Chelsea Houska's New Man

Chelsea Houska


After her break up with Adam Lind, Chelsea has remained single for the majority of the time she's been on television, which is a huge difference from her Teen Mom 2 cast mates, who are all in relationships and have had second or third children.

There have been rumors flying about Chelsea dating someone new, but we haven't ever known much about the people that she's been with until now. Chelsea's current boyfriend is a guy named Cole DeBoer, and he's from South Dakota as well.

He is 25 years old, a college graduate, and has a full-time job working for the Dakota Traffic Services.

While Chelsea and Cole aren't officially dating, the two are allegedly pretty close and are trying to take things slow.

Chelsea has posted a picture of the two of them together, but for now she hasn't made any mention of him as a boyfriend.

We don't know if Cole has met Aubree yet, but we know Chelsea's thoughts on Adam bringing every girlfriend around his daughter, so I can imagine that Chelsea is attempting to take things slow and make sure that Cole is going to be sticking around for a while before putting Aubree in the middle of it.


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enjoy her pretty kitty, cole.

And her babyyyy voice.....he reminds me of the guy from Awkward.

Jesus that voice is irritating. Though, despite all that, I do hope Chelsea finds a nice guy. Adam really did a number on her self-esteem.

He really did! It was one of her last episodes that REALLY just did it for me with the baby voice. I can't ever take her serious. Even when she's disciplining the baby voice comes out!

Aubree's adorable raspy voice sounds more grown up than Chelsea's baby talk

The thing is they aren't even official yet, so whoever the source was that told us they were together is a huge asshole. This is either going to pressure them into moving faster than they wanted, or is going to scare him off.

He does look like the guy from Awkward!

Jake? BTW totally Team Matty over here, that guy is SMOKING!

"Matty" is fine as fuck but I HATE the nickname Matty. He's not 5 damnit. But yes he is smoking....fuck Jake.

I've got a confession to make everyone.... I baby talk to my kids (they're 1 & 4) BUT in my defence they find it funny! Some of the time it's talking in silly voices but also I sing instead of talk, make songs up about what they're doing and change the words of songs to fit their names in which I know sounds ridiculous but they actually like it...I've never really considered the fact it probably drives everyone else insane though haha

I baby talk to my cats I can't say shit. By the way I'm so glad someone made this into their name hahahaha

It does not look like this guy is at all interested in her throwing herself at him. Chelsea is not any better than the rest of them.

I kinda agree but who knows. He's probably just enjoying the kitty till he gets annoyed of the baby voice

I would rather listen to nails down a chalkboard.

One would think someone close or related would say something.

Sounds like a job for Papa Randilicious! Or even South Dakota Mary, since Randy does like, everything else.

Her mother baby talks to Aubree and has the tendency to vocalize in that "cutesy way too. It's in the DNA. Uggggh!

I don't see it, just an awkward picture face (which is what I look like in 90% of pictures) and him smiling?!
As for her being no better than the rest... I think she's been great to stay single for so long. Probably cos she was pining for Adam but still!

Chelsea's good at keeping her personal life secret, but she's also had several boyfriends. Whether they're around Aubree probably not but we don't fully know. Honestly all these girls are trashy one way or another. They all like to cheat with their baby daddies.

That's the difference though, she keeps her stuff private! And she doesn't jump into full on social media romances either. Lol oh yeah they are all trashy, but I still like her

I wholeheartedly agree that all four of them are trashy, but I think Cheis one of the least. Kailyn isn't that trashy. There are plenty of other unpleasant things about her, but I wouldn't jump to say she's trashy. Because as we found out from her stepdad's note asking her to clean her room, WE DON'T LIVE LIKE TRASH.

