Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Never Learns

Jenelle Evans

jenelle with kieffer

It wasn't long ago that Teen Mom 2's Jenelle was "completely devastated" that the hooded one could be so mean and leak nakies of her to the public.

So what does she do? Just a few weeks later she's back together with him and taking more photos that will eventually be "leaked".

First, they had a little photo session where she was in a bra showing off her tattoos, then she tweeted one of them with the caption:

Mmmmm thanks @confidence117k for the photoshoot the other night lol let's do another one tonight
Sure enough, a few hours later the hooded one posts the photo above. I have to say, she definitely tricked me at first when the photos were originally leaked. I thought Kieffer was just being himself (a douche), but I have almost no doubt she gave him permission and all of these "leaks", breakups, etc are just ways to keep attention on her. I also have no doubt they have a Kardashian-style tape that they're just waiting for the right time to "leak", as long as they can profit on it like Kim K did. Of course this is purely speculation, but just don't be shocked if one is released in a few months and Kieffer is such a "jerk" again.

Oh, on a side note.... Jace turns 3 today, so Happy Birthday to him. Kind of weird to put it in a post with his mother like this, but whatever. Welcome to the wild life of Jenelle Evans.


What do she like about him!? He drives me crazy! She needs to move on from him and never go back, like she keeps doing. It's so annoying.

Oops I mean does.

If there's one celeb family I can't stand it's Kardashians. Jenelle dear, this is tasteless, nowhere close to classy, and plain gross. Just another reason I won't be watching TM2 anymore.

Nice phone kieffah! Yuck. He must smell even better without clothes.

Wow... Im speechless.

and she wonders why people think what they think of her

Eww she's just a waits of time

Wow! Yep pictures like this will help her get her son back. He poor mother will be raising that boy for life. What a no good SELFISH little girl.

Im so glad to see that after 3 years she's finally stuck to her word of cleaning up her act and being a stand up parent for her son. Oh wait, im mistaken. Nope, she's still the class-less, poor excuse for a mother that she's always been. She's just straight nasty trash. Keep flushing your life down the drain honey.

Mtv just needs to let her go.....she may be a biological moher but to be a MOM takes a whole lot more than she is willing to be!

This is just sad i mean isnt she supposed to be like a rolemodle for teens and shit, this say "hey teens its ok to be a bad mom, have multiple men in and out of your life and that you should and it is ok to pose nude and act like a bitchy slut ummmmmm wow what is our world coming too?

Jenelle is an excellent role model...for how to NOT be. Ever. Maybe if more dumb little girls see all the dumb shit she does & all the negativity she gets for doing said dumb shit, less little girls will end up doing the same dumb shit...or they at least won't post their exploits for the whole world to see.

Can't help but agree with you. I am new to watching these programs, as I usually avoid reality tv, like the plague.
But this girl..oh my god. What a piece of trash and I thought Amber Portwood was trashy. I actually have more pity for Amber than this nasty piece work..Yech!

None of these girls are role models. And except for the hair, Jenelle looks like a man from behind....and from the front.

Bwahahaha looks like a man! Nice tramp stamp, take a good look at that gem of a tat. Yuck she is so nasty. Queifah is such dirty douche. Im so grossed out.

I love how jace turning three is a side note, wonder if janelle cared

Jeez. I can't stand her, how could you love your son so little? She gave up her teen years when she decided to have unprotected sex with andrew. If you weren't willing to take care of a baby, then don't have it (I'm not talking about abortion, I'm talking about responsibility). But she did. If she hadn't had him I would just say: yeah that girl is a hoe, but is her life ya know? Here is not just her life that is on the table, is her son's also. HER SON'S. Imagine when Jace is old enough and look at pictures like that one. I really wonder how she has skipped jail so many times.
Ps: That tattoo is horrible.

Lmao..what a piece of work these two are...I mean who wants to see that crap?! (well obviously me because I'm on this website and commenting on it ;) ) but seriously C'mon... This shits getting old.....they are ooooozing with "attentionwhoreness"

If they weren't so fricking disgusting it would be a cute picture

The phrase 'tramp stamp' has never been so accurate.

my eyes!! my eyes!!! make it stop!!!

Sh*t like this is exactly why I think she needs to be off Teen Mom! It's ridiculous! Why are we supporting this tramp?


she is in her final season so your petition doesn't matter.

There's also only 35 signatures on that petition, despite it being plastered all over the internet - further telling MTV that people can't or don't want to look away from the train wreck.

And the checks keep rolling in for this bitch. She is the LAST person who should be on Teen Mom. Sitting on her butt, getting arrested, fighting, doing drugs and making a killing. She has nothing to do with her kid. She probably found out it was his bday by reading it online. And the loser she chooses over her poor son yea I'm sure he'll be around when the checks stop coming.

This girl is psycho.

Ok that is so obviously not me... I have better things to do @ 4:20 ;)

Who are they (^) trying to kid?

Someone isn't telling the truth here.

