Barbara May Not Be Invited To Jenelle Evans' Wedding

Jenelle Evans

There's a good chance that like other Teen Mom weddings, Jenelle Evans' will be televised. There will obviously be a ton of guests in attendance, however, Evans' mother Barbara may not be one of them.

"The relationship I have with my mother is the same as it has always been, sadly," said Evans in a statement to E! News.

"We have not decided if she will be invited or not. Our relationship is getting more damaged every day, but I have already told her this."

Fans of the show know that even at the Teen Mom 2 Reunion special, Evans and her mother still weren't seeing eye-to-eye.

Her mother was still judgmental about the issues surrounding her life and Evans' was not around for any of that.

In terms of having her cast mates there for her special day, Evans said she wanted to keep it more personal and added that she wasn't really close with any of her cast members.

Of course, the film crew for the show will be invited in if the show is in production at the time.

So, what do you think? Should Evans try and mend her relationship by extending an olive branch in the form of a wedding invitation?

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