Teen Mom 2 - Somebody Call The Uptight Police!

kailyn lowry

Sometimes I need to search for stories, and sometimes stories come to me.

Take Isaac in a cage for example.

Kailyn allowed him to play in the dog cage because what kid wouldn't want to play in such a cool little fort like that? What makes it a story is the instant outrage she received for letting him play in such a dirty filthy cage! Wetpaint has a few of the silly quotes from people regarding the situation, like "No way in hell would I allow my kid to play where the dog sleeps".

Come on people, get real. Most dogs sleep on floors, the same floors kids play on. If your dog is so dirty and disgusting that it's a biohazardous condition, I have a suggestion for you...

I know it's a shocking revolution that's only been around for about 50 years now, but there is this stuff that you use to actually clean your dog.

Incredible, right? Because dogs tend to get a bit more dirty than say cats, some people actually wash their dog more than once every 5 years.

One thing is refreshing, Kailyn didn't back down from the negative comments. She stands by her decision to let Isaac be a kid, and doesn't appear scared that he'll get the dreaded imaginary dog-child disease that doesn't exist.


How dumb! Every kid plays in the dog cage! They think it's awesome! I have pics of me in my dogs doghouse when I was little! Get over it people! It is not a big deal! She didnt lock him in!

People are so uptight. I bet my son would love playing in one of those. Let kids be kids!

Haha..I'll admit I've allowed the same thing. My daughter climbed in the dog crate when she was little and played in there for a short time. People are way too up tight. The door isn't even locked.

People who don't let their children get dirty usually end up with children that get sick a lot. My mother never gets sick, nor got sick from what I remember. She accredited it to her eating dirt a lot as a child.

True dat... It's good for kids to be exposed to dirt and what not....I wasn't, and I had all sorts of allergies growing up.....

well i have to say my lil boy has done the same and i have pics of it to because its soooo cute lol

There are so many people in this world that are just so ignorant & immature! 1st of all, the people who made rude or uncalled comment's about this pic...just want to get notice! They have nothing better to do w/ their time, then to say something rude whenever it come's to these young lady's & their children! 2ND of all, most people w/ a dog (who treat their dog right & love them) usually have their dog either lay on their couch's or chair's or even their bed or their child/children's bed too! A lot of people even have their dog lay w/ them on their beds as they sleep! There is nothing wrong at all w/ a child playing in their dog's cage! Children like to explore & play! This to me just look's like the boy is playing in there as if it where just like a fort built out of blanket's Or even a box! I have 2 children my self...any time i bring in a box of any size, they try to climb into that box lol!! Children w/ be children...they love to see what everything dose & how thing's work! There to me, is nothing at all what so ever wrong w/ the boy playing in their dog's cage!!! He is a little boy, having fun playing! Obviously he was being supervised by someone, or this pic would of never been taken in the first place! So, it's not like she locked him up & left him in there lol...gosh!

People need to get over this "right way of parenting". I hate how people can be so judgmental on other people's children, when they should really be focusing on theirs. Maybe your kid is playing around in a dog cage while you're sitting at the computer commenting about other people's lives.

I'm sorry but ppl who think that dogs are dirty and kids shouldn't be able to play and be a kid make me laugh... kids are gonna be kids and kids are gonna get dirty... id rather my kids play with there dog... its called there is a tub soap and water... ppl really need to grow up...

I let my kids play where the dog sleeps all the time. Pretty much all day. The couch, the floor, under the dining room table or wherever the need to sleep strikes her.

Wow! You know they are only making a big deal out of this simply because she is on tv.. Smh! I bet you anything the ones that have a problem with it are also ones that have let there kids play in a dog kennel.. My 3 year old daughter plays in ours you can't keep her out of them sometimes she will unlock it and go in there with the dog, or she will let them out and get in it.. Guess I am a horrible mom as well! I remember being little and playing in dog kennels.. Oh should I also mention the one of our dogs is a pitbull..........

I'm pretty sure those same people who wouldn't let their kids play in the "dirty filthy" dog cage let their kids pet the dogs without washing their hands every single contact. And if they do that's their business. Quit being judgemental of people who do things differently than you.

my oldest used to play in his grandparents dogs cage all the time he even locked himself in a few times and fallen asleep in it he was big enough to figure out how to lock and unlock it from the inside it was his fort or hiding spot from the dog

I've got this same pix of my kids in ours ..Really People

I let my kids play in dog cages, as long as it's clean, there is NOTHING wrong with it! Kids are curious and like to investigate!

Wow people! Get real! My son has done this too! He loves the dog cage! So what!?

