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I'll admit that I don't follow Jenelle as closely as I used to, simply because sometimes she can be exhausting.

I'll also admit that since she gave birth to Kaiser, her drama has settled down substantially and nobody has been arrested or signed away rights to their kid (that we know of) yet, so that's a huge step in the right direction for Jenelle.

Regardless of how much better things have been going for Jenelle, there's still a huge part of her that loves the attention that comes from stirring up shit.

Jenelle's most recent drama comes from a family member, which is slightly more unusual than the normal crap which comes from friends or ex-boyfriends.

To make things simplified, Jenelle has a sister named Ashleigh. Ashleigh and Jenelle haven't ever been really close, and Ashleigh (as far as I remember) hasn't ever been around for Teen Mom 2. Ashleigh's son, Gabriel, has been featured on the show several times, but Ashleigh has remained out of the spotlight.

Ashleigh recently announced on her personal Facebook page that she is expecting a second child with her fiance and that she is around 20 weeks along.

She knows the gender, but chose not to post it, and also chose not to disclose the due date.

She posted several pictures of her belly along with the update, but removed her face from them for "privacy reasons." Ashleigh also revealed that she was excited to have this baby because doctors had been telling her for quite a while that she would be unable to have another child after the birth of her son.

Jenelle decided to get online and share the news with her fans by posting a screenshot of her sister's pregnancy announcement along with the caption:

Congrats to my sister she is having a baby girl and happy she got pregnant with all her 101 diseases she made up herself.

People began commenting asking what the deal was, and Jenelle basically said that her sister was a psycho and that all of the problems regarding Ashleigh's health were completely fabricated and made up in her mind.

Ashleigh retaliated (in true sister fashion) with this:

Btw everyone I'm on vacation.. It's sad my sister is so jealous of me I posted I was pregnant 2-3 days ago. So how am I ruing her vacation?? Im tired if the twitter shit.y mom said Jennlle has no internet access. Such a liar. I'm going to make another YouTube video when I get back from NJ tomorrow or this week if the bitch won't stop and leave me alone! It sad she can't live without drama and jerks won't stop screen shooting my FB. My mom even said she's brain washing jace and done with her shit.

She also went as far as to share screen shots of messages between herself and Barbara (their mother) saying that the best thing to do is just ignore Jenelle because it makes her the most upset.


Have I ever mentioned that it makes me sad that we live in an era where any private conversation that you have with someone can be made public in 0.2 seconds by simply taking a screen shot of the conversation and posting it online for the whole wide world to see?

Moving on...Jenelle has also had her social media followers report some of Ashleigh's pictures on her Facebook page for "nudity" or "inappropriate content" when they don't seem the slightest bit revealing.

This whole things seems like petty family drama that got blown out of proportion due to Jenelle's fame from Teen Mom 2.

I can almost guarantee that in 4 or 5 months she'll be posting a picture with her niece claiming to be the happiest aunt in the world, because that's just how Jenelle works and we all know it.


"Oh hi Jenelle."

I wonder if you took those three ladies and sliced up all the beef roast in their panties you could feed all the starving children in Ethiopia?

I don't think even starving children would eat that nastiness....

Check out Farrah. Jesus God.

Im yah motah, and if yah marry the daugtha you marry the mothah, haha i would say poor Nathan but naah, they are a pair made in heaven

"Leave me the fuck alooonnnne, Jenelle."

Just once, Babs. That's all I want.

I love me some Babs, but sometimes she is as immature as her daughters :( Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Yes, Barbara did create both of those girls. I think Babs is hilarious sometimes, but not a good role model. Jenelle's and her sister's issues stem from their upbringing.

Yep. One bad kid might have nothing to do with your parenting, but 3 for 3 ain't no coincidence. Jace and Gabriel (isn't Babs raising him too?) will probably turn out to be just like their mothers. Sad.

We haven't seen much of the men in this family. I like to pretend in my mind that those boys will grow up to be happy, healthy, and productive men. Deep down I know they are most likely doomed to unhappy lives that at the very least will require tons of therapy.

I can't possibly see how they'll grow up normal. Sad to say.

Jenelle has a brother who has bipolar schizophrenia, which she stated on the episode where she went to rehab and that's why they thought she was bipolar for a long time. But bipolar schizo is hereditary, right? Not a product of upbringing.

and ashleigh's second baby too

I'd like to give Babs the benefit of doubt even though she has three kids with criminal records, because she's not the worst and she seems to be turning her life around. Summer's mom, Millina's mom, Kail's mom and Jabba the Dawn are worse IMO.

I agree Javi. Babs isn't the worse.
At least she's not on drugs, In rehab, still popping out kids herself, she works, isn't in and out of jail, drunk and homeless..
Its hard raising kids by yourself. And Jenelle just didn't start acting like she does when MTV showed up. She's always been a self centered cry baby trouble maker. Babs just didn't know how to discipline her correctly.. accepting that behavior, now that is Babs fault.
Babs "bad parenting" results from her rewarding bad behavior. Having a baby? Ill raise it. In and out of jail? Cmon live here.
And as far as "putting Jace in foster care", that is an empty threat and using him as a pawn. "Foster care" is a great go-to threat, because no one wants that. Great way to manipulate Babs into raising "your kid. "
Sorry. These girls piss me off sometimes !!'

I know this will sound weird because I love me some Babs, but she's not the best mom. At all. She's certainly not the worst and I think it's obvious she made a LOT of mistakes growing up. She acknowledges that she was a "pahty" girl just like Jenelle and that's why she's trying to hard to convince her to get her shit together. I think she sees what her screw ups created within her own children and doesn't want her grandkids to have to go through the same crap. All that being said, I think it's a combination of nature and nurture that has created the shitstorm that is this family. Having children with mental illnesses doesn't make the children bad and it doesn't make the parents bad. How you HANDLE those mental illnesses, regardless of which role you play in the family, can easily define you, though. Babs is an enabler but she's also the ONLY fucking chance in hell Jace had of surviving infancy. And even if you shift all the mental illness aside, Jenelle is one of the most vapid, selfish people I've ever seen. She bounces around from somewhat articulate and not nearly as stupid as her actions would lead one to assume she is to completely fucking insane, ragey, making horrible decisions, fucking terrible boys and just generally being incapable and powerfully unwilling to accept any personal responsibility for any of the craptastic situations she puts herself in. And Babs lets her get away with ALL of it. I don't know much about Ashleigh or the brother but I know the brother has more severe bipolar/schizophrenia issues and Ashleigh comes off as a bit of a histrionic mess who also doesn't take care of her own kid. (I'm basing this on the fact that the chick makes "youtube videos" to explain away her sister's drama that she could easily ignore or not pander around to all of Jenelle's random and rabid twitter followers in the first place. Don't poke the moronic whore-bear and you won't have to deal with getting mauled by her whore-bear friends and drunkard, nipple-bear boyfriend.) I take all of this and just kind of assume it's a mixture of Babs dropping the ball a lot with her parenting, mental illness, shitty humans being shitty humans, and making more tiny little humans that don't deserve to have to put up with any of this shit in the first place.

