Jenelle's St. Thomas Smack-Down

Jenelle Evans

I can't smoke pot.  My life is over. "I'm just so upset right now!"

Well this has been going on for a few days now, and I've been trying to piece together the whole story.

In case you forgot or just didn't know, I teach during the day, so I try to keep up with all things Teen Mom during my 3-minute-long bathroom breaks and while the kids are at recess, but sometimes these things play out over the course of several days and I get a little confused.

Stick with me as we try and decipher this whole debacle together.

Jenelle and Nathan went on a vacation to St. Thomas last week. The couple got engaged at a fancy dinner with four other friends around to witness it.

MTV's camera crew was around to capture the whole thing on film, which will undoubtedly be shown on season 6 of Teen Mom 2 (which should be coming to your television screens this spring).

Things seemed to be smooth sailing at this point, but shortly after that, shit kind of hit the fan. I'm saying this because I can't think of a better way to phrase it.

Two of the friends that went on this vacation with Jenelle and Nathan decided to out the couple for arguing uncontrollably while on vacation.

The couple - named Pat and Candy Hennessy - took to social media in true Teen Mom crew fashion to share details of the horrific vacation.

A special thanks to Wrapped Up With Reality for snatching the screenshot of Candy and Pat's comments!

candy1 candy2

Rumors were even swirling from Candy that Jenelle and Nathan had actually broken up during the vacation, just days after getting engaged in front of the cameras.

She also claimed that there was an abundance of physical violence happening, including Jenelle hitting Nathan with a camera bag, and Nathan putting his hands around Jenelle's neck.


Candy and Pat didn't stop there though.

As promised, Pat took to YouTube to post a video of one of Jenelle's outbursts for the world to see.

The video, which he titled "The Real Jenelle Evans" features Jenelle saying that she wishes Nathan's brother would have died while he was in combat.

Now, we've all been mad before, and I can guarantee we've probably all said things that we didn't mean.

I can also guarantee that most of us have NOT wished death upon your future brother-in-law that you liked enough to bring on vacation with you just a couple days before.

Jenelle claims that she's apologized for her comments to Nathan's brother, and that the video was cropped to only show her outbursts and extremely inappropriate comments.

There are two sides to every story, and I'm sure that someone said something to her that made her mad, but that's still not an excuse to wish death on anyone.

Candy claims that Jenelle has not personally apologized at all for the incidents that happened in St. Thomas, and that she will continue to post information until things get handled in a way that she considers to be acceptable.

I know that there are gaps in this story, so if you have other screenshots or information, feel free to post them in the comments so that everyone can see them.


She is a vile, disgusting, piece of shit human being. I don't care what was said before the recording started, that is completely out of line. Candy also posted about what happened to Noah's friend, and what he witnessed, and it is extremely graphic. For her to say those things shows her true colours x1000. She has not changed one bit, she's just gotten better at keeping her shit off social media.

Does anyone have a link to where she tells what happened? I swear, I'm not some gawker who gets sick enjoyment from that kind of stuff, it's just important to bear witness to someone's sacrafice, Ya know? Especially since Jenelles talking shit about him, it would be nice to hear about what a hero he is.

Holy fucking hell. So the guy opens up about an unseapkable trauma and the next night, Jenelle uses it in an argument to try to hurt him? And even tells him she wishes HE had died overseas, too? And that she STILL hopes he dies?? There is one person on the planet that I wouldn't give it a second thought if he died. And that is due to extremely valid reasons. But I'd never waste energy on him saying "I hope you die." That's But it seems Jenelle is surrounded by people she couldn't give two bath-shits about and throws around those words like those people mean nothing to her on any level.

Grade-A-Cuntasaurus Rex.


OH MY GOD. I have read and seen a lot of messed up shit on the internet but that really does make me feel sick thinking about that and then Jenelle saying that to him. What a fucking cuntbag JFC.

Amen. I'm sorry, I don't believe for a second that guy said something to her that warranted that kind of response. I agree with all of your statements. She's a terrible person who cannot and will not learn from her mistakes and try to change her ways. She can't stand to be alone yet she doesn't get along with others, recipe for disaster if you ask me. Has Jenelle ever had a friend, relative or significant other she HASN'T fought with? I can't think of anyone. God help Jace and Kaiser. I worry the most about Kaiser since he is with her more than Jace, even if Doris is babysitting a lot of the time. They still have custody and that's frightening.

Has she ever had a friend that stuck around? MTV could hire extras to play her friends on TM2 and I wouldn't even know the difference because she has a different "best friend" every two weeks.

Yea I was watching old episodes of teen mom 2 on Hulu and she was moving in with a new BFF every episode! Then she was pissing them off and having fights with them as they were moving out. She's a massive waste. If I ever met up with her Lord knows what I would do...

Amber and Tori stuck around pretty long, but even they fought with junkelle before. She tells people to leave her alone when she can't stand being alone.

"Leave me aLOOOOOOOONE....but leave the weed under the WELLLLLCOME MATT!!!"

"Leave me alone" directly translates to "somebody please love me even though I keep spewing shit out of my mouth and can't seem to stop."

I think she was just having a bad day. If you had to carry around a 12”double ham sub sandwich in your panties everyday maybe, just maybe, you wouldn’t be peaches and cream every day. Right?

She is such a piece of trash.
This is sickening.
It's sad to think I once had hopes for this girl.
Her soul is missing. That is the only logical explanation. You never wish death on anyone, much less in combat.
She's a pig.

Even in the heat of the moment, you don't say that shit. You can't take back words, and I hope this comes back to haunt her.

She wouldn't see it as a "i apologized" and that makes it okay if someone said that to Nathan ... or if someone said they wished she died from her heroin addiction. She is a POS, she wishes death upon people, is violent, foul mouthed, uses drugs and is under the influence when babysitting her kids... it's bloody well pathetic.
But it's okay y'all because she apologized, she could do anything to anyone and so long as she apologizes it's suppose to clean the slate... she blames everything on editing... no your just a bitch sweetie! Don't even get me started on how she posted the girls number, so mature.. she makes me sick and i hope her kids are taken fully away from her stat, if thats how she acts around adults how does she act in front of kids that can't tell the world what she is really like :/ the sad thing is, jenelle being kept completely away from jave will only punish him, she wouldn't give two fucks about not seeing him but he would feel the pain :( How can she treat people like this.

Wasn't there a picture posted from the trip with some kind of make-shift foil pipe or something on the table?

Yes! I've seen that one. I still have not seen the "kaiser with Nathan's mom watching porn" picture. Haven't been able to find it. Anyone want to post a link of a screen shot for me?
That's the link to Rae's comment with the link to the pic

Wow, thanks!

Isn't it illegal to show porn to a minor? Sure, he's a baby and doesn't know what he's watching yet, but jenelle and everyone around here obviously need to be watched closely with children.

Around her*

I think it is. I am not sure if Doris was joking or what but it was still uncalled for and completely gross. It made me uncomfortable.

Yes. It's sexual abuse of a child. And probably a trigger to many adults who were sexually abused as children.

What the fuck is wrong with these people. All of these people. That's all I can say about Jenelle and Nathan and this lady and every single other person in Jenelle's life. This entire hoard of people is just FUBAR.

Which picture showed the pipe???

Pipe pic in question:
Shout out to married maniac! She always has the dirt! I creep her account all the time :)

how sad is it that I'm not even surprised? Just when people think that jenelle has her shit together, she has to fall apart. So predictable.

I'm not surprised either. Jenelle has no filters. She says what she wants and does what she wants, regardless of how it affects others. She has no compassion or even basic common sense, for that matter.

She'll continue her combative ways for as long everyone puts up with them. Gaythan and Jenelle deserve each other.

I remember her calling kieffuh racist names and telling everyone on twitter that kieffuh was molested as a child. There's nothing nasty she won't say to a human being.

