Teen Mom 2 - Meet Jenelle's New Tattoo

Jenelle Evans

Unlike Tyler's tattoo story (where I screwed up and gave you old images), Jenelle did get some new ink this weekend.

While at first glance, the tattoo looks pretty cool, it's either a cheetah or a leopard (I can never tell the difference) stretching down her right hip.

I actually almost got a cheetah tattoo years back, simply because they are super awesome creatures, so I don't blame Jenelle's taste with this.

The problem, once it's seen, it can't be unseen... trust me.. (scroll down for spoilers)

Based off this image

The artist clearly botched the legs and it's distracting to the eyes now.

Not only did he take two legs stretching and turn them into one thick leg, but he decided to add paws where the sample image cuts off.

The problem? Either that cheetah suffers from dwarfism, or the artist essentially turned it's "forearms" into paws.

So it's a pretty cool concept, and done fairly well, but I have a feeling every time I see that tattoo I'm going to think of a "little cheetah" (I don't know the PC term for dwarf cheetah's).

Maybe she can go to someone else and have the arms separated and extended a bit, then it would be a pretty sweet looking tattoo.

What are your thoughts on the new tattoo?

Oh, and as far as location, here is a different angle...


Looks like the cat is swan diving down her leg. And why does it look like it has armpit hair!?

I think those are her stretchmarks :/

I think I didn't need to see part of Jenelle's ass tonight....

Why not? The rest of the world already has.

Ikr? It is flat af. o3o

It looks like her cheetah/leopard has arm
pit hair.

Poorly done, for sure! Unless she was going for a cartoonish , completely disproportioned look.

I really love those animals...but I think that tattoo is deformed, I mean look at the leg it's bigger than the head wtf. She could have picked up a better pic of that animal.
Oh and btw did you guys noticed she's dating a new guy??? wtf with her.

I feel like can we more talk about the fact that immediately after her and Keiffer are over she has some new junkie looking man and they are already moving in together and she has him around Jace.... already?! Girl has her priorities all out of whack. Probably a good thing she's decided to do drugs and go to a rave for Halloween instead of taking her son out. He doesn't need to be around trash like that.

Oh, and she probably only got the tattoo there so she can show off more of her naked body to people.

She fails at life.... Not for getting a tattoo but the amount time spent in the chair getting that was probably more time then she has spent with Jace this month and I'm not talking about time sitting around at her mums place with him waiting for msgs, chasing c@ck and being on social media

Well said. Remember when she was "crying" on his bed because she missed him woo much? She's such a fake.LOSER. My heart breaks for Jace. All she thinks about is having a guy,tattoos,taking nude pictures & partying.
Keiffer is exposing the REAL reason she was RUSHED to the hospital.
TOMORROW,stay tuned.

Haha yeah in Australia we would say she is a bogan

Woooooooo another Australian!

Wooooo I'm another! :)

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What can I say us Aussies like a bit of trashy tv as much as anybody else. How do you find being so far behind in teen mom here? it's pretty shit hey? If you are wondering how to get around it I've been watching teen mom on the MTV site by signing up to a website called "secure VPN" basically it tricks the site by making it look like your IP address is from the US and voila you can watch up to date eps of young ladies and their questionable parenting skills til your hearts content!

I just go on Sidereel and look for links that work! Can be a bit annoying sometimes because sometimes there are no links for some episodes. At the moment I'm yet to find one for the specials.
Thanks for the tip about the IP address. I thought of doing that but just didn't know how. It's so annoying being so far behind on shows.

Seriously. She is really just an older sister to him IF she ever sees him. Being a mom isn't taking your child to play dates and out for lunch. It's being there when they are sick, teaching them colors and right from wrong. You can't just pick your fucking kid up from your mom's house, take him to the park, and then drop him off and call yourself a mother.

It's funny you say that she is just like an older sister, because that is exactly what I think when I see pictures of them. I don't think 'mom and son' I see 'sister trying to look cool with little brother'. Honestly, my sister took better care of me than Jenelle does her own son.

Too true. I've probably spent more time looking after my sister who is 9 years younger than me than Jenelle has with her son. I often got asked if I was my sisters mum lol! Poor little Jace, I wish Jenelle would have just been a mother (a real one) to him from the start or given him up for adoption. At least that would have been admitting she wasn't ready and didn't want to be a mother. I have no problem with Catelynn and Tyler because they admit that, but Jenelle has the audacity to pretend she still wants to be a mother, not that anyone's fooled by it anymore.

"Oh yeah? If I'm 'not a mom' to Jace, then why does he call me 'Mommy'?? :D"
Jenelle's logic, exhibit A.
Same f-ing reason people call their grandmothers "Nana" or something. That is what they're told to call them from the moment they can talk. This girl. UGH.

Jenelle is one classLESS chick. Nothing wrong with tattoos,I
have a few. But there's a thing called self respect. That's something
she knows little to nothing about. It's ALMOST sad that she could care less
about herself & her reputation.
The tattoo itself is kinda goofy looking. The animal's
head looks more like a head of a Seal.
Please Jenelle,get a little bit of class. She's now living
with this guy,Courtland.....YES,living with him already.
Poor Jace :'(

Personally, I would never get a tattoo that huge =\ she's not thinking about herself down the road. I recently got my first tattoo and I only got it really small and simple incase I want to remove it down the road. With something that huge it wouldnt even be worth the pain!

don't like it. and i love cheetah/zebra things.
it's just poorly done. i also don't like the location, but since jenelle loves showing off her body in skimpy bikinis and barely there shorts i'm sure she has no problem sporting a giant cheetah near her ass.

i wonder for how much this piece cost how many items she could of bought jace? i am also a single mother and recently got a small tattoo on the back of my ankle, it was affordable (i also work). she has no financial sense either. blows all her money on drugs, tattos and victorias secret bikinis and pink clothes.

meh good idea but poor work..such a shame, all the money these girls spend on tattoos you would think they would get the top notch artists, HELLO its permanent.

