Teen Mom 2 - Kailyn Still Defending Her Pot Usage

kailyn lowry

There have been rumors of Kailyn's prior pot usage, especially during her pregnancy, but it appears OK! Magazine ran another story about it. While I couldn't find the story, Kailyn unloaded them on twitter:

Ok! magazine: I DID NOT smoke pot throughout my pregnancy. You guys are EXTREMELY F**KED UP for writing that. Lie about something else.

I guess it's probably in the latest edition, and that completely set off Kailyn. Well, Jo (sort of) came her to defense...

In @KailLowry 's defense she did not smoke throughout her ENTIRE pregnancy...

I think it's safe to say that based on the camera mans report on how the moms were, the story of her smoking at times during pregnancy is believable.

I do believe Jo's statement that she likely didn't smoke during her entire pregnancy.

OK! Magazine probably made it seem like her and Jo were Cheech and Chong, but the reality is they probably hit it a few times here and there.

Is that safe? I'm no doctor, nor do I have the urge to research it. I'm sure 'experts' will chime in on how bad it is, and maybe it is. I know I wouldn't like Melinda puffing away if she got knocked up (not that she does anyway), but I like to play things safe.

I do know pot is less harmful than most things people ingest on a daily basis, but again, I have no clue how it impacts a child in the womb. Maybe they have a sweet 9 months...

just kidding, relax. Isaac seems fine, and based on this comment from Jo, they have cleaned up...

We may have both made mistakes but at least we had the brains and will to change our course before we crashed. And for that I salute her


OK Magazine is full of lies. Ryan just slammed them the other day on his twitter after they ran an article with fake quotes from him about Maci's partying.

Very true, two Teen Mom OK Magazine slammings in one week, so funny. They must feel like idiots. That's what they get for running ridiculous, fake stories.

This is what he said:
"All these articles saying im mad about excessive partying? I don't know what she does in her personal life so those quotes are false OK mag. Hate when magazines make up quotes.. don't even talk to them or any for that matter.. #falseshit"

Look who she dated. And got pregnant.. She definitely at least used to smoke that I bet is true. I could care less right now if she did or not while pregnant. I think moms that smoke while pregnant are awful. No matter what you're cutting off oxygen to the baby no matter what you smoke, but as long as she's being clean around Isaac now, who really cares. She is way too obsessed with what people think of her.

I will say though, the fact that she is sooo defensive about this, makes me think that it's actually true. She was defensive last time and she's defensive this time. If she were innocent, she wouldn't feel the need to act this way.

This is possible, and makes sense, but some people are defensive anyway. She always seemed defensive to me. Perhaps this sort of thing can come from a background where everyone was always against them and never let them explain themselves? It might not necessarily mean she's covering something up. Oh well. All seems fine, now.

i would be defensive if anyone said i had smoked anything during either of my 3 pregnancies. people remember the bad over the good. i wouldnt want anyone to think that about me. so if it was false about me, id raise hell too. on the other hand... HER KID HAS TURNED OUT TO BE SUPER CUTE!

Hey Melinda and Stevebeans...

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Just letting you know if you were not already aware. :)

The same thing is happening to me!

I deleted the cache, can you tell me if it's still happening please?

Nope, it's good now!! Thanks! :)

She smoked sometimes during pregnancy and does now. Still not as bad as Jenelle smoking every day while pregnant and saying that a doctor told her it was okay and even good for the baby.

Here is where I burst your bubble it is true that smoking pot during pregnancy doesn't harm the baby..I had done it..not my proudest moment but my baby was tested and came out 100 percent clean. it does not affect the baby in womb. Jenelle was probably telling the truth as doctors will tell you to if you go through Braxton Hicks and the pain is strong enough as you cannot take Tylenol or Advil while pregnant. My child is now 5 & highly intelligent and no problems physically or mentally. People can be as upset as they would like but really shouldn't talk unless they know the facts.

Lemme guess? You're a young mother as well... No doctor will ever tell you to smoke pot during pregnancy. Selfish idiots. Selfish idiots everywhere..

