It's A Nice Day For A White (Trash) Wedding

Leah Messer


(image from hollywood life)

I know this news is over a week old, but I spent the better half of last week inhaling paint fumes, cleaning an old dusty apt, and hauling furniture to the new place.

Needless to say, I didn't have much time to write about Corey, but I couldn't just let it go unwritten, can I?

Now that my move is mostly complete (still not sure how I have Internet since they didn't hook it up yet, but my old modem worked), I will try to go through some of the fun stories from the past few weeks and recap them a little, starting with Corey's 'casual' wedding.

While Leah was busy trashing companies on twitter to try and get free stuff, her ex-husband Corey was getting hitched with the new love of his life - Miranda Patterson.

The reason for the story is how Corey was Corey at his wedding and wore jeans with a plaid button down top.

The title of my post may seem a bit harsh, but it's just a joke. I'm on team Corey with this. Screw tradition.

Who says you have to wear a tux to a wedding? I plan on wearing a Jedi robe with Melinda in princess Leia's slave costume. (Note - I plan on it, but reality is I'll be in a suit and tie.

And I know, Han Solo wasn't a Jedi and Luke was the last one around, so Leia marrying a Jedi would be marrying her brother.

I have a feeling nobody was going to correct me, but had to correct myself before someone else did)

Seriously though, it's like Corey was on his lunch break and decided to squeeze in a wedding.

Did they honeymoon in a coal mine? He at least could have put on a t-shirt tux to class it up just a little.

I really am kidding. I don't care what Corey wore.

He actually seems like one of the nicest people that spawned from Teen Mom, so I'm just teasing him on this.

As long as Miranda was cool with it, I don't care if he showed up in boxers. She likely didn't cheat on him before the wedding, so he already has an advantage over his first marriage.


LOVE the headline!!!!

I think its weird to be so casual if the bride is wearing a formal dress but it's their wedding. His bride is obviously laid back and easy going though if she was fine with this. Good for Corey.

That was my thought...nothing against the groom going casual, if the bride's attire fits in that category as well. Miranda's dress has a train! Then again, Leah and Jurrmy's weddin' had the same issue - she wore a gorgeous formal gown while he wore chinos and a white henley - yet the bridal party was all dressed to the nines, the mothers looked like they had taken 10 minutes out of their beach time to attend a wedding. It just looked out of place.

All that said, Mumbly Corey and Miranda look very happy together, and I wish them a lifetime of marital bliss. And hopefully this will be the LAST wedding of their parents "the girls" need to be in for a long time!

Totally agree - it's not the level of formality I think is tacky (I'm all for casual weddings) but it is bizarre that she's got that damn train and he looks like he's running to the liquor store on his day off. I guess she wore cowboy boots under that gown so that's kinda cute, but if I was her I would've picked one way or the other instead of choosing to combine such different looks.

I also have no issue with people who make their wedding their own but I reserve the right to laugh about it when they put it online.

I have a love hate relationship with his "wedding attire" but, it's so Corey I am more on the love side of it. Miranda looks stunning! I think it's a perfect fit for the two of them. It really looked like a country wedding.

I absolutely love Corey. Hands down, the best male figure on the whole series.

Hey, as long as they're both okay with it then it's fine with me haha. At least they didn't spend a fortune on their wedding or postpone it to get a classy sleeve tattoo instead *cough* kail *cough*

ut who would get a marriage with a baby on the road when they can afford sexy masculine half-sleeve tattoo. Everybody knows it's the best idea ever to get a tattoo shortly before trying to conceive, it's not like you will gain weight and the skin will stretch or anything. That is called priorities people, you do not marry yourself when you can buy matching half-sleeves done in your friend's garage.

Lol I swear this girl cracks me up, but apparently now that they sold their souls to MTV for another season they can afford the wedding.

In Corey related news, I found this little gem on twitter and taught I absolutely had to share it :

The header and bio totaly cracked me up.

LMAO @ Tm2ClownCarVag!! Holy buttfuck Farrah! I nearly died laughing!!!

I think @HolyButtfuckFarrah should be an account.

HO MY GOD! I am DYING. Where has this account been all my life?! The photos are really the best.

I already commented on Corey's attire on the last post, but I just wanted to chime in and offer congratulations and I sincerely hope that this marriage lasts. Miranda looks like a nice girl and I like Corey a lot. But wait a few years before you start having the childrens, y'all.