I don't think Chelsea is trashy but she makes some dumb ass decisions like sleeping with Adumb. I duno about her having boyfriends....interesting yes and Beth I totally agree. She doesn't make passive aggressive remarks like the rest of the broads *looking at all the TM3 girls besides Mackenzie who is dating a mentally retarded man*

I suppose it depends what you mean by trashy, I'm British and it's not really a word we use but I do think her hair and makeup sometimes cross the line into trashy land! Honestly everyone has a bit of trashy in them...
Chelsea's maturity on social media really surprises me, especially since her Dad could really take a lead out of her book! But she gets lots of points for the way she keeps stuff to herself.
I get why people wouldn't like her but I don't even care, I love her

Javi's DSL where were you the other day where I said Chelsea is just as trashy as the rest of them and they all had shitty qualities? The Chelsea minions were getting so defensive and angry lol

I was probably recovering from a head shake n a Miley concert all in one!
Lol its just facts and the truth hurts. I like Chelsea out of all the moms BUT she does also have bad qualities. Sleeping w Adam while Taylor was pregnant is just as bad as Leah opening her legsies w Robbie before her wedding, Kail screwing Jo while he's w Vee and Jenelle handing out roast beef sandwhiches to all of Myrtle Beach. Different levels, yes but they're all trashy one way or another.

Personally, I think the fact that she slept with Adumbass after he called Aubree a mistake is the most disgusting thing. If it was me, I don't think I could possibly be attracted physically or emotionally to a man who said that sort of thing about our child. I find him absolutely repulsive. I don't hate Chelsea, but like the rest of these girls, she's made some questionable decisions that I just don't understand.

Eh, I don't care if Chelsea has dated/slept with several guys. As long as she hasn't introduced them to Aubree so fast, it's all good. That's the problem most of these girls have. They feel that as soon as they're dating somebody, then the dude has to meet their children ASAP. Then attachments are formed, and the kids are confused and upset when Mom's boyfriend leaves and never comes back. It's bad enough that Aubree is stuck with Adam as a father. She doesn't need to have a slew of daddy-uncles in and out of her life because of Mommy's insecurities. So if Chelsea isn't doing that, then she date as many guys as she wants. i just hope she waits a while before introducing Cole to Aubree. It seems like she will.

Spreading her legses for the sperm donor douche who called Aubree a mistake. Thats sad. Poor Aubree.

Yeah I wish she didn't keep going back with him.
I just feel for her. She was 16 when they got together, I remember being that age and in love with this guy who treated me like shit, didn't stop me running back and staying in his life like a pathetic puppet. I feel like he took her self esteem aswell. I did want to slap her every time she slept with him though.

omg I agree wholeheartedly with your name. Sexual white chocolate

Yesss your name! Corey makes me feel flannelsexual. Flansexual?

Jenelle's Eyebrows, can we make flansexual a thing? That needs to be a thing like, yesterday.

I don't think Adam took her self-esteem. I think she never had any to begin with, which is why he chose her in the first place. When someone is physically or emotionally abusive they're not going to pick a strong partner. They are going to pick one with insecurities they can pick at and control.

That's true, but I think that probably has a lot to do with age. Okay there are exceptions, but a lot of 16 year old girls do not have much self esteem. She is younger than him I believe, so perhaps he preferred the younger ones. There were always guys likes that in my high school, and you just knew they only got those girls because the girls did not realise they could do better, and thought dating a slightly older guy was cool

Your username is amazing.

I think they are both just making stupid faces (hopefully)

I don't think anyone is "better" than anyone ever. But, as far as her decisions and life goes, actually, she is doing better than them. All 3 of the others have had 2nd babies (or 3rd in meth head's case), none of the others have jobs, have TRAIN WRECK new men, and lives filled with fucking drama.

I think Chelsea is better but not by a lot compared to Leah and Kail. But she IS better than Jenelle by 109283091283. But I am biased too because I heart her, and I like leopard print, and she's my spirit animal.

