Another Day, Another Nude Photo Leaked Of Jenelle

Jenelle Evans


Editor's take - Jenelle, Jenelle, Jenelle. Please don't tell me you're on sulia while this photo was taken. Also, next time you let someone shoot pics like this, we really don't need to see what you had for lunch.

Clean it up a bit... photos like this make Farrah look good. Anyway, on to Joan's take...

Just when you thought Jenelle had really "changed" and that her "miracle story" was just beginning, yet another nude photo scandal rocks the Teen Mom world!

Jenelle Evans had another nude photo leaked!

The photo was taken just DAYS before her heroin arrest while Jenelle and Courtland lived with his mom.

It is obviously not safe for work, or well, anything, but you can view it by clicking the link below. was the first to break the story.


They have an uncensored version of the photo on their site, but I warn you, it may cause permanent vision loss and vomiting may occur after exposure, as this is by far the most graphic image ever leaked of this Teen Mom.

They claim the photo was taken "right before the abortion" but Jenelle was not living with Courtland's mom when she had the abortion. This bed in the nude photo belongs to Courtland's mom.

Even more disturbing (as if it could possibly get that way) is that she was PREGNANT at the time!

Whether or not Jenelle knew she was pregnant at the time remains unclear, however this really shows her complete lack of judgement, yet again.

We now know from the current season of Teen Mom 2, that she had an abortion in late May from this pregnancy.

For those keeping score, this is the 3rd time nude photos have been leaked of Jenelle. You'd think after the first leak, she would stop letting men take pictures of her naked, but some people just never learn!

It is also unknown at this time who actually leaked the photo.

Rumors are swirling on Twitter about who leaked it and both Courtland (Jenelle's husband) and Nathan (Her boyfriend) are likely suspects! Even Courtland's family are possibilities, as Jenelle accused Courtland's mom of stealing her iPad!

We may never know!


Are you KIDDING ME with the shirt? hahaha I couldn't even get to the article i was laughing too hard

DARE to keep kids off drugs...except the one growing in my uterus.

The DARE program doesn't even work. Those who went through the program were more likely to try weed, lol.
Jenelle is such trash. I can't even.

Have to agree with that. When I was in elementary we did dare for two years. Not that I'm a senior in high school, let me tell you. I know three dealers who go to my school(And not just weed mind you) and atleast 80% of the school smokes weed. Lol. Yeah that shit did nothing. But atleast I got a cute shirt.


Our DARE officer was fired when he got caught doing cocaine in our school bathroom by a student. We were in 5th grade. #funfact


A friend of mine won like a state wide essay contest on why he was going to say no to drugs because of the DARE program. Only problem was he was completely bombed out of his mind during the acceptance speech to an audience full of fifth graders and DARE officers. It's like the DARE program just handed out catalogs on all the different drugs there are and how they make you feel. It's ironically like DARE-ing kids to rebel.

OK now I clicked it GAH. Permanent vision loss is right! I was warned though haha. I can't believe it talks about her abortion and a nude picture at the same time. I feel so bad for Jace and the baby she's carrying...

YIKES! I clicked uncensored..can I take it back? Now all I see are roast beef curtains in my head.

Tore up curtains at that...

There's just no unseeing that mess.

I'm terrified my vagina could look like that one day.

Don't expose it to multiple pregnancies, tanning beds, drugs, booze and promiscuous sex. I'm sure there's genetics and a child passing through that are against her hoo-nanny but at this point it may just be changing colors to signal an alert and for someone to rescue the poor thing. She hasn't been easy on it.

...her vag is so ugly

No Arby's for me for awhile, that's for sure.

Is it possible she doesn't know someone is taking her pic? Maybe she just lounges around naked and...spread because it's comfortable?

How do you not notice a camera by your cooter?

LOTS of heroin.

TRUE! hahahaha. But she's done nudes before. Ugh there goes my bfast anyway

It's as if she's saying "This is my vagina pregnant and on heroin."

Yea, come on. That pic was obviously taken where she could see it happening. She's posed for nude photos multiple times before. She's just a dumb wh0re.

Yeah I'm not one to normally jump to Jenelle's defence but an ex of mine took a picture of me when I was just out of the shower and lounging on my bed, without my permission.
Thankfully I'm not famous so he won't 'leak' it!

