Leah Buys a Horse

Leah Messer


Teen Mom 2's Leah Calvert has been pretty open about therapy for her daughter, Ali, who has a form of Muscular Dystrophy. One part of therapy that Leah's mentioned several times this season is Equine therapy, which is essentially therapy with horses.

She and husband, Jeremy Calvert, sold their previous home, moved into an apartment, and began the search for a perfect piece of land for a horse or two in order to be able to give Ali the therapy that they felt she needed.

It looks like Leah has finally pulled the trigger on things, as she announced via Twitter that she had purchased her first horse for her children, and that she was looking for some saddles for them to use.


It looks like she's also recently purchased a new home, so her family of 5 isn't crammed into that small apartment any longer. While all of this seems like great news, it's hard for me to think that Leah is financially able to do all of these things. Most of her story line revolves around Ali's health issues, but the other part of her story line is the fact that they don't have enough money to pay their medical bills.

Regardless of an MTV paycheck, doctor's appointments aren't cheap, and it seems like Leah has some serious spending problems.

She's admitted to spending thousands of dollars to become a consultant for Mary Kay, and it seems like every time we see her, she's got a new vehicle, freshly manicured nails, or a designer purse.

Let's not forget the incident with the brand new washer and dryer from a couple of episodes ago, which nearly maxed out Leah and Jeremy's credit cards.

Some people have been saying that Leah and Jeremy aren't really struggling for money, and that MTV is simply having them act like the financial burdens of things are putting them in over their heads, but others think that Leah is simply careless with her money.

While I am happy that Ali is getting therapy, horses are expensive and they can be a lot of work.

Do you think that Leah's spending is out of control, or do you think she's putting on a front for viewers of Teen Mom 2?

UPDATE: Here's a picture of the horse! The horse on the right that Leah is next to is the horse that Ali will be using for therapy.

People on Facebook have commented that the horse is young and probably not trained for therapy purposes.



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She'll be complaining about how much work the horse is in a few weeks. Why must unfit people have animals? Poor horse.

If she is tired & has alot of anxiety now, how much *meds* is she gonna have to to take when u add a horse into the mix. A friend of mine has had many horses & they are alot of up keep & care. I feel so sorry for that horse all ready.

Also, if you think her girlses hair looks unkempt, think about that poor horse. They need to be groomed daily! I can see that poor horse getting a stone stuck in its hoof, and Leah not having the sense to check when its limping. Plus, sitting in a disgusting stall. Can't see Leah getting off her ass to muck it out, either.

hope the horse does not end up having a mullet just like leah

Leah's an idiot. She's spending more then she's making and once teenmom2 is over she's going to be in the same boat Maci is in, and most likely worse then Maci. I don't see this horse lasting if she can'teven keep a puppy or kitten. House after house, car after car, just no. Why Jeremy doesn't stop her really bugs me. Does he have no say in this whatsoever?

Also why is she just now looking for the saddles? Someone obviously didn't do their research. She should've been informed of all the needs in this "therapy". Idiot , I swear.

She never researches anything before jumping into it (relationships, nursing school, buying car after car, marrying a guy with an away from home job and then bitching about it after they get married) she doesn't ever think before she acts. So it doesn't surprise me that she got a horse before getting the proper equipment needed to tend to the horse. She probably doesn't know the first thing about taking care of a horse...and it will just become another stressor in her already screwed up life, and she will be getting rid of it soon when she realizes that it isn't just a pretty animal that her 'girlses' can ride around all day, and they actually require a lot of work and attention.

I learned pretty quick how much work a horse could be when I was on the ground staring up at hooves coming down around me. They are NOT an animal an inexperienced person can just go purchase and play with. I've been bitten, kicked at, thrown off, rammed into a tree, and thrown into a thron bush due to them and my inexperience. I love and adore them, to me they're worth it, but this is terrifying to think an inexperienced person just bought them to plop kids on to.

If you don't know what you're doing suck it up, pay per visit, and take your kids somewhere with people who do! It's safer for everyone involved.

Horses are no joke. Getting bitten is a form of torture in my opinion...giant teeth marks on your skin for weeks.

Haha ..girlses. She's going have to bath that horse.

She's an idiot all around. I cannot for the life of me, figure out her appeal with these males. How they are so concerned of her ending up alone, these guys get together and discuss who should be with her basically!
I don't see what she offers. Her personality sucks. Mean & bitchy, whiner, controlling & lazy, the way she pronounce her words, anything that invloves speaking .. She has so many little things she does that would be considered as 'pet peeves'. Not only does she have an ugly inside, on the outside she looks crazy. Too much make-up, fake nails, dumb clothes, nasty multi-colored hair, then that stupid flower that was stuck on the side of her head for months and the huge weird bangs. Now her bob just makes her look 40/ish .. Idk but it ages her quite a bit. She's not pulling this look off well at all.

I really don't like her.

The thing is, they *should* be able to afford a horse, a wheelchair, AND the doctors appointments between jermy's salary, Cory's child support, and the mtv money. It's just that they choose to spend it on random crap like car payments and 3000 dollar washer/dryer sets ugh!!

I couldn't believe the washer and dryer! Not only did she "need" a new one, but of course it has to be the most expensive ones! I'm sure hers was broken... So badly in fact that she couldn't be bothered to have a professional come out and look at it because she knew guys!

Maybe jurmee didn't want her to bang the repair man so he bought her a new set haha

Very real possibility.

Lol, and Robbie would be the repairman.

Do we know what Robbie is up to nowadays? I thought I heard a rumor he had a baby on the way (as does 75% of Leah's high school class) but was there any truth to this?

But will MTV let Leah host horribly awkward after show specials with the next generation of losers they put on tv like Maci?

Please give it to Corey. The subtitles humor me. :D

That would be gold. I can just imagine him sitting there with some whiny little girl talking about how her baby daddy doesn't help or doesn't love her or whatever, and Corey rubs his beard or messes with hus ratty camo hat and mumbles something like, "well that's no good."

Ohhh Barbara's Cackle ... you make me Barbara cackle.

I know, she was terrible. All she did was sympathize with the girls (especially anyone having "baby daddy drama") and talk endlessly about her own problems with Ryan/extol her superiority as a parent.

I am not looking forward to her being back on TV. Although I will still watch so I can keep up with this blog! I can't see the original Teen mom coming back for more than a couple seasons though.

Not to mention awkwardly shoehorning religion into the talks. I'm a Christian too, but I thought MTV was a more secular type deal. Weird.

How is she going to be able to handle taking care of a horse an 3 kids while her husband is away from home like 90% of the time?? Horses are a lot of work! And it's obvious that she's already overwhelmed with all the stresses in her life? Gawd!!! She's got shit for brains!

Calling it now: She'll own that horse for a year..tops and then have to "give it away" like 99% of Teen Mom Dogs/Cats/Fish..whatever.

OR sadly, that horse won't live past a year whilst in her care.

I feel bad for the horse. Just like I feel bad for all the casted aside/mistreated/poorly trained/ignored Teen Mom Pets.

Well now that she's opened her selling base to twitter, she'll probably do a little better in that. Eye roll. I've said this on another post, but that really annoys me.

