Jeremy Calvert Leaves Twitter, Fuels Suspicions of Quitting Teen Mom 2

Jeremy Calvert

When you've got a lot to say, but you signed an MTV contract When you've got a lot to say, but you signed an MTV contract

If he left, would we miss him?

It's something we seriously need to think about because Jeremy's Calvert deletion of his formerly very active Twitter account is another signal that Calvert has had enough of the drama.

Since Calvert has been openly dating new girlfriend Brooke Wehr, things have apparently gotten to be too much for Leah Messer's former husband due to the venom that die-hard Leah fans have been spewing.

It's true, Leah fans have been downright nasty to Brooke who hasn't even appeared on any episode of Teen Mom yet.

When Calvert posted a picture of him and her to his Instagram account (which is still active) seven weeks ago, Leah fan brutally criticized basically everything about poor Brooke.

"She's HIT!! Learn how to apply eye liner and fix those pencil thin eyebrows! Just a beauty tip....oh wait, that still won't fix natural ugly though!" wrote one particularly angry user, who appears to be a mother herself based on her Insta photos.

"What do you call that thing?" asked another.

Me and my baby #empirestate #topoftheworld @bwehr10

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Comments like these have kept coming the more and more Calvert broadcasts his relationship on social media, which likely led to him deleting his Twitter all together.

According to Inquisitr, all of the drama is enough for Calvert to call it quits and not appear on Teen Mom 2's next season.

Inquisitr said a friend of Calvert's said the young professional is unlikely to be swayed by MTV's generous salary offer because he makes enough money on his own:

"[Jeremy Calvert]'s one of the only cast members with a 'real' job," the source explained. "He makes an impressive amount of money on his own, so money's not really an issue for him like it is with some of the other cast members who completely rely on their Teen Mom 2 income to live off of... He works all year, so the extra income from the show actually kind of screws him over come tax time."

Calvert's Instagram account, however, doesn't exactly give off the vibe that he's living significantly better than his cast mates.

"Can't quit when money goes in faster than it comes in," Calvert said about his tough schedule last month.

Don't give a fuck if it don't make sense and shit isn't spell right to all you fucking Grammer Nazis!!!!

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Not to mention he used his Instagram account to start a bidding war on his old cell phone...

Phone for sale "verizon" carrier sorry

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We don't think Calvert is leaving the show anytime soon, but we could be wrong. Anything can happen.


Die hard Leah fans aka Mama Dawn and Oreo

Mama Dawn is gonna buy that phone and do some West Virginian Voodoo on ole Germy

Lolll. She'll awaken all of Leah's deceased pets to come after him using cheetos and lunchables and pillses. It will be like pet cemetery WV style. Come on mtv this is a great movie idea. Better than that dumb attempt to recreate Scream lol.

Guaranfuckingteed whatever fan ends up with it, they will claim there are texts from Leah on it. Some crazy make up story will come from it. Mark my words.

And white trash mothers who think feeding their children is optional.

"She'll awaken all of Leah's deceased pets" bravo @TTB

Not to defend Leah but I've seen it go both way!! People who love him and brook say terrible things about Leah and they both retweet those things. People are crazy!!! We don't know any of these people personally to be constantly attacking them like that.

And the funny thing is Leah says Jeremy is this great co-parent, all the while he's trashing her online via his retweets. Corey at least stays fairly quiet online all while Jeremy does things to attack Leah. Tell me why Jeremy's the better co-parent again?

Chelsea love shack....because he gives into her demands. Custody, child support......that's all she cares about.

And white trash mothers who think feeding their children is optional.

Nah, it's the whole Messer clan - also Isaac and his babymamma, Oreo's weird aggressive husband, Grandma Sandy who hit said aggressive husband with a lead pipe. And don't forget Chasssssity.

If it is them, they really have noooooo business criticizing anyone by their physical appearance

i don't care if he leaves honestly.

There is nothing tying him to the show anymore. He isn't with leah.

