Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Was Just Getting Ready For A Pageant, Guys!!

Jenelle Evans

teen mom 2 jenelle snorting some stuff (photo courtesy of alltheteenmoms)

So Jenelle had quite a day recently (yesterday I think? I don't even know what day it is today). First, she was in court to deal with her issue about ex-loverboy Gary Head and the abuse charges. According to Starcasm, Jenelle decided to take the case to trial, and I guess the D.A. has to speak to investigators more about the situation.

Whatever. The bigger story was that the battle of Jenelle took place during a break in court. The hooded one and Mr. AK-47 got into some shouting match outside the court house.

Jenelle's story is that Kieffer chased away Gary who then hung out with the cops for protection. If true, I bet Gary is going to counter that he hung around with the cops in order to keep him from bashing in Kieffer's face.

It's all alpha male junk that is pretty laughable really.

Who is stupid enough to yell at each other outside a courthouse? Kieffer and Gary Head, that's who.

It doesn't shock me in the least, and I wouldn't be surprised to hear about them fighting again, maybe next time they'll do it in front of the police station.

Another story making it's rounds is the video floating around with Jenelle snorting some white stuff off a table. Coke, percs, xanax? Jenelle addressed the rumors and said it was none of the above. She was dared to snort some pixie sticks! She also claims if it were xanax, she'd admit it.

My guess, there was a big pageant going on that day, and Jenelle just had to keep up with the kids who pour sugar down their throats. Jenelle was going for the Ultimate Grand Supreme, just eating the pixie sticks won't do the trick, you need to snort it or shoot it up.

Get with the program, it's the dark side of pageantry that just isn't shown on Toddlers and Tiaras. It's a scary world out there...

On a serious note, do I believe it was pixie sticks? Meh, I do believe she's foolish enough to snort stuff while being filmed, so I could see her falling for a dumb dare.

On the other hand, I don't think she's really stupid enough to admit to the public she was snorting anything but sugar. That would be exhibit A in the case against getting Jace back any time in the next 10 years.

What are your thoughts, is Jenelle telling the truth or was she snorting something different?


Can't trust anything she says. "I'm not with Kieffer" *next day* "Kieffer and I just made it official!"

She's a serial liar. She does my head in.

I don't even try to keep up with what's going on in her life anymore. It's all too confusing trying to figure out what of her stories are lies and what's the truth! Not to mention it all changes on a daily basis...

I feel like this whole thing is getting downplayed. If it was really a dare then why isn't the other girl paying attention or laughing? Is it a coincidence that there's a beer right next to her? I don't know I feel like Jenelle gets off the hook for this type of stuff but of it were any of the other girls we'd tear them a new one.

The more crap like this that she does means she is less and less likely to ever get Jace back. For Jace's sake, I think it's great. Let her continue to ruin her life for our entertainment.

I think she is totally full of shit. If I was hanging out with friends and one of them was about to snort pixie stix on a dare, I (and everyone in the room) would all be watching the stupid friend do the dare and laughing our asses off. See the girl next to Jenelle? She is turned around, talking to someone else or watching tv or something, just as if business as usual is going on, paying no attention to Jenelle. My guess is because Jenelle snorting drugs off of her counter top IS business as usual. I'm going to guess either oxycodone or xanax. The only people stupid enough to believe the pixie stix bullshit are her supporters who are STILL stupid enough to be shouting from the roof tops "Leave Jenelle alone, she's a good mom! She's getting her life together! She's changed!" For the sake of my sanity, I have to believe that all those types are 16 year old girls with no children of their own. I can't let myself think that ANY grown ass woman, especially one with a kid, would really think Jenelle was worth a single damn as a mother and believe the pixie stix BS.

If anyone believes that it was really Pixy Stix, they are lacking a brain.

there is no way it's a pixi stick. She is just a terrible excuse for a mother. What eles is there to say about the girl. Everything in the world is more important to her then her son. I wonder what he is gonna think in a few years when he googles his mother one day and sees for himself how little she cared about him.

I'm going to go with it was not pixie stixs and the fact that she claims she would admit to it is total bs when she is trying to supposedly get her son back. So I guess the only people who know what she actually snorted were the ones that were there...

BTW love the headline, and that's not beer it's go-go juice! LOL

Bullshit that it's pixie dust. Who the hell snorts that? She shouldn't be snorting ANYTHING anyway. It's not good as a mom and it's not good for your health either. But it's Jenelle. She's the lowest of the low and as trashy as trash can get.

Does she ever think about her public image? If they had facebook back when I was a teenager, I wouldnt do a dare like that because I know someone would take a picture & it would be all over my page. Oh wait this is Jenelle, she never thinks about anything. I agree with the other comments. Everyone would be looking at her if she did some type of dare and this picture would look a little better. It looks like it was taken on a phone secretly.