Lauren you are so right. I'm 7 months and my doctor made sure to tell me not to let anyone "SMOKE ANYTHING around me". So I highly doubt any doctor in their right mind would say smoking weed during pregnancy is OK.

It's so true. I stopped smoking marijuana and drinking the second I found out I was pregnant (@ 5 weeks)and didn't even smoke again till long after I finished breastfeeding. There are theroies that say its harmful and theories that say it isn't - but why risk it. AS for Kail getting defensive, it is possible that she did not it but I agree, if she didn't actually smoke she still has the right to be defensive because people will always remember her as the girl who smoked pot while pregnnant.

Actually, just to let you know, marijuana is prescribed to some woman who have issues with pain killers and can not take tylenol, while they are pregnant. I also smoked a few times while I was pregnant to help with my morning sickness and sleeplessness. There is NO (None, Zilch) evidence that marijuana harms a fetus. All is hear say. I recommend anyone who is in doubt of pot smoking during pregnancy please read this article (written by Dr. Melanie Dreher who is the Dean of the University of Iowa's College of Nursing). The link to read it is here. And no I am not young, nor a stupid "pot-head" who does not care about the welfare of my child. He is smart and thriving!

Lauren I totally agree with you, but I really hope you don't think all young mothers would be idiot enough to do that! We're a rare breed, but there are some of us with common sense out there! ;)

Also here is the official article: Cannabis Babies. I hope this opens your mind about pot-smoking during pregnancy and helps you stop judging mothers who make a decision that you don't approve of. :)

I'm all for fun and stuff like that.
I'm not against pot or drinking or any of that stuff.
How ever during pregnancy I think everyone should take their baby into consideration and not be so self centered cause they feind for a high =\ suck it up people its only 9 months! If you arent willing to do wats best for your baby for just 9 months I dont wanna know wat they have to suffer through during the rest of their lives due to your own selfishness.

Everyone says their is no proof that it harms the baby, the thc is going through you right to your baby, might as wll have a few shots =\..would you blow the smoke in their face once they are born? I dont think so...so dont do it while pregnant.

Is it honestly worth the risk?

THC and alcohol do not, by any means, share the same effects. There is no proof that THC hurts a child. And no I would not blow the smoke in my child's face. And I'm sure all of you nay-sayers have no idea what this is, but there is something called a vaporizor. A little contraption that turns smoke into water vapor. So yes, there are ways to provide (even less!) harm to your child. Everyone can believe what they want, and post whatever their little hearts say to them, I'll just be over here being a great mom to my wonderful child.

ya there is doctors that tell u to smoke during ur pregnancy some people have problems during there pregnancy and they have to smoke i have heard it from a couple of different doctors

You're a moron amanda. Any time you burn and inhale anything it deprives your blood and the baby's blood of oxygen. Jenelle is a moron too and her doctor didn't tell her it was good for the baby. In case you haven't noticed, jenelle has a little problem with lying.

All I can say is " puff puff pass, puff puff pass".

What a cute pic of her and Isaac. I hardly recognized him. His curls are gone, heh :( He looks a lot like both his parents.

and smoking anything is bad for a person, so probably esp. for a baby, too. Survivable, but definitely not good.

I'm not a pot hater, but to use the excuse that smoking pot is better than a lot of the crap we ingest is ignorant and does not make smoking during pregnancy okay. During pregnancy a mother should have enough respect for herself and her baby to avoid anything harmful and stupid. For me, the issue of smoking pot during pregnancy isn't so much the conflicting/unknown health effects, but it's the mother's behavior, selfishness and lack of a conscience...period.

So true Alyssa. I agree with yu 100%

I forgot to add that it also raises issues with the law and makes me question a mother's lifestyle. If she smokes pot...what else does she do???

