The Never Ending Jenelle Story *UPDATE*

There is never a dull moment with Jenellle in our lives. As long as Jenelle has Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, we will always care and wonder what is going on in her life.

Although, we never tend to wonder because everything and anything that happens with her comes to light. Which leads into this weeks novel about what is going on in Jenelle's world.

First, let's touch base about Jenelle and Nathan. It looks like these two have gone and split up again. This time it might have been done behind closed doors and in a much more civil manner. Lets back up a little though and cover something else that happened this week. OK! Magazine put out an article recently about Jenelle trying on wedding dresses.

Most people shared these photos out of excitment but I don't think the world noticed something off about the article: Jenelle's hair color. Most of you follow Jenelle on some form of social media I'm sure girlfriend's hair is a very dark brown, but in the article photos Jenelle had blonde hair.

We over at TMJ believe that Jenelle had these photos taken on her trip to NY back in April.

J+N were broken up then too.

So why the photo shoot? And if they are broken up now, why promote it further? It seems that if they are broken up, Jenelle doesn't want the world to weigh in right now.


There are some other clues that lead us to believe things have headed south for this couple. Jenelle has stopped sporting around her giant rock that Nathan gave her, unfriended him on Facebook, and no longer follows him on Twitter.

She posted a few nights ago that she was having nightmares and panic attacks as well.

A fan claimed it was because she lived with a steroid crazed maniac, but Jenelle shot back letting her know that Nathan does not live with her.

It was said earlier in their relationship the two lived seperately, but with all of the other signs it seems these two really are living in Splitsville.

In other news, yesterday Jace celebreated his 6th birthday! He had a zombie themed party at an indoor trampoline park. Yes, Jenelle was in attendance, but no sign of Nathan or Kaiser.

Jace looked like he was having a blast celebrating with his friends and family, but it seems like Jenelle may have had a few alterior motives for being there.

Lately the Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG girls have been getting a bunch of free stuff from companies for promotion purposes.

The girls are sporting waister trainers, teeth whitening lights, and detox tea, but Jenelle tooks things a little too far today.

(I noticed that Nathan and Jenelle are on a cookie together, but I am not sure if Jenelle chose these pictures herself or if the baker did. Awkward.)

Jenelle used her sons party photos as promos for a few different companies. Normally I wouldn't see this as a big deal, but this goes back to feelings that I think a lot of us have about Jenelle's relationship with Jace.

Jenelle shows up when it is convienent for her to be there or when there is something in it for her.

Today it seems like Jenelle may have gotten some free stuff for her sons party and in return she shamelessly used him in the process.

Jenelle has a HUGE following on social media - as do all of the other girls - and it seems like they are all taking advantage of it, but this is a situation that doesn't feel appropriate to me.


Do you think Jenelle and Nathan are broken up? Was is it appropriate for Jenelle to use her son as a photo prop for business purposes and free merch? Sound off below people!



Looks like there is no more guessing y'all! Jenelle and Nathan are in fact broken up. And it looks like Nathan isn't hiding the fact that he has moved on.

Nathan has not been very active on Twitter these days so there is no telling who the mystery lady is, but we now know for sure that these two are indeed donezo.

For now. Stay tuned because we know this isn't over yet! (Jenelle deleted this tweet about 20 minutes after I posted this FYI)


I'm so over jenelle and gaythan, they break up this week, make up the next, and history just keeps repeating itself, it's like what, the 1000000000th time? Excuse me while i go search for a fuck to give about these two

I just want these girls to be stripped of all freebies and money and live in the REAL WORLD.. film that. Tired of the non working.. fame whoring... OAN that first pick of janelle looks really nice.

You have screaming battles probably on a daily basis over the most mundane shit, call each other names like 'f*cking trailer trash', breakup every other month, and cheat on each other for revenge. Why would a person want all that stress in their life and be with a person like that? I mean can Jenelle not see it clearly is NOT true love when you fight all the time, break up every other month, and spend the next few weeks trashing each other online? Maybe I just can't understand this but why would a person want to be in a relationship like that?

Jenelle needs drama like oxygen. I truly think she's only happy when she's miserable.

I think you hit the nail on the head! Sometimes I think she tweets and deletes just to get people to remember she exists

I'd like to emphasize the fact that they think they are in a good enough place to get married.

Yeah deleted it faster than you can believe. I mean it was there and then GONE. I'm surprised I caught it.

