Teen Mom 2: Jenelle's Life Moves At The Speed Of Sound

Jenelle Evans

kieffers pipes no longer Bye Bye Kieff's Pipes - Hardly knew ya

I know I said this before but it's incredible how fast Jenelle's life moves. My biggest decisions in the past few months have been whether or not to stay one or two nights in a hotel for vacation, and whether or not I should join a gym.

In that same span, Jenelle has been back and forth with Kieffer and Gary countless times, had her boobs done only to subsequently have photos of those said boobs leaked by Kieffer.

Back to Gary she goes, allegedly cheats on him with her former boss who has had her arrested on numerous occasions for cyberstalking.

She leaves panties at said bosses house, Gary goes there with an AK-47, then goes to other guys houses with that AK-47 to scare them off, and also allegedly beats her up while sniffing coke and/or percocet and/or caffeine pills.

Wow.. typing all that made me tired, and I haven't even reached the recent news.

Kieffer somehow ends up back with Jenelle, and this lasts a solid week or two, and in Jenelle-time that's practically a lifetime for some.

Let's see now, she starts pushing that site Sulia and partially enters our world of spreading Teen Mom news, all while being on the show herself.

Then the pair starts promoting Kieff's Pipes where our lovely Kieffer will be creating beautiful handcrafted wood pipes (the vision of him sitting there whittling wood wearing a new hoody that says "Jenelle is my homegirl" is killing me).

In addition to the pipe business, which I'm sure will be for tobacco only (*wink wink*), Jenelle is also going to be launching her own t-shirts (hence the hoody with her name on it) and selling them at her new site jaceandjenelle.com.


Well, that was a few days ago, and you know how that works in Jenelle-time. Here is Kieffer's latest tweet: (which has been deleted)

Not gonna b making pipes after all guys just ignore the site not gonna b on twitter no more

Followed shortly by Jenelle's:

So I guessed I got used again, thanks @confidence117k

(hint, she's referring to Kieffer)

So I'm guessing there is trouble in paradise, and perhaps the two are still done. Fear not, despite that news I still believe Jenelle is going through with her t-shirt idea.

My question is, will I now be saying "JENELLE TIME" during her segments? I hope so... boy do I hope so.


I love your line "trouble in paradise". If Jenelle's life is paradise, I'd LOVE to know what hell is like. HomeGirl is a MESS!


I wonder how long until she goes crawling back to Gary. Or maybe she'll throw a new train wreck relationship into the mix.


Good thing Jace isn't around all that drama!

Yes he is. They were playing family. She shouldn't even get to see Jace until she can get her head out of her a$$ and learn to put him first but that hasnt happened in 3 years and doesn't look like its going to happen anytime soon.

Did you see her "family picture " she posted of her keifer and the dog. Shows how messed up her priorities are and how delusional she really is

It's cute how you think that petition is going to do anything.

No. What's cute is your b*tchy comments. ;)

You never know until you try.

Yeah, that petition will never work. If anything, it's showing MTV how much drama she stirs up and that people pay attention to it, which is good for ratings. All MTV cares about is ratings.

Exactly. MTV is like oh ok thanks for showing us what to put more of. That's like the stupid petition a while back trying to take down TMT. You see how well that worked. Drama = ratings = $$$. Is it that hard to understand?

The worst that can happen is that she stays on the show, and nothing happens. So what's the harm?

I appreciate why some people are so passionate about jenelle getting paid for being on TM2 when she isn't a mom to jace, but the ONLY reason why I feel it's good she's on the show is that Barbara is getting close to equally compensated, and the poor woman needs all the savings she can get with the 20-year commitment jenelle dumped on her at ~55! Love me some Babs! Stack that cake while you work that deli slicer you hot fox!

Lmaoo wow! jenelle needs to just focus on her kid

Lol at the person who thumbs downed that comment. Really, people shouldn't focus on their children instead of getting high and bouncing from guy to guy all while getting arrested multiple times. I must clearly have my priorities out of whack for paying attention to my daughter.

