Jenelle Caught Cheating; Leaving Twitter Again

Jenelle Evans

jenelle evans caught cheating on gary headLet's see, where to begin on this wild story?

Jenelle Evans posted that she is deactivating her twitter - again - after James Duffy (yes, that guy) accused her of cheating on Gary, with him.

At first Gary didn't believe it, but after Duffy started posting a stream of photos, including the one to the left, he had one reaction:

"WOW is all I'm gonna say" - Gary's Twitter

Oh but the story gets weirder.

Apparently Jenelle and Gary showed up to Duffy's house with an AK-47 to get back her panties that she allegedly left there.

Jenelle is claiming that those panties got caught up in Kieffer's laundry while he was moving out, and then Gary decided to steal them. Duffy is claiming she forgot them after days of hooking up.

While Duffy does seem a little creepy, there is just too much evidence stacking up against Jenelle right now.

Being arrested a few times for cyber stalking the guy, photos of her car in his driveway overnight, and Jenelle reaching out to him recently, it's not looking good.

It's unsure how long Jenelle will be off of twitter, but based on her track record, I don't think it will be that long.

Hopefully she'll come back and clear some of this stuff up, because every time I hear something new it just leaves me with more questions than answers.

Why does she keep going back to Duffy? Why is Duffy partying with teens? Why does he hang around with people he needs to take pictures of for future proof? Will Gary take her back once again as soon as she comes calling? Will any of this be on Teen Mom 2? So many questions!! Give me answers!


Jenelle is back on twitter, at least temporarily to post this:

Don't know why u are banging at my door and ringing my doorbell nonstop @gary_head

I have a feeling this situation is far from over.

Update #2:

Gary replies:

@PBandJenelley_1 because you have a gun in my name also with your quarter pound of weed. Sounds like you want to go to jail


Update #3:

Here is a little back and forth from the two....

But yu put on quite a show, very entertaining. Take a bow

I never cheated on @gary_head. He is assuming it becuz I brought kieffers clothes to him that he left at my house. I told him truth.

Did @gary_head tell me the truth about Hannah being in his phone with a different name ?! Yeah that's f**ked up


If I had anything to hide about Hannah. I would have never gave my phone to @PBandJenelley_1 to read the covo

no response about that, and then we see this...

Wow now @gary_head stole my debit card ? Wtf dude I gave everything back to u?!!!!! Wtf did I do?!!!!!

What is going on down there? Crazy. I feel like I'm live blogging Big Brother with these updates.

Late Update #4

After Gary said he's going to chill out for a bit then go talk to Jenelle because his "phone won't stop blowing up", both he and Jenelle's twitter accounts are gone.

Maybe they realized they can use text messaging or call each other instead of talking in public like that? (Not that I'm complaining, gives me stuff to blog about).

Anwyay, expect them back together in a few days and likely back on twitter like nothing happened.

Update #wowthisislong

Jenelle is still defending it, and no story would be fair without at least giving her side of the story. Taken from ATTM fb (not sure how she got the quote)

"Just so you all now,i dint cheat on Gary,James Duffy & Kieffer are blackmailing me because i wont date or have sex with Kieffer.Those panties that was shown there old! there from when i was dating Kieffer the first time i ever dated him! He wouldn't give them back . He was taking pics of them and sealing the pictures he took of them.Thats why Gary showed up at his house with his Gun fighting with him to get them back"

To Jenelle's credit, I did find the story odd that even Duffy admitted Gary came to his house with a gun to get back the panties. So Gary knew he had them, but I guess he believed Jenelle until today. Although with Duffy blackmailing, what does he gain from that? Usually there is a reason to blackmail aside trying to get some random guy laid...

so no real motive for Duffy yet. On the other hand, Kieffer has already displayed he is a grade A scumbag, and doing something like that probably isn't above him....

so it's more of a he said-she said. Who do you believe?


