Remember That Abused Sister Report? It Was Fake

Jenelle Evans

jenelle's Does this look like a face of someone with too much makeup?

First, let me say, when I'm wrong I'm wrong. I actually believed Jenelle's sister in this situation, even though my readers continued to point out how her "bruises" looked incredibly fake. I have to say, I'm impressed with the people who came out and said that...

it was a touchy issue but they stood their ground and some have insisted they seen many battered people a day in their field and have never seen bruises like that.

Most people just back away from stories like that, even if fake... so tons of credit goes to our readers, that's why I love you guys.

Apparently, Ashleigh admitted her bruises were faked on her now suspended twitter, and Jenelle also has video of her being a terrible mother to her son. Here is Jenelle's latest tweet:

if it was fake then she lied to my entire family and the government becuz her husband is a marine

This still doesn't excuse Jenelle for bailing on her sister in what she thought was an abusive relationship, but it does pretty much point out that her sister Ashleigh is quite the looney.

One of the lowest things a girl can do aside faking a pregnancy is pretending to be a battered girlfriend or wife. Those are extremely serious issues and should never be cried wolf about.

So what are your thoughts on the story... craziness run in the family? Or even Jenelle would never stoop that low?


ugly b**h! lmao

That whole family is just whacko. Even Jenelle has claimed beaten (true or false), you know she was either the instigator or shit did not happen.

I don't think Jenelle would stoop that low. Ashleigh see's her sister in the spotlight all the time, whether it be the number of followers she has, magazines, or on the internet. She wanted a taste of what that felt like. Sure, her husband could be abusive, and maybe shes using the make up as a cry out for help.

Jenelle may be immature but I truly believe that she would NEVER do something like this. Jenelle has issues with keeping her private life private but that makes her a real person imo & she makes no qualms about her being otherwise. This is just pathetic, sick & twisted and I hope her sister gets put in jail. Or a mental hospital where she can get some help.

This is completely ridiculous and people should be ashamed to make lies like this up. I do find it a little amusing that jenell though's out there she has "video of her sister being a bad mom" holy hell the whole world has video of jenell being a bad mom i would not through that one out there if i where her.

I love this. Jenelle's video of her being a bad mom though comes in the form of 2 full seasons & 1 lame 16 & preg

I think the video is of her beating om her kid. That jenelle has never done. Amd i don't think she's this twisted. Her sister needs mental help. But both of them being messed up actually says alot about Barbara. She was clearly a bad mother herself.

then why is janelle allowing her to have custody of jace if she's such a bad mother? last i heard it was her taking of jace while jenelle went from one dude to the other and making all this drama on twitter. we aren't even sure if there is a video or what it consists of? i don't even want to see it because really that's none of our business. if her sis is such a bad mother, call CPS.

Jenelle "allowed" her to have custody of Jace because Jenelle couldn't afford a lawyer. All 3 of Barb's children have been to jail so yes I would say that she is a bad mother. Jace is not in any immediate danger with Barb so CPS couldn't do anything. All of the Evans children were adults when they got arrested.

I'm saying for Jenelle's sister, if Jenelle believes that her sister is abusive hence the video, why wouldn't she turn it over to the cops rather then put it on twitter?

The whole family is messed up but from what I can see Jace is happy/healthy with Barb.


Such a true comment - all of Babs kids are 'troubled', which gives little hope that Jace will come to any different outcome.

Poor Jace - it would have been so much better for him if they had chosen adoption for him.

Jenelle ASKED her mom to take care of Jace during 16 & Pregnant so she wouldn't have to stop partying and actually take care of him. There were no lawyers involved until long after Jenelle gave Jace away. So you can't use that excuse.

Areyouserious try watching the first episode to teen mom 2 again....

Tiera, watch her 16 and pregnant again. When she pretty much gave Jace to her mom.

well since all the Evans children were "adults" when they got arrested it was their fault not their mom's "bad parenting" when you grow up you're suppose to make good decisions your parents can't make them for you!

how do you watch the video?

