Leah Can't Keep Her Mouth Shut...

Leah Messer


Well, last night, MTV aired the Teen Mom 2 "Unseen Moments" footage, where Dr. Drew sat down with the girls of Teen Mom 2 and watched some clips that didn't make the cut for the season.

These included things such as Jenelle getting mad at Nathan for not picking up a soda for her before leaving on an 8 hour car ride, and some cute kid moments.

Towards the end of the episode, Dr. Drew asked the moms if there was anything else that they wanted to share that happened during their lives that they might have hid from producers.

Leah laughed a little, and looked to the audience where Jeremy was sitting, and then proceeded to tell everyone that a week before Corey married Miranda, he was texting Leah and saying how he missed their family and some exclusive details about his and Miranda's relationship, and none of it was caught on film. Leah added that, "Corey always looks like the good guy.

When him and Miranda got together the first time he was out cheating on her. It wasn't just me."

Dr. Drew made sure to ask if Miranda knew about these incidents, and Leah said that, "Yeah, she knows that.

He told me she knows that. But she doesn't know that I know that." Chelsea Houska added in a priceless comment with, "She knows now!"

While nobody has directly responded to this incident, Corey and Miranda have shared some suspicious subtweets that some people are believing to relate to this whole situation.

Corey shared the following:

corey1And Miranda shared these:

miranda1 miranda2

Honestly, I think this was uncalled for on Leah's part, and there's no point in airing someone's dirty laundry on national television if it can be avoided.


My favorite part was when Jenelle said if Nathan didn't answer her phone calls she wasn't going to film and Leah looked away at her in a sneer of disgust.

Leah was giving Jenelle quite a few sneers of disgust! And i couldn't blame her!

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who noticed. The part where Jenelle said her drug-using was because she didn't have custody, Leah just looked at her like "Are the f*cking serious?"

I mean, I'm not a fan of Leah, but I was like "At least this girl knows this is BS and isn't hiding it"

Yeah I think Kail is the only one that likes Jenelle. She's the only one that's ever met up with her, and the only one that has bailed her out of jail. I think kail is drawn to her because she reminds her of Suzie, and she wants Jenelle to get her shit together so Jace won't have to live like kail did.

She bailed Jenelle out of jail?

I didn't know that either.

As I said before: if it's controversial, Kail'll do it, and we all know that Jenelle screams controversia...

Sorry meant to thumbs up you! Silly me fat fingered my phone!

Yeah she bailed her out at one point after like season 1 or 2 it was early on

Nice to know she had the funds to bail Jenelle out of one of her many stays at the Hotel Brunswick County but not enough to afford her own damn rent without charitable assistance.

Amen! Between the "I wouldn't be able to film if Nathan didn't answer me" shit, and the "Oh yes, Dr. Drew, not having Jace IS the reason for my doing drugs", Leah's death stares were awesome! And I'm not a Leah fan...

Speaking of which, did you see how Jenelle's face lit up (like a large joint) when Dr. Drew asked if not having Jace is why she went back to drugs? It was like she realized, "HELLO, PERFECT excuse for fucking up right and left, I'll blame it ALL on Barb..." Oh yeah, Jenelle has definitely changed and grown up *sarcasm*

Jenelle's an idiot because she's smoked herself into mental retardation. She already claimed that she got addicted to opiates after her shitty boob job, that Kieffer got her hooked and that Courtland got her hooked. And now she's blaming CPS and Babs. Fantastic. Way to take responsibility, "recovering" addict!

Let us not forget that even though she's "recovering" from a heroin addiction, she still can't kick the marijuana habit. PLEASE tell me how you kick a heroin addiction on your own, since it's one of the most addictive drugs on the streets right now...then PLEASE explain to me how you're addicted to marijuana. I used to smoke the ganj every day too, but once I decided to stop I never missed it.

Addiction is a disease so it's not Jenelle's fault that she does drugs. All Jenelle heard in the probably one NA meeting she attended was "addiction is a disease" and she took that as her Get Out of Responsibility Free card and ran with it. Yeah, Jenelle, addiction IS a disease but sobriety includes all other drugs other than heroin, too. I don't think she's like shooting up anymore but she's either on methadone or some SERIOUSLY strong anxiety medication because the only time we've seen her really flip out this season or show any emotion at all was after she spent 48 hours in jail and therefore 48 hours sober.

I think addiction is a disease like HIV is an STD. Do you necessarily deserve to suffer that much for trying heroin a few times when you felt down about your life? No, but like getting an STD because you were irresponsible and had unprotected sex with a questionable person, you need to take responsibility for your actions.

Amber has been a fantastic example of this. Her interview with Dr. Phil was very telling, she understands that she made mistakes and shouldn't have been around Leah at the time, but she is trying to better herself by admitting her flaws and trying to understand and get help for her problems, mental illness, that caused her to seek drugs in the first place.

Misery loves company - Leah's just trying to get many companions.