Yikes. I would beat the hell out of him until I watched him delete the photo immediately or got the negatives. You never know when a stray nudie picture is gonna come back to haunt you. (I actually wouldn't beat him. I'm scrawny and weak. But I'd bitch at him to no end.)

Luckily I wasn't facing the camera (hence how I didn't know he was taking it) so unless someone recognises my very generic bedroom I should be ok!

It seems like the photo was taken up close, though I suppose she was so engrossed in her phone that she didn't know. I point this out because if it looked like the camera was hidden or it came from a webcam, then it is possible she didn't know.

If this weren't Jenelle, I would maybe buy that. I know guys that are idiots and make "sly" moves to take videos of girls they are sleeping with (like covering the webcam's on light, hiding their cell phone propped up with the video running, etc). I know girls that have had these things happen to them. But, this IS Jenelle. She willingly posed nude (in a similar pose) before.

NlppIt seems like you're giving Barney Stinson too many ideas to work with. He appreciates the tips. ;)

Hahaha I have no idea how my phone came up with "NippIt." What the hell?

While high on god knows what and hanging out nude in your mother in law's bed. Totally believable. We've all been there. Who can deny the urge to strip down, spread 'em and browse twitter on their phones all in the comfort of your junkie husband's mom's bed?

Sounds like a Saturday night! I wonder how the MIL feels about this...Maybe there will be some sheets in the NC Craiglists' free section soon.

Oh barf!! If I were anyone who had ever let Jenelle stay in my home I think burning all cloth items and dousing the rest of the house in bleach via super soaker would be the only way to truly be sure that I wouldn't get HPV from just standing around breathing the same air as she had.

Oh my lawd!!!

I'm so happy I clicked the censored version! Lol. I am also the only person who hasn't seen farrahs tape in the world I prefer not to see these girls vaginas

lmao apparently someone likes looking at jenelles vag... I gotta say though the thumbs up thumbs down makes this site by far the most amusing

I really doubt that many people watched the ENTIRE video. Probably only people who haven't watched her on TV because they don't know what a horrible human being she is. It was like an hour and a half long. It was like the Titanic of pornos except not enough people died at the end.

Anybody want roast beef sandwich? Wow

Can you hold the illegitimate child sauce?

I wish I could upvote you multiple times. I didn't know I could dry heave and laugh hysterically at the same time.

I'm horrified! She should have gotten vaginaplasty instead of those awful tennis balls on her chest!

Did she go to some back alley plastic surgeon? I know a lot of the 16 & Pregnant/Teen Mom girls have gotten boob jobs but hers have looked terrible since day one. I know they're supposed to "settle" a few months after the surgery but hers still look awful and it's been a couple of years. I'm not even bashing her. I just honestly want to know which doctor did them because she unfortunately got screwed out of a good chunk of change for bad breast augmentation. She may be a terrible person but doing something to feel better about your body should be a positive experience with good results which she did not get.

Personally, I think the majority of breast implants look bad. I think its because she, in addition to Farrah and Maci, were very flat chested so its much more noticeable because there wasn't much fat and breast tissue there to begin with. I know of one person whose breast implants don't look entirely fake/horrible and its because she was previously a C, pregnancy made her breasts "saggy" (she was like Farrah, refusing to breastfeed because it makes your boobs "saggy" without realizing that your breasts fill with milk regardless). They still look disproportional.

That is not even a flattering pose.if a nude photo got out of me but it was sexy id say yea thats me.her legs r spread so far apart.why???? Did she just get done having sex but didnt move so glad i clicked the censored photo.i thought it was gonna be her standing up but nope.shes all out her defense, by the looks of that vagina, it's exceeded the "best by" date and she should probably air it out like this far more often.

Wow. Can you say 'blue waffle here I come'. That's just proof to me men only date her cos her fame and her easiness.

This picture captures Jenelle's essence so well: laying in bed, looking at her phone (twitter, no doubt), her legs sprawled out (does she ever keep them closed?!), acting completely oblivious to anything or anyone around her except her f*cking phone. Maybe it's just my low self esteem but there is no way in hell I would be laying in a position like that after having sex. Seriously. My heart is breaking for Jace and her unborn child because there is no way they will avoid being teased mercilessly for the crapstorm that is their "mother." Those children will never learn how to respect a woman because their "mother" has NEVER, not ONCE shown respect for herself. Jenelle says it all the time: "I can't be alooooone." Well that's a f*cking problem, bitch!

