Teen Mom 2 - Leah Has Political Opinions (Updated)

Leah Messer

Everyone knows what time it is, you simply can't avoid it. You turn on a TV and see political ads, you try and get your Justin Bieber going full blast in your car and more ads come on (I kid about Bieber, I listen to him in my house, not car....

). No matter where you turn, it's politics, politics, politics, and reality "stars" are not immune to it.

Leah has come out of the closet with her support for Mitt Romney, and when someone pointed out he may cut government assistance, her twitter reply:

twitter - Government assistance?? They should get rid of it.. Then maybe people will WORK for a living! .. Idc

Ok then.

I'm still licking my wounds from the pounding I took for criticizing queen Maci in my last thread, so I'm not going to go too hard on Leah.

While young, she has already had 2 babies and 2 marriages, which is 2 more than I've had with each, so who am I to talk?

While someone tweeting "maybe people will WORK for a living" when they got famous for having kids is pretty amusing, it is a bit concerning for someone in her position to say such a thing. A lot of girls who had to deal with being young moms without the luxury of MTV giving them six figure checks for it look up to these moms.

Many of those girls probably have had to resort to some type of government assistance at one point or another.

It's hard not to as a young parent.. kids are expensive! Even her fellow teen moms from the show have had to rely on government assistance at times, just as Kailyn.

I don't want to start a political debate because I know people feel strongly on both sides of this issue, but reality is for every person who is scamming the system, there are likely many who really do need help. They simply can't up and get a job like you see in the movies or tv shows.

Many also don't find a sugar-daddy who allegedly makes $4k a week at his job. Just sayin'


After speaking with a few people close to Leah, I wanted to clear up her comments a bit. When you type in 140 characters on twitter, it's hard to get points across, especially political issues.

Leah has no problem with government assistance for those who need it, like young moms who are struggling financially, etc. Her problem is the same shared by many, those who abuse it.

I'm sure Leah wishes she could re-write her tweet, but I do have advice for her. In the future, avoid political discussions on twitter, it'll only result in trouble :)


Well she's a backwards hick from the south who makes flawed decisions, no surprises here!

yeah, more southern stereotypes...i get really sick if those...

There are stereotypes for every part of the US. The south isn't the only one. Get over it,

you could not have put it better who is she to say any thing take all her money away for having kids and let her live in my shoe for 1 month

Oh, just yet another reason for me to be ashamed of being from the same state as this girl.
I'd like to see exactly how well she does when she isn't being handed those lovely checks from MTV and finds out what work really is, as being known just for birthing a child before your of legal age isn't something to brag about. (Nothing wrong with teenage mothers, but honestly, I don't think she has any position to speak about others when this is what she's known for.)

*Leah voice* Is the schools good there?


that was gold.

Well I work full time, take college classes, and raise a 13 month old all by myself. Guess how much I make? About $1200 a month. If it weren't for public assistance my son wouldn't be able to go to the doctor for $120 a visit, and we wouldn't have food most of the month. If she didn't have MTV she'd be struggling just as bad as I am, if not worse because she has two kids. I wish I would get paid 100k+ a year for whining and cheating on my amazing husband, but no I struggle for what I have. Someday I'll have an awesome job, and not be pinching pennies and my son will have everything he wants, but for right now I need help and I'm not ashamed to accept it.
You can't criticize what you don't know.

Amen to that! Wtf would she know about struggling anyways? The only reason we ever saw her struggle financially was for the show. People that are that fucking stupid should keep their mouth shut about politics.

Exactly! She doesn't understand what government assistance actually is. For example, collecting on social security benefits for a child with disabilities is government assistance. Receiving benefits because a parent is deceased is government assistance (Farrah). Jenelle used financial aid, assuming it was federal (I could be wrong), that's government assistance. And if I remember correctly, Chelsea used Medicaid on one of her episodes. If these girls weren't on this show, they'd be S.O.L.

Its bad when others use it, but okay when you benefit from it. Leah is not informed or she's a huge hypocrite.

I wish you and your baby well, AD!