Yeah, that was pretty horrid, but the worst part was Jenelle whining about how she "cries her eyes out" over how people say she's a bad mom. Seriously, dude. Why aren't you doing A DAMN THING to get your son back? Chelsea had to tell her to use it as motivation to do better. Dr. Douche couldn't have suggested this? I just felt the whole time like the other girls couldn't even make eye contact with Jenelle, her situation is soooo much different from all of them. Chelsea was talking about how much she misses Aubree when they're apart, and there's Janelle, who barely has any contact with Jace. Ridiculous, she is not even in the same league as these other girls, it's a travesty that she was even on the same stage as them.

It was so funny when kail was like "it wasn't like with Adam, Jo, Corey, and whoever Jenelle films with"

Ha! YES!!

Didn't Jenelle also say something to the effect of she doesn't show her emotion when she's upset, she just cries in private. Yeah, okay.

Just like when she interviewed for that day care position and she was telling them that she never yells or gets upset. She is seriously bat shit crazy.

I've never used Plenty of Fish but if there are profiles I feel like hers included some bullshit about being a "proud mama" to Jace, looking for someone who was a family man who would rather stay in and cook than go out and party, hates fake people, hates drama blah blah blah.

So classless- airing someone's dirty laundry while they're not there to defend themselves. I would expect nothing less from Leah, she is such trash.

Well, Leah wasn't sure she wanted to say anything, and then Jeremy (from the audience, mind you) says "Go for it!"

Way to look like douches on tv. I was surprised the audience didn't start changing "Jerry!"

Who cares if her husband is chiming in. She is a grown ass woman and can keep her mouth shut if she wants. She feeds on drama. Like I said before, she probably did it to make her look less bad for cheating on Corey in the first place. It's completely uncalled for and all she did was make herself look worse.

Her "I wasn't the only one" comment. That doesn't make her better than Corey. If he did cheat at least he wasn't married.

That is probably why she did it but it backfired and maked her look horrible!

Oh my gosh, I know how to speak proper English.. *Made her look horrible

Haha, Valkyrie, Leah's bad grammar is rubbing off on you!

Gosh I know. Wish there was an edit button on these comments.

There needs to be someone on set armed with some sort of duct tape gun that can just keep these assholes from talking about aspects of other's people's lives that are none of their or OUR business. Or maybe a tranq dart.

Dr. Drew, supposedly being the most adult person there and the authority, should be steering the conversation to be mature perhaps, but....eh, oh well.

Leah's and Kail are one in the same in this aspect, they both want their old, unhealthy relationships back.
I think some of it has to do with the fact that they are their first children's father, and some of it has to do with the fact that neither is probably sexually satisfied. Jeremy is gone alot, and Javi is...Javi.

Therapy and Jackrabbits would do these girls a world of good.

Hahahaha Okay so I read that and thought you were referring to Kail and Leah by the nicknames "Therapy" and "Jackrabbits" which were both rather appropriate haha.

I vote we make Therapy and Jackrabbits the new nicknames for Leah and Kail, respectively.

Vice versa. Kail desperately needs anger management therapy and Leah keeps saying she wants to be able to hug her husband, hold him and have him home but we all know she just wants sex on demand and can't do that if he's in New Mexico.

I was just thinking that too, actually. While Kail has a hard time keeping her vagina in her pants, I think she would benefit more from therapy than Leah would. Leah has issues, but Kail's issues eat Leah's issues for breakfast.

She wants to make herself look better so she will say crap like that on national TV about her children's father. Good example for your kids there, Leah! I guess thats why it is still "Teen Mom" because even though they are in their 20s, some of them still act like a 16 year old.

Jenelle's still counting her age with 1/2 year marks. Of course she acts like she's 16. (Although I think that's rather insulting to the maturity of ACTUAL 16 year olds.)

Let's be honest, she acts like a five year old at best.

"You didn't get me a drink, too?!?! WAHHHHH!"

...it's an 8 hour road trip. Find a damn gas station, Jenelle.

"But there's no gas stations the whole waaaayyyy and I don't want to drink a watered down coke.. Waaaah." seriously?! No gas stations for 8 hours.

I would be inclined to say that people who get pregnant at 16, are most likely to be immature 16 year olds (versus other mature 16 year olds) and are just not changing much by the time they get to be in their twenties.

If they keep airing new seasons of teen mom until the moms have mentally outgrown their teenage years, the show will be airing for at least another fifty years (unless something really bad happens).

I had an "oh no she didn't!" Moment when I saw this! Does anyone remember how Miranda and Corey met? Though twitter..and how he would send the same YouTube videos to women he was trying to woo. Hilairous! I thought she was just a tm groupie that wouldn't last but he married her to my surprise. Don't get me wrong, I think they make a lovely couple and she seems to be a loving step mom to Ali and Aleeah. But just thought I'd throw that out there and remind everyone of Corey's shenanigans.

They could not have met through twitter because Miranda did not have one when they met.

I clearly remember them exchanging flirty tweets.