Well to start, Jenelle is not a teen. At least not on her birth certificate. She is 20 years old. That being said, most 7th graders are more mature than Jenelle so no harm, no foul TMJ.

Second, Jenelle is so dirty. I mean, all the guys she dates (Kieffer, Gary, Duffy, etc) are dirty, too. But you are the crowd you carry, so I don't know why Jenelle blasts all this cheating, stealing, and abuse when it is almost inevitable (or even proven already) that she does the same exact things. She is literally a mess. A straight up mess that constantly goes back to her habits whenever things don't go her way. Her solution to any problem with a perosn is to blast these people on twitter to her followers. I've always given Amber the credit that she was smart enough to stay off twitter so she didn't have all this direct backlash. As the saying goes: Your reputation is always most hurt by the words that YOU use to defend it. Grow up and just let it go. Move on.

Well I mentioned the teen thing because Duffy has had a thing with Jenelle for a little while now, but yea I do believe she's 20 now.

All joking aside, she isn't any dirtier than half of all other American women. What sets her apart is that she broadcasts it for everyone to see. She also needs to quit it with these douches who do nothing but sell her out.

Half of other American women?? Who are you hanging around? NONE of my friends are like this and never have been.

Go live in Metro Detroit. 90% of the women are dirtier than Jenelle.

I didn't mean half literally of course.

That's pretty effed up the bitch can have a qtr pound of weed and a gun and boobs while mommy has jace. She dosent even have parent rights, so is she a teen mom? Should MTV even be paying her? How many teen moms do u know with all that shit? Unless your hooking drug dealing or dancing your not making that kind of money at 19 or 20. It's fine when the $ is gone these bitches are screwed. All of em

she is so dirty.

Never gna change

Hahaha... This is so funy... In the end of this week they are gona be back together

All of these people are ******* nuts. They all deserve each other. Each and every one of them are nothing but trash.

This isn't surprising in the least. I guess all the people that follow Jenelle and are her "Fans" are the exact same way she is. I hope she never gets custody of Jace back.

No matter how much you hate someone, unless they're abusing their child or putting them in serious harms way, wishing someone never gets their kid back is a horrible thing to say.

I hope you burn in hell.

So how is wishing a person burns in hell ANY better than another person wishing they dont get custody of their child back? Bit hypocritical, yeah?
I dont think Jenelle should have custody of Jace either. She is obviously not fit to be a mother and needs to grow up.

At the moment no, she shouldn't get Jace back, but in the future if she does grow up and actually be a good mother, you still think she shouldn't get him back? Wow is all i got to say.

Wow right back to you that you think that an immature child who spread her legs should just automatically get an innocent child back just because she is the mother? Well too bad because she doesnt give a shit about Jace now and all her FB and Twitter bullshit proves it. Not ONCE have you heard about how she is trying to get her son back by doing good things. Nope you hear about how she is breaking up/making up with her loser bf. Jace needs stability in has that to an extent with Barabara. He would never have that with Jenelle. She should be allowed supervised visits and that is all.

Jenelle would be putting her child at risk - going to get her panties with a gun - not just any gun but an AK47 apparently...

And the child would see all the chaos that surrounds Jenelle, which would be very, very unhealthy!

Up to this point Jenelle has demonstrated that she is too immature and makes too many dangerous decisions for her to have Jace in her care.

It seems as though this is unlikely to change, as she keeps saying she is going to get herself together, but all we see is patterns that repeat time and time again. (She has managed to stay out of jail for a while now- which is progress, I guess.)

Do you think it would be healthy for Jace to be in this environment, where Jenelle is crying all the time, and people are banging at her door and...

Jenelle will probably never be in a place where she can offer a safe and secure (and stable) environment for a child. She should really think about permanent birth control.

And Jace might be better off never living with her.

I hope that Jenelle gets herself together, because she has the brains to go somewhere and do something. I hope she stops putting such a priority on boys, and looks more into herself to fill her needs. She probably needs intense councelling and therapy.

