Corey Simms Takes to Twitter to Speak Out Against Last Night's Episode As If MTV Could Possibly Make Him Look Worse Than Leah

Leah Messer


Leah Messer & Jeremy Calvert aren't the only ones who are apparently unhappy with the way MTV portrays them on the show.

Corey Simms took to Twitter following last night's episode to blast the "TM2 action" that showed Leah and her sister trash-talking the way Simms and his wife Miranda treat the girlses.

"Watching tonight's episode and shaking my head. People talk big. A simple co parenting convo turns into much more. A simple everyday task...Gets blown way out of proportion. And my place is still the worse place for them to be. Tune in for much more TM2 action ?," Simms tweeted.

In the episode, Leah's concern over Ali's weight loss is directed at how she's treated at Corey's house because Corey and Miranda don't give the twins the attention they need.

Leah is encouraged by family to talk to Corey about it:

"There is nothing wrong with you going down there and telling them that they are hurting your kids."

Which is kind of ironic, because pretty much every other episode of Teen Mom 2 features Leah's questioning parenting, which talk about on here all the time.

Not surprisingly, Corey's tweets resulted in a ton of positive feedback and support from fans who reassured him the episode didn't change their perspective on his parenting skills.


Is that photo of the two when they were together? Corey looks happy

Before he found out how "classy" she is...

Before that truth done come out...

Looking at this photo reminds me how I was rooting for these two in the beginning. Before the crazy antics were shown on TV.

I sincerely hope those girls don't get taken from him.

I think the way that Leah & company blew these specific instances out of proportion just proves Leah has nothing negative to say about Cory & Miranda in court. She is grasping at straws now and it is pathetic.
"Well your honor if you will direct you attention to this video it shows my girlsie having to carry her own backpack because her wicked stepmother is carrying her premature half sister."

The only thing that stresses me out about this sitatuion is that now Ali and Gracie have both seen how much attention and praise they can get from Leah (who's usually too doped up to notice them) if they badmouth Corey or Miranda, which could lead to them making up more and more extravagant lies. Like, if the girlses told Leah that something really bad happened (Miranda and Corey are always drinking, they hit them, they yell at them, Corey's creepy friend touched them or something) then if Leah presented it to a judge it could help her case.

It took Delta Dawn's evil trolls this long to find a shred of anything to rat on Miranda for---she wouldn't carry the backpack for Ali because she had to carry the premature baby. Miranda told Ali to try to do it for herself-oh my god-she has MD what were you thinking Miranda you are so cruel!!!! Well Leah-you're the one who told Ali to always try to walk first before using the chair-after the doctors had just said EXACTLY the opposite!

Pictures like this always make me sad I'll be the first to admit i was a HUGE leah and corey fan back in the day and part of me will always wonder what would have been like for all of them had they worked through their issue's that being said though i am so happy that corey has found themself a good women.

It's really sad. Most of these girls seriously met the guy they will be in love with forever at 16. I think Leah will always be in love with Corey, Maci with Ryan, and Kail with Joe. It must be the worst feeling to love someone for as long as these girls have loved their kid's Dads. None of them will ever get a second chance to make it work. That's truly heart breaking to me. I said it a few posts back, I wouldn't wish that hurt on anyone.

Yea. Leah and Kail probably shouldn't have slutted so much then maybe they would of had a chance.

I agree that Miranda probably bully's Corey's kids. The shocking thing about what Ali said wasn't that Miranda wouldn't hold her book bag, it was that she got "mad" when she asked her. First of all, this girl has MS, a progressive, worsening condition that can affect muscle strength. Take it from someone who had Lyme Disease and was barely able to walk for 2 years. Having to carry things can be excruciating, it would be different if Ali didn't have MS. Miranda passive aggressively hates Leah, and it would not surprise me that she takes it out on the kids in any way.

She doesn't have MS she has a very rare form of muscular dystrophy.

Miranda is succcchhhhh an evil bitch making her carry a backpack but it's ok that Leah never has Ali in her wheel chair? What the fuck ever. ?

When someone has weak muscles, carrying a back pack can feel like a ton of bricks. Absolutely that is abusive.

Reefer-not being able to take the kid's backpack right away is NOT abusive, I highly doubt the back pack is still sitting in the supermarket parking lot (or wherever)

Lol I think your illness is simply a case of being a whiny ass bitch.