It is not just the drama, she seems to made a hobby out of manipulating people (power).
Luckily Barb is not having it anymore. Good for Barb, even better for Jace.
Courtlands mother must thank god regularly that she escaped from the DIL from hell and becoming a mom again at 50 something.
I'm afraid there will be another baby daddy in the future. Let's hope for the child's sake that at least one grandma is able to take care of him or her.

ugh can we not call him gaythan? it's homophobic

uhhhhm your username is pretty offensive as well, just sayin' lol

My first thought seeing these pictures.....Jenelles back on drugs again look at her face and poor Jace this b*tch really used her sons bday pictures to promote products for $$$$$ which was the only reason why she went Im guessing. No Kaiser with her either like Jace wouldnt want to celebrate with his brother I cant with her no more!

I could care less about Janelle & Nathan's "Notebook Romance" it is more long the lines of "Gone Girl" except Nathan isn't nearly as innocent as Ben Affleck.

Moving on from the Drama Train.
I want to cry for poor Jace. I didn't think Janelle could get any lower but this pretty much sets the bar. His birthday should be about him not about padding his biological mother's wallet. Why hasn't Barbra banned Janelle from posting pictures of him or refusing to let him film. It is obvious to everyone who watches the show that Jace has some serious issues going on and continuing to let MTV in is only adding fuel to the fire. I hope that someday soon someone steps in and helps this poor boy out because it scares me to think where he might be in a few years if things continue this way.

It takes a lot for me to say kids shouldn't have visitation or contact with the biological parents but I honestly think it'd be better for Jace to cut Jenelle out. MAYBE visits at a visitation center like Adam as long as she isn't allowed to bring a boyfriend with her, but even then she'd probably still try to manipulate Jace about where he wants to live and whatnot.

Didn't someone say that jenelle only sees jace when MTV is around? I feel so bad for this kid... Babs should pull a Maci and not allow jace to be filmed. Jenelles shit show would still continue as normal regardless.

It has been said, yes. But I'm not positive about that. She posts pictures of him being with her quite a bit when filming is not occurring. It wouldn't surprise me if you heard correctly though.

Courtland claims Jenelle would have five different outfits ready for Jace for just one day. She would change his outfits five times and post pictures on social media later to pretend she saw Jace that day.
But maybe Babs gave her some more time because of the legal drama. Although Babs is not keeping Jace away from Jenelle without cause, the court might think otherwise about the visitation.
Without hard evidence, shitty moms get time with their kids.
It is sad that this is not about Jace but about power and appearance.

@Creative; The way I see it is the same as how I see Cait & Ty with Carly. Until the biological parents step out completely and accept that they are not at any point a parent to their child at any time ever again, no relationship between bio-parents and child will be healthy. Janelle doesn't now and most likely never will realize that she is bad for Jace. She can and should focus her time on Kiser and let Barbra have Jace, be the cool aunt or big sister to him and let them try and work it out.

@Dustin; A lot of people say she only has Jace when MTV calls and I'm sure it is true. With the say Jace behaves on TM if I were his parent or guardian I would think that they have some sort of outside form or counseling involved for him. I can't see how a Dr. would say it was okay for him to continue to be in the public eye. The poor child is screaming for help I just wish someone would give him some.

because babs needs the teen mom money. she cant ban him from filming and keep the paycheck. it's sad

Didn't Maci do that with Bentley though?

yeah but maci will still be featured without bentley because she's the star. i dont see babs getting a lot of featured time if there is no jace.

Those promo pics at the birthday really rubbed me the wrong way. I'm all for her taking advantage of her fame to get free stuff for Jace's birthday, but she should've taken the photos with the stuff when she first got it before the party or something. That was crappy of her to take time out of Jace's party to make him take all those photos. The day should've been all about him.

Did anyone else see the Instagram video of Babs coming up behind Jace in the mask while he was opening his presents? His reaction to it really showed the difference in how he feels around her vs how he feels around Jenelle. He never seems that happy and connected to Jenelle.

You are so right. Babs is Jace's mom if you ask me. I would be really concerned if Jenelle got custody of him right now honestly. She still isn't the place to have him. I don't think she would even know what to do if she had custody of him.

"Thanks @Walgreens for the bubble gum flavored amoxicillin! My baby is sick!" With a photo of Jace puking into a trashcan at walgreens at 3 am.

"Check out @MomBoobs for the best new water bras! All of Jace's friends think I'm smokin'!" Photo of Jace running away from the camera crying while Jenelle takes a bikini selfie in the foreground.

His entire life would be Twitter and Instagram promotions.

Rae omg I am laughing so hard.