My experience is this: My parents were good parents for the most part, but they each had their own special brand of batshit insanity. My mom was a damn good mom growing up and she's gone off the deep end now that my sister and I are grown and my dad and she are divorced. My dad's just kind of a dick but he worked hard and provided for us, so I'll give him that. My mom did most of the parenting while my dad did all of the discipline. My sister and I are night and day different. I was always so afraid of getting into trouble and riddled with anxiety over it while she was out doing everything she could possibly think of to get into trouble and break rules and laws left and right. When it comes to mental illness, I have really bad depression and anxiety whereas my sister is bipolar. My family never addressed mental illness which meant that neither my sister nor I sought help for our problems before adulthood. My sister coped through substance abuse and I coped through...just not coping. We're also very different in that my mom is also bipolar but pretends it's not an issue, my sister knows there's an issue but chooses not to seek treatment for it, and I've gone through A LOT of treatment with very little to show for it besides a huge list of antidepressants that don't work for me as well as going through periods where I avoided therapy because I couldn't/wouldn't handle it and gave up a lot. My sister and I were raised in the same home with all the same opportunities and the same parents. We had good lives for the most part. However, my parents raised us differently in subtle ways that they probably didn't think would matter but ended up being a huge deal in the long run. My sister didn't seem to respond to punishment, so they stopped enforcing it and just turned a blind eye to all of her fucking up over and over again. I was petrified of punishment so I usually punished myself if I screwed up and sometimes even when I hadn't screwed up. I was not a perfect kid by any means, but I didn't do half the stupid crap my sister got herself into. So this weird thing happened where my sister was constantly enabled and they never followed through with punishments if they did decide to acknowledge that she'd done something wrong and she learned she could just keep fucking up and get away with it with no consequences. She went through a really bad addiction to several drugs, drinking, trouble with the "lawr" and all sorts of things that give me panic attacks just thinking about them. She lived with my mom until very recently and she only moved out because we thought my mom was going to have to sell the house they all lived in. She's 30 and just now learning about paying her own bills, what happens if you don't pay your rent, how to budget your money etc etc and just basically how to be an adult. AND she has a child. She just never learned any of this stuff because no one ever put her in a position where she had to do anything for herself. It did her no favors and I'm proud of the progress she's made. And all of that progress is because of her baby. She loves that kid and she's trying to do right by him and get her shit together. Her drug abuse kind of halted her growing up and she's mentally like 20 nowadays but she's matured more in the past year than she has in the past decade. It's actually really nice to see.

Then, there's me. I moved out when I was 18 and would NEVER consider moving back in with either one of my parents unless maybe they were dying and absolutely 100% needed me. I'm not great with money but I get by and I pay my bills. I know how insurance works. I know how to do adult things like apply for a mortgage. I own my own home, I'm married and we are waiting to have children until we're more stable with my health (which is hopefully soon!) I think I saw how my parents treated my sister by letting her get away with everything, even when it was things that were hurting them or hurting me and I just learned that I didn't want to be like that. I didn't want to not know how to function because screwing up terrified me. I was already so critical of every move and word that if I actually did something TRULY stupid and avoidable, I didn't know how I would move past it so I just tried really, really hard not to screw up majorly. I am not a better person than my sister, but I think I'm capable of making better decisions for the most part, although mostly motivated by fear. I have plenty of issues, just not the same ones I've seen my sister suffer through. My sister went through addiction and lots of horrible guys because she didn't value herself while I tried really hard not to kill myself during really bad patches and struggled with a barrage of health issues and general self-hatred because I didn't value myself. It just manifested very differently in both of us. Part of the two very different lives we lead is due to our personalities being so different, our birth order, the way our brain chemistry each malfunction differently from each other and a huge part of it all is how we grew up. It always confused me how we had the same parents, grew up in the same home in the same town and went to the same schools and were so fundamentally polar opposites. I don't think my parents were bad parents necessarily, but the small amount of things they did fuck up were monumentally bad to fuck up.

I think there's a lot about Jenelle's childhood that we don't know. A lot of things that no child deserves to go through. I guarantee you there was a tremendous amount of yelling. Also, watching your older sibling going through substance abuse or mental illness can have a very profound and very lasting affect on how you live your life and how you treat everyone around you. A parent punishing you differently than a sibling for the same mistakes, a parent punishing you too harshly, a parent choosing to ignore you and/or not punish you at all: those can all fuck you up royally and almost permanently if you allow it to do so. It's a balancing act that we will probably all screw up to some degree in our own parenting. Even if I never have kids, I'm sure I'll emotionally damage my cats at some point. And that terrifies me. (More so the kids, not the cats, because cats are judgmental little shits, anyway.) No matter how hard you try and how aware you are of your parenting, you're still going to mess up at some point. You're going to screw your kid up somehow, some way. But, that kid is going to grow up and if you worked really hard not to screw them up too badly, they won't have to struggle as much to overcome whatever you screwed up. And, once they're adults, this may sound harsh but: their self improvement is on them. Bad parents are still bad parents and the ones that are malicious, careless or just indifferent...there's no fucking excuse for doing that to a kid because no kid deserves that. But the ones that try their best to manage the best they can...they're still going to mess it up at some point. And I cannot blame all of my issues on my dad's anger problems or my mom's confrontation avoidance/"let's pretend everything's fine when it's most definitely not" issues. There's a lot I can attribute to certain decisions that were made regarding my upbringing or whatever, but I'm a grown ass woman and I'm responsible for my own decisions now. The good and the bad. If I wind up being a truly horrific parent, that's on me. That's not my mom's fault or my dad's fault or my husband's fault. It'll be my fault.

I think Babs probably fucked up a lot raising Jenelle and her siblings. She seems a bit boozy to me and that's either a newer thing now that she's older or (what I suspect is the case) it used to be a lot worse and she's calmed it down to a glass of wine at night or something. She definitely doesn't seem to be as maternal as perhaps her children needed her to be and I have no idea what the situation with Jenelle's father was or is. From what I gather, he wasn't much of one. But she seems like she works hard and I get the impression that she truly does care about her kids, even when they're intolerable and horrible to her. Even when Jenelle was screaming at Babs about how she was a nobody who worked at Walmart and didn't matter, Babs still loved Jenelle and her main concern was still keeping Jenelle ALIVE during her heroin addiction. Even when Keiffer pressed charges on Babs, Babs put up with it because she cared about her kid. (And, I think it said a lot about Jenelle that she DIDN'T press charges on her mom in that episode even with Keiffer being a raging, self-righteous asshole about it because it showed she had a small bit of a conscience even when she was stoned out of her mind and thought maybe Babs didn't deserve that.) Babs still stepped up and fought for her daughter, even when her daughter was spitting venom in her face. AND she raises Jace. She raises Gabriel. Is she doing a great job at that? No. But they have a roof over their heads, they're not (constantly or only) around a bunch of random assholes who are punching each other, taking nude pictures of each other, getting tazed because they're so drunk they think driving to their own driveway and trying to run from the cops is a good decision, etc etc. They're in a safer and more secure place than they otherwise would be if left to fend for themselves with their biological parents. Barbara didn't have to do any of that. She could have let Jace go into the system. She could have kicked Jenelle out and written her off and lived her life without her. It probably would have been a hell of a lot easier. But she stepped up to the plate and I see a woman who's trying really hard to rectify any mistakes she made raising her children by trying to make up for her children's mistakes in their own parenting and making sure her grandsons are SAFE, have full tummies and know that, when they go to sleep at night, she'll hold the fort down and keep them okay until morning and that she loves them and they can depend on her. I would love to know what Barb's life was like growing up and I'd love to find out what kind of childhood Jenelle had. But I just get the feeling that a lot of Jenelle's tendency to be a shit human is just Jenelle being a shit human. By this point, it's her job to work on whatever damage her mom did or didn't inflict on her and grow the fuck up and she actively chooses not to again and again. That says so much more about Jenelle than it ever could about Barb.

Sorry for the dissertation...I've just been thinking about this particular family dynamic for as long as I've watched the show and now that we've seen that ALL of Jenelle's siblings have issues and the more I learn about Ashleigh (even from Ashleigh) the more I realize that they're all screwed up royally.

Far out Rae. Amen. To all of that. I have a sister and a brother and my brother is a fuck up. And I often wonder how we (my sister and I) turned out ok and he didn't. And your paragraph about the monumental fuck ups and your sister not responding to discipline, explains it all. I often think my parents just eventually gave up.
I wonder about Babs life too. And Jenelles childhood. They would be books I would read if they were honest and not self absorbed junk like Farrahs and Kails. I'm interested to know if anyone has read Ayyyms. And C&Ts when it comes out.

I couldn't read a book written by Jenelle because I develop a physical twitch every time I see anyone write or hear anyone say "I seen" instead of "I saw" and she pulls crap like that constantly.

I feel sorry for Barbara. I think she's trying harder with the grandkids.
I'm probably a lot older than most posters on here. I have three boys. Age 22, 20, 12. I am a loving but hard ass mom and their Dad is the same. We have a nice home. They have nice things. But they had no privacy. I was always up in their business. I was alwayis on their computers, their phones, in their closets, notebooks, book bags, desks. They didn't always know it, but I watched them like hawks. The youngest one is the same. They feared us. They respect us. They do not want to disappoint us. We are not their friends. We are their parents. We want the very best for them. Our oldest teaches eighth grade. Our middle one is in nursing school. Our youngest is on the honor roll.ill hold my breath and worry until I'm dead.