Which brings up a point, though: Why the F*@# was Chelsea on Medicaid??? Her dad is a f-ing dentist and lives in a huge house on tons of land and pays her $700 rent every month but doesn't have her on private health insurance???? I'm not familiar with how Medicaid works since I've never used it, but isn't it supposed to be for people who are low-income or soldiers/teachers/other gov't jobs?

Needless to say...this bitch has got a lot of nerve. Hope she never has to use government assistance.

I hope she does.

And I am fairly confident that my wish will come true. She is not the sharpest bulb on the tree and she has a penchant for having sex with people to whom she is not married. She will blow all the MTV cash and also some random guy who is not her husband and be forced into poverty within 10 years.

Also what wounds did you get from the last Maci post? Everybody seemed to be on the same page as you. I think there was like one person out of 30 who disagreed. If that's what you're talking about, you gotta change what you're focusing on bro lol. You're good!

I thought the same thing and looked back only to notice about 7-10 crazy posts. What's weird is they had already posted but I didn't notice them. I think I tend to not give much attention to the obsessive Maci fans so I didn't remember their usual "there's nothing wrong with a drink every once and a while!" blather.

Totally agree! There weren't very many negative posts. They probably just get offended easily at negative posts.

That is suche a bullshit excuse she is only saying that now because of the backlash.

Is "people close to Leah" code for her personal PR team aka her mother? Just wondering because it seems like there is any sort of "scandal" involving Leah her mother comes a' runnin'. I've noticed her friends like to get in on it as well. Anything for fifteen minutes, I suppose.

Yeah it's her mother because apparently Leah is incapable of defending herself without mommy"s help

Don't forget her friend Amy who loves to get in on her bit of fame too.

It would be more respectable if she addressed it herself, but I guess she can't sum it up in 140 characters. =/

Hell, she wouldn't be able to sum it up it 14,000 characters....being an ignorant, oblivious human being doesn't leave much room for intelligence and common sense.

Leah! Please! You know you were on assistance for all of Ali's issues. Those MTV checks weren't rolling in when you were first dealing with all of that

For both babies! When they were born they were in the hospital for something like 3 weeks.. That care alone would have amounted to thousands of dollars the crunchy-curled new mama surely didn't have (they couldn't afford to buy $130 worth of paint!).

That said ill just throw out a Gary Johnson 2012 shoutout!

Wow, that sure makes me feel better! The fact that she only -hates- that people abuse it.
Well how about the fact that she abuses my eyes and ears every time I hear her country bumpkin ignorance?
Leah, Honey, if you can't get your point across in 140 characters.. maybe it's time to invest in a diary.

Leah is only changing her tune because she gots TONS of backlash from fans and Teen Mom writers/bloggers. Last night she was BLOCKING people telling her that they really don't abuse the system and they NEED it. But after all the negative attention, she's suddenly stating differently. But last night she was very firm that she wanted it gone all together, not that she wanted it to be monitored. She is full of sh*t.

Leah was poor before MTV. She grew up in a trailer in WV. Having twins as a teenager (one with medical issues) and coming from a poor family, you KNOW she would have NEEDED assistance.

And don't even get me started about her bragging about her husbands salary. How IMMATURE! I grew up in a wealthy town (albeit in the South, so nothing like up North haha!) but nobody bragged about how much their husbands/wives or parents made! She needs to grow up.

Exactly. I could have punched her in the head when she went bragging about "$19,000/month". Mostly because anybody who actually comes from that much money would be able to tell that something's off. I am from the north and I too come from a more privileged life, and when I compare my parent's salary to Leah and Jeremy's apparent salary it just doesn't add up. When you look at her house (she posted pics a couple weeks ago), the cars they drive, the clothes they wear, etc. you can just tell that it's not true.

Jeremy is a pipeline engineer. Even if he's making above average at 100,000/yr, that's around 8,000/month in salary. I mean, isn't he like 24 years old? People who make $20,000 above average salary usually have extra education (a Masters) and have 5-10 extra years in the field. She's trying to say that he regularly makes 250,000 per year? I just don't believe it. If I can make $250,000 a year as a pipeline engineer with a bachelor degree when I'm still in my early 20s then sign me up!

