Robbie Admits Hooking Up With Leah

Leah Messer


Image: Radar Online

Radar - After weeks of secret phone chats, "I asked her if she wanted to come over and talk" one afternoon in early October, Kidd recalls to the magazine. "Leah didn't hesitate. She came right over, and one thing led to another and we had sex. We wore protection. That was the one and only time."

I have to say, not a good look for Leah right now. Leah Messer-Simms-Calvert-Kidd(?) has denied cheating on her second husband with (apparent) Diamond Dick Robbie, but Mr Kidd was not going to let her get away with that.

He wants to make it clear that he's every bit the homewrecker people assume he is, and that Leah is every bit the ... well, you take a guess.

"Leah felt really alone because Jeremy's gone a lot for work," Kidd said, referring to Calvert's pipeline engineering career, which forces him to travel across the Midwest most of the week. "She said Jeremy doesn't care about her or their family when he's gone. All he wants to do is talk about sex."

This is extremely annoying, and totally believable based on how we've saw Leah act on Teen Mom 2. There is probably nothing worse than going out with someone and then a few years later they suddenly decide they're unhappy with what you're doing - when you were doing it when you met! Of course Jeremy is gone a lot for work.

He was always gone for work.

That was kind of his thing, remember? When TM2 was showing the two meet, they had to schedule times between his crazy work schedule.

What did she expect? For him to quit his extremely well paying job so he can be a greeter at the local WalMart? That's not going to take care of her brood.

I know, I'm ranting. I do that. Megan is the nice one, I'm the ass. This seriously annoys me as there is nobody more insufferable on the entire Teen Mom series than Leah.

You know it's bad when Jenelle looks like the normal one on the series now.



new user name: Robbie Diamond Dick Kidd.

That sounds like a wrestler name. Just more country. Maybe a bull rider name.

"The Diamond Dick Kidd."

"The Outlaw Grossie Schools-Aren't-Wails."

"Leah Lames."

If it was a diamond dick, she would have snapped it off a long time ago. And have something really tacky made of it.
She just needs a soft dick to fall sometimes and she does not care about other peoples feelings, Leah comes first.

Ew... well, I can't imagine him coming first anyway. You have to be drunk or put a bag over her face to not get distracted.

Leah messer simms calvert Kidd, Dick wrestler.

@mommy2 I'm really surprised she doesn't wear one of those tacky Tiffany and Co. locket heart necklaces or whatever they are, that Jenele wears tbh.

Robbie's famous lil fisher

Porno name for sure. I fucking lost it when I read that holy shit.

Lol, interestingly enough when I was younger there used to be a bar inside the mall in my hometown named Diamond Dick's. We used to eat there every now and then. It never sounded dirty to me when I was a kid though.

I still wonder if she actually did slee with him....

I mean its so easy to make a qick Buck Lol.

I've said it before and I'll say it again Jeremy loves all of this...

if he didn't he would have got divorced already...

& don't talk about believing in marriage cause if he did he would have at least went to cousling.. ..


The deer cam don't lie

In the deer cam we trust

I wasn't expecting this. I mean, it was expected...but after months going by I didn't think he'd speak up. Wow.

I guarantee he was waiting until she signed her contract. If this had come out before hand we couldn't have seen the train wreck happen on TV!

I reckon they offered him the almighty dollar.

Well in his defense, he does need to by Big Macs for Leah and the #AAAsisters now.

He must have gone nuts on the dollar menu that day.

I'm eagerly waiting to see what leah and big momma dawn have to say about this..

Vague tweeting from Leah about staying strong when people betray you.

Hmmmm. Wonder who that could be about...?? Heh heh.

Wow, girl has some nerve to comment on betrayal of all things!

You got that right!

I love Megan's posts, but the occasional steve beans article always gives me a good laugh.

i love stevebeans!

Hey Steve Beans! My brother posts on your BB site.. Ive lurked here for awile. How's everything going?

I love stevebeans especially when he's snarky like this, Megan's too nice to these assholes

He had me at diamond dick Robbie!

Well well well.. The truth comes out. Not that we didnt know it, but it makes it that much more funny that he actually admits to it now. & I HIGHLY doubt it only happened once. Lets hope they used protection, or there will be another "kidd" in the mix. lol. no pun intended

That did not take long for him to backtrack. Why did he deny it to begin with? Why come forward now? Did he get paid to be quiet or did he get paid to come clean? Was it was announced Leah would be back? Or that some heat was now on Jeremy for trying to hook up with someone. So many questions that will more than likely never be answered.

Also, Radar did an article that states the custody agreement. Sounds a lot like what they had before. Leah has them for four nights and Corey has them for three. However, Leah did not get complete control over Ali's medical decisions.

Another, also, Leah is still in cosmetology school. She does hair at Gloss but does not get paid for the work. It is for "learning" purposes.

Im sure we'll never know the truth about what happened. Especially the drugs. And definitely not from her.

I'm glad they split the custody. The girlses need away from her. I see Corey getting more and more time as the years pass. I read that they both have to go to Ali's appointments. Haha Leah no more excuses. Sorry about laughing in Leah's face.

Even for WV, her hair and makeup are complete fails. She looks way older than 23 these days. I hope she sticks with the school because she's going to need something.
Her next ventures given the area she lives are stripping then nursing school.

More like he waited until the custody thing for her was over

I know every time I want a "learning" experience, I start up a small business that is likely going to fail due to my limited knowledge of both business and the subject matter.

Me too. Coincidentally, I just watched a Youtube video about cutting your own bangs, so I'll be opening "Booster Seates Howse of Hairdues" a branch of BeGlossy, obviously.

Hey don't hate on youtube. I was able to uninstall my old dishwasher and restall my new dishwasher all on my own. Yuppers I'm a badass. Gonna open my own eletronical services.

Oh I'm not hating on Youtube. I really did watch a bangs tutorial and now I'm rocking Zooey Deschanel locks!

Hey, it's like Farrah's stripping position - it's all for the learning experience, she's studying the role of stripper.

Diamond Dick..Oh my god.

Almost as good as my own username, lol. So many penis names for Robbie!!

Seems odd to come clean now. Also if you were any kind of decent human you wouldn't sell that shit. IDK he is a piece of shit. Leah sucks right now but seriously we know he is a druggie and that he is hard up for cash. Do you really put it past this piece of shit to sell anything that will make a buck?

Lol she's the married one with 12 kids. I say more power to him. If you fucked Leah you'd sell that story too.

If I fucked Leah I would kill myself. Because STDs

I think the stds would do it for you :/ or you'd suffocate on her sour patch Cheetos breath

Plot twist: Leah's so crazy because she has advanced stage syphilis. It's been eating her brain since she first started spreading her legses as a young teen.

True. Christmas is in 2weeks and Elkview Walmart has TVs on sale..

See, that's what I thought, too - money for drugs = selling a story to Radar. Robbie has serious meth face, btw. He already looks like 40. At this point, though, I don't think Leah can do much better. WV's a small state and the pickin's are slim.