Why would you want to..?

She probably just got jealous of how much attention Janelle gets even when she is lying so she followed in Janelle's footsteps, but as you said even Janelle wouldn't sink quite that low.this is just pathetic and will make people doubt real stories of abuse. She will probably actually get beaten up someday and no one will help

Well after reading this sheesh things never change in drama world. But Ashleigh even texted and said that pic was fake and she didnt know why Jenelle was posting it on twitter. Second even the girls mom was saying Jenelle was being crazy and making twitters under Ashleigh because both Ashleigh and Barbra both texted 15 min of fame guy(Gary) and said that Ash didn't have a's really going on? Who knows...


Lol, more like acne scars. Maybe both. Awesome name, it's my middle name!

Video of Jenelle being a bad mom? I have one too, it's called Teen Mom 2!

i just don't get the point of any of this. it's just so sick.

Well considering Janelle tweeting that she was there but left. Yeah she's pretty stupid herself. Now as for her sister that's just ignorant. And then Janelle going on talking shit. Just as low a person. Why we even acknowledge her I don't know.

Ashleigh clearly took the picture herself. No one knows if Jenelle was there or not or if she has ever really been abused but that is not really the point. Who in their right mind paints "bruises" on their own face and neck (the visible areas on camera), takes a picture and sends it out? Ashleigh seems just as messed up as Jenelle. Barbara raised this one too. Jace would be better off in foster care and I don't say that to sound mean.

Nobody should ever fake being beaten. Been there done that, and it is not a light subject to be faking... A lot of women are scared sh*tless to come forward and press charges. I was for 2 years, all the threats and stuff.. I can't stand women that fake being beaten... very low.

Really? a retard could see those were fake and done horribly at that.. the ones on her chest and kneck look like she put her fingers in purple and blue eyes shadow and just finger painted -_- This is pathetic.. Divorce Time if she even married to the marine

That whole family is crazy. I feel bad for Jace and almost wish I could adopt him so he'd actually have a chance at life :(

There's more to this story than we are seeing or hearing. Some lies, some truth with the real story somewhere in the middle.


Fake ass u can tell he is holding back laughing,,then her eye she is squinting and there is eye shadow on her eye with the bruise look carefully there is shadow on her eye lashes

CATCH UP folks...the entire thing was our Miss Jenelle...Barbara told Gary, as well the real Ashley, this is all Gary tweets..Jenelle has lost it and is doing everything to mess up Gary and send folks on a wild goose chase..she is, as they say, w/straight jackets coming soon..such a bitch

You can tell that Ashleigh took this picture herself. She is definitely part of whatever this is.

Doesn't mean she took it to say she was abused.

No she just drew bruises on herself and took pictures of it and sent them to people. Totally normal, people do that all the time....

Who says she sent it to "people." I'm just saying back when I though I was wanted to do makeup I tried to do makeup similar (but better :p) she could've just been showing off what she "thought" was a good job. I do not doubt that in that situation after being accused of stealing money and taking off on her sister, Jenelle used said picture and make up a story like this. Look at her expression in the pic it doesn't look like someone trying to look like they just got beat.

What if she was practicing for some acting class? (A far fetched notion, I realize) but the make up could have been part of some exercise. Or she's just crazy as fuuu.

She faked her pregnancy? The twins one?

As a former abused wife she is disgusting, this is NEVER something that any woman should say and it didn't, I don't know if her husband was charged for this but I would like to know why there are never charges laid against woman who do this, they have taken authorities away from a real abuse case. As soon as I looked at the picture I said FAKE not because I was abused but I had a former friend put make up on her face to make it look like bruising and I believed her but caught her in the act of putting the make up on I was devastated by her lie and I had to not allow that person in my life again. I hope Ashleigh gets help because there is a underlining issue for her to do this it was not for attention there is something more to it. as for Jenelle also having a video of Ashleigh being a terrible mother to her son, I guess Jeanelle is, & has been the perfect mom remember Jeanelle we saw you on tv being a mom opps not being a mom, her mother took care of Jeanelle's child so Jeanelle should not mention anything about her sister being a terrible mom the issue is was the abuse fake or real and in my opinion this is a fake abuse and fake bruising.

