Dalis Mad At Jenelle For Posting A Modeling Photo Of Her

Jenelle Evans

Before I begin with the story, you've probably noticed the lack of updates on this blog throughout the summer. There are two reasons for that.

1) I decided to actually try to have a life this summer since we have like 2 minutes to enjoy it in New England a year.

2) The free time I did have, I've been blogging about Big Brother. Now that both summer and Big Brother are winding down, expect to see an increase in stories here!

If you've checked out Sulia recently (and you probably have because it's spammed so much on twitter), you'll see the image posted above like 500 times on the front page.

Why is it such a big deal? I'm not really quite sure myself, but the way the story goes is that Jenelle posted the photo of Dalis wearing nothing but her bra, and Dalis was all like "Omg, that's like such a private picture that I put on the internet, how could you like post it, gawd!" ok, that was me pretending to be Dalis, what she really said was:

twtter - "um seriously? That was like 7 months ago. & not for the public. But ofcourse this world is about making others look bad."

I'm not exactly sure how it was making her look bad, perhaps it has to do with the backlash she received this season from her appearance on Teen Mom. Dalis had a pretty poor reception for saying something like "Good" when Maci was done giving Ryan the 3rd degree one night.

Honestly, I'm not hating on her for that, that was regarding the party that Maci set Ryan up to look like a jerk when she had Bentley call him to invite him without giving him any warning.

That was kind of a scumbag move on Maci's part, whether her fans want to admit it or not.

Of course, Dalis probably should have stayed out of it, and she did for the most part, but good 'ole MTV decided to add her clip in for drama purposes which made Maci lovers completely turn on her.

I don't think it was that big of a deal, and I probably would have said the same thing in her shoes.

Maci follows them down to Florida to impose on their vacation, then ambushes Ryan with a birthday invite when he already had plans of his own for Bentley, and then argues with him in front of their son about it.

Needless to say that was water under the bridge, but I think Dalis probably felt like she was being mocked or something by Jenelle due to posting her picture...

so naturally she got defensive. To Jenelle's defense, I didn't see it as mocking, I seen it as just another story to link to Sulia so she gets paid a few extra bucks this week.

What do you think?

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I saw on twitter that the reason Dalis got mad was because she is not allowed to have this picture on the internet because she's on a track scholarship. It was posted by the photographer for Dalis to put in her modeling portfolio but Dalis never actually posted it online, for that very reason.

This same photo was posted on youtube 7 months ago...and im pretty sure it wasnt the photographer that posted it...

If these were private how were folks able to find them on the internet. Stupid girl. What you should be mad is that your arm looks hella gross & your pits look nasty!

come on now, pits aren't easy to have looking like other parts of your skin, because that skin is just different. Just cuz she isn't airbrushed to perfection, that's no reason to tell someone they should be ashamed of a picture.

Shit happens when you are on a popular reality TV star so sucks for her about the photo getting out.

I don't think it was wrong for her to simply say "good". I don't thinks he cares to get involved with Ryan & Maci's parenting at all. But she is Ryan's GIRLFRIEND and honestly put yourself in her shoes. Someone is yelling at her significant other that she loves. Dalis knows better than to get involved, but I'm sure I'd be pissed hearing someone yell at my boyfriend and might let out a "good" myself.... at the very least. Doesn't matter if it's his ex-girlfriend, mother of his son, or a cranky stranger at the grocery store.

Until Ryan and Dalis get married, she is nothing more than his girlfriend and does not have a say in Bentley's upbringing or in Maci and Ryan's relationship.

Dalis needs to stay out of it, just like Kyle does.

Kyle doesn't stay out of it. Kyle makes rude comments all the time about Ryan and jumps on the Bash Ryan Bandwagon whenever Maci rants about him.I guess Kyle has just never had the balls to say something to Ryan's face. I don't think what Dalis said was all that wrong, and she may have never said it at that Monet at all. MTV may have edited it in because you don't SEE her say "good', you just hear it.

umm..yeah you do see her say it, I think you need to do your homework.


If it wasn't available online then how did jenelle end up with it?

I bet Dalis emailed it to Janelle cause she know Janelle would put it on blast for her. lol

I love that nearly 50% of the votes chose option 3. That's my readers for you haha

LOL don't even give them the option! Self deprecation is great but have confidence in your posts! If people are reading and commenting, then you're doing everything right. Of course people will pick the joke option cause it's just funny :p You guys do a great job on this site, no insecurities needed on your part! I love this site. My fave Teen Mom page =D excited to hear you'll have more time for updates, and I hope you update us on every little mundane thing because that's what makes the "Teen Mom world" go round.

Aww, thank you!

We love you guys!! They wouldnt vote at all if the post sucked it would be closed half way

They took the time to scroll all the way to the bottom of the email or this post and vote... Tells you a LOT about your readers :)
I voted No. However, I think Jenelle would post it to take away from the fact she's got naked pictures all over the internet. So, maybe it was being vindictive? Because I didn't see her reposting any of her naked pics for fans to see on Sulia. But her mom sure did!

Dalis should learn to shut her mouth to begin with. Is she Bentleys mother or father? Yeah, didn't think so. What goes on between Ryan & Maci is THEIR business being the parents of Bentley. So if Dalis never posted this on the internet how did Jenelle get it? Right, some where down the line it was put up by Dalis considering she's the owner of the picture. Not unless she sent it to someone. Either way her fault. She also sets there & starts with Maci on Part 2 of The Season Final so maybe this is just her karma. If track was so important to her she would have mad sure this picture was never released to anyone! Common sense.


The person to be upset with is Heather Clouse...she posted it on her Sulia and Jenelle snatched it.