It's like a death when someone I know starts selling shit for a MLM company. I would rather you never speak to me again than speak to me for the sole purpose of making your quota for eyeliners or some shit that month. barf.

Omg this twat waffle that bullied me in elementary school (Who i TOTALLY forgot about) and I hadn't talked to since elementary school fb messages me out of the blue and asks if I want to buy a $200 candle. I ripped into her, I was like first off I'll get it at Walmart, secondly you are such an epic epic cunt because I know you don't care how the fuck I am, and I don't care how the fuck you are but you're asking me to spend THAT much on your stupid ass. I felt bad for calling her the C word but it also felt awesome. LOL she was so shocked. I hate people sometimes.

Well, since we're on the subject of twat waffles & Facebook....

I just got back on fb and I'm being driven insane by the twat waffles who keep requesting to be my fb friend but treated me like absolute SHIT in hs. Obviously they only want to add me so they can stalk my page. One girl spread a rumor that she saw me having sex in the back of the movie theater that EVERYONE believed. I hadn't even gone to the movie that summer. So everyone called me a ho (real original) for a year.

People bully you and think you forgot. Maybe because they did. But you don't really forget people who made your life miserable.

OMG what a cunt! Yeah how can you forget something like that??? I mean you might forget but the second they fb you of course you'll remember them as the twat waffle that did that! So I used to be a super ugly duckling in high school, braces, bad hair, just awkward stage. And I'd like to think I've gotten infinitely better looking since then and alllll the dumb fucks that made fun of me in high school (the guys) started hitting me up and asking me out. Like REALLY am I going to go out with someone that used to tell me I was so ugly I should kill myself? God I let them all have it. I couldn't believe they had the audacity to think I'd give them the time of day...but it felt good rejecting them after all that! Oh I hate rumors... I had some guy tell everyone I had sex with him even though we just danced...it was so ridiculous. High school is the worst.

Agreed. We basically lived the same life. Fuck all you assholes. I'm a fucking swan.

Uuuggghhhhh....I've got a guy who teased me mercilessly throughout school because I was chubby... Imagine my surprise when he tried to hook up with me saying he's "got a thing for big girls" now. No.

Do I look skanky,

Imagine that. "That's nice you're into big girls now. Too bad I've never been into dbags & never will be. No thanks, limp dick."

Ali is a wonderful child so this comment has nothing to do with her.

Leah does not deserve a horse. Horses are large magestic animals who require farriers and good food to keep them from foundering. They are rebellious at times and, especially in the case of therapy, require an experienced handler to keep them in line. They also need to be worked to keep them from becoming rebellious. Leah doesn't know her head from her ass taking care of a human, a horse does not deserve those living conditions. This situation is terrifying to me and my family owns horses. A dog or cat you have a little learning room, a horse is a 1500lb animal that can potentially kill someone if you don't know what you're doing with it. I've been around horses for years, they're not a spur of the moment purchase animal.

Ugh.... I'm so irritated.

I didn't see this before I posted, but I completely agree. Leah has cheap eyeshadow for brains, so her supervising young children around a horse terrifies me! Especially with the little firecracker that Gracie is. If she pulls the horse's tail or rubs him the wrong way, he's not going to just ignore her misbehaving like everyone else does.

I pray none of them are stupid enough to approach from the back. It seems like a simple enough concept but so does feeding your children actual food like apples and she hasn't grasped that one yet.

Sorry but if a horse kicks Leah in the face I might laugh a little (a lot)

I really don't care about Leah. Unfortunately she's even more careless with the kids, as we've seen with the car seats.

Sorry Leah, you can't feed horses lunchables and Cheetos.

And if it kicks you in the face, you can't blame Corey.

No kidding. Plus, not just any horse is suited to be a therapy horse, just like not just any person can supervise horse therapy. It's supposed to be done with properly trained people and animals. Ali will need more help than a mere "special saddle" can give her; I think just plopping her on a horse is really dangerous. Plus, there are probably special technical things you're supposed to do on the horse to maximize its therapeutic potential for Ali. Which, you know, a person who specializes in horse therapy would know.
Bricks. Leah is bricks.

If, god forbid, Leah had a son or daughter that was born blind, would she just go out and and buy him or her a random labrador retriever to be a seeing eye dog? Therapy animals are generally trained intensively from a very young age. Trainers look at temperament as well as the required skills. It's not just about the species or breed, it comes down to individual animal. We had a beautiful black lab, but he would have been a terrible seeing eye dog - he would have dragged the poor person to a whole other state on a walk.

Maybe she is bought the horse but is keeping it at a ranch with trainers and she just goes to the ranch whenever she wants to see it. I really hope that's the case. None of the girlses will be able to outrun an angry horse. Ali may be able to outsmart it, but the other two...

lol at all the thumbs down for me thinking Leah may actually do something logical for once. My bad.

I think you got thumbed down for calling Aleeah and Adalynn stupid.

Not stupid. Ali is just taking night classes in college at the moment so she is better equipped.

Aleeah can beat it with a bat like she does with the cats and Addy can throw cheetos at it

Buying a horse is truly the dumbest thing Leah has done to date.

Also, cannot wait to see her shoveling shit every day. That is all.

She will convince Jurm to hire a stable boy, she will then fuck the stable boy (Most likely Robbie) , get knocked up and lock in her own show. BAM!

Whorses and Handbags!

Whorses!!!! I'm dying

Brilliance. It will be just like The Princess Bride but with white trash and trap babies, and no adorable humor, hilarious celebrity cameos or touching love story. So nothing like The Princess Bride, except for Leah bitching at the farmboy.
"FARMBOY, groom my girlses horse!"
"FARMBOY, get me more cheetos!"
"FARMBOY, give me another baby!"
As you wish, Leah.

Jurm will check the online bank statement and notice the stable boy hasn't been paid: "JURMEYYYYYY...he told me to save my money for Ali, I paid him in sex." Bacon slap.

The poor horse will never get brushed judging by the twinses usual hair styles. Also, is Leah aware that horses don't eat Cheetos?

The horseses will soon be orange, have purple hair extensions on their tails and manes. They will be sporting all kinds of Mary Kay eye shadow. They will be fed Lunchables and Cheetos. Jeremy will be trying to train them, when they don't listen, he will slap them with bacon. Leah's next tweet will be a question about where she can buy diapers for the horses!
I understand wanting equine therapy but it makes so much more sense to take Ali to the experts. Focus on saving for the very expensive medical care Ali needs and will continue to need. This is such an immature and impulsive decision. It will only break the girlses hearts when they have to sell the horseses.

LOLLLLLLL the image of the poor horse with purple extensions. that thing is gonna run away just like Robbie did.

I just died at the purple crap in their manes and Mary Kay eye shadow. Leah doesn't need a therapy horse, she needs a my little pony.

NO My Little Pony is too good for her.

Maybe she can get a stick horse like you suggested for Gracie. And while they're in Toys R Us, they can get her one of those makeover Barbie heads so she can practice doing hair and makeup.

