Your Weekend May Resume, Gary And Jenelle Are Back Together

Jenelle Evans

jenelle and gary back togetherLook, I want to laugh about this situation, make fun of it, whatever. I just can't. Jenelle is the fuel that keeps Teen Mom blogs running.

Whenever I have nothing to blog about, I simply stalk her twitter and can almost guarantee a story within an hour. I could almost literally create a Jenelle-only blog and keep it updated nearly as often as this one.

So I can't hate on her.. on top of that, she's the only mom from both shows who follows us on twitter which shows maybe we're a bit crazy too.

What I do admire about her is that she doesn't hold anything back, and I'm being completely serious.

You think Jenelle is the only girl from the series to have an on-again, off-again relationship with people? Definitely not.. she's just the only one who's really open about it.

If you haven't guessed by now, this is obviously about Jenelle and Gary back together after their most recent breakup. There are only so many ways to say people are back together, so there you have it.

What was a bit shocking was scrolling down her twitter feed and seeing Jenelle chat it up with James Duffy, her former boss that was the root of all those legal issues.

What is going on? Like I said, I could just make a Jenelle-only blog about these little things that fall through the cracks, but that would be a bit weird... wouldn't it?


I don't get it, did either of them say they broke up yesterday? Because it just looked like a spat to me...

Well he was saying he wanted the ring back so whether or not it was just a spat it would have sounded legit if it wasn't on twitter.

Oh don't worry! They'll be broken up again next week and then back together a few days later. I'm sure that'll give you more stories to write about, lol.

It keeps me busy! :)

Who freaking cares anymore?

Haha, your blog is awesome! Love it, and you are 100% right.

Did anyone notice that his shirt says "wifey," and the picture on it is not Jenelle? :P

YES! Thought I was the only one who noticed! Haha

Ugh, that's just tacky!

That may be one of only like 2 shirts he owns and the other one has a picture of a half naked girl on it too. Pure class.

I'm so happy they are back together!!! I was worried this was the breakup that was gonna stick!

I hope the four people that gave my comment a thumbs down was because it was a bad joke and not cause they thought I really care about Jennelle's love life. LOL

I personally think there's absolutely nothing to "admire" about her being "open". Her ability to post her personal life online only shows how overly immature she is. Seriously, who runs to a computer and blasts all their personal relationship dramatics? Oh yeah, an immature lil girl. She's a joke. With all her dysfunction, how does she ever think she'll have a healthy relationship with this man or any other at this point? She needs to fix whats wrong with herself. At this point, she has just become another statistic and really treats marriage as a joke- she shouldnt even be engaged!!!! Instead of jumping from man to man, she needs to grow up and become a responsible adult for herself and her child.

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