I think its funny. My son does it when we go to his grandparents house.

i have let my 2 and 3 year old play in our dogs kennel too.they thought it was the best thing in thw world to play in the dog box.kids will be kids

It is healthy for kids to get dirty. It helps build their immune system. Keeping all of the germs away means that when one slips by your kid will get really sick instead of having built up immunity to it. Those moms constantly covering their child in hand sanitizer and making them wash their hands every five minutes are actually doing more harm than good. We don't use antibacterial soap or sanitizer. http://children.webmd.com/news/20120709/many-babies-healthier-in-homes-w...

My 1 year old plays in our dogs cage all the time.. there is no harm in it.. wtf is up ppls butts? they are kids, they do things like play in dog cages.. as long as they cage isn't locked, i dont see the harm in it at all.. Kailynn, you are a great mom. Dont let these people tell you any different.

My son and Daughter and Nephew always climb into the dog bed at my parents house, i don't see a problem with it at all kids love to explore and we need to feed their curiosity.

dogs and kids are apparently supposed to have some special bond i heard which is why you`re supposed to bring your dog a piece of your newborns clothing so they realize the smell and learn that when the baby comes home they are a part of the family and will be familiar to the dog. a friend of mine has a 2 week old baby and they also have a dog and the dog adores the baby. i've also brought my 8 month old over and the dog is very receptive to him as well.

issac is just learning about his surroundings and it`s not like she locked him in a cage with fecal matter and urine and the dog in there as well. isaac saw an empty box like structure and decided to go play. typical behaviour for a 2 1/2 year old.

My niece used to climb in all the time and would even ask us to lock it. We would pretend to for her. She just wanted to do what the dogs did. Kids mimic....

ohhh get the fuckk out i have some many pictures of my before & the kids in the damn dog cage ... its not like shes locked him in there like a dog hes PLAYINGGG. get a life take care of your own kids ! & next time you let your kid play in a box maybe someone will think your wrong from shipping your kid in a box! lmao people just open there dumb mouths just to make people feel they did something wrong...

wow ! i used to play in my dogs cage with my little brothers ALL THE TIME !!! i have never gotten sick from playing where my dogs sleep and i think haters need to keep their mouths shut if they dont have anything positive to say ! get over it people , its not your kid so dont worry about it !

I don't care that she let her son play in te dog cage. However, she posted a pic of him in it before and there was an uproar about it, so why did she do it again? Probably to instigate drama. Obviously she should be able to post what she likes, but she knows she's in the public eye and what people can be like. Half the time I think she just does these things for attention.

I agree, while I think it is no big deal he is chillin in a cage, I think she loves the twitter drama. She is always getting into it with people over things she said or pics. When people keep attacking you for the same damn things stop doing it. Retweet!

Exactly! One time she posted the most pointless screenshot of a text from her friend where he had called Isaac 'my nigga'. There was nothing cute or funny about it and I literally think she posted it just to see people argue over the use of 'nigga'. I think she's a good mom but she has a lot of maturing to do!

That's what's wrong with the world today, people want to try and tell you to stop letting your kid be a kid. Listen lady, if you pushed this child out of your vag, and raised him single handedley, then YOU can tell me how to care for him. If not, the stfu and mind your own.

Wow!! My mom is a dog groomer, which means over 100 dogs a year used the dog crates I used to play in and I dont have any weird "child-dog" diseases. People need to stop worrying about how other people parent their children and start worrying about what our child is doing while your all over the internet hating on innocent NORMAL people .... Grow up!

THIS is sooo stupid, anyone who would give her crap over that is a hater! my puppies sleeep in the bed with me, so that must make me disgusting! I bathe my dogs every sunday because i'm a germ freak, and i can't stand the smell of dirty dog, so that is sooo stupid, and as a kid i played in dog cages, and rolled all over the floor with dogs. people need to grow up & stop being haters :)

I sincerely hope the people that think she is an unfit mother for letting her child play in a kennel are just biased and don't have dogs in the first place... If you have a dog your entire house is dog friendly, not just a cage with a bed so I have no idea why that would make any sort of difference...
Either way people are so ridiculously sensitive these days, my goodness if this is apparently filthy any mom should go to jail for letting their kids play at Chuckie Cheese.

My son plays in our dog's crate too. He never caught a chid-dog disease. Sure his first word was WOOF WOOF, and he pees on fire hydrants,loves wearing dog collars, drinks from bowls and eats without using his hands but he has never once bitten a stranger!! My son still is obedient and intelligent. He sits, rolls over and barks on command! And not to brag but my son also wags his butt when he is happy and sniffs out any food we hide from him....um...oh..maybe he does have child-dog disease...lmao

My boys loved going into the dog cage. They thought it was the coolist fort! There is nothing wrong with that picture. Those who dislike it need to get off their high horse and get a reality check!