I'm not sure what kind of school they go to but as a kindergarten teacher, a former sub and a mom I have never seen kids go home with a school book never mind several. Unless they were book order books of course. We tend to use workbooks for math (my school uses Eureka and my son's school uses Go Math) and all reading and spelling is copied out of a state approved ELA book. I think it's very telling that Mama Dawn said to Ali that the bag was too heavy for her, in my past psychology work that would have been called a leading question. Also, as a momma of a baby (my oldest is 8 and my other child is 10 months) there have been several times that I have had to tell my son to suck it up because my hands were full with baby and baby stuff. And yes he goes running straight to Daddy to tell. When Daddy asks him what he had expected me to do he says something to the effect of putting the baby down and helping, it's not until my boyfriend processes with him that this is not fair to the baby that my 8 year old understands. If he has issues with it you can't expect a 6 year old to understand. Especially one whose mother has always focused on her. Finally, to wrap up, I also caught at the end that Ali said that Remi gets all the attention. Also a line I hear often from a child who doesn't understand how much babies need. When it was just Corey and Miranda with the twins they had a lot of attention, I bet some jealousy is at play due to the lack of attention at Corey's because of the baby and being premature.

Ohhhh shit @ TTB's comment.
If only I would've visited earlier, I would've said the same thing.

What the fuck?! When has Miranda ever acted like she hates Leah's kids? Was it when she agreed to stay at home full time to look after girls that aren't hers?

Any parent or teacher will tell you that a child's recollection of how an event happened can be very different to the truth. Just because Ali said that Miranda got "mad" doesn't mean that she did. Ali is probably jealous of her new sister (which is very common) and so tried to act more helpless than she really is to get some attention. These girlses have been coached to rat out the other parent since before this custody dispute began, and they know that they'll get lots of attention and praise for saying bad things about Miranda to their mother.

Plus what could have even been in that backpack? Some papers? A water bottle or lunchbox? Hardly extreme weightlifting. I'm sure that when she's at Leah's house she carries it from the car each day.

It's probably Oreo

For a child with little to no muscle strength it may very well feel like extreme weight lifting. If it was any other child I would say have them carry the book bag. As far as a few papers, I don't know what school you went to, my my niece who is in kindergarten routinely takes several books home.

@ Nathans Not even a lunch box if the girlses came from Leahs that morning, she aint got no bread or lunchables.

My girls have been in different schools in different states for kindergarten and 1st grade. They've never brought a textbook home. At most it's a paperback workbook and some papers.

So you believe a six year old told the story perfectly right but let me guess.... Gracie was lying that Leah never feeds them breakfast right?

The thing is ally never said and mommy it hurt so bad or I didn't feel good. The kid was just complaining if she said she was in pain yeah I would be upset but she didn't. It just sounds like normal whining to me

"Bullying" lol shut the fuck up. Lol MS you sound like jenelle.

LOL. Your definition of bullying and mine obviously differ since you are telling someone you don't know (all while behind the computer,) to shut the fuck up, merely because you have a different opinon than me.

"Bullying is repeated verbal, physical, social or psychological behaviour that is harmful and involves the misuse of power by an individual or group towards one or more persons."

Note the word repeated. I.E. Not one comment left on a webpage

I'm so sick of these randoms coming here with their ridiculous and offensive opinions and then getting all huffy when people disagree

Then cry and be offended while I laugh at you. Also no one on here cares that you have Lyme disease. There I said it.

Your definition of MS and like...the actual disease also differ. Lol.

HAHA! Hi Mama Dawn! Or whatever hillbilly family member this is.

Leah being high as balls around the kids isnt abuse but Miranda not carrying a backpack is?

Oh I am not huffy that people disagree. The name calling over a different opinion is what I was responding to.

And yet no one cares....

