfare, using men for money, stripping, etc. She's a smart, confident business woman. Leah Messer Simms Calvert is a self employed feminist and is able to singlehandedly provide for herself and her daughters! All thanks to her lucrative Mary Kay career.

Think they told her to promote the make-up by wearing it. So she did.
They forgot to tell her she should not wear the complete line on her face at once.
I can imagine she was late at her grandma's. Getting ready to go out takes her a whole hour, a whole tube of mascara and a whole lipstick.

I agree!!!!!!

Say what you want about Jenelle but she never really hid her struggles (or the parts she tried to hide were obvious) and she gets a lot of crap for the things she's done (rightly so, not defending her).

Leah is obsessed with being seen as the good wife/mother when that seems far from the truth.

Completely agree with you that she could no longer separate what was real and what was fake...she didn't take custody or the possibility of losing her kids seriously at all until it was way too late. Just like she didn't take either marriage seriously. She's also extremely self-entitled and she sees all of her misconduct as justified. She is always the victim in her eyes.

She needs a reality check (ironically) and not just reality cheques...ohhhh see what I did there.

Jenelle was right about something?!?!?! Woah...

I agree with you about owning up to mistakes and showing her daughters someday that she made mistakes but fixed them. The problem is, what if she doesn't fix them? For 6 years or so, she's been living a pattern. Have sex with a good guy, have his kid, marry him, cheat with Robbie. Rinse and repeat. Lately she has added in pill popping into the mix. I would love to see her work on herself now (perhaps take a walk...?) But I have a feeling that she's going to take a few more trips on the party train before she gets her shit together. I would love to be wrong, but maybe it's not such a bad thing that she quits while she's ahead (or at least less behind, if that makes sense).

I was sleuthing on Memaw Sandys FB a day or so ago and read her whining about how she was going to Charleston and had hit the road late because her Granddaughter didn't come home till 5am and was supposed to help her pack the car that day. Wonder if that granddaughter was our very own Leah Messer Sims Messer Calvert Deer Cam Messer Kidd?

Oooh very possible! I remember her having a cousin (Chastity, the one she spray painted orange) and of course there's Oreo, but I remember someone saying she relocated to PA (for a man, of course. She's a Messer, after all). I wouldn't be surprised if it was Leah. It is kind of ironic after that nonsensical post from Grandma Sandy instructing Leah to keep her private life off the internet, and don't trust anyone, including family.

"Of course im late leaving charleston to go vist my son
My wonderful GRANDDAUGHTER decides she will stay out till 5am waiting on her too load her stuff on our way"

Hahaha its probably Leah staying out partying.

Im still stuck on her naming her daughter DELTA! Wtf I honestly thought it was a nickname but after snooping and seeing their facebook friends acknowledge her as Delta I guess that really is her name smh.

No way! I always thought y'all made up Delta Dawn to make fun of her!

Hilarious hey! I absolutely believe it was Leah partying.

I am guessing after Delta Burke. Or Delta Airline.

I was trying to find Delta Dawns Facebook when I stumbled across this gem
I laughed good and hard at that one, so thanks momma dawn for cheering me up

Holy. Shit. Delta is her REAL name??!

Yes! Her name really is Delta. Type Delta Spears in google. It will say there is one person named Delta Spears that lives Charleston, WV. Keep scrolling it will say Delta Spears also known as Delta Messer. Lolol icant!

Holy mother of glam shots! That is certainly something! Also look at how different they all look. It's kinda scary & Dawn., NO just NO. They all should've put the camera down like 509 duck faces ago.

This is my favorite Delta Dawn myspace


And did Anyone else see the photo of grandpa in the casket? That's why I want to be cremated...

Deer Cam, I love that picture of Dawn too! Did any one else notice her background picture thing is of a trailer!?

I am ashamed that I spent the time and clicked through Mama sexiimomof3's photos. Doing so I noticed her and Lee hardly every smile! It seems so strange to me...

Delta Dawn was a Helen Reddy song in the 70's- certainly the motivating for mama dawns name.

Had a look at Sexxxy Sassy Dawn's pics too. Wow! Not a trace of class in that whole family.
Are the curls with straight hair around the face their family hairdo? It looks so cheap and dumb the way they do it.

i think i'm the person you're talking about with the whole "admitting to cheating on corey on national tv must've been traumatizing and embarrassing" thing. just because she agreed to re-enact it, doesn't mean it wasn't embarrassing for her. when they're under contract, how much of a say do they really have?

i'm just saying, she got A LOT of backlash for cheating on corey (and let's face it, she kind of deserved it). and since she brought it up on the special with "dr" drew, she's obviously still affected by it. now just imagine her admitting to also cheating on jeremy too AND putting pills before her kids to the point that she's (maybe) lost custody. that backlash will be 100x worse. and the thought of having to go through it might've freaked her out enough to give up those sweet, sweet paychecks.

I'm super disappointed that she won't be on the show anymore... :(

My guesses are a combo of: Corey put his foot down, she was advised not to go on the show anymore because of the negative things it could capture that could damage her standing by a lawyer, Jeremy is divorcing her and she didn't want that to play out, MTV could have even possibly not wanted her back because the situation got too out of hand, she is most likely losing custody of the girls (or has?) and no kids = no segment (unless you're Jenelle or C & T LOL)....I wonder if custody of Addy has been brought up..

She probably would have come back on tv if she could because it is great money for doing nothing and judging by the attitude she has shown when people have seen her in their lives, she acted snooty like she was some kind of major celebrity.

Re: Jenelle's comment, I feel like she was taking a jab at Leah for sure; probably annoyed that Leah got a good girl edit which Jenelle wasn't so lucky to have.
This sucks for us but it is best for the girls. *sigh*

I totally agree, I really think her hand is being forced here. She's too damn lazy to actually go to school or work, so I think this was pretty much living the dream for her.

As for Addy, my heart goes out to that poor baby :( Ali and Gracie have a wonderful, supportive, loving and stable father, and an entire extended family that loves them to pieces. Their father was willing to take a lower paying job to take care of them, and is married to a woman who loves them, quit her career and I'm sure would be willing to care for them full time. I'm sure Jeremy loves Adalynn, but he didn't seem all that engaged with her on the show. (That also might have been part of Leah's "nobody helps me" storyline) I know his mom has her a lot, but with him being gone so much, I feel like it would be harder for him to get custody than it would for Corey.