I smoke pot everyday. I have an anxiety disorder that affects my day to day life, and smoking a joint prior to activity helps me. I do not have children, nor am I pregnant. But when you find out you are, it would be the most selfish and inconsiderate thing for you to do while pregnant. Your baby is defenseless. Once you have the child, it's your choice. And once your child is older, it will be their choice. This is why my husband and I have decided in the future to opt for adoption.

For me, as a smoker.. Who uses marijuana to medicate.. Is the most thoughtful option. As it should be for those who smoke while pregnant. Blatant idiots.

She looks high in that picture. Just sayin'

In her defense about that. I used to smoke a lot... And no matter what, I always looked high in pictures. Even if I wasn't. So when I quit when I got pregnant, it was awkward for me because my eyes were always still squinty just cause that's how my face is.

Smoking small amount of pot during pregnancy will not hurt the baby whatsoever. It can actually help cure morning sickness and allow the mother to eat, giving the baby proper nutrition. Cancer patient use it for the same reasons.

You at an idiot. Smoking anything during pregnancy cuts off oxygen supply to the baby. If you get morning sickness drink some ginger tea or something. I hate that argument. It's just saying you are too selfish to quit smoking for your child. It's not about you anymore. Comparing pregnancy to cancer is completely unrelated because I agree with pot and cancer. But pregnancy, you are just being selfish.

I'm going to assume your not a mother and if you are I feel had for your kid. I would hate to have a parent that is so ignorant. There are no side effects from smoking pot. I was my whole pregnancy and I never smoked pot while pregnant but I wish I had seen all the research about how pot helps with morning sickness because I would of tired it. Fyi no amount of ginger tea helped. Smoking pot is one of those small things in life that people shouldnt worry about. Worry about your own life.

I am a mother, and a nurse. I had terrible morning sickness my entire pregnancy, and lost 30lbs. I would never think of smoking pot, and anybody who says "there's no side effects" is an ignorant asshole.

There is a study that shows marijuana contains the same toxins and carcinogens as cigarettes except in a much higher concentration. Talk about ignorance, you're the ignorant one in this situation. I've witnessed long term effects myself in my brother, who had chronic bronchitis, and my friend, who also has chronic bronchitis, and my sister, who has severe asthma and chronic bronchitis. They are all addicted to it and my sister was even in a coma for a week and on a respirator for a week. She almost died. She would have had asthma without smoking, but it certainly makes it much worse.

If we're assuming things. I'm going to assume you were one of those selfish mothers who refused to quick smoking when you got pregnant.

If someone offered you two choices: pot or ginger for your morning sickness. One is a safe choice, the other could harm your baby. WHY would you choose the one that could harm your baby?

Here's a thought, would you blow smoke in your infant's face??? If the answer is no, don't smoke while pregnant. Selfish fucking mothers.


yeah i had severe morning sickness and some mothers who want natural methods to cure morning sickness will try it. i belive you shouldnt smoke anything at all during pregnancy and would probably recommend ginger or something, but hey! whether she did or didn't we will never really know the truth and it has not seem to have impacted issac as he is a handsome and seemingly very bright boy!

Natural methods? Um, I had my baby naturally, no epidural, no hospital. And I didn't smoke during pregnancy. I did what responsible people did and ate some freaking ginger every day and never got morning sickness. Mothers who smoke during pregnancy and even smoke around kids after they are born are just awful people.

christy, you are very ignorant.

i suffered from something called hyperemesis gravidarum and spent my entire pregnancy wasting away in a hospital room because i vomited literally every 10-15 minutes. medication for cancer patients going through chemotherapy (zofran) hardly quelled my nausea, let alone something like ginger.

i'm glad you had an easy pregnancy, but there's no need to brag about it to people who actually suffered. you're trivialising the 1-2% of all pregnant women, ever, who suffered from hyperemesis, which is life-threatening. charlotte bronte, one of the greatest novelists of our time, died from hyperemesis, and here in 2012 women continue to die from the same common ailment. "take some ginger" - are you fucking serious? you're a big woman, for sure, talking such big talk online.

thank you for advertising your stupidity all over the internet, now we know to avoid you and disregard everything you say.

i did say they should probably try ginger.
read my whole comment before you get so wound up.

