Teen Mom 2 - Season 4, Episode 2: Jo Strikes Back

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Let's get right down to it...


Easiest first. Chelsea goes to beauty school, comes home, talks about Adam, talks to her friends about Adam, goes to sleep.

Plans to do the same the next day, except find out whether or not she's pregnant from Adam (she's not).

Oh, she may have also changed that terrible bleach look she had going on. Very entertaining night for Chelsea, said no one ever.


It's finally time to head to court to discuss the no contact order or whatever thing she was filing against Jo. The double standards were flowing like usual during the Kailyn segments, like for instance when she allowed the guy she just met to take her son to day care.

Why is that a double standard? Because she freaks out at the potential of Jo's girlfriend, Vee, being a 'mother figure' to Isaac some day. Two minutes into her relationship with Javi, he's doing fatherly things.

Moving on, it was also funny to hear her bash Jo for bringing his family to court with him, while she shows up with a few friends.

Why was it bad for Jo to bring support, but Kailyn could? That made little to no sense.

I hate to keep ragging on Kailyn because she was actually the mom I liked the most from this cast until the past few episodes, but she has turned into an incredible hypocrite when dealing with the father of her child.

As far as the court date, the lawyers ended up dragging both of them to court so they can do "lawyery" things (yes, I made up that word). You know, charge by the hour, drive all the way to the court and do something they could have done in 5 minutes over the phone.

Gotta love the legal system. They worked out a settlement where Kailyn and Jo exchange Isaac with no boyfriend or girlfriend present ... mainly girlfriend seeing as that was the root of the entire court case.

There is no word yet on whether or not Kailyn added an addendum to the settlement that Vee cannot perform any 'motherly' duties for the first 5 years of Isaac's life. (I kid, sort of)


What's strange about the Jenelle segments is how normal Gary appears. On twitter, he seems like such a douchebag, but on camera he tries to play it off all normal.

He can't fool me though, the guy eats with a knife... true lunatic move. What's next, is he going to show up at a guys house with an AK-47? Yes, yes he is.

The biggest story of their night was the fact that Gary hooked up with Jenelle's friend hours before the match made in heaven made it 'official'. I can see both sides to this, as obviously Gary doesn't want to come right out and tell Jenelle because there is no way she'd hook up with him if she knew (hahha, ok, she probably still would have).

From Jenelle's point, it has to suck knowing your friend and bf/gf hooked up just before you got together and they kept it a secret.

I can't really say who is right and wrong in this situation, so I'll just say they're both wrong to be fair.


Oh boy, Leah... what a mess. Tonight we learned that Jeremy and Leah got engaged and pregnant within the first six months of knowing each other.

That's not even the messy part.

That comes when Corey calls Leah to say he broke up with his girlfriend Summer because he still had feelings for Leah.

He must know that Leah has a soft spot for ex's..probably because she hooked up with one prior to marrying Corey.

Probably because it was filmed, Leah decided she had to tell Jeremy all about it which left us all wondering how in the world they're still together now. If my girlfriend got divorced because she banged her ex before the marriage and then told me she was confused about her newer ex, you would just see a trail of smoke behind me.

Leah should be counting her lucky stars every night Jeremy remains with her because she caught someone who must truly, truly love her.

If she messes that up in the future like she tried to do a year ago, well she should really be checked out mentally.

What do you think of tonight's episode? Discuss here, I know you love to!


I am laughing at Jeremy loving Leah. This dude is here for the "fame" more than anything. Did we forget that e sought her out on Facebook instead of a chance meeting.

Chelsea- yawn

Kail is a crazy hypocrite when it comes to all things Isaac. I think she believes she knows what is best and no one else.

Jeremy is either a pedophile, a famewhore, gay, or Leah must be INCREDIBLE in bed. I can't possibly see any other reason why somebody would stay with somebody who was doing that to them. Leah does not love Jeremy. Leah loves the idea of a family and a man with decent money taking care of her. Jeremy can be interchangeable with any other male that fits that description. Daddy Issues farther than anyone can even see. She'll end up being married 4 or 5 times and have a couple kids with all of them. It's the only way she sees fit keep a guy around. Their relationship is sad, actually. Because you can tell that it is real and not scripted at all.

I don't understand why you would bring pedophile into it. You do understand what a pedophile is, right?

... Because.Leah has two young twins, maybe ...

I sure hope not for his sake. I'm sure Corey has an extensive gun collection.

It's a theory some people have around here... that he's using Leah and "grooming" her children. Which I personally don't agree with.

It's hard to judge Jeremy because we barely get to hear him talk or say anything. He doesn't seem like an attention whore or fameseeker to me. I mean he's not out there getting "Alnost Fanous" and "Leah Nesser" tattoos. He's spoken to the tabloids a few times but it seems like it was about important stuff... the miscarriage... their marriage. Seems like with Leah's permission at the very least. He's not selling out her secrets for money anything.

Is it weird as hell that he keeps standing by this woman who is openly telling him and the world that she wants to reconcile with her ex-husband? Yes it's weird and it's hard to understand why. Maybe we'll hear more of his perspective in the future. For now I'll just assume he's another slave to what seems to be Leah's magical vagina.

well i am wonderful and sprinkled with unicorn dust you know....

That's not unicorn dust honey, that's dried cum.

Couldn't help myself. =X

If he didn't want to be in the spotlight he wouldn't be on the show. I truly believe he is a fame seeker but people really don't care to talk to him unless there is an issue like the miscarriage or marriage issues.

Leah’s magical vagina -
I can picture you saying that to us in my mind's ear. You would have a deep, echoing, resonating bass voice resulting from your huge, cavernous chamber around your vocal chords.

Your voice sounds cool, but Hayzii is right - please wipe that caked-on residue from around your mouth. You may have to use some cleaning solutions, since it looks like a lot of it has been caked on there for a long time. There seems to be AT LEAST seven different kinds on there.

I think it's pretty disgusting that people are suggesting he might be a pedophile simply because of his relationship. You really shouldn't accuse someone of something like that when you don't even know them. Maybe he loves her? Nobody think of that? I've seen no evidence of him being fame hungry either. People can be so harsh and judgemental! I really am shocked about the pedophile accusation.

It was nothing more than another option to explain the bizarre relationship he has with her. I don't actually believe he is a pedophile, but I know people on here have explored it as a conceivable option. My money is that he's gay. It would explain exactly why he wanted to get married and have a baby so quick. Like he has something to prove.

Teen Mom 2 is actually an extremely good example of Sexism 101. Leah and Jeremy have an extremely similar situation to Chelsea and Adam, yet they are portrayed and received in extremely different ways. Adam strings Chelsea along because he doesn't know what he wants. He's immature and impulsive in his decision making, and doesn't feel bad about going back and fourth between Chelsea and his flavor of the week. Okay, now reread that, but replace Adam with the word Leah, and Chelsea with the word Jeremy. Weird how it still sounds about right both ways, huh? But people don't receive them the same way. People define Leah's actions as those of somebody who is "confused" and "desperate to be loved", yet Adam's actions are described as those of a "douchebag" and "shitty person". The only exception is that Leah seems to love being a parent. Aside from that, Leah is essentially the candy-coated version of Adam. A certified d-bag who will string you along and play with your feelings, breaking your heart in the process, but they don't care how you feel as long as they end up happy in the end.

Why are people going straight to pedophile or gay here? Why not challenge yourselves and try for something more probable, that maybe he's just another dysfunctional/insecure human being who is as "desperate to be loved" as his partner and needs to feel like he's taking care of someone? Maybe he's got a hero complex and wants to feel like he's rescued Leah and can take care of her life for her. Some dudes really get off on that.

Let's also not forget that the part of the country their from holds more firm to family values than other parts; it's par for the course to make a family your life go in many areas of West Virginia. It's what good people do, so to speak. He probably sees value in her and is just going along with what's expected of him.

If nothing else, living in San Francisco for 8 years has taught me you never know gay when you think you know it. I pass no judgement on his sexual orientation without knowing him personally.

If MTV is trying to portray Leah in a better light, they aren't doing a good job of it heh.

Totally agree! But I do think Leah isn't gonna mess this one up, TMJ, because the dude earns $16-19,000 a month, and is obviously willing to take whatever Leah puts him through.

I didnt just yawn at Chelsea; the entire episode was boring as hell. Teen Mom 2 gets more boring and boring every Monday. Im so glad its the last season. Does anyone know when Teen Mom 3 starts? I hope its not as boring as this shits gotten.


I don't know about you, but I have just about had it with this whole teen mom thing. It gets predictable. Once the girls get picked up on the TM show, they start thinking that they are superstars and get all dramatic. They think that their every action needs to be publicized and profited on. I don't know if I can follow another crop of lottery winning teen moms go through this annoying process again. Their children are barely even the focus of the story.