He is moving on, he has a daughter with Leah yes but him and leah aren't together he isn't in the twins everyday life now. Not saying he doesn't care about them I'm sure he does but i don't think they have a deep connection with them other than worrying about their safety.

I think thw show is the only thing holding him to his old life and
If he's getting serious with this new chick why would he stay?

Agreed! I wouldn't miss him if he quit. Just quit already, Germy! Stop threatening and do it.

He quits twitter for 2 days then reactivates his account all the time. Wouldn't be surprised if the same happened with the show. He loves the attention.

yeah i doubt jerms was every that connected with the twins. he was only with them like once a week

I think the post about money going out fast was him saying Leah was spending all the money faster than he makes it. I seriously doubt that he is hurting for cash without her. By quitting I think he was referring to not quitting the pipeline, not the show
As for the selling of items, he seems to be a bit of a pot stirrer or attention seeker. Can you imagine what a crazy fan would pay for 'Jeremy from Teen Mom's phone'? He likes the attention, and knowing that is makes Leah fans mad.

I agree. I don't think he needs the money because it was clear in the previous seasons that he gets a nice paycheck. I think he has to pay 1500 dollars for Addie for child support each month? I am sure the MTV paycheck is nice but he doesn't need MTV as badly as the girls do.. I can't help with wonder which idiot employer is going to employ Leah when this is all done and over with and pay her 250.000k.

He's a colossal dick online tbh. It's funny, but really immature.

Yeah, no matter what, she is the mother of your child. Keep it civil man.

I'm sure he would be fine financially. He doesn't own a house and his child support is like a grand a month. He doesn't have to pay property taxes or anything like that. He lives in a camper. He doesn't pay alimony or have to worry about Leah's spending.

I'm sure he's still paying for that trailer on his parents' property. Even if he sold it, those things have negative equity right away. Plus, he was in the camper because Leah was still in the trailer. He pays $1700 a month for Addie, according to last season.

Personally, I like Jeremy. He calls Leah out in her shit, he wasn't scared to befriend Corey, and he supported the girls and Leah when he was married to her. People get mad that he "gave up" but if I married a guy with 2 kids and a failed marriage, he cheated on me and then had a drug problem, I'm pretty positive I would "give up" as well. He did what was expected of him any other time- Leah needed money, Jeremy gave her money. The twins needed things, Jeremy provides. Ali NEEDED a horse, she got it. Nobody is perfect, and he is no saint but everybody has their limit and his was a strung out POS.

*not the best grammar & punctuation, but these days you have to type quickly before it refreshes!

When has he called her out on her shit though? He never does unless he's putting on a show for his gf. Otherwise he's all nice to her and enabling the hell out of her. Everytime we see them on the show he's all nice to her and acting like he's on her side. Then the second he's not with her he starts talking shit. I would love to see him say it to her face for once.

When he called her out for cheating on Twitter, and on the recent Dad Special when he said she hasn't improved very much. When they went to dinner he wasn't exactly on her side. I'm not saying he screams it in her face, but he knows she is going to see/hear what he has to say about her.

See I think the calling out on twitter thing was super immature. I don't care if its Leah. That's still his daughters mother. Years from now poor Addie is gonna be seeing caught ya bitch and you're a whore and lord knows what else. Is Addie going to think its ok for guys to talk to her like that? Also on the dads special it seemed like the whole thing was an act for Brook. People that went to the reunion last year when he went said he refused to call her out on anything he kept saying he wouldn't throw her under the bus like Corey did cause that's fucked up or something like that. There's a way to call her out without the cursing and all that. I don't think twitter is the place to do it. Just my opinion though.

It bothers me that he calls her out but doesn't do anything about it! If I were him I would have applied for full custody a long time ago!