I pity her

I truly believe either MTV finally had enough of her and cut her loose, or somebody---possibly her lawyer---told Leah not to do the show anymore because it could provide more evidence against her. I also believe Corey may have gotten full custody of the girls and no longer wanted them filmed, which prompted MTV to foist Leah out. Who knows? All I know is I believe she did not make this decision of her own volition.

Although I think that this news is best for Leah and her family, I do believe that Teen Mom 2's ratings will go down. Leah's life is a train wreck right now, and let's face it, that brings in viewers. Without it, we'll have to deal with more passive aggressive Kail, baby-talking Chelsea, and the "new and improved" Jenelle. Would people really wanna see this for a seventh season?

Probably not. Chelsea's also with a new man now and I'm not looking forward to her constantly saying how he's "so much better than A-D-A-M" and she's glad she's "moved on now" but she is going to keep constantly bringing him up anyway. I can already see her discussing with her friend about how "Adam seems jealous now that I'm with someone."

Totally agree. Same thing with the new season of Teen Mom. They've been gone for awhile, and I bet a lot of their original audience that might not have watched 2&3 or the recent 16 and pregnants won't come back. Or if they do, their memory is of how Maci is a great mom and Tyler is just so cute. (Gag) They'll be in for a rude awakening when they see Tyler screaming at dogs and Maci passed out on the lawn. I give both TM and TM2 one more season before they bite the dust. Maybe it's time to give Alex, Katie, Briana and Mack a call :)

I think TM and TM2 only have one season left also. I still would love to see a TM4 with some of the recent 16 and Pregnant girls. I miss having new catch phrases from Summer and her storyin' gang.

I just tried to come up with a good gang, but I couldn't come up with a solid 4. Summer for sure. I kind of want Autumn, but it would be like watching honey boo boo, what with Dustin's pee cup on the restaurant table. Maddy was awful, Arianna was awful, I know everyone likes Milina a lot but I feel like she looks like she smells and got a good edit. Karley is a poor man's Leah Messer and I can't have the original, I don't want a knock off. And that guy she was with was no Corey, and her mom was a psycho. I would take Savon, because I want to know more about Eli's 6 other kids and sassy Aunt LaDonna. I don't want the girl with the annoying mom obsessed with house rules. I honestly don't remember the rest. I think we need a new crop of preggos to choose from!

Deer Cam Babs, how can you forget Raquelle so quickly? Joking aside, Aleah might be mildly interesting, but no one else. And Millina TOTALLY got a good girl edit. I'll take that to the bank.

I reaaallllly didn't like Autumn

Nikkole's Teddy Bear, sorry if I'm on the baby head dye but who is Raquelle? Haha I watched the whole season, but I forgot about a third of them. Aleah was okay, I was pretty freaked out by their living arrangements. Autumn's family was a combination of the honey boo boo family and the Messers. They were a mess.

Previous post Babs - "homeless" Jordan is stripping under the name Raquelle.

Derp :/ sorry for spazzing! Yeah, I highly doubt MTV would ever pick Raquelle for TM4. They prefer to hide their trainwrecks until the 4th episode or so.

I actually want to see at least one more season of "Teen Mom" because I'm hoping that MTV won't show any more edited bullshit now that we know what these people are really like. I also want to see how Catelynn and Tyler finally handle parenthood after spending the last five years talking about they're still parents to Carly even though, at best, they're merely distant relatives whom she only sees once or twice a year. It's going to be awesome.

I want to watch Tyler rolling his eyes and sashaying away every time Cate asks for help. I think she'll be a decent mom, but I don't have that much faith in him.

speaking of "sashaying away" I wouldn't mind seeing Tyler on RuPaul's Drag Race. That's another crossover show MTV needs to make happen.

I want them to stop pretending UGH. The reason they have issues is NOT because they don't have Carly. It's because both are unhealthily dependent on one another, both are too complacent about life in general, and Cate is a doormat while Tyler has weird anger issues. The baby will NOT FIX ANYTHING, it will make it worse. I can't wait until they realize that.

They also need to admit that one of the main reasons they gave Carly up was to save their relationshit. Catelynn even sort of admitted to it at the end of the fourth season. I mean, there were other obvious reasons, too, but Tyler threatened to break up with Catelynn if she kept the baby. So she gave the kid up to keep her man around.

If Catelynn had kept Carly, Tyler would have been gone so fast her fivehead would spin. And then he would come crawling back once "Teen Mom" rolled around. And Catelynn would take him back but he would have done nothing and complained loudly about Carly crying all the time (though I doubt they would have named her Carly. Probably something trashy like Maddalynnn April or something). They're such jokes. Poor Nova II. Brandon and Teresa can't adopt her sooner.

Honestly, I could watch a whole show of Jenelle just to marvel at what a wreck it all is. Although the mess Leah is in now would be fun to watch if it was shown, I got bored of her segments a long time ago so I'm not all that bummed that she's not coming back since I'm sure MTV would gloss over almost anything good.

I feel like Leah is the new Jenelle, so MTV is avoiding that with a ten foot pole. I honestly love to watch a good train wreck, but MTV is too scared about their precious cash cow getting a worse reputation.

I'm gonna miss the subtitles and terrible grammar.

Can I just say that I love Leah as the new Jenelle? Especially after all the shade Leah has thrown Jenelle's way. Don't judge lest ye be judged, Leah.

I bet Jenelle will offer advice to Leah about how to hit rock bottom, still be a terrible person and get away with it, and how to get married for three months.

I'd like to see THAT show.

I'm really hoping Leah says something back to jenelle, and then jenelle whoops her a**!

This may not be the best place for this. But another one of Chelsea's dogs died. Can we start like a prayer circle for the TM pets that have gone to glory?

Aw poor thing :( it's pretty frightening how many pets Chelsea, Leah and Jenelle have gone through. (Unless I'm remembering wrong, Kailyn never really had that problem, right?) And Farrah and Catelynn seemed to go through a lot of pets too.

Ughhh...Farrah and her dog skills always pissed me off. "I don't want to put in the effort to house train this dog I bought on a whim so I'll just put it in diapers and hold it over the fucking trashcan when I happen to catch it defecating." "OH, baby goo!! You want a fish? Let's look at this thousand dollar french bulldog. You want the bulldog right?" "NO THE FISH!" - Darla/Sophia "Oh are you sure you don't want the puppy?" "FISH!!!" "Alright, we'll get the puppy!"