I have been assuming that her "$4,000 a week" figure is being based on a larger check due to a seasonal boom of work. My guy earns a lot more during certain times of year because agricultural labor becomes more demanding at harvest time, etc. Sneaky way of misrepresenting the facts if that's the case but it would just be pathetic if she actually felt the need to do that.

I am not impressed at all that she is married to her second husband Who works 7 days a week away from her to make overtime to make that kind of money.
I rather have my husband home each evening.
She should have never spoken so harshly about it.
Not everyone abuses the system.
She may need it one day.
This 15 mins of fame will not last forever,
And she has not the best track record on being in a faithful marriage.
So she was wise to "try" to smooth over things-
But a little too late

Me too! I'd rather be of average income and see my husband every day over being 'rich' like her but being away from her husband that much.

Don't worry like anyone would take that girl seriously with her lack of integrity and low intelligence. haha cheating on your wedding night is really "christian" which is why she says she supports Romney puhleeeese

Says the broad who tried to use welfare to pay for her kid's special glasses. Says the hick who we all know damn well would be using that welfare and living in a trailer if it weren't for MTV. I just spent 16 hours working on my feet, I work damn hard for my money. But I can acknowledge that it isn't as easy as "get a job" for some people. People who "bath" their children should just avoid any kind of intellectual conversation.

I died laughing when you typed "bath" she couldn't even say the word correctly when corrected poor thing. Leah annoys me,but shes a southern born girl who lived in a trailer i wouldn't expect her to vote for anyone but romney. What i didn't expect was her opinion about government assistance especially since her cast member was on it once upon a time.

First of all, Mitt Romney is not going to cut entitlement programs for people that need them. Whoever made that comment is a moron and is clearly uninformed. Second of all, her comment about getting rid of government assistance is equally as stupid as the comment she was responding to. I can't help but agree that if it were not for MTV, Leah would be on government assistance especially since she has twins -- one of which has had a lot of (probably very costly) medical bills.

She is just ignorant for saying that about government assistant. I am 22 and a single mother of 2 kids. I work 40 hours a week and don't get handed a check to record my life and have a husband that makes more than the average bear here. Sorry that young mothers don't have it like you do Leah. Keep your selfish comments to yourself, because we can only give what we get. Are we just gonna let our kids ride it out when they have the flu, no. Sorry you can pay that kind of money and have a smart ass comment about other mothers that struggle everyday to take care of their kids.

Call me crazy but does anyone get married before they have kids anymore? Just sayin folks.

Then there would be no need for books like this though.


Holy hilariousness Batman!

I can't believe they even make sh!t like that.

Lot of liberals on this thread...... Haha

Maybe some of you single teen moms who needed government assistance shouldn't have gotten pregnant as teens. Food stamps is almost like a cop-out for these people.

I've met girls who chose to keep their babies only because they know that they'll be able to afford them only because of food stamps and/or welfare. It's ridiculous.

While yes, some people truly need it, I do not believe that being a "young single mom" is any reason to say you deserve to be taken care of by other hard working Americans.

I'm not a teen parent (or a parent at all), i've never been on welfare or any other type of assistance but i am annoyed by her tweet because she would have been in the EXACT position as the those that she is degrading if not for MTV. If anyone else made this tweet that wasn't associated with this type of show, it wouldn't be a big deal. But Leah was poor before MTV and she got pregnant with twins as a teenager and one twin has medical issues. She would have been on assistance and she's degrading a fan base that is mostly young mothers who are probably on some of assistance.

Just because you are poor, does not mean you have to be on government assistance.

-She grew up in a trailer in WV.
-She got pregnant as a teenager in high school.
-She had twins.
-One twin has medical issues.
-She didn't work or go to school.

YES, she WOULD have been on assistance. There is literally no doubt in my mind and i'm not convinced that she never was. I'm willing to bet she'd have been on assistance with just one child, but she had TWO and one that had medical issues.