Literally days after the TM3 crew was announced, one of the girls went out and go a giant, stupid tattoo and shopped around until she found a tabloid that would pay her for the story of the tattoo and the deep and symbolic meanings attached to it. They learn quickly that they can exploit their every daily action into money and soon wind up having their career as a Teen Mom driving their decisions instead of their life as a mother being the story for the show.

I think I am pinching it off after TM2 goes off the air and wiping it clean. Of course, this is just my way of thinking. Perhaps the next crop will be more interesting to others.

Jo's parents were there to testify as a witness, even though they were not there. That bugged me. I think Jo's mom is a little nuts, but it could be Jo feeding her stories.

I don't understand why Chelsea cakes on the orange foundation. I would not let her do my make-up or hair ever. Her hair styles always look like she just woke up. It never looks like she brushes her hair. She's just a moron and lucky her dad has the means to provide everything for her. Must be nice.

I think chelsea going to beauty school fits her. Her hair almost always looks good...I wish I knew how to do my hair like her.

Chelsea's hair looking good is a matter of opinion because I for one can confirm that some of us would beg to differ on that.....

Really? Then I would really like to see what mess your hair is.

Olive- are you a troll? Saying Chelsea's hair looks good is like your comments on how Kim K. isn't trashy and is going to make a good mom. I'm pretty sure you are just trying to fan the flames on this forum...

If stating my opinion that is different than yours makes me a 'troll' then sure. I don't see why me saying chelseas hair looks good bothers you.the way she did her hair for her first day of class in the fishtail braid was adorable. She knew how to style her hair before she even went to school for it so shes going to make a great hair stylist when she finishes school for it ;)

How can you be a grown woman and not know what to do with your hair? I mean, it isn't hard and by the teen years you should already know what flatters your face and personality. Comb overs flatter bald people, that's it. Fishtail braids are not hard to do either, it just takes patience.

Olive, you are being called a troll because you are swimming upstream here, nobody thinks Chelsea looks good except you. You are entitled to your opinion of course, but Really??

I think you're being called a troll because you seem to think that Kaylie's hair is ugly or looks bad just because she thinks Chelseas looks like shit. Ya know not everyone fusses around in the mirror everyday. I can't imagine taking that long to get ready. I brush my hair and teeth, foundation, little bit of eye liner. done. I run a flat iron through it on bad days and even that takes to long.

You guys calling her a troll just cuz she has a different opinion hahaha. SO silly of you. Let her like Chelsea's hair, why not? Chelsea's hair is not something I would do, or something I think would look as good as something else, but it's not so horrific that I couldn't fathom someone else liking it. Maybe then, Chelsea NEEDS beauty school to learn how to do hair better haha.

are you guys really fighting over chelsea's hair? what about jace who was about to cry because he didn't want to kiss jenelle hello and she forced him to? that's sad.

I'll give her props for being able to do that fishtail braid. That is incredibly difficult. However, her hair is often teased to oblivion (a complete nest of hair) and her bang part is offensive.

If you follow her on twitter or instagram, she has gotten a lot better at doing her hair and make up. In her defense. I agree that the bleach blond teased to the sky with th orange face is not her best look though.

agreed JNV. I actually like her brownish-red hair with the slightly toned down tan she has right now. I think she looks the prettiest she has since we first saw her on 16 and P. Good to know she's learning something in cosmetology school!

I went to cosmo school for a bit (did not grad. was not for me) and some teachers can be harsh (but all for good reasons), so I bet someone sat her down and then staped some hair dye in her hand lol

ok so i was wrong, so so wrong... (just watched the episode)

Leah’s Magical Vagina-

Don't be so hard on yourself (leave that to the 7 guys you met before you were 20). I am trying to say this in the nicest and most tactful way possible, but you have problem hair and your hair care methods may not work for the average person. I only am telling you this because I care enough to be completely honest with you.

Oh. Please don't cry. You seem to be moistening up. Here. Take a tissue and clean up a little bit. You are completely drenched.

You seem to have a lot of rat tails and tangles that most girls don't have to worry about. Have you tried to just shave it all off and try the bald and beautiful style that you used to proudly sport when you were younger? It might be a good look on you now, even though I have heard that it is kind of itchy.

If I were you I woudl not worry too much. You will still find many guys to give you a ride at the end of a long night at the club. You have never seemed to have any problems meeting guys, even when you are having a bad hair day (which is almost every day). You usually have at least two guys ready to enter into your life at any given time. Most girls would be thrilled to get all of the action you get. You usually always have at least one boyfriend and another one who is ready to jump in at any minute you are feeling lonely and empty. Don't worry so much about your hair. everything will work out for you.

ok, really are you guna make jokes everytime i comment, couse if so I need to know, I love this name and i dont want to have to change it.

Sorry. I will stop. No disrespect intended.

thank you, sorry to nag

ITA! and I love how she looks tanned and wears makeup but NEVER overdoes it. She's mastered the natural look!

I hate the term witness cause it gets confused in cases likes this. Witnesses dont necessarily mean they were they for the incident. They would be more of a secondary source of information of how they see Kailyn and Jo interact with each other in the past. They provide more of statement of character for both parties.

So like a character witness? Thanks for clearing that up. In the episode, it just seemed like they were there and going to testify to the event, but Kail was prob. jumping to conclusions. I just feel bad because that happens. You get 3 against 1 or whatever, and I feel like some judges are going to believe the side with more witnesses.

Kail??? jumping to conclusions???? Neverrrrrrrrrrrr.

EWWWWWW I put 'dont necessarily' I have been watching too much of Leah's segments.


Did I miss where they officially said his parents were witnesses? If my child were going to court, bet your @$$ I'd be there to support him/her. Kail seemed more jealous that he had family support than anything else, and spun it into her own drama.

It bothered me when Janet was ranting about Kailyn "this is only about Kailyn's insecurity and immaturity. She's just trying to get back at Jo for not being with her". I mean, she's right. We all know she is. But it's just a reminder of the bridge burned between her and Kailyn. I can understand that Janet will naturally want to take her sons side of things. What mom wouldn't? But she needs to step up and show a little more maturity towards Kailyn I think. She's not just some ex-girlfriend trying to mess with Jo, she is the MOTHER of her GRANDCHILD. I do realize that Janet feels let down by Kailyn on a personal level as well. She took Kailyn in and treated her like a daughter but Kailyn disrespected her. Janet has every right to be upset with her but it just seems to be going on too long. I remember when Kailyn reached out to her a few times to apologize for what she did and say she wants to repair their relationship and Janet just refused. For someone old enough to be a grandmother (albeit a young grandmother), you'd think she could swallow her pride if the teenager she's mad at comes up to her and does it first? Idk I mean neither of them are perfect and Kailyn brings a lot of it on herself but for some reason the particular resentment between her and Janet is disappointing cause I think it could easily be fixed. It's a good thing Jo doesn't hold emotional grudges like those two do so at least Isaac will have the chance to take after Jo in that regard.

I take your point, but I think Janet is probably just sick of Kail's shit lol she welcomed her into her family when she had none, took her side or did her best to stay impartial in their arguments and ensured Jo was responsible for his actions. Kailyn threw all that back in her face, resents that Jo has a strong and supportive family and holds it against him, and this week they were on the heels of (what i believe anyway) Kailyn hitting Jo while he held Isaac. I agree patience is the best route but I don't blame her for being tired of her.

Jennell really can't get upset. The former friend who hooked up with gary....that's the same friend who's boyfriend Jenelle hooked up with and had the potential to be Jace's father.

Yeah but apparently Tori knew about what happened at the time. Jenelle was really clear that it wasn't so much the fact that he slept with her best friend, she gets that they weren't together at the time. It's just that it was the very night before they got together and he made a point to hide it. She felt betrayed that he was hiding something.

Oh, and I love how Corey tells his dad he doesn't know if Leah feels the same way. She tells him she wants her family back and wants to try and will leave Jeremy every single chance she gets.

Kail... Just ugh. She bugs me. I wish she'd get over her vendetta against Vee amd be the better person for Issac's sake.

Jenelle is just a lost cause at this point. I honestly believe all her "abuse" claims, are false. She's so obviously crazy, I guarantee she's the abusive one. Hopefully she'll get some much needed help at that rehab MTV shipped her too.