I'm starting to pity Jenelle.
All the thinghs she does for attention. It's obvious this was payback from her friend selling out Gary recently. She has absolutely no hope in ever getting her son back and no hope in ever amounting to anything. Once she's broke in real life, she's going to lose her little entourage, including Kieffer. She's the one investing in his pipe business (buying the wood, paying for the site, materials etc.) just like Duffy once was. Kieffer is using her and I find it pathetic for her to see it and then deny it. She surmounts to nothing but a liar and an idiot. I hope Barbara would just move away and leave Jenelle alone and out of Jaces life.
As for the whole court event that happened, pretty mature Gary & Kieffer. Gary actually had a career and things going well for him in the marines, but for 15 minutes of fame he allowed Jenelle to ruin him. AS for Kieffer, she's what keeps him in "business" and gives him a home, shelter and food. It's so sad to see how much she thinks these ppl care for her when they don't.
Continue snorting your "pixie sticks" with Gary's "crushed coffe" and shooting up with Kieffers heroin..or "brown sugar"

Didn't I say when that picture of Gary snorting stuff off the table was released that Jenelle was probably the one who bought the stuff and was snorting it right along with him? And now we have the proof.

Who snorts pixie stix and drinks a beer? Who does coke or pills and beer? That one certainly makes way more sense.

Her "fans" really make my head hurt. When she screwed up and the evidence is all out there they're still going to believe whatever junk she says.

If MTV was smart they would set up a Teen Mom 2/Caged crossover special. Gary and Kieffer could mix it up in a cage and we can have Jennelle and Babs outside the cage arguing with each other. Ratings through the roof!

P.S. Jennelle is not snorting a pixie stick on a dare.



Lol I'd rather be called a loser than actually be one. Like Jenelle. :)

Making useless petitions about someone you have never met and going on every blog posting it. Hmm what does that make you? Not a winner in my book. That petition will do NOTHING. You are wasting your time. Not that you probably have anything better going on. Obviously. So yeahhh awkward.

Okay Jenelle. Got snort another pixie stick ;)

You wish it was Jenelle. You are delusional.

She's a dumb whore, no surprise there. Did you guys know she was the one who bought the ak47 for Gary? she said on twitter it costed $650. But THEN she said she's not fighting custody of Jace because she doesn't have enought money. Dumb, dumb bitch.

Plus she's 'so broke' that she went without food for two days because she didn't have any money to buy some. I guess guns, drugs, and boobs are more important. This girl loves attention more than her own son.

Thanks for clarifying that, I wasn't sure if it was an AK47 supplied by the marines that Gary had. In which case he'd be in major trouble for all the alleged behavior. Hilarious that Jenelle bought that for him...

Wait, how is she broke when she just tweeted the other day she's getting another tattoo? I guess Scentsy is really working out for her *rolls eyes*.

Sad that AK47s and tattoos are more important than Jace. Poor kid.

Okay, we all know it isn't pixie stick. It's pretty obvious she's had drug issues. We're not as stupid as she is; nor as gullible. Plus no person who doesn't do drugs is so willing to snort things. Dared her? What is she, 12? It's like Amber saying "Oh this is my first taste of alcohol", then chugging a glass of wine like it's water. You're not fooling anyone.

Whatever it is, it isn't xanax. Xanax is yellow :) They call them yellow school buses.

Some Xanex are white. The 2 mg sticks are. Knowing her track record, she would have the higher dosage ones. After all, she has *anxiety* lol. That's why she needs the pot too. Her life is just full of stress...

Honestly, can she get any stupider? Is that possible? She is at a new low every f****** week.

First off, who brings her criminal boyfriend (who's incapable of showing some restraint) to court with her! She's asking for some trailer-trash trouble. I wouldn't be surprised if all of those idiots brought guns with them. This one is random but who dresses for court like that??? Everytime I've seen pictures or video of her going to court, she either looks like a careless teen or a slut. I live in Vegas and strippers don't even wear those kinds of high heels to court.

She's tweeting immature crap about Gary (who the hell is he, anyway?) and his relationship status. I found it HILARIOUS that she had the nerve to call his little girlfriend (Claudio) a whore. Haha! Jenelle, you live in a glass house and you're throwing stones like mad. Really, Jenelle shouldn't say such things when she herself could easily be on the receiving end of those comments with no objection from us.

She really thinks we are all dumb enough to believe she's been clean this whole time. News flash Jenelle: just because you're an idiot doesn't mean that the rest of the population is as well.

She tweets all day about how she stopped smoking weed. Right. The girl who cried like a baby and complained about how her life was so hard because she couldn't smoke. That little drug-addicted cry baby thinks we believe that? She's a moron. We all know she does drugs. I really feel as though I could walk up to her with a pill in my hand, offer it to her, and she would take it without even asking what it is. She'd probably ask for a shot to down it with.

