As The Courtroom Turns - Update On Jenelle And Duffy

Jenelle Evans

james duffy locked upJust a few days ago, Jenelle Evans was arrested for making harassing phone calls to her ex-roommate, Hannah Inman. She believes this was a retaliatory attempt due to her pressing charges against James Duffy.

Well, her claims may have just received some validity today as Duffy was picked up and charged with cyber stalking against Jenelle. Here is the quote from Jenelle Evans official page:

James Duffy was picked up on Wednesday at 1pm and served with Cyber Stalking against myself.

Ok, I know what some are probably thinking (based on the comments I usually receive)..

"Oh Jenelle is just trying to pass the blame for the photos going around", and while I can't speak on that, I can speak on the character of Mr. Duffy.

Shortly after my original post on this matter, I received an anonymous e-mail from someone else who has dealt with Duffy in the past, and he pointed me to some forums (here and here) that show James is not exactly the most honorable businessman out there.

Apparently the anonymous source or Jenelle aren't even close to the only people who have had bad experiences with this person.

(I concluded this is the same James Duffy that Jenelle worked with because I know her old boss sold guitars over the Internet.. so unless there are two James Duffy's running the same exact business, then...)

The anonymous source also revealed some other interesting things about Duffy, but I cannot disclose without more proof.


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