I really like that they're showing more footage of Jace and Barbara without Jenelle. They seem to have such a sweet bond. Remember when they met up for dinner after getting the Christmas tree, Jace ran straight to Barbara for a hug...has that ever happened with Jenelle? The bike scene was adorable, the catch scene was a typical childhood afternoon. Jace asked Jenelle if they could go fishing in the latest episode and she asked him how he knew how to fish--implying that she's never taken him. It's nice to see that Jace is having typical childhood activities in spite of Jenelle. It really makes me think that their visits should be supervised.

Of course she would turn her son's birthday into a sponsored photo-op because she is a whore. I just don't understand why so many companies want to attach themselves with this deadbeat.

Pure evil...also, she was out partying Sat she gets Jace on weekends yet still blows him off?? I HOPE she DOES marry Nate because I can't think of anything worse..& this is my 1 complaint against Babs..get that poor child OFF TV..otherwise she is as guilty as JE using him for money.

I wonder if that's why she looks so terrible in these photos! I noticed she looked like she had bags under her eyes and just looked tired. That makes sense now.

She looks awful lately. Her face is getting awfully skinny again like when she was on heroin. I'm wondering if she's started adderall or coke or something to lose weight?

She posted some pictures that looked like she was in a hotel room or something and said something like "I woke up like this...with tons of make up on" and she was wearing the same outfit from the night before

Don't know if she's on drugs but she's definitely had work done on her face. Wasn't jenelle doing "internship" or something with some beauty clinic? maybe that's where she got work done.

I've been thinking and I don't think Jenelle ever gets Jace for the weekend. I think she gets him on Sundays or something and tells everyone it's the whole weekend. For her, a few hours on Sunday taking care of her own child is probably exhausting. She couldn't even be bothered to bring Kaiser to his brother's birthday party...most likely because Kaiser was with Doris.

I have a feeling Nathan controls when she see Kaiser and I don't think Jenelle cares very much. Just a feeling I have since he is a control freak and Jenelle doesn't care about much of anything

Is Doris as good as Barbara? I think not...Kaiser is probably doomed for life.

So, I've only had several birthday parties in my life, as my birthday was a thing that took a backseat to other more important things, like vacations and jewelry fairs, and it always sucked because I wanted birthday parties so much. Nowadays I don't even know what I'd want in a birthday party, but as a kid I wanted a birthday party because I wanted to feel appreciated, which I never really did, and loved and have my own day where I didn't have to prioritize what my mother wanted to do over my birthday. Eventually, I didn't want to go to the jewelry fairs and my mom would just spend my birthday in a different state than me and tell me she felt guilty about it, and my dad didn't care enough to put a party together, so I just never really had a genuine birthday party. I had one when I was 4 at a ceramics studio, and that was it. It really sucked and I always felt unimportant around my birthday.

If Jace is not feeling this way right now, he will when he's a little older. I know how he must have felt opening that box of cookies, probably expecting to see his own face, and instead it turns out that it's all about his mom again. I mean, at least he had a party, so he won't feel so downtrodden at such a young age, because he at least gets his day with his friends and presents and the birthday song, and regardless of how Jenelle fucks up, she can't take those experiences from him. But when he's older, he'll look back on this and realize that she used him and his birthday for money, and then that happy experience will feel cheap. At the end, he'll feel a way about his birthday that I didn't: used. But at the end of the day, I'm betting he'll feel ultimately the same way as me at my age. He'll hate his birthday, and thinking about his birthday with make him cry because that time of year will make him feel unimportant. I'm going to have my birthday in like 3 weeks, and my boyfriend told me to choose what I want to do. He always tries to do something for my birthday, once he tried to throw me an actual party and I panicked in the inviting friends stage and only had like 3 people over. I'm dragging my feet trying to choose somewhere to go because just thinking about my birthday makes me cry.

Sorry for the essay, it just really hurts my heart being able to empathize with Jace about this. No one wants to be able to empathize with a kid when it comes to a painful party of childhood. My mother wasn't even anything like Jenelle, just hard to please and emotionally distant, my father is the one who was manipulative, which is another thing I can empathize with poor Jace on. When he gets to the point, whatever age it may be, where he realizes how much she fucked with his head, it's going to hurt him so much, it just makes me ache thinking about it.

oh sweety..this makes me so sad..let your boyfriend treat you..don't think off it as your "birthday"..think of it as just another day to let someone show that they love you....

Boo to your parents. Birthday parties are a huge deal for little kids. My husband never had one, either! I didn't even know that until after his birthday this past year. I'm going to be manatee-level pregnant by the time his next birthday comes around but I still want to do something special. Even though you associate it with sadness and neglect because that's what it was when you were growing up, let your boyfriend take you out and have a good time. Make NEW birthday memories and traditions because you deserve them!