It's shit like that that makes me dismiss the idea that she was molested growing up and that's why she's a cold hearted harpy bitch. You don't put someone's name out there on twitter to say he was molested just to hurt that person if anything like that has happened to you as a child. No way in hell. That's beyond fucked up.

Oh my God i forgot about that. JESUS that makes me so mad for so many reasons. Lol I'm so fucking tired of her defenders saying oh we all say stuff when we're drunk. NO. She says all of this crap stone cold sober and EVEN if she was on something this is her evil ass talking, not pillses, not booze, it's all her. There's no damn excuse. Oh my God I want to punch her in the throat.

Girlfriend seriously lacks some empathy. I don't recall a time she was upset for anyone but herself. Everything she cries about is because she's a victim. Chelsea cries because she feels bad that Aubree has a POS dad, Kail's cried because Isaac will always have parents in separate homes, and Leah cries for Ali. Jenelle cries because she has to stay clean for probation.

I wonder how much compensation that hotel had to pay out to the other guests who had their vacation ruined by beef flaps. She is a sick bitch, mocking a dead man and throwing it in his friends face is just too much. I can't even imagine how hard it is to see your friend killed in front of you and to have some filthy little junky whore disrespect his memory, I would have beat the shit out her

It sort of looked like a lot of people ran at her. And I almost never support violence, but I hope at least one gave her a good slap to the face.
Maybe I've read too much into the statement "slap some sense into _____", but she could seriously use it. She needs some sense and some respect desperately.

But, but...she's CHANGED. Can't you see that? :p

Really, I'm not shocked that she said that she wished he had died in combat because that sounds like something Jenelle would say. Yes, the military aspect makes it so much worse, but really? I would bet good money that Jenelle has said something like that before. The "I wish you had died!" bit just smacks of Jenelle. So yeah, it's offensive, but I'm not shocked.

But talking about the fallen soldier friend? That is straight-up sociopath behavior. That's basically one of the most awful things you could say to a person's face, ever. (That's assuming that she was continuing the thought to be similar to the previous statement, which c'mon, we all know she was.) Congrats, Jenelle. You win. You are officially the worst.

It's repulsive. Sociopathic. Sure bitch out whoever you're angry at but don't drag the memory of someone blameless into it- grezes especially if they died serving your damn country‚ geezes.

Ugh. The worst.

She told Courtland that she hoped he got bad heroin and killed himself so its not the first time she has said that kind of thing. I know its a totally different situation and I'm not comparing the two just pointing out that its her style

It's still really shitty to wish death on someone. Doesn't Courtland have a kid? Jenelle is such garbage. She'd be getting her ass beat in prison if it weren't for MTV money and her magical lawyer.

He has a daughter that's about the same age as Jace, Jenelle took her one day and refused to give her back to her mom. She is totally evil if anyone said that to her she would flip out but its ok to say to her husband

Yeah, some people said she said something like that to Kieffer too. I bet she's said crap like that to a lot of people,because she's terrible and all.

But telling your soon-to-be brother-in-law that you wish he died in combat is even extra classy.

I believe she told Kieffer he was gay because he was molested by a man as a child. This is definitely not the first time she's said something horribly offensive for pretty much no reason other than she was mad someone was calling her out on her BS.

It was Nathan who said Kieffer was gay because he was molested, after the gay bathhouse pics came out when he went on his crazy rant about his mother being a minister and Sodom and Gomorrah. Jenelle called him the n word many times though

...and then comes crying to him when Nathan's in jail telling him "you're so much nicer to me than Nathan is..." What a POS.

I agree. I'm someone who's not a fan of the war and how much is spent on our military and such but that comment is so far past the line that I feel sick to my stomach. I take back everything I've ever said about hope that she is making progress towards being an okay person and a possibly acceptable mother. No. No one with any kind of conscience says something like that. That bitch needs to be in an institution.

I said on the last post, Jenelle should be off the show for those comments in the video. If she doesn't get the boot, I will not be watching TM2 anymore. I unfollowed her on twitter and hope to never hear about jenelle again. Unless it's that she's broke and alone working a dead end job because thats what she deserves.

Agreed. Not watching the show until they take her off of it.

Someone started a petition:

I signed It but I didn't start it- was another Gina M!
There's also a space for comments. Idk if anyone reads them but its nice to vent a bit.

I don't live in the States, can you guys tell me if that's really legitimate? I remember there was a petition to deport justin bieber back to canada, but nothing really happened.

Well, the petition is riddled with typos and inaccuracies (MTV didn't fire Amber from Teen Mom; they ended the show before she left for prison) and the wording doesn't make sense in a lot of places so I doubt it'll get any traction. (Apologies if it was someone on here who wrote it. Not trying to be mean...just saying that spelling and accuracy go a long way.) Also: MTV won't fire Jenelle until she becomes more of a twat bag than the money they make off of her show is worth.

I signed it and tweeted about it...and tagged jenelle in the tweet. I'll probably get a ton of backlash from her fans and blocked, but I don't care. What she did is disgusting and if I knew her personally, I would smack her right in the head. That man defended this country with his life, which is more than a lot of us can say, and she has the fucking nerve to say that. What the fuck has she done for this country? Oh yeah, contribute to the drug problem and procreate children that other people take care off. Foh meatball.

I was surprised they kept her around after showing her and Kieffah on heroin. They seem to put up with anything from Jenelle, but Farrah does porn and she gets the boot. Not that I'm defending Farrah, but at least her brand of crazy was entertaining.

Jenelle is a truly despicable human being; you can tell theres not an ounce of remorse in her soul. She's sorry people were offended- not that she said it. Fuck‚ she'd say it again because "if you only knew" what they said to her... they deserved it. Disgusting!

MTV will not fire her..I just want her to be terrified to show her face in public and become a 400pd hermit.

I was at a party once and somehow the topic got onto September 11th (do not ask, I don't know why.) A mutual acquaintance said, in a very judgmental tone, "What I can't get over is the people who jumped from the Twin Towers. They were were incredibly selfish because they didn't think of the fact that they might have landed on someone and killed them." I have never seen that many people get that fucking pissed in my life. Verbal abuse was hurled at him, several of my friends wanted to punch him (I know I did) and he just refused to see that it's an impossible situation to be in and he's in no place to judge them for it. I lost about 1,000 respect points for that kid that day and he was already in the single digits to begin with. Ugh.

I don't believe for one second that comments about her kids are what caused her to say that. Honestly, I don't think she even cares enough about them to get that upset. He probably said something related to her because we all know she loves herself and her boyfriends way more than her children.

She would get more mad about the fact someone said her ring wasn't raelly worth 10,000. She doesn't care about her kids she cares about money.

That BS is actually gaining some traction on Radar. "I'm from a military family but I'd flip out too if someone threatened to take my kids!!"

GROOOOAAAN Enablers. I would never, ever wish drag on a servicemember. It's too much of a reality for those who serve our country. Let alone bring up the death of someone's brother-in-arms. There is no excuse. None.

I noticed the stupid ppl too, defending Jenelle.
Arr they serious?

Who threatened to take her kids? Nathan's brother and his gf? That doesn't even make sense. She only has one of them anyway, and she pawns him off on his other grandma most of the time. What fucking morons.

"Don't take them! My child!!! Noooo... Nooooo... Leave me alooooooooone!" *hits bong*

She wouldn't care either way.

Two seconds later: storms out the door leaving the child and doesn't bother calling, visiting, or mentioning them for a week

ahh one of my favourite Jenelle quotes, my housemate used to do a spot-on impression of her saying it

When "a friend of Jenelle's" talked to radar, Jenelle laid it on thick and tried to make herself look like the levelheaded "victim" as per usual.

All of the friends Jenelle started off the vacation with now hate her so who the hell is Jenelle thinking she's going to fool by giving her bullshit story to ROL and having them name her as "a friend of Evans."

