The Dad's Special

Unless you're living under a rock, or you don't keep up with all the Teen Mom gossip like I do, you know that a taping of the Teen Dad's Special with Dr.

Drew was this weekend. All of the dads from Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 will appear on the show, minus Jenelle Evans' ex, Andrew Lewis.

A couple of tweets by Teen Mom's Gary Shirley earlier today:

Now my guess is that Jo was too busy giving Gary the "shifty eyes" and Gary got uncomfortable. It also makes me laugh a little that Kailyn asked that question to begin with.

Maybe she's looking for her child support payments. BUT! the bigger question...who fell asleep first: Ryan Edwards or Adam Lind?



When does this air? I cnt seen to find it..

I haven't been able to find an air date yet, so I'm not sure the date has been announced yet. I'll definitely keep you posted. I'm anxious to see it. :D

Thank you so much.. Yea I am very anxious to see how it went with them all.... :)

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