I like kail and I'm a mom as well so I see where she's coming from but I don't bring any guys around my daughter

Kailyn is Not a good mother. A good mother will put the best interest of the child first. Not file false domestic abuse charges against the father because she wants to prove her point to "don't mess with me." She need to go on facebook and tweeter...since her mug is on it everyday. And pubicly apologize to every woman who filed a PFA and was denied because the judge didn't take it serious because women or men like her abuse the system. Also that witch is so controlling. Really? She wants Joe to move out of his parents house so that she don't have to deal with them when she picks up Issac? She doesn't want Vee to be present when she picks up Issac. She don't want Joe family to be at the court house for support. It aint none of her business who he brought to the court house. She wants everyone to change their lifestyle to make her happy because she has nominated herself as the Queen of Teen Mom and she knows what is best and everyone has to bow down and kiss her feet. No one else feelings matter. Just hers. If she had her way. She would wave a magic wand...and puff everyone who doesn't agree with her beliefs would disappear. No man is an island. But maybe she should live on a island by herself since she can't get along with anyone and she wants everyone to go by her rules. But. Then again. She probably wouldn't like herself very well. I hope she gets the help she needs. Becasuse she is one sick puppy.

Kail reminds me of the saying "misery loves company."

Well, I don´t agree with Kail acts, but I can understand. She fells lonly, without family suport and Jo has everything and it make her unhappy, jealous, or whatever you want to call it. She has learn to control this feling becuase isn´t help her relatioship with Jo. I dont think that she is a bad mom, or a bad person, I just think that she needs professional help to learn control her resentiments.
As her reaction to see Vee, I cleary that she was very jealous, but, It´s hard to let go... As far I remember Jo haven´t had girlfriends before Vee and Kail again, has to learn control her anger. It´s natural to feel it, but is not ok to lose control, expecial in front of Isaac.
I know that I will recive a lot of negative replies, but I just wanted to give my personal opnion.
PS: I´m sorry if I wrote something gramacatily wrong, I´m still learning english.

Well then you are not a hypocrite :p congrats

Vee for Vendetta!

Some of them over react and others get physical but if they don't wanna hear the criticism or people's feedback then they shouldn't be on national tv , they are all bad mothers in some way but good mothers for most part

You got a good hard, long laugh out of me when I saw that screenshot. You should tweet it to Kail, I hear she's real cool on Twitter :p.
She needs to get a fucking grip. So no boyfriend/girlfriend within eyeshot during the exchange of Isaac? How very mature of you Kail. Does that include your husband or is that cool because you're married?

She's delusional. Like did she really file an abuse charge just so she didn't have to see vee? What a vindictive bitch. God I hate seeing people abuse the system, it makes it that much harder for people who actually are being abused to file charges. That's bad karma, and it will come and bite her in the ass one day.

Sometimes, when I watch Kail's begrudging attitude toward Jo, I wish she had had a kid with someone like Andrew or the guy from 16&P that left his girlfriend and newborn for a shrimp boat in south Georgia and got another girl pregnant. The fact that Jo does his job as a father and that his parents have held his feet to the fire since day and offered support to Kail one is commendable. She always seems to complain about him annoys me to no end!

I agree. I've actually been kind of impressed by Jo on the show recently. Most of the time he seems mature in dealing with Kailyn, when most of us would probably love to smack her. I thought it was nice he showed up for Isaac's party, even when Javi was there. But really, Vee can't even be there when Isaac is dropped off? So immature. I wonder if they have met yet? As a mother you'd think she would want to meet the person who has been around her son so much.

Please, please someone tell me that normal two year olds do not act like how Ali & Aleeah acted in that restaurant when their mother was talking, or that the mother actually DOES something to control it if it does happen. IMO, that's one of of those things that you have to immediately nip in the bud.

That, and how Aleeah was holding/dragging that poor dog. I hope Leah put an end to that but I don't have high hopes.

Well, if she's remotely like the other teen moms, she's gotten ride of the dog by now, got another one or five and bought all puppy mill dogs from a pet shop. Yep, sounds about right.

When was Aleeah dragging the dog?

She wasn't exactly dragging. She picked him/her up under the arms and said she was mad at him/her. I've seen worse but a toddler should not be carrying a dog around by themselves.

Oh, ok. I went back and watched it. At first I thought that was a stuffed animal, so I didn't really think much of it. That was kind of sad how Leah just looked away, but not without laughing first. Like, what the hell? who does that?
I don't think she corrected the problem, because Leah got a cat awhile back and she took a picture of Aleeah holding the cat the same way and put it on twitter (it's not there anymore). Little kids handle animals like that, my cousin used to do the EXACT SAME THING or worse to my grandma's dog and after awhile the dog caught on, and would always run and hide from her.

I was just glad she didn't have puppy by the neck. Most toddlers like to grab the neck or drag by the tail. Which is why they should never hold them, aleeh wasn't really hurting the dog this time but she likely could next time. Plus it's not fun for a dog to get carted around like that even if its not hurting.

I'm a mother of a 3 year old and I deal with whining a lot but I have to say her kids were appalling at that restaurant. I turned down the volume because I couldn't stand it. I don't let my daughter shriek like that in public. Ugh. And the way she lets them toss the dog around like a toy and then just laughs and looks away is terrible!

LOL. I thought I was the only one who was bothered by the behavior at the restaurant! I hit the mute button on my TV until that scene was over.

ugg I know me to, dont even care what Leah said dont even think I could have heard her over the twins.

No, normal two year olds do not act like that in public. Because normal mothers would never allow that.

I see what you're saying. I mean kids are gonna be kids and act up and throw tantrums but they crossed a line. It wasn't even a regular kid tantrum it was just... insanity. She's definitely not diligent at working to maintain their behaviour in public. I mean I understand it's hard with two but she just kind sits back and does nothing at all.

I am a single mother of 3 and get compliments all the time on how well bejaved my kids are in restaurants grocery stores etc. I am not bragging just saying if I can teach 3 kids (ages 2, 3, 4) to behave then she can too!! I hope Leah is not still considered a wonderful mom. She is sub-par if you ask me.

Sorry i meant to reply to anne-maries comment :D


my 1 year old doesn't even act like that. while yes toddlers do act out, you know leah doesn't discipline them. i think this was the first episode she had them clothed and not running around in diapers while she flip flops between jeremy and corey.

When my son was about 12-18 months we had a testing period. When we were in public, he tested to see exactly how "bad" he could get before mom got mad. Hoo boy let me tell you that I stood for none of that crap, if he acted up in target it was right to the back of the store to sit in time out. If he tried to dump his plate at a restaurant, I took it away and that was that. If he started screaming, we went into a corner and he got completely ignored until he calmed down and was acting reasonable. These were seriously the most miserable months of my life, I questioned whether I would ever look forward to going out in public again. It was awful. But then....he started getting better, and pushing the limits less. And now at 2, he is so well behaved in public I can bring him anywhere. The point of this story is the when Leahs girls hit that age, she gave in and the girls never learned their manners. Now tha they're older, you can't just be like "oh they're babies they'll learn better" because you know they won't. It's just laziness on Leah's part and she is going to be really embarrassed when her 6 year olds start throwing tantrums similar to a young toddlers tantrums. And she'll really regret she let them get away with this behavior now.

i agree. it's really hard to discipline a 12 month old because he still does not understand. he's getting better when being told no. but his problem is he is so active that he wants to walk everywhere and hates sitting in shopping carts or high chairs. i try to bring juice/snacks but then he throws it on the floor. that's another thing i'm trying to teach him not to do but it's a process. i hate how leah's excuse is "i want more time to take care of my girls." yet she spends half her time in bed, while her kids run around in diapers in the winter! in west virginia. i admit in the summer i let my son wear just a diaper to bed. but this was JULY. i dunno. i'm not saying she abuses or neglects her kids, but for someone to drop out of school and blame it on her kids, she doesn't really do much with them.

rant over.

I liked how Ali was telling her sister she was being bad. Now if another child notices it then you should really be doing something.
And Jeremy was sitting there just looking at Aleeah and you could tell he wanted to say something but didn't.

For me it isn't the fact they were misbehaving, I mean they are kids. What is annoying is the fact that Leah does nothing! How will they ever be more behaved if you do nothing!

Lol leave me alone what are you doing commenting on this threat 2 years later? Lmao!!! You just cracked me up, I don't know why I received the notification on my email.

I can't believe I'm about to say this. But this is the one time in the existence of this show that I've felt anything for Jenelle. Shocking right? It's strange how different (mellow should I say) she is regulated on her meds for the moment. Sad that she doesn't keep it up. She acted 1/10 the way she would have with Gary being on them.