She only cares about herself.

Honestly I was not shocked when they posted that video of Jenelle. It's typical Jenelle. Nothing that she does or says shocks me anymore and it shouldn't shock anyone else. She always acts like she the better person to anyone around her because of her being on MTV. She likes to pretend she has all the power and acts extremely cocky and rude when she puts people in their place, but once something is shown about her that shows her true colors, she instantly places the victim card. You would think after all the trouble and drama she has been in that she would at least try to better herself (and not just say she is) and not be known as the trainwreck on teen mom. She should try to clean her image up and learn something called pride. She has already ruined so many relationships in her life and she always says it's their fault... most people would realize that there's a pattern repeating itself and it's the same factor in each situation....HER. MTV isn't going to be around forever and her gravy train is going to run dry. Then who is she going to have? She burned every relationship she's had including Jace once he is old enough to comprehend his mothers actions. It's honestly sad to think about that once MTV uses her all up, she'll have no one and nothing to lean on...and honestly probably no lessons learned. I am not and never have been a jenelle fan, but for the love of God girl get it together and take some pride for once instead of being the vindictive, sneaky, little liar you always turn out to be.

Why does Ryan Dolph constantly defend and believe jenelles bullshit lies? I dont get it. She is ALWAYS being set up by her friends she claims. Even if thats true well why do you have to respond the way you do with saying and doing vile things? My ex said downright horrible things to me and I never responded with vile things just what the heck is wrong with you to say that!??

She never learns and ends up in these situations and I dont feel bad for her. Shes obviously not clean since there was pictures of a pipe and she seems to be around alcohol a lot. I just see a tragic future for her and thats sad.

I agree about the Ryan thing. It is odd that he is the first to defend her. It makes you wonder if she has something on him or if he "secretly" likes her and is just waiting for his turn. They say guys don't go out their way to listen to a girl bitch about drama unless they are getting something out of it or they like the girl...hmm. lol

What stands out to be about the Ryan thing is, when Jenelle, Gary and Ryan's sister had that love triangle thing Ryan repeatedly refused to comment on it, stating that he didn't get involved in drama. And now he hauls ass to Jenelle's side every time her beef flaps get her in trouble.

I'm not a violent person and of course I don't condone violence against women, but nothing would make me happier than to find out they beat the shit out of Jenelle after she said that.

Yeah, I'm the same way, I hate violence and don't condone it in any situation, but I can't help but think this girl deserves at least a good smack in the mouth for that. Preferably leaving her unable to talk ever again.

I think forcing her to speak to Noah's/Nathan's parents and look them in the eye and tell them that she said that their son should have died while he was overseas would be a better option. Then, she should have to look Noah's best friend's surviving family in the eye and tell them that she used the haunting experience of Noah watching their son die in front of them to win a petty argument and hurt his feelings. If she's got any bit of soul left, maybe she can take something from that experience and watch what she says before she speaks.

That being said, it should up up to the families whether or not they want to be part of her cranial-rectal removal process.

Once the video is viewed more and more, especially by veterans and people in the military, going out in public for her is going to be hell. I sure as hell know if I saw her walking around spending MTV's money I'd shout something at her. Her house will probably get trashed too. She deserves it though.

And there are SO MANY military bases and training camps up and down the coast of North and South Carolina. That'll be fantastic.

There is something seriously wrong with Jenelle Evans. She has no soul at all. Even while she was telling Nathans brother to go die she was so monotone and had no emotions. She is pure evil and both of her kids need to grow up far away from her.

I thought the video would be jenelle acting stupid and I was excited but now I'm PISSED. Jenelle, you go serve you un-patriotic whore and do what our soldiers do everyday. I come from a military family, almost every male in my family has served, from my Grandpa, Dad, Uncles, Nephews, step brother. I swear if I ever saw her in public I WOULD choke her out. I hope they crowded in on her and someone got in one good lick and I hope the backlash is so strong MTV grows a pair and deals with this nasty flappy trash bag

Someone is going BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HER. I think she got saved in that video. Back home omg...people know where she lives, hvave stolen their dogs before. Remember with Amber people were defacing her car etc? This will be SO much worse. I kind of don't care. She's a criminal in my eyes for this and a lot of other things.

I don't doubt that she'll get beat up. She lives about 45-60 minutes from a military base and I wouldn't be surprised if some girls come down from Jacksonville to beat her ass.

Not to mention all of the Marines at LeJune up in North Carolina. She really screwed up with this one IMO.

Leah, I know, right? My husband works up there so I'm going to ask him to ask his friends at work if they heard about this.

Someone send this to OSMW and post it on the military wives facebook pages oh can you imagine the tizzy that would ensue.

Oh yeah, those military wives and families and going to flip their shit when it gets around more...all hell is going to break loose on her dumb ass.

As long as Jace, Emery, and Kaiser aren't put in any more danger than they already have been....someone needs to beat that ho bag's ass.

I HOPE someone beats the BRAKES off that bitch. I told my Dad, We call him Faja, about this mtv *star* and what she said about a combat veteran and I told him I'd beat her fuckin ass 100% he said hell yeah b/c as hated as the Vietnam War was, my Dad stepped up and served. He can't listen to fireworks, can't stand in an elevator or other tight places and just lost his fucking leg dealing with Agent Orange on top of that. His skin smells nasty and oils up. I'm DISGUSTED someone like Jenelle Evans has children. I love my foreign sistas/brothers but be proud to be from America support our troops who go months without hot showers are served rations. Hell we still eat shit on shingles here I share a driveway with my Dad so I see him everday. Thank you to those who have served and are serving, and when I meet a vet I thank them for their service. Everyone else please do, no matter what country you are from.

I live in central Florida and since we see how much Jenelle *LOVES* to visit the tropics she can come down my way. I won't play nice and try to get a picture with her, I promise that.

Lol. After I requested shit on a shingle for dinner one night at a friend's house, my parents advised me to call it s.o.s. and warned me that not everyone would know what that was.

Not that I need much convincing, but if Nathan doesn't drop her ass for this, he's definitely in it for the money. I cannot possibly imagine marrying someone who looked my sister dead in the eye and said she should have died in the war and then go on to further say that she's happy that sister's best friend died.

Nathan's friend Pat just wrote that Nathan literally said he was in it for the money and fame as soon as they started dating.

So her "Sorry you got offended" half assed apology was for this? Sick bitch, clearly has no remorse. Now she has made her friend Swimmie publish her BS side of the story on Radar. She can't come back from this. Disgusting.

It's not even half assed. It's like a tenth assed.

And if I wasn't sure if Nathan was a man or not before now, I know that Nathan is no damn man. Any VETERAN who sits there and lets a junkie whore talk to his family like that is the biggest piece of shit.

I not only hope she gets her ass kicked, I hope Nathan gets his kicked as well.

couldn't have said it better.

She's his meal ticket. Always has been and will be until they spend all her money.

He isn't a real veteran though. He's nothing but a real idiot.

He won't bite the hand that feeds....

but HE'S DISABLED !!!remember? there's nothing he can do.

Someone on Twitter reported all the shit Nathan does to the VA a few days ago. I wish so bad something would actually be done about it, but of course nothing will.

Ow? Enlighten us?

I wish I knew more but that's all they said. It wasn't someone I follow, just one of the million responses to one of Jenelle's tweets.

It's frustrating because it's sooooo hard to get disability through the VA now. You have to have it in your military record that you saw a doc for the issue and they basically have to write in your record that you will need disability. I've seen the VA turn away guys who lost a limb overseas because they had a general discharge rather than an honorable discharge. There's just not funding there for everyone. And here's Gaythan blowing money left and right (if he's actually spending HIS money)

And she said that to his BROTHER.