I'm wondering if Leah gave him money for drugs or drugs to come forward and give the interviews that they hadn't slept together. The problem with buying people's silence is that you have to keep paying. She probably figured all was well, stopped giving him whatever she was giving him and he sold her out to ROL.

True! I briefly thought that maybe Jurrrmy paid Robbie to sleep with Leah so he could get out of the marriage. There's gotta be some money changing hands! Also, I wonder who Radar's "source" close to Leah is who keeps spilling almost daily now. Could it be Robbie? For example:

I would LOVE it to come out that Jurrms paid Robbises to sex her.

Ugh Leah's drinking Kail's coparenting koolaid. If you have more than 50% you don't get to complain about losing time because guess what? Being the mom doesn't entitle you to any more time with your kids than their father. Get over yourself Leah. If you wanted time with the girls so much you shouldn't have cheated on Corey.

I love this rant. I couldn't have said it better myself. I can't stand Leah

What a little slut puppy. Jeremy's an attention whore and Leah's a real whore. Not sure why it isn't working out because they sound like a match made in heaven to me!

EXACTLY. What's really funny to think about is that if Leah hadn't hit pay day with TM2, she'd be just another skanky slut puppy on welfare and living in the trailer park. You can put perfume on shit but it still stinks, and at the end of the day, it's still shit.

THIS. And since it smells like shit everywhere Leah goes, she should try checking under her own shoe.

But hasn't she made comments about people on welfare before? Hypocritical cum guzzling smut

I'm sorry. I read your comment in Sophia's voice, from the Golden Girls. "Slut puppy" always slayed me.

Leah needs a Sophia in her life.

Is that what that's from? I remember Gary called Amber a slut puppy, and I was like he would almost call her a slush puppy because it's food related. It makes sense now.

It's the episode where Dorothy goeson a cruise and leaves Blanche in charge. As soon as the door closes Sophia leans on it and said "fasten your seatbelt slut puppy, this ain't gonna be no cake walk" then Sophia goes to Sicily to make amends with Guido spirelli...

Yesterday I was watching GG and Sophia used slut puppy! The episode was about Dorothy sneaking around to see Stan. I immediately thought of these comments lol. Hey maybe Gary likes GG too!

I LOVE the Golden Girls as well! My boyfriend makes fun of me for watching it. My favorite Sophia quote is the episode when Rose's sister comes for a visit. Rose goes to introduce her to everyone and she says no I've got this and starts describing all of them and says who's who, Sophia comes back with "She's mopey, dopey, and full of crap! Rose's sister" Ha Classic

Robbie's the real hero here, though. Guy keeps punching his card like clockwork and he still doesn't owe her any child support. Can't say Corey and Jeremy were so smart. They could probably both get custody of their kids with her if they can prove she has a drug problem though. So there's that silver lining.

I about spit out my water at "punching his card".

Who knew Robbie would be the smart one?

To be completely fair, I don't think it takes much in their town to be "the smart one."

It's like being the genius in St. Olaf...

Robbie is the only one who really knew Leah. Corey and Jurms fell for her sh*t.

Omg placenta pills! You nailed that better than Robbsies nails Leah.

Robbie has his own kid, so it proves that he's fertile, and we all know Leah is super fertile. Maybe she can't forget about him because his sperms were the only ones that failed to grow inside her and that makes her frustrated. And I wonder how Robbie manages to always have those bullets dodged.

I think Robbie's sperm is replused by Leah, because that whore should have been knocked up by him at least 5 times by now.

The fact that he threw in the "we wore protection" tidbit makes me think that that is a total crock of shit. I don't buy it.

And the fact that he used the word "hesitate". I mean, really...does he even know what that word means?

I'm sure he knows what it means, but I would bet a cure-ig and a bag of Cheetos that he can't spell it.

He probably thinks "hesitate" is the word you use when you call your male cousin a moron/potato. "He's a tater."

The "we wore protection" part makes me suspicious. I've always been interested in the body language and psychology of liars. When people lie, they tend to throw in unnecessary or unwanted details to distract from the lie or try to make more believable. His comment about protection fits. It's a crock, I hope he pulled out.

omg sheS totally pregnant and he knows and is already trying to deny it

Time for the fourth A girl!!! We should help with names - addiction? Adnauseum? Abracadabra?

I read an inspiring article the other day about a little girl with autism and I forgot exactly what it's about because the only thing I could focus on was the fact that her parents named her Abcde....that's right, the first five letters of the alphabet. So Leah could do that, I suppose.

Like Leah knows the alphabet!

Avada Kedavra Messer Simms Messer Calvert Messer Kidd et al.

I'm still voting for A-METH-yst.

I read that article too, about Abcde (Ab suh de is the pronunciation, I think).

I'm online gossiping way too much

I like abracadabralynn. Gotta add the lynn.

Haha dont forget something that matches the hope, grace and faith stuff, btw im at my parents house and i randomly found a box of a medicine called Daxon, couldnt stop thinking of that poor Moxon boy

Because the irony is just too good considering the circumstance in which this 4th (5th with Robbie's) A girl was conceived, may I suggest.... Chastity? Ahlissah Chastity.

I think the part he's lying about is where he said it was only one time. We all know Leah can't stay off that wonderpeen.

Research "statement analysis" to learn more about this kind of stuff. That sentence alone doesn't necessarily indicate deception, based on my opinion and limited knowledge of statement analysis. Truthful statements are concise. The shortest sentence is the best sentence. "We wore protection" is consistent with that. Also truthful statements spoken from memory are in past tense. "We wore" is past tense. The use of "we" can also indicate things for or against deception depending on how it's used but I'm not familiar enough with that yet to say for sure. But for the first two reasons my guess is he's being truthful.

They've quoted him but that doesn't mean it's word for word. By that I mean, if you look at the sentence structure, it looks a lot like there was much more of a question and answer deal, I reckon they've just cut their questions and formulated his answers into a sentence. I think it went somewhat like this:

InTouch: Hi Robbie, thanks so much for talking to InTouch today - so tell me, What happened between you and Leah?
Robbie: “I asked her if she wanted to come over and talk. Leah didn’t hesitate. She came right over, and one thing led to another and we had sex."
InTouch: Oh wow, did you use protection?
Robbie: "We wore protection."
InTouch: How many times did you sleep together?
Robbie: "That was the one and only time.”

There is no way he just came out with that, and that InTouch didn't ask question.

Good call, this makes a lot of sense! I think you're totally right, it would be a lot more logical to think this genius can make sentences in a simple Q&A than have to make up a whole paragraph all by himself!

When it said they "wore protection," I imagined Dr. Douche reading it on his computer, and fist pumping and saying, "yesssss! Finally, someone gets it!" Someone else said it before, that this was Robbie's way of putting it out there, if Leah turns up pregnant, It's not his.

I think he made a statement because he and Leah know there's proof of their affair and they want to cover their tracks. He hit all the points: (1) Jeremy is distant from the family when he's working (emotional abandonment), (2) it happened once (as in, it was a mistake, not an on going affair), and (3) they used protection. He's helping Leah protect herself in court.