Yes ok I approve of that. Oh gosh, yeah maybe Aleeah can teach her mom how to do her fucking makeup with it. Omg can you imagine Ali having horse riding lessons and Aleeah is just sitting there wanting to go on a horse too? Lol I read they got her a 4 wheeler cause Ali has a wheelchair. Maybe they'll get Aleeah a rocking horse or just let her chase and abuse some more cats.

Oh Jesus, Jeremy slapping the horse with bacon did it for me.

Yeah, as if Leah weren't drownding in medical bills already... Ever heard of vet bills?

But she neeeeeds that horse! And that big house and farm to go with it! YOLO

Everyone in Leah's family eats cheetos. It's mandatory.

That is true she even admitted all her girlses have been finses after the cheetoses: https://twitter.com/TM2LeahDawn/status/430247886970826753

Poor horses.

I'd just like to point out "I've gave." I will admit, sometimes I get stuck on things like who vs whom, but seriously, how does that even sound right in your head?! And just the fact that she gave them to Addy for her first birthday makes it obvious that it's kind of a running joke and that poor baby has probably been scarfing down "that cheesy crap" since she had a tooth. I said the other day when we were talking about the girlses drinking soda at the zoo, I get that there is only so long you can keep kids away from crap food before they see other kids have it. But a 1 year old child is not the boss, Leah. You're the mom, you make the rules, and you can go buy her some Gerber puff crackers.


I've gave all my kids Cheetos and they have been just fine.


"I've given". I hope only as a rare treat?

I remember her tweeting how she use cheetos to get Ali to stand

Well cheetos are to Leah as windex is to the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. They are the elixir of life that heal all wounds and solve all problems.

Lol I remember that ont he show, and then Mama Dawn chiming in that she used to get Leah to walk too. I wonder if they have a stale cheetoh that they've just passed down from generation to generation

LOL I don't think she is

Ali needed a horse? How about Leah WANTED a horse! It's no secret she's wanted one. It being a form of therapy for Ali I believe is just an excuse. I know plenty of people around me who own horses. One stable near me is dedicated to using their horses for therapy for people who are a lot worse off than Ali is. I'm not trying to make light in any way of Ali's condition, but there are plenty of other methods of therapy for her that don't involve buying another living creature that demand a lot of time and care. How well trained is this horse? Does she know how to own a horse and train it for therapy riding? Even the best of horses knock people off at times. I just can't wrap my head around what she's thinking!

That is exactly the truth. Leah has been stuck on horses for herself for a long time. Didn't she lasso Corey into taking her out horseback riding when they were still together? It seems that Leah just rationalizes everything she wants by claiming that Ali needs it.

I wonder if horse therapy is even safe for Ali. She has some disabilities that might make it very dangerous for her to ride. Just because someone has problems with their legs and can't walk does not mean that they can automatically ride a horse. It would seem to me that Ali's disease affects other parts of the body than her legs. She might have problems with her balance, arm coordination or sight that would also make riding dangerous. Maybe Leah just envisions the therapy to be Ali watching Leah ride a horse.

There's a stable here that works with Deaf kids, kids with cerebral palsy...all sorts of stuff. You have to be vetted even to VOLUNTEER there. Leah's going to get her spleen kicked out.

I think the only horses she needs to have are the ones on the sticker in the back if her car window.

So assuming this is a recent picture, Leah has long hair again? She looks happy and healthy so I wouldn't be surprised if this was from a few years ago.

I don't think it is a recent picture. The picture she posted on Twitter of her and HER new horse she has her short hair.

Okay that's what I thought. I'm not on Twitter or anything, so the only way I really keep up with the girls is through here (and the show :) ) But getting extensions like 2 months after chopping off all her hair seemed like such a Leah move, I figured I might as well ask.

Yeeaaaah... looks like an old picture to me. Between the happy-ish looking Leah and the presence of a girlfriend I doubr it's recent

And no clown face make up covering the meth scabs.

The happiness is what really made it stand out to me, which makes me really sad for her. She hasn't looked that happy in awhile. And she also hasn't really been around friends in awhile either since Kayla moved, except that one girl I don't like and she was only there once or twice. Even her sister hasn't been around much. I feel bad for lonely Leah :(

I can't say I miss Kayla's derp face and psychotic hair

Kayla you thumbs down whore you look like you've been drinking dye for the baby's head. Chill with your Edward Scissor Hands haircut and derp face.

She thumbed me down too TTB. Probably cos I said Leah has meth scabs. Truth hurts.

That's an old picture from when Kayla was still living in WV, that's who is sitting next to her.
Leah looks really pretty here, I agree.

Is it possible that they purchased the horse and it is being boarded somewhere else? I agree in that Leah isn't prepared to care for a horse. But if they are boarding it elsewhere then at least it will be cared for. Unless I don't fully understand the concept of boarding horses?

Least kept saying she wanted a house with a yard for a horse. In prey sure is going to be at her home... Which is even more terrifying. I hope the girlses never ever go near that horse or get into the stable where it will be alone...I can just see something horrible happening at Leah's lack of thinking/caring. She's seriously on meth.

There are many levels of boarding. Minimal care means they may have a stable for the horse but they will not feed it nor take it to the barn at night. You are expected to do that. You can pay for someone to completely care for the horse but you will be paying a gold mine for that. I'm serious. Minimal care around here is in well over the 100s already.

Why was I downvoted for this comment? O_o lol whatever

She pretends they struggle, so obvious. They are seriously pathetic, Leah can barely take care of her kids, she is dragging them up does she have any sort of idea how much hard work horses need?
She is an idiot. Period.

So I've worked with a camp for about seven years now and I've learned quite a bit about children and horses. Kids Gracie and Ali's age are always excited when they see the horses, but get terrified when they come face to face with a huge 1200 lb animal. A horse is a lot of work to control and needs to understand that you're the boss. That can be extremely intimidating for children with a large dog, let alone a horse. Kids tend to be afraid to hurt the horse, not wanting to pull the reigns or kick too hard, and end up loosing control. In my years of riding I've never been bucked off or stepped on, but I've seen it happen plenty. My hope is that Leah has professionals involved in the riding and therapy, and not allow the kids on it without a professional until they're older. I don't think they're too young necessarily, I just don't trust Leah's idea of supervising young children around a half-ton creature.

Not that I agree with literally any part of Leah's plan, but some little kids do love horses. My husbands cousin owns two horses that she rides in a horse drill team and we brought our 3 year old out for a ride (with cousin sitting with her and holding her of course.) My daughter LOVED every second of it and even helped picking up the poop lol. She asked for a horse but we could never afford the money or time for that hobby right now.

We also have a 110lb beast of a dog so she's used to giant animals. ;)

Oh I totally get what you mean. Maybe I didn't communicate it well enough, but kids do love horses. I've just seen a lot of kids who weren't familiar with riding get intimidated very easily when the horse doesn't follow commands perfectly or when the horse gets annoyed, whinnies loudly or bucks. I'm sure after a couple times, any anxiety a kid has about the horse would be assuaged. I just hope that any activity with the animal is extremely well supervised by a professional and not Ms. Mary Kay For Brains. I'd hate for the poor, innocent horse or the poor, innocent girlses to get hurt. Kids so young can be so unpredictable, so safety should be the first priority. But idk if Leah knows what a priority is /:

What I'm most worried about is Gracie. That child is fearless, and while Leah and a therapist will most likely be watching Ali like a hawk, I wouldn't be surprised if Leah had a more hands off approach to Gracie. We've seen how rough that little girl is with the kitties that she stalks, a horse will do worse than scratch her and run away.