Three episodes later: no puppy to be found anywhere in her segments. And don't even get me started on Jenelle.

Yeah, her pet Darla died in surgery. That's her third dog to die tragically, I do feel for her. I know there was big controversy over Frankie's death (let's not completely open that can of worms), and her dog Pixie from her 16 and Pregnant episode that was grabbed by a hawk in their fenced in yard. How terrifying. And this one, well this is really in no way at all remotely on her. I feel bad because she does really love her dogs, almost as much as Aubree. She's not like alllllllll the other Teen Mom 2 girl that was a pretty $1000 pet then whoopsie doops, pets are harrrrrrrrd, let's give it away, then buy another when we're readyyyyyyy in 3 weeks.

She definitely has a better track record than the other girlses. The shit with Frankie was pretty disgraceful, but this one was pretty sad and not her fault. Still just makes me sad to see how many pets have died from this franchise. The only dogs I've had that passed were 15 and 19 years old, so it's just crazy to me.

I'm really sorry if this is insensitive because I know I would never get over it if it happened to me, but the sheer randomness of a hawk swooping down and snatching her dog is hilarious. I feel awful for the pooch, but that's the kind of thing that you only see happen on tv.

That's actually really interesting to me that that seems like a random situation to someone. It's pretty common where I live to have coyotes steal your small dogs when you bring them out at night without a fence or have to watch for Hawks and Bobcats getting into your yard. I can't imagine not having to worry about that lol.

My iPad clearly knows I live in the south and therefore I must've been referencing football teams when I said "hawks" and "Bobcats" so it went ahead and capitalized those for me.

Luckily i don't have to worry about hawks taking our puppy but I have had foxes and coyotes get in the fence. On the rare morning deer jump our fence and the husky loves sitting on the deck watching them.
She's really calm with the deer but when anything else(foxes, coyotes, groundhogs...) get in our fence she chases them back out.

That is pretty insensitive. The same thing happened to my dog a couple months ago only it was an owl. He was very small, and he was my baby. I don't even talk to my best friend anymore because her super immature boyfriend decided to make a joke about it. People think it's so funny and such a freak accident, and no one takes into account that we love these animals and we as pet owners have to think about what happened after they got taken away.

I said I feel awful for the dog and apologized in advanced for being insensitive. But I'm from Los Angeles and have only lived in big cities my entire life. Until yesterday I didn't know things like that even happened and the thought of it was very darkly funny to me. I'm not laughing at the fate of the poor pooches.

I live in montebello and I thought the same thing Jenelles 5th, you dont really have to worry about hawks or taking your small pets.

My comment got cut off

I live in montebello and I thought the same thing Jenelles 5th, you don't really have to worry about hawks or taking your small pets. Its really unfortunate, and I would be devastated if that happened to my small dog, whom I'v had almost 8 years now.

To saw that. It's so sad! My dog is literally my baby. I really hope she got that Great Dane of hers gastropexied so she doesn't have another tragic loss. They are the most susceptible to it, so I really hope she did her research and got it done. Poor Aubs too, to lose one of their pets again.

When you think about all the pets they've let run away/"gave away" (aka they won't admit it ran away)/die, it's amazing all of the children are still alive. I'm sure their kids are all the little gems at school that tell the teacher all kinds of crazy shit that happens at their house but as a teacher you just have to nod and say "oh, yeah. that's nice". Their teachers are probably the tabloids biggest allies for helping to bring down these train wrecks.

I went through a lot of hamsters, a rabbit, a hedgehog etc in middle school and high school. I finally tried to just see if I could raise a beta fish. It died on the 4th day. My best friend gave me the best advice when I called him crying about how I could never have children because even the damn fish croaked, "Oh come on! Cheer up! You'll do fine. Kids are WAYYYY more durable than fish."

I posted my theory a few threads back, but here it is again.

I think Leah was scared to re-sign her contract. She hasn't hit rock bottom in her addiction that we know of. She's seen what MTV did to Jenelle and she isn't ready to go to rehab/is scared too. She doesn't want the shit storm with Jermy to be captured for the world to see. I also feel like if the custody arrangement hasn't already been made, she's been advised by a lawyer to not film because the footage could be used against her not only with Corey, but Jermy as well.

It's quite possible that she's lost primary custody of the twins to Corey and Miranda and like others have said, Corey has demanded that the girlses not be filmed.

I'm truly worried though for several reasons. Number one is obviously the girlses well being. What really worries me is what will happen to Leah once the gravy train runs dry. If she divorces Jermy, his $$$ goes with him. Without MTV money or a job (let's be honest...Leah isn't going to be working at McDonalds), I fear that Leah will resort to whatever means possible for money. No money= no drugs. I would hate to see her start prostituting or something of a similar nature to keep up with her habit. Pills aren't cheap...if she can't afford them, I see her spiraling out of control and hitting the harder stuff (heroin, coke, meth) if she isn't already doing so.

Last...who would have thought that Leah would turn out to be a bigger train wreck than Jenelle? Like other posters have said, at least Jenelle somewhat owns up to her problems where as Leah is trying to play the picture perfect mom/wife role.

I don't know anything about alimony, but don't you have to be married for a certain number of years before you "qualify" for it? And I think if you cheat, the chance for alimony is void.

I think it's all very dependent on prenuptial agreements and/or individual situations/state laws/how vicious your lawyer gets.

Agree. This is exactly what I think.

I think MTV should take a look at the type of people these girls are turning into: one of them is a porn star, the other gets drunk and parties constantly, one is pregnant with a trap baby (with Tyler and MTV) in order to stay relevant, one is a convicted felon (though, she is seemingly getting her life together, at least we hope so), one has a rap sheet the size of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and the other one is addicted to pills and penis.

But unfortunately MTV only seems to care about ratings and raking in the cash. It's depressing. And these are the Teen Mom girls, I haven't even mentioned the train wrecks from 16 and Pregnant.

Don't forget about Kail. She shook the memories out of Javi's head but we will never forget, Kail. We will NEVER forget.

That reminds me, you know what would make a good username? Shaken Javi Syndrome. If any lurkers need a handle, feel free to grab that one!

I know I'm probably weird for thinking about this...but I'm really concerned/intrigued about what will happen when the kids hit kindergarten. Have you guys noticed the number of people who tweet the TM cast things like "[My kid] is so excited to see [your kid] on TV again! We've missed you!"