I briefly ranted about something similar to this on a different post. You are, first, making your assumption based on ONE instance in which Miranda opted to not carry a backpack because  she was already holding the baby. Second, for you to say that Miranda takes her dislike of Leah out on the girls is terribly unfair. I took care of my ex's children for two years and had a poor relationship with their mother and never once took it out on them. That assumption that stepmothers are inherently wicked is one I take very personally as I lived that life. Now, I am not saying all step parents are like me. There are bad ones just like there are bad parents. Finally, you talk about Miranda's actions being abusive (an argument I vehemently disagree with) then we need to look at leah's actions. Her smoking  around her children, her feeding them junk food in just about every scene we see her have them, allowing her other two children to play on the wheelchair her disabled child needed until it broke and then waiting months to fix it forcing her child to walk when it is painful, and texting and driving should then be abusive as well by your logic. Furthermore  her trash  talking Corey in front of the girls (at least in California) would be considered a change of circumstances and could be used to take her kids away. While I know I probably  won't  change your mind I just had to voice my opinion on your argument

Yes! Her chain smoking around them isnt good for any of the kids, especially Ali, she probably is more susceptible to getting sick.

Lol right? And telling her to pick up her damn glasses and calling Ali a liar...that's not bullying? Shove some cheetos up your ass...

So what if she did get a bit mad. She is looking after three kids, one is a premature baby the other has a disability plus she has to deal with Leah. She was probably stressed and just snapped in the heat of the moment. Doesn't make her a bad person or an unfit parents, it makes her normal! And it isn't like Leah does snap at her kids.... Like when they complain that Miranda makes them breakfast and Leah bites their head off.

Im sure it hurt the girlses feelings when the had to go to school hungry and cold. But thats okay, because they came out of Leahs twat and she is their real mom.

I don't think stepparent's are bad, you're taking it too personally. I was raised by a wonderful stepfather. I'm referring to Miranda personally.

You keep referring to Miranda as "evil". How is she evil? Explain this please, because I don't have the cognitive dissonance it takes for that.

Also, unlike Corey and Miranda, The Golden Uterus and her family loveeee to talk shit about them with the kids sitting there listening. Corey and Miranda manage not to do that. Leah's just pissed because the judge saw thru her bullshit. If Leah doesn't have anything good to say to the girls about their dad and stepmom, then she should just keep her idiot mouth shut.

I 100% agree with everything in the comment above, you took the words right out of my mouth TMJ sista. I'm pretty sure Leah's dumbass decisions are 10x worse than Miranda not dropping everything to carry a bookbag. My son has asthma (not as bad as other people, thank god) and I've never carried his bookbag. He's more than able to do it. Just bcuz him and Ali have issues, doesn't mean they're too fragile to do things for themselves. I'm sure Miranda isn't perfect and has flaws just like all of us, but she isn't evil.

Thank you @emily ?

She doesn't bully, she holds them accountable for their actions and ensures they follow the rules. Any child would complain about having to follow the rules while yesterday Mom let them eat a can of frosting and glue pom poms to the cat.

She doesn't even do that! She's even said she doesn't like to discipline since they're not her kids. But she's "bullying" because a 6 year old said she couldn't carry her backpack at that minute. Miranda could've nicely said "let's leave that in the car and I'll come back out for it", kids exaggerate all the time! Or maybe Ali was whining and whining and then Miranda snapped, saying "Ali! I can't right now".

Lmao at how you Leah minions can't even correctly name the disease your beloved queen's daughter has. You're so busy trying to scream abuse at Miranda for a situation that a) none of us witnessed and b) was heavily coerced by chastity/Oreo/mama dawn/ whoever made that video; that you can't even bother to get the correct name of a very well known, well documented, disease that is the reason for your supposed outrage. Smh

The kid could have pitched a fit. I would be annoyed if she did that and maybe that's why she looked "mad". Cory and Miranda have never done anything to throw up any red flags in my book

Not all step-mothers hate their step-child's biological mother. I don't think Miranda has hate for Leah, I think she if fairly disappointed in her but it's not hate. I'm a step-mother and I love my step-daughter, in return I also have love for her mother. Without my step-daughter's biological mother I wouldn't have my step-daughter and she wouldn't be the little girl that she is. I can relate to Miranda in more ways than one and I don't think that she hates Leah so much that it filters into the twins. Also I can't see Corey allowing Miranda to "bully" the girl, it obvious he loves his daughters.

Because Lyme disease is exactly like Ali's MD. Miranda is likely exhausted from caring for a newborn and two school aged children. She hasn't done anything that a million other mothers haven't done at one time or another. Give the woman a break.

Leah cares so much about Ali's disability she allows her on a swing with no supervision. Did you see that poor baby fall on her head? Yeah, Leah cares...

I just rewatched the episode. It was so weird actually sitting down and watching tv...without washing dishes, folding laundry or something and attempting to watch?