You are right. Just because you are poor you do not have to be on welfare. You can TOTALLY just sit there while your baby cries because it is hungry. Oh and God forbid you have a child with medical problems. Might as well just forget that. That will be beneficial to society for sure.

Thinking Leah is a hypocritical idiot does not make me, or anyone else, a liberal. Saying that someone "shouldn't have gotten pregnant" is incredibly asinine. Of course you shouldn't have kids you can't take care of, but that doesn't change the fact that those kids are here anyway. What are they supposed to do? Go hungry because mommy needs a welfare check? That'd be like telling someone who has just committed suicide "You probably shouldn't have swallowed that bottle of pills, it might hurt you." You should try getting off your high horse and take a look at the real world, not a perfect world.

And saying that they will "go hungry" without a welfare check is idiotic. If people are really willing to do whatever it takes for their children, stopping at welfare isn't really it.

All I was saying is that in the mean time, while people are doing whatever it takes, what's the kid supposed to do? It takes time to find a job and make money, so in the meantime what are the kids supposed to eat? Shit happens in life because of adults' choices, doesn't mean a kid should pay for it for the sake of pride. Take the silver spoon out of your mouth and your lips off Leah's butt and maybe you would see it the right way, like most of us do.

No offense, but your entire argument was canceled out for me once you said "the right way". Don't be so arrogant.

Believing that you are right is not the same as being arrogant. Believing that someone is wrong is not the same as being arrogant. It's called having conviction. Don't be so sensitive.

I know this is so much later than the original post, but AMEN!!!!! Just because you get knocked up and CHOOSE to have multiple babies that you obviously CANT afford doesn't mean the working class should pay for YOUR mistake!

oh please. Im almost sure that she was on medicaid when she got pregnant. and by the looks of that nasty trailer they were living in she prob got more help too. if it wasnt for mtv paying her, she would have to see what its like to struggle to get by like all the rest of the world. its sad that people get so stuck up because they are on tv. hunny your sh*t still stinks just like everyone elses.

mkkkk .. half of the people speaking on this clearly aren't parents & should keep the 25 cents in their pockets. You obviously don't know the struggle of parents spending all their time and effort to take care of their kids. Sure, a lot of pregnancies are not planned but kids didn't ask to be here, so if the help is there if you truly need it, why wouldn't you take it. I know that a lot of people take it to their advantage when they really don't even have kids or really don't need it at all, but there are parents that appreciate the help they get because some people don't have anything, period. So don't speak on all parents. thanks.

From birth to the age 18, it costs well over $100K to raise a child. I think the figure I heard most recently was approaching 1MIL, if you include the child's college years. Of course some people are going to need help!

What an ignorant gold-digging hick hypocritical bitch... I just read her twitter feed and it's clear that she meant what she said in her incriminating tweet.

I think someone who doesn't know all the facts shouldn't bother giving their opinions on the topic. A tweet of hers said her family have always voted this way. So if she is just following suit and doesn't really know, she should zip it!

Who does Leah think she is ? she is spoiled brat who went from Mommy taking care of her to Corey to Mtv and now Jeremy taking care of her. All while collecting mtv paychecks while doing nothing. She has the nerve to judge anyone let alone struggling people who work their ass off. But still need a little help are we as a society should allow them to go without the basic needs because Leah of teen mom said so. Who does she thinks she is she is spoiled brat who if it was not for others would be on the same assistant. She looks down on I'm glad she getting backlash

Very good point. She really did go from mommy, to cory, to MTV and now brags about how rich jeremy is. She has never taken care of herself. She has never been without a man supporting her. I don't have any children and I am not on any sort of welfare, but I can't imagine it's easy for those single mothers out there taking care of their children, working and paying for everything themselves. This whole thing really made me dislike Leah.

I can tell everyone here pretty much disagrees with me but can I just say this, if you have bought soda, or candy, or any of the like with food stamps, that is not the purpose of them. If you have used your food stamps and also get your nails or hair done every other week, or have a flippin' iPhone, you do not need them. There are honestly more people in US that abuse the system than those who truly need it.

Most people agree that the system is being abused, but that doesn't mean we agree with her hypocritical comments. Get it through your head.