Maybe you're thinking about Nikkole? Didn't she try to hook up with Corey at some point?

that's definitely how they met. I think Miranda just deleted her twitter after the beginning of this season.

just cuz it would bug me otherwise- there's an old article on starcasm about their tweets:

I just thought that whole part was really awkward, and Leah came off looking like a petty little girl. And 'Dr' Drew didn't address it, he kind of changed the subject.

Poor Myranda, she wasn't there to defend herself. Talk about stabbing someone in the back.

I agree with the comments about Jenelle. I think that when casting Teen Mom 2 they put Jenelle in because of the drama, but they ultimately thought she would get Jace back and care for him, but she used the MTV money to do just the opposite.

I got the feeling that the other girls don't care for her at all and only put up with her at reunion shows because they have to.

Jenelle's comments on everyone's unseen moments were so unnecessary. I didn't want to hear her two cents. It looked like everyone was laughing with her uncomfortably, or at her.

Awesome name haha!!! That Mackenzie sure does have a magical, yet exploding uterus at the same time!

lol :) Sorry I didn't realize there was also another uterus username ;)

Mack has to squeeze out a few more puppies from the magical cave before it ultimately explodes when she turns 21, a doctor told her remember :) :)

Jenelle even admitted that she knows she's not gonna get Jace back, that was bullshit when she said she only did drugs over not having custody of Jace. You could tell everyone was annoyed by her, they kept shooting her dirty looks .

Yes, there were some looks! Yet, I could hardly believe when Kail told Jenelle she's "doing a great job" or whatever. First of all, Ic ouldn't believe encouragement was coming from Kail, and secondly, I couldn't believe she meant that sincerely. Because it is just not true.

Lol neither kailyn or Chelsea were sincere they were awkwardly trying to be nice you could tell they were being fake to cheer Jenelle up and it was hilarious.

I'd be giving her the side eye too, if I were a member of the cast. I hate people like Jenelle who are all 'I'm a mom' when they don't even know the meaning of the damn word.

@River - I totally agree with you! I sometimes wonder how much the other girls judge Jenelle because let's face it, Barb should be the one of Teen Mom, not her.

People like Jenelle make me so god damn mad. There are so many women who would love to be a bio mom out there and she's just too busy doing whatever stupid thing she is doing (albeit, I know getting pregnant at 16 is not the best time).

Being a step mom, I've had strangers flat out tell me I'm not a mother while parenting my child (yes, people are that fucking rude - not to mention, my child shouldn't have to hear their negative opinions on their step mother). I'm 1,000 times the mother Jenelle has ever been. Being a parent is not a right, it's a privilege.

I don't think they like her either. Jenelle posted to Leah on Twitter the other day, after Leah posted a vacation pic of her and the kids in Myrtle Beach, right near her, asking if they were still there. Leah's response "crickets".

I like how all the other girls said scandalously, "A WEEK BEFORE THE WEDDING??" Like they somehow forgot that a week before Leah's wedding to Corey, she was in her mom's house after her bachelorette party and good ole' Robbie was in her.

Wasn't that like the NIGHT before the wedding?

Will you be doing a whole recap on the Unseen Moments show Megan? I was very disturbed when Jenelle said Jace doesn't act out in front of Nathan and if he's acting out and Jenelle says she will call Nathan that Jace stops the behavior. Poor kid. And am I the only who one who doesn't believe that naked picture of Nathan was really Channing Tatum? You could tell none of the other girls believed her.

I was thinking that Jace probably doesn't act out because he's afraid of Nathan. When a kid asks if Nathan is going to kill his mommy, some red flags were flyin high!

Hello! Totally!

That is what I thought too which is why it disturbed me so much. Also when she freaked out over him not getting her a drink saying he forgot about her, that girl has serious issues.

There's a possibility of an Unseen Moments recap...I've been busy, so I tried to hit on the most dramatic thing of the episode. (With Teen Mom 2 and 16 & Pregnant going on at the same time, I feel like all I've written lately is recaps!)

It's ok! You're doing great! I just wasn't sure if we should discuss the whole episode on this thread or wait for another one. Thanks!

Yeah, this site has gotten so much more awesome with near daily stories! Thanks for all you do!

Nathan scares me. He's obviously violent and it seems he's also quite manipulative and I honestly think he's trapping Jenelle with abuse as much as she's trapping him with the bun baby. It's explains why Jace behaves when it comes to Nathan (fear of getting beat, I don't doubt), why she never tries to slander him and is constantly putting up this 'we're all fine and he's perfect' facade. I don't think anyone has ever last with Jenelle this long before without there being some kind of 'he beat me' problem involving charges and a restraining/no contact order or a break-up-to-make-up.

I'm not at all saying 'poor Jenelle' here, because she's just as guilty and fucked up but I definitely think Nathan is abusive to her and probably Jace too.

I know right?! He seems super aware of the cameras, like Jenelle will be yelling and he will be sitting talking all calm when you can see he wants to yell back (or punch her). He just wants to look like a good guy. Not defending Jenelle here, but at least she shows her true self a lot of the time and doesn't try to fake it like Nathan. There must be a reason Nathan hasn't got any kind of custody of his child. I hope he isn't abusive to Jace, that poor baby has been through enough shit.