I'll tell you what, she is lucky there was a security guy actually doing his job there. Had I been that security guard, I would have let her get her ass beat.

Furthermore, had she said that to my brother(who also witnessed his friends very horrific death overseas) it would have taken more than one security guard to hold me back.

Now I'm that what happened when everyone rushed to beat her ass? The security guard stopped them? It was hard to tell. She is DAMN lucky if that happened. I hate to say this but she realyl deserved an ass beating. I'm not in the army, some distant family is, but I respect the hell out of them because they protect our freedom. I would have beat her ass too that really pissed me off and everyone else.

Yeah, thats what is being said on twitter. Something about the security guard was pissed off at what was said too, but stepped in anyway because that was his job.

Damn lucky she had a guy that did his job. If I were that security guard I would have looked the other way.

Wowww! Yeah I would have too. I'm wondering why a security guard was just there...they seemed to be in their room.

It was explained in the ROL article, Jenelle said they charged $500 to their room and she had to pay it (lies we know MTV's footing the bill) and she got the security guard to escort them from the room, then they said the stuff about her kids

I think the ROL article was full of shit Jenelle fed them herself.

Yeah there seems to be a lot of info missing...

I know it was full of shit but I do believe she was throwing them out of the room and she was too chicken shit do it herself. I think candy did say that beef flaps threw them out of the room and that's why that guy was there.

Ah ok

What a psycho lol. Who needs to call a security guard aagainst their "friends" while on vacation?

Can someone post a like to that article?

Someone who has no real friends Trap Baby, she probably wishes she'd taken whory Tori instead. I want to hear the security guards side of the story that's going to be the most interesting

Jenelle always has her security guard on hand. She's like her own little episode of COPS.

Can someone start a petition to get this piece of shit off TeenMom??


Awesome. It is crazy she is still employed by mtv when they have hard evidence of her being a piece of shit. I mean Cosby just had allegations of wrong doings and was losing work.

Jenelle isn't a serial rapist!

Also?? If this were any other network, she would be fired.

I agree. I think her time on television needs to end now. She's sick and has no grip on reality.

But MTV doesn't care. It's all about the ratings. And Jenelle and all her drama is ratings gold.

well said. it's bad when jenelle is making leah look good.

If MTV does some bullshit apology like they did with the dogs I'll be so pissed. honestly after thee dogs I fast forwarded through most of her bullcrap. It's the same old crap. An ugly girl getting paid to be a deadbeat mom. I'm tired of seeing it I'm tired of seeing her abuse her kids, animals, people. Fuck her. If we have to lose Babs then so be it I don't even care.

I agree.
Enough is enough.
She's no Teen Mom. She's an Adult Waste.
She's no mother. Mothers care about their kids and sacrifice for their kids. Mothers don't act like Jenelle. Jenelle only thinks about herself.

100% agreed!

I honestly think she feels her job as a parent ended as soon as she had carried and given birth to her children.

I don't understand how all of her abusive tendencies have been shown on international television and Social Services (or whatever it's called in America) haven't got on to it and taken poor little Kaiser Roll away from them. It makes me so sad :(

In North or South Carolina, whichever she lives, it CPS-Child protective services (or somethIng close). I read they've been called over 50 times. I guess they don't watch the show or read the news!

Honestly, I think a major issue with Jenelle not being investigated for actual issues is the fact that they have people calling to report her from all over the country when they see what she does on twitter, hear rumors, or watch the show. Apart from the obsessed people who dedicate their lives to hating her, I'm sure most people who do that have the kids' best interest in mind. However, after a while, it's just a case of crying wolf and CPS probably just rolls their eyes and thinks "another tip to write down about that trashy girl in Myrtle Beach who's on MTV..."

Farrah was not worse than junkelle but they fired her? How do they not fire junkelle?

They never fired Amber or Farrah like the petition claimed. Teen Mom's series ended right before Amber went to prison and Farrah simply wasn't picked up for the reboot.

True, but with that logic, MTV just needs to not pick Jenelle for the series going forward. I believe the original series ended because of Amber's issues at that time. I honestly think they would have had more seasons if it weren't for that. And I think Farrah didn't get picked for the reboot BECAUSE of her porno.

So with that said, I hope MTV decides Jenelle's story has come to an end because of these comments. Probably not, but they should.

exactly red, what I mean is mtv can just simply stop filming her and we won't see her on the next season.

I'm already pissed at MTV with how they're handling Diem Brown's last episode of The Challenge next week. I really hoped they would do a tasteful black screen with words saying how she and CT had to leave because she became so ill. But no, they're going to show her in extreme pain next week and CT having a breakdown. Knowing how it ends, that she passed away, the exploitation of her pain and his very genuine feelings of fear for someone he loved is just too much for me. MTV is shit.

I honestly don't even care what was said to Jenelle. If it was about her kids i'm sure it was something along the lines of Jenelle is a shitty mother, and SHE IS. So fuck Jenelle. There was so excuse for saying that. Lol I randomly messaged my hot navy vet friend and told him he's awesome. I feel so horrible for her saying that shit to people. it's so insanely offensive. I was just watching a documentary called Pets for Vets last night and it was beautiful I recommend it. It is rescue pets paired up with vets who have PTSD and the animals really help them overcome their hardships. I'm going to have to watch again to get this Jenelle nastiness out of my mind. Damn it's SO disgusting. She's going to get a beating if she didn't get one already. Several beatings. What's even mroe disgusting are the people DEFENDING it. there aren't too many. But some people are like ohhh what pushed her to say that? WHO CARES. NO EXCUSE.

I'm sure that they were fighting, that she was mad. No excuse. I couldn't believe how many of her minions were talking about how we all say things we regret, that we shouldn't judge her. That's freaking crazy, unless they all go and say crap like that. What she said was vile and should absolutely be judged because it was completely offensive.

Ew on the youtube video someone is like everyone deserves a second chance. we all say stuff when we're drunk or mad. she di NOT seem drunk. She did not seem out of it or stoned she seemed fully alert and FULLY just HERSELF. There is no damn excuse. i've wanted this deadbeat bitch of TV and I hope this is what gets her kicked off. OH MAN if this were a guy saying this he'd be DEAD!

Besides, it's not a "second chance," it's more like a last straw. SHe's had 5000 chances and I'm over her bullshit. That wasn't even funny or entertaining to watch, it's sickening.

Seriously, nothing EVER happens to Jenelle, there are never ANY consequences to her vile actions.

THey basically told her she didn't deserve her kids, she would never get custody of Jace, she should lose custody of Rolly and that no one has ever loved her or so it says in the ROL article. I don't see anything in that statement that is untrue and what she said goes so much further than that.
She not only disrespected her future BIL but her own fiancé who says he saw combat, her future MIL by saying she wished her son had died, the millions of service men and woman who fight for her freedom and the families of the service people that don't ever get to come home.
If MTV supports this shit I hope people boycott it, I also want to know what her cast mates think of her vile tirade, especially Kail

How can she even argue that when her kids are NEVER WITH HER??? I'd love her to take a lie detector if she loves her kids, because we all know she'd fail. She leaves them with granny who watches porn and Babs who she hates so much, so she must not give a damn about her kids. Lol and she went there and had to take it a million steps further. Yea Kail usually supports her on a lot...I have a weird feeling she'll still support her and say "everyone says stuff they don't mean" aka Kails racist comment. Kail did similar shit and was like I ALREADY SAID SORRY. I can just see her defending her saying "everyone makes mistakes." Jenelle is a fucking mistake.

Absolutely a mistake. Should've been swallowed.