Ever stop to think that there's a reason people disagree with you? Any idiot with a functioning brain knows that the system is being abused. But not by everyone. And when people like you and Leah lump all welfare recipients into one category, anything you have to say will be met with skepticism and your credibility will be doubted. If that was your goal, consider it mission accomplished.

There is a certain level that I would consider abuse, definitely. But just because you're on food stamps doesn't mean you don't deserve a treat now and then. If you're spending all of your food stamp money on junk food or a good percentage, of course, that's not acceptable. But just for an example, whenever I give to our local food bank, I donate basic items but also cake or pudding mixes and things of the like because just because they need the help doesn't mean they don't deserve to have a treat occasionally KWIM?

I agree with you that everyone should have a treat every once in a while, but you also donated it. I don't think a lot of people would want their taxes being taken out for someone to buy cake with it.

If it's someone birthday and the only way to get a cake is with the stamps, then I would support it :) Everyone deserves a cake on their birthday!

I think food stamps should be like WIC. My mom could only buy certain items in certain amounts when we had it (God we had a lot of freaking peanut butter). Maybe just not so specific.

i read a little about wic and it actually sounds like a good option for those who need it. and it seems like most americans do need it since wic states they have 53% of children receiving help. where i live we have child tax benefit which is supposed to go to your child but its just a normal cheque and you can use it on whatever you like. i used to work at walmart and every month around the 20th young mothers would come in and buy hair dye, make up, clothes, magazines, junk food, shoes and then maybe one small bag of diapers likely to last a week and some toddler snacks. it's sad.

@TM2LeahDawn: @LivsMom2012 @calvert505 I used to live in a shelter, I do know.

You can't make this sh*t up! She tweeted this to a fan. Would a homeless shelter not be considered government assistance? Is she serious? WOW. So it's okay for her to have accepted assistance at one point but now that she has money she bashes those who accept it? She disgusts me.

Dear Leah:

Hello, Pot! Have you met my dear friend, Kettle?

i don't live in the states but where i live social assistance is VERY difficult to qualify for and once you're on it they are constantly checking up on you and reviewing your case and you have constant meetings with a case worker.

is it different in the us? are there any rules in place? or is it a free for all?

Closer to a free for all than what you've described.

For those who know how to do it, it is easy to beat the system. A common problem is that while it is somewhat difficult to initially qualify for food stamps, once you are on, your on. You just have to show them bank account info like very 6 months. Its quite easy to take all the money out of your account before recertification.

Biggest complaint is drug testing from what I gather. I agree with that aspect. I support government assistance programs, but I think it's ridiculous that I have to get drug tested regularly to keep receiving my minimum-wage job's paycheck, yet people getting handed money straight out of my check don't have to abide by the same rules. I'd be willing to take an extra .10 out of my check ever week if it meant that random drug tests were regularly issued to recipients of welfare.

I should add to that last sentence "welfare.....or other forms of government assistance."

Yeah, I live in Australia and to maintain social assistance payments you have to have a face-to-face meeting with a case worker every fortnight and provide proof at each meeting that you've been applying for jobs, like an email acknowledging your application. And you're ineligible for assistance if your parents earn over a certain amount, because the assumption is that your parents will help you before the state. I had no idea the system was so different overseas.

i am in canada and it's every 3 months you meet with a case worker, but you basically sign a consent form that your back account can be reviewed at any time. and if they see a lot of fast food purchases, or purchases from stores that aren't grocery stores, drug stores, walmarts then they can step in and revoke your aid. also you have to submit rent receipts to prove you've been paying rent. it varies from region to region and province to province, but in my region that's how it works.

**bank account

oh and also submit income reporting slips every month, true you don't have to report cash you've been given so i don't see the point of them really, but also in canada once you have been determined of abusing the system it's very hard to get back on, if at all

Ahh khloe. I disagree! Its harder to get on it BUT I think that once you are they don't check on you at all. They give you so much. I know people who get bus passes, free daycare, special diet, etc and don't even work. So many people I know make more than me a month and don't do shit. And I make "decent" money.

