Happy Mother's Day to Our Favorite Moms!

Mackenzie Douthit

Happy Mother's Day to our favorite MTV moms who are raising their children in front of our very eyes.

We might have a lot to say about them- some more than others for sure- but today, we put that aside to wish them a special day with their kiddies.

In honor of Mother's Day, MTV put together some clips of heartwarming moments shared between the Teen Mom 2 girls and their children.

Our hearts melted a little when watching Kailyn trying to teach Lincoln how to say flower and Isaac defending his little bro when he couldn't, comforting him with a big hug.

And seeing precious moments between both Corey and Leah in their respective households reminds us that we really are rooting for both of them to come together and be strong units for their girls.

Teen Mom 2 sentimentality behind, here are some of our favorite snapshots from the MTV Teen Moms and their children.

Me and booboo playing dress up?

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#ATLSX with Benny ?

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I LOVE you Novalee!!

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Miss you, can't wait to see u again baby????????

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Brotherly Love. ?


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Was Jenelle's instagram photo of her little brothers supposed to be included?? National Sibling day has already passed.

Downvote away!!

You read my mind! Happy National Sibling Day to jenelle, happy mothers day to babs.

Lol. Don't you mean little brother? Jace is nowhere to be seen. Jenelle has completely given up on even trying to act like she wants him back. She doesn't give a shit about Kaiser either, but since she still has custody of him, she has to act like she cares. Poor Jace isn't even an afterthought.

Jenelle likes the title of being called mom, without having to do the 'work' that deserves it.

And she probably didn't have a recent picture from Kaiser? To busy in the bedroom?

Getting high, high, high

If Jenelle is a mother then I'm Beyonce

And I'm Althelete Barbie!
(I'm the dark, tall around the middle type in a wheelchair)

Good god, what is happening with Maci's face in that photo? Too much retouching or excessive make-up?

LOL@Kail's photo being some kinda instagram product whoring. Real classy, using your son to sell shady shit on social media.

Maci always looked like a dude to me lol

Off topic. Has anyone else seen Jenelles sneak peak for next week? Where David calls the cops on Babs?? Just watched it and from the looks of it, it contradicts everything that was said when this happened in January . First it was Jenelle didn't even know her mom was there she was upstairs doing her makeup getting ready to go out with her mom so she didn't know what was happening, then it was Jenelles mom parked in the middle of the busy road..and last but not least Barbara stormed into the house uninvited immediately yelling at everyone. Well as Mama Dawn has said The truth will come out!!! Lol lying bitches!!!!
Look Babs didn't immediately start yelling but even if she did she had good reason to!! Jenelle and David locked in the room while the kids play out in front of the house where according to earlier reports she lives on the corner of a busy road. Great parenting Jenelle and David?

Yeah? Happy "Mothers" day Jenelley

Dave's daughter telling Babs that Jenelle was "probably sleeping"
And Gabrielle confirming that she does that often says a lot.
Bet the bitch was getting high.
She probably lays around all day, high af while the kids "do their own thing"

It was all just a "big misunderstanding". Like the time she was arrested for disturbing the peace because she was indoors folding laundry and not making eye contact with the cops when they were talking to her. Don't you know?? She's always innocent and everyone including the police are out to get her!!

you know what they say...innocent until proven roastbeefy...

She was SO high on something, her pupils were HUGE. I'm sure that's why she was avoiding Barb.
While having the kids in her care, nice. If the MTV crew wasn't there, I'm sure atleast on of the kids would have been seriously injured or worse in the last few years.

Also, forgot to mention, the return of "Leave me aloooooone!" Ha.

But sadly now, the second time she says "I just want everyone to Leave me aloooooooone!" you can see the "oh shit" look on David's daughters face right before her and Jace turn and walk the other way. She includes the children in her leave me aloooooooone tantrums now, so sad.

and jace's "i bet she is" when daves daughter said jenelle was probably sleeping what a mess

Dave's daughter looks like she is sooo over their shit. No emotion in her voice like yup, this is just how it is here. Jen sleeps, Uncle creep pretends to care, while the kids run wild. Just another day at jens house. Its pretty sad.

Happy mother's day to Babs and to whoever's raising Kaiser! :) And to all of you TMJ'ers too! XOXOX

Nope, they are all horrible parents for exposing their children to this mess...hope part of that MTV $ is being set aside for therapy for some of the kids, bail money for others.

Kail - Does that drink really CURVE your appetite? If so, I am definitely not interested.

