The Battle Of Jenelle Evans And Former Roomie Hannah Inman Continues..

Victoria Rhyne

Jenelle Evans - James Duffy

While it's been no secret that Jenelle Evans has had a war of words (or limited keystrokes) with former bff Hannah Inman over twitter, the story has taken a very bizarre turn over the past 24 hours, now involving Evan's former boss, James Duffy.

Duffy has taken to twitter himself today posting racy photos of Janelle and friend Victoria Rhyne including photos of text messages Janelle allegedly sent to Duffy.

I had a brief exchange with Janelle personally about this, which she vehemently denied those texts came from her, and in return claimed that night Duffy also put something in their food to make them violently ill.

Jenelle had a longer conversation with Starcam to which she also claimed Duffy sexually harassed her while employed by him as a personal assistant.

(Note to Duffy, if true, having a personal assistant doesn't mean she's your personal ass you can grab) In addition to the sexual harassment and poisoning, one thing is sure, he's posting photos that one could assume is at his house with girls under 21 drinking alcohol which isn't the brightest thing in the world to do.

Jenelle and new roomie Victoria

If it's also true he claimed to have never slept with a girl over the age of 25 and begged Jenelle to have sex with him (to which she denied and quit), this guy seems like a real piece of work.

I know Jenelle is going to take a lot of heat for this, as she does with almost everything she does, but what we do know a 40 year old guy partying with girls half his age in itself is kind of strange.


GOD they're all so f-ing ugly anyways.

All I can say is...WOW!!!!

Ya Hannah that's what the artical was about!!!

He probably was supplying the booze and drugs and a place to party. They used that to their advantage and he used them because he's a perve. Back when I was a teenager we hung out at an older guys house once, him and his girlfriend supplied the drugs. And we partied, the I found out that night he was a sexual offender. I never went back to his house after that, then I found out my friend was back there and I called the cops cuz no one could get hold of her and he was arrested that night. My friend never spoke to me again cuz I ruined her fun but I was worried about her. Its all fun to party but when the crosses the line., which it sounds like this guy did, it becomes dangerous.

Okay jenelle has made some mistakes in her life but who hasnt. Shes getting it together now. People are realizing shes getting her life together so these people (hannah and james)Are just trying to knock her down again. But i have faith in jenelle and im sure she isnt letting this petty drama get to her. You go jenelle.

Oh but she is letting this petty drama get to her. How do you think the story broke? Who told them? I seen it go down yesterday on twitter when she posted it. I'm glad she is getting her life straight for Jace finally it took her to long. Poor Jace. I was a teen mom to but never acted like that & loved being around my kid & didn't go around to party.

If you've been keeping up with Jenelle on facebook and twitter, according to her she's been "getting it together" for a while now. Three or four months ago, her and a bunch of people on her fanpage were talking about how great she was doing at getting her life on track, and then we find out that these pictures were taken two months ago.

In no way do I want to sound like I'm minimizing Duffy's responsibility in all of this, because I'm not, but Jenelle has a responsibility as a mother to not get herself into bad situations like this. If her child ever did what she did, she'd be flipping out because she'd be concerned about his safety. Especially since she's so young, part of being a mother is protecting herself which, unfortunately for her, might just have to mean not getting drunk with guys who are old enough to be her father.

So funny that she makes these claims AFTER he showed the pics and texts. If she was harassed and something was slipped into their food, wouldn't that have came up BEFORE he let what he knows out? Yea, probably because it didn't happen. She just wants to look less slutty, and less of bad person. Sorry, not falling for it.


I believe she did say something, she also posted on twitter that she was going to te ER becaus she was violently ill!

This is insane. No one should even question what is going on, since the proof is in the posts.

Jenelle is a totally different person then she was a year ago, which is when all of this happened. She is working to get Jace back, and doing a fantastic job at doing it. She is obeying all laws and going to school.

It is a shame that people are still trying to get fame by 'knowing' her. Her true friends will always be there and not use her. DAMN!

The pictures are from two months ago, and they show her drinking alcohol, which is a direct violation of her probation. Obeying all laws, eh? Doesn't look like it.

Don't get me wrong, I really do think she loves her son and wants to get custody back, but she still gets sidetracked from time to time.

She brought it upon herself! She's a litttle whore. Wtf is she doing at a guys house who harrassed her before? She obviously liked it.

I highly doubt he did any of that. And even if they DID have sex, she's over 18. It was consensual. And they can look up the phone record for that number. And if he did put something in her drink, she wouldn't be in the pictures conscious.. Jenelle Evans is a F-ing idiot. By NO means should she have custody of her son. She should actually be in a womens shelter and or prison for neglect.. MTV should also cancel her contract. Do they seriously not care about their image? They really should require drug tests and clauses in their contracts for the behavior of pupils under 21 like that..

How exactly would you know it was consensual? Were you there? No so shut the fuck up.

for one thing steffe there are all kinds of drugs out there, she isnt necessarily going to be unconcious,and you have no clue whether or not it was concensual.and if u would pay attention, you would see that she is trying to straighten her life out, and i have a high respect for someone who made mistakes trying to right their wrongs.

She said she got violently ill so that don't mean that she was unconscious big diffrence but if you had any type of brain you would have knoewn that. Get a live and take care of your own and stay off her ass. So what that she f*##%^ up I'm sure alot of us have. You are probally a stuck up brat and had a silver spoon in your mouth your whole live.

Yes, we've all made mistakes. But we don't all have children whose lives are constantly affected by our mistakes. Just sayin'.

That Duffy guy is REPULSIVE. Damn. He needs to get off the internet, and maybe get a life?

You posted the only picture of Jenelle not drinking or doing something stupid. Nice job kissing her ass but you story still sucks.