Hallelujah Leah's wedding set!
Leah had it good with Jerrmy. He had her back against Corey and he supported her. Even her Mary Kay bullshit. He was a good husband for what we saw. He WANTED to work and support his family. Leah was free to do what she wanted while he was gone and nothing was ever good enough for Leah damn!
And ditto about the site. It's so fucking annoying. It also sends me to random game sites/pages and shit. I've been avoiding coming here to post ?? FIX THIS!!

Yes. THIS!!!! (I commented below but wanted to reply to this. I'm also having site issues)
He was so good to her and she had life made. He supported her, her children and her lifestyle. He was emotionally distant, but damn. Her biggest issue was him not being around 24/7 due to work. Which is immature as fuck, or maybe I just have zero sympathy for since my boyfriend works on the oil rig and is gone for longer time frames than her husband ever was. I'm currently pregnant with our first child and I'm lucky if I get to see him for a week straight!!

Any way, I truly believe if she had continued working on their relationship, been patient with him and kept her legs closed, he'd still be around. She royally fucked it up and I'm sure she regrets it every day. And how funny both of her exes have completely upgraded?! #lifeafterleah

I like Jeremy too, and Leah is obviously still a drugged out loser --I mean have we seen her sober at all this season?. I would probably take almost anyone's side over hers.

I don't for one second blame Jeremy for bailing on Leah. She cheated on him! Why do people not realise this. But I think he's a really horrible person. I've seen him on twitter telling people to kill themselves because they've said something half negative about him/ Leah in the past. He is disgusting

I've seen him curse people out too and he really goes off the deep end on what he says. I believe Corey when he said the girls told him that Leah and Jeremy would be fighting so loudly they would hide in the laundry room. There are some good things about him but he "snaps" quite a bit on social media. Makes him look a little unstable.

Good riddance to him if he really is gone. He was the one that perused Leah so desperately. Why was that? He even ran to Corey to tell him to stay away that was weird. He said in the restaurant scene how worried he was for the kids yet he didn't do anything to help them or take them away from Leah. Corey on the other hand fought tooth and nail to keep the twins safe. Jeremy was too busy running away because he didn't want anything to do with the mess anymore. Which fine I get it but what about his daughter? The house he's buying with Brook is it near his daughter or near Brook? Something tells me it's not closer to poor Addie.It seems to me he makes more of an effort to spend time with Brooke then Addie. Why else does Leah sing his praises all the time? It's because he just lets her have whatever she wants. He doesn't fight for Addie ever. Corey on the otherhand wants what's best for the kids and that means getting them into a safe environment and away from Leah. I guess that's too much work for Jerms though.

Brooke is prettier than Leah and her fans are just pissed that yet another ex-husband has ' upgraded' again.

I actually don't think she's prettier. I mean now Leah is obviously a haggard mess and everyone is prettier than her, but I don't think Brook is prettier than predruggie Leah. Everyone has different taste though.

Not sure if Id say she's prettier, but she doesn't have that high white trash junkie look going on, so that's a major upgrade!!

I just choked on my cheeseburger in McDonalds when I read that.

No willchair?

YES!!! Willchair!! How could I not think of that!! Changing it now- million thanks ;)

Your education is to well :) lol welcome!

You must be a real bitch low life to attack a new partner on her looks like that.
Those bitches will be ashamed looking back at pictures from now with their fuckin squirrel tail eyebrows and all they have to say to defend themselves: EVERYONE had them at the time.. No...

Jeremy deletes his Twitter at least twice a month. It'll be back eventually.

Hah! I saw the picture before the mean comments and my thought was literally "wow, now both Corey and jerm have upgraded!" Fucking Leah, man.

Sorry I just have to say this but I am so sick of the new update on this website and on the Ashley's Website! I have been getting way more spam and slow loading pages. I was just on the ashley's website, didn't even click on anything and it tried to download something on my computer! I have a good security system so nothing happened thankfully, but nonetheless I am tired of it.

Is there any solution to this?

Adblock. I never see ads, ever.