Hey now, don't body-shame! REAL appetites have curves! ;)

I don't get why people think Kail is so huge? She's tall and her frame isn't itsy bitsy, but I don't think she's in any way as large as people insinuate.

She didn't say Kail was so huge?? Pretty sure she was making fun of her saying "curve my cravings" instead of "curb my cravings"....

No, that comment just made me think about people saying that about Kail. Not this comment specifically. Just sparked something that i wanted to comment about.

Catelynn on the other hand is huge. Downvote away.

Sorry, I wasn't saying Kail is fat, I was just referencing that "Real women have curves" mantra that so often gets thrown around on social media, etc, to celebrate curvy women, as if ruler-shaped women are somehow not real. :) (But mostly, I do believe the word Kailyn was looking for, in that image where she's using her adorable son to hawk some shitty product, is "curb" and not "curve")

But I definitely agree with you, Belligerent, Anti-Christ Attitude - Although I can't stand Kail, I feel like people wouldn't call her "Hulk" if she were tiny like Maci.

She definitely seems huge, at least for me. Her double chin, her arms, her boobs. Look at the picture with Jenelle in the interview they did for Steve Harvey. She's sitting in a couch and stilll looked huge, even post surgery.

And that doesn't mean she's ugly. In fact, I think she's one of the prettiest ones out of the teen mom girls. But she's huge.

Catelynn looked straight-up exhausted in that little Instagram video. There were circles under her eyes and everything. How much do ya'll want to bet she's once again stuck taking care of Nova all by herself? So much for therapy.

I woofed when I saw the sliver of Cate's face in that post. She looked a little bit like our West Virginia monkey.

I was pointing out what Red said. I think she's one of the most physically attractive Teen Moms (in my opinion).

I seriously think aburee and lincon are so cute.

Enough with the F%&kin' filters, Amber, we know what you really look like, ugh.

Maci could use a filter or two..

And also a smack in the face for binge drinking while pregnant

And a second smack in the face for daring to name her latest miracle Maverick.

Has the miracle baby been born yet?

I've been wondering about the Bud Lite brewed baby and its arrival as well. Has maci been quiet on Twitter?

Nope. Miracle Mav is still brewing til May 30.

You get an experience point for "brewing baby"

Agreed. I almost didn't realize that was Amber.

MTV starts airing season 8 in Australia! Woohoo! I'm super super excited. Even if I am 8wks behind you. But we are even getting the after shows this time too!! ??

It's starting in Ireland on Weds!Even though I get to read the recaps here il still be watching!

There's a rumur going around Maci's town and online that she was found dead? Does anyone have any news on this? :(

WHAT? Where did you hear this?

A simple google search shows nothing of this "rumor", could you clarify what you mean by "going around online"?

Well, considering she posted this to her IG yesterday: https://www.instagram.com/p/BFHlFShQh1Q/?taken-by=macideshanebookout&hl=en I'm going with not true. Plus, none of the Tumblrs that, quite literally, post every single rumor wrote anything about it. Bunch of bogus.

OK I gotta type fast and I am old so that is not easy! Is this website spontaneously loading and reloading for anyone else? It is acting possessed! Deletes my comment mid sentence...perhaps telling me to STFU :D Or trying to tell me I am aging faster watching this show ;-)

Anyway it is very annoying! Can you fix it Steve Beans? Mr Beans?


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i haven't been on here much in the last few days, but it was doing that to me too then. I gave up on posting a comment lol

Same here, it's infuriating!

Happy mother's day. At leazt i hope it's happy.

Remember the ring i posted about a few days ago?

I lost it in my husband's truck today&&&& it's gone.


Anyone seen on LWTM that apparently the 'new season' of teen mom is teen mom 7B not teen mom season 8. So LWTM went from saying the show is definitely over, to saying it isn't over at all there is a season 8 and now is back saying it is definitely over!

I figured out LWOTM's user name on Reddit (ArguablySmart) and I know she writes for a reality TV blog called All About the Tea as Beach Spin.

Lolz yoy're awesome!

Oh wow, how did you figure that out?

I'll have to go have a stalk of the reddit boards.....

OT: Can anyone shed light on the Twinses new primary costody battle?
Why would a judge agree with joint when the state does not recognize joint???
Corey is right thst someone needs to have primary in that case and he is also right he should be that person.
But Corey isn't putting the girlses trough anything, when Leah just shuts up about it.

The state doesn't do joint yet the judge did joint?

Un reality - did Corey file again? I didn't even know this! So he is trying to get full custody back?!?