I seriously love Gracie's spirit but yes she needs to be taught not to be so rough with animals. Her and Jace would be like the perfect couple later on in life lmfao

Oh dear, that would be such a catastrophic couple! I would love to see them both grow up to be really successful and well balanced humans, but it's going to be an uphill battle. I do think Gracie has a better shot since she has Corey who seems like a loving and attentive father, and I think seeing Miranda who values her career more than MTV and trap babies will be a positive influence. The best influence Jace has is Barb, and while I love her to pieces...she raised Jenelle.

Yes, it is definitely worrisome as to whether Gracie will be properly supervised knowing how rambunctious she is. I'm also worried that she will feel left out like she does by not having her own willchair. If this is for Ali's therapy then Gracie will likely feel like she doesn't get the same attention/time with the horse and her rides will be just for fun, while Ali "needs" it for therapy. I just hope she doesn't feel like her sister got a pony and she gets nothing...

Which is exactly how she will feel.

Per her official fan page, Momma Dawn purchased the horse. Having said that, it doesn't change the fact that there is a lot of upkeep and it's really expensive. My SIL has a horse, and she was paying to board it until some BS came up, and now it's at her parents' stable, and it actually costs her more to keep it with her parents than have it boarded at an independent stable. So, if it's on Leah's property, she's spending a lot of $$$, including the money for a caretaker!

Where is momma Dawn coming up with that kind of money? I think she's a dental assistant and while they make a good living I don't think they're loaded by any means. And doesn't she have two non-Leah kids that she needs to support or at least help out if they're in school or just starting out on their own?

I thought mama dawn was a nurse? Lol she probably is just like Leah with Jurmy and bugged Leah's stepdad for the $$$. Yeah I know Leah has a bro and sister so that does seem strange she'd have that kind of $$$$. Maybe Leah sucked off a rancher who knows. Nothing shocks me at this point.

Leah said she was a nurse when she first started being concerned about Ali's leg, but then a year or two later Leah said that her mom got her a job at the dentist's office where she worked. We also need to keep in mind this is Leah and she makes no sense. I'm also kind of surprised her sister Victoria doesn't have a kid yet, she seemed pretty sold on the uneducated teen mom, baby daddy hopping lifestyle when she was talking about how wonderful Leah's life is. I also wonder what stepdad Lee does for a living.

After the whole leah talking shit about corey on facebook I went snooping. Leah's sister is dating some old ass pipeliner and she lives in PA thats why she isnt around and Leahs brother isaac has a baby girl on the way by a girl he has only been dating for a few months.

I really appreciate your research, Leah's Deep Fried Curlzies! I have to say, I'm not surprised but still a little sad that Leah's brother fell into the Messer pattern. He's younger than Leah and Victoria too, right? So he can't be older than 19-20, if Mama Dawn popped them one after another.

Ali is the sweetest kid and my heart aches for her, so I hope no one takes this the wrong way. But if you were 19 and expecting your first kid, and your mom (who was by no means rich) bought a horse for your irresponsible older sister's kids(es), even though said sister makes a crap ton of money on a reality show, has a husband with a good job and an ex husband with a good job who pays child support, and she still finds a way to piss all that money away...wouldn't you be a little irritated?! I would ask Mama Dawn where my effing horse was.

Her brother just turned 18 like a week ago or something like that.

This is her sisters boyfriend https://m.facebook.com/coriepw all that grey hair. He's at least 40 and shes like 19 or 20 -__-

Mama dawn set her kids up for failure.
And I know its wrong to think, but I think Aleeah is already on that messer pattern. She needs attention at all times just like her mama.

He does look pretty damn old. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, because some people get greys early (I'm in my early twenties and they're popping up more often than I would like to admit :( ) but his face is aged too, I would be shocked if he was younger than 40. As far as Messers go, Victoria might not be doing so bad. If she has an older, established guy he might be bringing in pretty good money.

I feel so bad for Gracie, and I hope she has a lot of quality time with Corey who pays attention to her. I also hope Miranda finds a comfortable spot as a stepmom, where she can feel okay about giving that child some guidance. Women with serious careers seem few and far between in that family (I know Mama Dawn works, and I certainly don't mean any disrespect to her as a professional. I just think that her legacy is more about man catching than being an independent woman) so having a stepmom who didn't have a baby as soon as possible should be a positive influence on her.

I read somewhere that Mama Dawn got married when she was like 16 and the only catch was she had to promise her PARENTS she wouldn't get pregnant until three years after they got married or something...that's why they agreed to let her get married. Guess who had Leah like 10 months later?

I've honestly just been waiting for one of these girls (or their sisters) to end up with a substantially older man. And yes, sometimes people fall in love in spite of age, and I intend no disrespect. But I can also see girls like 16 & Pregnant/Teen Mom crowd going after older men because they're more likely to have established careers, and so many of these girls just seem to want a man to take care of them and buy them whatever their little hearts desire. And, just as a gross generalization, they're more likely to score their coveted lifestyle as a kept women with men who are older. Leah and the like just yearn to be someone's trophy wife. That's my bet for husband #3.

OMG Issac is YOUNG TOO!!???? I thought he was still a teen himself. POor thing....God wtf is wrong with that family? Ugh remember on 16 p Aleeah's episode and her babies dad brother got a girl pregnant and he was crying? My heart freaking broke....he was SO young.

There was a Starcasm article all about Momma Dawn. It was a fun read. Her way of life is really different from mine, and I can't wrap my head around the fact that she was 14 or 15 when she got married. And Rae's right, she wasn't pregnant. She came from a conservative Christian family that stressed wedding before sex. So she got married right then and there. Maybe Victoria has the right idea - find a man that can support your lazy ass, BUT don't bring kids into the picture. She's smarter than you, Leah!

Do you think anyone told her that she shouldn't feed it Cheetos?

Poor horse.

I wish I could thumbs up a thousand times!

Best comment

Okay, so did she buy the whole horse, or just it's hair?

I read somewhere that Mama Dawn paid for the horse. Which would make more sense since Leah constantly has new cars and had to increase her credit limit for a washer/dryer. Why didn't mama Dawn use the money for a down payment on the pretty pink wheelchair. Maybe the insurance would be willing to cover half the cost if they all chipped in a little.
Poor horse. She doesn't even brush the girlses hair. I can't see it being treated any differently. Lunchables ain't food Leah!

Omg her mom is just as stupid as she is. I hate to be the barrier of bad news.

Nah, Mama Dawn and Leah probably both still think that they can just call Corey's insurance and pull the "I'm the mom" card and get the wheelchair approved. Better spend their money on a horse.

I think Mama Dawn must've gotten ahold of the baby's head dye and it's addled her brain! Leah needs a horse like she needs more hair extensions!