I don't think Jenelle recognizes that Jace is his own person. To Jenelle, he is just an extension of her self, so why wouldn't he love cookies with her and Nathan's pictures? Why wouldn't he want to shill her products? He clearly doesn't exist in her world as anything more than a pawn. When she doesn't need him for some ulterior reason, he isn't so much as a blip on her radar. I truly pray Babs not only retains full custody, but that Jenelle's ability to see Jace is closely monitored and minimized. But after the Leah fiasco, I'm quite worried how this will play out m

His smile when he is around JE is very strange..not a real smile..

I was wondering if anyone else noticed that. With Barbara it's a normal happy child smile but in every single picture with Jenelle it exactly the same thin, stretched little awkward smile. I think we all had smiles like that as kids in pictures where we were told to smile when we weren't actually happy or we were someplace or with someone we really didn't like. It's sad that Jace is smiling so awkwardly like that in a picture with his own mother, even sadder that Jenelle won't even notice and talk about how happy he looks posing with her on twitter when any dumbs who's spent the slightest bit time with a kid knows that is a 'clearly uncomfortable but being told by people behind the camera to smile' smile.

He always seems very unsure and shy around Jenelle. Like he wants to say the right thing just to please her. But whenever he is around Babs, his face lights up.

I'd be petrified of her. All he's seen of her his entire life is her screaming at his real mom, showing up with sob stories about being beat up by her various boyfriends, leaving for weeks at a time without so much as a "goodbye" and having mental breakdowns. It's only recently she's even put on the half-assed attempts to talk to the poor kid and even that is blatantly bad and disingenuous. He's spent his whole life learning that she's a ticking time bomb and he should do and say whatever he can to stay safe and keep her calm. That's a terrible burden to put on a 6 year old!

Yeah, Rae, I agree - she's like a hurricane in and out of his life. When she comes in, she only causes upheaval and upset. Who would want to have that insanity on a regular basis?

Why are JE's eyes the only ones that turn red in photos? Coincidence??? I think not...

She is the devil...

Oh yes, I'm not with you anymore but let's post a picture of me in a wedding dress that I was trying on to marry you....

That is actually pretty unsettling if you ask me...

Very creepy.

YOU NEED THERAPY - before you turn out like the chick from Orange is the new black... Who pretends to be engaged until she finds out his married.... Oh wait! That's you.... :|

She probably figured she can just use it as advertisement for her next fiance. She goes through them like...well like Jenelle through boyfriends.

Her PR person probably set up this photo shoot months in advance, and she was contractually required to show up and do it. Her relationship with Nathan is so inconsistent there are no guarantees of ANYTHING, so she better not go booking a venue, buying a dress, hiring a wedding planner, picking out flowers, a cake, a wedding band or anything, until, like 3 days before it's supposed to happen. Oh, wait, 3 days is probably still too long. Day before? No, still, they might break up. Day of? No, still too long...oh, forget it.

Jenelle has no grasp of time. She's like a little child that way. For her, three months is forever. The way she sees it, she hasn't been arrested in, like, ages, dude.

She's so disgusting. From animal abuse, psychopathic behaviour to using her child for her own benefits.
What's next, Kaiser promoting keke waist trainer??
Or whatever, let's put him on a beer advertisement, because he's so "advanced" and name fits?!

Well I'll say one positive thing...that cake looks delicious.

But on another fucking self-absorbed does a person need to be to buy cookies with their face on them?

If it wasn't Janelle promoting them and I seen them somewhere else I would so buy these! Not because I'm a self absorbed ass-hat and want to eat my own face but they would make an awesome gag gift for my best friend. She would love a half dozen (most likely tastless) cookies with my face on them :)

Yeah upon closer inspection those cookies look like hockey pucks made of buckwheat. I'm sure Jace was just thrilled.

Sitting here thinking...
I'm not inclined to buy any of the products she plugged using Jace's birthday.
Somewhere along the line there were most likely discussions between Janelle & the companies. So in reality yeah JE is trash for using Jace's party to make money by promoting products; However every single company that JE promoted knew how she was going to promote them. I expect big businesses to be soulless but these seem like fairly small privately owned business. I would like the people running these little "mom & pop" shops would have a little more tact.

What's ridiculous is that she can afford to outright buy all this shit. Barb is financially supporting Jace 24/7 and Jenelle can't even be assed to shell out for a birthday cake and magic markers.

I don't get the fans saying just because she said thanks @whatever doesn't mean it was free. The bakery that did the cake is out of Brooklyn. But she paid for it, yeah right. Cake+cake pops+shipping=she didn't pay.