Ha yeah, I must be insecure too because no way in hell would I sit like that in bright daylight with anyone.

But as terrible as jenelle can be I don't find the release of this pic funny at all and I don't get why other people do either. I think the whole thing is sad.

She should really purge her entire environment,maybe move out somewhere secluded and just spend some time thinking about her life.

She could barely make it through 30 days at that fancy rehab center in California. I highly doubt she would move away to learn how to be independent. That word is not in her vocabulary. I do think it's sad that this picture was released. No woman should have to experience that level of embarrassment.

Somewhere secluded, like...maybe...jail. If only Dustin wasn't such a great lawyer she would have been given the chance to take a nice long look at herself and think about things for a while, like Amber. But alas, we now have THIS. Pregnant no less.

No freakin' kidding. He's gotta be the most popular lawyer in the state by now. Bravo to him for being so good at what he does, however I wouldn't mind seeing him "slip up" so she can spend some time in the slammer.

MY EYESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



To quote a commenter from that site -

"I think her vaginal lips grow everytime she tells a lie."

LMFAO. We can only hope, buddy. We can only hope.

Well time to cut my eyes out gross

Meh, I'm just going to be really blunt here since I'm anon. Can I just point out how sick and tired I am about hearing Jenelle and her antics around the time of the abortion? This isn't aimed at this blog post, by the way! Reading the drama is a welcomed break. I guess it's more accurate to say I'm just sick of Jenelle's behavior.

I had an abortion in late 2011. I was with a really, really bad guy that had no respect for me whatsoever. I had been with him, on and off, for years. I was around 20 or so at the time. I struggled back and forth with the decision. But, then it just was sort of a whirlwind. He started picking fights with me and saying the worst things. I was at a prestigious university and wasn't sure what to do. I ended up having the abortion despite not wanting it (not saying other girls shouldn't be able to, I'm just saying that, for me, it was the wrong move and one that I made out of fear, hurt, and anger).

He basically dropped me after the abortion. My self-esteem was so low, I just couldn't imagine sleeping with other men, partying, or lounging around nude. There were many days where I couldn't get out of bed and my social contact became limited to going to school and then going home. The last thing on my mind was fun. I was absolutely devastated.

Even before the abortion, I was struggling back and forth with the decision. I certainly had no desire to drink or party or lay around spread eagle. I was far more worried about what kind of mom I wanted to be and what kind of life I wanted for my child. Instead, I cancelled my internship because it required diving which could be potentially harmful to pregnant women. I altered my schedule so that I could graduate early and spent my free time experimenting with homemade baby food. I'm not trying to make myself out to be a hero - I'm certainly not perfect in the slightest - it's just that my priorities were so different. Granted, I've never been one to do drugs or party, but still the motherly instincts hit me hard.

It was a painful experience and it still is. Years later, I still think about the what-ifs. I understand this experience isn't the same for everyone and there isn't one way to handle these things. But, come on. She uses her abortion as a crutch like "oh, feel bad for me!" or "oh, I was acting out because I was upset!" or "oh, no! I slept with Gary after the first abortion miscarriage and then I had the abortion with Nathan around because I needed a man!" Grow up, Jenelle.

Who thumbed down this comment? Everything said here was right on point. I agree with you Sharp. Jenelle needs to grow up.

Probably some pro-lifer.

Why did both pro-life people thumbs down? Lol are you offended by your own stance on abortion?

Jenelle's vagina. It hit the button multiple times on accident due to it's truly impressive surface area.

Oh honey. You are super strong, and you have your priorities straight! Can't sat the same for JE. But you have nothing to be sorry for, when you say you have no patiencee for her antics! It makes TOTAL SENSE!


Thank you. Really.