I grew up with horses and I am cringing. If I can afford one in the future, I won't. They're too much of a risk. They are wonderful, but too dangerous. Leah is so impulsive and it's scary. Just not a smart or well thought out decision at all. There is so much work involved with horses. You have to constantly keep them in check. Has Leah ever looked at a pile of horse feces? Is she prepared to shovel those apples up? Is she prepared to possibly get kicked at, bucked off, or bitten? Is she prepared to mess up her weave because it's safer to wear a helmet when you're on a horse? Is she prepared to have a person come out regularly to trim the poor thing's hooves and put shoes on it? What about when its water is frozen solid, Leah? What will you do then? For fucks sake! I hope it farts in her face. I hope it works out but I don't think it will.

"I hope it farts in her face."

Just so you know, I have the mentality of a 10 year old and I thought that was the funniest thing I've ever heard.

Me too... I giggled more than I should have at the thought of the fart being a "wet fart". Lol

hahahahahahaha best comments on this thread!

Did I miss something as to hey she needed to buy a horse, vs take Ali somewhere that has trained therapy horses? That sounds like the most logical thing to me. Let her go somewhere where there are people and horses trained for therapy, and then, if it really does help, get one when the girlses are old enough to help take care of it. I can't see them having the horse for very long once Leah realizes how much work they are. I just hope none of the girlses gets hurt before that happens.

It's more logical to get a whole new house with a farm and a pool and to set up a fund for her and "other kidses".

Psh I dont see this horse sticking around too long. Leah has bought them girls how many dogs and cats that we never hear about ever again. She will eventually get tired and pawn the horse off to someone. Leah is always adding unwanted stress then want us to sympathize with her because shes a young mom of three and one with MD. Psh I will never feel sorry for this dumb sack of shit.

Sad thing is bitches like her keep the glue factories in business. My heart breaks for that animal.

whats that old sayin...putting the saddle before the horse, at least I think that's how its goes anyways lol guess leahs never heard that one before.....

Rode hard put away wet is one that applies to Leah too ;)

I already commented this, but the first thing I thought of was: Leah, save the horse, ride a cowboy.

She's been there done that x 12938120983

This girl pisses me off. Now, I am not in anyway saying she doesn't love her daughters. I think she does truly do her best to do right by them, unfortunately, her best is usually short-sighted and immature. She acts like a martyr for selling their other house, when really they had only just bought it and should have taken alli's needs in to consideration then.

I bet they are having money troubles, she made jermy quit his good paying job, but is spending like he's making the same money. That equation will make ya broke, Hun.
Also, the whole thing on her FB where she was tagging on Cory needing to be court appointed to do what's best for his children, I guarantee that "best thing" involves them moving farther from him, rearranging their custody time, and stuff. Ugh. He's the best father on the show and leah acts like he's a POS.

WHAA? She said he needed like someone to make decisions on his part for the kids?!

I don't think she meant court appointed. I think she meant that SHE has to keep telling him to call about the chair because he didn't seem that concerned about it on his own.

She said "it's sad when a father has to be appointed to do something to benefit his children". Idk, she said that at the same time she was tweeting About havig the best custody lawyer. The girl gets her head so wrPped around something she can't see the forest for
The trees.

What a bitch-a-rooni-doonie.

She has such a forced fake smile. Everything about her is fake from head to toe, same with her bullshit Alianah whatever foundation. This poor horse I feel so bad for it...I can see her screaming at Jurmy to take care of it or that they have to hire a horse caregiver for it, and that Jurmy is a bad husband for not spending more money on it. I remember her saying they needed a house wtih a pool and a horse for Aly's therapy. Omg cunt...you can take your kid to swim lessons and horseback riding lessons you don't have to buy a house with a fucking farm and pool to do that. Meanwhile Addy and Aleeah will eat spaghetti lunchable cheetos on the ground while wondering why they're not getting attention.

How does owning a horse equal equine therapy? Doesn't someone need special training? ( I bought an old stethoscope at the flea market. Does that make me a heart surgeon?)

If I could give you hundreds of thumbs up for this I would!

Yup just like Farrah making a porno = a sex tape. I think Leah claimed her dr's said it would be good for Ali, I heard that and swim lessons. Either motherfucking way you can take them for horseback riding or swim lessons, don't need a whole new house. Crazy money grubbing whore.

Yep. I wonder when Juuurmey will finally realize he does indeed have balls and put his foot down. That guy could be living a comfy life at a very young age if it weren't for her, that must be an awfully hard pill to swallow. I'm curious how much debt they're in.

So much... and I don't see them being married for more than 5 years. he puts up with a lot of bullshit though.

Nope. After watching him explode over washer and drier (which I don't blame him) I can't imagine much more than another year.

I know some people have said Nathan was hired by MTV, but I could imagine Jeremy being the hired man. He sure puts up with a lot of stupid behavior for a guy who seems to have it together.

Exactly. And what if, after all of this, Ali takes better to swimming therapy over horse therapy?
Oh, that's right: Leah will sell the horse and buy Ali a resort in Cancun, complete with swim-up bar for mummy and her special male friends.

Internet high five! Congrats on your new career path! XD

I just can't with Leah anymore. In a week there will be a tweet about how "ohhhmeegeee, I'm soo stressed with this horse and everything else!!!". Wait for it. Hey bitch, you brought ALL of this on yourself. You cheated on Corey, got a quickly divorce, met money bags, jumped into his bed and had a trap baby. And now spends his money on things she doesn't need. Most of her stress she brings onto herself.

No she doesn't! She has twinses at 16 and got divorced cuz Corey liked his porn more than her! And she's drownding with Ali's medical billses! And Juuurmey doesn't love his family and is always away because he likes work more than them!! Totally not her faults at all!!!

I really hope my sarcasm came across there haha

I'd hate to see her going to school full time, taking care of a house, working AND having to take care of those girlses. She would flip her shit.

Although she’s not always making the best choices, I think Leah is trying really hard to be a good mom, she wants the best for all her children.
Maybe it makes more sense for them that the “horse therapy therapist” travels to them instead of Leah to another location, with three kids. Ali has school and therapy already, maybe it just doesn’t fit into the busy schedule including traveling time.
You don’t know, you’re not in her shoes, in their shoes.

I agree she wants the best for her kids but no one with half a working brain cell would take on the care or expense of care of a fucking horse when they have 3 kids under 5, one with a HUGE medical issue and the inability to cope with all of that.

Is she a bad person because she's having trouble coping? Not at all. I know what I can handle and I couldn't handle what she handles. But, in my defense, I'm not out getting pregnant with kids I can't afford, kids I can't spare time for and then making my life more and more difficult by adding more husbands, more bills and a giant fucking horse.

Okay, that makes cents Rea ;-)

plus she spent 5 grand on makeup kits we know she won't be able to sell out. she rilly needs a financial advisor.

Next month she'll be tweeting "hey y'all anyone wantin a horse. For our reasons We think it's best he be getting a good home. Will give for free"

My girlses will miss they horsey but it ate all them cheetos and I had to make extry trips to the piggly wiggly

Every time I remember there are establishments in the world called the "Piggly Wiggly" I wish with all my might that we had one in my region. Plus, on extreme couponing, people always kill it when they shop at the piggly wiggly.