Don't worry Trap, I heart her too! She's my favorite, always has been, always will. I want to be her friend. Is that bad? :)

Hahaha we are Chelsea fangirls. She does irritate me a looooot but she is too funny and silly to dislike! She kind of reminds me of Regina George's Mom. 'I'm not like a regular Mom, I'm a cool Mom'

I like Chels waaaaay better than the other TM2 and TM girls for that matter! Aside from the annoying voice and letting Aubree get away with acting like a brat I'm not infuriated by her. The other girls - all of them really, but Leah especially here lately - literally have me cursing them out bc they are such nasty bitches. Plus Chelsea is fun; I wish her the best with her gas station lover :)

I think Chelsea is pretty but the over the top makeup (yes I know this is a "night out" look but she always wears a lot) and extensions need to go. She would look nice without all of that.

She was so pretty on 16 and pregnant! She looked so much better without such dramatic makeup and hair!

I thought she piled it on in 16 and pregnant! I love her hair as it is right now the dark red. I HATED the blonde it was horrible. I also like it when it's brown but yea she doesn't neeed a ton of makeup. Maybe leah sold her some MK or something.

Ughhh never go blonde again Chelsea. NEVER.

The blonde was hideous. And I feel like she was doing a lot more sleeping with Adam during her blonde days. I don't know, maybe I'm remembering wrong, but I thought she wasn't as made up. Honestly it's all such a blur.

The blonde was SO bad. I love it red!

Bacon Slap your name is a classic :)

When she was blonde she looked like an 80's surfer with the weird tan. I guess we've all had our bad hair.

I liked her best when she was brunette during TM2 season 1. She also didn't wear as much makeup as she does now (but still quite a bit).

I kind of think she is pretty because of the over the top makeup though...

Beth, we are SO much alike in our Chelsea-love! LOL! I have never worn a lot of makeup or fixed my hair much. Probably because I didn't really know how to do it the right way!! But, sometimes, I wish I could get a lesson from Chelsea! Especially for the hair and eye makeup!

Haha I get quite defensive, like I'm not denying her manyyyy faults but considering that we are watching a show called TEEN MOM she is doing pretty well!!
Yeah I would want her to do my hair and makeup for a night out haha! She would make us look like hot messes

It's not just the over the top makeup, its the fact that her hair is usually in a horrible messy bun, and shes's wearing some sort of animal print/VS Pink sweat outfit with a red lip and dramatic cat eye. Sweet Jesus.

She def deserves a nice guy! He reminds me of a much better looking version of Slow Kyle

LOL. Kyle was possibly the ugliest man I've ever seen. This guy looks more handsome but I totalyl can see why you think that hahahaha

Kyle reminds me of Todd from Breaking Bad and it creeps me out.

I see it now that I think about it. That Todd guy gave me horrible feelings in my stomach, I couldn't really watch a lot of his scenes (that word looks weird sorry if I spelled it wrong). Kyle was just like a slow dinosuar or something. I wanted him to chew a lettuce leaf like in "The Land Before Time"

OMG I looked up todd LOL they are effing twins

DUDE! SPOT ON! now I have "Lydia the hawwww-aaaaht, lady" stuck in my head ;)

LOL. I always thought Todd as Matt Damon's inbred cousin, but now I see him and Kyle and Matt Damon's love child. I kind of feel bad for dragging Matt Damon into it, though.

This guy is definitely more of a pretty boy than Kyle, and much more clean cut than Adam. I think Cole is cute, he looks like he would be her type.

How could you go from Ryan to Kyle?! Honestly though I thought Kyle was more on Maci's level. Hahaha I feel bad, he seemed nice enough but jeez he had the face of a bulldog chewing a wasp

And Ryan texting Maci asking if Kyle was slow has got to be the best ever clip from Teen Mom

So. Damn. Funny.

The only time Rhiiiiiine ever made a reasonable statement.

It made up for so much of his douchiness.

I loved when he was like "It was a real question!"

Best moment ever on that show. He was only asking what we were all thinking! He was doing it for the people! We deserved to know!

And then Maci had to be a bitch and make a big deal out of it and show the text to Kyle even though she didn't have to. Or she read it out loud on camera even though the point of Ryan texting it to her was so it was only between them. What a ginger-ass troll.