She's beyond pathetic. What is she doing? Nothing. Get rid of her (off the show, jail, whatever). Her fifteen minutes have expired, she's just rotting now.

lmao. Jenelle is a triip. For anyone to think she is a good mother, obviously you dont' have kids, or don't have YOUR kids yourself. Jace is where he needs to be. All she cares about is smoking pot, doing drugs, she's in and out of jail, in and out of relationships. She might have carried Jace, but she is no mother. People act like it's a job to take care of kids. umm .. no. You know what could happen laying down with someone; stand up and take care of your responsibilities. Now that I have my own kids, I look at other people like Jenelle, like what the fuck is wrong with you? How could you not want your kid, & if you do, why aren't you doing everything in your power to get them back. It never ceases to amaze me what these young mom's do. Pisses me off.

I completely agree. I may not have been a very young mother (had my daughter at 22) but I still would do anything in my power so make sure I'm always with her and caring for her. I used to be a partier but have stopped everything and don't even associate with some old friend because of that reason. I cannot even fathom what goes through some of these girls' heads when they stick up for Jenelle and say she's a great mother. Like what the fuck is wrong with you??? On twitter and Facebook you can see the majority of the girls supporting her are young mothers themselves. Which are probably the type of young mothers that went to my high school, ones that would constantly drop their kids with their parents so they could go out and party. It's pathetic. I'm sure if you asked any of those girls though if they'd let Jenelle ever babysit their child they might think twice, but who knows. Just seeing how delusion some people are about her is sickening.

You know she can't fool nobody. Her ass ain't doing no pixie sticks. And then she wonders why she don't Have her son

@Christy; I am right along there with you. I am 22 and have 2 kids already. I use to go out and party all night and do whatever my little heart desires, but once I had them, my life completely changed for the better. People think that just because their kids are young they won't remember this time of their life, which they probably won't, but why would you even risk that chance of being away from your kids. I am a single mom and go to work full time and every minute of the day I miss my kids. I couldn't even imagine someone else putting food in their mouths, or clothes on their backs, or love in their hearts as a mother. That is what it's all about. These mother's just don't get it. Like I get told by people sometimes I'm blessed to have children because they can't have them. I couldn't even begin to think about my life without my kids now that they are here and watching the shit makes me so angry that you could abandon a child & think that a night of drinking or whatever it is you're doing is worth time with your kids because it's definintely not. Everyone sticks up for Jenelle about how she is trying to change her life and woot woot woot but does it really look like it when she's got a rolled up paper or whatever it is snorting something. ahaha, what a dumb bitch.

Not joking here, I actually think she is starting to actually lose her mind. She is going crazy on twitter over Claudia, Gary's friend who is a girl, god forbid. She is acting like someone who has been on a coke binge for a like a week. Mood swings, paranoid, delusional, inflated sense of ego...Dr Drew is just waiting for her to be on celeb rehab. MTV should hang their head in shame for letting her go on like this and not putting a stop to it. She is going hurt someone soon or piss of the wrong person (hello, Gary is a marine with lots of friends...duh) and this is going to end ugly.

I can't wait to see her crash and burn. :) *gets popcorn*

I used to feel very bad for Jenelle but it's hard to after watching her make one bad decision after another. She just has so many problems it's hard to even know where to begin. Probably the biggest is her need to have a man -- any man. She just CAN'T be alone, EVER! Her need for companionship is even greater than her maternal instincts so Jace is pushed into the background as she pursues her own happiness. Jace would have been so much better off if she had chosen adoption. Barbara is giving him a good home but a two-parent family like Carly's would have been so much better. And if you watch carefully it's pretty clear that Jenelle doesn't see him more than once or twice a week for a couple hours, which is so sad. What's really scary to think about is what is going to happen to Jenelle when the cameras stop rolling and Teen Mom 2 leaves the air and everyone forgets about her. That is going to kill her. Perhaps literally. She craves attention so deeply that even negative attention is better than nothing.

You said it better than anyone else I have read on this topic. And shame on MTV and Dr. Drew for not stepping in. All they need to do is follow her twitter for like, a day, and you can see she if on the verge of a nervous breakdown or an overdose, not to mention how horrible and cruel her followers are to anyone that does not agree with her (like Gary and his friends). It is criminal. I wish everyone that follows this story...like the 34,000 people that follow Gary, would send Dr. Drew an email telling him to intervene if he is really a doctor..this is going to end badly.

Like I said, she's obviously co-dependent and needs counseling. The once a year Dr. Drew stint for the reunions isn't going to cut it. I think MTV should have some sort of counseling/therapy requirement for these girls or with their partners. It can only help. The ones who have actively seeked it out, you can see how it's helped.

Shhhh! We want her to have a bad ending :)