Did Jenelle Win A Get Out Of Jail Free Card With Latest Arrest?

Jenelle Evans

jenelle's get out of jail free card

As I reported yesterday, Gary Head was indeed arrested over the weekend, but he wasn't alone.

Jenelle was put in bars yet again, which allowed her to punch her last card slot and win a "get out of jail free" card! So the next one will be on the house, Jenelle!

I kid about that obviously, but here is how I understand the story. Gary was rough with Jenelle and the cops were called. I'm not sure how rough, but he was indeed arrested for domestic violence.

While I'd like to rip him apart for that, until we get the details we'll leave it at that.

Putting your hands on a girl is not right by any means, but obviously there is a big difference between grabbing her arm and beating her up...

Regardless, he's still a fame whore who continues to put himself into this mess by remaining in a toxic relationship so he can appear on TM2 (my theory at least).

Being in the marines, this arrest may not go away any time soon as he could be facing a dishonorable discharge if the domestic violence charges stick. He summed it up in his latest tweet..

no. I'm def not marrying her. @PBandJenelley_1 has ruined my life.

No, Gary, you ruined your life. Look, I'm a guy, I've come across a few Jenelle types in my time, and you know what I did? Walked the other way, and fast. To blame her for this mess just shows what kind of character the guy has.

Meeting a girl and ending up on a date from hell is one thing, but maintaining a toxic relationship for months with cheating, AK-47's, and cops involved many times and it's your fault.

You could have walked away the first, second, fifth, or tenth time but you kept going back for more. Why? To be on Teen Mom 2? To keep increasing your twitter followers?

Anyway, enough about Gary, hopefully for good (unless he shows up at my door with an ak-47, but I'm sure he'll blame me for that as well). On to Jenelle, who went from abused girlfriend to jailbird because apparently she was carrying something like weed.

With her history, I don't think this will be a slap on the wrist either, although we'll have to wait to see.

I know she's off probation, so it's not as bad as it could have been, but these things add up in the courts eyes.

This whole situation is a mess, and I feel like I'm reporting on Amber all over again. Will Jenelle follow in her footsteps and end up behind bars for a few years? Let's hope not.

I know people are tired of hearing of her, but I think we're all secretly hoping she turns her life around... or is it just me?

I'll keep you updated if I get any actual concrete details on the story.


And she wants us all to think she's working on getting her son back. Yea right! This relationship is looking a lot like her last one with keffier except with a bs engagement

I live in NC, looked up her info on the courts website and it looks like she was charged with posession of marijuana, paraphernalia and simple assault. I agree with Ciara, she hasn't changed one bit!

"We spoke with Jenelle’s attorney, Dustin Sullivan, who confirms she was charged with simple assault, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and simple possession of a Schedule IV Controlled Substance for a single Klonopin (Clonazepam)"

If ANYONE still sticks up for her, you are just as much as a fuck up as her. She is never going to change. She is a SHIT mom and always will be.

Does anybody else think that Jenelle is WORSE than Amber, or is it just me? I guess I view Amber's problems as a product of so many things going wrong in her young life and a lot of psychological issues. Amber never seemed to rub it in the public's faces about how she was gonna do all these things, either. She just kind of accepted her role as the villain of TM and she was aware that she needed some SERIOUS help. Another thing is that she wasn't a terrible mom for the first season of TM and her 16 and P episode. She obviously wasn't great, but she did make some sort of effort to be a parent.

Jenelle has just never done any of that. I can't remember Amber ever time and time again choosing to see a boyfriend instead of Leah. Jenelle has done that since she was pregnant with Jace evidenced in the fact she smoked weed for the 9 months she was pregnant with him, and it wouldn't surprise me if she smoke cigarettes and drank, too. She never cared about Jace's well-being. I think she just wanted a cute little baby to carry around with her and when he pooped and screamed and cried and was hungry in the middle of the night she just didn't give a crap. I can sympathize more with staying in a toxic relationship with your baby daddy because you hated growing up without 2 parents then staying with some random guy you met who isn't even the parent of your child.

I agree with you except the part about staying in a toxic relationship. Girls AND guys who do that are really just stupid. I grew up parents divorced and when I got preg at 22 and I noticed the baby daddy starting to get involved in drugs and being a dick to me, you know what I did? I left. It's that easy.