I find it incredible that you still made it to class and whatnot even though you were dealing with so much! It may not seem like a big deal to some but it's just really admirable you got through that. I'm sorry you had to go through something so difficult. Jenelle comes off as extremely flippant about her abortion as well as whatever happened or didn't happen at the beginning of last year. It's not normal. Even with Jace, absolutely ZERO maternal instinct or even interest in TRYING to PRETEND like she cared about raising him or even taking care of him in the present, let alone the future. She just needs to stop talking about how noble she is for making the decision because basically she used abortion as birth control because she "couldn't afford birth control because of the heroin" and her mom paid for her abortion. She's the poster child for why pro-lifers want abortion to be illegal and she's not helping anyone who may be watching and going through the difficult experience you did by acting like an ungrateful brat and going on a date with a new dude WHILE HER UTERUS WAS PASSING A FETUS.

Couldn't agree more. Jenelle is the reason why pro-life people think pro-choice means "pro-abortion." Abortion is never something a sane woman desires or takes lightly. It's a personal, difficult, heart-wrenching experience. So for any pro-lifer reading this comment: Jenelle is NOT the norm. Most self-respecting girls do not grow up thinking "I'm going to have unprotected sex all the time because I can always have an abortion if I get pregnant." Sane women also don't have an abortion and then immediately make a conscious decision to get pregnant within the same year. But despite how difficult it is to choose abortion, for some people it really is the most logical choice. Thank you for sharing your story, Sharp. It sounds like you have overcome many obstacles and I hope life is treating you well.

Thank you.

Jenelle doesn't understand motherhood. I remember her commenting on how her mother only shops at goodwill for Jace, while she spends hundreds of dollars on designer clothes. Sooo much wrong with this statement. She treats Jace like a sibling or nephew. She loves playing with him, but hates the middle of the night crying or sick times.

The sickening thing is she was telling people, at the time, that her and Courtland tried to get pregnant (but the story has changed so many times). It became an inconvenience once Courtland was in jail and she met Nate. It does make women who have an abortion look terrible. Not everyone has that picture perfect 'I met my husband while in HS, he has a good paying job, and I stay at home with kids' life. School was my only way out. My family was being financially supported by someone who molested me and I didn't know if I could protect my child from that person. The father of the child was horrific to me (though I always separated his actions from him in my mind). At the time, my mother and I had been granted custody of a druggy relative's children. Oh, and I was on the pill. But it was interrupted when I was prescribed antibiotics for ear baurotrauma I sustained while scuba diving. I told the doctor I was on BC and he said he would prescribe something safe. That didn't happen.

I never had the support Jenelle did. I had a mom who told me to suck it up and finish school, an aunt who told me the pain was all in my head, an old professor who told me to go to therapy and call her when I was better, and an ex who told me to "get over it" while he was lying to me and knocking up another girl. Still, I was and am no victim or hero. I dated a crappy person (what woman hasn't?) and wasn't paying attention to the antibiotics I was taking (this can happen to anyone). There were other options and I made a choice (but other people are free to believe or choose whatever they want). Wayyy more than I ever wanted to share, but sometimes life isn't Disney and there are problems. Most pro-choice people are against abortion - we don't want women to even be faced with that choice, but we recognize that things happen.

But Jenelle? Oh, no. She's clubbing, playing mini-golf, and supporting her latest man through his third (or something) DUI while MTV pays for her furniture. But, when it benefits her to cry and play the "feel sorry that I haven't had to buck up and go to school or get a real job" card, she has no problem doing so all while crying that people are mean to her. In the process, she trivializes what women who choose to terminate go through. She behaved the same way after her miscarriage.

Plus, she would be experiencing some hormonal imbalances too but she has shown no signs of this. I agree with you - she has no maternal instincts whatsoever and she is too selfish (or too high) to even recognize the magnitude of what just happened.

P.S. It's always nice to be backed by women like you and Dazed in Dallas.

In the state she was in at that point in time, having the abortion was absolutely the right choice for everyone.

She most definitely needs to grow up and I'm rooting for her. I'm not a fan of Jenelle, but only because of her lack of respect, and irresponsibility in general. However, I have a soft spot, having dealt with many family members that have many of the same problems as she. It is very hard to handle, not just for her, but everyone involved. Being put down doesn't help of course. Though it was her choice to put her life in the public eye, so there are no excuses. Since nobody here [I assume] knows her personally... Wish her the best from here on out. What else do you do.

I am in no way defending Jenelle, but I really don't think posting the direct link to those pictures is right. But of course Joan, who popped up out of the blue to post an article about no one else but Jenelle wrote this.