The only reason Chelsea comes off as normal is because the rest of them are such f-ing trainwrecks. She's essentially the least brown (Year-Round Brown?) of all the rotten bananas. Aubs is freakin adorable, too, which helps. She seems really well spoken for her age and is obviously extremely well taken care of with little emotional distress so it's easy to defend Chelsea's parenting for the time being, if anything. Her life, and more specifically relationship, choices are questionable at best, but her parenting is probably the best on either show, imo.

Definitely agree. I've always defended Chelsea, not because I agree with many of her choices, but because it was clear from her 16 & Pregnant episode onward that she quickly understood what being a mother consisted of and the sacrifices she would have to make.
The part in her 16&P where she came home early from her senior homecoming game (even though Randy had offered to babysit) simply because she missed Aubree has always stuck in my mind. With most of the other girls portrayed over the seasons, they seemed to all begrudgingly sacrifice their precious teenage time to take care of their baby; yet Chelsea actually seemed to enjoy all her time with Aubree and was never willing to pawn her off to someone else so she could go have some fun.
This continues through today where Chelsea is ALWAYS posting pictures of Aubree on Twitter, and you don't ever hear of her going out drinking with her girlfriends or something. Aside from a few big trips a couple times a year (many being for MTV), her and Aubs are ALWAYS together.
Anyway, wow, back to your point @Kaylie haha sorry. I also believe Chelsea has the best parenting out of all 8 girls combined. Yes, I can see why some would give her heat because of her choices (or lack thereof) but no on can deny that she loves Aubree with absolutely everything, and is more than willing to put Aubree's needs before her own.

You're so right! I recently watched Teen Mom 2 with a friend who has never seen the show before. It was really interesting hearing her commentary and opinions throughout the show. Cause she summarized it all well lol. On Chelsea she said

"she seems like a really good and loving mom and that's nice to see. She just seems a little dumb and needs to wear less makeup. But she seems like the best mom of the group".


You raise an interesting point. I wil take it a bit further and wonder if Chelsea's good parenting has anything to do with teh fact that she is the only mother on the show who has had her father in her life. Perhaps having a dad prevents her from going crazy with the partying and teh need to act out. This is obvously way too small of a sample size to have any kind of statistical significance, but maybe having a dad in your ife keeps you a little bit more grounded. I know that there are plenty of great, well-adjusted people out there who did not grow up with a father figure in their life, but it seems like having a father figure has a positive effect on most kids.

I realize that this is all just anecdotal, but could you imagine what Randy would do if Chelsea started doing drug like Jenelle? His foot would have to be surgically extracted form her ass. Although he can't quite control her dealings with Adam, you know that Adam would have leeched every last penny out of Chelsea if the Rand was not in the picture. We do not even have to do into the daddy issues that Kailyn and Leah suffer. Where would Jenelle be if she had a nice dad who was in her life in a meaningful way? It just seems like a father figure seems to do a world of good for teh kids they raise. It is sad that our society has downplayed the role that fathers play in the lifes of both their sons and their daughters.

OK. Flame me now. I am not trying to say anything other than thinking aloud. All of you girls who grew up perfectly fine without a dad can torch me, but don't you think you woudl have had an easier life if he was there for you? We live in a sad world, and dads who abandon their kids are the lowest form of life in my book and the hurt that they cause by their absence is massive.

Having a good father in your life makes things better without any doubt. Maybe these girls wouldn't even be on the show if they had one. Except for Randy who enabled Chelsea to within an inch of her life, scape-goating a boy any daughter of his(if he'd given her any sense) should have had the brains to recognise as a choad.

As Chris Rock says "You can raise a child by yourself, that doesn't mean its to be done! You can drive a car with your fuckin feet, doesn't mean its a good idea!"

In my opinion things will be best if you have a mom AND dad in your life but if thats not the case you dont have to not have a dad to turn out a good person. I blame the moms too. Jenelles mom enables Jenelle to act like that, Leahs mom never gives her any good advice and Kailyns mom abandoned her. Not having a dad or mom in your life is not to blame for bad choices someone makes. If you have one good parent that will give you good advice, steer you in the right direction, slap the hell out of you for backtalking, yelling and cussing at your parent(s) (Jenelle), and ALWAYS be there for you (and so on); then you should almost always turn out just fine. Therefore I think "daddy issues" is just an excuse for bad choices/behavior, it should be called "parent issues".

From my experience.. it takes a lot of strength to be fine without a dad in your life. As a female I noticed that during my whole childhood and teen years I searched for a figure or for things that I was missing. It's really hard and it took me a long time to be able to solve the issues that come from it not being natural to be loved by your father, craving it and searching for it somewhere somehow and doing anything to please the male because you have never learned from a man that you are wonderful and worth it and that men should treat you right instead of showing you how easy it is to abandon you.

Luckily I have an amazing mom. And I got over most of my abandonment issues and insecurities that came with it. But even at 21 it's sometimes hard not to fall back into the mental pattern you created as a young child.
There was a lot of abuse involved with me, maybe that made it worse. But it can be really hard.

My dad wasn't around. I'm glad for it because he simply didn't like us and who needs the mental abuse of that? I personally have more to offer my kids because he wasn't there, but I get what you are saying, most cases where a *good and positive* dad stays in the picture work out better on average. Chelsea's mom deserves 1/2 the credit for Chelsea though.

agreed. I think everyone praises Kail for going to school and working but that's not parenting. It's good that she does it but Chelsea puts Aubree first because she wants to. Not because she has to.

I LOVE that Kailyn's lawyer made her send Isaac out of the room before discussing Jo and told her it wasn't okay to talk about his father in front of him. I can't stand the kinds of conversations these girls have in front of their children. Why doesn't Dr. Drew ever tell them it's not okay to trash the other parent in front of their kids?

As for Jenelle, unless Gary's demeanor totally changes as the season goes on, I can't see him being abusive like Jenelle claims. He just stood there rather calmly as Jenelle yelled and trashed his stuff. I feel like Jenelle was way overreacting anyway. She has a right to be hurt that they both hid it from her from so long, but she and Gary weren't together when he slept with Tori, so he did nothing wrong towards Jenelle. And is it just me or does Tori still look like a little girl to anyone else? The thought of anyone having sex with her really creeps me out.

Alright leah you are pathetic!!! My husband is gone 2 weeks out of a month sometimes more, as of Friday he will be gone 3 weeks, and home for sometimes only 1 week. Bitching to jeremey that he is gone too much is the most pathetic shit I have EVER heard!! He is off supporting your lazy ass who does not work and pays for your awful hair cuts and fake nails and cheese balls for your twins to inhale off the floor like vacuum cleaners. Get a fricken grip on reality!! He is not off cheating or doing whatever the hell he wants HE is working FOR you and two children who are not biologically his! I thank my husband all the time for working so hard to take care of me and our daughter and his step daughter. Sorry to rant but that " well you do work out of town so you are never here" bullshit line while she's rolling her eyes and twirling her god awful extensions that he probably paid for really grinds my gears!! Ok rant over..I could go on for days but I will stop..

You know with her already making comments like that she's definitely gonna end up cheating on him, if she hasn't already.

It drives me nuts when she twirls her nasty extensions and licks her braces. Stop!!!!!!!!

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who notices Leah's icky habits. She makes me so nauseous....for so many reasons.

I HATE when she licks her braces and does that weird thing with her mouth whatever it is. Its so fuckin annoying!

It goes along with her filthy house. Damn! Don't Leah ever clean? And where I'm from....we always take our day clothes off before climbing into bed for the night. I've seen Leah go too many times from the sofa to the bed without changing into pajamas ...let alone take a shower.And if I see Jeremy come in from work and climb into bed with all his work clothes on including his boots. I'm going to scream! Jeremy...take a shower first. Leah is just going to dog you, then smile in your face. If she's going to dog you...at least you're going to be a clean dog.

our shoes before climbing into bed for the night. Also. vermmt

I find it disturbing her kids always look so filthy (and nude). She wanted to BATH them so bad...
Her house is always a mess... and I just feel bad for that little baby.

She's just using it as an excuse that he's gone so the blame doesn't get put on her. It's just a way to justify it to herself and Jeremy. What garbage do we expect to come out of a trash bag. She's so ungrateful. I feel so bad for jeremy.

"and cheese balls for your twins to inhale off the floor like vacuum cleaners" - OMG, literally loling. And I'm glad I'm not the only one annoyed by her weird mouth movements all the time! She was particularly bad on the check up with Dr Drew, and my husband and I were just like WTF is she doing?

I was really hoping from the peek of hair under the towel, that Chelsea was going back brunette. It makes her look less orange.

I'm surprised Jeremy hasn't ran for the hills yet. I would question my partner's commitment and feelings for me if he were like Leah. I rather have someone who would choose me always because I am their number 1 than be someone's number 2 that would easily be dropped.