Isn't there another sibling too? Not to mention the dad is MIA

I thought there was a 3rd sibling too. Perhaps they are smart enough to not publicly admit their relation to this circus.

Yeah, I thought I was forgetting one...

I tried to post the link IDK if it will show, but Starcasm just posted a Jenelle story that has a pic of all 3 of the siblings. She does have a brother.

Spacey what a MESS! Oh gosh and Jenelle bitching about the airplane. Seriously shut up. Mentally ill brother...that's sad. They ALL sound mentally I'll honestly. Her sister does not look healthy...

Ashleigh looks so like Babs it's scary! That jaw line you could recognize from 50feet!

Is her sister wearing a wig in all of those pictures???

I remember reading in Teen Mom Confidential that Jenelle's dad didn't even know she was doing 16 & Pregnant until it aired, let alone knew she was pregnant.

I think Ashleigh had trichotillomania or something so she'd pull her hair out until nothing was left. The wigs are to hide the hair loss.

Oh thanks husalah! I wasn't trying to be an asshole or anything, just caught be surprise I guess. That could be why jennelle is always faking illnesses. Her sister has legitimate health issues which probably lead to her getting attention that jennelle wanted. (Stupid phone and its autocorrect is giving me a TN of problems

Jesus christ that just made me ragey all over the place. They're both godawful. "I'm putting my foot down and I'm done with this but first let me add seven more pages to my rant about my sister!" followed by "No one said shit to me but I'm going to make sure I make my sister's pregnancy about me and then bitch about having a flight delayed because I'm the queen of the universe and deserve special treatment!"

Loved the "Oh woe is me, I'm adopted...I must be because it's like my mother has forgotten I'm her daughter! Oh the betrayal!" Except with more typos and pot. Yeah...your mom's doing you a real disservice by trying to explain your crazy ass antics to your crazy ass sister. All while she's raising both your children. What a bitch that woman is, right?

ugh. My blood pressure went up just reading that article. And they both type like they learned English from the Michael Abraham Learning Annex. Jesus.

I swear that Jenelles family mimics my boyfriends. So oldest sibling who is now 31, has one child who being raised by her mother (due to a heroin addiction) she is currently pregnant again with her second, when asked why she would raise this one she said "yeah wl I really want this one". However she's failed her drugs test and she's losing the baby as soon as hrs born hallujah!
My boyfriend has severe anxiety disorder mixed depression, there's been several times where he's been absolutely awful. Thankfully he doesn't take drugs and his head is really stable now, infact he hasn't had an episode in a year :-)
My boyfriends little brother (23) has severe depression and has tried to kill himself twice in the last 3 years. He just sits alone with his dog in his room all day, honestly it's so sad.
My boyfriends mom is a heavy drinker, always shouts instead of communicating and in general is a very manipulative person. So maybe her children picked up her bad traits. I just think the whole nature/nurture argument is interesting. Either way I don't think Jenelle and Ashleigh's little boys have much of a chance and I fear for my boyfriends nephew who was recently caught stealing :-(

Roo, I have some advice for you. You can take it how you want, but know it's coming from a very honest place in my heart. Do not have kids with your boyfriend. Adopt, don't have kids at all, whatever. My husbands family is similar, drug abuse, bipolar, depression, suicide, alcoholism, etc. So many issues among all of them. Even though I moved my child 400 miles away from those wackos, I fear every day that he is going to grow up to be like that. I try so hard to teach him right from wrong and let him be around positive role models, but I always have that fear that he will be like them.

Jeremy - I'm pregnant now (21 weeks) I am super excited but I'm also nervous. This baby is planned, We both have a degrees/good jobs, we own our own home, have been together since we were 16. But I definitely appreciate what you are saying, I do have that worry but we're moving and I'm hoping that might help. Does your Mother I. Law try to contact you often, how do you deal with it? I feel like she's going to try and visit very often something I'm less then impressed with.

I understand both of you on this one. I want to be a mom but I worry my genetics would screw a kid over big time. Roo, try not to worry about it. So much easier said than done, I know. Genetics play a big part in it but you and your dude sound like you're stable and doing well and that makes a huge difference, too. He doesn't abuse drugs and, if it runs so rampant in the family and he hasn't gone down that road by now, I'd say it's far less likely he will. My family all has mental health issues and I'm kind of like your boyfriend in that I wound up with really bad depression and anxiety while everyone else ended up with bipolar disorder, anger and substance abuse issues. It doesn't sound like your boyfriend had it easy at all but it sounds like he dodged the bigger bullets that the rest of his family seem to be battling. Plenty of people with fucked up families go on to have wonderful children and happy lives and there's no reason you two can't. You're already pregnant and spending the next however long you have of your pregnancy and all the tender moments you'll have with your new little one worrying about how he or she might turn out won't help you at all. Just do your best and be supportive of your boyfriend when he has rough patches. Love certainly isn't the only thing that makes a happy child but it makes a really, really profound difference and you guys seem to have a lot of it to offer.

I also hope his little brother gets better. Being in that bad of a depression is absolute hell. Having a pet helps a lot, actually. It sounds stupid but there are definitely times I can pinpoint where keeping my cat safe and well kept me around another night or another day when things got really bad. It doesn't sound like he's in a good situation and you already have a lot on your plate but maybe have your boyfriend give him the hopeline number or something in case things get really bad and he's worried he's going to try to hurt himself again or anything. The family doesn't sound too supportive, and I think you or your boyfriend trying to be the support system for his brother would be too much for you and definitely too much for your boyfriend who seems like he's finally overcoming things and needs as few things bringing him back into it as possible right now. But I've used this hotline before and it's a really great resource in a crisis because it's just a person to talk to who isn't there to judge you or try to commit you to a hospital or anything like that and it really does help. And it can be completely anonymous or they can get your location/general area and look up resources if you want to seek emergency help or find an outpatient program to help you through anything. The number is 1-800-442-HOPE. Just get him to program it into his phone and if he ever needs it, it might make a huge difference. Just a little perspective, compassion and understanding from a stranger who doesn't have a dog in the fight can be really, really vital sometimes.

Blank Look: I'm sorry you're having to deal with all of this. I think it's great that you're doing what you can to get your kid away from the situation, though. Being a positive role model and teaching him right from wrong is a huge step in the right direction...even on days when maybe it seems like bad genetics might win out, you're having more of an impact than you think.

Both of you: This is wild speculation but there's a subreddit I read a lot:

My dad is a major narcissist and this forum has helped me a lot finding out that I'm not alone in the verbal and emotional abuse that I went through and it helps to know that other people overcame it, genetics and all. Not trying to diagnose anything with your in-laws/boyfriend's families...just the substance abuse and the yelling and general craziness sounds awfully familiar to me. Even if it's not Narcissistic Personality Disorder, talking to other survivors of dysfunctional families has really helped me overcome some of the stuff I've been through. Plus, it's just a really understanding community even if you just need to vent.

Thanks Rae, I'm hoping the stability we have will be enough for the baby (we're having a little boy :-)) but I am aware that mental health does seem to be genetic. My boyfriend is much better now, although you're never fully healed from depression however he found an outlet for his bad feelings; he goes to the gym twice a day. With regards to his brother, it makes me feel so sad for him. He's a lovely guy but he just hasn't had things fall well for him, I think he feels inadequate because my boyfriend is doing so well. Me and my boyfriend take him out, we often take him and his dog for a drive to the beach so he's out of the house and enjoying life. I worry about him when we move, no one seems to want to communicate with him, well except me and my boyfriend. I love animals too I have two dogs and I adore them! I'm glad that he has something in his life that does make him happy. I'm from the UK; but I have thought about contacting Samaritans (an organisation that help people depressed/suicidal) but I'm scared he might react badly to it. I would give the number to his mom but she would most likely throw it away and make some joke about her kids being crackpots. I feel that my boyfriend thinks he has a big burden, his father passed away when he was 8 so he's always been the man of the house per say. His mom relies on him to do everything in the house even though he hasn't lived there for 4 years, his little brother has no one else but him and his nephew idolises him. I'm just hopeful that if we are stable and we always look for signs of mental health my baby will be happy and healthy. Thanks Rae x

Being raised in a home where mental illness is discussed and not treated like a taboo that must never be mentioned will make all the difference in the world, too.