Exactly! She's never held back this much in terms of talking shit or publicizing every spat with former partners which is what leads me to believe the relationship is abusive in nature. Nathan is huge and I would not want those mammoth fists flying in my direction.

Jace is afraid that Nathan will hang him on a door by his shirt again! I think Nathan is controlling and abusive too! I think Barbra needs to keep Jace away from Nathan unless she is there to supervise!

I didn't believe it was Channing Tatum either but I googled "Channing Tatum Naked" ;) and lo and behold the picture showed up! So it must be him.

As much as I can't STAND Dr. Drew, I actually liked this unseen moments episode a lot better than the others. With the other ones, it's just a clip show, which is honestly boring in my opinion. At least with having the girls there, no matter how staged they are, it's interesting to just see some of them lie through their teeth.

It almost makes Dr. Drew bearable....... almost.

I'm glad Dr Drew told Leah that her spanking and having them put their nose in the corner wasn't the best way to solve the problem. Props to Kail for how she talks to Isaac instead of just spanking! I hope Leah re thinks her style of punishments!

That actually really, really irked me. He doesn't call any of these girls out on all the shit they've pulled for the past four years except to occasionally shame Chelsea for admitting to hooking up with Adam (again.) Jenelle has lost custody of her son, admitted to smoking pot her entire pregnancy with him, assaulted people, committed credit card fraud, told her mother who's raising her son that she's worthless because she works at Walmart and gotten hooked on heroin and she never gets any type of come to Jesus talking to from him. He'll just skim on past the subject of Kail abusing Javi when they fight but felt the need to tell Leah she shouldn't be spanking her kids? Regardless of anyone's thoughts on spanking, it's not his place to call her out about her disciplinary techniques. She's not beating her damn kids, it's a spanking. I got spanked when I did something I knew I wasn't supposed to be doing. And it worked. I didn't do it again. Child abuse and spanking are two VERY different things and you could tell Leah was really perturbed that Dr. Drew took it upon himself to critique her parenting.

I think he doesn't call jenelle out because he knows she's a lost cause.

All I meant was that I'm glad Dr. Drew told Leah that there's a better way of disciplining her girls than spanking. I was also spanked as a child and I'm fine with it. BUT...I do think that these days spanking kids just makes them more accustomed to violence or abuse later in life. When Leah was trying to feed Ali before her appointment she threatened time out before even asking Ali why she didn't want to eat. Thankfully she asked Ali more before actually punishing her but I think that shows that Leah jumps to punishment when really she should be talking to her girls about why they are acting out and why there are consequences. Spanking is fine IF the child understands. The way Leah spanks by pulling their pants down first is not right though. I'm not saying spanking is wrong, I'm just saying the way Leah uses it is NOT the BEST way. I think that's what Dr. Drew meant too.

Courtney, I just wanted to make sure you knew I wasn't trying to personally attack you or anything. I just needed to rant because that part pissed me off. You didn't piss me off, Dr. Douche did. ;)

I totally understand RAE! It's cool! :) It's good to hear other's opinions because I never think black or white I'm always gray and can see both sides. :)

It really annoyed me too. Not because he wanted to talk about it or suggest alternatives just the way he did it. He just jumped her shit as soon as she opened her mouth and probably made her feel dumb and like she's a terrible parent. Any point he thought he might be making was lost on the fact that she likely felt attacked. I'm not saying spanking is good or bad, although I do spank my own children when I feel it's warranted.

It did not look like that was sinking in with Leah one bit.

Leah is classless and tacky as usual..did she think that actually made her look better than Corey? "Oh look he cheats too! See I'm not really a skank." No you still are. And when Dr. Drew suggested she and Miranda get together and hang out...uh...doubt that's gonna happen now. Leah, keep your legs closed and your mouth shut, and the world will be a better place.

My favorite comment from Jenelle was "He's so much better behaved with us than he is with my mom, and I think it's because we listen to him and she just yells" No. If she was a parent, she would know that kids act out more with their parents because they're more comfortable with them. They are better behaved with the people that do fun things with them, don't discipline them and don't see them as much (usually grandparents), but her situation is so whacked out, she thinks it's because she and Nathan are this unstoppable force and Jace would behave perfectly if he lived with them. Not a chance in hell, Jenelle. Try parenting..then talk. Also it irritated me how she said that people say she's not a mom and that she shouldn't call herself a mom...truly she is not a parent. She's involved with Jace when it's convenient for her, and that is not what moms do. If she was a mom, she would understand why everyone that sees her relationship with Jace now thinks she is not one. Also the relationship with Nathan and Jace is very questionable.

Kail definitely had guilty face when Jo called her out for texting him when she's trying to divorce her punching bag. Something seems fishy there. She seems really intent on making sure people don't think it's true, but something about it didn't seem fake to me. The only reason I would think it wasn't true is because Jo has literally showed NO interest in her beyond the occasional screw since Isaac was born, and I doubt he'd be the person she'd try to reach out to when she knows he's really into Vee and has chosen Vee over her multiple times.