Gary Head posted a screen shot on his twitter today of a conversation he had with Jenelles mother today and she told him not to talk to Ashleigh on twitter because it was really Jenelle. Who would do that to family? Jenelle!!/gary_head/media/slideshow?!/gary_head/media/slideshow?

Both pictures use the spelling Ashley instead of Ashleigh.. Thafuq?

both are Gary spelling her name wrong so maybe he just didn't know how she personally spells it.

If someone named Ashley gave me their number, I would also be inclined to type it in as "Ashley." I think that is what Gary did and he just never changed it. I do this all the time when people do not have traditional spellings and then I get too lazy to change it later.

Oops, I mean if someone named "Ashleigh" gave me their number.

In the picture it clearly says "Barbara" states Ashley. You think she'd be able to spell her own daughters name? I call fake on that. Why wold babes even be talking to Gary anyway.

Oh haha, I didn't even notice that! Maybe he's making it up too. This is all too weird.

No I just double checked and Barbara says "Ash." Gary is the only one who used "Ashley."

Ha, nvm, I'm an idiot. I'm not quit sure which responds are first with iPhones (probably need to update better with technology, lol)

No, I doubled checked too, and Babes definitely says "Ashley"

I think that somebody called Barbara's Twitter account as fake though, that may not be her either. Jesus.

Barbara is in the gray square....she clearly says "ash".

Okay first of all who said she took the pic to try and say she was abused. Nobody BESIDES jenelle has claimed abuse so far. I've played around with makeup like before just because I got a new pallet and was bored. I dont understand how you can call her a looney and say what she did was low when the only person claiming she's abused is JENELLE. Not exactly a credible source. Second, jenelle's sister's supposed twitter was made and deleted within the same day. That alone is enough for me to think it wasn't really her. Also, people were calling out that twitter as being Jenelle and then voila, it's gone. Like I said before I think Jenelle is using a photo she had of her sister out of context to get Ashleigh back for calling her out on Facebook. I really like this site I just hate how you s**k Jenelle's dick. You can't believe anything that only has her as a source.

Apparently Barbara texted Gary saying the fake twitter account under Ashleigh's name was really made by Jenelle... but why in the hell would Jenelle make a fake twitter under her sister's name just to bad mouth herself?? It doesn't make sense to me. The profile pic on the fake twitter account was the same as Ashleigh's FB DP pic, so it would have been really easy for a fan to snatch the pic an open the fake account. The stuff the person tweeted about on the fake account was all public knowledge so it could have been anyone. Just like that girl that opened up the twitter account under "Megan Coscuna", the girl Lindsey Harrison's bf cheated on her with... she was just a crazy fan.

Jenelle and her family all have serious problems. This makes me think that if Barbara is gonna be raising Jace too, if he's gonna end up this messed up as well. I don't know what to say about this family anymore. They're just so unstable and not fit to be bringing children into that drama.

Jace and Leah would have been better off if they had been adopted by families that were well-grounded and stable.

For people that defended Babs - yes - she is rasing Jace BUT she is also someone that jumps from guy to guy and takes them back after they run off with a hooters girl. (Any similarities to jenelle's behavior? )

Moreover, from my understanding, all of Babs kids have significant issues (see stories on them going to jail etc).

Jace doesn't stand a chance to truly turn out well. SAD.

I don't understand why Jace and Leah were not adopted - it would have been best (or better) for both of them. SAD.

They weren't adopted because most teenage girls are too selfish and immature to do what's best for their children.

