Jenelle Evans Friend, Sarah Allen, Killed In Accident

Jenelle Evans

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans' friend, Sarah Allen, passed away yesterday from injuries sustained in an accident caused by an ambulance hitting the car she was driving in Shallotte, North Carolina. The ambulance reportedly ran a red light and hit Allen's car.

When I started reading the article, I assumed what I'm sure a lot of other people did: Allen did not pull over when she heard the ambulance's siren. However, you know what they say about assuming. WWAY NewsChannel3 stated:

Highway Patrol says the ambulance did not have its emergency response lights on and did not yield the right of way at the stoplight.

The driver of the ambulance received a citation for failure to stop at a red light.

My thoughts are with Sarah Allen's friends and family at this time.



Im sorry...but if a regular civilian did this they would be arrested for vehicular homicide... or manslaughter. I support our servicemen and EMT's..but i dont really think thats fair. it should be the same for everyone.

Not true Amber...... This occurs all the time and not so much as a ticket is given.... I know....

When there is simply an accident... loss of control over the vehicle, ect. usually, there are no repercussions to the driver aside from a ticket/citation.. But when someone makes a blatant mistake like running a red light, stop sign, ect. most of the time yes there is an investigation.
It happens everyday. I don't necessarily agree with arresting people over an accidental car wreck- but i find it to be no coincidence, that in this case the careless driver was not arrested and he/she is an ambulance driver.

You are actually incredibly wrong.
This was reckless driving and such reckless driving led the death of another person. That is more than a ticketable offense, but definitely would constitute vehicular manslaughter. Seriously, what else would vehicular manslaughter apply to?

Are you talking to me or Heather? Im a little confused..

That's incredibly sad... I'm sorry to hear about this. :(

Jenelle I am so sorry for your loss...this is very sad!!

If the ambulance wasn't adhering by the laws (no lights, sirens, etc.) something needs to happen. This family is in my prayers... and I hope that this family takes this as far as they can in pursuit of justice.

wait who was sarah? have we seen or heard about her in the past?
SO sad

i am a big fan of jennelle i think she could be a good mom if she was given the chance alone with jace i think her mom being mean and calling her names is unfair and her mom is probably just wanting to be a mom to a young child again so she wants to take care of jace and treat jennelle with disrespect and give her rude commets. jennele you are beautiful and dont let your mom keep you down. :p i love you and the way you tell it how it is i seem to do that too :)

Did you know that Sarah Allen jumped the red light & pulled into the intersection while talking on her cell phone? She also was DUI (autopsy revealed she had drugs in her system at the time of the crash.) Did you also know that the light was green as the ambulance approached the intersection? Also, Sarah Allen's friends were at the sentencing & actually went up to the EMT afterwards, hugged him & said "they forgive him?" Jenelle was nowhere to be seen.

EMT's are civilians. No lights & sirens were on because the patient in the back was going to a treatment. Also, the driver was charged with "death by motor vehicle" & did jail time. The driver was going the speed limit in a 13,000 lb vehicle. Can't stop in 5 seconds, especially when an impaired driver talking on her cell phone jumps a red light into the path of ALL oncoming traffic. Do you live in this area? Do you know anything about the intersection?

Grow up kids. Get your facts straight before you make stupid comments. As far as her mother goes, Barb works her ass off to provide a safe home for Jayce. Barb is a good person with a screwed up, drug addled daughter who can't get clean. I see her at her job frequently as she works next to my husband's ex-wife & she is never anything but nice to myself, my children & all her customers.