DEFINITELY don't go through his mom to try and get him help. Depression makes you isolate from everyone and everything, even the things that aren't bad in your life. The few conversations I had with even close friends when they told me they were worried about me left me completely mortified even though I knew it was coming from a place of love. My best friend called my mom once to explain that she was really worried about me and it felt like a total betrayal even though I know without a doubt that it wasn't because she was stirring up drama or trying to embarrass me. She was legitimately worried and she had damn good reason to be. But I felt so embarrassed and like I was a burden for worrying everyone. Just talk to him if he opens up and try to stay in contact in some way after you move. But don't plan your life around him, as harsh as that sounds. He'll just feel like he's holding you guys back and you'll just be constantly worried if you're in the thick of it. It sounds like he's got two very supportive and caring people in his corner, though. Congrats on the baby boy!

My sister and her boyfriend still smoke an ungodly amount of pot all the time and it's still very much illegal where she lives. It's better than the shit she used to get into but it still worries me. My husband and I have discussed what would happen if they had their kid taken away because of the sheer volume they always have on them or in their home. His family is all batshit or too old to take care of a baby and my mom's in no condition to, either. I love that baby to death but I have major reservations about whether or not I could take in my sister's kid BECAUSE he's got my sister's genetics so I totally understand the worry. It feels silly and paranoid to have a discussion about fostering your nephew if his parents get arrested for something stupid like pot, but it's a possibility and that freaks me out. I've told her that she'd never forgive herself if she lost her kid over something so insignificant (in her eyes but not the law's is what I mean) and she agreed but it didn't ease up her usage at all. I feel so bad even talking about it because SHE'S that baby's mom and I have no interest in like taking him or anything like that. She's just always been one of those people who gets into stuff and gets into it hard and, while she's been doing alright for a couple years, I'm still kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop in the back of my mind because of how bad everything got and how fast it happened when she was on pills.

Roo, my mother in law really hasn't tried to contact us much. I called my FIL in 2013 because I was worried about my brother in laws mental health. My FIL didn't really seem to care that much. Then this past Christmas, my mother in law would alternate days of blowing my phone, calling, texting like we are old friends "hey when yall come down lets go eat lunch somehwere" and then the next day calling my brother in laws wife and screaming at her, calling her a whore, and a gold digger, etc. Literally for a week straight she did that. She is insane.

When my husband and I got married he drank a lot and eventually had to quit because of his job. When he quit drinking, his mental health problems started to show and he now takes a lot of medication and still has problems. It's really sad and even though our marriage is decent right now, he seems to decline more each year and I know its going to cause problems that we can't work through.

1. That picture of Jenelle is so punchable
2. Bitch charge your phone
3. It's disgusting sisters act like that
4. Jenelle is a bitch
5. Jenelle makes me want to heave
6. The whole family is trashy (but Babs is funny so it's ok)

Probably just posting drama to take the spotlight off Caitlin and stay in the limelight.


Is it weird that I get anxiety when people post screenshots and their phone is less than 15% charged?

Love your username!

Thank you! :)

Hahahaha i just love the TMJ comunity

"Bitch charge your phone"

DUDE. I am so glad I am not the only person that saw the screenshot and though... CHARGE IT!

I swear whenever these broads post a screenshot their phone is always almost dead. it does give me anxiety! But they HAVE to take they time out screenshot their bs instead charge their phone.


Also...they both grew up in the US. They should be able to type English far more proficiently than either of them do. What the fuck?! There is no excuse for horrible spelling and grammar even if you're just talking out of your ass about your youtube videos or how much of a bitch your sibling is for having the audacity to reproduce. They both need to pull their heads out of their asses and read a damn book. Maybe even "How to Mind Your Own Business for Dummies."

Can we discuss the fact that, during her poor pitiful "I hate drama but let's talk about all this drama" rundown, this chick actually typed this out and thought it sounded good: "I wasn’t going to tell anyone because of jealousy individuals in my family& I don’t want everything posted online since all of my statuses are broadcasted for nosey people to copy paste and make lie and money off of.. We are expecting but I won’t be posting many pregnant pictures online & we won’t have a baby shower just a registry online so everyone can mail a gift to our new address."

BOTH of these girls are greedy, histrionic messes who have no concept of how life actually works. This chick keeps claiming that everything is private because Jenelle is a jealous bitch who will sell her out for a bathtub to poop in (which she is) and yet she's posting all of this where people can obviously see and read it and I'm sure she's well aware of that. And just the phrasing of "just a registry online so everyone can mail a gift to our new address" pisses me off. Not "Thanks for those who have said they want to get us something, I'll let you know when we get a registry up" (which even that sounds kind of fussy to me) or "We're really happy it's a healthy pregnancy so far and we'll try to keep friends and family updated as best we can while still maintaining our privacy." Nope. Straight up "I'll get you the URL ASAP so you can mail me free shit!" Who just walks around assuming everyone is going to be running around like Chicken Little to make sure they get them a goddamn baby gift? That attitude along with Jenelle's 3 baby registries with unbelievably expensive EVERYTHING just make me want to slap several bitches. That's rude as hell.

Babs texts the same way my mom does, the shortened version of words that really isn't that much shorter, "no,""u." Random periods and no punctuation. It drives me nuts, I hate texting my mom for that reason. Come on moms, get it together!

Haha, my grandmother texts like she's writing a telegraph - perfect punctuation and really short sentences.

My grandfather got his first text messaging plan right before he passed away and got pretty good at texting. It was adorable. His dumbass girlfriend, howevever, got a free smart phone out of it and still couldn't figure out how to text so her first and only text was something along the lines of "sendingthistotestoutthetextmessagingthebuttonsaretoosmallsoIthinkIjustneedadifferentphone." Right away, my liege.

So does my mum!

Old people texts are funny

My dad texts like he's writing an e-mail haha! Signs it off with "kind regards" (no matter who the text is to!) and uses lots of returns and line spacing. I've been known to have to scroll down to read a single text from him!

My dad texts like a 15-year-old girl. Tons of OMG!!!!! and LOL!!!! With the excessive exclamation marks and a creepy smiley face after like every sentence. I don't understand it, no one else in my family texts like that haha.

My dad was the first person I ever saw use the abbreviation "cya". That was prob 10 years ago, and he still uses it. Facepalm

My mom is really good with computers but texting baffles her, apparently. She knows all these really obscure abbreviations that I'm not aware of that she uses a lot and it's really confusing but she doesn't know the standard ones like "brb" or anything simple. It always takes like 8 extra texts per subject matter with her when we're trying to communicate. It's also like a phone call where you try to hang up for like an hour but they just keep talking. I'll be like "love you, gotta get some sleep!" and then she just sends like 8,000 more messages about random shit out of the blue.

God I miss seeing KEIIFFAHHHHH on my tv !

and Babs saying to Asleigh to ignore Jenelle cuz that drives her crazy = priceless hahahaha.

Bunch of wackos

And on the Starcasm article, Jenelle got all butthurt that Babs didn't rush to her defense and said something like "I'm convinced I'm's like my mom doesn't even remember I'm her daughter."

Drama. Fucking. Llamas.

@Rae - I never heard the comment "Drama. Fucking. Llamas." before, but I love it. Thanks for making me laugh. I love all the comments on this website (especially on a slow work day).

As usual when it comes to Jenelle drama, nothing surprises me. I don't think anything ever would. Well, besides maybe her ACTUALLY being "changed" and different.

Ashleigh was the one who was pregnant with triplets. I remember a magazine saying a teen mom 'member' was pregnant with triplets and I was so disappointed it wasn't a main girl. Last I heard she lost 2 of the babies, so I'm guessing Gabriel is the one who survived. Just saying that maybe she does have reproductive problems, but it's pretty clear Jenelle, her sister, and likely her whole family have drama issues. And Gabriel was basically living with Babs too from what it looked like.