I laughed out loud when Jenelle's friend was talking about Gary and she said 'He has a stable job that he's not gonna lose' HAHAHA! All the shit with Jenelle got him fired!
Gary looks like a monkey to me... Jenelle obviously has a type because he looks like Courtland.

I think Jeremy seems like a good guy, he hasn't done anything to make us think otherwise. Corey and Leah are as bad as eachother in my opinion. I bet he wouldn't have wanted her if she hadn't got with Jeremy, and she should never have rushed things so much!

Chelsea's bit was quite cute, Aubree was sooo sweet and it was good seeing Chelsea in school. Annoying how her mother was clearly told to ask about Adam.

Urgh Kail what are you doing? You just don't make it easy for people to like you, despite the many positives about you!

I think Andrew and Courtland look more alike. Especially when Andrew is bald. Gary is the beefier version of them.

I agree with everything you said except the Gary looking like a monkey part..i may be the only one on here that thinks so but i think hes hot! Oh except when he ate grits with a knife. What the hell!

I'll be the one to say it...who isn't a little jealous of chelsea?! I mean...I know she's dumb with the whole Adam and ged thing but I would have loved o be able to spend the first three years at home with my baby. And all her friends have kids so she didn't even lose her friends! I have a hard time hating on her because I'm just a little jealous of her life, I hope she knows how lucky she is.

Ps ws anyone else laughing at her mingling scene?! That's always the most awkward thing hahah

"Ready, class? MINGLE!"

"Mingle" more like "speed dating!"

Hi, I'm Chelsea from Teen Mom 2 and the MTV Cameras are following me now! Wanna mingle?

I thought I heard you from across the room. Hello, did you say you had a kid? Is it a boy or a girl?

Yeah I don't care what people say, Chelsea and Aubree's bond is so special and she's clearly a happy, intelligent child and those are the important things! They're like best friends. Their segments were my favourite this episode (okay except the scripted conversations about Adam.)

I feel like ever since the middle of last season, Corey & Leah just keep having the same conversation over and over

"I want my family back"
"What if it doesn't work?"
"What about Jeremy?"
"What do we do?"
"I want my family back"
"I'm confused"

I was really confused last night when Leah said "hey Jeremy, remember how 2 months into our relationship Corey started messing with my mind? Well now we're 6 months in and he's doing it again!". Wait a minute, are you implying there was a four month period where you guys weren't considering getting back together? Because it doesn't seem like it stopped! It's been every.single.episode.

I'm so bored of Leah's segments...not only is it the same stuff over and over but we all know how it works out. Her and Corey both move on, and now are really good at co parenting and being friends. I am just bored with her segments, bring on the third pregnancy!

can i just say that i love the relationship that corey and his dad seem to have?

Corey got some good parentig skills from his dad. They had a great relationship, he's lucky to have such a good role model.

His dad did lose his job working for the government health agency where they live. His dad was fired for viewing porn on government computers, so he is not that great of a role model. I Googled this to be sure I had the facts straight, and it happened in September of 2011. His official job was the anti-smoking czar for the agency (I believe it was the county). Seeing that his one-time daughter-in-law (Leah) is a confessed smoker and his own son (Corey) is often seen on camera with chewing tobacco, it does not seem like they pay a whole lot of attention to him.

Well- maybe Corey learned a little from him. Didn't Leah once complain that Corey was not interested in her and would rather just lay on the couch and pleasure himself to computer porn? I think that this was one of the reasons she intially gave for cheating on him the "week before" (actually the NIGHT BEFORE) their wedding.


I always hear about people getting fired for watching porn at work and think to myself, who DOES that... Thanks so much for *shattering* my perception of Corey's dad.

right! TMJ or Jezabel is one thing but PORN!!!!

No that was Corey's STEP-dad Jay Carper who is the partner of Corey's mum. According to starcasm.net :)
I really like Corey's dad so I'm glad it wasn't him. Because lets face it, its a pretty dumb thing to do!!!!

I'm glad too. Thanks for straightening that out.

You're not the only one. I love the fact that Corey's dad seems to listen, which is incredibly important when you're dealing with your child, no matter their age. The best way to teach your son how be a good father is by being a good father-I think that's true in their case.

I love Corey and his father relationship also. And you just know that the father wants Corey to move on already. Remember that episode where Ali calls Leah a bitch? No offense...but I think she got that from the father. LoL!

He watched the porn on a government computer can also mean using a governemt computer or laptop whilst working from home or travelling for work. I hope this is the case, i shudder to think it was a governemt computer whilst at work! :/

Drum roll please....

Chelsea is STILL orange. Still.
No but really, its nice to see Chelsea finally going to beauty school, I never thought that day would come. I just hope that she is finally over Adam. Shes a good mom and attentive to Aubry, she just needs to work on her self esteem so that trait carries on to her daughter when she is a teenager.

Jenelle-Its hard to watch her at a point in time where she was getting her stuff together. She seems mellowed out when she is taking her med's and avoiding pot. Gary seems ok but if you keep track of their twitters and whatnot I assume it goes like this...KEEFier goes to jail, jenelle meets well rounded at the time Gary, her and Gary break up, she goes back to KEEFier and gets back on the drugs, they end things, she goes back to Gary, he see's fame and money and the both combined get him into the drugs and drinking, he loses his military career, gets assault charges filed on him, then Jenelle meets Courtland and decides getting married will make her stable...to another drug addict. I understand she is in rehab, but unless she makes plans to go back to NC and live in a sober living home, Jenelle will never get better. Everyone around her is a opportunist and a drug addict seeking their 15 minutes. I am actually starting to feel bad for Jenelle and hope she can get to a point where she takes her meds, doesnt do drugs, and can find good wholesome friends.

Leah just kind of makes my skin crawl. Jeremy, Corey, Jeremy, Corey. I am sure watching these episodes has to be hard for Jeremy. The whole charade is really hard to watch because of the now 3 kids involved. I wonder if Leah will spend forever with Jeremy? My money is on no. When the fame falls and they are all distant memories in 5 years she will end up divorced and on to the next one.

Kail-This episode made me think about Kail a lot. I have said it before and I will say it again, Kail has a right to be mad about Vee being around her son when she was posting that kind of stuff online when her son was there. Vee isnt a good role model in Kail's eyes and I get that. However, taking out a PFA against Joe wasnt the way to deal with Vee. If, as a parent, she was so worried about Vee she should have talked to her lawyer, printed the photos and gone to court to have a hearing that would keep Vee away from Issac. There was no need to punish Jo for it. Kail boreds on meaning well/being vindictive and a lot of that stems from the bipolar disorder. I would hope now that she knows she has it, and takes meds for it, that she is able to think more clearly for Issac. However, I do stand by her wanting a potentional mommy in law for Issac to be a good, well rounded person. You cant yell and scream about Jenelles drugs and drinking making her a shit parent, yet excusing Vee because you think Kail is vindictive.

I really liked your paragraph about Jenelle. I don't think a lot of people realize the sequence of events as they went down... which is hard sometimes cause her life is so dramatic and all over the place. But there WAS a small period where she was actually stable and I think Gary was too. I think he wasn't a big partier or drug user before Jenelle. Maybe just occasionally he partied, but overall was well rounded and preferred to keep things simple for the most part. Jenelle was the same at the time and it worked.

The thing is that Jenelle only stayed away from drugs and stayed calm because she was on probation. Gary & her ended their relationship JUST as she got off probation and Kieffer became a free man. A recipe for disaster. So then she briefly got back with Kieffah, and therefore back on drugs. Then the probation-free, drug using Jenelle got back with Gary. I have no doubt she really influenced Gary at this point and got him more seriously involved with drugs and bad people. I mean he was fine and had a good history and reputation until probation-free Jenelle came around. That doesn't EXCUSE anything he may or may not have done, same with Jenelle. it's just sad how things go so downhill again for everybody. I mean in the end, it wasn't probation that made Jenelle turn her life around for that short while. It was JENELLE that made Jenelle a better person. Yes her probation terms were to stay clean, but she nearly choose 2 weeks in jail simply so she could go back to doing drugs sooner instead of completing her whole probation. But she made the VERY conscious choice to not do that. I wish she would realize it wasn't probation that made her responsible, it was her. She has the power in there to do it, she's already done it! She can do it again if she can find a reason as important as probation seemed to be at the time. It's sad that she doesn't have a reason to right now. It's sad that her son isn't that reason... I hope wherever MTV sent her right now she actually is getting some real help.