I can't imagine how weird is it for the kids to go to school and have other people know them and their family history. Yea, but with so many people knowing their story, plus drug rumors, plus cheating scandals, plus uneducated gossip...I'm very thankful that the twins aren't on the show anymore.

Bahahahaha! Seriously? What has Jenelle "I'm sober" "I've totally chaaaanged" "Kieffer made me do heroin" "I'm evil Toward Barb because she took Jace from meee" Evans owned up to? I've never once seen her say anything's her fault and she always tries to look like an awesome mom to Jace with pics on Twitter. You know you can snark on more than one girl at once, you don't have to look for something better in Jenelle; they both suck, end of story.

I'm happy about this. I think tv/fame went to her head and I doubt she'll ever be able to really change if she continued with the show. I think Corey actually does want her to get better and I'm sure he realizes how important it is for his girls to have a good mother and hopefully his family will support her getting clean and getting her life together. I think she has a chance because she actually does love her girls, it's the rest of her life that's a mess. Hope everything works out for everyone involved, and how lucky are her girls that they can go live with their father while Leah works on herself?! It's a tricky situation, but I have faith that things will get better for everyone in that family.

I hope they continue the show though, my favorite is Chelsea and I'm actually really excited to see her with her new boyfriend and stuff! Also liking Kail lately, she seems to have really matured, and believe it or not I actually think Jenelle might really be getting it together for real this time. Can't wait to see the next season!

Maybe Jurmy gave her an ultimatum. Either him or the show. He'd take her back, but doesn't want to be embarrassed by doing it on TV.

lmao sadly, I could almost see this as a reality.

That's a viable theory. Usually, I would always say to put your marriage first, but in her case, we don't know how long the marriage will last. I think it's obvious that they had issues from the very beginning, when she wasn't sure if she wanted to marry Jeremy or get back with Corey. (I think she ultimately chose Jeremy because he was offering to marry her, but Corey wanted to basically start from the beginning and rebuild their relationship) She may live to regret leaving the show if Jeremy decides he doesn't want to be married to the Lindsey Lohan of West Virginia 6 months down the line.

Please no. I hope them not being under contract causes Jermy to start spilling the details.

I don't think so. He'll be the one tight-lipped in order to save face. But, the truth will come out eventually. I'm sure there are a lot of people in Leah's life that are willing to sell her out. We'll just have to give it some time :)

We can only hope!!

Bye Felicia!

As much as I want to watch, I am glad she quit. Her life has really gone off the rails and those kids don't need to have this mess documented and broadcasted any more. It was entertaining to watch it coming though...and wow did that ever blow up!

Can we discuss how much of an ass Jurms is? It doesn't matter if it is true or not, you don't publicly say those horrible things about the mother of your child. You don't hit someone (even if it is with bacon). He's an abusive jerk.

He is an ass. He seems pretty insensitive, and impatient. I think part of it was he married her far too quickly, the honeymoon stage ended and he wondered what in the hell he had gotten himself into. Maybe it's a regional thing, but I think I only know 1 man under 25 that is married. I really didn't get why he wanted to get married so quickly.

I think we can all agree that she really struck gold with Corey, and she'll never do as well again.

I think he wanted the MTV edit Leah.

Can we please theorize on why Jeremy settled so quickly? I totally agree with your assessment by the way. He was insensitive, impatient, and basically checked out the whole relationship. It's almost like he didn't even know her and she didn't know him. ALSO HE CAME OUT OF NOWHERE! But if it was just about fooling around then why put a ring on it?

I remember someone saying when they first got married that Jeremy was just like Leah about being desperate to have a family so much so that he was willing to make a family with anyone.

I'm the same age as Leah, and even though I joke about being single, I am completely aware that I'm not at all ready to be married. Like I said before, I know very few people under 25 that are married (most of them are girls, married to guys in their late 20s) but maybe it's just a regional thing. When I looked at the WV Gazette (just for fun) I saw a good amount of 17-23 year olds getting married, which is just so foreign to me. (And one 22 year old girl marrying a 48 year old man. Just saying.) I would love to speculate, but I really can't wrap my brain around a 23 year old guy desperate for a wife and kid, especially when he's barely with them.

EWWW 22 with a 48 year old . OMG

I saw a 19 year old with a 39 year old at an office I worked. And they had been together for two years. Awkward...

At 16, I couldn't even imagine being in a relationship let alone pregnant. I got married at 23 and had my first child at 25.

I have to admit I've always liked guys older than me. But by older I mean 6-8 years older not more, and 8 was a stretch. I also acknowledge that it's a little weird and I'm not sure why I am that way. It's been a trend... =\ help me girlses

I think a lot changes when you meet the right person. As much as the idea seems like too much for me right now, I'm sure if I met the right person tomorrow, I would change my mind! My mom was relatively young when she met my dad, got married and had me. She wasn't looking for any of it, but it all changed pretty quickly :)

As for older guys, I just got over a tiny coworker crush on a guy 10 years older than me (I swear, he didn't look more than 5 years older!) and in this case, he was just so not right for me (but cute!) I don't think I could ever be with anyone more than 5 years older than me,, but I know of a lot of really happy couples with a big age difference. I really think it all comes down to the right person. I'm a huge sap, but I really believe when you meet the right one, age, fear, and baggage just fall into the background. That being said, when you see a man over 20 years older than the woman he's with, you kinda raise your eyebrows.

I have been with my his ban since I was 18 and he was 23. We are 5 years and 10 days apart. I have always liked older men, I had to grow up fast, and the men around my age always seemed dumb to me.

It's DEFINITELY a regional thing. I have 5 nephews. One isn't even a year old yet, the next oldest one is 15, then 17, 18 and 20. The three oldest ones have all reproduced or currently have girlfriends growing babies within the next 7 months. I'm tempted to give the 15 year old a Sam's Club sized package of condoms for Christmas. I had to break it to my MIL that, with the way those boys are oblivious to condoms, she'll have several more great-grandchildren before my husband and I give her another grandkid.

whoever keeps downvoting me for random non-controversial things I say...BYE FELICIA!

@Rae, I actually think the condoms for Christmas thing is a good idea. You could play it off like a joke but then he'd have them around. Teenagers aren't the greatest at buying condoms and obviously his parents haven't provided any so far if the older siblings are all expecting. You could be the one to help that nephew make it to his twenties before becoming a parent.

@ You Gottah Be Tha Mutha Jenelle,

I had the same thing! I was 18 he was 23. 5 years and 8 months.