Babs sure knows how to raise them.

As much as Babs might be nuts, I'm kind of sick of people just blaming her. These dumb bitches popped out kids, time to woman up and take care of them yourself and quit blaming mommy. Or quit having them if you're just goign to drop them off on grandma 7 days a week. Kail isn't the best person in the world but she had a crappy mom too, probably crappier than Babs and at least she takes care of Issac and Mr. Bearsuit. I remember Jenelle's sister bitching about Babs not being able to take Gabriel because she ahd to watch Jace. EVER HEAR OF RAISING YOUR OWN DAMN KIDS??? geez

Ugh I get SO sick of seeing stuff like that on other sites. People acting like everything bad Jenelle has ever done should be blamed on Barbara. Babs is to blame for Jenelle: getting pregnant as a teen, losing custody of Jace, using drugs, fighting, hopping from man to man. I'm like "is this bitch two years old?!"

It's all Babs fault!! Seriously she raised them as a single mother and maybe they are acting out cause they never had a dad and they are just immature little whores. No one ever blames jenelles MIA dad or THEM themselves lol it all falls on Babs. Jace would be in foster care if it went for her which I must say might have been better. J would have been living in her damn car without MTV and Babs and probably pooping in more bathtubs. Babs is not the best sure, but jenelles idiotic behavior falls on her. She's well past 18.. People don't seem to realize that.

I don't blame Babs. My kids' father is the offspring of 2 tweakers who are 30 years deep into their adeekshun and are currently all 2 years deep into their prison sentence for transporting/selling meth. That's right. My ex was busted transporting 11 pounds through 3 states with his mom and his dad. When I tell people their situation, some will say that my ex never stood a chance with parents like that. This is when I tell them that he has a brother who is 18 months older, put him self through college after receiving a 4.0 in HS. He received his Bachelor's and currently has a nice job with the city. He has never done a drug in his life, not even pot or underage drinking. He currently has plans to enter into local politics. Sure the odds are against people who have crappy childhoods or crappy parents, but it is possible to learn from your parents mistakes and break that cycle. My kids' uncle is proof of that.

And I also dont think Babs is a crappy mom. I think she did the best that she could and is trying to do the same with Gabriel and Jace. I always wonder what Babs' parents were like...

Yes seriously. I know lots of people with wayyyy worse families than Babs and they turned out great. Seriously it can't be easy working being this single mom in your 60s working at Walmart in your 60s when you should be retiring...when you've raised your kids... but then have to take care of random babies and being cussed at by your own kids..she has her faults but she has a lot on her plate

TTB, I don't know why Babs and her husband got divorced, but I read that she just up and left with the kids to NC and the dad still lives in PA or something and had no idea Jenelle was on TV or even had a kid.

But yeah, for being a single mom, I don't think Babs did too bad a job with the kids. It sounds like some of their problems are hereditary and aren't anyones fault.

Jenelle's dad sounds like an epic POS. Yea just sounds like there is a huge family history of mental problems...sad

And then if Babs is THAT bad why are they leaving their kids with her? Lol because neither one seems like they were ready to be a mom. Just pathetic. I would feel like such a failure if my mom was the one raising my kids.

I know, right?? They have some pretty big balls to not raise their children and then talk shit about the person who is. I'll tell ya, if I was Babs, I wouldn't let Jenelle anywhere near Jace. She's given her chance after chance after chance and Jenelle always runs away. There was even an older episode that I just watched where Jenelle legit says, "I'm running away!" I think the last time I threatened my parents with that, I was five and my mother packed my suitcase for me. I never "ran away" again!

I did that with my mom when I was like 12. She said I could have a top and a pair of pants but anything else SHE bought me, stays with her and packed my bag. I just ended up sitting on the porch for 10!

Yeah lol by packed I mean she gave me my favorite stuffed animal and everything else stayed because she bought it. I think I burst into tears and begged to stay hahaha my parents must have had a good chuckle over that one.

Right? Oh gosh if Jenelle was my daughter i'd be like COOL just leave! Don't come back lol

I remember in her 16 & Pregnant episode she threatened that she was going "leave tonight and you will never see me again because I will LEAVE at the sign of bullshit!"...all because Babs didn't want her to go to Tori's house to party when she'd been out every night that week already. And somehow Jenelle thought that threatening to leave with the kid she didn't want to bother with and couldn't even take care of was a valid threat. But, I guess it worked because Jenelle still went out that night, Jace wound up with a real mom after all in Babs and Jenelle's still a piece of shit.

Yeah, leave plenty but it's usually to follow that sign of bullshit and you usually forget to follow through with the part about bringing your kid along with you.

To be fair, Ashleigh seems to have a lot of health issues so maybe she needed some time to get her life together and has since gotten her son back, unlike Jenelle

I love how Jenelle's basically accusing her sister of being a hypochondriac yet if you even mention Jenelle's own drug addiction to her, she starts railing at you with "ADDICTION IS A DISEASE SO YOU CAN'T BLAME ME FOR HAVING A DISEASE!"

I saw this go down on Jenelles FB. Funny stuff.

Congrats on the new baby, babs!

I know a lot of you are Bab lovers and I'll admit she deserves respect for picking up the slack with the grandkids ... but that woman is not a good mother and she is the one who raised the girls. She is bitching about her children to each other causing more problems and arguments. She is as immature as Jenelle but older and not into partying.
What is it they say, "A child is a reflection of the parent" well 2 trainwreck adult children at least, and Jace although he is cute as hell and can be a sweet kid, he clearly has anger issues which probably stems from 1) lack of attention 2) only getting negative attention and 3) no where to use his energy.

The yelling is pretty terrible but both jenelle and this clown need to grow the hell up. Jenelle whines about everything and blames everyone. Sounds like this chick does too. The family is a hot mess. Babs should be retired but her slutty daughters keep popping out more kids that she has to take care of.

I totally agree hatethatiloveteenmom

she did say that junkelle was like her when she was young, she said she was a "pawty girl, just like her".True she shouldn't stir conflict between them, but she's only telling one to leave the other alone. Doesn't junkelle love telling people to leave her alone?

I agree with both of you. She should keep herself out of their stupid little feuds but I know when my mom and sister get into it, they constantly call and text me to bitch at me about it and I wind up in the middle trying to referee everything so they don't kill each other. Sure, I could just ignore them but they'd still keep texting and calling incessantly anyway. When my sister went into labor, I spent like four days dealing with their crazy shit and had to turn my phone off at night just to get some sleep. I'd wake up to like 7 voice mails and a million text messages. Drama and misery love company.

Downvote me everything you want, but i will go as far as saying Jace will be better of if jenelle had put him in adoption, i remember all the scenes of him crying because jennelle left, it breaks my heart, babs is doung a goodjib, but she obviously dont have the energy to raise a child, nornor she has the patience anymore, tere is an ig account with a lot of posts making fun of Jenelle, they were two that just broke my heart, one is saying that Jenelle is crying for a lot of boys but not for Jace, the other says how jennelle has lived with every single NC men.. Excepting Jace. Sorry but this kid dont deserve that, he would be way better if with two loving and involved parents, look carly and b&t

I think Jace definitely would have been better off if Jenelle had put him up for adoption after he was born but now it's too late. Babs is doing the best that she can, but realistically she was in no position to raise another child. Now Jace is attached to her though and I think it would do a lot more damage to send him somewhere else.
Jenelle is not meant to be a mother. She has no connection to Jace and has been leaving Kaiser to party or vacation basically since he was born. That's not something that good moms do. My heart broke watching the scenes of Jace standing at the door bawling for Jenelle not to leave. No child deserves that and Babs should have cut Jenelle totally out of their lives a long time ago. That's easy to say as someone who isn't her mother though.

I can't thumbs up you enough for this. While Jenelle may be keeping up appearances with Kaiser, she's no better now than she was with Jace. She has been on two vacations since Kaiser was born, yeah she took him to Disney but really, who takes a 4 month old to Disney? I also can't even fathom leaving my 6 month old to fly off to St Thomas. All of it screams "I'm a selfish bitch."