The thing about hoping someone doesn't get their kid back is that sometimes we should be thinking about WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE KID, not what is good for the parent.

Honestly Snokel? I am really hoping you don't have kids. Or if you do have kids, I hope they are not in your care.

I agree. I dont think that Jenelle will EVER put Jace first and it would be in HIS best interest to have limited contact with her.
If she wanted her son so bad she would put down the bottle, the bowl, and the keyboard and really focus on her son and not just tweet about it.

I love it. Here is the big slap in the face that every Jenelle fan deserves. This idiot takes a micro step forward and 10 million back. She is a distusting attention seeking worthless "person". And can they not text? Why "tweet" you conversations for the world to see? I don't get that but then again I get NOTHING about Jenelle.

I wonder if Jenelle can request to share a cell with Amber?


Not every fan of Jenelle is exactly like her, I use to like her but now I've given up hope with her.

I don't want to give up hope on Jenelle, just because I really want her to change and be in her sons life because it's very hard without a mother and father and Jace won't have either. And lets be honest, Barbara is a little crazy. I hope everything works out for the best. Maybe jail time will do her some good, just like its going to do Amber.

Anyone know what happened to teenmomtalk? Just wondering.

LOVE the final update lol

I think one of the reasons why i loved following Jenelle's story, is because she is, in a sense, relatable. As teens, we all do things we arent proud of, because that's how we learn and gain life experiences. Through our lowest moments come life's greatest lessons right? We've all been there..we don't listen to our parents or even friends advice because we "know" better. What pisses me off is that she's always making things worse for herself by broadcasting her dirty laundry all over social media sites. It's almost as if its a competition between her and Gary... who can get the most fans on their side or something. It's like the two of them thrive off of it. I can't understand why she doesn't understand how much worse she's making it for herself. One day Jace, or maybe one of his friends will google Jenelle's name and he'll pull up an article like this one. Can you imagine what he's going to think of her when he reads that she was having an affair with a 40 year old man!? So sad, and so avoidable.

Who is Duffy!?

Is it just me or does Jenelle look JUST like babs in that picture..

Its so funny how she jumps around probably not using protection they should all have a orgy since apparently no one minds sloppy seconds or thirds...jenelle is like a poison or a disease she hurts every Guy in her life in one way or another sad thing is poor jade is gonna be old enough to see what a piece of shit his mom is soon I didn't feel bad for her over her boob pics you mess with someones heart and play games you will get yours in the end I really don't Think the pics bothered her was smiling in them if anything I think she liked the pics and the attention. Keifer is Ummm the ultimate bum but I guess she likes gutter trash but hey Haha one up for k for selling her boob pics Hahaha and wow what a shitty itty Bitty titty job!!! Duffy is the ultimate creeper and a loser hello he's all over any chick he think looks decent but Maybe some day he will find a girl he thinks is hot and it will be a chick with a dick!!! Gary is just a idiot you can't make a hoe a housewife so wake up and smell the coffee dumbass no matter how many times you ask her to marry you your never gonna be the one she wants sounds like she's slept with most of the dudes in north Carolina now and I guess none of her fans see that she's a big liar even when the writing is on the wall she's pathetic always will be she's more worried about rolling up a joint then jace it is always funny when her and Gary break up she always says oh he did this or stole that but never mentions it when things are good!!

Its SO true that she hurts every guy in her life and the main one is jace. She is such a terrible mother. She spends more time with keffier and duffy and gary then jace. She's worthless

I am ohnestly starting to believe that Gary enjoys this as much as Jenelle. I mean, come on he keeps taking her back over and over and over. However, he has officially gotten back the ring!

The one thing that does makes me go "huh" is why does everyone run back to Duffy?!! Why did Kieffer go live w him if he knows this guys past w Jenelle. Honestly as much of a creep this old perv is, he has all my "respect". He knows how to control them and get them to go against each other. Kieffer will be back w him as Jenelle & Gary will get back togetherr. Tha sad thing here is Gary. He gets played ALL the time!!

