Was Gary Arrested? Was It Jenelle's Fault? Does Anyone Care?

Jenelle Evans

jenelle and garyOk this is a serious question for our readers. Are you tired of hearing about Gary and/or Jenelle? My personal opinion, I'm tired of Gary but Jenelle is just so fascinating that I'd probably read the heck out of a personal blog she ever made.

I mean she has it all for entertainment value.

One day she's kicking down someone's door with her boyfriends AK-47 trying to get her panties back, then she's volunteering for old people, and now there are reports of her boyfriend getting arrested, possibly related to her and some iphone.

So Jenelle stories will keep flowing because I know people like to read them, but I'm kind of tiring on the Gary situation. She's going to hate me for saying it, but it feels like he's a super fame whore just leeching off her at this point.

They've broken up a billion times, she spends all hours of the night at her former bosses house and leaves her panties there, yet he's ready to propose to her the next day.

It has to be a trend with Teen Mom that Gary's on the show are just fame whores.

One guy is selling t-shirts with his face all over them, the other waits around for Jenelle to finish "hanging out" with her former boss, Keiffer and whoever else she wants.

Ok, so here is the scoop if you want it.

Gary and Jenelle haven't posted much on twitter since Sat night, which is probably a record time for periods their accounts were active. Travis Head, Gary's pretty douchy brother (based on his tweets), posted a few things recently...

Man f*ck that b*tch!!!! My bro in jail
Off tmmrw! To go bail my bro out with this 4g
My bro is officially out on bail!!!

So was Gary arrested this weekend? Was he talking about Jenelle? Was he even talking about Gary? Does anyone even care?

I'm going to go with the former to all those questions. If Gary was arrested, and if it was related to Jenelle...

meh. Probably shouldn't have gone back to her for the 25th time, bro. If this story wasn't even related to Jenelle, then I apologize for giving him even more attention.


They are BOTH famewhores!!!! Their relationship is RIDICULOUS. I can't even take them seriously. (Not that i ever have, mind you). Their relationship isn't even rocky-it's FAKE. NOBODY in their right mind has such an up and down relationship like these two. And its not even just breaking up/getting back together-its all kinda of twitter drama, illegal activity, cheating, guns, etc. Anything to do with Jenelle, Gary, Keiffer, Tori, etc i do NOT care about because it's all just so ridiculous and fake. These two make Ryan and Dalis' relationship seem stable!

I'm wondering why his bond (if that is her Gary who was arrested) is 4 grand. He must have an extensive record to have a bond that high from a theft charge.

On a happier note, I love this site! Especially when you guys come up with awesome nicknames for the girls' bfs. When you call Joe "shifty eyes" for instance, I always laugh out loud! Keep doing what you're doing!!! : )

His brother is probably an idiot. Gary's bond was probably only $4,000 which means he only has to pay like $400.

Haha, yes I'm positive his brother is an idiot. In case anyone is interested, Gary's bond was reportedly set at $1500 and it's that high because he was also charged with possession, etc. Just like Jenelle.

To answer your question, yes. I'm so sick of hearing about them it's ridiculous. I don't care how many times they break up, I know she's an awful person, I know she's an attention whore. I dislike that she gets what she wants by having everyone pay attention to her. But at the same time, It's pretty much your job to post everything about her; even if very few people care. At least we get to vent about how stupid/irresponsible she is, how much we hate who she is as a person, how bad we feel for Jace, and how we wish Jenelle was sterile and Jace was a better person's child. Let me know when she goes to jail so I can laugh.
Rude? Maybe.
Does she deserve better? No.
This is the kind of attention she wanted. If she wanted good publicity, she would have taken after Caitlyn and Tyler.

Also, Gary's brother must be as stupid as he is. Was that tweet in English? Good lord, what has happened to the world?

Is Gary not in the military? I am pretty sure they frown upon getting arrested and making an ass of yourself in public. How about using a weapon to intimidate? How has he not got the boot yet?

And to top it off, he's aparently a marine. All branches of the military are honorable, but marine's have always been known as the cream of the crop. I don't understand how people haven't reported him. I'd fire him if he was a cook at my 2-star restaurant, let alone him making an ass out of himself as a representative of our country's defenders.

Well to answer your question, I'd rather hear about Jenelle & Gary breaking down doors with AK's than "Chelsea made a cupcake today."

Doing anything besides sitting on her couch or taking instagram pictures of herself doing hideous facials is newsworthy when it comes to Chelsea. The girl is literally the laziest, most entitled person I've ever seen. She obviously needs the reassurance from fans about how "great" she looks because of her raging self-esteem issues.

Sorry but I have to disagree with you there. Farrah is the absolute worst. She's a snobby little bratty cunt. And self esteem issues? She would even breast feed because she was scared of her boobs sagging, which she got implants for anyway.

I will say, while jenelle does suck. She is entertaining and at least doesn't have custody unlike that awful person people call Farrah.

Wouldn't even breastfeed* dang typos lol

Also, might i add that they are the ONLY couple who badmouthes eachother on twitter? Everyone else just says that they are single and that's that. They don't tweet hurtful things to/about eachother for the world to see. Which is also why i believe it's all fake-some of the crap that's been said is cruel and NOBODY would just be okay with getting back together after all of it ALL THE TIME.

Someone posted a link in the previous story about Janelle in which she states that she purposely exaggerates on twitter for the show...so basically doing it for attention. This girl is a fame whore who wants attention be it good or bad. Sadly the person who it will effect the most is Jace when he's old enough to understand that he just wasn't important enough for her to get her life together.

To answer your question, yes, I'm tired hearing about Jenelle and Gary. She doesn't represent a mother type figure in my eyes. She treats Jace like a little brother, and like nothing else. This girl needs serious help and she's not gonna get it without her wanting to. Can she honestly look back at herself and think that she's a good mom and daughter? She disgusts me in so many ways.

Honestly, I'd rather read less about Jenelle and more about the other moms, but if the other moms don't do anything to write about, I'd rather read a blog full of Jenelle stories than a blog that only gets updated like once a week.

both look like so aggressive :(((( this is an abusing relationship, no more info, please.

Barbara wanted to adopt Jace when Jenelle was pregnant. And she was right! Jace needs better parent than Jenelle.

I want to know why Janelle stopped going to school. She was all gung ho about school and the she met Gary. Does anyone know what happened?

It's like anything else in Jenelle's life: If she has to do something that even remotely resembles effort, she quits or blames it on somebody else. I'm sure she'll say that it's Gary's fault or some other lame excuse. Jenelle NEEDS jail time. She needs to see what her actions amount to. It's sickening that she didn't take advantage of her probation like she should have. She cheated in August halfway through it, they still didn't tack on any extra days, they let her off and sponged it off her record. Then, 2 months later, she throws it in everyone's face and gets arrested for the same thing again.

It's almost like she's trying to be th next Lindsay Lohan.

I think she's hilarious. I'm not going to lie: I love hearing about her stupidity. It's like watching Tosh.0 or Jackass: you can tell the person (Jenelle) is an idiot and is about to do something stupid. You know what's going to happen, and you know it's going to be a train wreck. She is so defiant and always tells everyone "you'll see" and yet the only thing we "see" is that we were right.
It's tragic in a way but she only has herself to blame. She reminds me of Mother Courage. She's damned to repeat her mistakes over and over. She's just going in circles, living the only way she knows how, time after time after time. Tragic, really.

[...] As I reported yesterday, Gary Head was indeed arrested over the weekend, but he wasn’t alone.  Jenelle was put in bars yet again, which allowed her to punch her last card slot and win a “get out of jail free” card!  So the next one will be on the house, Jenelle! [...]