Jo Violates His Custody Agreement

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Kailyn and Jo are not strangers to the stress that a custody agreement can cause while trying to successfully co-parent. We have seen these two in multiple blow ups throughout the last few seasons of Teen Mom 2, and it seems as though this season won't be any different. At the end of last season, we saw an exchange between Kailyn and Jo become physical, and Kailyn even went as far as to place a protection from abuse order on Jo for a while.

The reason that the situation was a challenge at all was because Jo's girlfriend, Vee, was present when Jo was supposed to meet Kailyn to pick Isaac up.

Apparently Vee had posted pictures of herself smoking marijuana and drinking, which was something that Kailyn didn't want her son to be around, and she didn't want Vee to be playing mom with her son.

After Kailyn and Jo went to mediation, they agreed that no significant others would ever be present at their exchanges, which means Kailyn couldn't bring Javi, and Jo couldn't bring Vee.

Yesterday, Kailyn revealed to Wetpaint that Jo and Vee have decided to move in together, which apparently caused a little bit of drama. The biggest shock was that Jo didn't even tell Kailyn himself. Instead, their son told Kailyn that Vee had moved in. Luckily, Kailyn seems to be dealing with it better than I would have initially thought.

She was quoted as saying, "Looking back on Season 4 I kind of realized how immature I acted about it. I still have the same feelings that I did, but I could have went about it a little bit better.

And now I'm way over it, and he's gonna do what he's gonna do regardless." She also said "I wouldn't go as far as saying I trust her, but I trust Jo's judgment where I don't think that he would allow anything in his house.

He wouldn't put Isaac in harm's way."

Some people think that it isn't a big deal and that Jo shouldn't need to report all of his actions to Kailyn, while others think that Kailyn has a right to know who her son is around while he's with his father.

Kail took to twitter today to post "Actually, that's something huge and a requirement in our custody agreement." While she didn't state exactly what the agreement states, it seems like there might be more hard feelings than she originally showed.

What do you think? Should Jo be required to tell Kailyn before having his girlfriend move in?


Well Joe should have told her but I kinda put myself in his shoes. Kailyn had a nervous diarrhea on national TV and had a physical fight at the only taught that her son might see another woman as nurturing, i'd be freaked out and wouldn't tell her too, in fear that she might lose her shit again.

I will never understand how people can read an article filled with someone's name and still spell it wrong.

English is my second language, sometimes It gets mixed up in my head ;P

Plus Jo is a nickname, he is not legally named "Jo", i think i can take the liberty of calling Jonathan Joe instead of Jo.

When parents don't live together they should know where their child is when he/she is not with them and also know who else is in the house with their child.

I'm sure she doesnt tell jo every single person that walks through her door or she talks to when she has their works both ways. No mother should treat the father of their child like that...I like her but her bwhavioir towards jo is..well..trashy!

Totally just spelt so much weong! Sorry I'm on my cell and HATE this touch screen!

Its kinda funny though cause she was doing alot of the same things with Javi and not wanting to tell Jo. All I can say is karma is a b****!

I'd be irritated if my daughter's father didn't tell me his girlfriend moved in. Openness is key in a coparenting relationship.

I think since Jo wants this whore to live with his kid Kail should be allowed to request weekly drug tests on her. Trash usually doesn't change and doing drugs is trashy. This is why you don't have kids with someone you haven't been with for less than a few years.

Before you go saying I am judgmental, I have met Vee Torres so I know she is a whore and constantly wreaks of pot and beer. I wouldn't want her around my dog, let alone my child!

I've met her in a bar with Joe once in NJ,and they seemed fine, but i don't know you can't really judge from a single encounters. So I'm not getting into a bandwagon of he said/she said.

But IMO, If Joe trust Vee around his son, and she is really smoking weed in front of the little boy, he shouldn't even have custody of Isaac because he is probably very much like her.

However I think that if Isaac is happy and thriving with Vee and Jo it would be cruel to ban him from seeing them because they like to drink beer and smoke weed when Isaac is not with them.

Kail smoked pot even while pregnant so does that make her trashy also?

You guys get all this from tv, REAL life is different

This coming from the girl who waited until the last possible moment to tell Jo she was THINKING about marrying Benefits. . .crap I mean Javi. They sat in counseling and Jo said that he trusted that Kail would never move away and take Isaac away from him. She just sat there knowing she'd be getting hitched at the courthouse within a week. Get off your high horse and realize that you don't get to decide what Jo does or doesn't do with his new girlfriend. Be mindful and watchful and make sure Isaac is safe. I don't see Jo putting Isaac in a situation where he would be harmed or traumatized because of Jo's new girlfriend. Then again, they all seem like kind of immature assholes. Except for Benefits. . .he seems to have his shit together more than the rest of them.

I agree i cannot stand Kail she basically married Javi because hes in the military i believe sadly hes more in love with her than she is with him i also believe she married him to get back at Joe because that gives her the right to take Issac away from his father the way the show paints Jo is horrible and i hate that i dont believe he is a bad person or will put the child at harm lastly THEYRE GROWN drinking and getting high is the normal for what 21 22yr olds SO what and i bet you Kail probably drinks as well long as thehre not doing it infront of him hes fine and if Vee treats him with respect and Issac likes her it shouldnt be a problem but this bitch went from (i forget his name) To Javi what some ppl do not understand is she was seeing someone else while living with her baby daddy she shouldve went to him like a grown woman and told him it wasnt working just like she shouldve mentioned benefits (lol) to him as well just like she has a right to know stuff he DOES too thats his right as a father!!! Idc what anyone says Javi seems like a nice guy and everything but this girl has issues and i dont aee it lasting long after the honey moon stage shell do the same to him like she did with Jo #hypercrite

I remember when Jo outted Kail for smoking pot during the beginning of her pregnancy with Isaac.