I must be all kinds of screwed up, because my first reaction to that was "how romantic!" He's protecting her, because she's his one true love. His lobster, if you will!

Soon we'll be hearing that Leah married Robbie in Vegas and got divorced, AGAIN!

But then he'll marry someone else but say Leah's name at the altar. And then they'll have sex again, and she'll get pregnant with his kid but they'll raise her as friends. And then Leah won't get on the plane.

man, I miss FRIENDS !

Friends will be on Netflix starting January 1st!

Sooo...while Jeremy was away at work laying pipe, Robbie laid the pipe to Leah? OK..... :/

This is what i think about this post:
1) I love you Stevebeans!!
2) Juuurmy was obviously just looking for an excuse to escape from a marriage were he was longer happy, and Leah couldnt gave him a better one
3) i wouldnt want to be in Leahs shoes rigth now,
4)about Leah returning to TM2, i wonder if the Simms family really agree being on the show again, i also wonder abou the case of Corey not wanting her kids back on tge show, is there any legal resource he can use for avoiding it?
5) non extrictly related to this post: about Leah and the stuff, i dont have a lot of experience in kid pageants (we dont have them in our country) from what i learned from tantrums & tiaras those toddlers look like a real life version of Barbie's sister kelly, despite what i tthink about pageants and girls so young wearing so much makeup i have to agree i would never probably look that good, it came to my mind the picture of the twins during her cheerleader contest, they are so pretty both of them, but they had too much and too dark makeup, and it was really soggy, no ofense but they look like hookers after a busy nigth, if Leah and her Mary Kay crap had something to do with this makeup crime i would NEVER hire them if my kid was contesting in this pageant stuff

Sorry i wrote sbout so much toppics in one post but i have a 9M old baby and have both hands busy everyday! BOL!

I don't know if was a typo or intentional but its totally fitting because anyone that lets Leah do their makeup will look gross

Laughing out loud at "hookers after a busy night."

Oh my goodness. I know that cheerleading picture of the twinses stirred up a lot of drama and Leah justified it by saying it was stage makeup so it had to look like that. I cheered and would love if my daughter decides to cheer also. (I know people will disagree and I'll get thumbed down but whatever.) I have friends who have put their daughters in cheerleading and they wear make up for competitions at the age of 3.
The make up Leah did for Ali and Aleeah looked awful. Competition make up or not it was just terrible. It didn't flatter either of the girls and it looked like she let them do it themselves. There are ways to do dramatic competition make up without looking like a cheap stripper. Leah really has no idea what she's doing with make up which is crazy because after years of MTV stylists you'd think she would have picked up a few pointers.

My sister is into theater, (I was too) and they tell you to wear a lot of makeup, or you will look pale and washed out under the stage lights. I guess I didn't notice it when I was doing it, but watching my sister's middle school performances, there was some frightening makeup going on, much like Leah's girlses. I totally agree,there I a huge difdifference between stage makeup, and let me smear as much crap on mah girlses faceses as possible.

My father and sister were both big in theater and my best friend was a competition cheerleader. Stage makeup is supposed to be dramatic and exaggerated, but it's still supposed to look put together and well thought out. It literally looked like Leah took a circle of eye shadow out of the compact, rubbed it into each eye of her children like a doorknob you can't get open and then slathered them in glitter. It was bad. news. bears.

My daughter wears stage makeup for ballet performances and it doesn't look anything like Leah's poor kids do for cheerleading.

I did notice yesterday on either Instagram or Twitter (can't remember) someone asked Papa Jeff if they would be back on the show since Leah had re-signed and he said that hadn't been decided yet. So it's possible the Simms clan might not be back.

Good find! I was curious since he's already said they were done, but of course they didn't have a choice because Leah said no to the show. It'd be a shame if they chose not to. Hotness aside, at least we'd get a scene or two with Corey and Jeff talking about their side of this mess.

Btw did you guys now if the info about corey and leah having shared custody of the girlses is true?? I was really hoping they give full custody to Corey. So bad we are going to miss all that drama

I know their next court date was scheduled for December, and I don't remember when. Who knows, they could have continued it.

Corey's lawyer confirmed that Corey gets the girls 3 nights a week and that both parents must be present for doctor appointments/Ali's therapy. No more Leah flaking out without Corey immediately knowing and making a fuss.

And no more Leah claiming that Corey doesn't show up to appointments.

And no more Ali missing physical therapy.

I think the arrangement is probably like this.

Corey: Monday morning
Leah: Monday night
Leah: Tuesday
Leah: Wednesday
Leah: Thursday
Leah: Friday morning
Corey: Friday night
Corey: Saturday
Corey: Sunday

So technically it's 50/50? If that's the case then would neither of them pay child support to the other since they have them for the same amount of time? Hopefully that's the case. And I suppose this is the best case scenario apart from Corey's gettting them full time. Leah will have to cut back without that extra $800 a month, or whatever crazy amount he was paying her.

Highly doubt that. Unless they incorporate her MTV paychecks as income. My husband had 50/50 with his ex. She didn't work, so he still had to pay her child support. It might depend on the state though.

Those are all the says she spreads her legses for Lil fisher. The other days are for Cheeto eating.

So Corey gets them while they aren't in school... Probably best for them all.

I do feel bad for cory. Leah is a sahm. She can be at ever appt. But cory working full time has yo miss work for that. My son was very sick I had to take him to the er due to a febrile seizure and my dh who is in the natural gas/pipeline work couldn't be there. It was scary but my dh was 500 miles away. I'm not gonna hold his job against him

Since we don't know 100% all of the detail of the arrangement, maybe it's been ok'd for Miranda or a member or Corey's family to be there if he can't? I wouldn't make sense for a judge to demand that they both be there if missing too much work meant Corey could lose his job and therefore but the girlses well-being in jeopardy.

Yep, it's true. And Leah's pissed because she didn't get her way. And now she's having a separate birthday party for the girls that Corey isn't invited to. (According to Radar, anyway.)

Neener neener Corey Tyler can't come to muh party. How fucking immature is this bitch and don't they have separate parties anyway im sure Corey doesn't want to eat cheese puffs off the floor at Leah's modular home *cough trailer cough*

I'm a little drunk as I just got back from the company Christmas party, so I'll just keep it short.

I can. not. wait. to see how MTV plays this out. Probably a short photo montage with pencil sketch animations like they covered courtland and Jenelle. I wouldn't go so far as to say that she makes Jenelle look like the normal one(at least she didn't fake a miscarriage, and maybe I take that a little too personally but that is my opinion), but she is coming in at a close second with all these drug rumors pooping up now.

*popping, looks like it is time for me to step away from the keyboard.

Wouldn't it be great if the drawing showed Jeremy bacon slapping that ho out of his life?

Or a drawing of Robbie's head hanging between some dear heads on the wall in Jerry's new trailer with a hunting gun in the corner.
Animation of entire wall falling out of trailer exposing Jerry sitting on the can while texting.

I reckon too. And she will play off her abortion of Robbsies baby as a miscarriage from the stress.