We convinced a really sheltered guy from my church that Harris Teeter was a strip joint. We don't have them in TN and we were visiting Charleston. He just went, "Huh...that sounds like a good name for a strip club, I guess."

Hahaha I just had to google Harris Teeter, we don't have those here either! I guess I can sorta see it a little (unless there is a really obvious joke and I'm missing it?) but the strip clubs I know of have names that are just super obvious and gross. It's always uncomfortable driving past them with my grandma who can't sit in silence ever, so if no one is saying anything, she'll read the names of establishments we pass by.

Barbara's cackle, my grandmother does the same thing! So did my ex's! I love grammies

hahahaha sadly, I speak to people who say shit like this all the time. Lived in the south my entire life and it still floors me every time I have to translate into redneck.

Rae, I'm sure you know of Teasers in Statesville. I've heard there are some scary looking bitches in there.

I can't stand Leah anyway, because she's so vain!Literally all she cares about is material things and updating her look, which looks fucking dumb. Her poor children are lucky to not be lost in the mess of purple hair extensions and body glitter. Now that I'm done with my off topic rant, I can't believe this woman..girl..bought a horse! I wasn't aware she was a horse trainer or physical therapist of any kind... Maybe she can ride on over to Chelsea's spray tan her horse cause I guarantee she bedazzles it in some way! She will say "ali's personalized orange horse" just like she always says "ali's personalized pink chair" we get it, the chair is pink and is made for ali. (Which is great they are able to do that, but when she's talking about the chair to another adult I don't think being pink should be the biggest quality of the chair.)

Exactly. I'd just be happy to have ANYTHING to help my kid. Who gives a shit if it's pink? Especially if an insurance company is covering any part of it.

I knew a girl in high school who had horses and there's this lacquer stuff you can paint on their hoofs that is like glittery nail polish. 10 bucks says she already owns some by now.

It pisses me off they complain so much about the loner chair, that's more than what a lot of people would get! While it's really sad that Ali hasn't been able to get her own chair, they should appreciate the free one that has been provided. A lot of people are just shit out of luck if their insurance company says no, they don't get a loner an thing and they sure as fuck don't go out and buy a horse!

Who knows, maybe the horse is going to be used as a makeup model (cue peta) and it can help "her company"

Maybe she couldn't get the pink car so she's painting the horse pink and riding it door to door, and to her "sales meetings."

Lmfao that's the best! Can you imagine her all drugged up trying to sell you makeup? "This here is.....eyeshadzzzzz..oh I fell asleep..anyway we have new dye for the head zzzzz...."

I wonder if that had anything to do with insurance denying the wheelchair. I get it, a 4 year old seems super young for a wheelchair they'll grow out if within a couple years, but adding the pink and I'm sure every upgrade imaginable, they thought it was too much. She needs to stop bitching about the loaner chair, it's better than not having one at all.

Alternative title: "Leah has new endless supply of extensions."

she won't need to buy them anymore, she'll just dye the horse purple and cut it's hair everyday and glue it onto her head. poor horse :(

So Ali is in need of a wheelchair which is not covered by insurance or so we are told....why the f!ck would you spend money on owning a horse for therapy instead of putting this money towards the wheelchair? Supposedly Mama Dawn bought the horse but shouldn't this money have gone towards the wheelchair? The chair is a need for Ali while the horse does not need to be owned but instead she could take lessons from a certified therapist at a local barn.

No. Of course it's not Leah's job to pay for the wheelchair!! It's Corey's and he's "droppin' the ball" as Jurrmy says. Blah blah blah "My name is Leah and everyone else but me has to take care of me and my litter of children."

I give it a month before Leah has trotted down to the sale barn with it.

Just want to start off by saying I am a long time reader of teen mom junkies! I love reading the articles and the comments on this website.

The fact that Leah purchased a hore just annoys me. My boyfriend's daughter has cerebral palsy and has been doing the same type of horseback riding as Ali since she has been 2 and while we have mentioned it would be great to get her her own horse we have never actually gone through with it because we know how much work it would be, and when you already have a 24/7 job of caring for a child with special needs, it really isn't fair to take on the responsibility of a horse.

With that being said, I would venture to say that Leah didn't purchase a horse that is well trained and experienced in "therapy riding"... Any horses that my boyfriend's daughter rides are older, more experienced horses who are very used to handling kids with special needs.. Not to mention she is posting on twitter looking for a special needs saddle when there are plenty of useful websites where she should be able to pick out the one that best suits Ali's needs without broadcasting it all over twitter... Things like that grind my nerves lol.

I just hope that she has thought this through and thought of every possible scenario before jumping into it, but somehow I doubt that lol.

With Leah, it's all about the image. She wants to dispel the notion that she's a backwoods, uneducated dimwit and she probably feels by outwardly "movin' on up" (big new house, new cars/trucks, top of the line washer & dryer, and now a new horse) will make her look better. She wants to be perceived as a well-to-do mom that is part of the equestrian set. Like belonging to to the country club set instead of the redneck dive bar crowd. She's trying to cover up her insecurities by being materialistic. And in the case of the horse, saying it's therapeutic for Ali. But it's really all about Leah's image.

This could all implode really fast though. Like everyone has mentioned horses are expensive to maintain and a lot of work. I see lots of arguments in Leah & Jurrmy's future!

What I don't understand is how no one stops her from doing these idiotic things. "Yea Leah you should totally get a headset for your phone, you so need it" "yeah Leah living in an apartment is a great ideaa" I could go on and on.

The circus theme song is on repeat in Leahs head.

Well you've seen her fucking moms logic. Leah: Hey mom, shoudl I get married to this derp face that I've known for 3 months? Mama Dawn: I don't know it's your life!!!!!!!!!

So true! It's also funny that therapeutic riding is the only therapy we hear her speak about, when there are many different forms of therapy out there for special needs kids.. I'm from Canada, so I'm sure the US must provide the same kinds, but here all of the special needs families I know are involved in riding, swimming, art and music therapy among others.

EXACTLY. I guarantee you that Mama Dawn didn't go out there and find a properly trained "therapy horse." She just found a fucking horse. Now what are they going to do with the poor thing when it's anxious or doesn't like being chased around like a cat? It's like Leah heard "equestrian therapy" and just assumed that all horses are the same and they can all help Ali instead of just doing some research and finding a program with horses that are trained and HANDLERS that know what they're doing.

Bahaha, leah didn't need to purchase a hore, it's just competition for her!

Seriously tho, I totally agree with you!

Starcasm posted this story.... Anybody notice her baggy clothing lately?? Could she be pregnant again??

Jesus christ I hope not.

Her new game plan could be as many kids as possible with Jurm before the MTV well runs dry. Then, once Jurm wises up and divorces her she can get child support and possibly alimony. Or just go the welfare route. Either path she chooses, I'm sure she will have her own little soccer team by then.

OH HELL NO!- chelsea

Oh god no! Then there would more girlses aughhhh I hate that she cannot speak normally. My husband is from near were they are, and does not speak like a moron!!! Why does she? Jurmy does not seem to talk like an idiot either, albeit he is not home very often and when he is he does not talk much, so idk .......

Dear Leah,
Save the horse, ride a cowboy.