She doesn't know Vee at all though, beyond a few admittedly unimpressive pictures on the internet. They don't warrant legal action on Kailyn's part. Isaac is with his father, who has always been responsible and consistant; if he deems her appropriate Kailyn should respect his judgement as he always has with her. If she were truly acting in her son's interest, she would MEET the woman he spends time with, and try to cultivate a civil relationship with her. Her refusal to engage with her at all is completely selfish, is disrespectful to Jo and not in Isaac's best interest at all. I get that its hard for her, but tough shit. Being a good parent means putting your child before your own sour feelings.

Kailyn- Boo fuckin' hoo! Jo is bringing his family to the courthouse and you don't like it? Tough shit! This is the type of thing mentally stable and loving families do. They SUPPORT each other. Just because your drunk mother isn't in your life to support YOU, doesn't mean you should be angry at Jo for having good parents. You should be thankful that Isaac has grandparents that care about him so much. Everything Janet said about you is 100% true! Period.

Leah- How did this girl muster up enough brain cells to graduate high school? First, you go to a restaurant with Lance err...Jeremy, let your children scream at the top of their lungs through half of the conversation, not do anything about it (of course), and talk about slowing things down. Great! You two are finally starting to sound mature. We then hear Leah with a voiceover exclaiming "I WINT BACK ON MAH BURTH CONTROW." Obviously that was a lie, because you soon become pregnant. Either that or you missed a pill. Or one. Or six. You've gone through this rodeo once. Have you heard of the depo shot? Getting the Mirena put back in? A tubal ligation? Hello? Bueller? Fucking idiot...

Then we move on later to Corey calling you and basically saying that he broke up with his girlfriend because he still has feelings for you. No bullshit. Straight to the point. You hang up the phone with a look on your face that says "Can you repeat the question Alex?"

THEN we get a shot of your lazy ass in bed, and the girls are...nowhere in sight. I guess there in another room sticking their fingers in light sockets. Anywho, you decide to inform Jeremy for 473rd time that you are unsure of their relationship, and here is the icing on the cake.....
"Well you are gone a lot through the week."

Are you fucking serious?!?! I am so completely disgusted by this statement I could spit nails. Obviously her stupid ass didn't stop and think about our MILITARY families who are away from their loved ones 12+ months at time to go overseas into a WAR zone. I have several family members that are in the military, so this really just makes my blood boil.

To end my Leah rant, I will just say that the last quote pretty much means that her vagina radar is up. I feel sorry for the next dope she traps.

Thank you for this. I <3 you.

I <3 you too.

Omg I cracked up at "I WINT BACK ON MAH BURTH CONTROW" and the part about the twins sticking their fingers in light sockets. Leah will probably end up like her mom. A young grandma that looks too old for her age and completely burned out. Kinda sad to think of

I was talking to my friend the other day and we were discussing what we thought Leah's life would have turned out like if she hadn't become pregnant to Corey. We concluded that she would have finished with Corey and then become pregnant young by some other poor country boy (Robbie??) However she would have been too old for 16 and Pregnant and not have been on the show.
I bet she wouldn't have ever bothered to go to College. I believe she was destined to be a teen/young mum with multiple children by 21. This may be harsh but that's my opinion.

I agree. Im from a small southern town and there is so many girls like leah. Get pregnant with someone random marry them divorce and have more kids before 21. These girls my age look like theyre 30. I get looked at crazy because I don't have any kids nor husband at the old old age of 24 in their eyes I'm wasting my life by going to grad school. Leah would have been a mother to three before 21 regardless of who she dated or didnt date.

You are spot on but this is not confined to the south. Not much to do in a small town as a teen who isn't into books. I've recently reconnected with many of the girls I went to school with in a very small town and ALL of them are mothers of at least three kids by two or more daddies. Most are currently single and about to become or already are grandmothers and are only in their early thirties.

Leah - Oh Jeremy you should have RAN while you could have. I imagine them now trying to eat out with the twins shrieking plus a new baby crying and Leah still more worried about her relationship and twirling her hair. It was obviously a reenactment when she talking to Cory on the phone because her hair color was different "later that night" when she talked to Jeremy in bed. And is it me or is she looking more and more like a troll every episode? She actually looked 10X better with the bleached hair look.

Jenelle - I can't with her and Mr. Cro-Magnon.

Kail - She is pathetic. She is so damn miserable and feels the need to make Jo feel the same. He is happy with his girlfriend and has a great supportive family and it just eats her alive. There are women who would kill to have a father like Jo for their child. Vee is cuter than her and Jo is completely over her and it kills her. I don't get how she can't see what a huge hypocrite she is.

Chelsea - She FINALLY made it to hair school!!! It's a freakin miracle! Her actual hair was a mess but hey that's why she's in school right? I hope they start with the basics such as.. brushing your hair. There may be hope for the teased comb over. (Let's just pretend she we don't know she still wears it like that.) It was sooo cute how Aubree knew she was going to school and was such a big girl about it.

Teacher: "What do we smell with?"
Aubree: "BOOGER!"

Cutest. Shit. Ever.

I seem to be here a little late because everything I was going to say has been said, except... Leah's kids were in CLOTHES!! The whole episode!! Wow wow wow!

I work in a law firm and sometimes people bring their kids in to meet with their lawyers and it is ALWAYS awkward because none of the subjects discussed here are child appropriate. Sad that some parents just don't get that.

Aubree is soooo cute!

Something bad must be wrong with Jeremy. Nobody in their right mind in the prime of their life settles for a woman who is still in love with her ex-husband.

Nice to see what Jenelle is like while sober, although she's still a jerk for breaking up with Gary over something he did before dating Jenelle. Although if I were her I'd be pissed and would be down a friend as well as a boyfriend. What was that thing of Gary's that she tore up??

Her mom probably came over and dressed them.

Aubree is really stinkin' cute. I loved how she was referring to herself in the third person. :)

OMG yes! 'Aubree okay!' with a big smile... Loved It!

Seeing how much Chelsea dotes on Aubree and how much love and affection she shows her really is the highlight of the show at this point. It's so natural and cute. And you always see in Aubree's eyes how happy she is. Then next scene you see Jenelle awkwardly hand Jace a vitamin and you see the lack of happiness in his eyes, and the absence of bonding and connection. The contrast is really striking. And so sad. :(

It is sad. I just wish Jenelle would wake up and get her shit together. The years are just flying by, Jace isn't getting any younger...and he's the one that is going to be hurt the most out of all of this :(

it was a pic of him and his military friends

I rated you down not because you said anything wrong but because that makes me sad. What a bitch!

its ok, she will blame it on the bipolar!

I really feel bad for Jo! he takes a lot of crap from kail idk how he is sooo patient and calm with her! as soon as she found out he got to court with his parents she knew it was over! i mean did you guys see her ghetto ass friends?? how would that have looked to the judge..jo having his caring supportive family or Kail bringing her hood rat friends..I completely agree with what Jos mom said about Kail!&I have nothing but respect for Jos parents.they've been supportive since day one and stood by their sons side and even kail something we dont see a lot with teen pregnancy.Javi just seems like a little weenie that kail bosses around.. she does like to be in control.. but she needs to get over herself you cant have it all honey..a husband and joe!

Cause Jo's hoodrat girlfriend and rap "career" look sooooooo much better.

Did you see the crazy piercings on those girls?!? at least wear a turtle neck and cover them up for court! geeshh! Jo might not be any better but at least he knows how to clean up for court for a serious matter!

I never said her friends looked good or appropriate. They didn't at all but Jo dating a party girl that posted vulgar things online is no better.

It might not be any better but at least he had some respect and didnt bring her he brought his fam and they looked pretty dam good!..it doesnt really matter if she posts vulgar things anyways he is a good dad and thats all that should matter! who gives a crap wat she posts as far as i know Vee aint the father nor pays child support so untill that day comes it aint none of kails concern! i think putting hands on javi,being bi polar, possesive , jealous, still being in love with baby daddy but yet having a bf will affect Isacc more than whatever Vee posts online.. wat kind of example does that set for Isaac??!!!?? coming from his own mtoher..but off course kail is never wrong and is always the victim! haa!

Who he has around her son is her business. Vee is a hoodrat and that will affect Issac. Jo only looked good because mommy made him. I have no doubt that if it was up to him he would be wearing his stupid little wanna be thug clothes.

and btw the jeans were more inappropriate than the piercings in my opinion. Plus the stupid hoop earrings.

idk why i cant reply above @morons comments but like i said before- i highly doubt wat vee posts online will affect isaac as much as living with a person who is bipolar and violent. She is the one that should be setting the example. kail is the definitin of a hypocrite. im not sayin vee is perfect but she is really far from harming Isaac..she might be really good with isaac for all we know.. im sure when isaac grows up and sees that his own mother kept him away from his father for 2 weeks and wanted to set up that ridiculous court order bc of her jealousy he will be beyond pissed.. i really have a feeling kails actions are gonna push isaac away when hes old enough to make decisions for himself...like whats gonna happen if jo gets married or has other kids?? i could see kail stopping the wedding with a bogus ass court order ahahahaha

NVM i just replied above! LOL anyyy whooo kail just needs to quit agravating Joe&* deal with it! Joes gonna have a gf no matter what! any baby moma would kill to have a active father in their childs live like him..bc un fortunately there isnt many out there at his young age.that is all!