If you are going to pretend to be me can you at least put some effort into it? I mean come on do you even read my usual comments? You're not being funny so I don't get the point besides being creepy...

yeah y'all just leave the poor thing alone!

OMG why don't you guys just leave Jenelle alone she is awesome, pretty, and a wonderful mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

your funny....

Lol you're funny ;)

I know :)

Get off my nuts :)

you are all nut funny...

LMFAO! belle got all scared and deleted her twitter ;)


Theyre mocking my petition by using my real name. Real clever ;)

Let me guess, you are one of the fans who thinks she is a really good mother and really does just snort "pixie stix" on a dare with a can of beer next to her.

How can anyone continue to defend her? Ugh. I try not to judge as I made this mistake of trusting an ex with some less than classy photos of myself when I was a teen and he used them against me when we ended things. However, I learned my lesson and have NEVER made the mistake again. And I'm not a single mother trying to get custody of my child.

Oh my god...I am laughing so hard..it looks like he is hugging a Vienna Sausage....nice job you two....nooo, this will never come back to haunt you.....

oh by the way Ms Vienna Sausage..Dr Drew is watching..and he is not happy..kiss that paycheck goodbye

It totally looks like he's fingering her ass.

with a Vienna Sausage? This might be the most disgusting thing I have ever seen..I feel like I have to take a bath

Or baby with a pixie stix...or one of his weed wood pipes. Sorry I couldn't resist.


Maybe he dared her.

I'm confused.. it's august 2nd.. I just finished watching Jenelle's 16&pregnant episode again.. and it said jace was born August 6th..
how does that work ? :S

oh, i don't know..maybe because she is so high all the time she cannot remember her son's birthday...just a guess....pardon the sarcasm..not directed at you..she just makes me sick

blah blah blah Vienna Sausage blah blah...

I've heard several times that MTV doesn't use the baby's real birthday on the show in a half-assed attempt to protect the children's privacy.

how OLD is this douchebag? He looks about 30 years old. Crack is a hell of a drug...

Jenelle is soooo pretty. She has the nicest body ever and you guys hating on her are just jealous! I hope I can be like her someday!

I hope this is a joke. Why don't you try looking up to one of the many women that have actually accomplished something in life? There are so many beautiful, successful, inspiring women in the world, it is pathetic that ANYONE would want to look up to a washed up teen mom star that can't even parent her own child because she's such a waste of space.

You really want to be the kind of person that brings a child in this world and puts drugs, drinking, boyfriends, money, etc. over being a good parent? Sick.

Grow up.

Belle, it's people like you that make my lose faith in humanity. She had a child and took no responsibility for him and doesn't even have him.

I have an education, don't do drugs, have no drama in my life, have never been to jail, and have a long term relationship with an amazing guy. I am TOTALLY jealous of her. Can someone please teach me how to throw my life away?

You're just... ew.

I bet MTV and all the other girls on Teen Mom 2 are very very proud of Jenelle. She wins mother of the year hands down.

there is only 1 word to describe both of them...trashy.

what is that sitting on the counter??

THAT'S the part of the picture you were focusing on??

Pretty sure thats Quiefahs anal probe on the counter, its as flashy as his phone. Wpuldnt be surprised by anything jenelle would let him shove up her ass.

hahaha. no thats not the only part of the picture i was focusing on...i just happened to notice it out of the corner of my eye. good lord these 2. atleast her mom got the kid when she did.

I don't doubt that Jenelle is the one leaving all the BS positive comments about herself.

Nope, it's me Kristine Nelson. #1 Jenelle Evans fan right here!!! WOOOHOOO!!! :) I <3 Jenelle!!!!!!!

OMG you like Jenelle? I do too and I"M her #1 fan!!!! WE LOVE YOU JENELLE!!!

You're the only one.

Jenelle is the WORST of all the teen moms. At least Amber recognized that she's messed up. Jenelle lives in this fantasy world where she thinks buying Jace a bed at Target means she's being a good mom. Um, no. You can say you have changed all you want but when you are constantly doing the EXACT SAME THING week after week, everyone can see that's not the case.

Jenelle and Queefer trying to start crap with Gary outside of FREAKING COURT how many days ago? C'mon now that shows how immature this b*txh is. Why does Queefer even care? Didn't he go to jail for putting his hands on her too? She can never keep her damn stories straight.

There's always new drama and twists and turns in her life and that is not a good environment for a child. She doesn't need Jace back. EVER. Any chance this kid has to be anything in life will only happen if he's away from her. She can't even keep her own sh*t together for more than a few days.

He is what's most important here and the more time she's in the spotlight and with the money continuing to come in without her ever having to deal with the consequences of her actions or learn any lessons, she's not going to change and she's going to ruin any chance Jace has at a normal life along with her own.

MTV needs to intervene and make her cut the bull shit or cut her off. You can be "drama" for good ratings without all the extra BS Jenelle brings along.