Bun, that is funny! ROFL!

Dear Leah,
Save the divorce attorney. Ride a horse.

Question. Can I ride Dustin or Juhnelle's other lawyer? NOT THE LOVELY'S

LOL Absolutely!

The MDA telethon is on right now. I havent heard a word from Leah's twitter or Facebook about it..(unless I missed it). Why isn't she trying to promote this at all??? This is the foundation that will actually benefit Ali and other kidses with muscular dystrophy.

Because it's all about HER getting money. Not Ali and not anyone else with MD. the selfish cunt.

Not only trying to promote it, being BEING PART OF THE TELETHON! Imagine all the teenage "fans" that will donate some pocket money at the chance to talk to sweet little country girl (aka town bike) Leah!

Leah can't even buckle the girlses in their car seats correctly, I can't imagine her putting a saddle or helmet on correctly.

FFS this is just complete crap!

My husband and I are in the horse business. I've been in it for over 10 years and him for over 6. Horses first the rest later. We give up family time, personal time, we give up every penny we have all for the horses. How in the HELL is Leah going to care for a horse? In the winter it does not matter that the water is frozen or that it was -10 plus a win chill this last winter. Horses had to be fed, watered, groomed and looked after twice a day. No vacations NO DAYS OFF ever. It's a 7 day a week job. And if anything medical goes wrong? Say colic?! The vet bills are just extremely high plus it's a lot of walking and staying up with the horse. Sometimes it can take days. What is fucking wrong with this girl???????

I'm going to get thumbed down but idgaf because it's the truth. This horse will do absolutely nothing for Ali. Also why doesn't Leah get surgery for Ali's turned in eye? She is going to kindergarten soon, and children are going to be little assholes and bully her for her eyes. I don't want her going through that.

Ali is a beautiful little girl. She doesn't need to change her appearance because some stuck up kids may make fun of her.

I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on eye turns, but my sister had one, and she had surgery to fix it. Before that she spent two years wearing a patch (only for a few hours per day at home, as the doctor recommended). Surgery was a last resort, and It's not always for cosmetic reasons. In my sister's case, when one eye didn't focus, the other eye was strained, because it was kind of overcompensating.

My left eye is weaker than my right. They wanted me to do the patch thing when I was a kid, but my mom never made me. I wonder if she had, maybe I wouldn't be so blind today. Lol. Ali looks adorable in her glasses.

Just read Sammy's comment, I didn't take Ali's muscular dystrophy into account. Obviously all cases and all children are different, and I'm sure Ali's case is much different from my sister's and that of most children with eye turns. Sorry this whole thing may have been a moot point :)

Yeah I was going to suggest Leah give Ali an eye patch but I guess I assumed she already tried that. I forgot this was Leah we're talking about though. A kid in my elementary had the eye patch before I knew him (he was in my third grade class and he had the eyepatch in like kindergarten) and it corrected his eye.

Aleeah will beat the shit out of them

That's real fucking easy to say Em when you aren't the one being bullied mercilessly. She's already going to have a difficult time because of her MD, so why not just wear a patch or surgically correct her eye? Because it's turned in Ali can barely even see in that eye that's why she has to wear those glasses. She's basically only using one eye and eventually that eye will strain from doing all of the work and she won't be able to see properly through either eye. It's not just cosmetic Leah really needs to do this for her daughter for health reasons as well.

Yeah, it is easy for me to say became I had the crap bullied out of me in school for reasons I couldnt control. I had to move and fall off the face of the earth before the bullying would end, so yes, I know how it feels. Thank you very much.

An eye patch is different than surgery. Like said below, if it effects her balance or whatever else, that's completely fine. But getting it so some kids won't make fun of her is ridiculous, especially this young.

Ali's eyes turn in because of muscle weakness due to her MD. Surgery would not be able to correct it.

Also, you should really change your tone when talking about a child's appearance. You're coming across as quite hateful towards Ali.

That's what I was thinking. And she's a kid. She doesn't need any unnecessary surgery.

I don't think she meant to be hateful. She said I don't want her going through that. Honestly I get what she's saying, poor kid is going through enough. It's going to make her feel so self-conscious later on and kids are mean. True they do find something no matter what though. I don't like unnecessary surgery either but it's kinda better to nip those things in the butt when they're young. But if it's her MD that is doing it and surgery can't even fix it then yea of course there's no point going through that.

Oh yeah I totally hate Ali. Get real. Just because I suggested corrective eye surgery doesn't mean I hold any malice towards her. I just don't want her to be miserable. Kids are cruel.

I think shit gets misread on here. It's hard when you can't hear someone's tone of voice. I can't imagine anyone ever hating on Ali she's awesome! You are right too, it wouldn't be just for cosmetic reasons, maybe it would help her, but with MD I'm not so sure.

REALLY REALLY off topic but I just got the most psychotic craving for nacho cheese. WTF is wrong with me?

I was teased in school for years having speech issues and ended up just fine. She's a beautiful girl with a supportive family, she'll definitely be fine. If she wants eye surgery when she's older, that's fine. She's only like, four.

Nobody said you hated Ali. Somebody just said you need to watch your to when it comes to a kid, which I agree with.

Agree to disagree.

Trap baby is having a trap baby??

Surgeries like this have more risks as you get older though. Some surgeries it's best to get when you are younger to lessen complications, otherwise I would have said let Ali wait till she is older.

I hate nacho cheese so much it's not even real cheese idk what witchcraft made it but it's evil and I hate the smell and texture and everything about it. I'm a freak I know.

NOOOOOOOOOOO I just have psychotic pregnancy cravings for no reason! LOL if I were pregnant it would have to be by Jesus. Although I did have a slight scare a few weeks ago WHOOOOOOOOOPSIE DOO. That was when I was on here asking about being nauseous at the beginning of pregnancy. Like I knew I wasn't but I was just a little worried anywayyyyyyyy. Yeah nacho cheese is bad and gross but it just sounds so good....I have probs

Em I have to say sorry you were teased, I know how that goes I have a sis with down syndrome that was teased for her speech and eyes and everything it sucked, and I was like Aleeah and very overprotective. Some people are not that strong to handle the bullying though. As you know a lot of kids these days end their lives over it, so I think anything to lessen the bullying is good. And it really might help ali's confidence to correct her eyes. But I'm not sure like I said before how it works with MD.

Thanks Trap. I didn't mean to get so irritable in what I said above, it just pisses me off somebody says "its easy for to fucking say" when I've been through it myself. I wasn't just bullied for speech.I had a lot going on at home that everybody know about and I got ridiculed.

Like I said, agree to disagree.

If it's an option to fix the eye, then that would probably spare her some grief, but kids are going to find SOMETHING to make fun of other kids with regardless. If it's affecting her balance or something, sure, get it fixed but she's still a beautiful little girl. I know you didn't mean anything hateful by that because I worry about her getting picked on, too. But she can definitely hold her own, haha. I agree that there are plenty of things Leah could have spent money and time on that aren't a goddamn horse for Ali's condition.

Dude I agree about the horse. I've wondered that about her eye too. My sister had the same thing and we corrected. Maybe she can't? But I'm sorry agree if she can then she should correct. Although I still think she's beautiful either way and that's not me bullshitting Ali is the best <3 Now if Addy could just grow some hair...

