Teen Mom 2 - Jenelle And Gary Are Talking Again... Shocker

Jenelle Evans

While there have been reports of Jenelle having a twitter flirt thing going on with someone not named Gary or Kieffer, I decided to wait it out because I knew this would have been the eventual outcome.

Apparently Gary Head and Jenelle are chatting once again, and he is working to get the no contact order dropped.

It's such a romantic story that even Shakespeare couldn't have come up with.

One young mother caught between two lovers, one being a hooded carpenter, the other a rebellious soldier.

As the two men battle for the love of this young lady, she ends up exchanging messages through a bottle with someone named Zeke from the Planet called Fitness.

O Zeke, O Zeke, wherefore art thou, Zeke?

During the battle of her love, the soldier finds himself in trouble with the law and is ordered to have no communication with our young lady, through telegram or messages from birds.

However, the love is too strong with this couple, and they dash away into the night to read books to each others face....

(image credit: alltheteenmoms.com)

When the night is over, the soldier is so enthralled by the beauty of this young mother that he sends out his birds to let the entire town know that he will be trying to have the no communication order dropped...

How will the story end? Will our love struck couple eventually find their way back together to battle her former boss over panties, or will she go back to the carpenter who will paint more nude portraits of her and sell them to the townsfolk for extra coin?

Oh what a beautiful story, I cannot wait until they make it into a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes.


If they get the no contact order dropped and she screws him over
again,he deserves it. I thought he was smarter than this....Hmmmm

I'm honestly surprised she hasn't called the cops on him yet for talking to her. The police and court system there must fucking hate her.

Didn't she ruin his military career?

How can he keep gong back to her?

Jenelle never learns, either...

She just goes from guy to guy to guy to...

This post is the funniest thing that I ever read!!! And it is very truth! This girl have no brain, no goals, and no love for her son... disgusting

Greatest love story ever told.

For real. Every time I read an article about Jenelle and her love life it really just reminds me of The Notebook or The Titanic. [sarcasm]

Well...the Titanic yes. But it's more closely related to the iceberg and the ship rather than Jack and Rose.

As much of a low life i think jenelle is, & as muck of a cocky lil jerk gary is, i would like to see them get back together. It seemed like he was really good for her, regardless if they smoked pot or not, at least he wont be shooting her up w/heroin! It just seemed like she was in a good place when they were together. Look at her smile in their pics, she looked truly happy.

I was actually thinking... what if Gary actually knocked some sense into her head over that last message that was shown? But with Jenelle, you never know.

Oh thank God. I haven't had a good night's rest since they broke up. I toss and turn, dreaming of AK-47s and cocaine and nudie pics. Much like Clarice and her lambs, Barbwah's screeching haunts my dreams and I awaken in a cold sweat, my eyes filled with tears. Now that these two star-crossed lovers are reunited I can look forward to peace.

Jenelle and Gary are jokes jenelle is claiming to be a victim
of abuse. She claim she was so scary of Gary that she needed this order of no contact she said Gary was stalking her. Yet she is talking to him again they both use system as a way to hurt one other in this sick twisted game they played. The worst is jenelle because there are real victims of abuse and it is so hard for them to get help or to get the police to believe them to even get protected. And you have this 21 year old child using the court system as her sick little twisted disgusting revenge on her exes. I wish MTV would drop her she is a lost cause she is a liar I doubt Gary even hit her. Jenelle is sick twisted she is nothing but a drama queen. She has gone to far this time by using the court system as her avenue for revenge when is she going to be called out for lies. I think jenelle should be in jail and pay a fine for using the court system. this is taxes payer dollars being wasted for jenelle and Gary games.

a-freaking-men! It disgusts me she gets paid to be a loser and not take care of her son.

I've gotten used to Jenelle's bad choices but I never thought she'd actually go back to the shithead who STRANGLED HER WITH A BED SHEET.

The LAW needs to intervene for the sake of Jenelle's life since she isn't sane enough to do it herself. I still don't understand how he wasn't charged with attempted murder...

Probably because he didn't do it. And of he did, I'm sure se probably asked him to strangle her during sex.

Didn't a police report say she did? I always differentiate fact vs "source" with my Teen Mom news but I have to be honest and say I sometimes skim the Jenelle news and miss some info because I might break my neck from shaking my head too hard if I read too much about her.

Regardless, he still physically abused her and Jenelle had proof of it. That's why the no contact order is there in the first place. The police need to protect Jenelle from this guy because she's too mentally ill to break out of the cycle of abuse herself.

There's still no actual proof. In NC a woman can pretty much press charges for abuse just because she says it happened. I know, I live here. I'm not saying that nothing happened, just saying that nothing really had to for her to press the charges and get the no contact order. Our court systems are overflowing with bullshit disputes.