Abortion? No no no no, she would NEVER abort Robbie's baby. It's what she's been wishing/waiting for even before 16 & pregnant. If she is carrying his baby, I bet your ass it explains her sudden love for religion. God answered her prayers and now she's found Jesus!

"I'm so happy for the life god given un to me" (or something like that...)

It's true, Robbie's little seedling is like the golden ticket. Why, I'm not sure, because he's got no money or job as far as I know, and he was kinda in gel.

If there is a drawing of a deer cam I will print it out and frame it.

I personally always thought Leah was the original "fake a miscarriage for tabloid money" TM.

Let me just say first that I don't find Robbie or Jeremy attractive, but given the choice between the two...what the fuck, Leah? You upgraded SO much going from Robbie to Corey, and upgraded again going from Robbie/Dusty to Jeremy. That dick must vibrate and have G-Spot GPS!

She only wants Robbie because he doesn't want her.

I was thinking the same thing.There is NOTHING remotely attractive about him, and he actually looks the exact same as the 16P episode down to the hat. Although maybe I'm biased (not really) because I found Corey attractive and I even thought Jeremy was good looking initially (his personality later ruined that for me).

Corey was attractive on his own, and his personality only helped matters! Jeremy's only made it worse, but I agree, he's pretty good looking.

I bet his dick dispenses drugses.

Kind of like PEZ pill dispenser.

Perfect time to use my new handle.
The Messer Family Bush. They don't have a family tree, they have a bush.

I'm new to this forum but not new to Steve Beans pages.. Long time lurker waiting for a chance to join in... although Ive flatlined a few times reading y'alls posts..

First, I'm ecstatic about Leah signing back on! Life is going to hit her quite hard when the show is inevitably cancelled. I lived in Leah's neck of the woods for 5 years. Its exactly what you think.

I think Jurmy might have been waiting for something like this before he filed for divorce. I read he didn't sign on. I'm glad Robbie came out and admitted what we all knew. I suppose Christmas is coming and Radar pays more than Leah does.

Leah obviously has a very healthy sex drive. Wasn't her complaint against Corey that he didn't want to have sex enough? Wouldn't she want for Jeremy to only talk about sex? She's really reaching for excuses and the hole she's digging just gets deeper and deeper.

She said he'd rather watch porn than bang. But she seems like a girl who loses it anytime her man watches porn. She probably only wants her men to discuss sex and think about it in her presence only.

I would rather watch porn-hell, even Farrah porn, than bang Leah!

Yep, she complained that Corey worked soooo much and didn't stay home and fuck her alllll the time, and she has neeeds. JESUS GOD LEAH! Sex does not equal love you idiotic tramp!!! Corey loved you, and worked his ass off for you.

I don't blame Corey for watching porn. Who wants to have sex with a naggy, chain smoking, skunk head slore??? Guys don't get turned on by complaining and whining. It's no wonder she can't keep a man. Don't neglect your men, ladies! *cough* (Leah)

@Jabba, You really do sound like Delta Dawn when you say things like that! "Keep yer legses spread for your mans, Leah!"

We're can't even be sure if that rumor is true at this point because she twists everything and lies. I thought that was possibly what happened when she first told that story but after realizing she never takes responsibility for anything, and rewatching 16P and TM2 season 1 a few months back, Corey was soooo loving and completely into her and she made it sound like he became so cold and unloving the weeks before their wedding..meanwhile she was hooking up with Robbie and I don't believe it was just for that one night. Wouldn't it make more sense that she was probably the one who was withdrawing from Corey, meanwhile constantly asking him to prove his love (just like she always does)? He was totally head over heels in love with her so I don't believe her version of events and that's even if he did watch it.

Damn, I hate this bitch.

She probably was the one withdrawing from him. Only because in her 16 and pregnant episode one of them was leaving or coming home(him for work her to go out with Robbie and friends) and Corey asked for a kiss and said she hadn't kissed him in a week.

So her grandma is accusing Jeremy of cheating during the marriage as well. This is a circus and it's sad because in ten years they will look back and think wow why did I let that shit go down? Leah needs serious counseling the minute she's unhappy she seeks attention elsewhere. No spouse can meet all your needs/wants all the time she can't accept that. She told Robbie it was because he's away all the time and when he's away he just wants to talk about sex vs showing he cares for the family. Her solution is to sex up Robbie cause that makes sense!

Anyone who dates her from here on out should never be surprised when she cheats with Robbie or anyone really. Marriage doesn't stop her, knowing she's ripping her kids from their fathers doesn't, America finding out and thinking that girl is a mess doesn't. It's freaking sad

It's also sad that people *cough* like me were loyal 10 fucking years to the same guy, cannot find a nice NORMAL guy (even though I'm like onyly really half looking looking), and this twat gets PAID for her slutty behavior., and not that Jerms is a prized pig but Leah has these guys willing to bend over backwards for her and her trap kids's insane! Although I wonder how marketable she'll be to guys now...I feel like she'll find some guy by next year and be married with a kid on the way.

She will find someone but it's not gonna be a great guy. Probably a former popular high school jock who wants to feel popular again or someone like nathan who is self obsessed and controlling.

Don't be sad you aren't rushing or settling. I'd rather be single for years and find a great one than to have a steady stream of Robbie's.

THank you! Amen. I'm so weird about dating. I'm like oh I should...but video games, pizza, and tmj... I'm like a fucking guy! Besides TMJ

I definitely think it will be an older guy ( Like Sarah Roberts' distinguished gentleman caller on the sidebar to the right!) that already has a few kids of his own. The pool of eligible bachelors with money that are willing to tale on a little twice divorced floozy with 3 kids and a pill problem is running dry.

Don't worry girl! I didn't date anyone for five years after my last boyfriend and now I've found the love of my life. And he likes videogames, pizza, and puts up with my teen mom obsession. It's incredible! And if I can find someone, you can too. No worries! :):)

I agree with Steph. As cliche as it sounds, you will more than likely find someone when you're not looking. I was in a terrible relationshit for 3 years and was single for two years after that before I met my husband. He definitely came out of left field and it surprised the shit out of me. I never thought I would meet someone as weird as me, but he definitely is. Don't worry girl, your man is out there somewhere!

Thanks yall! I seriously think I'll miss the freedom of being single if I start dating someone! Sometimes it's lonely sure but it's fucking nice getting to do wtvr I want. Ok soulmate that loves pizza and puts up with teen mom sounds GREAT!

I wish Teen Mom would be on TV at weekends instead of Monday night. My husband is okay with it but he always finds something else to do for some odd reason.
I need a 16&P and Teen Mom-marathon here, there is so much that needs to be fixed, painted, etc. in my house.

you can't make a whore into a housewife

Her family always starts chiming in whenever she's in trouble but never blame her for anything. Although I could totally see Jeremy being unfaithful too, especially after he realized what a mess he got himself into.

Yeah, I can imagine that grandma Sandy isn't going to make her Facebook status, "mah grandawter leeah is a big ole hore what dun sleeped wif her kin Robbie when she was married ta Jurmee," but the fact that whatever sleazy things come out about her, they justify it, and try to act like it's okay and someone did something worse to her first. They can support her without condoning her behavior.