Thanks Yah Both High! My daughter is almost two and my husband and I have spent one night away from her at the same time (his job requires him to stay overnight on a regular basis but I'm always home with her). The only vacations we've talked about all involve her. My parents never went on a vacation without my sister and I growing up.
People say Jenelle has changed but the truth is that she just got smarter about what she posts online. It's only a matter of time before they air episodes of TM2 where she's shown leaving Kaiser just like she did Jace, only she won't be able to have screaming matches with Babs since they no longer live together and Nathan's mom seems to willingly watch K. She'll make up excuses, just like Leah, about being "too stressed" and never actually parent her kids.
The only reason she took Kaiser to Disney is so she could say she took him to Disney. That'll probably be the only vacation that poor kid gets and he won't even remember it.

Add to that her and Nathan have been out for dinner and in clubs or bars MANY weekends including the weekend that Kaiser was born. People want to say that she's such a good person for working so hard and taking care of him but I think she's merely gotten smarter and has been dumping him off at his paternal grandma's house instead of Bab's so people are less likely to notice it.

Totally agree with you! My kids are 8 and almost 6 and my husband and I have taken 2 vacations without them. The first was a year ago, it was a long weekend and I cried when I left. The second was this summer for out 10th anniversary (and I cried that time too).

Forgot to add: gee it must be nice to have an endless supply of people to dump your kids on so you can go out to eat and do fun stuff by yourselves all the time. My husband and I get to go out just the two of us maybe a few times a year! I guess we did it wrong, we should have started having kids in our teens so MTV could pick up the tab and other people could just do the work for us.

Someone needs to start a tally board already with how many times she pulls her wonderful, "I make TIME for myself" excuse for how often she ditches Kaiser with Nathan's mom.

Oh I think a lot of people think that! Can you imagine if he were with a family like Brandon and Teresa? He would be so loved, probably wouldn't act out as much. Jenelle never enjoyed being a mother and obviously Babs is exhausted. he really would have been better off being adopted by a nice family. Poor thing...same with Kaiser. NO one desesrves Nathan as a dad lol.

Brandon and Theresa live in North Carolina, probably not too far from Jace, maybe they could just stop by one day and pick him up. Its sad though his life could have been so much better if Jenelle wasn't a selfish cunt and had put him up for adoption. Barbara said many times that she thought it was the best option, her little bitch of a daughter should have listened to her

I wonder what all went into Babs' decision to raise Jace instead of the alternative? As I understand it, he would have been placed in a foster home and most likely adopted because he was young, but it wouldn't have been guaranteed. So the risk of having him in a foster home would be frightening. And then, I'm sure as the grandmother, she got attached to him...especially because she was also his mother. And Babs enables Jenelle left and right and Jenelle has that nasty habit of refusing to take responsibility for anything...can you imagine what HELL Jenelle would have put her mom through if she could blame her for her not having her own kid to keep ignoring? I'm not saying that's a good reason to keep a kid in a shit situation at all...I just feel like Babs operates through a lot of her days pretty terrified of Jenelle, her temper and her endless supply of stupid fucking decisions and I wonder how much the "what ifs" affected her decision to raise Jace herself.

Exactly, Babs is very funny and Jenelle an idiot, but obviously Babs is not a good mother, that's why she is raising her grandsons.

Lol and what about Jenelle and this chick? I mean really who is worse? Babs or the two deadbeats? At least Babs is giving them a roof over their heads. Jenelle and Ashleigh are ADULTS and spread their legs and made kkids. Least they can do is take care of's not all Babs fault lol

Of course this two deadbeats are worst. Im just saying that she clearly did something wrong raising them. So now she has these irresponsible idiots. Jenelle reminds me so much of my brother, and i kind of blame my parents for his behavior, because is was their responsibility. With the others they just where lucky.
Sorry im really trying to express myself the best I can in english!

Lol, it's still comparing one shit parent to an even shittier shit parent :) Babs is funny but she obviously did something very wrong raising her own kids (all are trainwrecks) and the kids she are raising are being dragged up, yeah she shouldn't be raising them but she did start the cycle. Not all her fault now the kids are old enough to know right from wrong but she obviously failed to teach them proper morals ... and I have a feeling the new kids will just be another cycle :( Jace would have been better off adopted along with Carly. He would be a completely different kid that didn't have to suffer emotional pain of abandonment and being shouted at continuously.

So what are these health issues that her sister supposedly made up? Cuz I did some facebook stalking and her sister has no hair and talks about surgery, so seems legit sick to me.

Are we actually believing Jenelle here? I dunno, they both seem like compulsive liars but seeing as jenelle obv didn't know her own sister was 20 weeks pregnant and found out through social media makes me think she wouldn't know if her sister was sick or not? I'de like to think no one would lie about a sickness but hey, some people are cray cray ... i mean look at nikkole, is someone told me she'de lie and make money from a fake stillbirth and not get i trouble i would have thought it was lies! Time will tell i guess.

You never know with some people. I used to be friends with a girl that lied about having cancer. And ironically, her mom actually ended up getting the same type of cancer she pretended to have. People are fucked up.

We all know that if Jenelle had any legitimate health problems, she'd ham it up like no tomorrow. When she had to "have lung work done" because of Keiffer's "toxic pipes" she blamed her hospital stay (and subsequent absence from social media) on ovarian cysts when in reality, she'd fucked up her lungs with drugs and Babs had her committed for like a week and that's why she wasn't on twitter. Maybe Jenelle's sister is crazy and makes stuff up but also maybe Jenelle is pissed that her (also drama loving obviously) sister has legitimate health problems that get her attention whereas Jenelle has to sell articles to Radar about how her baby has a cold because she's too much of a shit human to realize that sometimes babies get colds and it's not the end of the world and NO ONE BELIEVES she gives a shit anyway. Oh, and then sell another story to Radar about how she took the fucking sick 6 month old who was "so sick! Why can't anyone help him?!" out into the middle of a tree farm to cut down their own Christmas tree like 3 days afterwards.

All I get from this is that they're just both equally crazy women who have to swim around in drama and whining like it's gold coins and they're Scrooge McDuck.

Jenelle always seemed like such a whiny ass hypochondriac but who knows with the sister. Jenelle is just a bitch to post that either way...

I just feel so bad for Jenelle. She had to have her appendix removed TWICE. That's horrible luck, ya know?

I remember reading somewhere that her sister has that disease where they pull their hair out and eat it. Don't quote me on it, but it would make sense why she's always wearing a wig.

I remember reading somewhere that she had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma

I'm no doctor but she looks rather sickly in that photo with her in the wig

I think that it's hilarious that apparently Jenelle is brainwashing Jace. Mostly because I find it really fucking funny they think she has the intelligence to brain wash anyone. Even a 5 year old.

Jenelle needs a brain wash.

Seriously. That shit came out of no where. It's almost like Jenelle just wants to ruin her sister's news to be a bitch.

Lol the babs account posted jenelle is "Peanutbutter and Jenelley" that her sister is pregnant.

Also, who's the twat that decided to bring any of it to Jenelle's attention in the first place with that random tweet? I know she has rabid followers but who's stalking her sister's facebook to get her dirt so she can start shit when she's not getting enough attention?

No one needs to bring it to her attention, Jenelle's the type to go looking for shit to start bitching about.

"Congrats to my sister she is having a baby girl and happy she got pregnant with all her 101 diseases she made up herself."...Um, pot, meet kettle...Jenelle is the biggest hypochondriac I know. How many bursting cysts has she had now???

She also had two surgeries to remove her appendix, several years apart. She has appendices which lead to appendices-itis. Appendices-ectomies were consequently required.
She claimed to have had a lot of bizarre medical conditions during her heroin days - she had some gastrointestinal bug that naturally caused bronchitis. 500 ruptured cysts at least. Courtland fractured her skull, so she had to wear Gary's hat. Kool-Aid miscarriage.
And in December, it was that pesky nasal drip she got from Nathan's daughter. See what happens when you have other women in your life, Nathan???