Gary isn't innocent in all of this.... He's a big boy and he knew what he was getting himself into after the first big blow out. He wanted her back remember! Plus, i remember seeing a certain text that Gary sent to Jenelle where he was admitting some pretty hefty cheating on his part. If you ask me, i'd say they're both playing each other.

I firmly believe that Jennelle needs drama in her life like the rest of us need oxygen to breath.

Haha omg this is all over a pair of panties!!??!!?!?! What the fuck! These Ppl have tooooooo much time on their hands. Never heard or seen pics of these panties before and why would she admit they were hers?? They could have been anyones . Ha does she write her name in them?

And do u have the other pics duffy posted?

Okay this is all well and good but seriously who just walks around with an AK-47?

People who play too much Call of Duty

Or someone in the military like Gary?

Just because you are in the military doesn't mean you walk around waving assualt rifles.

Thank you! I'm pretty sure if his command found out he did something idiotic like use an assault rifle to get some panties back, he'd be in big trouble.

its a complete waste of my time and brain cells to follow her life......but its too damn good to look away.

Duffy wasnt saying that jenelle was cheating on Gary with him. He was saying she was cheating on Gary with Kieffer, who was living with Duffy at the time of the photos.


Who in the world brings a gun to get back a pair of panties??? Wow! Am I missing something?! We're they made of gold??

Look, I feel bad for Jenelle. But she's a big girl now, and as my dad says, doing what you've always done is going to get you what you've always gotten. I don't know who in this giant shitstorm thinks something is going to magically change. It's really sad, for Jace most of all. Also, anyone else think her tweeting a picture of herself crying is a new attention seeking low?

Jenelle is so stupid. She says the panties are from when she FIRST dated him and that he never gave them back. A few months ago they were "in love" again, he would've given them back! She's a liar.
Also, some time last week, Kieffer tweeted about spending time with "someone" and something like "yu know who yu r." He can't spell so that seems about right. Anyhow, she might not know who she is but we do: Jenelle.
She is just a dead-beat, chain-smoking piece of trash. She looks like she could easily be on an episode of COPS.
Duffy may be a creep but at least he has not lied about anything. If someone publicly accused me of lying all of the time, I would start stacking up evidence too. Jenelle lies constantly and even admits it. She has no shame in lying about anything. A person who can lie about being abused or hit by their boyfriend would surely lie about a lot more. Gary is a stupid fool but he's gross as well so I don't feel one bit sorry.

All I can think about right now is poor baby Jace ):

Who the hell would dislike this comment? Lol


I love people who post illegal things on their Twitter. They are talking about guns and Marijuana?! I hope they all get arrested, all four of them. And Janelle just gets trashier and trashier. She is a real attention whore.

Seriously, I think I could make money betting on her love life. Less than a week ago they broke up! Sad, but funny.


Hi Jenelle!

Honestly, this girl does not want custody of Jace. She might think she does, because that's what everyone expects because he's her child but honestly, she has never had to care for him. She has never built that mother/son bond that comes when you care for a child. I know girls like her, the parents take care of the kid and to them they see the child as more of like a brother or a sister than their child. And even though she is a b****, Jace is way better off with Barbara. He has stability, there's not guys coming and going, and partying all the time. I think MTV just thought Jenelle would be a party girl and would bring drama so that's why they signed her up for Teen Mom 2, but what I don't think they expected was for her to be such an absent parent, but they worked with it and made it part of her story line. She has some serious mental issues and/or just has an absolute NEED for attention and drama. When my boyfriend and I fight we don't post all the details on any social networking site, we don't communicate publicly so everyone can see our drama. EVERY TIME this girl has drama with her boyfriends, anyone for that matter, she posts ALL their dirty laundry on Twitter. She seriously has some serious growing up to do, and she needs some intensive mental help. How she acts and the things she does just aren't normal. Too bad Teen Mom 2 isn't ending this season.