Yeah I didn't see her tagging Walmart and shit when she bought the decorations. Because Walmart made her ass pay for that shit.

It would honestly break my heart if Jenelle ever got custody of Jace. I just hope her and Nathan break up for good (among other reasons) because clearly the only reason she's "fighting" for custody is to impress him.

Isn't her next court hearing for custody supposed to be tomorrow? The Nathan drama is right on time. Hopefully she can't be bothered (yet again) and Jace can stay where he is. With his mom, Babs.

"Your honor, can we continue this again? I just have SOOO much going on, dude! I just planned this huge party for Jace and my other son's father has been cheating on me...I've got bruises all over my bawwwwdy again. Also, my dogs keep needing to pee and eat like EVERY OH MY GOD, DUDE!"

Nathan only cares about making Babs unhappy. He hates Babs with all the burning animosity that his big, dumb self can summon.

I wonder what sort of impact these photos will have on any of the businesses that used Jace's party as free advertising. I know Jenelle has a lot of followers, but how many of them are actually going to purchase any of these products. My guess is very few. I know that I certainly wouldn't purchase products from a business that wanted Jenelle's approval.

I'm really glad that Jenelle and Nathan are broken up at the moment so at least Jace got to celebrate without Nathan there...poor kid really does seem (rightly) terrified of him. I hope Jace and Bab's were able to celebrate his birthday on their own too- so that they could actually celebrate Jace and not his duckfaced egg donor.

I'm sure he breathed a huge sigh of relief when she told him Nathan wasn't coming. Which Jenelle probably translated to sadness at missing his almost future daddy and gave her more false ammo to blast him with on twitter. "He missed Jace's party and he was sooo sad! :(:(:( Isn't he such a jerk everyone?!"

WTF so Jenelle was just like "oh it's your birthday, wouldn't you just LOVE some cookies with me on them making duckface?" I mean seriously. That is some trashy shit.

Also, one of those Selfie cookies is like 40% his own mom's boobs and cleavage and 40% that big dude Jace is terrified might kill his mom. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUD!

Well I'm glad Jace could have his birthday without Nathan there. I really wish they would break up for good. As much as I despise Jenelle, I think we all agree that Nathan is worse and Jace is terrified of him. So, I at least hope Jace had a good day. Also, MTV is going to do a web series with Barb!! Not sure what it will be exactly, but I'm excited to watch and I hope they pay her a lot of money (with part of it being a savings/college fund/whatever for Jace when he's 18)

A couple articles ago Tomlin said my comments were going to spam and I think they are again. I posted but it's not here, is there a way to fix this so they don't need to be approved every time?

Seriously Jenelle just needs to step out of Jaces life. she also needs to get out of Kaisers life because at least he is young enough that he won't have permanent emotional scars like Jace clearly already has. This is so sad that Jenelle can even turn something as special as a birthday for her son into a day about her and making more money for drugs and alcohol...

SMH! Sad she's using her kid like that...but not surprising =/

Btw I was on twitter and fans mentioned this interview Jenelle did this morning

Thanks Wendy! I have passed it along to the other writers :)

omng the interview... lol the interviewer was fantastic!!! this girl is really delusional!

this is a recap done by the ashley for those who don't want to listen to the actual thing :

“I was just offered a job this week, so I might start working soon,”

"I have people coming to me saying, ‘Hey, can you come work for us?’ They’re really excited to have me as part of their team"

I'm sorry but there is no way these's conversations happened. She couldn't even handle being a waitress for more than one shift, so no way would she be able to hold down a full time job. Girlfriend can't even look after her own kids for more than a few hours at a time!

When he does drink..."He’s a very passionate person." Aka, he makes me cry a lot and I really enjoy that because I'd shrivel up and die without someone to scream at daily.

“When I have background checks done, I had my record expunged for all the dismissed charges I’ve had,” she said. “Really, I don’t have anything on my record other than arrested numerous times. I’m not having a hard time. I have people coming to me saying, ‘Hey, can you come work for us?’ They’re really excited to have me as part of their team, and it makes me really happy for them to be excited and not look down on me.” So much bullshit.

They said she was surprised when she was asked why was she arrested so much? Like why? how?? You do realize you passed "enough for a 16-month calendar!" status a few mugshots ago, right?

She has only had one job that we know of, right? I mean, she is so clueless as to how jobs work, especially in her field. She makes it sound like she's some executive in a niche industry with 30 years of experience. Yeah, you have multiple employers just begging you to come work for them...

She's so, so clueless she can't even formulate a halfway believable lie.

jenelle is going to HATE being a medical assistant. the hours, the grunt work, being the bitch of the office. there is noooooooo way she will be able to do it.

one more thing about that interview.. sorry jahnell but felonies cant be erased EVER!!