Only video I could find and shit quality but hahaha

'I wasn't bein mean, I swear. I really didn't know'

The irony is that Ryan comes across as kind of slow himself sometimes, especially on twitter!

Nah, I can't stand Maci anymore but I would be so pissed if I was her. We all know Ryan is a douche as well, I highly doubt he was being innocent! And it was captured by MTV cameras so it was hardly gunna stay between them

It really pissed me off that Maci told Kyle about Ryan's text. I know she was just trying to make Ryan look bad, but she should have stopped and thought he it would make Kyle feel to know that people think he is slow. That would be really hurtful and embarrassing.

See ur giving Maci too much credit saying she should have thought before she showed Kyle. Thats the problem they just dont think about ANYTHING before they do & this is why they are in the situations they are continually in

I heard someone say Kyle looked like a polar bear and I somewhat agree. I didn't think he was cute. Not sure what Maci saw in him other than a dad figure to Bentley. Not much of a personality either, but I thought Riiiine was the same way. Bo-ring!

Can u imagine a kid from Maci and Kyyyyy?! It'd probably be a gingered French bulldog. Good thing she didn't reproduce!

OR it would be really cute like Kail and Javi's spawn. two uglies sometimes make cute ones and two attractive people make ugly ones sometimes AKA Rumor Willis lol

Dude, I seriously can't with gingered French bulldog...omg!

"Is he slow???"

right after that aired, kahl tweeted 'slow enough to steal your girl' hahaha! however, #teamriiiiine

Lol not gunna lie, totally thought Kyle was a little slow too. Definitely don't blame Ryan for thinking that, however it was NOT NICE to ask Maci about it.


Dakota Traffic Services? Does anyone find this as ironic as I do? I wonder how he and Chelsea met.

How did I not even think about that? Hahaha oh shit

I was about to comment on the exact same thing. Talk about irony.

Starcasm said they met at a gas station lol. Chelsea was probably buying sour patches to send to her meth addicted friend Leah and dropped some and he picked them up for her.

LOL that's funny. What a place to meet someone. The gas station. I mean I'm from a relatively small town, so sometimes the gas station was sort of a gathering place or a place where you would run into neighbors, but dang. Not a place I'd be looking to meet men. The gas station I live by now is just infested with tweakers and generally gives me the creeps. Lol

There is a gas station a town over where all the high schoolers and grads (some as old as 30!) hang out on the weekends at night. It's weird to me since I come from California, but apparently it's the only thing to do in a small town at night. lol

If the gas station where they met was a Kum & Go, I'll die laughing right where I sit.

I'm digging your name by the way. Lol

I have never had sour patch kids before, they have only just come out here in Australia, and because of Leah and her scene last week, I had to buy a packet to try. Have to say, they are quite delicious. I do make sure that I don't look like Leah while I eat them though.

That's the first thing I noticed. I find it hilarious, especially after reading that Adumb's locked up again.

Hmm, never heard of this place, I wonder what he does exactly?

Cole looks kinda sexual. It's hard to tell what someone is like from 2 pictures. I really just hope Chelsea is happy, does what's best for Aubree and herself, and most importantly, stays away from Adam's dick.

B's Cackle ... I agree. Stay away from the disgusting adumb chub hub. I wish Chelsea would see her own value. So she could see Aubree deserves better.

I don't see it. There seems to be quite a bit of distance from him. I just couldn't imagine a truly stable 25-year-old really being interested in Chelsea, with the baby talk, years of putting off the GED, and Adumb. He's probably having good sex, though.

With her prettay kitty. I disagree though she's fun and gorgeous. She acts like a derp sometimes but liek look at Leah...Jurmy puts up with her derpy ass. She can't even speak English. She doesn't seem to whore around liek Juhnelle and Leah, she has a normal job isn't milking the TM money spending it on stupid shit, she's a good mom, she doesn't have a god damn jail record. I don't see what's not to like besides the baby voice.