Jenelle isn't exactly blame-free, but people don't need to give her so much heat for it, Dalis included. Lesson learned - don't take a pic you don't want your mother to see, much less the Internet.

OMG don't point this out for Dalis! Heather has a huge crush on Dalis and became a fitness nut after deciding to move on from her Chelsea obsession. Plus Ryan and Dalis have Scentsy parties under Heather. Don't cut off her income.

What does Dalis expect? Don't post a "private" picture on the internet and expect people not to post it elsewhere. I feel bad that it was Jenelle who had to, but if Dalis can't take all of the backlash that comes with appearing on TV, she should leave. I don't even like her to begin with.

I don't understand how she could get in trouble with track. How is a bra any different than the bathing suits she poses in?

Ummm hello the real question here is why does Jenelle have this picture if it was private? ummmm does any one else see this as awkward?

Hah, you know what was really awkward?? Dr. Drew getting extremely close to April on the couch last night...just creepy almost!!

Yes Sarah M!!

I was so jealous.

Lmaooo I soooooo agree I was eww back off lol

Those hooker boots she was sportin were pretty awkward too.

Have Jenelle and Dalis ever even met? This is very odd. Definitely NOT a "private" picture if a girl from North Carolina can find it and post it.

I am a maci fan .... of course I think most r but I don't agree with how she handled her self this season! I also now how hard it is being a teen mom let alone a parent but I think she is doing better then most. I don't think highly of dalis but for me I am not a fly on the wall to see everything but to me I am a mom I feel dalis should of maybe tryed a little harder t see maci and her point ... go out for coffee u are going to be around her baby .... kyle has stayed out of it and has been support to maci and Benny

Yeah....Kyle stays out of it, Please he sticks his two sense in all the time. Maci thinks her shit dont stink, but it does! She definately loves Bentley but shes a manipulitive person.

And I would like to add that kyle has called Ryan a loser more than once which is no more mature than Dalis saying good. Kyle wasnt working either, BUT since he is with Maci, its ok, no way could he be a loser!!! Maci cant even get her ass to school. So yeah rant over.

How can anyone understand Kyle? He mumbles.
And I honestly think the elevator doesn't reach the top
floor with this guy.
No wonder Maci is always trying to glean some attention off of Ryan. I beg to ask after reading all the comments on the Maci/Ryan/Kyle/Dalis saga..
What is it about Kyle that is so flipping great?

Ive always thought he was awkward looking. Not so sure whats so great about him, as mean as it sounds he is a definate downgrade in looks to Ryan, but in personality they are a wash!!! Benny ftw!

NOTHING on the Internet is private and of jenelle wouldn't have posted it someone else woulda have.

I think I would have liked Dalis a whole lot better if she spoke with a southern accent. Girls with southern accents seem so much more innocent than girls without them.


Let's not start with getting onto Maci for that fight in front of Bentley. Ryan picked that fight, and he chose to not let Maci shut the door. He was also the only one of the two of them cussing. Dalis should have kept her mouth shut until it was just herself and Ryan if she couldn't handle the backlash, she is just his girlfriend afterall and not a permanent fixture like a step-mom or something. If she can't handle being in the public eye, she should remove herself from modeling and reality television where, everything gets leaked and criticized. Also, if you don't want photos of yourself like this getting out, don't have them taken.

Dalis is an idiot. She has professional pictures in underwear and bikinis and there is actually a photo where she is bottomless! Seriously, she is being overly dramatic. All you have to do is google her or go look on twitter. Her half-nude is floating around but it wasn't "leaked." She was and is aware of it so why she's b****ing about this stupid bra pic is beyond me.

I can't stand her, ugh!

My guess is that the whole thing is a publicity stunt. Dalis isn't going to be on TV anymore and she wants attention.

Dalis is nothing but a stuck up b****. Ofcourse all the Dalis fans are disliking the posts that are stating the facts about her. She has no common sense or respect for Bentley if she did she would let Maci & Ryan have their arguements without sticking his nose in it. It ain't her business. Yes I understand she's dating Ryan but Bentley is NOT hers & is way more important than she will ever be. Also if she's dumb enough to put pictures like this up then hello?? You can expect them to get out, how stupid can you honestly get?

Dalis needs to get over herself.

Hmmm. What could go wrong with trusting your scantily-clad-pics to an upstanding soul like Jenelle?? We've seen in the past that Jenelle does a great job of keeping her own pics private. Amiright???

Nobody is fooled that you want to keep these pics private and "oops" they're out there.

Janelle was probably trying to redirect haters and drag dallis with her lol if i were janelle id do the same

while i dont think jenelle was thinking "lets help dalis' modeling career..." i dont think shes completely guilty. every time a nude or scandalous photo comes out we all say the same thing it shouldnt be put on the internet if you dont want it getting out.

the difference for me is u can tell dalis did a photo shoot.
jenelle laid down on a park bench and opened her legs.
jenelle...you still lose

Dalis is so annoying, immature and insecure, I can't stand her. She is not Bentley's mother, she's not even his stepmother - she's just Ryan's girlfriend and needs to know her place.

Yeah, why is this picture such a big deal ? The one of.her not wearing pants is on the modeling mayhem website under the portfolio.

Surely some of the comments by readers..makes me
realise how immature they are.
These "children" on Teen Mom..are simply that CHILDREN.
They are immature and make very very stupid decisons.
They can smear on the make up..get the hair extensions..get the gel/fake nails..do the spray on tan...and get those horrid tattoos that I swear, when they are my age, they will regret...BUT what have they done? Got knocked up and allowed a film crew to film them? No college..no positive career moves..(oh wait Farrah and her culinary ideas..kudos for that)...just partying and making complete jackasses out of themselves.Oh and tossing the child a bone of attention now and then..or worse yet, using them as a prop for their income.. And you people defend them?