I am pretty sure it is impossible for Jenelle to have a healthy relationship with anyone.

including herself!

I definitely believe Amber is a better mom then jenelle. At least amber wants her daughter. Jennelle just wants attention and a man

Amber figured out she had a problem she couldn't control so she did what she thought was right. I wish rehab worked for her though. As for Jenelle, I just wish MTV would stop filming her. Just give her the boot because I think she's acting out even worst for the shows sake. She can BS about doing this and doing that, but her actions don't lie. She's got some issues and instead of finding a new dude she needs to take care of it ALONE for Jace. I'm sick of her.

I gave up on Jenelle a long time ago. There is no hope for her. She's just white trash. Plain and simple.

I gave on her after her 16 and pregnant episode. Especially when she made the comment about babies wanting to be help all the time like it was a bad thing. She's just an awful person.

[...] but life in Jenelle land has no time for sleep!  Here she is with her latest mugshot from her most recent arrest, and she’s not looking too hot.  Maybe because it’s 9am, or maybe because reports are [...]

Jenelle just keeps lying to everybody.She retweets pothead tweets and says it doesn't mean she's smoking, she says she's going to school, working hard to get Jace back, turning her life around, yada yada yada. She may as well be speaking Chinese. Can she admit anything?! We know she smokes. We know she rarely sees Jace. We know all of this stuff and she still tries to lie. She's so full of herself and thinks she's some prize or something.

And to end this: Gary is a complete moron and a shit marine. He needs to just go somewhere...or just away.

Also, LMAO about the fact that she called the cops ON HIM and got arrested herself!! Ahahahah!! No, no, I'm not tired of hearing about Jenelle. Oh man, this is too funny!

From what I understand, she is bipolar. So her falling back on self medicating makes sence. I don't say what she's doing is right, but it fits her mental illness. If you know nothing about bipolar people then don't judge. She needs to get away from toxic people and access to pot and stabilize. She can be a good mother, but first she has to get herself under control. If all she got busted with is a little pot a little green pill, then she not some junkie. That little green pill is could be a medication she's suppossed to take. To get a charge from it all she had to do was have it in her pocket outside of a pill bottle. Hopefully she can get her head straight.

klonopins are for anxiety that when taken with alcohol gets you messsssed up. I had a friend who used to be addicted. It was awful. And people who are bipolar don't usually try to self educate because they typically don't want medication because they like the high point of being bipolar.

I personally don't like how people can be so judgmental.. Jenelle is a person whom needs help. I have a son 15 that has BiPolar and let me just say he is extremely hard to deal with but what would happen to him if I was to just give up on him like everyone is her? That's not the way to help her get threw this.. My son has also smoked weed. I refuse to let him but it's still done behind my back. Surprisingly it does help him. There are many things that drug helps. He says he can think clear and his mind doesn't race.. Have you critical people ever thought of it in that way?? I believe that marijuana should be legalized. If you do not agree then maybe you should watch weed wars and see how many children and people it really does help.. For many different diseases, it's by no means a cure but does help.. So if everyone would try to support her instead of being so mean and critical then it may help her!!!

"Let’s hope not. I know people are tired of hearing of her, but I think we’re all secretly hoping she turns her life around… or is it just me?"
I think it's just you! I hope she goes to jail that way she will actually have an excuse for not seeing her son. At least then he can be told that she CAN'T see him not just that she CHOOSES not to. SMH.

Pieces of white trash at it's finest. I wish Jenelle would be thrown in jail already just like Amber was.

I'm not saying she does not deserve jail time. But I am saying she needs support to get through all of this. Someone who has no support gets worse and worse. I agree she is not a good mother but if she would get the help she needs that could change. I've never left my children or gone without them. But there were many things they should not have seen in my younger years that I regret. It may be best for Jace to be with her mom. Cause we don't want him growing up seeing and doing the same things she has. Like I said BiPolar is a serious disease and it is very hard to control. And after having a child with this I do have sympathy for her cause I see on a daily basis what he goes through. I'm sorry for the people who think I'm wrong but if you will live with someone for awhile or research BiPolar then you may understand a lil better.