You're probably right about Kail, she hasn't always supported her though. She called her out on twitter in the past when she bailed her out and Jenelle didn't pay her back, I was hoping for a repeat of that. I can see her saying something to distance herself if MTV take notice of the people this time, she'll throw Jenelle under the bus to save herself, she doesn't want to get cancelled

Lol well said Dye! I think babs wishes that too honestly. How embarrassing for her to have a daughter like that. Yeah I don't know what's up with Kails allegiance to Jenelle. It's really weird. I think Chelsea will just stay out of it same with Leah, but I don't think the TM girls will stay out of it as much. Lol wonder if Farrah will take this opportunity to insult Jenelle. it would be smart of her.

I feel like Kail supports Jenelle because she reminds her of Suzi. Which I suppose is understandable.

She doesn't deserve her kids, she cant even take her baby to get his eye checked out

She is just like Suzi, so Kail herself should know what she is doing to her kids and not support her.

Amber will say something, because of Shawn.
Farrah will say something because she's a nosy shit starter!

Jenelle is Suzi all day she will never get her shit together. She will be Suzi, 60 years old and couch surfing/hotelIng and looking for a job online and a place to live

Oh, I'm sure Farrah will capitalize on this. She'll offer 50% off for all servicemen and women at her strip club or something. She's just at dead in side, just slightly more business-savvy.

Farrah will probably send out a tweet along the lines of:

"As a successful businesswoman, I just want ya'll to know that I don't agree with the bijerent rantings of certain peoples recently. I know the hartache of a loved one dieing because of my dear, depearted Daddy Derek, who was very, very, very in love with me and we would have been married if he were still alive. (insert big lipped cry face) As a mother, I can't beleive someone would tell someone's sun they wish he was dead. Its disrespectful and not attractive. #Respect #Supportourtrupes #ThanksVeterinarians! #BuyMyVadgeMold

You needed to throw in some random use of the word "like" Rae, otherwise you're pretty accurate.

"..he put his hands around her neck and she stayed yelling so it Nathan."

There's no way she could deny that one. Haven't we seen her act in a similar fashion with Kieffer? It's like she wants guys to abuse her so she can have them arrested. Maybe, in her fucked up head, she thinks that if a man abuses her it means that he cares. She's a psychopath and I, for one, will not watch another episode of Teen Mom (or any other show) as long as she a part of the cast. She's mentally unstable and needs to be out away for a long time. The courts have really failed her.

She pushes buttons until a person snaps and then blames them and says she is the victim.

We seen it before from her. Kieffer, Gary and Courtland.

Man, she should take her bi-polar pills

Or her evil as fuck bitchface pills. Are there pills for that? Bipolar is one thing. She's just plain evil.

I was a little bit sarcastic :P
My aunt has bi-polar disorder + boderline personnality and jenelle reminds me of her. I wouldn't be suprise if jenelle has also a boderline personnality disorder.

Ah I see. Yeah Jenelle has all kinds of mental problems. I'm just saying mental problems aside she's just evil as fuck. Sorry your aunt has that and reminds you of Jenelle... ican't imagine dealing with someone like that. hopefully she's not as bad as Jenelle.

( I don't mean that badly towards your aunt, I just mean I just hate Jenelle, hah)

I have thought for years that Jenelle has been misdiagnosed as bipolar when to me she seems much more like borderline. From Wikipedia: Symptoms include:

Out-of-control emotions
Unstable interpersonal relationships
Concerns about abandonment
Self-damaging behavior
Frequently accompanied by depression, anxiety, or anger
The most distinguishing symptoms of BPD are marked sensitivity to rejection, and thoughts and fears of possible abandonment.

CHECKCHECKCHECKCHECKCHECK. People with BPD are often manipulative, distructive and victimize themselves. They may as well put her picture on the page IMO.

This sounds really on point. She doesn't seem to do a lot of harm to herself though just others.

IDK Trap, I think she harms herself. Excessive smoking, drinking and drugs are self-destructive behaviors. It sounds like she was getting highhighhigh on her romanatic vacay..

Classy Carrot (love the name) yea I was thinking hmmm maybe the drug use. True true.

More like this hag had herself an extra helping of cunt soaked in bitch broth for dinner. We can blame the LEAVE ME ALOOOOOOOOONE meltdowns on da bipolah.

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! That was poetry

I just want to point out, as a diagnosed Borderline, that Jenelles behavior doesn't exactly fit the profile. Borderlines have destructive tendencies, but they are usually self destructive. I am 50 shades of crazy, don't get me wrong, but my kind of crazy is self directed, not towards others and I've found that to be a common attribute. You'll destroy yourself before you intentionally hurt another person.

Jenelles just a rusty cunt, that's all there is to it.

I always just thought lumping her with sufferers of borderline was cruel to them. She's too cold and emotionless. I had an ex just like her. He was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, which is a requirement of sociopathy.

That's what I'm saying. People tend to try and put a mental disorder on someone that behaves like that, but some people are just plain evil! I think she is a sociopath though.

Having a mental illness does not mean you are not responsible for your actions or life.
She should be in theraphy weekly, I don't care maybe twice a week until she's no longer a problem to those around her and her kids.

Megan, thank you for all your hard work for us besides your other hard work!

I'm pretty sure Naythan's family and his friends have been ungratefull for the free holiday and have been using them. I'm sure they said a nasty thing to her but her response.... wow... That's totally out of line.
Being able to trust people is a big thing for her, I get the dissapointment. Her kids should be a huge thing for her, I get that as a mom. You touch my kids, even with your words and my claws come out too but I remove my kids and myself from those people and just let them go to hell.
I recently ended my relation with my only sibling cause she and hubby vent that we never should have had kids because I had two PPD's and thus am crazy. There's a lot going on in her house that should worry CPS and worries us. The husband is controlling and abusive. It's hard for me not being able to help first off al my godchildren.

I wonder how much MTV has captured of all of this.

Free Kaiser, Free Jace!

Saraa, I was going to say it, but you said it first - I also was diagnosed with Borderline Personality - which took a while, as I had before been diagnosed with Depression, Social Anxiety and PTSD, so there was already a lot of crossover. And as you said, most of the destructive/impulsive behaviour is really self-destructive. While Jenelle fits some symptoms due to her drug use, excessive spending and apparent fear of abandonment, other things don't fit as well. I know for me personally, I try really hard to help other people and keep them happy; several times the reason I ended up in intensive treatment was that I stretched myself far too thin trying to please certain selfish people who were in my life. I have a lot of paranoia, but when I'm really sick, I take it out on myself, not so much on others. I actually have a lot of fear that I'm being mean to others without meaning to, and I tend to view other people's emotional wellbeing as very sensitive, since I can be overly sensitive with my close relationships - I worry if I'm five minutes late that my friend feels undervalued or taken advantage of, so small situations stress me out. When I get really, really angry I'll curse, but that's pretty much it. Most of my rage is towards myself, and is taken out on myself.

Actually Saraa Jenelle has destroyed her entire life. She's guaranteed to never get a decent job after MTV is over. She will never have any meaningful relationships. Even her own children will hate her. Sounds pretty self-destructive to me.

This is just so sick. It's really bothering me. She just doesn't fucking get it. This man could have left behind children that cry for him every night. How does that not kill her inside? It's scary how emotionless she is. I'm legitimately scared for her boys. She's useless scum.

Candice said Nathan's brother cried and threw up after all this went down. I'm sure Jenelle was all "dude, yu fuckin deserved it lmao" ugh I want to punch her in her ugly face.

I would imagine that having witnessed his best friends death in combat, that Noah has some degree of PTSD. That just makes me even more angry with Jenelle-- I can't imagine the lasting the lasting effects of her comment and just how far back in recovery this could set Noah.

It also makes Nathan a major piece of shit for not standing up for his brother and allowing her to speak like that. He has to understand how his brother feels to some degree, and the fact that she would intentionally rub salt in that wound is disgusting.

Yeah and Nathan has PTSS too right? So she should be able to understand and know what Noah is going trough and how low her comment was.

@Mommy2 - Jenelle cannot understand/empathize with anyone. Period. Including Gaythan.