Lolol pesky nasal drip. And then blaming a toddler...classy

And bitching about how the doctors couldn't give her kid anything (for a cold that can be treated with OTC children's meds or waited out because it's just a damn cold) but that now she had it BUT she wasn't going to take any of the medications because they were too major or some bullshit like that. I'm sure you stoically stay away from Dimetapp because it's just too much of a temptation for you, Jenelle.

Oh, and I loved the little lesson she gave everyone on how Tylenol can hurt your liver so she didn't give Kai too much, of course. Wonder how Nathan's liver is doing?

Don't forget her intestinal blockage that magically healed itself without any medical intervention

Well, having been on opiates for various actual surgeries, it can feel like an intestinal blockage lol my guess is she ran out of smack for a day or two and noticed it.

Isn't Ashleigh the one that faked getting beat up by her boyfriend with Jenelle's help, then it turned out that it was all make-up?


Super classy.

Jenelle's done that to herself 500 times. You want professional work? ask a professional.

It concerns me that this chick's go-to response is "Don't worry, I'll make a youtube video for you when I get back home." She mentioned "a youtube video" like 8 times in her rant on Starcasm which leads me to believe that every time she has an interpersonal conflict, she uploads some crazy rant to youtube.

I'm waiting on the edge of my seat, random chick with a quazi famous deadbeat sister...

It must be a family requirement for every online rant to include at least one "LEAVE ME ALOOONNNNEEEE"!

The Starcasm article about this was downright unreadable. I gave up. Seems to me that Jenelle isn't getting enough attention, after Leah, Catelynn, and Maci have all made news recently. So desperate.

it's pathetic all these girls are getting pregnant for the attention. ashleigh is probably not as famewhore as the other girlses, but if she really wants privacy she should just make her account private and not respond to jenelle, it's not that hard.

And also not say "I'm done with the drama" in every other sentence and then keep on talking.

I know the whole family is crazy, but man, Jenelle is a bitch. You can't comment on your sister's pregnancy without immediately mentioning the one part that she said she wanted to keep secret? I get that they have issues, but seriously? Congrats on your pregnancy! Imma blow your secret! Also, you're crazy! Also this is apparently about a vacation!

"And I'm such a strong person and so is MY MARINE because even the flight attendant was too scared to get back on the plane but WE did."

She acts like flying to a beach for vacation is climbing Mt. Everest and everyone should worship her for dealing with a shitty flight. Also, the flight attendant was probably out of hours, you dumb moron. She has a job like a real adult so there are certain requirements about how many hours she's allowed to work in any given shift because she's in charge of making sure you don't die if the plane goes down. Or she saw she was going to be stuck on a plane with Jenelle an Slurrs McNipNips and ran for the hills.

Rae you are on fire tonight! I'm laughing so hard at all your comments! :D

not sure who to believe, they both seem crazy. Ashleigh is trying to make junkelle look bad, but she also has a criminal record and she also has Babs watching her kid. She'll probably even have Babs raising her second.

I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Ashleigh was living at Bab's house last season, and Babs watched her kid while she worked. and Jenelle refused to allow her sister to be filmed.

I hate them both based solely on the fact that their typing is unreadable even though they both seem to live and breathe facebook and twitter.

I'm honestly surprised no one has called this for what it is yet - Jenelle is jealous her sister is having a girl. Seriously. The girl is so unbelievably transparent. She was desperate for Kaiser to be a girl, and you could see the disappointment on her face when she found he was a boy. I can almost guarantee Jenelle will be announcing her pregnancy soon, just to one-up her sister.

it's probably better that jenelle didn't have a girl, because we know how the girl will turn out...

Jenelle should worry about her own life, and change the things that need changing in it, before calling out her sister, and her problems.

Probably pretty whorey. I hope they keep Emery away from her even though the poor kid can't sneeze in front of Jenelle without Jenelle going insane and claiming the child gave everyone in the house the PLAGUE.

If Jenelle had a girl she would resent that little girl every time the girls dad would show her attention instead of Jenelle. I think she would be the next Casey Anthony at that point.

Oh, well then don't worry because I'm pretty sure Nathan's gonna split as soon as the MTV checks run out so it's not like the girl's actual dad would be around much.

Babs was probably a shitty mom if two her three children are this terrible and dysfunctional (I'm not sure if I should count Jenelle's brother since I don't think Babs caused his mental illnesses. Though she probably didn't help him get a whole lot of help). Still, these WOMEN are in their early twenties with children and they're still bitching and moaning about how horrible their lives were and blah, blah, blah. They claim Babs is just so horrible and mean, yet have no problem letting her raise their children. It's like Farrah talking about how much Debra messed her up but, of course, is letting this horrible abusive monster parent her daughter.

At some point in your adulthood---especially when you have children---you need to learn how to let go of your shitty childhood and improve your life so your own children don't have to go through what you did. There comes a time where the excuse "I had a crappy childhood/mom/life" just doesn't fly any more. Jenelle and her sister are both a point in their lives where they need to own up to their mistakes and grow from them instead of blaming Barbara. It's just getting old now.

Yeah but, what about when they go to jail, lose custody of their kids and get in twitter fights? You mean they actually have to take the blame themselves?! I'm sure Jenelle pees her pant at the thought. Being real though, Jenelle will probably continue to be a Sh*t person and blame it on Babs for giving her crappy childhood when she's 30, 40, 50 ,60,70....until the day Jenelle herself dies.

Let's be honest. It'll be a miracle if Jenelle sees the other side of 40.

My best friend has this really great way of explaining this. I went through a lot this past summer with there being a lot of health emergencies within my family and my grandfather passing away and just a shitload of drama. She told me that we fight these battles now so that our kids don't have to later in their lives. A lot of the crap we go through with our crazy families is stuff that never got resolved when it first came up either in our own lives or sometimes even in our parents' lives before we were even around. Now, it's festered and we're cleaning it all out now. But that all the stuff I'm fighting and cleaning out is just one less thing my kids are going to have to battle with as they grow up. They'll have their own battles to overcome, but I can at least clear this shit out for them now and give them a leg up.

I don't even have kids yet but knowing that I'm helping keep them from this same heartache and worry is what helps me be strong enough to make it through it from day to day sometimes.

I think part of it can be attibuted to Bab's parenting but there's no denying that mental illnesses has played a serious role in how these kids turned out. Bipolar disorder can have catastrophic consequences if left untreated. Mania is not just euphoria, it turns into intense aggravation, impulsive decision making, and even psychosis sometimes. I hate how uninformed people think it's just an intense state of euphoria, mani makes people completely lose control of their lives. Mania is often worse and more dangerous than the depressive side of the illness and you can totally see this in Jenelle's behavior.
Even if it is treated, many people need to be convinced by a therapist to take their meds. Because of the stigma that comes with it, it can be very hard for someone to admit they suffer from severe mental illness, but once they do in most cases it is very treatable. It's kind of like having a chronic physical ailment, if you take care of yourself you can lead a very happy and successful life. It's very possible that financial constraints prevented Bab's kids from the early intervention that would have helped them straighten their lives out. The longer you wait, the worse it gets.

In the beginning of her life, I think Jenelle was a good person. Her former friends say she was very sweet. I think that changed when her mental illness started to get worse during her teen years, a typical time for bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses develop. I actually suspect she has borderline personality disorder based on a therapist's comment about one of my family members. It's worse since similar symptoms of bipolar disorder are essentially embedded in her personality. Maybe if she had received help early on she wouldn't have turned out this way. Now, if she can be treated it will be much more difficult.

You're right about mania. A lot of people don't understand it. My dad is Bipolar and he always looks really fondly back on his manic times (apparently he was manic through most of law school), but mania is super freaky. I hated when he was manic. He gave $10,000 to a con artist to build a landing strip for Air Force One when he was manic. He drove 100 mph in the car in the mountains with me and took his hands off the wheel because he thought it was funny when he was manic. He's a lot better now and hasn't been manic for years, but it's a scary disease.

The thing that's hard about it, about all mental illnesses (I actually always pegged Jenelle as possibly having a personality disorder, but maybe she really is Bipolar), is that unless you're in complete psychosis and get forced on meds, you have to have to find some sort of self-awareness or self-responsibility to really get better. I don't think Jenelle has ever had that. So it is hard to see all the talk about how she's changed because I think there's clearly a underlying mental health issue. (But I am not a professional, so I definitely could be wrong.)