I also had my baby naturally, with no epidural and the least amount of medical intervention. I also smoked during my pregnancy and by no means am I an awful person, nor am I an awful mother. Please don't be so ignorant to think that all pot-smokers are lazy, incompetent people who should have their children taken away. I know many mothers who are pot smokers and they are more responsible and loving than most mothers who live a "straight" life.

This really has nothing to do with whether or not pot is ok in my opinion. I have no problem with weed. None. I just have a problem with selfish mothers who refuse to quit smoking while pregnant. It's just selfish plain and simple. Like I've said earlier, if you wouldn't blow smoke in your infant's face, don't smoke while pregnant.

I dont believe she did that. You can obviouslly tell she loves her child, and shes more "put together" than that! IF she was smoking, she would not have her baby right now, they test that kinda stuff when you're pregnant and go in for check-ups.

They only test you if they are concerned or questioning if you are doing drugs. I know a lot of girls who smoked during their pregnancies who appear responsible and put together so no doctor would even assume they smoked.

I do agree that a parent can smoke and still love and provde for their child/ren. But its still a very very very selfish and potentially harmful choice and it you can't cut out smoking (morning sickness or not) for you child then you don't deserve children.

This is coming from someone who smoked weed 1-3 times a day prior to my pregnancy and stil smokes on occasion (as my daughter is almost 4 but i DO NOT do it when I am around her)

I would be mad too if my name was plastered all over the place. I know it's what these girls signed up for, but they still have a right to get angry. Saying someone smoked pot during their pregnancy is an all-time low, and thats exactly what magazines go after. I don't believe that anyone should be doing drugs at all during pregnancy. Whether they were "proven" to be healthy for the baby or not. There's a reason why doctors don't want expectant mothers to use any kind of illegal drugs.

My mother smoked marijuana while I was in her womb, and I have a 3.9, am a member of numerous honor societies, and have always been intelligent. When my Mother became pregnant with me, she was so nauseous that she experienced loss of appetite, and smoking a bit of marijuana increased her appetite. She also began to be late for work, due to hours of morning sickness, which the marijuana helped her with as well.. (I am her ONLY child due to her difficult pregnancy).. Now,.. to be realistic, getting stoned ALL DAY is probably not good for an unborn child; (although research shows that it is the LEAST harmful substance to fetuses), but at least she wasn't popping pills, snorting coke, smoking crack/meth, and drinking while pregnant like some pregnant women, of course she might make a mistake here or there;she has not had good parents in her life to guide her in the right direction, and she was basically a CHILD having a CHILD.... people need to mind their own business, and stop judging her until they walk a mile in her shoes...so what, she made a few mistakes while pregnant? all that matters is that after Isaac was born, she has sacrificed ALOT to step up, be a good mom, and provide for him.. he is healthy...So what does it matter ? #GetALife

So because she wasn't smoking crack or meth then that makes it okay? How low are your standards? Your mother was lucky that while she was disrespectful to you and herself whilst you were in her womb that you still came out healthy. Some babies aren't so lucky. Smoking in pregnancy deprives the baby of the vital oxygen it needs for healthy growth and development. And before anyone starts, I'm a mother and a paediatric nurse. One which has nursed many sick neonates who are critically ill, conditions which are often exacerbated by abstaining from substances mothers have abused. Even drinking too much caffeine for your baby can be detrimental. You never know if your baby will be the unlucky one which will suffer: why take that chance? I wouldn't. Also, #savehashtagsfortwitter.

