Jenelle Evans' Segment On The 'Teen Mom 2' Reunion Special Was Quite Awkward

Jenelle Evans

From photos of male genitalia to her rocky relationship with her mother, it's safe to say that Jenelle Evans had a pretty weird segment on the Teen Mom 2 Reunion Special with Dr. Drew.

"Nathan confirms that he's not interested in Jenelle romantically. He claims that David is nice to him when face to face but over texting David is rude to him," according to our recap of the Teen Mom 2 Reunion Special.

"They start arguing about Nathan's drunken nights and texting David about his penis."

According to the reunion episode, Nathan named his private part "P-bug" and claimed that David was jealous of the size of it.

What an awkward reveal that was on stage, so awkward that David didn't really want anything to do with the special.

Meanwhile, Barbara is still criticizing David and claims that she is also hurt by the custody battle for Jace. Things are still looking very messy for Evans', however, hopefully things take a turn for the better in the next season.

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P Bug bro? really