And anything that's able to be googled is FOREVER

Hey! Bein' a felon ain't illegal!

This got me thinking...

Have Leah or Corey ever shared birthday pictures of the twins?

I don't remember see them? Or having it written about should I say.

I haven't seen anything and that realization makes me sad

There's been plenty of pictures of the twins' birthday parties over the years. Corey doesn't post much of anything, but Leah has posted pics of their birthday parties on her FB (as well as the fanpage that I think her mother runs) and on Twitter, and so has Corey's dad. Neither Leah or Corey uses Instagram which is where most people see pics these days, I guess. I'm too lazy to go searching for a link but I know the twins had a Frozen-themed bday at a roller skating rink last year because I remember seeing pics.

Leah uses Instagram occasionally.

Not sticking up for Leah's parenting but just because there isn't pictures doesn't mean they didn't have amazing parties. I'm lucky that my family takes pictures for me at my kids' parties because I don't usually have time.

I remember one for Addalynn because someone gave that kid cheetos.

Yeah mama dawn gave her that giant barrel of cheese puffs.

[…] later deleted the tweet (which was saved by Teen Mom Junkies), but it’s pretty clear she and Nathan are in “off again” mode: In addition to […]

I really can't decide who I hate more Jenelle or Kail.

Kail post that shes redoing the boys room and for people to tag their favorite teepee companies. She's just as transparent as Jenelle. Wondering what idiot company is goig to send her a free one.

Jenelle and Nathan deserve each other, they should just stay together forever but never EVER breed again.

Someone on Twitter said it best, as shitty as it was to promote the hell out of Jace's birthday, at least Babs didn't have to shell out the cash for Jace for once. The selfie cookies were creepy as hell! You couldn't at least get ones with Jace on them? And why wouldn't you have your youngest son at his brothers birthday????

I dislike Kail more. I know jenelles a crappier mom, but Kail just really bothers me. I also saw that post too about the teepees and rolled my eyes. They both have no shame. Kail can drive her Mercedes and have different louis vuitton bags but can't buy anything for her kids.

I would go for Jenelle for sure. Think she is doing more damage to the lives of her kids then Kail is. I can't stand her for the way she treats those kids.
She has changed, my bottom! She just got more sly and learned tricks.
Does Barb still have custody of her sisters child too?

Who the hell has a favorite teepee company?!

As far as the lesser of the two evils, it's Kail. She may be a miserable grumpapotamus of sadness and judgement but she at least has some maternal drive and instinct. She keeps the boys fed and clothed, provides them with a home (now that she's allowed to show she has money and isn't mooching off a charity she doesn't need) and they seem to be able to spend plenty of time with relatives. I think the greatest disservice she'll bestow upon her sons is trying to drive away their fathers all the time. And that will bite her in the ass one day.

Jenelle just comes into Jace's life occasionally, causes complete chaos, makes his real mom cry, introduces him to some new dude, occasionally brings presents and then leaves again for an undetermined amount of time.

dying @grumpapotamus. Even though Karl is relatively a good mom, I'm hoping karma bites her in the ass, i hope Isaac and Lincoln grow up fast and be closer with their dads, and Karl will be alone with her big houses, mercedes and pool that nobody wants to "stalk" anymore. For sure, we know Isaac and Lincoln will try to make Karl bond with their girlfriends but she will just hulk-smash those girls cause they are below her no matter what. Karl is a good mom, but she's a horrible person overall.

im still convinced MTV actually paid for that charity housing, and the charity went along with it for the promo. it was great PR for them

@Kyle: I think MTV pays a lot of these girls' living expenses on top of giving them a check. Basically everyone rents their houses, what landlord is going to allow them to mount all the over head lighting and make all the changes that need to be made in order to film without an extra amount added on their rent. Plus none of them are shy about where they live so now it is completely public where that house is located and it could be an issues for future renters. Not to mention the renters also get a peak as to how their houses are being used (and abused). I guess what I'm trying to get as is, no respectable landlord is going to want to rent to these girls without upping the rent a bit. I can see where MTV would take on the extra living costs, if not all the costs.
Also you hear a lot about how the girls (and Ryan) are behind on rent. I could see this happening because they are waiting on the checks from MTV.

#LifeafterLeah, It just makes it even more pathetic when they (Kail, Leah, Catelynn) brag about how they are so financially stable and they've worked sooo hard to achieve that and they did it all on their own, yet the second the MTV checks are late, rent, car insurance, credit card bill, and everything else is overdue.