Anyway, dude, I'm surprised my eyes didn't roll out of my head while The Golden Uterus was bitching about that video. She's obviously trying to blow up whatever shit she can to make them look bad. She knows deep somewhere in that tiny, drug fried brain that Miranda and Corey are the better parents and the girls are better off. Leah and her hillbilly, shit starting family need to stfu, sit the fuck down and let the real parents do their job. And the video wasn't even bad, guys. I can't tell you how many times my son has told one of his grandparents how mommy "is sooooo mean" because I won't let him eat sweets for breakfast, wear boots with basketball shorts, let him play on his tablet all day, let him do what he wants 24/7, or whatever else. That's how kids are. Ali wasn't hurt, laying on the ground in pain or least she didn't go to school starving or cold, like the girlses does in Leah's care...*shrugs* but that's only cool because only the "real mom" can get away with that. She's seriously the dumbest bitch.

What's it like to sit to watch TV!? Tell me more about this ?
Don't feel bad my kids uninvite me to their birthday parties daily (the ultimate insult in our house) lol

I honestly feel like Leah needs some serious counseling and to disown her entire family before she will be able to find true peace and happiness. Her cruddy family members are nothing but trash! Ugh the entire Messer clan are the kind of people I side eye at Walmart on Foodstamp day with a cart of Mountion Dew and Pringles.

I think my body went into shock actually sitting that long and watching something other than Paw Patrol. I don't think my brain processes me time anymore?

I just can't believe how much of a shit starter Delta Dawn is. If you want to start shit, at least find something worth starting shit over. That video was stupid af.

Lol I'm sure that's what Leah would be without the MTV $$$ rolling in. But wait..she doesn't believe in public assistance and thinks it's just for lazy people...

OMG I just finished watching the episode, seriously I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Leah is seriously crying and saying she wants to "save" her kids because Miranda wouldn't carry a bag and a newborn gets more attention??!! Are you f'ng kidding me? I can't believe the huge drama they created about it. You'd think the girls were getting abused the way they were carrying on. And it's even worse coming from a shit mother too. Corey and Miranda would never do anything to hurt the girls, I'm confident in that. I'm pretty sure it's normal for siblings to get jealous, and yea you bet my son got less attention when I had his brother, obviously. This shit makes me mad.

Late, but this was so frustrating to watch. Leah is just jumping on whatever she can. Ali is complaining like a normal six year old who wants attention. How many times do you want to guess Leah said something similar while holding Addy?

For her to record it, that means she had Ali repeat the incident a second time. I am sure there was probably a little coaching , and also Ali saw all the attention she was getting for "telling" on Miranda.

Also it is fairly normal for a child to feel jealous of the attention a newborn sibling gets/needs.

I just don't understand why I continue to watch a show that gets me so frustrated . Lol.

Right, however, what everyone is missing is that this child can BARELY WALK and falls all of the time.

Maybe your concerns would be better addressed to Leah. The woman has made Ali miss therapy, encourage her not to use her wheelchair, leaves her in parks unattended, smokes and texts in the car with all three children...

I could go on and on. Miranda isn't the problem here.

Barely walk?? Oh come on! She's disabled but she's far from that point at this stage.

Sorry I must have missed the part of Ali barely being able to walk while I was busy looking at pictures of her running the bases at her t-ball game a few weeks ago that her grandmother posted on instagram.

I was so confused when she said Ali couldn't walk. I was seriously sitting here like, what!? I'm pretty sure she walks all the time because Leah let her wheelchair get broken. So, what was she supposed to do, fly?

Like the internet, children ALWAYS tell the truth.

I thought Meranda's response was smart and honest. This video that MTV blew up to be so controversial was wawawa. Anything to portray their cash cow train wreck as better that the alternative act is so transparent. I mean serious, this is a big deal. Yes I get Ali has MD but Meranda knows what she can and cannot do. She's been with these girls since right after the diagnosis. Leah's fan girls are all like I told you Meranda was a bi**h. Ok.

Leah lets the kids eat icing out of the jar. She also wouldn't feed them breakfast before school when they were begging for it. So I found it humorous she was upset Ali lost a couple of pounds. I would too if I started eating healthy and cut down on all the sugar.

As for the Miranda Backpack Gate incident of 2016, pretty sure Miranda would of come out to get it after she got the baby settled. Or Gracie can carry it. How heavy can it be?!