All of my guy friends are weirded out that I dated someone that much older at that age, and they often make fun of me for liking males older than me.

I've almost always been in relationships with guys or men older then me, my first boyfriend was 4 years plus older. My "record" is dating a guy 23 years older when I was 21. That was really weird, we sort of had a love at first sight situation at a train platform and accidentally ended up next to each other in the packed train. Well, that did not work out. He did not want any kids anymore and I did, to start with.
My husband is actually younger than me and I have never had such a good and equal relationship. I guess age difference is less important when you are both adults.

Wow not to sound creepy but what was that like? Were your friends weirded out? Did it feel strange??

My hubs is five years older than me, same age as my brother, so I don't think that's too big of a gap. My best friend, however, has you all beat in the May-December romance department. She's 28, her guy is 63, and is two years older than her father. He was our teacher in high school. It weirdos me out big time, but they've been together five years and seem happy, so I'm happy for them.

@ Fellon Oh yeah, it was very weird. We had I think four dates and I felt like everybody was watching at us.
I looked a bit older and he looked younger but still...
My friends where not totally against it as far as I remember, but I do remember there were some "funny" remarks (calling my date "grandpa" or something I think).
And they were very surprised. It did not last long and it did not go far.
Had to avoid him for a long time because I still had feelings for him, he was just such a nice and caring person. I didn't want to get confused or confuse him.
He still doesn't know why we stayed friends and have been for a long time but I always had an exuse to not meet face to face.

@ FELON, you should have said, his wonderpeen is a DREAMMM! That would have shut them up! Lmao, I'm only kidding, I honestly don't think it's weird, now when I see a 20 some thing year old and a 60 something year old, the only thought that goes through my mind is, he wants to enjoy the last few years he has left, and she wants to collect after he is gone. I know that is wrong, as I should not judge, but hey if it works and they are happy who am I to say anything lol

I honestly thought the same thing initially, but then I realized that he's a high school teacher. There's really nothing much to collect...

I feel bad for Jeremy about the bacon thing, but maybe I just read him wrong in that situation. When I watched it I assumed he bacon slapped her to lighten the mood since they were arguing but then she didn't take it as a joke and got angry at him.

I thought he did it to shut her up and distract from the issue

Yeah, that's what I took from it also, I don't like Jeremy Lynn, not one tiny bit, nor do I feel bad for him, or think he is a great guy.
A great guy, wouldn't have tracked down a teeny bopper on social media, to get into her hot pants, nor would he have called her names on social media for the world to see, or bacon slap her in the face, or try to get a phone number from another girl and have his friend hide it for him because he is going through a divorce. If you are in fact going through a divorce, why feel the need to hide it? Just saying...,
Then he cussed the person out on Twitter for telling Leah their opinion. That is just reeking of super douchebag of the year material!
He isn't the great guy he wanted people to believe he was. Leah and "their family' was just a rebound for him after his fiance dumped him.
Funny, the irony isn't it? Leah said that about Corey, when she ended up pregnant with the twins, and now she is seeing first hand how that feels, and she's to much of chickenshit to let the world see how the effects of that very ironic, tangled web feels.

I will say this for Corey, he is a hell of a man. No I don't agree with everything he says or does, but he didn't turn to drugs or lies,when Leah said and did all of that low down dirty hoe work to him either. That is why I respect him. And I think that is why this ironic karma has taking everyone's interest with a hurricane size storm. Maybe we should call in fema, so they can help that no good mother and douchebag husband of her's pick up what's left of their trailer trash life, or at least give them another one to live in.

I have also wondered why in god's name a guy would start flirting with his friends cheating ex-wife.
I wonder... hidden agenda? If you are desperate to start a family, it does not make sense to date a cheater, a home wrecker.

Leah will be in shock when she no longer has her MTV salary. She has never had anything but that since she had her twins. She doesn't know the first thing about living in the real world with no education.

Leah's current situation was just a matter of time. Part of me actually feels some sympathy for her. She isn't very smart and has zero coping skills. She has Jabba the Dawn as a mother who demonstrated this same type of behavior. She didn't have a very good chance of learning how to be a mature adult.

I hadn't watched the show in a long time and when I did, I was shocked by the physical difference between the twins. Ali's handicap is becoming more and more apparent and as a mother that must be so incredibly difficult to see.

Leah has no ability to cope in a healthy way and no support to learn how to. She has no accountability for her own poor behavior other than the viewers of the show commenting about how terrible of a person she is. She doesn't even have the skills to express her legitimate reasons for being unhappy- she just nags and argues. She has no insight into her own poor decision making.

Jeremy is an ass- I hope they get divorced and she stays away from men. I hope Leah gets help if she taking pills. I hope she gets effective counseling to learn some coping skills. Mostly, I hope those girls don't repeat these patterns.

I hope Ali is able to stay on some damn good insurance, too.

Oh hey Lunchables! I agree with your breakdown of the situation. I recently watched the episode where she had the miscarriage from Jeremy but was sniffing around Corey, then going back to Jeremy and explaining it like it was all Corey runnning after her. I think because she was pretty and popular, Mama Dawn just gassed her head up.

As sad as I am that we won't get to watch this bitch's life fall apart in front of our very eyes, I'm kind of glad. She needs to get that cruel slap in the face of what life is going to be without a hefty MTV paycheck. Good luck affording your pillses Leah Mether!!

I def think Corey and/or Jeremy gave Leah some sort of threat or ultimatum about filming, either Corey in regards to the custody of the twins, and Jeremy in regards to their marriage and custody of Addy. Like if Corey got custody, then maybe he banned them from being filmed anymore, or maybe Jeremy told her he'd consider working things out with her if they weren't being filmed anymore. Hmmmm....

Hopefully now that Leah's bowed out, MTV will finally cancel the show. I for one cannot wait to see Jenelle fall from that pedestal she's put herself on and have to sell her two cars, move to a tiny apartment and have to get a job in McDonalds.
Leah looks really pretty in that photo, what on earth happened to her, she looks absolutely horrendous now with her rat tail extensions and Mary kay clown make up.

please..Jenelle owns nothing...the house is a rental and the cars are leased

We know her house is a rental. That's why Babs keeps telling her she needs to get a house before she will give Jace back. But I doubt her cars are leased. She has shit credit. She would have to buy them.

Jenelle will never own a house, she's pissed away all her money on drugs, cars, animals and trying to get horrible men to love her.