As for the article, further proof how immature Kailyn can be. She should stop rising to all the media/twitter drama.

i feel sorry for anyone who gets you as a nurse : \.

what do you recommend to expectant hyperemetic mothers who can't stop vomiting, even with top lines of treatment and hospitalisation? what's worse for the baby, prolonged malnutrition (which has been critically linked to mental retardation) or thc (which has been tenuously linked to decreased concentration, at best, in an american study that featured babies who had been exposed to alcohol/other drugs in utero as well?). get real. there are some things in this world that are worse than marijuana, natural complications of pregnancy included. i almost died from hyperemesis gravidarum while under excellent medical care in a wonderful hospital, and didn't eat for almost an entire month of my pregnancy. when i did eat, i had to carry the risk of miscarriage by taking laxatives because top lines of anti-emetic treatment (zofran) causes intense constipation.

not a doctor or scientist in this world would say marijuana during pregnancy carries a risk of mental retardation. if it comes between starvation or smoking, smoking is inarguably healthier for the foetus.

you're a paediatric nurse, not a PhD. it would be good for you to remember that

I'm sorry but because I don't have a phd that means I don't know what I'm talking about? And you feel sorry for anyone who gets me as a nurse? I feel sorry that you had a terrible pregnancy but that is a VERY exceptional case that I won't comment on. For most mothers, what I said still stands. You don't need to be so defensive, I wasn't attacking you, and you go and get personal. Grow up, please.

Oh, and I never even mentioned mental retardation, so you were just imagining things there.

In nursing school, you learn bedside manners, and you learn not to judge, especially as a pedi. nurse for you will see a lot of very sick children, and a lot of resilient children that come from mothers and fathers who do drugs, and who drink alcohol, who come from broken homes with behavioral problems. You see neonates who are addicted to drugs, but you know as a medical professional you don't yell in their faces, and call them horrible people stating facts, so why are you doing it here? Now I'm not saying it is right to smoke while pregnant, we know it can have serious consequences on the fetus, and an increased SIDS risk, but for you to say you are a pedi. nurse, and to be judgmental like this, I would say you need to return to nursing school, and work on your bedside manners, or choose a new profession!

The plural of anecdote is not data. I'm glad you are a smart person with seemingly no effect from your mother's smoking while you were in her womb. I could give examples of kids who have been affected by it.

Personally, I would never do it but I don't care if others do. They have to deal with the consequences (if there ends up being any) whether that's judgement from other people or something more serious like a health problem.

Isn´t truth that when Kailing talk about a photo of Jo girlfriend who was smoking he replied that she was a “pot head” and she had smoked a lot during pregnancing.
I think this story is truth, and she shouldn´t do this, but in the end every thing turn right and I still admire her as a mom!

I think that is actually what started this whole thing, because Jo defended his girlfriend by saying Kail smoked while pregnant. I think she shot herself in the foot on this one.

Jo is awful. Everything he says or writes sounds so condescending.

Please all of those who believe that smoking marijuana during pregnancy makes for a selfish and awful mother read this article written by Dr. Melanie Dreher (The Dean of the University of Iowa's College of Nursing) here. Do your research before you pass judgement on others. And if you still don't believe that it's right, then fine, but don't judge others because they don't follow your clean lifestyle. I am a wonderful, loving, caring mother of an intelligent, healthy little boy, I own my own home, car and have a solid job that pays all of my bills and I smoked during my pregnancy and smoke 3-4 times a week.

The actual study done by Dr. Melanie Dreher, can be found here. Please all ignorant people who like to speak without doing research read this and remember to stop judging people when you don't have all the facts.

The stigma on pot-smoking, whether during pregnancy or not, needs to be extinguished. Don't believe everything you're told in 6th grade during your health education class!

I would just like to add that I am extremely, EXTREMELY offended that so many people believe that any mother who smokes marijuana (whether during pregnancy or not) are selfish, "young", and have no thoughts on the welfare of their child. I really hope that all of you learn to become more accepting of others and stop being so small-minded. When marijuana becomes legalized (and lets not forget, it is for medicinal purposes in some states and decriminalized in most!) I hope the stigma gets lifted and others realize that it is safer to smoke marijuana rather than have a few drinks at a bar. All good things in moderation. Just because someone does something that you don't approve of doesn't mean they are any less deserving than someone who lives the life YOU approve of.