Here's my rant on this. I agree with Leah's meth pipe who said earlier that Leah had it GOOD with Jurrrmy. (I would've posted this below your comment but this damn site refreshing bullshit...) He may be a trifling attention whore and fame seeker, but think about what he did for her and the girlses while we was around. He financially supported her (MTV money probably wasn't rapidly flowing at the beginning when they met) and accepted her daughters as his own, married her and gave her a pretty stable life. She had it DAMN good and he seemed to bump her class status up a degree or two. Or 5

When you think about it, Leah is actually pretty smart. Think about the men she makes her baby daddies- the complete opposite of her white trash ass. Stable, hardworking, from decent families with decent middle/upper-middle class status (seemingly, but I was raised in WV and Corey's family always struck me as rich considering the county..) and good fathers. She easily could've boned some deadbeat, a la Adam or Jenelle's baby daddy, in the back of their truck at age 16 and NOT have an alternate option for her girlses during her drug addiction and numberless other issues. But she seems to find decent, hardworking and committed men and gets pregnant for their stability. Until of course she inevitability cheats on them with Robbie. Point being, people can hate on jurrrmy for tons of reasons, but Leah is a fucking idiot for letting him go and messing it up. And from their whole staged dinner encounter, she obviously knows this because she would clearly take him back in a hot second.

Notice she has yet to get knocked up by Robbie or TR?? (and I stress the "yet" part) girl clearly lucks out on the baby daddy department. Too bad she isn't that smart with any other aspect in her life or decision making

Anyone else see the pic LWOTM posted?
Seems like Jenelle is incubating my baby.

just posted it below. i feel like there is no way she's not pregnant

She's definitely pregnant.
I saw her at the reunion, and she was flat. And that's not the belly of someone who gained a little weight.

damnnnn i'd bet at the reunion she was probably 2-3 months. it's been about a month, right? she's popped!

It hasn't been a whole month yet!

I don't usually assume rumors to be true, but....

Dr.Evans is most likely with child

She is so pregnant!!! Damn. She looks bigger everywhere in general, also. Baby #3, baby daddy #3. Always keeping it classy, Jenelle!!! How sad

The poor baby. Think kaiser has it bad? This one has dave as a father. Ugh

HOLY SHIT guys- jenelle looks really, REALLY pregnant

not just 'ate a huge meal at the olive garden' but PREGNANT

I JUST saw this and ran to this site to see if anyone had posted about it yet. She really does look like she has a bump. Please please please just be a food baby!

Third time's a charm!

Juhnell and iyh av bin toagetha fah 8 munths ! We arr sulmates! Duh, uf corse we gunnah be havin us some babies! Stop readin the internet, or ill fill this street wit uppercut!

I was DYING to see if anyone had commented on this yet!! This is CRAZY and we all called it when she went off birth control after her near brush with death with the weed withdrawals. It's one of those things where you know it's coming but you are also completely shocked.

The thing is I feel awful because I am SO entertained by this, but it's awful because it involves another innocent child. As as they get older it gets worse and worse to watch how they are affected.

Lord help this child. I bet she's hoping for a girl.

Can we have a moment of silence for this baby?

These kids are so fucked.

They are born into a household of chaos, violence and borderline neglect, but before they've even entered the world their selfish mother continues to drink, smoke and do drugs to ensure that they will be developmentally delayed and struggle their entire lives.

I had a miscarriage last week and this news is hitting me pretty hard. Life is so unfair sometimes :(

Just coming here to say that too! I mean we all pretty much knew it anyway, but shit. I can't believe she's got herself pregnant again, WTF. This really pisses me off probably more than it should. But how dare people who are already shit parents continue to have more. I'm a good mother to 2 boys and even I know a third would be too much for me. Then we have these 2 dumb asses having another one when they both don't have custody of a child. Fuck Jenelle, poor kid.

Is this why UBT was on the Dad's aftershow? Makes slightly more sense if he was a soon-to-be TM2 Dad.