Speaking of which, Jenelle and Nathan apparently moved like yesterday. I wonder if their new place is any closer to Jace. Oh who am I kidding, probably not.

It's probabky closer to Gaythans mother so that it's more convenient to drop the roll off.

Its probably closer to Nathans mother than you would ever imagine meth pipe, there was speculation that they've moved into his moms basement after they posted a picture of a room for emery. Alison, emery's mom, said that Nathan and jenelle aren't allowed overnight stays but Doris is.

I think it's a combination of Corey, Jeremy, MTV, her lawyer and Leah herself.
-Corey got custody and part of this was no more filming and dealing with Ali's disability in private and raise them in a normal and stable upbringing.
-Jeremy probably didnt give a shit either way and if he's working 7 days a week probably isn't around to film to begin with.
-MTV probably gave her an ultimatum about rehab and she didnt like the sound of it so said no.

-With all of the drug rumors, her lawyer probably gave her the idea to stay silent and let nothing slip anymore than it has. Someone mentioned Corey having film of Leah's drug use and/or something to prove she's unfit so it was advised she stop giving them something to use against her.
-Leah probably didnt want it on tape that she cheated twice on good men so to have somewhat control, she ended her MTV run. Her and Mama Hut are probably thinking of something to say to save themselves from looking even more like trash.

Honestly, I'm looking forward to the coming weeks. I'm curious as to what's gonna go down. This shits gonna put Mackenzie's exploding uterus to shame!!

I think she's lost the lot and has no will to let MTV record that, I think Jeremy is long gone and I reckon that Corey and Miranda now have custody over the girls. It's a shame because despite her inital fuck up with Robbie when she was married to Corey, I still thought she was alright just had been a bit young and stupid, but as time has gone on she's just gotten worse and worse.

Shopping with my bestie. Sometimes a little retail therapy with your best friend is all you need @TM2LeahDawn


Out blowing the rest of her teen mom 2 money I suppose

I thought Kayla was Leah's best friend? She has been replaced...

Yupp Kayla has been Jaced!!

Beautiful inside and out. Strongest woman I know. #girlsnightin @TM2LeahDawn (pic)

Is that girl trying to get famous or something? haha no one cares

"Kayla has been Jaced"
Such a sad sad quote but hilariously funny at the same time.
Poor little Jace...... :(

After some twitter snooping. Some girl said she spent about 1000 dollars at her job, Fox clothing... Lmao this girl still blowing money

Fox clothing is still a thing? Did she buy Jurrmy some Jncos, too?

Although I am bummed I cannot watch this train wreck unfold, thank god for the girls, as they grow and will go to kindergarten etc, that their classmates parents will not be able to see what an embarrassment their mom has become. I bet she will move in with Mama Dawn, and that's that.
I just can't imagine the $ she has made over her run on MTV is probably all gone, and she has nothing. She has probably made more in those 5 years than most teen moms will make in a lifetime. Hopefully this is rock bottom, and she will get her shit together for here girlses.

Good. I hope she takes this time to reevaluate her choices and put her children first. Best wishes.

Anyone have a 7ish year old or a niece around that age? We picked am angel off the angle tree tonight and she is a 7 year old.
I was hoping for a child closer to my daughters age but the tree only had 6-8 year olds.
Anyway the little girl we picked only has school supplies under toys she wants. I don't know what is popular or cool at this age and don't know anyone with a child this age. So can anyone give an idea?

My daughter is four and obsessed with Frozen. Big chance that girl is too. Maybe get her school supplies and a case for it with Elsa, puzzles, book?? If she wants school supplies, she'd probably appreciate books. I dont know what 6-7 year olds are into though

My little pony is popular in my house right now. Anything frozen (the movie lol) would be great too.

What a little sweetheart to list school supplies and not toys.
Maybe a character backpack for school and a matching lunch box and pencil case? Frozen is super popular in that age group. So anything with that on it would be a win for sure!

it's actually kind of heartbreaking to see that she listed school supplies. It means she has none. & if she doesn't have school supplies she more than likely doesn't have much. This stuff makes me feel so bad and even though money is tight I want to do something like this. Does anyone know where I can find a giving tree?

Salvage army does them.
They have trees at Walmart, the mall, and out Buffalo Wild Wings(for some reason.)

Also thanks you guys. I looked at the others for ideas but they all wanted bikes(which I was afraid I would get one too small or something.)

It is sad :( my elementary school would always assign a family to each class, and more often than not, the kids would ask for clothes and shoes. It focused on needs rather than wants. We would usually try to get them a toy too, so it could feel a little more Christmasy.

Try your local Elementary school. I teach and we have a ton of kids that needs a sponsor.

In my area they are at the mall and Panera Bread. If you go to the Salvation Army website, they can tell you where your local trees will be (:

It's usually the parents that put what the kid wants/needs. Because if I was making a list like that for my son, I wouldn't put what he really wants (a bouncy house).

I'm seconding abortionpill on Frozen. I don't have kids but I do face painting at birthday parties and stuff and Frozen is absolutely gigantic right now with kids of all ages. I'm sure there are Frozen branded school supplies out there so that's probably a safe bet.

"I'm seconding abortionpill" when giving gifts to kids really threw me off for a second there! But after finishing your sentence, I agree...

Haha good point! Though it wouldn't be the worst idea to go ahead and start an abortion pill stockpile for some of the teen mom kids. I would be very surprised if at least one of them doesn't become a parent in 10 years or so.

Oh jesus I thought you were recommending suggesting abortions to that girls' parents.

girl's. girlses. Girlzees. Whatever.

I agree with anything Frozen! I also agree with My Little Pony, and I'd like to add in Ever After High. But I think Frozen is the safest bet. Especially Elsa. Anything with Elsa on it is a win for 7 year old girls (and me).

There is Monster High too. Despicable Me is good because it can go either way. Princess in general is a good bet.

Tinker bell and Fairies.

My cousin LOVES Smurfs.
Monster High
La La Loopsie (?)

My daughter is almost five and LOVES Frozen. I think obsessed is more like it. I know our local Walmart has a HUGE Frozen display in preparation for Black Friday including several different book bags, cups, blankets...you name it, they make it with Frozen. They seriously have an Olaf waffle maker. Can we all be honest here and admit that no matter how hard you try to make a waffle resembling Olaf, it will just look like a giant turd?