Nikkole Pauline posted a sulia thing about keifers pipes and put in big letters ATTENTION WEED SMOKERS.. and it wasn't until a fan said something before jenelle said it had to be change d to tobacco. These kids are idiots, as if saying it's for tabbacco makes it right. Im sure all 3I get high

This chick is F'ing delusional...why the hell would anyone want to wear anything that she's promoting. I really enjoyed how normal she makes herself sound on her website. She's too much of a mess to take seriously. I pray that she gets her ish together soon for the sake of her beautiful son.

I follow her on Twitter (the entertainment value mostly outweighs the clogged twit feed), and I remember her saying about a month ago that she was only worried about getting Jace back "before he remembers anything".
I'm not even going to get into the obvious. Therein lies Jenelle's logic.

Um, I think we're supposed to be Jenelle-bashing here. You should keep your not-so-cute opinions about readers comments to your dumbass self. Whether the petition will work or not, I'm all for getting that trashy skitch out of the spotlight.

"I didn't get used. Me and kiefer are happily together and it will stay that way."

Hahaha made up already?? That girl is such a train wreck.

No respectable, good man will ever want Jenelle. Most men look for a woman that they can spend their lives with and have children with. Jenelle doesn't even take care of the child she has, so why would any man want to have children with her in the future? Only scumbags that will use her for what little she has will ever want Jenelle. She has little to no self esteem so she clings to any type of male attention. Not to say she deserves better, because she doesn't.

OMG have y'all seen the new video she posted on her yt??? You can see Kieffa's peepee lol
-_- she is crazy

Don't listen to hayzii. She smells.

This is getting weird. You already said that on TMT and I told you, I wear Pretention Elite. Get some new material if you are that desperate for my attention.

Nothing too shocking here. If you look at Jenelle and all the other girls featured on 16&P, she is BY FAR the worst. She doesn't give a damn about her son, and the fact that she made a website for her own personal gain is sickening. I see what you tried to do there Jenelle, used Jace's name to make yourself look better as a "mom" in the public eye. She would have a lot more respect and a greater life if she actually did something WORTHWHILE and took care of her damn child. But let's face it, Jenelle is never going to change. And even if she does, she already has such a bad reputation it won't even matter to some. She'll still be trash.

So true..did you notice that only the name is what includes Jace? Everything else is about HER... So fucking selfish girl in denial...

I always wonder how Janelle is not in jail but Amber is?!

Clearly she is willing to spend money on a better lawyer. LOL

I find the opening paragraph on her website quite humerous- As most of you know, I am Jenelle, seen on MTV's Teen Mom 2. I live in North Carolina & of course am a mother to my son, Jace. Right now, between school, being a mom, and trying to pursue my dreams, I am a Scentsy Consultant, selling wickless candles, etc. I am working towards getting a career in the medical field, and when I'm not doing that, I love to film and upload videos of my life & son.

So she's a "mother" to her son, between school and pursuing her "dreams"? It should really read, "I have a thing for dysfunction, I dont put forth any effort to be a mother to my son, I have no dreams for future, im a sucker for constantly putting all my drama on Twitter etc and I dont plan on changing my way of life any time in the near future. I will also be dead broke soon because im very irresponsible. So please buy my ridiculous products so I can feel like im making some sort of progress in my pathetic life. Thanks!"

I thought it was pretty comical too.

How old is Kieffer?? Cause he seriously looks like he's like 35 with an already receding hairline? You have not aged well Kieff, not that he was ever a looker to begin with.

I will admit this and I'm sure I will get flamed for it but I don't care. If Jenelle puts out a hoodie for guys that has the saying "Jennelle is my homegirl" I would buy that in an instant. I understand she would use to money to buy pot. Don't care. I think it would be a funny hoodie to have. Maybe I should go to cafepress and have that made into a t shirt. LOL.

Yes please do. I think all idiots should be required to wear something similar to warn others of their stupidity.


Kieffer needs to wear looser fitting shirts...

[...] What’s strange about the Jenelle segments is how normal Gary appears. On twitter, he seems like such a douchebag, but on camera he tries to play it off all normal. He can’t fool me though, the guy eats with a knife… true lunatic move.  What’s next, is he going to show up at a guys house with an AK-47?  Yes, yes he is. [...]