Does Leah even work? Or does she rely on Jeremy for everything? If that's the case, why wouldn't she support someone who doesn't think women deserve equal pay

I'd like to see an actual quote where Romney says women don't deserve equal pay. I don't like either candidate honestly, but I'm so sick of people not checking their facts or sources.

That argument is so exaggerated. The male: female pay ratio is no better under Obama than it is/would be under any republican (or ANY politician for that matter).

People totally get way too into the elections. The bottom line is this: Until the candidates of presidential elections start focusing the public in on what they CAN do instead of what their opponent can NOT do, our country will continue to drive itself into a sh!thole. If Obama is elected he isn't going to turn the US into some Socialist disaster, and if Romney gets elected we won't be setting the Woman's Rights movements back 80 years, nor will Roe vs. Wade be overturned. You wanna know why? Because if Romney overturned Roe vs. Wade or lowered female-income he would never get re-elected. Most Americans support all options for unplanned pregnancy. In a pole conducted by CBS, only 5% of all Americans supported banning abortion altogether. And you can fact check me on that one. ;) I'm just tired of hearing about issues that, in the scheme of things, don't matter. How about we concentrate less on homosexual marriage and being pro-life, and more on why the hell I am paying $40,000 per year to go to a public university? And why the job market is the worst it has been since the great depression for new college graduates. As a young person, hearing answers on those things is what will get me in the voting booth.

I can tell you why, definitively. The Federal Reserve is defrauding Americans each year because all the money printed (that is not backed up by actual assets/gold/etc.) is loaned to our government WITH INTEREST and we taxpayers are stuck with that debt. Most of the (unconstitutional, never ratified, illegal) income tax goes directly to the Federal Reserve which is totally unaffiliated with the government. It is a private company owned by the super rich who are profiting from this fraud! A complete collapse of the world economy is in progress. The American dollar is losing value dramatically and all over the world it is happening to other currencies. In Iceland, they jailed the bankers orchestrating these insidious manipulations. This shit is real and if you doubt me, it's so simple a 12-year-old can explain it. Start by youtubing Victoria Grant! Wake up folks. We need to get rid of the Federal Reserve and hold these global elitists accountable for defrauding us all.

Oh and Gary Johnson (the libertarian candidate) intends to do just that if elected. As well as lower the defense budget by 43%, legalize marijuana, protect marriage and reproductive rights, and eliminate the illegal income tax. Just sayinnnnn!

Yay for fellow Libertarians!

I also meant to put that Iceland's economy has begun to recover since jailing the bankers.

You know what they say: Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank, give a man a bank and he can rob the world!

The first thing I thought of was how Kail was getting assistance on season 2? Season 1? I don't know. But I thought she and Leah were buddies, and while I'm not saying anything about whether Kail should or shouldn't have been getting help, it's kind of insensitive to make a blanket statement like Leah's when your friend is part of the audience. Maybe I'm just more sensitive than most.

Everyone is always going to be offended by something.

Whatever happen to having compassion for others and being understanding . These people that Leah and so many others looks down on are human being too. And they deserve respect Leah is entitled to her opinion but she should have been ready. For the fall out with that smug comment I guess she looks down on Chelsea too because she has medicare. Also Kali who was on government assistant for a while too. Leah talks a big game now but when she was 16 year old there is no way. Leah had the money to pay her medical bills and her daughters bills I'm pretty sure she got government assistant to help pay the bills. Leah would have been cover under her mother insurance but not the twins so who pay their bills the money fairy. You damn right people are going to be piss off you have this 21 year girl who claim to fame is. Being on reality show for 16 and pregnant who got knocked up in the back of pick up truck. That was classy and married twice cheat on her first husband and now she married to her second husband in just under year. Leah does not have to work she has big paycheck from mtv and she gets money from Corey and now. She all smug and bragging on twitter on how much money Jeremy makes I can't wait to see her in 10 years. Let see if she not one of those people in need of help from the government and her family can try to sugarcoat what she said. And claim she didn't mean it but she knew what she was tweeting and she meant it and I'm pretty sure. She has some family members on assistants too and if was not for Jeremy,Corey and Mtv. Leah would be on assistant too she talks about lazy she does not work she work for two weeks in a office and quit. Leah was looking down people who need help from the government. You would think that Leah out of all the girls would have compassion for others since she lives in rural area. So she sees struggles that some people are going throught but I guess since she has money now. She acting all brand new