But you you took the time out to come to the site, read the story and post a comment....

Was I magically supposed to know it sucked without coming here and reading it? If one article sucks I can no longer come on a website? Bitch please get off my tits. Thanks :)

Ok :)

Actually, you can be drugged & be fully conscious, jackass.

Actually the texts from jenelle actually say she invited herself over to the apartment these texts were from 2 months ago so no she has not change. Still a low life. Maybe she should pay more attention to her child instead of writing crap all over the internet seems to me this girl is going down!

I've known Jenelle for YEARS and it IS all true. She told me about them all getting sick the day after it happened. She also told me about everything he was doing and said she would never go back there. The funny thing about this is, I heard out of Hannah's own mouth how he was a perv, always trying to get with all of the girls, how he calls his place the Playboy Mansion and she laughed when she said it, and how he wanted her to be his gf if he bought her a phone. She went on to say that he was trying to have sex with her and kept saying ewwww I would never tough him and she was so glad that Jenelle saved her from him and then BAM she goes and moves in with the guy after Jenelle and Hannah have a fight! She talked so much smack about him and yet now she's living with him, go figure!

Oh and I forgot to add, if you edit someones name in your phone directory it can appear to be anyone you change it to, so I can change someones name to Barrak Obama, and then take screen shots of it and it certainly wouldn't mean that Obama sent me the texts LOL

It didn't say Jenelle in the pictures of the texts. It was just her phone number. And it IS in fact Jenelle's phone number.

I love how everyone knows exactly what happened LOL .... Anywho I PRAY that IF she was involved with this creep in anyway shape or form she cuts ALL ties. Can someone report this d-bag already, seriously? Ew.

Just when you think Jenelle can't get any worse....and if you actually believe that JENELLE is telling the truth and the innocent one...then you should just slap yourself right now.


That is NOT Jenelle's phone number LOL her old number was 910-294-****
This guy is just wanting publicity! Not to mention he’s not very bright for posting pics of UNDERAGE girls in HIS house drinking and partying! He’s pissed that Jenelle turned down his advances when she briefly worked for him. He now has Hannah as a live in gf even after she claimed that Jenelle saved her from that disgusting creep and made them all sick from his cooking. YES, those words came out of HER mouth, yet she’s living with him now.
He’s so stupid, I’ve known Jenelle for YEARS! We have always been just friends and she’s friends with my gf of over 4 years and we all go out from time to time. I take all of my friends on cruises and treat my friends to nice gifts with NO strings attached, something Duffy has no clue about since he told Hannah that he would buy her a phone if she would be his gf! This guy feeds off of drama more than any high school girl ever would.

How any of you could even try to defend Jenelle on this one is beyond me. This guy may be a creep but he did not force her to be there. Jenelle chose to be there, do God knows what, and ALLOW her photo to be taken. I will tell you right now Jenelle blasts her personal life all over the place as often as she can, she most def would have in this case if she was “drugged” Ppl eat (no pun intended) this stuff up, she could have went to the police and then sold her story to some trash tabloid if it were true. She is only NOW making these claims cause she is caught. Instead of trying to flip things* on this dude, look at yourself in those pictures Jenelle, get Your life straight for your son. No PERSON, PLACE, DRINK, DRUG, OR ACTIVITY should ever come before or jeopardize your relationship with Jace. As for Mr. Duffy, you better watch your step, looks like you may be looking at the law knockin at your door sometime soon. Sexual activity with girls under the age of 21 is not a crime however, giving/allowing alcohol consumption in your “care” (hahaha) is. Ew, this whole thing makes my skin crawl…. and the Jenelle saga continues.

Umm if she was violent ill because she was clearly drunk. Look up hangover you stupid fucks. And stop with the underage bullshit!!! She was 19 at the fucking time.

Not to mention they were drinking E&J. That shit is horrible. They only thing thats ever made me throw up..

19 is NOT a legal age to drink dumb fuck. 19 is considered underage to drink look up your laws sweetheart.

I'm more than positive he didn't tell them to drink. It's HIS house, if he has alcohol in it, that is legal. What THEY do if they see it is another story. You legally cannot tell a person what to do.

Weather he told them to drink or not is not important here. Of course its legal to have alcohol in your home if you are of age AND Absolutely Yes you are responsible if an underage person is drinking in your home, especially when you are aware and photographing them. Example: If someone comes into your home with a kilo if cocaine starts snorting/bagging it, you don't tell them to get the eff out and the cops come you are going to jail with them. Why you ask? cause its YOUR HOUSE and you are allowing the illegal activity.In your home you CAN tell ppl what to do. **Bottom line, All parties involved here a few fries short of a happy meal**

19 is definitely underage to drink. This guy seems like a real winner.

I'm rooting for Jenelle, for Jace's sake and hers. They both still have a lot of life to live. Her story breaks my heart, as it seems like none of them (Barb, Jenelle, her friends) have a clue how to break out of their destructive cycles. Sadly, Jace is the only innocent party. Anyway.

1. The guy is a creep. He's 40 and preying on young girls making immature decisions. 2. The girls know better - Jenelle isn't stupid. They're wrong for making stupid decisions and thinking they're invincible. A night of throwing up isn't the worst thing that can happen to someone, and they're lucky it wasn't worse.

I feel bad for her, because she is clearly not equipped to be an adult. She's never been shown the kind of love that a lot of us take for granted, and she's grasping at straws. She runs back to people who treat her poorly - friends, boyfriends, her mom - and probably treats them like trash too, BECAUSE SHE'S NEVER SEEN ANYTHING ELSE. All we can hope is that she wakes up and learns how to be an adult and stops the madness.

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