You're right, how could I forget that.
She doesn't even care enough for her own kids. The only feelings she has are about herself.
So of course she doesn't care about the stray cat she let in, trained and grew attached to. As far as she is abble to get attached to any person or animal.

I live about 30 minutes from Jenelle, and I seriously can't wait for the day that I finally see her and give her a piece of my mind. This is easily the worst thing she's ever said.

Dude I'll bail you out if you kick her in the vag for me

Your foot might get lost though


god. I had pastrami today and just about roast beef and couldn't anymore. Jenelle ruins lives.

Wear big, heavy boots when you kick her in the vag please, we'll start a go fund me for bail and Dustin the magical lawyuh

lol «heavy boots when you kick her in the vag».

Make sure you cover those boots with latex gloves - you don't know what's been in or around that vag and Juhnelle is not worth soiling boots over...

You guys don't know how much I want to c*** punch her right now. My husband is in the military and what she said is completely inexcusable.

Steel toe boots. I have some. Will let you borrow my boots and we will pay for your bail. You will be our hero. Your husband is awesome thank you for his service. Don't let the twat waffles bring you down. Jenelle is going to get some really shitty karma coming her way I can feel it.

Thank you, TTB!

I would definitely contribute to a gofundme acct for your bail!! :P

I doubt you'll get arrested.
You'll more likely get a parade and a key to the city.

LOL gina yeah seriously! You'll be in history books everywhere and remembered forever

Thanks Trap. Putting a stop to Jenelle would be a public service.

PSA if you see Jenelle kick her in the cooch. Come to California to borrow Trap babies steel toe boots and she'll bail your ass outta jail.

I am interested to see what Javi and Kailyn think of this, and Amber whose brother has served.

I thought kail was junkelle's bestie, she always sticks up for junkelle, but maybe not this time. she hasn't said anything so far.

They haven't been too friendly lately. I think she's getting tired of her, especially after the whole bail thing.

Amber made a comment. She said "I have no time for ignorant crap like brother is a veteran and he's one of the strongest men I".

Her brother was more direct, he directly tweeted the youtube clip to jenelle and said "I had my fair share of close calls and lost a brother over there too." and "one of my best friends died in the war also also and I have had any other friends lose limbs. Nothing to wish upon anyone else!" and then to someone in response to his tweets "the first part was bad but when she said that my chest hurt and I got hot inside. I was ticked to say the least."

Maybe I'm just weird but the comment about his friend was worse than her comment to Noah. Saying "You should have died" and "I hope you die" is absolutely fucking horrible, yes, but it's hypothetical. Evil, but hypothetical. Telling someone who literally had to pick up the pieces of his dead friend's body that you're happy that friend died? That's so far down Fucked Up Lane, I don't even know what mile marker it's at. Noah doesn't have an actual mental imagine of himself dying but you know as soon as Jenelle said that about his best friend, all of that flooded in. The REAL thing that happened that he'll never get out of his mind. Which is why he puked after she said it.

Your expression "That’s so far down Fucked Up Lane, I don’t even know what mile marker it’s at." is gold. I am going to start using that. Thank you. much worse. Not to go into too many details, but I've witnessed someone unexpectedly die in front of me and it's horrible. It takes YEARS to get that image out of your head. Years, and it still creeps back in. And what I saw is absolutely NOTHING in comparison to what the men and women in the military see on a regular basis. I don't even want to imagine how horrific that is.

I doubt I'll be watching the next season if Jenelle is on it. I cannot support someone who mocks a fallen soldier, much less mocks his death to the person who saw it.

I am so pissed at Jenelle for her comments. Sure, many of us say things we don't mean when we're angry, but most of us are also sincerely apologetic afterwards... and I'm sure many of us don't go THAT low when we're angry. She's a piece of shit loser. She doesn't deserve Kaiser and I'm so glad she doesn't have Jace. She is psycho. To mention, to a veteran, about his best friend that died in combat, wow. Gives me chills. She's heartless.
Only Jenelle could turn a dream vacation (paid of MTV, too) into such a shitshow. Fuck her.

Her comments really make me sick to my stomach. She is just plain horrible. Nothing anyone said to her can excuse what she said. And for Nathan to just stand there and let her talk to his BROTHER that way totally blows my mind. I mean, I never thought he was a catch or anything but even the worst people usually have some type of family loyalty. She doesn't deserve to be on MTV. Remember when Leah got "jumped" at the movie theaters or something? That's going to happen to Jenelle but a million times worse. You can't just go around disrespecting people who have given so much for this country and expect not to have any repercussions. I'll say it again, I'm not threatening her and I don't want anyone to attack her, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened. I hope her kids never grow up to be anything like her. I'll admit the chances of that are slim since she's still in and out of their lives and Nathan's parents seem to be just as awful, but I hope they both find ways to overcome that and grow up to be freaking awesome and successful. And that they never ever speak to their piece of crap "mother" again once they're old enough to make that decision.

That video clip...omg. She knows exactly what to say to get people going...every single person jumped up with the comment about his friend dying in the war. Not sure what they were trying to accomplish, because that was exactly what she wanted: a reaction. Stupid stupid girl.

She's going to pull this crap with the wrong person and they will either kill her or come close. She's too stupid and thinks she's invincible (thanks for that MTV and Dustin.)

She is the true definition of a psychopath. My brother and sister are both in the air force, my dad was till he retired at 35, my uncle navy till his death and grandfather marines. They give soo much and for her to talk about I wish he would have died. She needs a swift kick in her fart box.

MTV should not be rewarding this person's behavior with a paycheck and fame. You guys, please do not watch the show until they take Jenelle off of it.

#boycottMTV is trending

Someone started an online petition suggesting Jenelle be fired. It already has close to 200 signatures:

Seriously, they'll allow this, but won't air Farrah making a fool of herself? C'mooon...Tbh, if they don't get rid of her, forget TM, I probably won't watch MTV at all anymore. Probably better off anyway.

I don't even give two shits about TM anyway. i gladly won't watch until Jenelle is off TV.

As a military person myself I've seen how traumatic simple statements are to people suffering from PTSD. It does make me sick, but I'm not surprised with Jenelle.

Nathan is a joke of a service member, to ask him to stand up for a fallen brother is far too inconvinent for him. They deserve each other, they're both low life pieces of shit.

Not just stand up for a fallen brother - but stand up for his biological sibling. He should know the trauma his brother feels... And he still wants to marry the woman who shamelessly insulted a fallen hero and triggered his brothers traumatic memories?! No respect for either of them.

Nathan does not want to marry Jenelle. He's just on the gravy train til it breaks down.

Apparently Jenelle got radar online to basically justify what she said in their most recent article.

That was such a heaping pile of bullshit, Mackenzie and Josh probably thought it was a rodeo.

Nothing would make me happier right now than to hear that Jenelle got her a** beat. I'm from a military town and so I know a lot of servicemen and there's some I just can't stand on a personal level, but I would NEVER say anything like this to them. I mean, I'm not even opposed to telling somebody you'll kill them (if you're actually willing to back it up and they did something serious enough to warrant it, like physically hurting a child or something) but saying "I wish you had died" is weak and cowardly, not to mention uncalled for. Throw in the fact that she wishes he would have DIED WHILE DEFENDING HER RIGHTS and talking bad about somebody that ACTUALLY DID DIE DOING SO and she's officially reached the bottom of the scum bucket.

how can somebody who looks so much like Woody from Toy Story be so evil. I'm convinced this seeping cunt rag is the damn devil. she is truly a waste of space, air, and hair extensions.

HAHAHAHHAHA woody from toy story. Woody's too cute though. she always looked like Mac Tonight the old mcdonalds mascot:

lmao. that works too. or just a big foot.

I always thought Ben from the Secret Life of the American Teenager looked just like Woody.