Adumb wears pink shorts?

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I don't get why everyone is so discusted by this picture. It's a vagina.

Should she stop letting her dick of the week take naked pictures of her? Of course. I've seen more of Jenay's cooch then I ever wanted too. But it's just a vagina, looks like every other vagina I've ever seen. Some women are blessed with pretty perfect labia, some are not. Jenelle clearly got the short straw.

That being said, can we talk about how this is supposedly on Courtland's moms bed? Laying naked on your husbands parents bed, now THAT is discusting.

Agreed, it's a vagina who cares. Us women have enough to stress about concerning our bodies without worrying out having a pretty vagina. No need to shame someone for something they can't control.

I agree. A vagina is a vagina. I've never seen any where I would particularly go "Wow! I wish I had a nice vagina like hers!" They're all kind of ugly, lets be honest.

Personally, my eyes went straight to the rest of her body. If I looked like that sprawled out naked, I'd let my husband take as many pictures as he wants. I know she's a loser and we all hate her, but I won't deny that she looks awesome naked.
There I said it.

Good thing she looks awesome naked because her personality isn't doing her any favors.

I agree, it just a vag. Let’s look at the positives here. She is very well groomed, very important here ladies, very important. You can’t have a nest in your lap young ladies, please. She certainly does not have low self esteem, anyone who lays in the pose with camera shots being taken is a confident young lady. The mud flaps are a little large thou, holy beef curtains.

Yes...Jenelle Evans is a pinnacle of positive self-esteem coupled with well tuned intelligent decision making prowess.

Um... Guys too. Seriously.

I dont think people are disgusted by the fact that its a vagina, they are disgusted because its JENELLES vagina. and the way she is posing, wtf?

I wonder how much bleach Babs is using to disinfect her own linens now that this is public and Jenelle had zero issues with airing herself out on other people's beds?

Why do I see more pictures of Jenelles vagina then of Jenelles son? sad.

I meant than* ... and sidenote: Give jenelle's vagina a break people, your vag would look like that too if you let as many people in as she does!

Hahahahaha. That was funny. I was like why is she sticking up for Janelles' vajayjay.. but you werent and it was funny.

How does one read an article with the persons name spelled out and STILL misspell it? I don't get it.

Maybe their phone auto corrected it. Calm down captain focus on petty details. Calm down.

It's not the fact that it's a vaginal bro. It's the fact that it is so tore up looking. It looks so.... used. I bet if it could commit suicide it totally would..

I think the only thing that may affect how a vulva looks is giving birth. Otherwise, it's genetics. It's just frustrating hearing people comment on how her vilva looks when there are countless millions of women who look similarly. So it's not so much an insult to jenelle as much as it's an insult to women's bodies. I'm just not down for body shaming.

I agree, Courtney. Guess what? My vulva isn't perfect. *GASP* My boyfriend of 4 years doesn't seem to mind. Some people are just childish.

I mean, if you have an ugly vagina, you have an ugly vagina. I've had two kids and I have stretch marks and poochy belly but knowing that, I'm not going to let someone takes pictures of it to post on the Web where everyone can bash me. Not until my tummy tuck anyways. Sorry your vagina is messed up, sometimes you can't help it and it's not your fault. I'm sure some people on here are who res but they aren't getting all but hurt when they call janelle that...

Speak for yourself. Mine looks like a young unicorn scampering through a meadow with the light of the early morning sun shining down upon it.

Just kidding. Mine looks like a vagina. Vaginas aren't supposed to be pretty. Even if she had a "perfect" vagina, it would still look like a vagina and I'd still be grossed out.

When it comes to anyone else, your right. but this is jenelle we're talking about. this girl has no shame.

I disagree, vaginas are beautiful. Nothing is prettier that a nice symmetrical looking shaved love tunnel. It’s just that Jenelle’s has more meat on it than a Subway sandwich. You do got to admit the body is rocking in this pic minus the f#$% ditch.

I think it's pretty obvious she didn't know this picture was taken. And that's really messed up because this was obviously someone she trusted, (enough to be naked around). Regardless of the mistakes Jenelle has made, no one deserves this to happen to them.

I would agree with you if this hadn't already happened to her like two times. However, we all know jenelle does not learn from her mistakes. She doesn't has an ounce of pity from me..