You guys are right, Jenelle is by far the worse person and mom of the two. The thing with Kail is, I think when her kids are older I wouldn't put it past her to treat them like she currently treats everyone else in her life. I get a mommies dearest vibe from her. But yea, Jenelle is doing some major damage to Jace. Poor kid :-(

Rae, she may not have said teepee company exactly but something along those lines. And I agree Mommy, Jenelle hasn't changed. She may be off of heroin but she is still a bad person and I don't think she could ever redeem herself.

Hey Kail! My favorite teepee company is Raging Dinosaur Head-Shake and my favorite teepee that they make is the Shady Texter. Hit them up and see if they need a mascot.

Trainwreck only describes one collision. This is more like a neverending roller coaster.

Sounds like a really fun place to have a birthday! Jace deserves it. That's disgusting though that his mom goes and makes a few bucks off his day...

Jenelle is good at getting free stuff, but she needs to kick it up a notch if she want to be a world-class grifter like Farrah.

Rainbows officially ended...again..caught Nate w/side chick right after she said on the radio interview they were working it out!! The minions heads must be spinning..WE LOVE Nate..he is such a hunk...OH, Nate is horrible you don't need him...Yeaaa!!back together w/Nate..such a great couple...Nate is so mean to you....

I saw this blog post by a family lawyer in Canada about Jenelle trying for custody and thought you guys would find it interesting too:

What an odd thing for a Canadian law firm to weigh in on, haha.

No shit. They couldn't even stick to a single spelling of her name throughout the article. Then they call Jace "Jake" at the end. Who wrote this shit, some intern with nothing to do? If I were in Canada I'd never use that law firm if I ever needed the service.

Oh, I know! So weird! Plus, if you look at their other articles, they weigh in on other "celeb" divorces/custody issues. So bizarre. I don't think U.S. law firms can do things like that, ethically - I could be wrong, but yes, posts like this TOTALLY affect that firm's credibility.

Dumb article. And not true.
Barbara didn't tell Jace to call her mom. She said "you can call me whatever you want". Jace is the same age as my son. He calls her Mom because that's what he feels is right. My mother in law once told my son "you know, you can consider me your second mom" and my son told her no, I already have a mom. Lol. Jace knows what Barbara is to him.

My granbaby occasionally calls me mom and I dont correct her.. she hears my son call me mom all the time.. I would say the same thing.. call me whatever u like... just cuz she popped him out doesnt mean she is a mom

I have a step daughter who refers to me as "Nin" I have and her since she was 1 and couldn't way my name well. When my son was born she was almost 3 and around 4 when he started babbling. She started picking up and calling me "mom" I didn't correct her or encourage her, she did what she wanted. Her Mom flipped shit I'm talking charges were pressed, restraining order flipped. To this day every time my step daughter slipps and calls me Mom (witch is often we have her 4 days a week and I have 2 sons) she looks like she is going to have an anxiety attack. Seriously don't correct kids like they are doing something wrong it is just a name not the entire relationship.

Barbara sure is patient with Jennelle.. If it were me I would have cut her off long time ago.. I did with my daughter and now Im raising my granbaby..

You're a barbara? You must be a saint to step in and raise the child of your child. I'm guessing Barbara has thought about it before but because of the show, she kind of can't, because jenelle is always having illusions of getting him back, plus Barbara probably needs the extra paycheck since her lil bitch of a dawtuh doesn't do shit. If it weren't for MTV, I think Barbara would have done the same.

I think MTV would fair just fine without junelll and just show babs n jace.. and yes Im a barbara too.; I didnt put up with daughter shit.. I wouldnt care how much money I would get from being on tv.. my granbaby is far too important.. True story I turned my kid in and had her place busted for meth and I also put her ass in prison.. I dont pull any punches.

Barbara has too big of a heart to do that—not that I'm implying you don't. You can tell that despite all the bullshit Jenelle has put her and jace through, she still loves her and is holding on to the slight hope that she'll eventually come around. Seeing how badly Babs wants Jenelle to be happy and healthy and watching her get no respect or appreciation in return seriously breaks my heart.

I love Barbara and what she does... dont get me wrong.. but after mtv is over who will suffer the most.. Jace.. and hes what 5yrs old.. I would think after 5yrs of junells bullshit she has had plenty of time to do the right thing

NPR did a great story today on the rise of grandparents raising their grandchildren

Is it just me or has anyone else ever suspected Nathan used to do gay porn , he just has that look about him. I can't put my finger on what it is about him. Like a cheaper Magic Mike of sorts.