So random, but once I saw the actor who played Ben at LAX airport right after the first season of Secret Life aired. He walked past me about 4 ft away and we locked eyes as I was trying to piece together who he was. I think he thought I was a total creeper for staring at him but I was just trying to confirm who he was in my brain lol.

HAHA I thought that too! I miss that stupid show. ricky though <3

Ricky looked too much like my grandpa did when he was young, so it always kind of creeped me

WOW he does lol! He was a handsome man. That's crazy they could be twins....

I think someone on twitter said that she looked like a scream mask. LOL

that is so accurate holy shit LOL

What is this link for?

I think that's Diane downs. She Murdered her kids.

And Jenelle resembles her look wise. It's actually a little scary.

I actually saw a show about children of famous killers, and Diane Downs' daughter was featured. She was not one of the kids whom Downs tried to kill---she was born in jail after Downs had already been convicted. The girl was given up for adoption and her adoptive parents never told anybody who her birth mother was. Then Downs escaped and the parents told their neighbors because they needed people to be on the lookout for their daughter's safety. The daughter turned to drugs to cope with what was going on. She had two sons, but gave the second one up for adoption. She also briefly corresponded with Downs via mail, but told Downs to stop writing due to Downs' paranoid rants. Anyway, it was amazing how much the woman resembled her birth mother. Like, they looked exactly alike. Identical, even. And I thought the entire time I watched it, "What would it be like to know you're related to such a terrible, irredeemable person and see her face every time you looked into a mirror?" It was very powerful stuff.

I know I keep saying this but Nathan and the dude with the beard (Patrick) look more like brothers to me. That's why I've been so confused this whole time.

God Jenelle needs to lay off the fettucini. Fat ass bitch. (sorry i wouldn't even say that if it were anyone else). Yeah I was confused who was the brother too hah.

Unfortunately this will offend her more than people critiquing her non existent parenting skills.

Jenelle looks like Diane Downs now that you mention it

I read a book about Diane Downs (Small Sacrifices). If this is the baby she had after she killed her child (and seriously injured the other 2), she deliberately got pregnant to appear more sympathetic to the jury. Psychopath behavior.

I see her as a Susan Smith, in a fit of anger doing something impulsive. No planning like the lady in Naperville that drugged and drowned her kids because her husband fell out of love with her.

And if she did she'd brush if off, "NOTHING ELSE WORSE CAN HAPPEN, MOM".

All of the is so hard to keep track of, so thanks for posting twitter links and shiff guys !

MTV is going to fire her.
Nathan wIll leave and move on with his life.
Babs gets custody of Jenelle's baby #2.
Jenelle never gets her shit together.

And everybody lives happily ever after.

Jenelle is an awful thundercunt piece of trash. My grandfather served in ww2 and my husband is former military. My grandfather was in the navy and his ship was hit by a kamikaze, he survived the battle of leyte gulf, and his ship went through Halsey's typhoon. If you ask him about the war, he still tears up. For her to say something so vile to a service member is unforgivable.
We all say things we don't mean sometimes, but this isn't something she didn't mean. She wanted to hurt with those comments. She is a waste of skin and air and she doesn't deserve those beautiful children. I hope MTV boots her off the show and someone steps in to care for those children while she rots in a cardboard box on the side of the road.
I thought I'd get a good giggle at her expense, but I was not prepared for this. She had better hope and pray that someone doesn't come burn her house down while she sleeps. She continually crosses the line with her words and actions, and it makes me sick.

I feel the same way. Not snarky or angry- just sick. I thought Id really rip her one, but I don't know what to say.
Id never wish death on anyone. Even my enemy.

Jenelle is crazier than a shithouse rat! And she is evil!!! If she was in jail, where she's supposed to be, she would cease to be a menace! Get her off the air. Within in six months, Nathan will be gone, Kaiser will be in a good home and Jenelle will be in the big house, cozying up to Big Bertha!

LOL @ shithouse rat. Her face totally looks like a rat to me.

rats are cute. jenelle is not.

Keffier would be proud.....

Jenelle had gone well past the point of no return. I used to think in the first season of teen mom that despite her behavior, she actually was a good person and her exterior just reflected how broken she was inside. Now hearing this, I think that theory has gone out of the window. There is no excuse for wishing anyone dead, let alone someone who risked their life to serve our country. I have never wished anyone dead, not even the people I used to hate in high school (I just wished they would eventually get exposed for the egomaniac assholes they were).

Jenelle definitely fits the profile of a sociopath. Unfortunately, her environment may have been partially to blame for this outcome. I have recently read some articles about the difference between sociopaths and psychopaths. Psychopaths are born missing something in their brain that gives people the ability to feel empathy. However, they can be very charming and deceptive so many of them actually end up in fields like finance instead of becoming serial killers or evil people like Jenelle. Sociopaths share psychopaths' lack of remorse and disregard for others but they are much more volatile and impulsive. When they commit crimes they are most often not well planned out since they are committed on impulse. Environment is also a huge contributor to someone becoming a sociopath. Maybe if someone had stepped in and helped Jenelle she wouldn't have gotten this bad. MTV probably just accelerated her decline.

I naively thought all the girls had a chance. Even Jenelle. She seemed like she was capable and even seemed determined.
Jenelle didn't just start acting out. She's always been like this. Babs didn't discipline her and she needs to start disciplining Jace before it's too late

i never thought jenelle had a chance and the fake determination was all for show. it's easy to see right through her. she's lazzy doesn't want to work for anything.

You can literally watch Jenelle observe other humans and learn how she's supposed to react to things. After the heroin binge episodes, she had nothing to say for herself until Dr. Drew said "did you start doing heroin because you were sad about losing custody of Jace?" Her eyes lit up and she was like "yeah that's exactly why." And someone asked her if she ever cries for Jace and she's all, "uhm...yeah, I do. I cry every night."

She doesn't know how to empathize and it shows with shit like this when someone isn't coaching her on how to be a human being on the sidelines.

Because she's a SOCIOPATH!!!!! They don't know how to genuinely react or have any form of real human emotion. Rae, those are good examples.

I will not be watching MTV after this, unless they take this worthless bitch out. Most of the men in my family and some friends serves or have served in a branch of the military, airforce, or navy and that comment she makes pisses me off. I already took all my recorded dvr from mtv plus the future recorded shows off my tv, please do the same!!! Send MTV a message!! We can do this!

Ps I'm drunk. Excuse the typos

Candy just uploaded another video to Instagram. It makes it seem like Jenelle was mad because Paula (Noah's girlfriend) uploading a video online.


She was mad because Paula ranted about Jenelle on twitter after Jenelle made Paula's vacation miserable.

Do you have a link?

i dunno how to link things cuz not electronically, but go to YouTube and search "the real Jenelle Evans part 2". that's it.

Am I correct in my understanding that that video was from right BEFORE she said all this vile shit? Showing that everyone else in the room wasn't saying all the shit ROL's "friend of Jenelle's" said they were saying about her kids and whatnot?

I think you're right. You can see how calm they all are too, Candace and Patrick also state that Patrick is sober and sitting by the front door in a fight breaks out. Patrick and Candace were also the first to ask her to close the door so that they didn't disturb other guests.

I have seen screen shots where Patrick admits that Noah said that he would no longer vouch for Jenelle AND that she was an unfit mother...but ya know, I've also seen people make statements about how grass is green. So?

**in case a fight**

It really says something about her horrible character that literally NO ONE is surprised she could say something so nasty. I feel so bad for her boys who have to hear her scream like that all the time, how terrifying for them! When they get older they'll be able to see all the horrible things she's done, I guess she can't get that into her tiny little brain. I definitely signed the petition for MTV to fire her. It infuriates me to know she gets paid for acting like a twat with no consequences whatsoever.

One, I love your name!