no you're exactly right. leah is entitled to her opinion like everyone else but making a blanket statement like she did is insensitive and probably made some people feel ashamed for taking the help. whether someone deserves/needs it is not up to any of us to decide it's at the hands of social workers or whomever. honestly i'd be more ashamed that i cheated on my husband, got married less than a year later and now think i am so high and mighty.

I hate talking politics on a gossip site. I think we can all just at least agree Leah is a white trash, cheating, smoking cigs while pregnant, unintelligent, no good whore.

This is what Jeremy said - "This is simple pass a damn drug test if u want welfare or ss I have to so I can work to support worthless people."
Looks like he finds the women that are exactly like his wife but don't happen to be on a TV show worthless.

Didn't mean to reply to your comment Ashley.. oops.

First of all Jeremy is just as dumb as Leah they belong together. SS is something that senior gets when they retired this is what they work for their whole life. They deserve it and welfare and ss are two different thing that just show you have dumb and ignorance they both are. Jeremy needs to stay away from coal mines and the strippers club and education himself. And his wife all they are doing is showing the world they are moron who are ill formation. They both need to pick up a damn book and eduation themself on the issuses before you go running your mouth on twitter. who does Jeremy think he is calling anyone worthless what gives he the right.

Quite personally, I don't disagree with having to pass a drug test to get welfare.

I want to feel that way but it isn't logical. You starve the druggie, you also starve their kids. If we have to feed a druggie in order to keep their kids fed then that's how it has to be.

No you take the kids away from the druggie when they fail a drug test. Children deserve better than deadbeat druggie parents.

Do you know how troubled America's foster care system is?! There are over 100,000 children in America needing adoption. When you punish the parent you punish the child. Instead of spending money on ripping families apart we should spend it on helping them stay together. Instead of jailing everyone for every drug offense we should have more drug programs.

You are punishing and endangering the child by leaving them with a dysfunctional parent that's abusing drugs. Drug programs don't always work (insert: Amber), and you can't just leave children in an unsafe environment because you are trying to 'hold the family together.' It's the parents' job to hold the family together. It's the state's job to determine whether the parents are providing a stable and healthy living environment for their children. If they're not, they should be removed. There are plenty of people whose family can take the children until the drug addicts clean up, and the foster care system, while imperfect, at least prevents the children from being in immediate danger. Being a drug addict is a danger, not just because of the drugs, but because of where and who the drugs come from. No child should be exposed to that.

However, I think it's ridiculous to say that drug testing shouldn't be required because it would mean that more drug addict parents weren't allowed to keep (and endanger) their children. Drug testing could alert the state to a problem that would otherwise go undetected and lead to harm and abuse of the child.

There's no one clear solution to this problem. More drug programs is fine, but it's not a solution. Children that are being taken care of by drug addicts SHOULD be taken away and put into a safe, secure environment. If the state can't provide that, there are many charities that can and do.

Drug testing doesn't work. I explained this on their twitter. The majority of drugs leave the system within 72 hours. It's quite easy to pass a drug test with the majority of drugs. So how are we going to test these people, would we test them more often? That would eat into tax payers money like crazy! 42 million folks are on food stamps. Could you imagine if we were drug testing 42 million people every week how expensive that would be. Then tax payers would be complaining about that. If we would do a random drug test, how would we do that, have them come to the office or go to them? It's easy to sneak in fake pee, even marijuana users can pass a drug test easily enough with clean urine if it's not theirs... Drug testing failed in Florida, it's not going to work anywhere else. As much as people want it to, it's just not going to happen. It's too expensive, and too flawed.

42 million on food stamps that would be DRAMATICALLY cut if they were drug tested. Sorry, but I really feel that if you have to get drug tested to make your money, to get it for free, you should be doing the same.