I definitely thought it was true. Kail acting so mad about it looked like she was over doing it to make it look like she didn't text him. She always runs back to Jo and I think it is hilarious that he wants nothing to do with her. I can't wait for karma to bite her in the ass.

Jenelle is delusional. What was that in the beginning saying that if Nathan a wasn't there she gets anxiety? It is really sad these girls depend on guys so much.

I absolutely hate the fact that an innocent newborn is most likely going to be living with them until they fuck him up enough to lose custody. They get in screaming matches about EVERYTHING and one or both of them is always in trouble with the law in some way, shape or form.

"When Jace started pre-school, he was BITING other kids."

"Now I just bite myself."

Ummmmm... what?!?

I wish he'd bite Jenelle in the ass because something needs to.

Right! How creepily sad was that?!?!

Ugh! I missed the Unseen Moments and it isn't on MTV.com! I would have given anything to see Leah mean mug Jenelle. I would also give anything to hear the other girls' honest opinions about Jenelle...

And while I think Leah's actions were tasteless, let's not forget that Chelsea did her fair share of calling out Adam's and her rendezvous while he was supposed to be with Taylor. At least Adam was there to defend himself, but I agree...it's a pretty trashy move. Hope she apologizes to the both of them because they clearly saw it. She should have kept her mouth shut in the first place and Jeremy should keep out of it.

Ew. & I just checked Leah's twitter to see if she said anything about it and a fan said something about being excited about Leah writing a book. I didn't know Leah knew how to write?

@Aleahs She doesn't know how to write, she's gonna "drawl" it.

Leah's going to be so disappointed when she finds out that coloring *all* the pages in her coloring book does not mean that she has "written a book".

Hey! She mostly stays inside the lines! Give the girl some credit.

You can watch unseen moments on watch it series :-)

It's on there as of today at least? I watched it this afternoon.

Sorry allow me to clarify: I watched it YESTERDAY afternoon but I forgot that it's dawn and I'm still fucking awake. *grumbles*

YAAAAAAAY! Somehow you always make my day.

...or her legs shut. Not for Robbie, Corey, Dusty, Jurrmy, the mailman, the FedEx guy, the list goes on...

I loved Leah's comment about education in the state of West Virginia:

"The schools aren't well here".

What kind of malady do the schools have? Do they need a geneticist or an MR-aaaaaaaaaye?

And I think Ali is the cutest little girl, especially when she has her little glasses on and is using her "mobility device" - that's the PR term for "will-chair" (in Leah-speak). And in the finale when she was eating her cereal the morning of her doctor appt. she looked a lot like Prairie Dawn from Sesame Street - in the fact at least. Too stinkin' cute.


Omg, I laughed my ass off when she said that! Clearly the schools in wv aren't well there.

It reminded me of an episode of Bridalplasty where one of the girls was bragging about how intelligent she was and she said something along the lines of, "I speak very well-ly." I laughed really hard and then made my husband watch it and he probably loves me a little less but it was worth it.

OMG I'm so glad I'm not the only one who actually watched that trash. MAN, like.. I watch a lot of bad TV, but that show was almost even too bad for ME (trust me, that says a LOT haha)

It was on Netflix and I just binge watched it all day once. Between that, Pretty Wild (that show about the girl from the Hollywood Hills robberies and her batshit insane family/homeschool curriculum based solely on the book "The Secret") and My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, TV just does not get any trashier.

I was DEAD........ i was like yeah I can see that!

Did Grangie get Jesus to resurrect you?? ;)

It was the devils fault

First off I thought that was really low and totally none of Leah's business to laugh and tell everyone about the week before Corey married Miranda!
When Chelsea said that the thing they didn't catch on tv was her getting the papers from Adam. (Or she joked that she tried to hide it) Is that maybe why the scene that looked so staged with Chelsea going to the mailbox and finding court papers in it? So they had to reenact it once they found out?! Or did she mean something else?
Also I felt bad for Kail when Jo and his dad were laughing and Jo said Kail called him to come stay with him saying she was getting a divorce! It was obviously just a lie that Jo likes to throw out just like hoping that Kail's water breaks early! Jo is so vindictive because I think he wants Kail to have to depend on him and he is jealous that Kail is able to do so much with out needing Jo. Jo just proves at that kitchen table conversation that he likes causing drama and won't budge even if it's the nice thing to do because he wants to always win or have control. No gets that evil smirk every time he talks about pissing off Kailyn!

Are the down votes because that's not what Chelsea meant or what I said about Jo? Just wondering. Everyone has a right to their opinion but I was just curious on what people disagreed with. :)

I made some negative comments about Jo in the last thread and got down voted a lot too. People must like him, but I honestly can't see why. He also strikes me as someone who's inflexible and likes to cause drama.

Right?!? I don't get it!?!

i think everyone just really hates kail. i feel like the only person on here who really likes her...

