Jeremy Calvert Continues Bitter Tirade Against Leah While Selling Wedding Ring

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Jeremy Calvert got into it with some Leah Messer fans this weekend after they criticized him for auctioning off his wedding ring for the measly starting price of $500.

Calvert reportedly said in the comment section before deleting the post:

"You all should know what she done with her wedding set so kiss my white ass!"

There's no way to confirm that Calvert said this because the post has since been deleted, but it makes sense that he would.

Calvert has been over the drama surrounding the show for quite some time, and numerous reports insist he won't be returning for the next season.

But, TheHollywoodGossip made a fabulous point when it suggested that he would attract way less attention and drama if he kept a lower profile:

"If Jeremy's tired of the drama, he might be better advised to take the ring to a pawn shop for a discreet trade, rather than post to one of the world's largest social media sites to announce its sale."


Meanwhile, in Leah Messer's life, she confirmed that she's single and rumored boyfriend TR Dues is just her friend so they both can focus on their own children.


What did Leah do with her rings? And that HORSE???

... And the many other dogs and cats she's had over the years.

She had a horse!?

Therapy horse!!!!!!!!

Ahh the good ole days! Lol

Wtf is the point of bringing up what she did with the rings if you won't tell people exactly what she "done?" jermey can go suck a cock.

I'm guessing she wore them while she was boning Robbie?

I'm going with pawned them for drug money.

I reckon if they looked under Robbie's bed they would find them....

I think she traded them for an 8 ball.

he is such a drama queen

The Ashley says that Leah is still with TR! Leah lies, y'all. I know that's not news, but just in case there are any naive Leah lovers here (hahaha)...

I call Monkey on Leah being single.

Bet she pawned them for drugs
I always liked Jeremy but I'm not sure why he would try to sell his shit on social media either if he doesn't like the attention that comes along with it. Its not like he's new to this!!

He's just like Adam. He's soooo done with his fake show and can't wait for it to be over yet is somehow still here.

Maybe he's looking to publicly humiliate Leah.

Because he's Jerrrmy from teen mom and he will get top dollar from his "fans"!

I know im going to be down voted for this but oh well My husband just got offred a job working for the railroads he would have to travel all the time meaning we couldn't move anywhere to be closer To him because he would never be in the same place.... He would be off for 2 weeks a year that's it.

My heart feels like it's gonna drop.

He's strongly considering it.

2 weeks off a year that's it.

My husband works like this. It's hard as hell, but we make it work. We've been married 33 years and have 3 kids, the youngest being 13.

My close friend's husband works for the railroad and at first it was tough for her, but now it's fine with them. Eve though he's always gone, they were able to afford for her to finally go to college and they have had two kids. It seems like they enjoy the financial freedom they seem to have. Not saying it's all about money, but she talks like it's nice for them because fighting about money doesn't happen and when he is home they are able to do fun things.

Look at it as a stepping stone and not forever. This may lead to a better position with the experience he would gain, and could get him a future position somewhere close, or a home base where you can settle and spend time together. Starting out in a new workplace is always tough, but he will work his way up, or find the right fit. I wish you and your family the best. Chin up.

I'm watching season 5 episode 1 and it's hilarious because Leah is preaching to Corey about marrying Miranda "for the right reasons, and what's right for the girls" yet that marriage is going strong and hers went downhill fast. Stfu Leah!