Agree with what your saying to a certian degree. Yes one can smoke weed and still be an amazing mother, even better than some mothers who don't smoke/drink etc.

But its STILL very selfish to smoke if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

My mother smoked while pregnant with me (ciggarettes and marijuana) and drank on occasion with both my sisters and myself and all of us are college grads. WE had a great childhood. But still think my mother was selfish to take that risk, and I was also exposed to those activities as a kid, and both my sisters and I smoked weed now (well not me as much anymore)

In moderation its fine but if your doing it on the regs its NOT ok.

The article written by Dr. Melanie Dreher is relative old. It was written in 1992.
But now we know that there are in fact many negative effects by smoking marihuana during pregnancy(long term). Look for example to the study's from:

Goldschmidt, L., Richardson, G.A., Willford, J.A., Severtson, S.G., Day, N.L.(2012) School achievement in 14-year-old youths prenatally exposed to marijuana
Neurotoxicology and Teratology, 34 (1), pp. 161-167. Cited 1 time.


Day, N.L., Richardson, G.A., Goldschmidt, L., Robles, N., Taylor, P.M., Stoffer, D.S., Cornelius, M.D., Geva, D.(1994) Effect of prenatal marijuana exposure on the cognitive development of offspring at age three
Neurotoxicology and Teratology, 16 (2), pp. 169-175. Cited 75 times.

If you choose to smoke marijuana during pregnancy, that is your choice. But don't say that it is save and it will not have any negative effects on your baby, because these study's show that that is most likely not true.

Part of the reason there's a stigma against pot-smoking is because it's something that lame-ass fourteen year-olds do before they grow up and move on with their lives.

You would be extremely surprised at the amount of responsible adults that smoke pot. I was when I "grew-up" and still continued to smoke. The way society portrays marijuana is the reason there is a stigma. Don't be so ignorant, I'm a college graduate and very much "grown up".

10th grade called, and they are embarrassed for you.

Funny. I didn't smoke when I was in 10th grade. I believe the girl I was in 10th grade would be proud of the person I am today. Believe what you want. But don't assume that anyone is an awful selfish mother for choosing to medicate themselves during pregnancy. Marijuana isn't just about getting "high" and eating Doritos. If you believe that then you are vastly mistaken. Just like anything there are going to be people who use and abuse. If you believe all pot smokers are the same then you are being ignorant.

Oh my god, could you imagine if Farrah and Jo did a collaboration?!

The song could be called "Mama Did Drugs!"

i have hyperemesis during my pregnancy right now literally everything i ate or drank i threw up no matter what time of the day it was and no matter what it was i tried eating ginger and drinking ginger ale NOTHING helped i lost weight and the doctors said i needed to be put on IVS or there was a chance me and my child could die from nothing be able to be kept down i was on ivs getting a medichine called "zofran" which is SAFE during pregnancy . I eventually got off the IVS because they saw the zofran controlled my vomitting i have to take it everyday by liquid i still feel nauses even when i take it i just dont vomitt anymore. if i didnt take it me and my baby would be dead the doctors said from excessive vomitting. i remember i use to drink water just to throw it up because i was SO thirsty and dehydrated and desperate for some fluids. thank god for that medication. but i wouldnt reccomend smoking weed during a pregnancy. theres some studies who say it wont harm the fetus and some say that do. but i wouldnt chance it personally.

And what studies have you seen on zofran to say its 'safe'?! The amount of pure ignorance on this thread is the most I've seen since highschool.. All of these statements are pure opinion backed by no fact whatsoever. The real truth is the US government won't fund a PUBLIC study to show the effects on marijuana during pregnAncy- because they don't want you to know the truth. The only successful study on the books was an independent researcher who conducted in Jamaica on expectant motherS and found NO ill effects, none. There was a slightly above average birth-weight, but with that came signifigant advancments in the babies physical abilities.

You ladies can use all the name calling tactics against us you want to- it doesn't change the fact that you are poorly informed on the subject and a seemingly low in character.


So if you just gave birth to a beautiful baby, would you take a nice big ol' bong rip and blow it right in the baby's face?