From personal experience I think this is ridiculous. Therapeutic riding does indeed "do a lot" for special needs kids in buildin their trunk and head control, which may seem like "nothing" but to these kids and their families it is a lot. Not to mention riding gives these kids confidence and it gives them something of extra curricular nature to be involved in. However as I said earlier I believe Leah's horse probably isn't properly trained and Ali won't see the benefits she would see from a horse well suited to her needs.

As for the turn, is there even a surgery you can get for that? And even so, it is totally ridiculous to state that she should receive it. My boyfriend's daughter was born with cataracts and had them removed at 3 months old. She had a turn in her eye and as she has gotten older it repaired itself. At 8 years old now you can barely see it. Instead of "fixing" things in special needs kids we need to be teaching other kids to embrace their differences.. Suggesting that they should be "fixed" is totally pathetic and I honestly hope that no special child has parents who think this way...

I am also sure Ali goes through enough to not have to be put through a medical procedure to fix the turn in her eye just to make other people more comfortable.

building* lol got a little excited when typing haha


I wonder if Jurmy (cause I think he has a sense of humour) will be telling everyone he has a w/hor(s)e. We all know what he really thinks of Leah.
I love that everyone on here is calling her what she is. I can't wait till Jurmy leaves her. But then I wonder what the other WV women options are like? Maybe twinses and a trap baby of your own is a good deal?
And I can totally see her fucking the stable boy. Those comments had me laughing out loud. And the Mary Kay selling from the pink horse! Hahahahaha :)

Leah: buy me a new car, washer and dryer, purple hair extensions, horse, meth pipe, package of morning after pills
Jeremy: Now will you please have sex with me?!
Leah: get in line.

She doesn't want the morning after pills! Then she couldn't have all her trap girlses

If this horse isn't trained properly, it can seriously hurt someone! If Ali would benefit from this type of therapy, it would be smarter to take her to work with horses & trainers who know what they're doing.. Plus, Leah will not have the time to maintain this horse, I hope she has plenty of help.

So should we start a pool to take bets on when jurmy leaves her?

Yes AND what her next babies name will be! Ambien Destinee

Learn to spell! It will be Aambiaan Meth Pipe Destaanee damnit!

Guys!!! It will be A-METH-yst Destynee!

I wonder who will the the horse.

*who will get

I hate my phone..

Hello all,

After reading comments for a while, I have finally decided to make my own username and join in on the fun. Also, thank you to Megan, who apparently runs this site. Bless you. I have made a donation to the Keurig fund as well.

So let me start by saying I think that Leah is dumb (this latest story proves it) and I am glad I have finally found a place where I can share the same thoughts as others!

I didn't know that Farrah moved into Leah's backyard!


I thought about this all night and it just crawled all over me, so please forgive this small rant. I went to school with a boy who had muscular dystrophy. His mother was his biggest advocate. She came to school with him every single day. When he was no longer healthy enough to attend school, she continued his education at home. He graduated high school early. He went on to earn an honorary black belt in taekwondo. (he studied the moves and techniques diligently, even though his body would never allow him to perform them). Even when it was clear that he would not survive into his adulthood, he continued to study and learn. He earned an college degree. You can bet anytime the MDA telethon was on- his mother informed our entire community and encouraged us to donate. They were even on the telethon one year. This woman worked tirelessly for her son from the time he was born until he died way too young from this disease. Ali should be so lucky. Instead, her mother is out having more babies, buying horses, and throwing Cheetos on the ground to feed them. Does this dumb cunt not realize?!? Her time with her precious daughter is limited. Ali, right now, is as healthy as she will EVER be. It is a degenerative disease. It only gets worse. Cherish the time you have,Leah!!! There will be plenty of time for Mary Kay, hair extensions, and yes-even Robbie's dick. Right now she should concentrate on making that little girls life as wonderful as possible. I would love to see one of these teen moms use their "celebrity" status for something other than making porn. Imagine the awareness Leah could bring to MDA. She's just too damn selfish.

You make an interesting point. Perhaps Corey is in denial about her ability to walk, but Leah is in denial about how long Ali might live. She should remember that moments are fleeting, and a God damn 3,000 washer and dryer set is nowhere near as important as those two other little girls that barely exist in her world.

THIS. This is exactly how I feel about the situation.

When your time with your child is limited, why would you spend a few hours a month in the beauty salon? Or getting your nails done? I'm not saying she should put herself last but time is precious. Unfortunately, she had these kids very young and just doesn't get it yet.

I think both of them are young and naive about MD and the life that Ali will live. All we know is that Ali has a "rare form" of MD. Maybe she will live into adulthood, maybe not. They need to accept this possibility in some way so they don't waste precious time.

I've been thinking the same thing about leah for a while now. She spends so much time doing things for herself and taking trips to Las Vegas with Jeremy that it seems she isn't spending quality time with her girlse. Ali should be getting time in with her because as sad as it is her time may not be as long as the others and Aleah needs time with her too so she won't always feel so left out and rebel in the future because of it and the baby well she needs time with her because she's a baby, lol. And if you ever notice on the show and in pictures leah is hardly ever around them. They are always with momma dawn or Leah's sister or her friend Kayla or with Corey and his family. Leah has always since day one seemed so self centered and selfish. Although they paint this picture of her being so hands on, but if you really read between the lines you'd see...

I just joined. You guys are hilarious!


what about ali's willchair? #priorities.

I think it is totally possible that MTV has sort of fudged their money problems to make for a story line. They have done this in the past with other things because there is just not much more to talk about. Everything going great for Kail? Let's have Suzie call her. Chelsea doing really well? Okay well lets make a whole episode about Adam sending her legal papers that probably have no legitimate meaning at all. So I could buy that perhaps they aren't really in over their heads.

Leah and Jeremy both make good money. Leah's will dry up soon enough so I hope they are ready for that. I do think she is superfluous... always has hair/nails done and spends on stuff that makes no sense. I don't understand how it works but wouldn't they only be responsible for 1/2 of Aly's medical bills? I'm sure it's still expensive. They need to look into some better insurance and double coverage though.

My grandpa owned a large horse farm and I grew up around horses. That horse is very young and will need years of maturing and training before any minor should get on him, much less a disabled child. Young horses are much cheaper because there is no way to tell for sure that they will grow to be good riding horses and they have not had to time invested in training them. If she puts Aly on that horse as is it would be a recipe for disaster. Hopefully she is paying for high quality training and understands how much work and money is required just to keep a horse. For most horses you are talking about a few hours a day minimum just to keep them healthy and happy. They also need companionship so she better get him a buddy if she isn't going to live at the stable.

Jeremy probably told her not to, and probably tried to explained how a horse would be way too much for her to handle, but the little brat went and got one any way to "show him." She's an idiot. Oh, and something unrelated, but I just thought about. We all know how much of a sex addict Leah is, and how she'll go elsewhere if she isn't getting some daily from her husband, so if Jeremy is having to trade gifts for benefits, who do you think she's off doing it with now?

Crap, her horrible grammar is rubbing off on me!