The worst part for me is that you can actually see her hesitate and think about it for a second.... And then she says it anyway.

Sounds like Candy stopped filming cause she was gonna kill junkelle. She always pushes someone's limit until they attack her and she plays victim. I'm willing to bet she told gary to die and that's what made him choke her. Same with kawtland. One day she will get attacked until she ends up in the hospital.

It will be a woman who finally beats her ass..hopefully a military wife.

I think I'm going to get a group of other military wives to go down to Wilmington or wherever she's currently living and show her exactly how we feel about her.

I don't believe Gary ever choked her. If he did I wouldn't even carre at this point I just think she lied about that entire thing.

She probably told him that she hoped he died if he ever deployed.

I have always had serious doubts about that abuse. I have a hard time believing that she had no problem wrapping the sheets around her neck to show how he choked her as soon as she got home. She also kept that sheet set for a good while--like two years after the abuse.

I've never been abused, but I feel like if I ever were then I would have a friend go in and completely remove any object that was used to abuse me before I returned to my home.

Gary tweeted a while back that he never abused her physically but it was too big of a risk to fight it in court in case he lost. I'm not a fan of his at all, but just knowing Jenelle, I believe him on this one.

Jenelle is nothing but a lying, cheating, no good, junkie whore. She is a disgusting human being. I don't care what someone says, you NEVER wish death on someone. Trust me, I know of ONE person who deserves it. But after all he's done to me, I still never wish ill on him. I'm above that. However, Jenelle doesn't count. She, I believe deserves it more than he does.
My family has a lot of military background. My late uncle died in combat in Vietnam, his father served, I have cousins who I believe are in their second and third tours, my grandfather was a national guardsmen and become a police officer after that (he also had a police escort at his funeral, rifles were shot, and his widow was given a flag.) My fiance is in the process of enlisting for the navy. I knew this was what he wanted when we met and I am not stopping him even though I know the risks. I have done nothing but cry over the past two weeks because I am truly terrified of losing him. I am proud of what he wants to become but for this piece of shit to look someone in the face, mock him for what he's witnessed and tell him she hopes he DIES is the lowest you could ever possibly go and I hope Candace knocks her out.
After I explained to my fiance what she said he looked at me and told me I would be nothing to him if I ever said that to ANYONE. Serving or not.
A lot of people blame Babs for the way Jenelle is. I don't. I'm 1000000% sure she raised her better than to disrespect someone like that.
I know this is long and I apologize but I'm just PISSED.

I know. It's sick! These brave men and women die for her freedom of speech, and what does she do with it?!?! Slander them. Burn bitch

I'm totally with you. There's no excuse for what she said. at all. none. The face that Nathan didn't leave her ass immediately shows that he is also a terrible persona and really is in it for the money/fame/whatever because who would listen to someone say something that evil to their own brother??

I was hoping he'd pull back and punch her. But he's so very obviously in it for the money and notoriaty but even then that brings the question of 'is it worth it'?

My husband has been in the Navy for 6 years. It's tough but the lifestyle is what you make of it so no matter what just try to keep yourself focused on the positive. <3
My husband isn't a violent person but if I ever spoke to anyone in front of him like Jenelle did in that video he would probably slap me. My parents would make the 7 hour drive from their house to mine to slap me.
Jennelle is a POS who thinks she can get away with anything because she always has. There's no excuse for her actions and no excuse for Nathan to sit there and do nothing while she talked to his brother like that. I said it on the last article and I'll bring it up again. Nathan claims to have PTSD. There's no way that someone with a close relationship to someone with PTSD would ever say the things Jenelle said in that video. I'm also not sure that someone with PTSD could sit there so calmly while people talk about people dying in combat. I hope MTV kicks Jenelle to the curb and Nathan's disability status is re evaluated so they end up with nothing and Kaiser gets to live with a nice normal family who will actually give him a chance in life.

I hope Babs saw it and gave it to her. God if my daughter ever said something like that I would have a hard time not slapping her. I would be so ashamed. I mean I woudl be ashamed of Jenelle long before this but yea.

Jenelle is just a horrible person. There's no excuse for what she did. None whatsoever. She'll probably continue to play the victim.
Her "friends" aren't so great either. Though that's not surprising. It's not like people like jenelle and Nathan hand out with respectable people. I don't ever see myself filming my friends and than using that video to get some publicity and money.
Everyone ends up looking bad there.

Lol what are you talking about? Her friend (whoever the girl is who filmed it) is awesome. Showed her true colors and wanted to kick her ass. I want to high five Candy. I would have done the same thing. If it were anyone else yea its kinda odd tthey are filiming, but this is Jenelle, a cunt that gets paid 6 figures for being a pos. If this video makes it so she's kicked off the show Candy deserves a medal. They were probably dealing with that the entire vacation and were finally sick of it. Why not make money off of them? Lol they're smart I would have done the same exact thing.

i don't even think they made any money. he posted the kids for free on YouTube for all to see. they were sick of being stuck in the in the vacation from hell, being torture by that miserable bitch and her shitdick lackey boyfriend, while the whole time she's telling the world that everything is magical and perfect. so they set the record straight, without running to radar like everyone else jenelle knows. I'd have done the same.

vids, not kids.

Exactly. That yelling was probably the entire week or however long they were there. Might as well film it and show what a monster she really is. If she made money off it more power to her lol but yea I don;t think they did either. If they did probably not much.

Plus, if Jenelle Evans showed up to my hotel room with a security guard to kick me out, I'd be filming, too, just for personal safety and legal reasons in case she flipped the fuck out. It's not Candy's fault Jenelle did, in fact, flip the fuck out.

I think Candy was just sick of her bullshit and all the yelling and screaming. Candy is Pat's girlfriend, maybe Pat is also a veteran, that's why Candy was so offended.

Patrick is a veteran, he served in the marines with Nathan

I loved her fire! Good for her for not being passive about it. I wouldn't normally condone "beating someones ass" but geez, if anything called for it that did.

is this jenelle? be honest

Are you seriously asking me if I'm Jenelle? Well no I'm not. Thankfully. Like I stated, I think she is a horrible person and there's no excusing what she said. It's just one more thing to add to the list of all the terrible things she's done.

I simply don't think her friends are all that great either. Filming Jenelle, posting the video, putting out posts describing every bad thing Jenelle has done doesn't put them in the best light. All these people are trash.

So defensive....... hmmmmm

Will be sharing this video on my social media. Have a pretty solid community of active duty, vets, and family members who will be outraged and disgusted. Once this goes viral TM2 will come off the air if they keep Jenelle. Americans DO NOT take kindly to anyone with this kind of vitriol for the heroes of our Armed Forces.

I would suggest you all do the same, as well as to respectable media sources like CNN, Fox, MSNBC (and yes I know these are hardly the bastions of professionalism anymore, theyre still leaps and bounds above Radar, DailyMail, and Starcasm). Heck, even TMZ, if anyone has called Jenelle out for her shit and got it picked up its them.

Jenelle shouldve never been given a platform to be on television, but that mistake must be corrected now. I do not want her hateful self benefitting from our views anymore. I will be praying for Jace and Kaiser.

best twitter comment of the night..remember nate does not work and gets disability..what a

Get this:

Jenelle just wished death upon a veteran while on a trip paid for with VA benefits.

Let that one sink in.

Hahaha! And the "10 grand" ring she's wearing was paid for the same way.

Has anyone else been to Twitter to see her tweets from today? Out of curiosity, I looked:

"Like I said I already apologized."

"Oh let's upload just the part she wants right?!"

"Be careful there sweetheart, we all have secrets."

Please please spread that petition far and wide, just like this bitch does with her legses.

Her tweets aren't surprising at all. She's forever playing the victim. And worse, she's threatening the others. Sure, she may know some secrets about these people but no one cares about that. Jenelle is the one who's well known. Not those "friends" of hers.