She needs to learn that everything she's putting on Twitter could be communicated through text. Nobody would know her business and she wouldn't get as much backlash because at the very least people wouldn't KNOW how unstable she is.

And she needs to stop associating with losers like Duffy. Seriously. (I don't think Keiffer or Gary are any better, to be honest.)

Gary pretty much represents your typical dumbass marine who gets into a crappy relationship because I guess he thinks he can't get any better. I've seen it happen with lots of military guys. Not that he's a saint either - he obviously has anger issues. But if he thinks their relationship is going to survive a deployment - its laughable. Jenelle is obviously going to cheat on him if they can't last a freaking weak. Their whole relationship is toxic.

Look at her patterns, every time something goes wrong/she doesn't get her way she runs to someone else to try and get a pity party/attention. When her mother yelled at her or wouldn't let her see Jace, she would go running to Kieffer or whatever friend. Pretty sure she did that with Gary. Everytime she has a bad time with Gary, she probably runs to whoever and seeks comfort in sex or drugs. Wasn't she bipolar? She's obviously severely codependent with low self esteem issues to get with these lowlife men and seeks drugs to make her feel better. She's even said that's why she smokes pot.

As much as her hanging out with a creepy old guy is gross, I think she clearly has "daddy" issues and that fulfills whatever for her I guess.

I just feel bad for Jace in all this because knowing how her family turned out that kid is screwed.

Off-topic, but does anyone know where Teen Mom Talk has gone? Another mystery in this MTV parallel universe they all inhabit.

I was curious too and went around on Twitter to find out what happened. Allegedly, Heather had posted an article on TMT that wasn't true, someone asked her to take the article down, and instead she took the whole site down. Good riddance I say, she was a terrible writer and was always the last to post stories.

Basically, Heather Clouse had been caught making up lies about some of the moms and even went as far as going an a national radio show and lying BLATANTLY about Kailyn. Kailyn heard about it and went on a twitter war with Heather in the days following. I'm guessing she's getting sued by one of the girls... Hollybaby, a well known gossip website is currently being sued by Leah and Dawn Messer over allegations regarding her pregnancy and engagement to Jeremy. I think Heather is likely part of this and can't run a site anymore due to the fact that she now in legal hot water.

The main problem with some of these fans pages is that they don't post sources. All The Teen Moms, a popular facebook page is now being questioned the same way Heather's blog was... In recent months, that Admin has refused to provide sources when asked by fans and INSTANTLY deletes any comments that ask her to provide sources. I know, I just tried this.

The article above contains a quote that only All The Teen Moms magically knows about... It's not on Jenelle's twitter or her Facebook page and now fans are contacting Jenelle to ask if she's really said it. Jenelle has not responded, but I hope she does. I'm sick and tired of fan pages that lie about these girls.

I kindly asked on All The Teen Moms blog if she could provide a source for that quote and the admin deleted my comment within an hour's time and refused to give me a source.

Something's up with that admin... She used to be really open and honest with fans and posted sources. Now, every article is written like Heather's were, few sources and even the same font Heather used...

I've already reported her to Facebook for lying and misrepresenting her fan page for Teen Mom because she continually sells her Scentsy crap on it (Which is against Facebook Terms and Conditions and can get you banned). Now, it looks like this girl has now gone as far as lying about something Jenelle said and is deleting anyone who says otherwise...

The best way to get the truth about the Teen Moms... Read their twitter ONLY ... Even the Amber Official Page is being run by a fan, in fact the same admin that runs All The Teen Moms... Most of the official pages are run by fans, not actual family or friends of the real moms... Leah Messer's page is the one I know being run by family... Her mom... And of course Jenelle's page...

There is a "Heather Clouse Awareness Page" on Facebook to let fans know she is a liar and doesn not use sources. Looks like we're going to have to add another fan page to it!