Oh my god, seriously, EDUCATE YOURSELF. Ignorance I tell you!

do you know how many "responsible people" smoke weed ALOT of presidents admitted to smoking weed. and a whole bunch of other well known b\people who are known as "responsible". JUST SAYING so dont even go there. People make such a fuss about weed but dont think about how ACOHOL is one of the most dangerous drugs of all and is LEGAL but is accepted by society. GET EDUCATED idiots.

This isn't an argument about weed. I definitely think all drugs should be legalized. This is about selfish mothers smoking while pregnant. I have zero problem with pot. What I have a problem with, is the selfishness to not quit smoking for your child.

I love how you told everyone to "get educated" and then spelled alcohol wrong.

haha seriously! I'm pretty sure if she wants other people to be educated, her post should have been more like this:

Do you know how many “responsible people” smoke weed? A lot of presidents admitted to smoking weed, and a whole bunch of other well known people who are known as “responsible”. Just saying. So don't even go there. People make such a fuss about weed but don't think about how alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs of all and is legal but accepted by society. Get educated, idiots


I think its completely selfish for a mother or father or legal guardian to smoke pot period because it is illegal ! Therefore you are putting yourself and your child at risk. You are so selfish to get high that you would rather smoke that joint illegally and risk chances of getting caught and getting you child took away from you and you in jail. Its illegal therefore you are not setting a good example for your child by disobeying the laws.

First thing all of u who are judging her for "smoking pot" I bet almost everyone has had a drink while your child is arou which impares u more then pot does and yes I was not with a doctor but I had a midwife and with a pinched nearve in my back working with a breech baby I was in a lot of pain and the midwife had recommended smokinging a joint to relax the muscles that I couldn't take anything else for while pregnant I did not touch anything wig my first as to not effect my child but durning that shellfish experiance hell ya I I had a few puffs and who cares if she smokes pot as li.g as ur child is cared for happy health n not exposed it doesn't matter I bet al of u have too Ayr one point as well. (Sorry for the waythis is written phonis not liking this webpage)

I had a midwife too. And she made sure to tell us "if you smoke pot, DON'T TELL ME" because she is legally required by law to alert the authorities if someone states to them they are taking an illegal substance.

It's the same reason I chose I didn't want an epidural or any of those hospital interventions. Anything that goes into your body, goes into the babies body. Even during labor.

Ok I have to admit, I love getting my teen mom stories here. But the real reason why I visit this blog so often is for gems like this:

"I know I wouldn’t like Melinda puffing away if she got knocked up (not that she does anyway), but I like to play things safe. I do know pot is less harmful than most things people ingest on a daily basis, but again, I have no clue how it impacts a child in the womb. Maybe they have a sweet 9 months… just kidding, relax."

Can stevebeans be any more awesome? I think not....

There are numerous studies in places such as Australia ( whose gov isn't too scared to post real results instead or controlled releases) about how marajuana butter is given to children as young as 4 to help curb the effects of ADHD. Research is powerful tool ladies.

Uhm yes research is a powerful tool. And that is just the point that I was making on my post september the 3rd (under Ashley's post from 31-08). Research had shown that the use of Marihuana is NOT SAVE during pregnancy!!! There are many negative effects for the unborn child. Of course it doesnt mean that every child will get effected by it. Just as not every smoker will get cancer. The chances are much higher though.

I am Dutch by the way and in our country the use of marihuana is legal. But, hier in the Netherlands, no midwife will recommend it during pregnancy, because it is to dangerous for the unborn child, the (long term) risk are way to high.

Omfg. What the fuck is wrong with most of you people. Marijuana has been demonized for years because the federal government is buddy buddy with pharmaceutical companies. What a load of shit. Theres nothing I dislike more than overzealous pregnant women that talk shit about things they know nothing about. To all you self-righteous goody goodys... what did you eat while pregnant? My guess is a bunch of over-processed nastiness and fast food. Shut the fuck up and get a life.