Is Leah Messer Actually Done With MTV?

Jeremy Calvert

It's been six years since Leah Messer made her reality TV debut as a cute, spunky cheerleader on

LEAH MESSERMTV'S 16 and Pregnant, and Messer has continued working with MTV non-stop ever since. In just six years, Messer starred on seven seasons of MTV's spin-off, Teen Mom 2.

While Messer once was a fan favorite as many envied her seemingly quaint and tight knit relationship with Corey Simms, her subsequent divorce and relationship problems thereafter would end up with her being the subject of a TON of negativity.

In 2014, following rumors that Messer was abusing prescription medication, several sources announced with confidence that Messer was quitting the Teen Mom franchise after Season 5. said that Messer was concerned the discussions about her behavior would lead for her to lose custody of her children.

Unfortunately, that ended up having just several months later as Messer was denied primary custody of her six-year-old twins, but Messer didn't leave the show.


Messer went through a second messy divorce with ex-Jeremy Calvert, and just like her previous divorce, the cheating accusations were abundant. Following a stay in rehab for her medication abuse, Messer found love again with personal trainer T.R. Dues, but instead of fans being happy for her, they criticized her for moving too fast. Two months ago, she called it quits and happily announced she was a single mother once again.

Shortly after, Messer began to publicly criticize MTV for editing scenes to paint her in a more negative light than reality would have.

She called the show a "fake a#% TV show" and said she was #SoOverIt, which was not the first time Messer took to her Twitter to blast MTV for its editing tactics.

Several sources say if it weren't for Messer's contract, she would leave the show behind in a heartbeat.

Would you be sad if Messer called it quits? Or would you say good riddance? Sound-off in the comment section.

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I'd love for Leah to try& survive without the MTV cash cow ? She needs money for the girlsies and the drugsies ya'll!!!

I remember this girl acting like a complete tool when her "fame" first took off. She had all her friends make this ridiculous PR Facebook and give updates "Leah is doing well..." "Leah is feeling tired thank you for your love." And all her photos were watermarked and it was the most ludicrous thing I have ever seen. She was OBSESSED with MTV, not to mention the fact that it paid for her acrylic nails and hair extensions for years. Don't bite the hand that feeds you, yah hot mess (er).

I know!!! She used to be so cocky when MTV started and also when she met Jeremy. All of a sudden she became "I married a rich man." IN reality he wasn't rich - he simply worked hard for his money and in WV she viewed that as rich. Hopefully she's had a taste of some humble pie

That attitude is what pissed me off more than anything. I am evil, I guess, but I laughed like hell when the TRUTH CAME OUT about that one, y'all.

Also this is embarrassing but I was rooting for her after she cheated on Corey the first time on her 16 and Pregnant episode. She seemed like a lost confused teenager who genuinely regretted her mistake. And when she made Corey the "Im sorry" cake and macaroni and cheese on the first episode ever of Teen Mom, I thought she was sweet and they would make it. She screwed EVERYTHING up.

I was too :( I really liked them together. I thought she was actually really sweet and cute but now she's just a fucking mess, and many of the girls are. That's what getting money will to do you when you don't work for it. I mean look at Amber. I don't think Chelsea is by any means perfect but definitely the most normal one out of them all. I would say Kail but she's such an entitled racist asshole. The one I want to see not living on MTV the most is Farrah. Even though she's a bigot she's sold her dignity in order to have $$$ but I liked watching when she was begging for extra shifts at her pizza place and living at her moms house. Ah those were the days. I mean really though that show used to be accurate and now it's just a big shit show. Still entertaining though damnit.

Tbh I think the only ones who will do fine without the MTV money are Kail and Chelsea.

Maci I think has/had potential to do okay but the fame went to her head and now she thinks she's too good for a real job.

@Batman I dunno about Kail. Plastic surgery, Mercedes, vacations, and big houses aren't cheap. She's not very responsible with her money.

Lol Kail and Javi are just as fame whorish as Jenelle and new dick of the week.

Leah's not going anywhere. Those MTV checks are the only thing keeping her in her current lifestyle and she knows it. Plus you know she loves the attention. I think her lashing out at MTV is just part of her delusion and her revisionist history of her life.

It's mtv's fault, it's corey and miranda's fault.....but not hers

Exactly, lunchables. According to Leah, every mistake or bad choice has been completely influenced by external factors. I'm willing to bet most of them are made up, too: Narcolepsy, anyone?

Yes and anxiety and that she almost had a stroke cause of it (or whatever shit she said lol)

When did she call it quits with TR? Aren't they living together and her being single is just another lie?

All of the girls should quit. The show has jumped the shark.

If Leah quits before it's cancelled she's gonna struggle big time. First she'll sell her "why i quit TM" story to US Weekly or InTouch for a quick buck but once she runs outta the pillses she'll turn to dickses hardcore. This girl can't get a job that will pay her much since she's borderline mentally challenged and can't even pass an entrance exam to bring on the child support checks and alimony! She's gonna do the baby trap thing at least a few more times to get more child support to feed her drug & cigarette habit. She'll look like April by age 30 and her vagine will hang like sleeve of wizard.

Hope she starts mapping out the trailer parks by the well schools.

Like a sleeve of a wizard.....bahahaha

It has seriously gotten out of control. It especially makes me sick that Jenelle gets as much money as she does for all the bullshit she's done. She doesn't deserve a nice car or house or anything from not working and being a piece of shit mother, daughter, and citizen. And I was hoping this time she'd go to jail but I guess not. Her luck will run out soon enough though.

Her luck will run out when the show is over. She feel invincible because MTV always gets her out of things but her first run in with the law when MTV is gone she will realize she can't afford her lawyers anymore and end up in jail for a long time

I will be the first to admit i was a huge corey and Leah fan. Even

I think Corey was good for Leah, but Leah was bad for Corey.