Do your research Ashley.

I'll drink to that! hahaha!

I've been on my high horse about this all day. When I was sixteen, there was no hope of MTV paying your way through teen motherhood so, we either kept our legs closed or utilized the free condoms in the nurse's office (seriously, only three girls got pregnant in my grade and all during senior year. One of them was even already married before getting pregnant). Nobody was filming them and forking over six figure paychecks. I keep up with the two of the girls via social media and they work their asses off to provide for their children. Who cares if they need a little extra help? That's what it's there for.
I used to work in the Family Services office before I began graduate school and I can say with certainty that there are plenty of people who abuse the system...but for every one of those people there are at least twenty who actually need it and play by the rules. Leah and Corey would have been those people if MTV hadn't swooped down on their money raining chariot. Realistically, without MTV, there is no way she could have paid for all of the medical bills and her divorce without some government aid. Nobody would judge her for it, either.
Now here she is, condescending on the very people that are reflections of who she once was. Does she actually work, or is being on MTV her job? I am willing to bet that she stays home and mothers her children since she let the whole world know how much money her husband makes. While there's nothing wrong or easy about being a stay-at-home mom, MOST of the people in her situation aren't making an income, and although it's a job, it's not the type of job that typically provides income. Not every stay-at-home mom has a tv network paying them to do what they do, day in day out. And who's to say her marriage to Jeremy actually lasts? What is she going to do with her high school diploma and no MTV checks in the mail? She will probably have to take government assistance.
Don't bite the hands that have fed and continue to feed you, Leah. Bad move.

Never thought I'd actually agree with Leah, but I do. Government assistance should be for those who NEED it as a means to help support themselves and their families, HOWEVER, there should be regulations so that it is only being used for these reasons.

On the other hand though, Leah, you're making more money than some working adults who "did everything right." She's entitled to her opinion, but at the same time, she really needs to consider her own situation before typing a political message on Twitter. Without that update that comment seems really messed up.

haha I like how America has the most fundamentalist christians yet also is heavily into capitalism I am sure Jesus loves the get off your ass and work or starve mantra!

Wow she's turned into a mega b***h now that she's raking in all the money. Love her statement coming from someone who would most likely be on assistance if she didn't get lucky and get on MTV and find herself a rich husband. Not to mention, she doesn't work!
And how do you define who 'needs' it? Yea it would be nice if only people who really needed it got assistance, but it doesn't and probably won't ever work that way. Such a small portion of peoples taxes go to assistance anyway.
Very easy for her to say with her husband earning that much money now. Her MTV money on the other hand, won't last forever, is she gonna get a job when it ends?

I highly doubt they will stay married forever, and when he divorces her, she'll be back on her ass scraping government assistance because a high school diploma and lack of intelligence won't get her anywhere. And let's face it: we all know none of these girls (with the exception of maybe Chelsea and Kail) will have MTV money after the show is over.

can anyone get off the romney situation and give a GO OBAMA!!!! lol.... I need my assistance.

I dont understand why people are so offended.. If you are on the assistance because you actually need it why does it offend you when people say something about the people who are abusing it?! You should be just as annoyed as the tax payers paying for the system abusers giving assistance a bad name. EVERYONE should be pissed, annoyed, etc at people who ABUSE the system, because 1. My hard work pays for the abusers to continue to do just that.. abuse the system.. 2. it gives other people who are truly in need of the assistance a bad name.. not to mention it gives the people truly in need more hoops to jump through to get it because they have to make sure everyone doesnt abuse the system...

If you need it take it absolutly thats what its there for. IF you ABUSE it, get off the payroll and make an effort.

I suppose I am too old to watch this horrible show, my first today. I am an ER nurse and a mother of one. I never used assistance. I was able to keep my legs closed and be a responsible human being. As an ED nurse, teens now think getting a STD is in the same category as the cold virus. MTV thank you for glamorizing teen pregnancy. Please continue to do so. I enjoy working 70hrs a week to support these morons. Sincerely. Responsible Trauma Nurse.