Like, perhaps, being featured on a twitter page with the hashtag #GayVegas? I think you might be onto something. But don't worry...he can't be gay because "My mom was and is a minister. My family is religious and I’m not trying to be a hater but God burned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Um sodomy is against my religion sorry to disappoint you."

Sure, Nathan. Sure.

He might object to anal but probably not a man's lips around his dick.

So driving drunk with your toddler in the back seat warrants what? Or does God give you a pass on that?

Nathan's parents certainly enjoyed watching the porn with baby Kaiser but maybe it was Christian porn, Doris being a minister and all. Is Christian porn even a thing? If it isn't it should be.

@Maci; I'm inclined to Google it but I'm at work and my boss would have a shit fit if he caught me

Hmmm maybe Christian married couples make pornos and that would be considered Christian porn? LOL

Me and my boyfriend have yet to encounter him, but when we do, we will let you all know ;)

In the interest of full disclosure, I want everyone to know that I bought this a year ago in white:

I only wear it when no one (aside from my husband) can see it, but I'm simultaneously ashamed and proud to own it.

HOW did you not buy it in hoodie green?!

there was a rumor that he's gay when he was just hired by mtv, if you google, it there will be a lot of similar articles. That picture of him lying on top of a guy definitely looks like him, although nobody is 100% sure. Not all homophobics are gay but science has showed that a large percentage of homophobics are indeed gay, and nathan is homophobic as fuck. It would be safe to speculate he is gay.

The two guys in that picture are Cayden Ross and Danny Harper. Harper is the man on top, not Nathan. The gay bath house twitter is legit though and totally bizarre if Nathan is as super duper ultra completely anointed by heterosexual Jesus straight as he claims

Tomlin really does know everything.

And of all thing, I've chosen to use my powers to blog about Teen Mom. Yes, my parents are proud.

Also, Doris is NOT a minister...another lie......Noah's ex girlfriend said she is just a religious nut & totally on board for the tv fame for Nate..she blamed Noah and Paula for the fight where JE wished Noah had died in combat.

Lol at that article saying that Jenelle and Nathan just bought their first house together... in 2013.
No money left to buy houses when you need to keep buying new cars for your "soulmate" to keep him by your side!

ugh!! *BARF* *BARF* I soo wished I didnt click on that link.. ewww

Radar online is reporting that Leah moved in with her new boyfriend already. Apparently they bought a house. Not only are Leah's kids living there but his two kids too as their mum can't look after them due to health problems. Heaven help the girlses!!! Leah can't look after 3 let alone 5 children!!!

I hope that's not true, but I guess it must be :< poor kids!

The last thing that Leah's girls need is for more of their mother's attention to be taken away from them :(

I'm feeling emotional for these kids today.

The idea makes me sick to my stomach, especially for Aleeah!

On other news, my other "favourite" mom, Farrah just posted a photo promoting her gel eye pads with description: designed by Farrah Abraham inspired by Sophia.

WTF, is she implying her daughter has some dark circles? Jesus, it would be better if she said they were inspired by freakin' Debra's black holes under her eyes.
And of course she promotes the eye pads while naked in the bathroom. Class.

LOL! Yes, it was really I who inspired those eye pads.

Debra, your eye bags make me feel fantastic about my eye bags.

Ha! You're welcome.

Here is a juicy new Radar article where Nathan says he just doesn't care anymore, he's done, and that Jenelle is crazy, and has threatened to ruin his life if he leaves:

Oh yea. Now Jenelle is tweeting at radar trying to give her 'inside' scoop. She's such a little troll.
There really isn't much more we don't know - except why Tori bit Nathan in the back like a freakin banshee. That's just weird. We know they constantly fight. We know she tries to buy his love and that he ultimately hates her. We know she's blackmailing him. Maybe some light will be shed on those gay porn allegations. Rumors have been floating around about that for a long time.

Lol, I love that his teaming up with Adam Lind - he tagged him on a facebook photo crying over how reality tv is not reality. I can't with these assholes.

Reality Tv is not reality? Didn't stop you from getting with Jenelle in the first place dude! And they both blame MTV for all their problems. As if the pair of them wouldn't drop their pants for the producers to be on the next season.

Nate is King Douche..don't get me wrong..but MTV really screwed him on the last few episodes..we NEVER hear that the fight in St Thomas was because JE wished his brother had died in combat..JE blames it all on his friends so if you don't know the REAL story, Nate's anger seems wayyyy out of line..when it really isn't.

And then Jenelle replies with her own article about how SHE dumped him two weeks ago! Even though she said yesterday in her interview that they were "working things out"

And less then a week ago, she was shopping for wedding dresses, HA!