Kails not perfect either but that girl is just bad news. when you start dating someone with a child you better be ready to be responsible and she's not. "Hey I have a great idea let's post a picture of my underaged father of a boyfriend online and point out that he's drunk" far from the type of person who should be influencing a child. Plus you are right about one thing. We don't know how she is with issac yet everyone insists that she is a saint and kail has no right to hate her. Kails a bitch sometimes but no one hold a grudge for over a year based on nothing.

Argh yes this made me so mad! In the words of IsThatMyHoodie- hello? Bueller? You're in a goddamn court of law, at least pop into Target and get a pair of officewear pants. They're only like $14, I swear.

Vee is just a young woman, not an audition for Isaac's stepmother. She put stupid stuff on a website, enjoys a drink.. so fuckin what? She's not a parent, and doesnt appear to be trying to be. Jo is the parent, and just because Vee enjoys certain indulgences doesn't make her a danger to a baby. There are boundaries. Some things are ok in some company, obviously not okay in others. We all do things in some company we wouldnt do in others, shes not necessarily gna light up next to a toddler because she enjoys it in general, and Kail shoukd trust Jo to not do that near his son Cause he obviously loves him and she is choosing to be an asshole.

Thank you I don't think vee is as bad as people thinks she is. I find calling her hoodrat is wrong do I think posting photo of drinking and smoking online is dumb yeah but that's her choice. I don't think Jo or his family will allow anyone who they feel is a bad person into issac life I think it boil down to kail being jealous of Vee becaus she is pretty and Jo choose her over kail. You would think that kail now being happily married she would at least meet vee and try to be civil towards Vee and all of these teen mom groupie sending kail tweets about vee. Are really embrassing and sick like get a life and stop being so dumb and childish this is why kail feel justify in her nasty behavior toward Vee because her friends and her "fans". Tell she is in the right when you are parent you have to do what is best for you're kid and try to get along with the other parent and sadly I don't see kail ever grow up. She is just too damn self righteous and she is always the victim

Watching Leah's segments is like entering the West Virginian Twilight Zone. The whole episode I was just waiting for Jeremy to grow a pair and leave. What is the matter with him? He can't possibly be sticking it out as option número two for the wonderful housekeeping and engaging conversation that comes along with Leah. I remember when all this footage was being shot Leah was all over twitter and giving interviews saying stuff like 'with Corey it was all forced, with Jeremy we just connect and it's right blah blah etc. etc.' . It makes me wonder if she is currently reeling in hubby number 3 despite her social media gushing about how amazing her life/ husband is.

Also, that picture of Jo (I mean uh Nick B) channeling his inner Usher makes me feel violated.

so thats why i keep staring at it, with a weird feeling in my chest.

Haha yup.

Although while the average female probably looks at it and feels like she wants to go shower and put on a turtleneck, Kailyn probably looks at it with a deep burning regret that it should be her, as Nick B's former boo, who is all cozied up on his muscular, wife beater strewn chest staring at his soulful, searching- yet all understanding- eyes.


Are we sure it's burning regret and not burning nether regions?

LOL I couldn't agree more Hoodie. I'd bet my bottom dollar that should the opportunity arise for a little more wet n wild shower fun with Nicky boy Kail would be out of her designer sweatshirt faster than you can say 'Javi'.

But can someone seriously please explain Nick B to me? I am by no means any type of rap aficionado but if I was going to try and gangsta up my image I wouldn't create an alter ego 'Hannah T' or 'Jessica N'. It sounds like a third grader who has a bunch of kids with the same name in their class so they tack on the second initial.

Am I missing something? Is this how the thug lyfe is on the streets of affluent suburban Pennsylvania?

Sarah says- Hahaha Nick B is actually an acronym but it's still ridiculous, Nerd In a Cool Kid's Body. Sounds like a real badass.

Nick B means "Nerd In Cool Kid's Body"? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. He actually thinks he has a "Cool Kid's Body"? Does he actually think others look at him and think he looks cool? How deluded can he be? Also - why would he identify with Nerds? All real nerds shoudl be super offended (I include myself).



Data, is that you??

Oh God I didn't know he had a stupid rapper name. I want to vomit.

Emily- thank you for bringing this information to my life.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That is AMAZING. It's like a YouTube parody- except it isn't.

A quick google search has turned up the following wonderful nuggets:

Bio- N.I.C.K. B aka Nerd In A Cool Kid's Body is part of the new generation of young MC's coming out of New Jeruz. Focusing on lyrics and content. N.I.C.K B is truly a student of the game. With influences from The Wu Tang Clan, Eminem, Nas and Jay Electronica......Jo takes on the altered ego named N.I.C.K. B (Nerd in a Cool Kids Body). “Rhyming is something I did before the show and I’ll continue to do as long as I live” N.I.C.K. B. Born in Newark, NJ, raised in Union, NJ, taught N.I.C.K B both strength and knowledge and gave him the platform that would later assist him with his choice of content and his name.

The link to buy his official fan tank top (you're welcome ladies)


BUT, unfortunately, it seems that there was another Nick B first (go figure) so whenever you check out google images you are bombarded with pictures of a rather muscular male model with a penchant for speedos.

I've always respected Janet and Eddie, they seem like great people... I even cut them some slack on the whole not having the sex talk with Nick since they all stepped up as a family when Isaac came along. But the fact that neither one of them could take the time to sit down with their son and gently guide him away from his 'rap career'.

Maybe they aren't as sane as I originally believed.

Sarah that is exactly why I don't buy the whole "we're so perfect and supportive and wonderful" attitude. You let your son live with you well into adulthood while you let him pursue a "music career" AFTER he has a child that he needs to take care of. On top of that there is a recording studio in their basement. I mean the economy sucks so plenty of people are staying with their parents longer, nothing wrong with that. But kick him in the ass and tell him to get his freaking head out of the clouds.

Jo has a full time job that supports his son though. Hes still only 20, if his parents want to help him along I've no beef with that. He works and pays his way, he's entitled to his goals as long as he pays for what he needs to pay for. So leave him alone lol you might think its stupid and unrealistic but it takes balls to try something, with a bunch of ready made haters waiting while working a nine to five. Kid's doing his best, smidge of credit would be nice

He's a damn fool with damn foolish dreams. Oh you wanna be a famous rapper? Do you think issac will get to come with you on tour or are you going to leave him for months to go pretend like you didn't grow up in the PA burbs? He's a dumbshit.

West Virginian Twilight Zone= I spit my water out.

You're a funny gal, Sarah :)

Haha thanks! I've read all your comments on here and you are pretty damn funny yourself sista!

You know the phone scene with leah and corey, when corey was saying he cant get over that magic vagina (you remember with the face as if she couldnt fully comprehend english).

she was really smiling deep down. She can stop with the act.

I feel like kail is jealous of Jo girlfriend and jealous of Jo family. I feel like kail blame a lot of her behavior on not having family and her bipolar. Kail is just brat and she has real issues she can never accepts blame. It is always someone else fault I hate the fact that she used the court system to attack Jo. Kail is going to have a miserable life she can't accept blame and accept that she can't control others. Leah is just Leah she loves drama just like jenelle she loves to have options Chelsea is really the best mother in the whole series she has her issues but she has really been the best mother.

WHY is Leah always in bed in the middle of the day??? That really irritates me! Get out of bed, put clothes of your children and clean your house! She lives like a filty pig!

Leah-Take you damn kids out to the car or at least to the bathroom when they start screaming. good lord. Personally the fact that Jeremy is still around and they got married is further proof of how staged and fake this show is. Jeremy is quite a catch so it's not like he was desperate. I don't think he would stick around if all this crap were really true.

Kail. Dude Jo looks so pathetic in this picture, just like he did in that "music" video. I think they were both in the wrong but it's annoying that she takes it to court. Just like jo said it wasn't really an abuse case, it was an altercation and they were both physical with each other. Regardless of who started it they were both in the wrong.

Jenelle. I know how it ends so I didn't pay much attention.