Lmao@ Robbie's, that is too funny!! My 3 year old is super obsessed with frozen. So much so, she has changed her name to Princess, and addresses her daddy as King and she wears a tiara every where we go, everyday, and her princess dress also if you let her. I have to bribe her to wash it! She has an Elsa blanket, she loves it! Now I'm afraid I have a bigger problem on my hands.... she NEEDS white Elsa hair! lol

Today my daughter wasn't Zoey, but Queen Elsa. She went to stay at my parents while my husband and i worked. Grandma was Queen Anna... Pacca (yup she calls my dad Pacca...no clue where it came from) was just King Pacca. I was fully expecting her to insist he was Kristoff or however you spell it.

My sister won't let me even mention Frozen around my nephew. He's addicted and she just gets this "OH GOD NOT AGAIN" look in her eyes whenever she hears anyone start to say anything about it.

I was planning make a reservation for Frozen at the library but I'm hesitant now after reading all this ;-).
Sounds like a really nice an appealing movie for kids.
I already bought the kids gifts for Saint Nicolas (that's basically another Santa).
The big little one just had her birthday party and the house is exploding with toys and craft materials. Let's not start a new favorite thingy here.

My daughter loves Peppa pig

I love Peppa too! I could watch them all day, over and over (and we often do, in our house!)

Can we all agree that Caillou (on Sprout) is a whiney bitch?

What, do you mean Cry-you? My kid has never watched it. I received too many warnings about it!

I think he's a direct result from inbreeding. His parents are like twins!

Don't forget like a cute hairbrush, some pretty smelling soap/bodywash and lotion. Little hygiene things to make her feel pretty.

At my
Sons school, Girls that age are either into Frozen or Hello Kitty.

Barbies. Barbies are always wonderful.

You're right, Rae. My daughter just had her third birthday and her grandma and aunts sent some $, so we went to the store so she could pick out gifts for herself with that $. Out of all the toys in the store, she chose Bath Time Barbie--Barbie with a bathtub! Comes with little bath gel, shampoo, and a tiny towel. Don't ask me why, but she loves it.

My Little Pony is good. Frozen is big right now. Ever After High is coming around. Disney princesses are good too. I love the angel trees! I try to do that and Toys for Tots every year.

My goodness...
Ive been stalking this website for about the eight months and have never made an account until just now. I love reading the comments. They are hilarious and make my day, each and every day (just about).

Call me cold-hearted, but I was really looking forward to watching all this drama unfold. I would go get cable just for this reason. I was really looking forward to this. I guess with that being said, won't they be able to talk (like Jeremy, who I am sure wants to spill all the beans).
I am SOOOOOOOOOO happy that when leah did get knocked up, it was by a great guy. I am even more happy that she cheated, because now he seems to have a pretty kick ass wife and mother model for the girls.
I get this feeling that Corey and Miranda are such nice people, that they would take is Addalyn for Jeremy. Yeah, itd be weird but then the all the girls get to grow up together.

I am glad she'll be off the show though....maybe it is time for MTV to pull the plug, but the generate too much money.

I guess I missed something about all the animals Chelsea has gone through. What happend to Frankie??

I definitely don't think MTV cut Leah lose, especially if they're planning to continue with the other girls. I have a feeling Corey and Miranda got custody and a divorce from Jerm is in the works so she probably doesn't want to get even more hate rained down on her. Unfortunately, since she has pretty much no life skill besides dick hopping, without the MTV checks I think it's likely she will be broke quickly and spiral out of control. Hopefully MTV will realize this and offer to pay for her rehab at least.

loose* not lose, ugh

We all know that "loose" is much more appropriate when it comes to Leah.

Strangely enough this is the most compassionate I've felt for her in a long time. She is finally doing something that really is in the best interest of her daughters and for her well being as a mother instead of something that benefits her getting more dick. She is the first girl to physically turn down the contract instead of just not being offered one and I respect that (assuming she holds true to the quit forever). I imagine it takes a lot of will power to turn away that money. Maci always said as soon as Bentley started going to school she would quit but she couldn't get her pen out fast enough for both a spinoff and a reboot. Money just for sitting around on your couch and engaging in a scripted "fight" you actually had a week earlier is hardly money you have to work for no matter what these girls say. I've always said as much as I complain about it, I'd have a hard time turning down reality tv money, too. Doesn't mean I wouldn't turn if it was what was in the best interest of my child , I can just sympathize that it would be hard to turn it down.

This move is definitely worth a few parenting points in my book for Leah. So few children that grow up on TV actually grow up normally and don't develop any sort of drug or alcohol problem or just an overall shitty sense of entitlement and gratuitous sense of self worth. She will struggle for a few years without the money, but it will benefit the well being of her children across their life spans by detaching herself from the show. She was quite likable in her 16 and P episode and has the ability to co-parent fabulously with Corey and Miranda. They seem like kind people who want her to succeed emotionally but want what's best for their children until she gets there.

I think it is debatable if she did this consciously for her daughters. But, ultimately, it will benefit them. Especially now with all the drama circulating. It has to be hard to deal with that let alone having it filmed and it be constant reminder.

Leah, isn't doing anything for the best interest of her children, she is doing what's best for her. And it looks like this is what's best for her....

I thought a while ago, people were saying that Jeremy is holding up the divorce because of filming?

Who knows with these two. They will probably stay together, he is her fire to her gasoline of a lifestyle. What a prefect match!

Maybe the forgotten twin can tell us what the town heard and thinks about that.
Hope you had a nice weekend. Was it hot so close to the fire? ;-).

I heard TFT isn't coming back because people questioned the validity of her story. This sucks because I appreciated her input.

No she came back! She posted something on the the Jordan post I think saying she was going back home this weekend and would update us on gossip so she should be here soon hopefully!

Oh good! I was so upset and missing her

I keep seeing people refer to Leah popping pills as something that is fairly recent...but I feel like she has been popping pills her whole time on MTV. When I watched her 16 & pregnant episode, I remember thinking she had to have been on something and maybe that was part of the reason she went into preterm labor. She has always just seemed so...altered.

To be honest, she makes me sick. Not even because of her cheating or alleged drug abuse, but because she is not a good mom. She doesn't get a pass because she has a disabled child, she doesn't take care of her kids. I had kids young and I'll be damned if I let them eat food off the floor (especially a floor that filthy). They never look clean. Ever.

I can't wait to hear the forgotten twin's take on this,especially since she is going home soon.