^not really the clouse. Things are spelled correctly lol

We sure as hell know Kail drinks. Remember when she lived in the drive thru house around the time she was with Jordan? The kitchen was decorated with many empty liquor bottles. Even if your toddler doesn't understand what was in those bottles doesn't mean you should put them on display like trophies. Hopefully she got rid of that shit when her and Benefits (ha!) moved in together.

It's "normal" for people that age to drink and get high? Guess I was abnormal, then.

Drinking when you're of age- fine. But doing drugs even when you don't have your child around is completely irresponsible. No matter what you believe about the legality of pot (or other drugs) the fact remains that in most states it is still illegal, and if you get busted you might not see your child for an extended period of time. I'm not sure why so many folks have the mindset of "as long as my kid is with the other parent, it's ok for me to do whatever." Is it really such a stretch to realize that the things you do even when your child isn't around still have the potential to affect them greatly?

I don't necessarily think Javi loves her more than she loves him.. I'm sure he enjoys the notoriety of being on teen mom and his thousands of twitter followers. Also Kail had money from MTV anyway so although she wanted a family and extra help In sure he has used her in a way too

Let's not forget about when she started dating Jordan and had Jo drop her and Isaac off at the park without telling him who she was seeing. I do think they should share that information with one another but it's ridiculous that she expects him to tell her every minor thing but doesn't give him the same respect in return.

thats his name! lmao have you noticed all their names start with J but i dont believe Javi is His real name its something else i think


actually i think its Jose Javier Marr.. whatever his last name is lol a.k.a. Benefits

I'm very proud of Joe and how slow he took his relationship with Vee, particularly regarding how long he took to move in with her. Kailyn is a good mother but she needs to shut up about this. She has made the most rash decisions ever and lucky for her they worked out, but she still needs to calm the eff down.

Didn't she live with Jordan also a lil? Or was he always there

Kailyn is a hypocrite. Joe is wrong to not tell her that his girlfriend moved in but Kailyn pulls the same kind of things on him. In her mind it's only wrong when he does it. They both show little respect for the other.

Jo and Vee have been together longer than Kail and Javi ... I understand he could have told her but this is just hypocritical kail trying to make a huge deal out of something in attempt to make jo and vee look bad.

Is 'The Clouse' HC? I'm assuming it is

Yes, but I prefer to call her the Louse.

Btw, I haven't yet shared my kudos to megan for her articles, but here they are! I went on TMT earlier today and it looked like a lot of the commenting had died down even though she had uploaded a handful of her (crappy) posts. Credit to megan for her great updates on here!

I think I'll just ignore the other blog for now to downgrade its income, cuz 'Louse is a bitch haha.

I am not real HC. Lol

I don't think HC is allowed to talk about Kail. Also, her last name isn't actually Clouse anymore.

She's not. Kail and Heather both sell Scentsy; some shady stuff went down on Heather's part because she wanted Kail to sell under her, Kail refused and went to Scentsy about it, and now Heather is banned from talking about her, unless she wants to lose her "job" with Scentsy.

I do believe communication is key to co-parenting, or any relationship for that matter, but it can't be one sided. For example, I remember Kailyn speaking with her lawyer about not having to tell Jo she was married until after the wedding, and about maybe having to move yet waiting to tell Jo until the last minute. Kail only brings up the custody agreement when everything isnt going her way.

Kail is a hypocrite because she didn't tell Jo when Javi moved in saying it was none of his business because he couldn't do anything about it anyway. It amazes me she expects Jo to follow there custody agreement to the T but has never extended him the same courtesy.

I read the article last night so maybe I'm forgetting something, but I think their custody agreement was only about having others there while exchanging Isaac. Vee was still allowed to be there when Jo got home with him. I never really understood the point of that, but technically as long as Jo goes alone to get Isaac, he's not violating the agreement.

I never understand why they don't share Jo's parents more on the show.. Didn't they say they were teen parents? Look at them now. They own their own business and have a really nice house, and most importantly made it through the struggle of being teen parents coming out of that tunnel seemingly very successful. Plus they seem to be a great support system where K really doesn't have one. I can see how she would be jealous and want her son, I'm sure feeling like that's all she really has... But give me a break... The show showed this crap going on way before Jo moved out and she was complaining about how he raised their son. I would like to believe that with his family support he is doing just fine and that he wouldn't put his son in danger. But who knows, I don't know them or their actual story. I just think it's funny that she knows what is 100% best for him when she was a single mom, being sneaky as all hell behind Jo's back but he apparently doesn't know how to take care of a son when he was living with his parents and having their moral/financial support.

They're both in the wrong I think. Kail is very secretive and doesn't communicate with Jo the way she should. Jo should have told her about Vee moving in, but she's not completely innocent either. She thinks because she's the mom she's the be all end all and that's an attitude I just despise in some of these girls. It's one thing if the dad wants nothing to do with the baby/doesn't contribute/etc, but Jo genuinely loves his son and is trying to do what's best for him like any good father would. Kail needs to get her head out of her ass. If my husband and I were separated, I'd offer him the same communication and respect I was expecting of him - which include letting him know well in advance if I'm bring a romantic partner into our sons' lives and to what extent they'll be around this person.

Kail wants Jo so bad it hurts. Javi was definitely a benefits marriage, because if it was really she wouldn't be so obsessed with Jo's every move, especially when Jo has never raised a stink about hers (bringing 2 randoms around his son, moving in with Javi with little notification, moving out of state with Javi and Isaac after promising Jo not to.) She won't leave him alone until she can get the D again