Chelsea. Did anyone else want to scream when they showed the shot of the mannequin with the pink stripe in it's hair. That thing was hideous and it scares me that people are learning to make each other look like that. This is not the capital in the hunger games. You do not need a giant bump on your forehead or a weird poofy fan thing on the side.

Lol capital in the hunger games lol

Have you seen her friends?? They would fit right in.

What makes Jeremy a good catch? I am just curious because I am not seeing it.

He looks like Lance Bass! DUH.

Well I personally think he's pretty good looking, I don't see the Lance Bass lol. Good job, great with kids, he seems very sweet and respectful. He comes off to me as a southern gentleman. The time away for work isn't ideal but plenty of families deal with that. From military families to truckers.

Southern gentleman? I respectfully disagree. Check out his Twitter and the way he speaks to people. A gentleman would use tact, intelligence, and grace but Jeremy opts for ignorance, hate, and impulse. Not at all sweet or respectful...except maybe to Leah, so he can get into her magical vagina. For some reason.

I can never figure out twitter. Is he being a dick to people for no reason or because they are trashing his wife?? Cause I kinda think that a gentleman will rip someone a new asshole for trashing their wife. I mean my husband has the disposition of a puppy dog and he punched a guy in the face for calling me a bitch.

Well he doesn't punch her in her dumb mouth every time she rattles on about her ex Corey, which must be very tempting indeed...

He isn't too ugly.

He has a job.

He doesn't seem to be a drunk or a druggy.

Appears to be just as fertile as she is.


First of all kudos to Barbara for finding a bright happy little home for her and Jace. That child deserves every little piece of happiness he gets.

Second, I'm growing to really dislike watching this show. I think everyone forgets that this show was made to help prevent teen pregnancy and make aware how hard it is to raise a CHILD. Not how hard it is to find a boyfriend, how hard it is to deal with divorces, or how hard it is to find out your boyfriend cheated on you or whatever the hell Jenelle is always going through.
I get that some of these things absolutely factor in to how you raise a child and the day to day stuff that can get to you and effect how you feel but good god.

Jenelle needs to get it together( even typing that seems like a waste) because this life she's living is so backwards. She's suppose to be there for Jace. Getting her shit together and seriously making a life with Jace in it...not her popping in occasionally saying hey and running back out to deal with her stupid drama. That is her son not her brother. I respect Jenelles mother so much for taking on being a mother to her child. Sad to say she will probably be going that for the rest of Jaces life. My brother has bipolar and I know it effects everyone differently but her throwing her ex's stuff around has nothing to do with moodswings or her getting wild because of her bipolar. She was just being a brat and doesnt give a shit about anyones anything.

I totally agree with you. It pisses me off when people bad mouth Barbara. We don't know the struggles she faced raising Jenelle. From my understanding, she was a single parent and she did the best she could. The bottom line is, JENELLE got pregnant, NOT Barbara. She has to start all over raising a child, when she should be looking at retirement in her future. Barbara should be commended for taking care of that baby.

I disagree completely. She allowed Jenelle to hang out with people like Tori and Andrew, allowed Andrew to stay the night. Plus her other 2 kids are just as bad. Jenelle should be held accountable for her mistakes but I don't think that babs is even close to a good parent. Children learn what they live and Jenelle had obviously learned that shouting is the answer to anger.

Oh I don't think Jenelles mom is perfect by any means and I absolutely agree that Jenelle should be held accountable for her choices but I think Barbara did what she could the best she could. Jenelle on the other hand... is most definitely not. She is way too concerned with everything else except her son. It's sad that Jenelle needs someone to tell her right from wrong because she can't figure it out on her own..but right there THATS an example of Jenelle not being able to understand her own decisions and the repercussions for them because she needs someone to constantly tell her yes good choice or no thats bad.

I think Jenelle has been a handful her whole life, I think her mom bailed her out of everything possible and tiptoed around Jenelle until she couldn't take it anymore.
I wanted to slap her through my tv when she was telling one of her friends to take the hoodie off she let her borrow and to get her shit out so Jenelle can move her furniture in( whereeee the hell does this girl get all of this shit to fill the many places shes lived hmm)and snickering from the top of the stairs like everyone else in beneath her. I don't know...it just really bothers me. This is not showing younger women anything about parenting.
I'm a 22 year old mother to an almost 2 year old and I feel like this show should rewind itself a little here because its definitely more about the relationships all the mothers have then it is about the children. We hardly ever see them haha like little snips here and there but the show was made BECAUSE of them.

See I think it's just showing that she was never taught right from wrong. If it was just jenelle I would call it a fluke but it's her siblings to. I feel for Babs but I really hope she doesn't raise Jace the same way she raised her kids.

I think Jenelle needs a good proper whooping to teach her some manners. Maybe that's what Barbara didn't do? I'm honestly not a fan of people getting beat down but some need it so they remember they are not the most important person on earth - teaches them to respect others and not walk all over people.

To a certain age you cannot hold the parent accountable for their childrens actions. Barbara may have not been the perfect mother but no matter how she raised Jenelle she has no power over her actions if Jenelle doesnt want to respect her. My sister in law has 4 daughters although they arnt getting pregnant they do not respect her at all and I think it comes to the fact that they blame her for their dad leaving them. Which I think thats the same reason Jenelle acts the same way towards her mom not because of how Barabara raised her

Right on candace. Some people won't have any sense until you beat it into them.

And lili I agree that jenelle walks her own path but I think her mom set her on it. I also don't think barbra was very loving or affectionate. How many times did we see jenelle break down crying that she just wants someone to love her. Granted if she picked her friends and relationships better she wouldn't have that problem but that kind of emotional needyness had to come from somewhere. Jenelle needs to get professional help and really comit to it. She's a total moron but I do feel bad for her. I cannot imagine what kind of mental and emotional fucked upness she must be feeling.

What did Jennelle tear up??

a photo of Gary and his marine friends

aww :(

Wow that was really stupid. I think their whole fight was dumb, she blew up because he slept with someone before they were even together. What does a random picture of him have to do with her to the point of tearing it up? She's a bitch.

Did anyone else notice Jeeermys massive double chin? I wonder if he was fat before.

I noticed! Leah has bad taste in guys looking at Robbie, Corey, and Jeremy. There all so unatractive!

It's from all of Leah's home cookin' y'all!

Yup they like them some of those hot dogs and cheetos

In the scene where Gary was moving his stuff out of Jenelle's house, did anyone notice what Jenelle ripped in half that made him freak out?

Never mind - I just read that it was a photo of Gary and his fellow Marines.

Ugh idk why I even read their twitters ( Kailynn and Leah) I don't even have Twitter. Can't believe theres really girls out there who worship them and agree with their idiotic behaviors. Iwanna hit everyone one of them in the head like the v-8 commercials.

Im just bored

i don't have twitter either but sometimes check them out to see updated pictures of the kids :) and it's so pathetic to see the people on their idolizing them. being a fan of the show and watching it for entertainment value is fine. (even though i don't even find i entertaining anymore i have invested 3 years in these girls why give up now) i just don't understand how people become so emotionally invested in them. it's so confusing.

Leah and Corey both want more confirmation from the other that the other has feelings and wants to get back together, yet everytime they give it to each other they back away and say " I don't know if I want this, I don't know if you want this." You guys both have. Now decide. So dumb. Painful to watch. Total bull too "you're gone most of the week." You knew that when you got with him that was how things were gonna be? If I were Jeremy and had seen the show at all, I'd know right away how this was gonna lead into her "I'm not getting enough sex so I cheated," thing. Ugh.

Aubree is adorable. In this episode I actually could see a little bit of Adam in her face, but she's a beautiful little girl. "A bogger!" So cute. Chelsea doesn't look good with the fake tan or the crazy blond hair, but hopefully she'll learn something at beauty school and sticks with it there. And stops hooking up wiht Adam. Ugh.

Kailyn. Glad the lawyers saw that the PFA was overblown and unnecessry. Kinda sucks the arrangement they had to come to, which seems weird and pointless, but at least it was fairly placed on both of them. I didn't think the extchanging was that much of a big deal, I thought Kailyn was worried about whether Vee was there with her son, but I guess this makes sense because really it's about Kailyn not liking Vee in her presence that led to violence. Whatever.

Jenelle - overreactive, violent, same old same old. Bla bla. Mess. Screaming, crying. Woe is me. Whatever.

Leah loves Corey because of his awesome baseball cap with the frayed bill. That's Hot.

omg when jenelle started howling like a banshee i couldnt stop laughing she is such a wreck -.-

Holy crap I thought this was fake at first. I currently live in another country for work so I have to buy the episodes off itunes so I never see any type of promos but I thought this a type of fan fiction poking fun at how we already know so much before a new season airs because of all the social media and magazine articles lol.