I just really liked Eddie being anything but nice to Kail regardless of whether it was based on truth or not. If Janet showed up at Kail's house one day to just punch her in the face, I'd be happy. Sorry they don't adore you, Kail. It's just that you're kind of an ungrateful harpy who used them and moved on like a locust with really shitty tattoos.

Wow! Really? That's sad! They were all making it hard on Kail when she lived with them! Would you like to live in Kail's situation at that time? That was like 5 years ago! You can't keep using that as an excuse that they were so nice to let her stay with them for several months! They let her stay because of Isaac! Jo made her suffer daily on purpose so I don't blame her for wanting out at that time! Plus on top of everything she was suffering from PP depression.

Janet and Eddie were Kail's legal guardians. They opened up their home to her. Regardless of any cheating on Jo's part, it was beyond disrespctful how Kail handled her "secret" relationship with Jordan. While I don't like Jo's attitude either, Kail really sabotaged her relationship with Janet and Eddie.

How were they making it hard on Kail? By telling her that she couldn't slut around while she lived in their house?

No, JO was making it hard on Kail after they broke up. Yes, it would have been awkward, but Janet made it clear that she was welcome to stay there as long as she wanted/needed to, she just wanted her to focus on school and Isaac instead of dating and/or bringing random guys into Isaac's life, which is solid advice. Kail just didn't want to follow that rule or do anything besides exactly what she wanted when she wanted it so she lied, snuck around with Jordan and then deliberately announced that she was in a relationship on Facebook and lied to Janet and Eddie's faces when they asked her about it. I just think that's ridiculous. You don't like living in a nice house for free with someone you claimed was a mother to you when your own mom was a shit head? Then focus on WORK and SCHOOL and your CHILD and save up enough money to move out on your own instead of pretending like MTV isn't your source of income and taking resources from a charity that could have gone to someone who didn't have the options that Kail had. I don't think Kail left Jo's parents' home for any other reason than she wanted to do something that wasn't allowed and so she did it anyway and burned yet another bridge.

I've lived in intensely uncomfortable situations before and I sucked it up and made the best of it until I could manage to get out of it. If Kail hadn't been sneaky and lying and on and off again with Jo in the first place, it wouldn't have gotten to the point where it was "hard" to stay there.

One more thing... Leah needs to STOP talking about Ali's inabilities in front of Ali!!!! It broke my heart when Leah was talking with the instructor next to the girls on the trampoline and said things like, so other girls can do that? Ali is just different! Then poor little Ali yells, NOOO I'M NOTTTTTT!!!!"

That was so sad. I thought Ali's little frog hopping was adorable. I don't even know if she COULDN'T do the flip because every time she hopped over to set up, they'd tell Aleeah to do a flip, too and it bounced Ali around. I can barely STAND on a trampoline without falling and I'm a grown ass woman with perfectly normal muscles.

In the finale when it showed them at cheer practice and Ali did a flip.


Leah is making it really hard for me to sympathize with her. You know who I really feel bad for? The 'girlses.'
Ali has to live with MD and this underlying attitude her family has (that pisses me off to no end) that she's 'just not normal', Aleah has to live with never getting any love or attention because she's healthy, and Addy has to live with being the trap baby left in the dust.

Baby Adderall will be left in the Cheeto dust, that is.

Precisely, haha.
What the fuck is with the cheetos, by the way? My two year old has had them like one time at a birthday party, do people actually buy them as groceries????

No way! My extended family gives my 2YO crap food like chips and Doritos, and it irks us to no end. Leah is lazy. I'm not much of a cook, but there are healthy alternatives for those that don't cook AT ALL.

lol cheeto dust for sure...I always feel bad for poor little Addy too, she seems to be left on the side lines a lot. She didnt ask to be born and really as everyone thinks they could have waited on a new baby... Leah to me hasnt really seemed to bond with her probably because she has no time for her unless the twins are at their dads.

I force my husband to watch TM2 with me and we always talk about how sad it is for that baby. you rarely see Leah holding her or paying her any attention at all.

Ali is so adorable but I agree, Leah shouldn't be talking about what she CAN'T do in front of her. She should be talking about what she CAN do and trying to be positive. Honestly though, I think it's so lucky that Leah had twins - seeing Aleeah doing things makes Ali want to try to do them too. Would she be as able or willing to do things if Aleeah wasn't around? I suspect not, but obviously we will never know.

I can tell you from experience having her sister will be a great motivator for her. My brother is 11 months older than me and he has a developmental delay. There were many things such as reading the specialists told my mother he would never be able to do. Low and behold he learned to do them because his little sister was doing them. He's always told me I got the brains of the family but he got the looks, lol.

She seemed so gleeful when she was saying that crap. She was the one that cheated and then filed for divorce. What is her problem?! Nevermind, she has too many to count.

Not to mention she spent this whole season waxing nostalgic about how they "could have tried harder" and she shouldn't have run down to file for divorce out of fear that Corey would do it first.