YES YES YES YES YES! You have made this day wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

I'm sorry but you don't get pregnant in your arm hon. Her crappy ass half sleeve is not likely to stretch out unless she truly becomes a hippopotamus which could be possible

I don't know about you but when my sister was pregnant she gained weight from every part of her body, not just the belly. Granted she probably won't get stretch mark, but still i have a tattoo and the simple weight swing can totally fuck it up. Also considering she have trouble with her weight as seen by the many weight gain/weight loss getting a tattoo was not a good idea at the time. Especially if she planed to get pregnant soon. But when you have the money to get laser treatment and things like that, regret and possible bad tattoo choice must not be a bother.

And I knew you guys would like the Leah parody account. You cannot stay indifferent in front of the skunk picture with Leah face on it. :)

Hmm I've not seen that but it's plausible. :)

at least he didn't wear the camo hat.

The honeymoon in a coal mine bit made me choke on my coffee.

I mean, yeah, I get that your wedding is your day and my partner and I will probably tie the knot with the Final Fantasy IV soundtrack playing, but actual effort is a good thing too. Was that even his *best* Wal Mart button-down?

Taking bets on Leah trying to seduce Corey now that he's officially unavailable. Little miss no-boundaries must be squirming now.

Even though he didn't wear a suit & tie at least he isn't wearing his bright green shirt & the horrible falling apart como hat! (:
He is one of my favorite Teen Dads. I hope this marriage works out for them. He deserves to be happy since Leah treated him like crap.

He saved the camo hat - and *only* the camo hat, for the wedding night. In both of his bathtubs.

Awwwwwww yeah.

bow chicka bow wow

He may not be wearing a suit and tie but but he sure picked a nicer lady this time around. Definitely upgraded. Good for him. Out of all the men on this craptastic show, he deserves happiness the most. Hope he found it.

Congratulations to Corey! He may not be in a suit and tie, but if the bride doesn't care, I don't either. Miranda, like many women, probably wanted to wear a wedding dress because she's never seen her wearing anything else to her wedding. I hope they are happy and this marriage works out for Corey [and Miranda]. I'm glad he was able to move on and find someone who is good to him.

Since when is the only alternative to a sweaty undershirt, plaid button up, and jeans a suit and tie? C'mon people - he could've worn a nicer collared shirt with those jeans without being wholly uncomfortable or "not being Corey."

I wonder if he's gonna look back on this one day and regret much of an effort would it have been to just wear a white shirt and a sport coat? I'll even give him a pass on the TIE. But for goodness sake man, make an effort. You can change into your huntin gear for the reception. I also think Corey is a heck of a nice guy, so I'll give him props for matching his undershirt to the flowers...but seriously, what was he thinking?

If you have time can you write a quick story about how Chelsea is reselling jewelry? Her website is, she is selling "her" necklaces for $25 plus $7 shipping and here is a website where you can get the same necklace for $2.89.

I just feel like people should know this before they fork over so much money for a necklace.

It's ridiculous how she was trying to pass it off as her own design. I'd sue the hell out of her if that were my design lol.

Yes it is! And she even uses the same picture from that website (the second one).

But guys, I don't think it's HER actually doing this, it's Anthem Licensing (see the bottom of the site) - which is a licensing company that hooks celebrity names up to products. I would guess that Chelsea probably has next to nothing to do with this, except that she's letting them use her and Aubs' names and likenesses to sell the jewelry. Check it out:

Oh my lord - go figure! But it does have a special "AubreeLOVE" clasp - with a heart charm featuring a Swarovski crystal, because (according to her website) "Love keeps everything together!" Keep reminding yourself of that, worked out so well over the past 4 years!

"LOVE HOLDS everything together", my bad!

Omg this isn't related but Judy wanted to say I'm having fun trolling the trolls on tmt right now. Eye for an eye beeyotches!! Bwahahaha

You know that doing that only makes them want to do it more, right? Like Farrah, any attention is good attention to them.

so far no comments so it seems that they can dish it but not take it, or they may have just gotten bored. Who knows.

I just see people throwing gas on the fire there. The best way to discourage someone who wants constant attention is to ignore them, provided you can't be there to punch them in the teeth in-person.

Right??? Lol. Meant to thumbs up you but stupid phone didn't let me.

Stevebeans you would have loved my wedding! My husband and I just had our Star Wars wedding a few weeks ago! Yes, we're giant geeks!