I totally get that she wanted Jurmee to be into the faaaamilyyy thing, and that a marriage is based on more than sex. But this is Leah, the horniest horndog in all of Appalachia. You would think that she wouldn't be able to get enough while he was home, provided that she wasn't getting it elsewhere while he was away.

Leah is acting like Jurrrms never wanted to have sex with her, but bought her a Keurig just to try and get her to bone him. It sounds like Leah is the one who holds out, but of course she is twisting it to seem the other way around.

She was too exhausted to have sex with her husband by the time he came back! Don't you listen to her voice overs? She's stressed! Do you know how hard it is to find available babysitters for three Girlses so you can sneak around and sex your ex? That shit is exhausting and stressful. And she HAD to do it because Jurmy works away all the time and she's basically a single mother. Poor Leah. Put yourself in her shoeses.

Am I the only one who thinks it's super weird that Jurmy had to buy the keurig but Leah spent a ton of money on Mary Kay and didn't even tell him? Like if she wanted a keurig so badly, why didn't she just buy it?

I think it's weird she didn't buy it herself, but even more weird that he bought it for her in exchange for sex... Openly, on TV no less... I guess she's used to trading sex for things, but seems odd on his end!

Everyone keeps talking about this "sex kuerig". I think I am the only one who missed the story because I am COMPLETELY lost. What the hell happened???

Didn't he surprise her with it though? Maybe he though the surprise gift would make her feel loving (aka horny) towards him and he would get some. Little did he know she was already pre-exhausted from sneaking around with Robbsies.

Didn't Robbie just move out of Leah's brothers? He was probably smart enough not to say anything that would leave him homeless at the time.

Yeah he did. Also holding out and waiting til she quit then came back on might of gotten a bigger pay day. I kept thinking with all her complaints about jeremy she was gonna cheat that's just what she does. It's really sad because nothing stops her not even ripping her family apart yet again.

Ugh, your comment about ripping her family apart again made me realize that not only will Addy be her third child that will have to go with divorce and custody issues, but the twins will have to endure it a second time - not only taking away a step parent they've been with for a few years but probably causing even more separation between them and Addy since there will be two separate custody battles. If Leah continues on her pattern of trap baby->wonderpeen->divorce her "faaaaambly" is going to end up like Voldemort's soul.

I knew it!!! Once a whore, ALWAYS a whore. Plus Corey got 50/50 custody. Leah is gonna be miserable next season, can't wait to read about it here!!

So when will it come out she is pregnant....cause that "We wores protection ya'lls" screams of "hello she is knocked up!!!!"

I think it's obvious he waited until the custody stuff with her was over, if he admitted it it would have made it more difficulty for her to keep her kids, that or maybe his baby momma told him to tell the truth so they could get nice Christmas presents. I mean he had sex with a whore, she would have wanted something God to come out of it for her and their kid.

Robbie is not the home wrecker, Leah is, she couldn't keep her legses shut.

I totally agree! I went on a rant about that on another article and got downvoted to hell... It was HER marriage, not his! He's still gross and an asshole for sleeping with a married woman, but ultimately being faithful in LEAH's marriage is LEAH's responsibility!

I have to disagree if only because he KNEW she was married and chose to sleep with her anyway...if we don't give him some of the blame then we cannot EVER give a woman who does the same any of the blame. As a child of divorce due to another woman I have to say that as adults they should know better whether they are the married party or not! He knew this would ruin the girlses family and he knew if he invited Leah over they would end up having he is also to blame.

Totally agree. I think it comes up a lot with Chelsea, who got cheated on, and turned around to become the other woman. (Go ahead and downvote, Chelsea's leghumpers) I completely agree that it's not nice to have sex with someone when you know they're in a relationship. But if they don't give a shit, why should you? ADAM cheated. LEAH cheated. Chelsea and Robbie were just singles that had a fling. (*but I think Robbie might have been with his baby mama at the time, which would make him a cheater too.) It's like not holding the door open for someone two steps behind you. It's not the nicest thing in the world, but there's technically no rule that you broke.

No, I disagree - it takes two to tango! Imagine a married guy comes on to you, if you go ahead and have sex with him, wouldn't you in any way feel guilt about it, assuming you knew he was married? In other words, it would be up to you AND HIM to have the moral compass to keep it in your pants.

I'm going for 60% Leah, 40% Robsie.
The both knew what they were doing.

I look at it like this... Is what Chelsea and Robbie did extremely shitty? Yes, of course. You should have enough respect for other human beings, regardless of whether you know them or not, to not intentionally do something that will hurt them. But at the same time, they're not committed to the s/o. They don't owe the s/o anything. And if a spouse is willing to cheat with one person, they're most likely going to be willing to do it with someone else as well. Leah really is at fault for this, Robbie was just along for the ride (har har).

To answer your question, Debra's Horrid Eye Bags, I think it's absolutely awful to have an affair with a married or committed man. And I absolutely agree, an affair takes two consenting people. Electronical summed my feelings up pretty well. I believe that since Leah is(was) Jerm's wife, she betrayed him. Robbie did him dirty, but he didn't betray him the way Leah did.

Uh no. Not holding the door for someone, depending on the person is as most inconsiderate. Sleeping with someone who you know is taken makes you a shitty person period. I mean it's not a contest for who's more at fault. They're both awful people for different reasons, end of story. Also if you don't value a committed relationship to stay away if someone's taken, who's to say you aren't capable of cheating yourself? I'd bet money that Chelsea would cheat on this new guy with Adam if he wasn't giving her enough D. She's disgusting.

Hahahhaa! If we can ever have profile pictures I call dibs

I really wish we could have profile pictures there's so many good teen mom related pictures that we all could use

While we're on topic calling dibs, I want that picture of Nathan's face on Aladdin, with Jenelle crying where he says "bye bitch." #disneybreakup2014

LOL!!!!!!!! Love it!

So sad a huge deer had to be in the same pic.i would freak if the deer walked in front of my stand. Robby I wouldn't even waste a doe tag on him.

I cracked up at "Diamond Dick Robbie. Possibly the most hilarious thing I've heard TM wise in a while!

I reckon there might well be a pregnancy that will surface and if she goes through with it... DNA test time. Kinda feeling a bit sick of Leah's "I'm the victim" act now, if she didn't do this ridiculous shit she wouldn't have to deal with the crazy shit she does. Don't do it if you can't deal with the fall out. Think of your KIDS for once in your crazy selfish life.

I don't even have anything to say. This girl is a crazy mess.

I just want to know what the game plan is on telling the girlses their mommy screwed (literally) them out of a "complete" family twice.

Her plan is to cry black mascara tears down her cheesy face, and snuffle while she puts multicolored hair extensions and cheeseballs in a suit case next to a package of unused condoms from 2007 and tells the girlses (original 2 AA's anyway) that they don't have their Jurmee-daddy no more, because he doesn't love them and never did. And that it's somehow Grace's fault.