Leah is a shady ass bitch for what she said. She acted like there was a gun to her head. How did Jeremy automatically know what she was referring to? I think she had it planned. Miranda is farrrr better looking than Leah and actually has a profession and has what Leah can no longer get, Corey. Leah is stuck with a bacon slapper that wants to be as far away as possible from her!! Corey may have gotten a little case of cold feet and texted Leah but he went on to marry Miranda, and is still married to her, she didn't even need to pop out a trap baby! Leah needs to worry about her own relationship.

Hayzii, you are 1000% correct!!

While it was a completely classless move of Leah to divulge that sort of information, I do get her. The season where she cheated on Corey, he had no problem talking about it with his father on camera while he himself had also cheated on Leah. He just always refused to talk about it on camera. He made it seem like Leah was the only one who screwed up when they both did so all the blame fell on her.

It looks like Leah has been bitter about that for a while now so she said that Corey wasn't so perfect. Unfortunately for her, she's the one who ended up looking bad.
That was private information ans she should have kept that to herself. And Corey should also have kept that to himself. Why would you tell the woman who cheated on you 1 week before your wedding that you also cheated 1 week before your second wedding on the woman you're going to marry?

I think your downvotes came from the same thing that happened to me the other day: I read in The Ashley's book that Corey cheated during their marriage, as well, but he wouldn't admit to it on camera so they couldn't use it. Then someone here pointed out to me that that could have been a rumor that was started by one of Leah's friends or family members to make Leah look like less of a whore and apparently Mama Dawn is less than a fan of Corey's. I honestly have no idea either way. They should just both admit their marriage failed and move along without trashing each other, which Corey seems to have done and Leah can't manage because she's a bitch.

As far as Corey allegedly cheating on Leah - Leah herself said that Corey NEVER cheated. She took the time to specifically tweet that, so that's what I go by. No one knows better than the people that were in the relationship. She obviously didn't do it to save him the embarrassment or for her 'girlses' sake, she was QUICK to throw him under the bus when she got a chance, as we all saw.

I didn't know she specifically tweeted that. Well now I'm going to err on the side of Leah's a cheater and broke Corey's heart. Not super surprising. And now she's a bitch for trying to make herself look better by trashing her ex-husbands CURRENT marriage on national television.

"That was private information ans she should have kept that to herself. And Corey should also have kept that to himself."

^ This right here! All this information is coming from Leah. I doubt Corey would run to Leah and blabbed about cheating on Miranda. This whole thing seems so fabricated. I'm not saying Corey isn't capable of doing such but the source is Leah and I can't believe anything she says. Leah claims Miranda already knew so then what's the point of putting on national television? To make Corey look like shit? well it backfired big time because you look like a dick. Plus this was filmed in February2014 and this supposedly happened a year ago before their wedding. Obviously C & M moved past it and Leah can't stand it. And Jeremy laughing and automatically knowing what she was talking about made me think they planned the whole thing everyone knows Jeremy is not a fan of Corey.

And Leah's immature ass thought this will get people to hate Corey but totally backfired. I have seen more support towards Corey and Miranda and I bet Leah is feeling like shit because her little plan didn't work. So now Leah is blaming the 'editing'

I don't know if Corey cheated or not. If he did, it wasn't Leah's place to tell that on national television. She thinks they are such great co-parents. If she keeps that shit up, they won't be.

And if Kail doesn't have Leah's co-parenting skills to compete with (and obviously try to one up,) she won't have any interest in doing it herself and it'll be back to custody court. Only this time, Kail will have a giant protester sign with the picture of Vee smoking pot through a gas mask and Jo will have lots and lots of footage of Javi squealing like a 13 year old girl at that damn Miley Cyrus concert he won. Oh and also the footage of Kail admitting she smacks Javi around. It'll be a bloodbath.

Do you think they'll sell tickets to see the show? I'd be in the front row for that!

As long as I can wear my jeans to court, then we can sit together.

Only if it's Friday, Rae ;).

Only if you pair them with your classier heels Rae

HOLY DAYUM. Wow, Leah. Just wow. I normally try to be sympathetic and understand why the girls do things, even when I disagree with them. But that was just so not classy and so unnecessary.

Totally unrelated: Did anyone else see like seven thousand commercials for the new Rob Dyrdek online show through MTV that's sponsored by Lunchables? I'm starting to wonder if the company sent Leah a case of them for subtle advertising, haha.

Rae, I wouldn't be a bit surprised! There is "product placement" advertising, ya know!

Leah should be ashamed of herself. The only purpose she has in this whole shit stirring is to hurt the father of (some) of her children and to possibly cause issues in his marriage. She is a grown woman with about 50 kids that she needs to be worried about. She's well past the age where gossiping about sex is normal or acceptable.

I don't know whether or not Cory cheated. I have always found it highly questionable that MTV would just completely gloss over it and throw Leah to the wolves while hiding Cory's misdeeds. That doesn't really make sense and based on history their usual goal is to make the moms look like angels (which at times takes some extreme editing.) But Leah is ridiculous no matter what. Even if Cory cheated it does not make her less of a slut. Someone else's poor actions and decisions have zero to do with your own character.