Best thing to do is to call out ANY fan page that doesn't use a source. Many of these fan pages are just lying to fans about what's happening with the girls... And report them to Facebook. Libel and slander against another person is totally and completely illegal. Ask Heather Clouse about that.

Just chatted to a friend of mine who writes for national gossip website. She's been in touch with the admin from All The Teen Moms. She says the admin, Jamie, claims she got the quote from Jenelle's Twitter. Only one problem with that: Jenelle's apparent tweet is much longer than 140 characters. More than twice that, in fact! It is not possible that the quote could have come from Jenelle's Twitter. So thought you guys should know. :D


I am not sure, but I think Heather was getting a lot of, uh, negative comments directed towards her, so she might have just pulled the website. That is just my opinion.

Jenelle and Kieffer both have herpes. That's what the big secret is that they keep threatening each other with exposing.

If that was the big secret, either Gary, Tori, or Duffy would have tweeted about it by now. Plus, why would Duffy and Kieffer want to keep herpes infested panties? She's pretty open, so it's gotta be something really big... I bet it's a sex tape....there's ALWAYS a sex tape!

Of course there's a tape. There's probably a collection. Duffy has tweeted about their herpes. It may have been deleted.

Can one of you Jenelle fans tell me what she is waiting for to go after custody of Jace..she makes 85K a year, can afford a new car, a place to live and is off probation...sooooooooo, why does her Mom still have Jace...what exactly else does she need to accomplish to get her son back (of course, we all know she does not want him back is and is bat shit crazy and selfish)...

I'd love to know the answer to that too! (Although I agree, we know she doesn't actually want him back).

I try to see the good in people. I really do. But I see no good in Jenelle. I see a dirty, nasty little girl that for the sake of her child should straighten up..but won't. I have no pity for her. Nothing but pure disgust. She seriously seems like nothing but a skank. And that's putting it nicely.

Jenelle is a straight up train wreck. Im surprised you havent posted the story of her "adopting" a pitbull. I'd love to see the comments under that post!

Seriously? That's the 3rd dog she's adopted in the past 12 months. -.-

It seems to me everything Jenelle related is pure poison and BS!! She needs to get out of the limelight, have a chastity belt put on her, and sent to a remote part of america where she knows nobody. she needs to start afresh with all her drama past behind her.. otherwise, she's never gonna change.
Im not saying its entirely her fault.. her mum shoulda forced her to take care of jace (worked for farrah) and she woulda knuckled down and dealt with it.
Thanks to her mum being a pushover and letting Jenelle treating her like a live in babysitter, Jenelle didnt do what every mum has to, which is GROW UP!

It seems to me everything Jenelle related is pure poison and BS!! She needs to get out of the limelight, have a chastity belt put on her, and sent to a remote part of america where she knows nobody. she needs to start afresh with all her drama past behind her.. otherwise, she's never gonna change.
Im not saying its entirely her fault.. her mum shoulda forced her to take care of jace (worked for farrah) and she woulda knuckled down and dealt with it.
Thanks to her mum being a pushover and letting Jenelle treating her like a live in babysitter, Jenelle didnt do what every mum has to, which is GROW UP!
I have no sympathy for Jenelle or her family.

[...] a super fame whore just leeching off her at this point.  They’ve broken up a billion times, she spends all hours of the night at her former bosses house and leaves her panties there, yet he’s ready to propose to her the next day.   It has to be [...]

So Jenelle and Gary aren't engaged anymore? or are they?

[...] will the story end?  Will our love struck couple eventually find their way back together to battle her former boss over panties, or will she go back to the carpenter who will paint more nude portraits of her and sell them to [...]

I love watching jenelle. My life is so messed up, I feel like a messed up person, I feel pretty damn bad about it all the time... But when I watch jenelle, it's the only time I feel pretty damn good about myself, like, you know, my life isn't so bad after all. It just puts it all into perspective.