Yeah but I remember Jenelle saying in court that she had actual proof of abuse. Maybe something from the hospital or the night it happened? That's why the judge was quick to charge and take action for them. But then again Jenelle says a lot of things so who knows.

Proof can be marks. Jenelles a crazy bitch and probably made the marks herself. With how much she lies and tries to black mail people I honestly wouldn't doubt it.

Bwawahaha! Love it. What in the Christ is wrong with this girl.... I'd really hate to be her vagina right now, that thing must be so confused....

So much for doing everything in her power to get her son back.... she can't focus on anything besides men!! But I KNEW this would happen, called it a longgg time ago and i'll call it again.... only a matter of time before KieeFFAAAA is back in the picture as well.

Do we know anything about Jenelle's biological father? This is typical behavior of a girl who did not get the amount of fatherly attention she needed as a youngster. If that's the case, it's a vicious cycle for her son, who is not getting the attention he needs from his mother. Sad sad situation.

He wasn't in her life. Divorced her mom when Jenelle was a child and they all moved far away from him.

Her recent twitter are all hugs and kisses with Jace and then the next twitter is come party with me on Halloween in SC...hey, here is a thought..since you have not seen your son for a month, how about spending Halloween with him, you know, trick or treating? Now, not your idea of trick of course. And yesterday, she just HAD to have a "me" day of beauty treatments...again you have not seen you son for a MONTH and within 24 hours she needs "me" time.. She disgusts me to no end. And, yea, Gary is a moron if he goes back, but for those that think he hit her, SHE posted on her own facebook page that he DID NOT hit her that first time she claimed he did, so what makes you think the second time was true? I think Gary's lawyers probably just told him to plead guilty to get out of the whole mess...who wants to go against MTV lawyer money. But, yea, being in contact with her is beyond dumb so there just has to be something more going on with MTV producers behind this.

Yea, do you know when the last time I had a day off was? Oh that would be about 3 years & 1 month ago, the day before my son was born. Because the day I became a mother, my needs and definitely WANTS came second. Yea my mother has looked after him for me, but thats so I can clean my house and bake cupcakes for my son and stuff like that. I don't know how you could care more about anything in the world over your own child. She's a effing joke, we all know she doesn't give 2 craps about him so why does she pretend she does?

As much as I hate her taste in men, and the fact Gary seems to have a few screws loose. I think he made a valid point and did try to knock sense in to her. How she needs to put down the drugs and be happy with Jace, he seems like he gets her and paid attention to her behavior around people. Because he is right, she can do so much better when she puts her mind to it.

Pixie, I am not being sarcastic or rude..I really really want to know this, because I have seen other people and blog writers say the same thing...what has she done in the past to prove she can do so much better when she puts her mind to it? Really, I cannot think of one thing that she has started and followed thru on yet I always see people say the same thing...am I missing something here? Did not keep up with school, does not have her son, has been thrown out of several apts, has lost the majority of her friends, has been to court countless times, has posed nude, been caught doing drugs...I just don't see when she has done better, but please, if I am not getting it, tell me!

It seems like her life didn't completely go to shit until Keiffer and his vexing green hoodie came along. Don't get me wrong, she was already doing plenty of things she shouldn't be doing like smoking pot, not taking care of Jace, losing custody, etc. but it seems like her relationship with Keiffer was the beginning of the end. I'm not blaming him entirely because Jenelle is a grown woman and made her decisions of her own free will, but I do think he enabled her decline. I think if she got actual help for mental illness and got off the drugs then she could actually make something of herself, but if she continues to surround herself with enablers like Keiffer and Gary that will never happen.

Ah, K. Green Hoodie..you are so hard on yourself!! Well, thanks for response..I guess I can kind of see where you are coming from but I just the Jenelle's main problem is, well, Jenelle..I just think she is one selfish human being....but sort of off topic..I SWEAR I heard once Kieffer say his "baby moma"..I am almost certain he has a kid out there somewhere too that he must have ditched on too..has anyone else heard that??? I just don't get why that has not been picked up on by the bloggers....

No you are right. That's the thing she starts things and doesn't finish them. But when she gets herself in a good mindset and does things like not date anyone, go to school, get a job, spend time with Jace-that's the potential we see. Though it only lasts for a few weeks at a time and he's back to her unhealthy ways. Really another sign of being bipolar =\

When she does those things, it lasts like 3 days. People give her more credit than she deserves.

Gary is NOT a soldier.

They belong together. She's a crappy mom and he's a crappy marine. Let them go be crappy together:)