She doesn't need to trust people to be naked around them as we have seen by her track record. Oh she knew I can almost guarantee it, shes that fucked up. No one lays around like that on their phone, she was probably taking one from the other angle

Does any one else remember when Jenelle was fighting with her friend Tori and Tori said something like "her vagina is like roast beef bitch!" I now no why, and I may have to agree.

Didn't Tori and Jenelle hook up? I seem to remember hearing about that on a youtube video.

yes I heard that too, which is why tori had to have known what she was talking about

They did. I can't find the exchange, but it was hilarious. From what I remember, Tori said to Jenelle something to the effect of "Dude I ate you out and your vagina is purple."

*Dry heaving*

Bleh. What a lovely image. Those two are just exuding class.

When did Jenelle break her arm?

By the way, is this the same Joan Holloway from Twitter (her handle is now @MistressMidge)?

I really, really have to get back to work...but things are blowing up on her Twitter for those interested in the Jenelle saga.

Errrrgh imagine the stench!

Interesting. There was a huge thing about Joan a few months ago and she's been Mia since but now it's about jenelle and she's back....

I don't know anything about the history with this Joan person, other than she used to report on one of the blogs, but that twitter page looks like a stalker's shrine to Jenelle. It's a little bit creepy.

This is what I was thinking. With all the articles she could have written about the other girls, she chooses to appear out of nowhere to write an unflattering article about no one but Jenelle. I get a creep vibe from her twitter too.
Not that that makes the picture any better. I still could have gone without seeing it.

I feel the same. I would have enjoyed Steve or Megan writing this article, rather than someone who has nothing but hate for Jenelle and will go to some far lengths to make her look bad (As if Jenelle doesn't do a good job at this herself already), even if it means making up false child abuse claims that are most likely false.

Exactly the issue. Readers were coming out wanting stevebeans to get rid of her as she seems to be obsessed/stalking jenelle. Joan sets out with a hard on to do nothing other than bully jenelle

Ok so I had to go take a look at her twitter.. Wow. That was actually depressing.

"Mistress Midge ‏@MistressMidge 15h
@HarrysHotWife if your zoom in, you cab see warts and bumps. STD ridden coochies are ugly. Ugly person = ugly vagina"
Why is she zooming in on Jenelle's vagina...more importantly, why would anyone want to?

I had the exact same thought.

Why is this joan so obsessed with jenelle? I mean by reading the articles she posts and the things on her twitter, her life seems to revolve around jenelle! We all know jenelle is a shitty person and all but im pretty sure none of her actions directly affect any of our lives. We just enjoy reading stories about her but this woman is not only all up on jenelles nuts but every boyfriend shes ever been with and even all her friends. why devote so much time and energy into a group of druggies in NC you dont even know? She is even still harassing Keifer and hes been out of the picture for what over a year now...

I'm sorry but I have no respect for Joan anymore. She must think we have forgotten about the false abuse accusations she made about Jenelle twice! I wish Steve wouldn't entertain her obsession w. Jenelle. Most readers have expressed the way they feel about Joan. I advise readers to check out Joan's twitter if they don't have a clue what we are talking about. It's creepy! Why would anyone devote so much time to a person they don't know? It's fine to be a little nosy and have some fun mocking the things these girls do, but Joan takes it to a sick level. No mentally stable person can look at her twitter, and think it's harmless.
On another note***Surprise Surprise! It's Jenelle's vagina.....again.***** This article was definitely over exaggerating the situation. It's just a beefy vagina! Like we haven't seen a raunchy looking vag pic before. I was disappointed that it was only a twat because the way the article was worded led me to believe it was much worse.
I think we can all agree that we didn't need to see Jenelle's hoo hoo! I hope this chick learns her lesson; however, we will probably see her next nudes when she and Nate break up.

BARF. I clicked, thinking that it can't be that bad, but it was THAT bad.

Who lets someone take a picture of themselves like that? With her legs wide open, dirty nasty snatch exposed to the world. I mean, she is somewhat famous. She had to know one of her lowlife friends or exes would try to sell it for a quick buck. She's had this happen before, why wouldn't she be more careful? Have some freakin dignity! She's trash, and I don't buy it that she's "changed." What a skank. Lord I hope Jace never googles his mother someday. Effing disgusting.