I usually trust the Ashley, but I read that article and it kinda seems like she saw the target picture and jumped on the bandwagon. There's no facts, just inside confirmation suddenly??

she saying she heard it from a crew member

The article reads like the crew member thinks it, but it doesn't say there is proof or that it was an actual confirmation. Just speculation.

hmmm to me it clearly reads that a crew member heard jenelle and producers freaking about it? the ashley doesnt just 'confirm' things. if shes not sure she clearly says it.

she just tweeted she's only had to retract two stories in six years. thats pretty good.

The Ashley is no LWOTM, her sources are always credible and reliable.

I was dubious about the pregnancy (maybe she's just getting fat?) until she posted it, but now I believe it.

YES! I just read it on tumblr, then the article on the Ashley. There is no proof, no facts, just a photo where she looks pregnant. There have been times in my life where I have gained weight and it could probably look like a baby bump. Doesn't mean I was pregnant. Maybe she is, maybe she isn't. But they can't confirm it, without a legit confirmation.

Jenelle won't confirm it until she can sell the story as an "exclusive" to a magazine. Gotta get that baby earning the $$$

She's sorta reliable tho. I've only read one wrong story. Here's to hoping she's wrong and she's porkin out ?

I hate pregnancy rumours because they are usually lame photos with a bad angle or taken right after a big meal. But I have to say that one of Jenelle looks like she really is pregnant!

Jeremy is always quitting social media and then coming back. He LOVES the attention from fan girls telling him he's hot. He's like Javi, they love fame.

And Adam.
At the reunion, he was eyeing and smiling at so many girls in the audience. Damn creepy.

People are defending her...o.O "her life her business" too bad those kids will be caught up in this fuckery

I can't believe the selfish worst mother is pregnant. Wow. This poor kid. Why tf does jenelle keep reproducing? She’s a horrible mom!!! She doesn’t even have custody of Jace (because other things always take priority of her friggin kid) and always seems annoyed with kaiser. Poor babs. I find it ironic on the after show about asking about baby fever and she said she couldn’t handle kaiser. And then she brags about how she took care of him for a month straight. Jenelle…you suck

This is so fucked up.

She already has two kids that she’s always either ignoring or pawning off on someone else, now she wants to add a third to the mix?! I assume she’s trying to trap UBT and keep him around, as well as make Nathan jealous that she’s over him. And no doubt she’ll continue to use drugs, drink and smoke like she did with Kaiser. Can’t wait for the due date to be released to all the Twitter haters can go back through her photos to see what was consumed when.

I’m also worried that any violence she’s experiencing from UBT is going to increase now that she’s pregnant; it’s one of the most dangerous times for victims of domestic violence. Hopefully Jenelle isn’t strangled and beaten so that she goes into premature labour like his last girlfriend…

What??? Is that what he did? Wow. Good job jenelle being with someone like that, and letting them around your son. Smh. I hope nothing like that happens

Yeah, that's why he's not allowed to see his son, who's around the same age as Kaiser.

He violated a protective order when he apparently hugged him in a grocery store, but he goes to court next week so hopefully the entire story will come out.

OF COURSE Jenelle is pregnant. It's not true love with your soul mate unless you make a baby!

Hates the fame and attention but constantly tries to use fame to sell shit on social media and has public social media accounts... #logic.

You guys, this is really mentally disturbed. Remember when Jenelle "re-did" her St . Thomas trip with David to copy her trip with Nathan? Well, she's copying the baby part, too, because then they'll be too busy to fight.

A do-over baby to replace her do-over baby. Because Nathan and her didn't work out, this is perfect family version #437.

She just wanted to take her real soul mate to St Thomas! She probably hasn't touched another's mans skin in like 2 months! This is her real love dude leave her aloooone!!

I wonder if Jenelle will pull a Maci - "I had no idea until I was five months pregnant! My boyfriend just happened to propose two weeks before we found out at five months! I was just switching birth control!"