Sadly, when Jace is older enough, people can't hide of all this stuff from him. It is going to mess him up knowing how little his own mom cared about him and how self-absorbed she is in her own life. He's totally better off being away from her now than with her, but this stuff will effect him when he's old enough.

I like how you keep callin him queefer. Thats a pussy fart aint it?

Honestly I don't see anything wrong with this pic... Its just her bare back showing.. You can't see his junk either.. Just sayin

And that's a good thing. I don't need to see Kieffer's wang.

I don't know about that. Maybe if we get to see it for once we can all see why she's so into him.

Doth protest too much Jason... no one asked....... awkward.

Hilarious Screen Name. LOL

Yeah I was blessed with being able to come up with hilarious screen names for teen mom gossip sites. I must share my niche, no my GIFT, with the world. I realize everyone isn't so lucky. Poor fools.

The issue here is why do you have to post it up for everyone to see? If you are REALLY trying to get your kid back you will do everything you can to present yourself as a responsible mother and lay low in the media spotlight for a bit. Not hint to the public that Keefer and you are taking naught pictures - which will totally be released when they break up again...and then Jenelle will lament over that all over twitter.

But seriously, even if it is her bare back. I'm sure this is the type of picture a judge would love to see when trying to get her son back.

I had high hopes for Janelle and that hopefully she would learn from her previous mistakes. But she continues to put herself in this mess with Kiefer and it concerns me that things will not be so easy for her now. I mean we have seen everything she has dealt with in the past. In the past, I felt bad for her. With all the crap she gets from her mother and her man. But after seeing all of this, I feel she brought this on herself. I really do hope for the best for her and especially Jace. But it'll be a very long process for things to be better.

I can tell you're a fan of Jenelle since the majority of her fans always spell her name wrong.

MAN keiffer look good!!!! NICE PIC YALL!!!! shit can i join yall i would love to be in between the both of you. jenelle know what she is doing, she like them bad boys lol but nice pic though

Hi Kieffa!

Grossed out by your comment, your probably as disgusting as these two fools. Is your mom raising your kid too?

ITS NOT MY PLACE TO JUDGE HIM OR HER.... i have my own life as long as it does not effect me WHY HATE ON HER????? shit this is real life, who are you to tell janelle how disgusting she is... you probably are too

She will never learn, she is so narrow minded and stupid that she keeps taking him back. She needs JESUS!

Its funny how no one defends kiefer they just say leave janelle alone!!

Sooooo your going to feed into what she wants by posting this and making her " famous". How bout we turn the other cheek and see that there is better things going on in the world then reporting about this and how she just wants attention, because YOUR giving it to her. Seriously

WoW! This is trashy and it raises the question of is she can capable of making rational decisions having to do with her son! Sad and is disgusting! I wod be absolutely ashamed if she was my daughter! Put your clothes on! Being classy is sooo much better than beng trashy!


I agree she will never learn...

these wernt leaked thow she new about them!

Those* weren't* though* knew*

End result: Those weren't leaked though, she knew about them!

AHAHAHA /slow clap/

The show is called teen MOM. SHE'S not a mom, never has been. get her gone already. and hopefully next season will show the chic who's daddy paid her rent... maybe she will be supporting the child that her daddy didnt help her create. the only good mom in my opinion on the show is The one with Issac. been too long cant remember names. but she's doin all she can and goin to school. good job girl. dont get me started on lil miss barbie wanna be. my sister was a mom at 16. tho she did drop out of school to work. she never did any of the dumbshit you see these girls doing. hell she rarely hung out with friends when her boy was born and most of the time when she did she brought him with her. my nephew is going to be 17 this yr and he has a damn goo dhead on his shoulders for being raised by a young mother, who has been a single mom for the most part.

After this I'm pretty sure she was in it with kiefer on selling the other nude pictures . I also think gary was telling the truth when she said she wasn't trying . Its do obvious she's no where .ear trying

Jenelle is the scum of the earth.

Its creepy how he's all bored looking.

That's not boredom, that's probably the ugly face from whatever drugs they snorted up their noses. I read somewhere she puts liquor-soaked tampons inside herself as well. Not sure of the validity of that, but with Jenelle, I wouldn't put it past her. Nasty trotch!

Those bday pix for jace were sad to me..nobody there but the tramp, her mom and drug addict boyfriend...all the REAL moms in her area probably hate Jenelle so much they won't let their kids around her...she is such trashy scum..poor kid..if Babs approves Kieffer she is not better..she just wants the money and poor Jace is the pawn...they disgust me..oh, and Jenelle looks like a Vienna Sausage

Absolutely disgraceful. This series needs to end, like, yesterday. It has totally brought these girls away from reality. If they give any of them a spin-off show I will be livid. It lost it's purpose of "helping eliminate teenage pregnancy" when they all quit their jobs because they were being paid to sell stories to magazines. I haven't watched the show in a few weeks and I wish I had never started. It has really gone down hill in it's purpose and substance the last 2 seasons.

Not Cute! This girl is messed up for getting back with Kieffer Delp..