You're all misunderstanding this. She's simply doing a public service to show the audience of 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom that it's safe to get a Pap smear from a trusted professional at least once a your mother-in-law's bed....while tweeting.

Mother in laws bed. Good lord she is something else. It would be a cold day in hell before I laid legs open on my mil's bed. Wtf

My legs clench shut at even the THOUGHT of my MIL's bed. There are few things that turn me on less. What the hell is wrong with Courtland, for that matter?! I don't understand why anyone would be turned on by the thought of having sex or a nude photoshoot with their SO in his MOM'S BED!

Ugh. Curiosity totally killed this cat.

The comments accompanying this article are the funniest thing ever.

I'm more disturbed by her tits in this photo. Is it just me or are they completely bruised just under her hand? Or perhaps it's just scar tissue from her boob job? Confused. And grossed out.

Im not even comfortable enough with my own vag to sit like that when im alone!!

I'm actually disappointed in the folks shaming her for having a large vulva. It's not just having a lot of sex or an STD that causes discoloration and size differences, most of the time it's genetics. Since this is a big ol' TMI post anyway, I'll share that my lady parts have never been pink as a rosebud and are more ample than what you see in mainstream porn, but they've always been that way and never changed much once I lost my virginity. I feel like the women who are making roast beef jokes are really not doing their gender any favors here.

I am no supporter of Jenelle, but my issues with her come from her actions, her selfishness and her negligence of her kid.

Anyway, down vote away., I know this isn't the popular view.

Agreed. It is funny, I'm not going to pretend like it doesn't amuse me, but no vag is particularly weirder than another. It's more of a novelty to me than something to go "haha!" And finger point over. Labia isn't the best target Jenelle has IMO. The stupid French tattoo, however...

Thank you, this is exactly what I was trying to say.

Jenelle has so many other things we can shame, there's no need to make fun of her for something she can't help.

I feel like the women making fun of her vagina don't really look at their own or are only acquainted with those you see in mainstream porn which are often altered through surgery and/or bleach. People are out here making fun of jenelle's vagina when probably a large proportion of women in general look like that. There are websites with thousands of pictures of vaginas. I looked it up when I was younger because I wanted to actually see what real women really look like. I totally agree that anyone making fun of the appearance of jenelle's vagina is doing more of a disservice to herself than to jenelle.

Agreed, thank you for the support and kudos to you for not being squeamish about lady bits, I think that sort of shame gets ingrained in us as kids. I have seen my share of all manners of vulvas thanks to years of life drawing classes and probably only 1/3 of them looked like the perfect pink bits women think they should have. Hell, it wasn't until my first life drawing class when I was 15 ( ah, pre-college!) that I saw another naked woman for the first time and realized that lady bits even CAN be different than mine.

Anyway, fist bump for you. :)

Haha thanks :)

I'm just saying that if my vagina looked like that I would not be sitting like that and would not let someone take pictures of it. I have been blessed with a very pretty vajayjay but not so blessed in other aspects... and in those other areas I would not allow them to be photographed for the world to see..

I think it's less about her vagina and more about her, though.

Jenelle is like Kail in that she has this "me against the world, I have something to prove" sort of attitude. She ends up baiting people to engage in these stupid arguments and constantly acts like she's on the moral high road. Unlike Kail, Jenelle constantly lands on her face.

Jenelle lacks class and constantly lies. It goes beyond being a regular teenager making mistakes.

I agree with not shaming women about their bodies and teaching women to embrace who they are. However, when Jenelle constantly posts her antics for all to see and engages in hypocrisy about nearly everything, she should expect blowback.

Attention whoring is a far different thing than having a big vulva though. I get that she could have a petite, bleached, pink baby maker that magically predicts the power ball jackpot and people would rail on her for having pics taken of her anyway, but most of the comments I read go straight to beef curtain jokes. Then again I am not huge on slut shaming either, but I agree that she's got serious mental issues and looks for drama when she could be making much better decisions with her life and being a better parent.

Vaginal Re-construction.