Poor Gracie :(

well fuck me. I love how he says hes tired of the drama...ugh, you fucked a married woman not even two months ago

"Don't do the crime if you can't do the time."

A married woman who is on a reality tv show. Seriously, the way all these people keep using the word "drama" makes me think they don't actually know what it means. (Oh hi, Inigo Montoya...)

I'm tired of the drama... so I sold my story to a tabloid.

The issue is that Leah never owns up to anything, which she has learned from her family. It's always someone else's fault. I'm sure now that it's Robbie's fault for taking advantage of her at a vulnerable time!

"I am so shocked to hear this." - said no one ever

Your screen name just reminded me of that scene! I loved how Jurrrrmy was like, lol you own Mary Kay? Makes me giggle every time.

well that was def put in the wrong place :(

I'm sure the only one who enjoys this more than we do is Jenelle. Especially since Leah has always come across as such a snob to her during their sit downs with Dr. Douche. Whenever Jenelle said anything she would noticeably roll her eyes or scoff, and while she very often deserved it, that's still pretty damn rude. But Leah didn't care, she was too busy being the Kim Kardashian of West Virginia. Jenelle is still a total dumb ass, but I do believe she's doing better than she has in a long time, and Leah is doing worse than ever before. Oh, how the mighty have fallen, bitch.

I fucking love the term "Kim Kardashian of West Virginia" I almost want to change my name to that. Gold star for you!! Hahahaa

Lol I think someone from her town (not FT) said that Leah really thinks of herself like that. It was a comment from long ago but it always stuck with me. They said she walks around her town like shes the Kim Kardashian of WV. Leah loves all this attention on her and ughhhhh she just bothers me just thinking about it.

Whaaaahahahaaaa! Those stupid self centered girls like Leah and Farrah are so funny sometimes. They are way to impressed with themselves. KK Baahahahahoe LOL.

She would wish she was really like KK, her Momager is way better at covering up bad shit for her.

Speaking of Farrah being self centered, have you read her bio on Omg it's totally written by her and it's completely laughable. Mother is (fittingly) listed last on her list of hats she wears...

A Nonny Moose, I just had to look it up: "Having started as a young reality television star to having emerged as an author, entrepreneur, sex symbol and mother, Farrah Abraham has become an established public figure with a growing empire. At the tender age of 16, Abraham evolved from high school cheerleader and aspiring model to teenage mom-to-be as documented in the MTV series “16 & Pregnant.” Abraham faced single motherhood head-on as she dealt with the passing of her baby’s father two months prior to her daughter Sophia’s birth. The young star’s story would eventually captivate international audiences and make her a fan favorite, creating the opportunity for Abraham to star in MTV’s spin-off series, “Teen Mom.” After several seasons on MTV, Abraham pursued higher education and has continued to build her brand. Over the span of her blossoming career, Abraham has graced the covers of top magazines, such as Us Weekly and Life & Style. The reality star has been featured on dozens of commercials and networks, including ABC,VH1, MTV, Bravo, E!, FOX and NBC and much more. The top reality television personality, Abraham has used her star power for advocacy projects. In August 2012, the brunette beauty released her first New York Times best-selling autobiography, My Teenage Dream Ended, which sold over 500,000 copies. Abraham’s personal account of being a teen mother allowed her to reach fans on an international scale, which had led to the release of her collection of therapeutic music singles. Through personal appearances, Abraham has become the main attraction at nightlife venues and exclusive events around the world, which leverages her wide range of endorsements.The entrepreneur works with beverage companies, lifestyle brands, as well as with parenting and education companies to spread positive messages about their organizations and products. Additional projects include a Erotica novels, music single "Blowin",novelty toys and additional consumer products inspired by her personal lifestyle."

While it's all great, my favorite line from Farrah's "About me" has to be the brilliant: "Abraham’s personal account of being a teen mother allowed her to reach fans on an international scale, which had led to the release of her collection of therapeutic music singles."

And, please, give us more snark from stevebeans! The only reason why I watch this franchise is to laugh at these people.

Deer cams don't lie, y'all.

Lol wasn't that an insult in like, third grade? Like if you got mad at your friend for taking your favorite smelly marker, you'd toss that out there. "Well you're not invited to my birthday party!"

There was going to be a seperate party anyway. He filed for full costody, told the court she was using drug AND told Jerry she was riding Robsies rodeo rope again.

I know you probably meant Jeremy, but as soon as I read "Jerry" I thought "Holy fuck this would make for an epic Jerry Springer episode"

Oh and cUstody...

This is too crazy for even Springer..
I can't wait to see how Dr.Drew spins this.
Its not cute anymore.

Okay side note - does anyone else constantly see that weird photo of like a scary looking blister in the palm of someone's hand or something in ads on pages like this? I feel like every time I click on some sort of entertainment article that fucking picture is there to haunt me. It is so gross.

NO but cause I wrote I was single all these god damn dating sites popped up LOL

I thinks ads are based off what you have been searching. I had heartburn so I was googling ways to get rid of it so now I see zantac on the side. I also have been googling about college so I have been getting a lot financial aid ads.

I've seen it, I know exactly what you're talking about lol. It looks like a blister that was sutured around the edges to someone's palm. I bet it's not real.

The ads are targeted to what you search for.
The pop ups are based on the pages content.
Iphones.. there's an app on Iphones (maybe Its FB) that will record 20 seconds of your conversation to better aim their ads (or so they say)

The sad thing is that Ali and Aleeah are going to be the ones most upset by that, at least for a little while. (I know a lot of split families have separate parties, but if the girls are used to it being a family party then that will suck for them. Plus Addy won't be able to attend the party at their dads.) I can see Corey being the kind of guy who puts aside his issues with Leah to throw a nice joint party for the girlses. Leah on the other hand is going to treat him like crap, not invite him or his family, then tell the girlses that daddy was too busy to show up or something equally horrible.

i wonder if Diamond Dick is going.

My sisters best friend is kind of like Leah I suppose.

She has 3 kids by three didn't guys.

( she married two of the three guys and was in a pretty long realiship with the third even though she never married him)

Now she has 3 kids by three different guys and about to go through her second devorice...

she is leaving her current husband to be with one guy she techiclly never married which happeneds to be one of her other kids father.

she's 30. her kids are all old enough to know that she's "separated"

I guess the only diffance is she waited to move out of her ccurrent husband's house before doing anything with her ex but then again it fould

but then again it could be worse because now all three kids are living with her and her ex she litterly left one kids day for the other and the older kid has seen all of this well before.... but now all three kids its disturbing...

Day = dad

sorry my phone

Sounds like my mom.
Three kids with diff dads? Check.
Pill problem? Check.
Multiple affairs? Check.
Never admits guilt for anything since it's always someone else's fault? Check.
Left her husband for a married dude with three kids and a rap sheet? Check.

Damn, I think Leah might be my mom! Maybe I should change my name to start with an "a"...

I also soooooooooooo disturbed by Robbie saying he is in a better place now and over her....yada yada yada. I much did your life change in 2 months? Dumb.