I'm actually kinda glad tbh. Her segments were getting so boring and redundant. I remember The Ashley recapping one episode saying, "Are we seriously just sitting here watching these people load a wheelchair in and out of their cars? We need lives, y’all!" And "the wheelchair really is the star of the show in every episode". It's so truee! I was getting so sick of it and her voice. It would have been fun to see the second divorce hash out over TV, that's something that'd be fun to watch, but then they'd have to re-enact the whole thing. The deer cam footage would have been hilarious though. I can picture both of them sneaking around, whispering in the dark, with subtitles to highlight her shame!! Wishful thinking ~

Laughing so hard thinking about the 'willchair' being the star of the show :)

And yes, most of Leah's segments just included footage of her driving around and then meeting Corey in parking lot to put the girlses in the back of Corey's car. Or fighting with Jerm in the car. Bitch spends alot of her time in cars.

Without her seat belt on!

That's because the film crew don't want to be inside her filthy house. And they can hardly film her screwing Robbsies or popping pillses at parties minus the #AAA sisters!!

Hey, don't the divorce records come online every Sunday night?

Yes. No divorce filled from either parties.

Well, well, well. It is unfortunate that her story was becoming the most interesting to me, and now we don't get to see it, but I completely understand given the nature of her circumstances. I hope she gets help, I hope the girls will primarily be with their dad, and that they are safe and healthy. I hope that we will be able to see a picture once in a while of the girls to know they are having a good life. Two Teen Mom franchises with girls not renewing their contracts, hmm.

I kind of predict that the comeback of Teen Mom 1 is going to just be a one season thing and then not get enough ratings to continue.

Jeff said on his twitter he would still post pictures an updates on the twinses. So while we don't get the "dirt" we're all secretly craving, we'll at least see the girlses really thrive.

Good : J

I'm watching Leah's 16 & Pregnant..it's kinda sad. I admit I'm tearing up as she cries because she had to leave the twins at the hospital after they were born. Her and Corey were sweet together then, and she wasn't such a bitch. I think the money got to her head too much.

Oops, spoke too soon. Now it's all her wanting to go out and Corey saying she needs to stop hanging around Robbie and stay home with her kids..not much has changed really!

I remember watching that episode, at the time my daughter was a toddler, and I had been working full time since she was 6 weeks old, I worked early morning, my husband worked nights, and I was so irritated by her, and jealous at the same time that this teen dad seemed so hands on and helpful with the twins, more so than my grown adult husband, ha. I was so confused why she was being such a bitch to her man, and going out, leaving her tiny babies home. She sucks.

Also, where are you watching the old episodes? I want to start all over again, I found dvd sets on ebay, but they are 45 bucks a season.

If you have Amazon prime most 16&P, TM, and TM2 episodes are available for free. Hulu also has some as well.

I watch them on Amazon Prime too. I just watched Jenelle's and Chelsea's episode. I was laughing and rolling my eyes throughout Jenelle's episode. I wonder whatever happened to her friend Lauren.

It still break my heart when she reads that text calling Aubree a mistake. I don't care if she was sleeping with his friend, that was just cruel and uncalled for.

I watched Leah's episode a while back and wondered if the cameramen ever caught her hooking up with Robbie. When I watch the first season of Teen Mom 2, it is depressing to think Corey and Leah couldn't make it work. Say what you will but, those two were fluffin' adorable in the beginning. Of course, when they start realizing something is wrong with Ali, I tear up each time.

If you don't have Amazon Prime I was able to find the episode for someone else on here just by googling it. You can try this one:


More than anyone else I'd like to watch Leah's episode again. I remember being so pissed at her for creeping after Robbie! He seemed so vacant even back then.

I recently watched that, and I must have forgot that part or just didn't care, but I could not believe how she acted in her 16&P episode after the girlses were home. She just left them with Corey to go talk shit about him with Robbie and her friends.

Thanks guys, I will check that out:)

Warning sign right there!

I think Leah did lose custody. Does anyone else remember shortly after tm2 started Corey and his family said they didn't like filming? So I think she lost custody and Corey said, "no more filming".

Yea I remember...ohhh that's interesting. I really think it's a legal issue regarding filiming. Either her LAWYUR said it's a bad idea or yea Corey cut it off. CRAZY.

Maybe both the Simms as Leah didn't want to film anymore? They didn't like it but she sure has her reasons too.
I would guess she's selling the Leah-true story about what happened between Jur and hur to magazines soon.
They can make up everything they want now, the camera's are not registering what's really going on there.

I think Leah would continue filming so she had money for her drugs, Nels, and God awful hair..

I hope so! Her family has been very quiet about the twins lately.

On another note. Jeremy simply tweeted "Done"
Javi tweeted at him "Papi call me"
lolol I do not think its ok for a guy to call another guy "Papi" especially Javi creepy ass.

I used to think it was odd that these two were friends because they seem totally opposite. But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. They both probably relate a lot being first time dads and having married someone a little on the crazy side.

You mean they both have married a "famous" girl because they like the attention and money.
They want to be the knights in shiny armor to publicly save the princess, get lots of credit for that, and money. Compared to some of the teen dads, it sooo easy to look good.

Yes! You are correct.

The word "papi" is super creepy no matter what! But calling another guy papi is hilarious.
Jeremy, why must you tease us??? Done with what??

Javi is just a freaking creep.

They filmed season 2 of teen mom 3 and that was still axed, so I hope the same happens to teen mom. What's the point of watching when an entire 1/4 of the storyline is gone? Ugh does this mean I have to change my username?

They should just combine TM1 & 2 now, seeing as how 2/8 of the original girls won't be on. Just have one universal Teen Mom with six girls, and make it 1.5 or 2 hours long.

That's a really good idea. I always thought the Teen Mom # was a silly title anyway although I understand the need to differentiate the shows. I don't give a flying fabulous fuck about seeing Farrah ever again but not seeing Leah's girlses and their hot daddy makes me sad.

So the Jerms just posted this to Twitter:

Jeremy Calvert @Calvert505 · 52m 52 minutes ago

Maybe he's finally filing today?

We can only hope!

Let's all take a moment to appreciate this "qoute"

But what does it mean Jeremy Lee???

Jeremy Calvert
Who has two thumbs and don't give a fuck ? This guy!! Lmao great "qoute"

It means he knows he's douchebag

Cue the 100 questions of Why? What's Wrong?/ Done with What? With no answer. God I hate cryptic posts..

Didn't he post something like Fuck you leah or something? I thought I saw that on there before the thumbs quote.