Who Is The Most Popular Teen Mom?

catelynn lowell

Well, it's Super Bowl weekend (go Patriots!), and what better way to celebrate it than having our own competition.

I was bored, so I wanted to tally up some numbers and find out just who is the most popular Teen Mom out there.

Of course, those in the Teen Mom 2 cast will have a harder chance because the show is newer and the original cast is very well know, but you'll be surprised by some of the results.

Twitter Results

Most followers:

Shyest Mom: (fewest tweets)

  • Farrah Abraham - 1,657

Chatterbox Mom: (most tweets)

  • Chelsea Houska - 10,192

Most Interesting: (most followers per tweet sent)

  • Farrah Abraham - 234 tweets per follower

Most Popular Show on Twitter: *

  • Teen Mom 2 - 1,941,556 followers
  • Teen Mom 1 - 1,453,595 followers

* This is without Amber Portwood, however it would take 487,962 followers to allow Teen Mom 1 to surpass Teen Mom 2 which likely wouldn't happen.

Twitter Queen:

twitterqueenmaci bookout

Maci Bookout!

This wasn't even close. When it comes to Twitter, Maci Bookout is the clear winner.

Runner up: Farrah Abraham (this was a close one between Farrah and Chelsea, but Farrah hardly talks and still has nearly as many followers)

More results after the jump


Facebook Results

Facebook was a tougher animal to decide because some girls run their own page, while others have friends do it. Some moms I think have 0 interest in facebook so a random person runs their page and has no contact with the moms.

I'm not really sure which pages are truly official, and which ones say official but aren't really. Therefor, I chose the most popular fan pages with the moms name and use those results.

Most Followers:

  • Leah Messer - 256,964
  • Chelsea Houska - 188,151
  • Jenelle Evans - 134,544
  • Maci Bookout - 107,043
  • Kailyn Lowry - 89,014
  • Farrah Abraham - 54,071
  • Catelynn Lowell - 50,739
  • Amber Portwood - 32,876

Most Popular Shows:

  • Teen Mom 2 - 668,673
  • Teen Mom 1 - 244,729

This wasn't even close.

When it comes to facebook, Teen Mom 2 clearly dominates holding the top 3 slots, with Kailyn at 5.

Maci Bookout was close to cracking top 3, but even the mom who gets bashed the most - Jenelle Evans - is more popular on facebook.

Facebook Queen

facebook like

Leah Messer

Another winner which wasn't even close. Leah Messer clearly owns facebook so much that if you add up all the followers from the highest Teen Mom 1 pages, you still won't even pass the amount who follow Leah.

Runner Up: Chelsea Houska - This time it was a very clear runner up victory for Chelsea


Teen Mom Junkies

We couldn't leave out our own blog now could we? Sure, it doesn't have the numbers facebook or twitter does, but I think it's also a good decider because you can actually go to the moms pages and vote to 'like' one, or give them a thumbs up or thumbs down.

While it's one thing to have a lot of followers, it's another to be liked by a lot of people. So let's get to the numbers:

Most Likes On Profile Pages:

Most Thumbs Up (minus thumbs down)

  • Maci Bookout - 591
  • Catelynn Lowell - 315
  • Chelsea Houska - 272
  • Leah Messer - 245
  • Kailyn Lowry - 173
  • Farrah Abraham - 169
  • Jenelle Evans - (28)
  • Amber Portwood - (98)

note: numbers in parentheses are negative

Teem Mom Junkies Queen

maci bookout

Maci Bookout

Congrats to Maci again, this time winning the Teen Mom Junkies battle

Runner up: Catelynn Lowell


Final Crowning

Second Runner Up

She dominated the facebook numbers, and did well on both teen mom junkies and twitter. This mom of twins was married, but has moved on and found happiness with someone new.

Leah Messer


First Runner Up

She was the second runner up with twitter, and the first with facebook. She will have to remain that way for the final results, as the honors go to:

chelsea houksa

Chelsea Houska


And the winner should come to no surprise. She dominates twitter with more than a half a million followers, is the most popular mom on facebook from Teen Mom 1, and is well liked around this site.

Your winner of the Super Bowl weekend most popular contest goes to.......

drumroll please!!!

Congratulations to Bentley's mom, and clearly the most popular Teen Mom right now....

maci bookout queenMaci Bookout!

Hopefully you enjoyed it. I'll keep track of these results and probably check back next year to see how they're doing.

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There is a clear correlation between how attractive a teen mom is and their popularity.....haha society is so shallow

Ok first off to you go pats comment!!!! BOOOOOOO PATS GO GIANTS!!!

Anyway with that to the side. I'm glad Maci won. She is my all time favorite Teen Mom. He son is so cute!!! She deserved to win.

Firstly, my condolences on the Pats loss :). Maci is my favorite teen mom. Interestingly enough, I actually do no like her just because she is pretty. I actually judge none of the mom based on their physical appearance. The prettiest mom in my opinion is Farrah and she isn't even in my top 5 as far as "favorites" go.

You may not judge them based on looks but greater society does also it can be unconscious so say we were in some crazy other dimension and maci stayed the exact same person but her face changed to a non attractive one she would not be the most popular I guarantee it.....

You are probably right :). I was just giving my own personal opinion though, on how I view them. Certainly society as a whole, generally does judge and favor based on outward appearance.

[...] appears by me ranking Maci Bookout the most popular teen mom, it quickly went to her head and she decided she was too good for Kyle King (pictured above, [...]

Catelynn Lowell is the best

You guys have low standards (looks wise)
Maci is far from good looking.

Thank you!! She looks like an emaciated witch! Don't even get me started on her tattoos *BARF*