I would love for her to be off the show. Since she dropped out out school a ton of times, she will finally have a reality check of what "real life" is like. Then *gasp* she will have to get a job, get some form of an education to support herself and finally live in the real world. I'd absolutely love that!

You mean like actually get her shit together? And not just say words?

Don't get me wrong, but how was this news?

Honestly I want her and her family to have their own show. Correction: I want them to have their own show but be paid significantly less. I am super invested in Ali's story and plus just being real, the trailer trash trainwreck is hard to look away from.

I'm with you!! A new show called Keepin' Up With Them Messers. That would be TV gold. The whole family is trashy!!! We could get Oreo's dirt, Mama Dawn's dirt!! It would be glorious. Then we'd have C&M on the sidelines showing up for pickup/dropoff and sadly shaking their heads.....

I'm glad I'm not the only one that enjoys the shit show that is her life. While Chelsea I think is the most together person on the show, it's just not as fun to watch anymore whereas Leah's segments always entertain me. Even Jenelle is boring now. Same shit different dick with her lol. I'll watch Leah over Jenelle, Kail, or even Chelsea any day.

Corey and his family want to leave the show, and if he doesn't allow the twins to be filmed then Leah won't really have much of a storyline. So, I can see her making it "her idea" to quit filming so it doesn't look like Corey made the choice. Leah wouldn't want to stop the MTV gravy train. If so she will have to go back to working at the dentist office, which I'm sure is 9-5 and she won't have time for purple hair extensions and rhinestone fingernails anymore!

None of them will ever quit until MTV says so. That's the only reason the OGs did and also the only reason the OGs came back. MTV plays them all like puppets. See you next season Leah!

I think Chelsea could/will be the only one to walk away without MTV telling her to do so. I wouldn't be surprised if this season were her last. I don't see her spending extravagantly like her co-stars. I'm sure Jenelle and Kail are getting nervous about Chelsea's distance and Leah's bashing...they wouldn't quit for anything because they spend like crazy. Leah would come back in a heartbeat after experiencing real life for the first time since she was 17 years old.

Agreed. I think Javi being the fame whore that he is would always talk Kail into staying on the show even if her or Jo wanted to leave. Although as much as I like Jo he doesn't work or go to school and reaps the benefits of that MTV money too.

I'd be sad because I want to see the girlses

Me too. I love it when they tell her off.

I don't think we ever have to worry about Leah willingly leaving MTV. Who else is going to pay her to sit on her ass and talk shit about Corey? She couldn't even hold down that part time job wiping down tanning beds for more than a week or so.

Lol Leah has threatened to quit how many times now? She actually did hold her ground 1 or 2 seasons ago and refused to sign a new contract for a few weeks into production. Probably the most effort anyone has made to leave the show. But alas, she came back with what we can assume was not only a nice salary increase, but the promise to give her a "good edit" going forward. I mean seriously, she lived with T.R. for how long? A good nine months (give or take) and if you don't read TM2 news online you wouldn't even know of his existence other than the brief nameless mention in last season's reunion show. But still, even with that in her favor she's not happy with what MTV is portraying. If you've got a "good edit" clause in your contract and you still don't look good, it's time to blame yourself. Girlfriend can blame Corey and/or MTV all she wants, but the public knows when to call a spade a spade.

Leah Leah Leah. Don't bite the hand that feeds. Other than spreading her legies for child support she has no education or marketable skills. I work in the entertainment industry and know that editing can make things seem different than they really are but come on. they can't edit Leah nodding off while holding her brothers baby, or script Gracie's tirade about being hungry and cold. Did they also tell Ali to fall on her head. Sorry Leah, but having a job sucks sometimes, and like it or not, MTV is your job. Unfortunately I think this may be the end of Teen Mom 2. I don't think Chels and Cole will re-sign for another season. Adam has been pretty plain that he won't let his kids be on the show again ( probably because he doesn't want Chels to get that MTV check. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face). Corey and Maranda are over it. Now Leah can't handle the stress (wouldn't want her to have a stroke). Jenelle would do Teen Mom until she was a Teen Great Grandma. I just hope that Corey and Maranda can wrangle the girls and give them a normal life. I don't want them to be on the spin off called "I'm a Teen Mom Too!"

Remember when she posted those smug Twitter comments about how people on welfare should just get jobs and work for their money? I'm sure she'd be singing a different tune if she didn't have MTV to fall back on. She can lash out at them all she likes but to willingly leave them and forfeit the money? Not likely. When reality finally hits Leah, it's going to ruin what's left of her.

If she didn't have such a rampant pill addiction, I actually think she would do just fine and not have to work due to the fact that she has two men paying her the crazy amount of child support. I think the girl brings home more than I do; it's insane!

Leah's 16 & P episode is my favorite, I think I have watched it at least 5 times lol!! They were both so cute together, and it all went so wrong :(
Someone has mentioned in the comments (ages ago, wouldnt be able to source) that Corey's family are church going and respectable, and that him hooking up with Leah was definitely not supposed to be a long term thing.

In the first series of Teen Mom 2 I really thought that Leah and Corey would make it, they seemed so in love, and when he proposed with the ring on the fishing line it was so sweet.

I would so watch a spin off about the Messer clan like one poster suggested!! Could you imagine the comedy gold that would be!!?

I can't see Leah ever willingly quitting, but I wouldn't be surprised if it gets to a point where none of her kids have consent from the dads to appear on the show.

I recently rewatched Leah's 16 and pregnant episode and some of the first season of teen mom 2. How far she fell made me really sad. She ALMOST had a shot at a life, but she blew it.