I really hope we see less of jermery this season.....

like none at all would be OK with me.....

I want to hear what happened with them but I don't want to necirrly see his face?

I want to hear Leah's side of everything and get back to Leah, Corey and marandia without jermery....

I disagree. I think Corey is incredibly happy in life right now and I think he's very much in love with Miranda.

I don't think Leah understands true love. If she did she wouldn't rush into relationships and pregnancies when she already has children. She wouldn't cheat on her husband with the same man who ruin her first marriage. She wouldn't put her two oldest girls through two divorces before kindergarten.


I'm not so sure that he loves Leah. Has love for her, maybe, as the mother of his (as of now) only children. But I believe he truly loves Miranda the way a husband should love a wife. By that I'm not saying he didn't love Leah but it's hard to judge the quality of their relationship because they had no foundation. They met, fucked, got knocked up with twins, and both felt it important to keep the family together. He met Miranda, took the time to date, and they decided they wanted to get married out of love.

Were Jermery, necirrly and Marandia typos? Or are you making fun of one of the girls? I just can't tell anymore.

I always wondered because I always see her type Miranda's name as Marandia. At first I thought it was a typo or some stange auto correct.

Nope.. Just how my phone types it and I've tried to change it a million time and it never saves the spelling so I just stopped trying to fix it.

I was told that if I did a hard reset on my phone then tried to edit the word it may fix it but I truly don't feel like losing everything on my phone.

so I just pretend its correct now days.

one of these days I will get a new phone but I don't get paid by MTV..

Not to mention my phone gets dropped ten times a dday and the screens all busted up makes it hard to see sometimes lol

I don't like the regular computer version of this site.

Corey's not in love with her anymore! He looks at her like she's a toe rag whore! He watches her segments too and sees her filthy house and knows about her pills and her sex with Robbsies and her sexing dealers for pills. He sees the raggy state his girls come to changeovers in. Corey says prayers of thanks every night that he no longer has to lay beside leah. She is a hot mess and he knows it.

Girl that is over and done with, stop beating a dead horse. Corey is over Leah, finally. You can tell how he reacts around her and the fact he is finally trying to respectively stick up for himself.

I kind of think Leah misses Corey. I think that is why she is always trying to cause drama in his life. Leah probably thinks if she keeps causing drama, then Miranda will get tired of it and divorce him. She probably is jealous of how well his life is now. She constantly brings up the fact he has a new truck even though we have seen her driving several different cars. She even has a freaking spare car that Robbie has been driving. But yet she is so worried about Corey remodeling his home and his new truck.. Corey comes homes at night while Jeremy does not.

Corey didnt have much going on when they were together but now he has a stable job that pays the bills. Lets not forget how at one point they couldnt afford paint. Im sure mtv has something to do with things Corey has but im sure his life probably would be the same with or without MTV. Cant say the same for Leah.

I think Leah thought Corey would be her safety net. I think she expected him to pine over her and that if her marriage failed that she could come crawling back to him. Remember those awkward scenes from when she was trying to complain about her marriage woes and Corey was like "Piece, kids are buckled and safe. I'm outta here." It was so embarrassing for Leah.

I also hate that she keeps bringing up that truck. When Corey brought it up he said that the truck had a number of serious issues with it--like the axle was cracked and could go at any minute. I definitely remember him saying he didn't feel safe driving the twins in the truck. I get that the housing situation wasn't good either--but it seems like he was backed into a corner. Does he get a safer vehicle or improve their housing situation?

I definitely think she's bitter that Corey has moved on, has a stable career, owns a house (that is also wheelchair accessible and seems to have some nice land surrounding it, not that couch potato Leah cares about that).

Corey and Miranda present such a well founded image. They discuss the issues concerning Leah and Jeremy in a more respectable manner away from the kids than Leah and Jeremy did in the presence of the kids. That's so telling.

*Peace* I am failing at multitasking today.

@ Deer God Leah,
I agree with you about her bringing up the truck over and over. Sure, the trailer they lived in was a piece of shit, and that basement bathtub was pretty messed up, but the girls were still little enough to be bathed in a sink, or buy one of those plastic tubs. Their living situation was not ideal, but they could have lived with it for a while.
If Corey's truck had broken down, he would have lost his transportation to work, which meant them not being able to pay their bills.
Corey had every right to want to replace his vehicle and keep the family safe and secure. Leah just wanted better than what Corey could give her at that moment.

Lol Leah never loved Corey. She loves dick before anything. Even her own kids. Corey is so much better off with Miranda. he definitely upgraded and I won't be surprised if they have kids of their own soon. Corey has always been way too good for Leah. Leah and Robbie should just date in my opinion, though I'd love to see her stay single for a really long time.

I think Corey was in love with leah so much so that he never cheated.

and it tore him apart that she cheated & even after they broke up I still believed he loved her.

its simple no matter how much he loved he knew things could never be the same no matter how much he wanted them to be together they couldn't because he's trust for her was gone and that's not healthy or fair for either of them to stay in.

I believe in keeping marriages together as much as the next person and I find it really amazing that some people over come the cheating thing and stay together!

however some people can not ( not like they physically can't but emintinally)

just being honest I am one of those who probably could not countine with my marriage if I found out there was cheating I'm all for working it out on other stuff but cheating is just something I couldn't get over so I know how Corey feels.

&,he even said that himself I believe towards the end of season 1 he'd always wonder from there on out if she was really at the nail slalon and that's just not fair doesn't matter how much he loves her.... something like that...

& I truly believe he loves WIFE and I think they are a good match!

I'm just tired of seeing Jeremy.....

remember when Corey had a fling with nikkole hahaha !

Eh I think Corey is completely over her now. For a while he couldn't get over her, a LONG time ago around when she first sstarted dating Jerms, but I think he's been over it for quite a while now. He had the chance to be with her too and was like eh no...I can do better and he did.

I agree Robbies cheeto flavored condoms

I don't get my wrong I'm a sucker for happy endings too and secretly deep down I want Corey and Leah to be together but I know that that's probably never going to happen.

and plus she has the third A baby now so that would be super awkward for Corey if him and Leah did get back together ( hypotheticlly speaking) hahaha

And where is Morandas happy needing then? Nope. Leah done made her bed and she needs to lay in it without Robbsies for a while. And group her poop!

That wouldn't necessarily be a happy ending for Corey. And it certainly wouldn't be for Miranda. Leah would just be breaking up another marriage. I can't wish that on Corey. Leah needs to stay by herself for a while then go look for love in, like, Indonesia or somewhere FAR away from WV.

I'm with you, Eye Bags. Corey deserves the very best because he is a sweet guy with a big heart. He deserves a partnership, not a person he has to handle with kid gloves (Kidd gloves?). Leah is selfish, doesn't understand consequences, and is incapable of compromise. She has a lot of growing up to do before she's even half the woman Corey deserves. I don't know much about Miranda, but she seems to be a better match and more of the woman Corey should be with. She bends, but she also voices her opinion. She doesn't talk crap about Leah when she easily could. She loves Ali and Aleeah, too, and is so attentive to them (even more than Leah, I'm willing to bet).