Her response to this being leaked is really bugging me. Like stop telling people to 'look at where you are, and look where I am' like they should envy you. WHERE ARE YOU? knocked up by your boyfriend of four months when you conceived, being a brother to your existing child and getting no where close to regaining custody? Just because she's off heroin, still (not sure about now that shes pregnant but probably) getting high and drinking all the time. Like no you haven't succeeded enough in anything to think that people envy your life. People feel sad for your children and your mother.

And clearly Jenelle isn't in that good of a place because she is still breaking up relationships her exes are having. How many times has she called the other girls to talk crap on the man?

She did it with Gary and was trying to hang out with Jade. She called Courtland's ex Ashley. She now has contacted Courtland's latest girlfriend, Sam, and has convinced Sam to dump Courtland.

This, by the way, after she's been contacting Courtland telling him she misses him and that he treated her better and didn't ignore her. She wrote to him while he was in jail too.

They're all winners.

I wish I cared about anything as much as Joan cares about Jenelle...

No shame!

Okay here comes my rant. Jenelle is a trainwreck who continually makes poor life choices, all of which seemed to be completely brought on by herself, and I have no pity for her. The only victims in this situation is her son and unborn child. Obviously, jenelle isn't learning from her mistakes and is just a terrible human being.

Having said that, Joan needs to take some time off from stalking Jenelle. If anyone has ever been on her twitter, she dedicates her entire life to bashing Jenelle. Sometimes it is for legitimate reasons, sometimes it is not, but she is literally on twitter every day and constantly bashes Jenelle and finds new reasons to hate her. If jenelle mentions she is starting school, Joan calls said school to see if jenelle is lying. If jenelle mention shopping, eating, staying at a hotel etc, Joan claims to call and harass these places as well. She stalks not only jenelle and her friends, ex boyfriends, family, etc, but she also harasses anyone who shows the slightest bit of support to jenelle as well as other teen mom bloggers. Joan claims to have witnessed Nathan abusing Jase over Xbox live, and has thrown those allegations all over twitter. If it is true, which I suppose it could be, is tweeting about it helping that poor little boy at all?

I love this blog, and I enjoy coming here for updates, but I hate bullies, and I think Joan is the worst kind of bully. I don't think she should be given this sort of platform to bully Jenelle even more than she already does. Jenelle proves she is a trainwreck of a person all by herself, and I personally don't think Joan is any better of a person.

I know this will get thumbs down from ppl who assume I am defending jenelle, but as an avid reader of this blog, I had to say something. That being said I love Megan's posts and hope to see more of her around here, especially when big brother starts back up!

I agree. She brings bad vibes to say the least.

You summed it up perfectly. We all know Jenelle is trash, hell, Jenelle probably even know she's trash, so it bewilders me why she spends so much time analyzing over every detail of her life.

Maybe joan is actually babs

Ain't nobody got time for that!

Joan's lost a little perspective lately- but honestly it has a lot to do with the twitter sphere she dwells in. There are literally hundreds of people doing the exact same thing she is and when you flock together like that you start to feel that what you're doing is normal and justified.
Joan seems like a perfectly intelligent contributing member of society- I'm sure she could defend her position or illuminate it for us... not sure why she hasn't but it seems like her future accept dance here depends on it.

I suppose. I don't think anything Joan says about her bullying could justify it for me, and just because she is one of many people harassing jenelle on twitter doesn't make it anymore right. These people who devote so much time and energy pointing out what a tool jenelle is are just wasting their time...we all know what a tool jenelle is, and jenelle loves the attention she gets whether it be negative or positive, so it seems like these obsessed twitter ppl such as Joan are actually doing her a favor. I don't know. I guess I can just skip over the Joan articles it's probably not worth he time I take commenting as I don't think Joan will stop anytime soon! Thanks for your perspective though. It's nice when people can disagree in a civilized manner :)

I don't usually jump to her defense but this photo was taken before her pregnancy, when she was down spiraling but she has improved immensely since Nathan, I just hope it isn't just because of him she has improved. Since her pregnancy there hasn't been much negative news about her so she is improving, it is hard to improve when no one expects you too, its like when you go on a new diet that "starts tomorrow", no one thinks you will do it anyway so why bother?
I just hope she continues to improve for her soon to be 2 children so she can be a good mum to the boys. I think she is doing much better once she got away from the negative influences in her life. People are so easily influenced by their friendships so I'm glad she has better influences around her.