IMO, you're completely right. I'll never know what qualities this girl has for her large amount of dedicated fans on twitter, but they make excuses for her and praise her for the slightest things like they're her parents! Someone was seriously praising her and telling off the 'haters' who said she'd screw up Kaiser and she hasn't. The kids is freakin' 6 MONTHS OLD! He hasn't even been here a full year so she's managed to not give the kid up within a month of the birth like last time, wow... I truly believe Jenelle has some form of narcissistic personality disorder, nothings ever her fault, everyone but her is wrong, other peoples happiness bothers her (like it is now with her sister). The only thing that contradicts that is her desperate need for acceptance and love from guys shes met an hour ago.
I always completely 100% believed she was just playing house to save face, she goes from on heroin drug addict to pregnant and wanting to play mommy within in a year? By these posts alone you can tell her she still has massive problems she's masking for appearances and her TM2 paycheck's sake. Why does your sister being pregnant bother you so much to the point you retweet someone who said she's trying to "ruin your vacation"? That's not normal.

And this trick seriously had the nerve to say on her Facebook that in taking her sister's side her mother "forgot I'm her daughter" so she MUST have been adopted...Bitch when have you even acted like a decent human being? Much less someone's daughter, yet you think you fully deserve to be treated like one? Narcissistic personality disorder at its finest.

Thank you for this! As someone who suffers from Bipolar Disorder, i can attest it's very difficult to make uninformed people understand how the brain functions. It's not just mood swings or wild behavior or depression. It's not that cut and dry. There sooooo much more than that. The stigma that it carries is so misleading, and it seems that every moody person, or sad person, or chick with pms is automatically labelled as bipolar. That word has almost become an insult in some ways, and it's often embarrassing to see that"look" when someone finds out you're bipolar because of the misinformed connotation it carries.

Also, self medicating with street drugs wreaks all kinds of extra havoc on mental illnesses, ESPECIALLY bipolar disorder because it throws everything even more out of whack. My sister is really averse to taking prescription meds for her bipolar disorder but she self-medicated for YEARS with street drugs and narcotics and it fucked her up royally. But that's really, really common with mental illness. I'm not trying to say people with bipolar are awful or doomed or's just the one I have the most outsider experience with in my own family.

I am late on this one. I really liked your post. I have seen this 1st hand. My daughter a 3 time national cheer champion, who has traveled all over this country, is now barely able to leave the house to hang out with friends. She is easily irritated, has crying spells, talks louder now, and goes through periods of being very humble, to being very angry. I also have suffered with a form of this illness but was older dealing with it. To see your 18 year old go through this is heartbreaking. If there is any sympathetic side for any of these girls its the fact that I am sure a few of them are dealing with mental illness.

Janelle needs to be evaluated again, and in order for her to even think about having Jace, or Kai full time she needs to have a life coach and regular counseling sessions at the very least.

I'm so sorry your daughter's having to experience any of that. It's beyond difficult to go suddenly from being a very social person with lots of friends and activities to basically a hermit. I've been dealing with that for awhile now and it's not fun at all. I wouldn't wish it upon anyone and I'm sorry both of you are having to work through any of it.

My family never talked about mental illness at all and I didn't know it was something that it was okay to talk about until I met my first college boyfriend's family. All of them except his dad were on antidepressants or anxiety meds and they just talked about it like it was no big deal and certainly nothing to be ashamed of. I was so hurt and frustrated when I found out from my mom that everyone in my family has struggled with some form of mental illness. My mom thinks she's probably bipolar but didn't want to deal with treating it, my dad was on some antidepressant for decades to curb an anger condition he had and my sister had a breakdown about two years before I graduated high school and no one got her help or thought to have a conversation with both of us about the fact that she was obviously going through some shit and I was very, very obviously depressed as hell and having panic attacks.

The fact that you can acknowledge that your daughter is suffering through something is a big step in the right direction! Just try to have an open conversation and let her know she doesn't need to be ashamed or scared. My sister is diagnosed as bipolar but is really hesitant to take any mood stabilizing meds and it's a huge battle for her. Not wanting to deal with the side effects of the meds or deal with the stigma of being on them in the first place is really common, though. I hope your daughter comes back to herself soon. Just offer to be there for her and get her into therapy if she wants or to see a psychiatrist if she wants to try any type of medications. The ONE piece of advice I wish someone had given my parents when I was younger was to just approach my depression and anxiety like any other health condition and don't tip toe around it. Make sure she knows it isn't her fault and it's not something she caused. The sooner she starts getting help, the sooner she can start to feel better.

I never understand why these girls never just take the highroad and leave these tweets ALLOOOOONNNNNEEEEE!

Not about Janelle, but has anyone see this?

Yikes! Why would she post pics of herself like that, unless it's to get attention...

Why people does things like that?? its like a fuking duck

BAHAHAHA! Oh man, that's good. She's got them real duck lips now.

She looks horrible.
Isn't there a tv show on E! called Botched? Maybe she's trying to get on the show or she's filming for the show now to correct her awful plastic surgery. So yeah, she's definitely posting that pic for attention.

I think that's EXACTLY why she posted it. Gotta sell your shit and I'm sure that's why she added that hashtag. Along with "fixit." Can't wait until she fucks up her face so badly trying to look like Kim Kardashian that she realizes whatever she had done can't be "fixed" and she's just a dumb moron with too much money and questionable doctors.

What the hell!? Karma at its finest.
She need to quit with the injections and surgeries, she was *shudder* pretty before all of it.

Also, I love that she's talking about how it's botched. I mean it totally is, but...

Farrah, you reached "botched" quite a while ago.

Oh. My. God. She looks awful! Why would she post those pictures?! Well, for attention obviously but DeJesus God no one needs to be traumatized by those pictures.


OH MY EFFING GOD.... Lol at "girlfriends don't say Id idn't warn you" Like you have friends Farrah. That is SCARY! Seriously...yikes.

Thank you for posting this it cracked me up ( i feel a little bad saying that)

haha it's Farrah, no need to feel bad:P

Holy hell. When I went to look at the picture, I got a warning from my computer that I was going to be looking at sensitive material. I wish I had followed my computer's warning because that was seriously traumatizing.

This is simply grotesque.

She really looks like MYYYCHUL in the pic of her laying down. Bitch is so damn busted it's hilarious.

Uhh not to change subject at all but...does anyone follow Farrah on Instagram?? If so go look at the picture she just posted captioned "botched" ! What the hell did she do to her lip its huge!!!!!

Too much D sucking

Why does someone like this piece of shit get to go on a tropical vacation? I mean, I know WHY but heaven forbid she buy something for her Mom like this. Not only that but happy people don't start drama right before or during a vacation. She has time to do this on a whim who has her kids? She'll always be looking for a fight, validation for her shitty behavior and to get knocked up by the dredges of society. I hope someday karma kicks her down hard.
My new phone sucks guys sorry for any errors

Jenelle and Farrah are great examples of why I've lost my faith in "what goes around comes around". They basically live happy, consequence-free lives (especially Jenelle) and it's not fair.

Wait until the show ends, their money, attention and fame, (and boyfriend, Nathan) will fade away around them and they'll, or at least Jenelle, will be stuck with multiple unwanted, relationship band-aid kids, no education to support them and no saved Mtv money cause it all went to flashy rings, vacations, and other useless crap. Jenelle lacks the brain cells to realize that her mother certainly will not be here to dump them off on forever so eventually she'll have to step up or find another relative willing to completely raise her kids for her while she waltzes in and out. Which I doubt she will. After which, I think there's a very good chance she might just throw them both into foster care. Where she can set up visits to play mommy when she feels like it while having someone else take care of them...exactly like she does now.

Does anyone know when that picture of Jenelle is from? Cause she seriously is high on opiates in that pic. Her pupils have that small round look one gets from taking heroin, oxy, etc. I hope she isn't back to shooting up but she is obviously on something. Probably got pain pills from a doctor. Funny she bitches about her sisters "101 fake diseases" but she makes up fake shit to get high legally.

It's an old pic. Courtland days I believe. So yeah, she probs is high as a kite....