Okay first of all who said she took the pic to try and say she was abused. Nobody BESIDES jenelle has claimed abuse so far. I’ve played around with makeup like before just because I got a new pallet and was bored. I dont understand how you can call her a looney and say what she did was low when the only person claiming she’s abused is JENELLE. Not exactly a credible source. 

Second, jenelle’s sister’s supposed twitter was made and deleted within the same day. That alone is enough for me to think it wasn’t really her. Also, people were calling out that twitter as being Jenelle and then voila, it’s gone.

 Like I said before I think Jenelle is using a photo she had of her sister out of context to get Ashleigh back for calling her out on Facebook.

 I really like this site I just hate how you s**k Jenelle’s d**k. You can’t believe anything that only has her as a source. This is EXACTLY what Jenelle wants. That's why she even retweeted TeenMomJunkies. She will do whatever she feels she needs to, to anyone close to her who has anything negative to say about her. Like post nude photos, put all their business on twitter, make up fake abuse stories. Even having this story up is letting Jenelle win.

On another note, if we start a petition to take her of TM2, I wonder if MTV would listen... Im sure we'd get lots of signatures.

Wow. You guys really believe everything that Jenelle tweets. The girl is a drug addict with lots of mental issues. This whole story is BS and its sad to see so many believing her lies.

it really makes me mad that someone would stoop to that level and pretend to be someone who was in an abusive relationship and was put in the hospital because of it i am really irritated and embarrassed for jenelle and her family that it had to stoop to something and she had to make up a story to get attention...PATHETIC

This completely disgusts me! It is disrespectful to battered women to pretend this and try to ruin someone's life.. I hope the guy has left her crazy ass. My friend was murdered by her boyfriend 3 months ago and I can't believe she would fake this.. That whole family is full of losers

Here is my theory:

Her sister IS being abused and she just wanted to make the abuse look worse than it is (any abuse is bad, but I think their family is just crazy enough to do stuff like this). How her eyes can be swollen and puffy from makeup doesn't make sense. So I do think she is being abused, but needs some kind of evidence so she tried to make it more visible.

Second, Jenelle DOES make up false accounts, so that twitter probably really is Jenelle being stupid. Remember when she made a fake facebook to try and con Kieffer into cheating? Yea, it's not above her.

People saying that Jenelle is above doing this...HAHAHA! What?! In what world?! She has faked being abused multiple times and has even admitted to lying about being abused!

This is all Jenelle. I think it's pretty obvious.

Oh and her sister hasn't claimed abuse, only Jenelle did. So even if I do think she is being abused, it is just because, from my experience, people who are abused do not shout it out for everyone to hear/see right away. So, I think Jenelle outed her for no other reason than to cover her butt with her stupid story about why she left her sister. If she's going to tell people her sister is being abused, it should be the authorities that she tells and not twitter.

Hmm do you not research before writeing storys that twitter was not her sisters it was JENELLE her sister as confirmed that through txts to GARY So as barbara by looks & she isnt pleased with jenelle he as the txts on twitter from them both Jenelle really is crazy she did this to excuse why she left her sister now trying to blame her damn sister SMH Shame on the sick physco this kind of thing can never be excused when women really go through it SHE NEEDS HELP !!!!

Omg, PLEASE use spell check and put a period or two in your paragraphs!!

why she was wearing a swimming hat?

Why was she wearing a swimming hat?

Sorry, I'm just an English learner.

Looks to me like a do-rag. Some people wear them for fashion/unknown reasons.

thanks, Ashley. The correct answer probably is the "unknown reason" :D

I do not think Jenelle would be stupid enough to fake a beating likes this, her sister is a looney her husband could get into serious trouble.

It does look like sh was abused.. She's got a swollen eye and puffy, the other looks somewhat norml.. And her neck looks like its bruised and has strangulation marks. Poor girl :-(

If you see the pix without the fake bruising you see that one eye is naturally sort of closed looking..not swollen

Yea, my daughters eyes look like that. One is just more open than the other. Plus she looks kinda high.

They're all crazy.