I think Corey has his happy ending. Leah's is yet to come (hopefully). And let's remember: happy endings don't always mean riding off into the sunset with Prince Charming. Sometimes the happy ending is simply finding peace and strength in yourself. That's what I hope for Leah.

It will not be a happy ending for Corey for sure. He doesn't deserve that, not again.

Jeff saying they are considering to return too is a mayor turn off. He had such a big mouth about filming and the press, seems fake now too.

Maybe they're doing it to keep on top of what's happening with the girlses and filming and because it will still give them a voice on TV instead of everyone just getting Leah's side?

I'd like to think you're right Booster Seat! I can imagine it would be difficult to sit back and watch the lies and bullshit and not at least have people see your side of the story. There could be other reasons too, I'd like to believe they would really think this through for the girlses. They have more sense than the rest of WV put together, so let's hope they're really thinking it through! (No offense to our non-trashy WV junkies. ;) )

Why does she keep going back to Robbie?

So I saw an in touch article about Farrah returning? Is it true? I really really hope it isn't. I never want to see farrahs crying horse face on my TV again.

Well, it would be fair... ;-)
Leah has something on tape now...
Leah is a whore too...
It's just not professional, so is Leah's new business by the way.
Why does she get to stay while Farrah isn't?

Its not about the sex tape. Its just that I want to throw my TV out the window every time she does the face.

See, now, I don't think they should have fired Farrah. Yeah she's a gross pig. But the series should have followed her through to fruition

How is porn any worse than prison and heroin or screwing up 2 marriages? I mean really. On the scale of where you see your life.. which one is rock bottom?

Leah is screwing up her girls way more b y introducing guy after guy than Farrah is by doing a few videos that will be long forgotten one day.

I could be wrong but they could also just not like having to work with farrah. There was an mtv camera man who said she was a rude disgusting person. She claimed Vivid employees raped her and crap like that. I think Mtv sees her more of a liability. Who knows what will come out of her mouth.

AMEN! Farrah is getting paid to have sex while Leah is doing it for free, or at best for some cheetos. Farrah is fame hungry, but she's making a mess of her life without trap babies (Caitlyn, Leah, kailyn, jenelle), drugs (Amber, Jenelle, Leah), or rushed marriages (oh, hi, jenelle, and Kailyn)

Yeah! I'm officially here because I got a downvote!

Farrah is no more fame hungry than any of them.. they've all ghost written crappy books, a few have tried businesses. Maci does those speaking tours. Tyler & Kaitlyn were on another reality show and had a baby just to get back on TV.

I don't doubt Farrah was drugged and assaulted at those porn conventions. That's the lifestyle she signed up for.

I do agree Farrah can't maintain a business relationship to save her life. She will sour every deal ever offered to her based on her self entitlement and piss poor attitude. She won't go very much further in life because her opportunities have dried up.

My guess is her lifestyle is an overexaggeration. Though normal teen moms might need to work at strip clubs or even porn, she gets paid a ridiculous amount of money to do so. It could promote is by saying "hey, get into sex industry make lots of money." Also, she doesn't really need to be stripping and making porns. She has a couple degrees and she had MTV money, she could (and should) have continued on that path. Unlike her fellow co-stars, she had the means to do something with herself. No one has gotten an actual degree yet. Chelsea's, I believe is a certification or diploma. Even Leah has her own business (whether it tanks or not) and is going to school.

I think a lot of the other girls struggles are more realistic. Jordan would be a better representation of working as stripper than Farrah. Does this condone any of the girls behavior? No! But, I do believe this would have played out similar if they weren't on TV. Maybe not as quickly though.

Either that or they plan just didn't like her and used that as an excuse. Lol

"I do believe this would have played out similar if they weren't on TV..

Yes. I totally agree. Wherever you go, there you are.
Her stripping career is totally unrealistic, even by stripping and porn standards. I bet actual porn stars couldn't pull 6 figures as a feature dancer.

And let's be honest, there is money to be made in the sex industry. Farrah is hardly the only whore on cable TV. Kim K, Mimi from Love & Hip Hop Atl. Paris Hilton.. so we've seen the sex tape propel careers. The reason we see the success is because the hypocrItIcal entertaInment Industry rewards these ppl.

I bet millions if Kim K wanted to be on MTV, they'd do it in a minute. So it must be Farrahs sh*tty attitude! !!

I dont know if this was posted or not but why the hell is Adam Lind adding and commenting on Britanny Music's facebook page lmao wth this fucking guy lmao

Brittany would probably just take that from Adumb if it bought her a few more minutes.

Maybe he's trying to make a porn with her too.

It seems to me that Adumb is getting more and more desperate. First the suggestion of a sex tape with Farrah, now messages to Brittany Messick? Someone needs attention . . .

He does have all those legals bills to pay :P

Adam is trying sooo hard to stay relevant. Haha.

Ugh I bet he's salivating over there in South Dakota. Perhaps he's gone through all of the tramps there and is starting to look in other states. She looks like someone he'd go for. Want an -ee baby Brit? I'm sure Adam will let you pick another super speshul Hawaiian name.

Kawaiee Jewel Lind

It's funny how radar's Leah related articles seem to refer Brittany has "hot single mom". Single mom?Yes Hot? Not really, IMO.

Funny his occupation is listed as actor at mtv.. and why in the world was his profile pic at one point in august one of him, Aubree & Cchelsea? Is this really Adam's facebook?

I didnt believe that was his real page neither but if you go through the photos and read the comments , you can tell thats his real page. All I know is Chelsea originally uploaded that pics on twitter some time this year

Another way to tell that it's Adam's fb page, is that there are comments from that Jessica NicHOLE chick. The old cougar that Adam dated.

Adam seems so desperate for attention. It's actually really SAD.

has anyone tried to friend request him yet?

I read this site on my laptop and use Chrome. I have three tabs open. The TMJ tab has the headline "Robbie Admits Hooking." Well, yep, considering that he eventually got paid by Radar would substantiate that claim!

So I definitely sat down with a bag of jalapeno cheetos to catch up on the comments... You girlses are the best!!

I did my grocery last night and guess what, I bought a bag of jalapeno cheetos !

Oh my gosh, my husband just made me try those yesterday. Surprisingly yummy!

Can't turn a whore into a housewife

Leah D. Calvert @TM2LeahDawn · 16h 16 hours ago
Going go see our Daddy !

Huh. I had the following written after that tweet but it wasn't included in the comment for some reason:

Yes Leah, keep tweeting your estranged husband's deleted Twitter account. We all believe your marriage is solid.

Aaaaaannnd now I see it didn't even copy over @Calvert505, which is in plain text since he baleeted the account. Yikes.

So, does anyone know anything about Leah's friend Kayla? Remember last we heard she had gotten married and moved to Vegas. But now she seems to be back in WV without the husband, and doesn't seem to be friends with Leah at the moment. Someone asked her why they didn't see her at the twins birthday celebration yesterday, and she replied no one had told her about it.