I think Leah misses Cory and secretly wants his relationship with Miranda to tank. She strikes me as one of those bitter bitches that can't take her ex being happy. Like its a personal blow to her ego that he can move on and love someone else- especially when she is clearly unhappy with her Cory-look-alike replacement. She's probably on the hunt for Corey#3 as we speak.

This is just my opinion but.... I've always thought that Leah and Corey looked happier together than with Anyone else. If you look at their smiles they seem more genuine back then. Not saying I think they should be together! They were a train wreck. It's just every time I see Corey looking at her it seems like he misses her. I may be reading things into it but especially when they showed him getting the girls right before the wedding...it just looked like he had the same look he had when he said " why can't I just get over your little a**" . Anyway not stating that Miranda isn't right for him or anything just that I think I saw what Leah was talking about. She definitely should NOT have said abything ! I will say this...as sweet as Miranda seems ( and I do like her) she for some reason kinda scares me looks wise...I'm really not sure why but when I look at her pictures or see her on the show she just seems off to me? I truly am not trying to be mean! I guess I'm just trying to figure out why...? Anyway I think Corey and Leah are better off apart but I think they are not over each other just yet. I think Corey is getting closer but not there yet.

I definitely think they had more/better chemistry together. Any relationship Leah is in is a disaster, but I feel so bad for Corey. All he ever did was fall in love with her and just look at everything he's gone through as a result. He's probably not completely innocent in it all, but I think he's always genuinely loved her, even when it was obvious she didn't feel that way. You can see that at one point she loved him too, but she's got so many issues and is such a horrible person that she ruined it.

I don't understand the thumbs down for River - I think that he loved her more than she could possibly ever love anyone. I think that Leah is Momma Dawn 2.0. I wonder how Dawn treats Lee - if it's as poorly as Leah has treated the men in her life.

Thank you! I keep trying to make my brain make sense but it always comes out weird. I was trying to say something similar and it came out weird. Although I knew I'd get downvoted for the Miranda thing. It's just my feeling...

It could just be that Miranda isn't used to the whole "MTV" thing and may not be all that comfortable with it. Plus, she's hardly ever on the show and Corey's really only there if there's a doctor appointment or when they're exchanging the girls for the weekend.

I think Corey is moving on far better than Leah has, even though Leah's the one who filed for divorce and got remarried and had another kid. I think Corey will always love Leah as the mother of his children but not in a "everything used to be perfect, we should be together again" type of way. Those girls are wonderful and they'll be his tie to Leah for life and Corey and even Corey's family respect that Leah is their mom and they all go to doctor appointments as like a team of support behind Ali. The fact that Jeff knows what Leah did to Corey the first time they were together and then begged him to come back, got engaged, cheated on him and then married him anyway and can sit across from her now at a restaurant and talk about what's best for Ali says a lot about what he's willing to forgive and forget because being a united front is what's best for his granddaughters.

for those of you who missed the unseen moments, here's a link. MAKE SURE YOUR AD BLOCK PLUS is on!


How fucked up would it be if I changed my name to Kail's Sweet Sixteen?

Very fucked up but I'm not gonna be the one to judge you for it, haha. ;)

Lmaoooo I'm seriously considering it. What the hell is wrong with her why schedule it on her birthday. She probably wanted to be melodramatic and poetic. With a life comes death~

Pride over Pity, Court over Compromise, and Fetus removal over Festivities.

Pleassssse do it

I'm sorry but I'm still laughing at Jeremy's awkward "it's like winning a powerball" statement. AWKWARD!!! Yeah that was pretty catty of Leah... they were co-parenting really well so I hope that didn't mess anything up.

The girls looks towards Jenelle (especially Chelsea's during that drink scene with Nathan) had me cracking up. Chelsea might be a bit of a ditz but her facial expressions are priceless.

"Make sure your hands are clean before pointing your finger".

Very well said Miranda. Leah is pure trash and should be ignored.

Maybe Leah was so inappropriately chatty because she was high on cold medicine or something stronger...did anyone else notice she seemed baked and was mouth breathing alot...she seemed really out to lunch to me..

Lol I noticed she had a cold and seemed a little like she was tipsy too. (I don't mean she drank, just that she kinda seemed like someone who is tipsy)

I think it was unneccessary and immature, not to mention hypocritical of Leah to mention any of this- She has no room to talk. She went out of her way to do it only to make it seem like she's not that bad

This episode massively infuriated me. How is it any of Leah's damn business, let alone anyone else's, what goes on in Corey's new relationship?! And here's a though Leah Lunchable, maybe Corey cheating had something to do with the fact that last time he got married you stomped all over his heart cos he faced the other way in bed?! It was just super unnecessary and mean. Also something about Jeremy weirds me out, they obviously planned that.

I also really dislike how 'Dr' Drew will start discussions about completely useless topics (I don't think anyone has ever thought that Jenelle started using heroin because she didn't have custody of Jace), but then will completely ignore massive red flags, like Jenelle saying she can't handle it when she doesn't know where Nathan is and what he is doing...surely that deserves some discussion...