& why is the head smaller then the arm -_- smh

Jenelle should be trying to live with her son not random people she's hanging out with at that point in her life.
Ans the tat is ugly! The leopard has bigger thunder thighs then her!

As much as I can't stand Jenelle, to be honest, she's not fat. And saying legs that look like those are "thunder thighs", you must be delusional. Not every girl is supposed to look like Maci's twig figure.

The one positive thing you can say about Jenelle is that, while she is not stick-thin and has stretch marks, she does appear to be at a healthy weight for her height (not counting fake boob weight) and seems to have a healthy body image. So, if people are really reaching for something to look up to her for, I guess there's that. She is definitely not fat and, as a mother, I'm a little offended that her stretch marks are being commented on -- as if she can help that after the fact.

I probably look like an idiot sitting by myself on my laptop cracking up at the phrase "fake boob weight" hahahahahaha

come on, guys. I think it's precious she got one of Jace's drawings tatted on her ass.

Uh, is that veiny wrinkly part her ass?

uhh looks a little silly, weres her kid, the money she spent on the tattoo could have been put towards something for her son, good to know shes still a selfish B

I agree that the tattoo is poorly done however I don't think people should be saying bad things that have nothing to even do with the tattoo. Give her a break she gets bashed on 24/7 by media and other such people.

This girl has done nothing to deserve a break.

Jenelle's entire life is a break. She's paid to do nothing. At least Maci and Farrah and Chelsea and all the other girls have the decency to be good enough to keep custody of their children. Jenelle couldn't even do that.

Bleh. I don't like it. Why the hell does it have to be so huge?! Whatever, its not my body that's got ugly tats. Lol just sayin!

I am so glad that I wake up at 450am five to six times a week to work,am happily married, and have my degree, all at the age of 23, and still stay awake at night trying to figure out how I am going to pay all of my bills and this garbage heap can afford anything she wants. Oh well, rich in laughter, poor in drama.

Yeah, this tattoo artist needs to find a new trade. The legs on this one look horrible, it's just a poorly done tattoo. Personally, I think leg tattoos are trashy, just like neck ones. And no, I have nothing against tattoos, I have 4 myself.

that tattoo is freaking terrible.

When I saw this I actually said 'Oh for fuck's sake!' outloud because it is that bad. Seriously, this girl is pure trash.

oh and is it just me or does her new bf look like a straight up meth addict?

Anddddd he has a terribel tattoo of a naked angel on his arm. These two have some class I tell ya.

[...] I wrote about Jenelle’s new tattoo last night, but realistically I probably should have written about her new boyfriend first.   It’s blogging 101.. her tattoo is permanent, but I’m not even sure if Jenelle and her boyfriend are still together as I’m writing this.   I could have missed a story because I didn’t follow basic writing rules, sit on the long term story while you focus on the temporary one first. [...]

This tattoo looks like shit. Did she even ask to see the artist's portfolio, because he does crap work. It doesn't help that the location combined with the actual tattoo concept is just completely white trash. It looks like a tattoo kaitlyn's mom would've gotten in the eighties, and while she was on drugs. Poor jace, she is so embarrassing.

It looks like a spotted seal

A leopard never changes its spots.

How appropriate.

Except, according to Jenelle's photo she posted on twitter, it's a tiger hahaha. That's intelligence right there for you.

That literally looks like one of the tattoos that you get at a tattoo school where the artists are still in training. If you look at the picture, the tattoo looks like a middle schoolers adaption of the real picture. The spots and angles are not at all proportioned from the picture to the tattoo. It's just really really really bad.

I actually like the image that the tattoo is supposed to look like. The tattoo itself is horribly done and should be placed somewhere other than her butt and leg, but otherwise I think this is a cool idea. Just very poorly executed. Would expect nothing more from Jenelle.

On her Twitter, she's always defending how she's Jace's mother...uh...if you have to defend it, you're not. End of story.

Can I just laugh real quick and say that apparently on Twitter she said it was a tiger. Genius!

Stevebeans...you are one hilarious mutha....lmao @ PC term for dwarf cheetah!!!! Bwahahahahaha

she has no butt!!!!! hahahahaha

You would think with all the money these girls have, they'd go to decent tattoo artists. Yeah it might run them a bit of money but god.. a good tattoo isn't cheap and a cheap tattoo isn't good.

I guess that's the mistake you make when you go in to get something done on a whim and not actually research artists in your area.

Yeah get a tattoo because some famous people have the same one. That's always a good idea.

[...] a fan of Teen Mom and know who Duffy is.  While it wouldn’t shock me if the story were true, and her art school student tattoo doesn’t help, but I’m just surprised they would pay that guy for stories.  That’s like paying Lex [...]

nothing like copying off of J-WOWW......ohh and FYI, J-WOWWS looks soooo much better!!!!

I'm fairly certain she only got this tattoo so she could show off more of her naked body, her favorite pasttime. It's unfortunate she thinks this looks good, I'm pretty sure this is the worst tattoo I've ever seen.

[...] automatically assume she used the same terrible tattoo “artist” who did the most recent midget leopard running down her leg, and that’s mostly because from first glance it looks like someone wrote on her with a [...]

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