Well I don't feel like Chelsea is the kind of person who has alot of ambition, neither does she seems like the smartest crayon in the box. So yeah someone that is really career oriented or value intelligence highly might not like that.

But it's useless to even think about that because people have different taste. For exemple, Javi likes to be bitch slaped, Juurmy likes to see his money blown into Mary Kay and Chelsea's new boy toy likes the baby voice lol.

I disagree with the ambition part. Sure it took her a while to finish the GED but she is the only one of any of the teen mom girls to actually finish schooling for something and follow any kind of career path. I also think she's smarter than people usually give her credit for, she just goofs around a lot and does the baby voice thing.

It's kind of sad if you think about it. It took her the longest to finish GED (the other finished high school) but she was the first to actual complete an sort of college schooling. Jenelle is on her way though. She's going for something in the medical field and seems to be doing well.

It took Chelsea a while to get motivated. She made an excuse about EVERYTHING. She pushed things back and back. Now, she is getting it together but before it didn't take much for her to give. She has come a long way though.

Everyone forgets that Kail went to college and also became a dental assistant. She stopped working when she was "too pregnant for this" with Lincoln. I don't like the overgrown cabbage patch but nobody ever gives her credit where credit is due.

Who gives a fuck about Kail. She didn't do anything with it lol. It was honestly a waste of money for her to go to college when she was just going to make trap babies.

Lol no JENELLE has no ambition. Well, Nathan more than Jenelle. Yeah sure her school was quick but it landed her a job. And sure it's not hte most genius job in the world but at least she's doing something. leah can't even work 2 weeks at a tanning salon without being "overwhelmed" FFS

I wasn't sure about Kail. I was under the impression she didn't, so I didn't mention her.

I'm in a similar boat though. I got my medical assistant diploma and really haven't done anything with it. But, then again, I moved to a place with very few opportunities in that field. Not to mentioned daycare and transportation causes issues.

Kail did so something with hers. She worked as a dental assistant until she got near the end of her pregnancy. That's when she stopped.

For like a day. WHoopty fuckin doo. Then she spread her legses and had a trap baby. But I will say she's a good mom. I think Chelsea's been working longer than Kail now. No clue but I wouldn't say Chelsea has zero ambition she's at least doing something. ADAM HAS NO AMBITION. You know what? Tyler and Catelyn have no fucking ambition. Except to milk their trap baby as much as possible. Poor Varly.

Jenelle had a waitressing job season one but ran away to new jersey so got fired. Did she ever have another job? Leah had a receptionist job her mom got her and then had the tanning job. So I guess out of all the girls Jenelle has done the least?

Bahahaha yea I remember Jenelle at that waitressing job. So trashy... Hmmmm it's hard to say. but yea out of the TM2 girls Jenelle probably worked the least i would say.

I agree she doesn't have a lot of ambition, but I disagree that a career oriented man would not be interested in someone like that. In my experience most successful men tend to NOT go for highly successful women. They go for a good homemaker instead, someone who is available for their and their children's needs when they work to earn the big(ger) bucks. Perhaps a teacher (time to care for children in the summer). Or a woman working a secretarial or service job like chelsea.

I work in a male dominated field and MOST men I work with do not have highly career oriented women at home. A family with two parents in stressful jobs is a lot of work, and many men also don't want an equal at home. They want to be superior (gotta love that kind of man... Not!!) Just think of all those successful guys with trophy wives, same thing!

It's actually sharpest crayon in the box... Smartest makes no sense whatsoever.

Aw come on, if my relationships were based on my past nobody would want me! She's actually a fun, pretty girl with her own home, friends and career. Plenty of people with very academic careers date people who work in the less academic professions.
Plus I would think she would need a slighter older guy since she's a working single Mum. In that sense she is mature for her age


I agree, she has a lot to offer. She is mature in how she handles her money, she is a (relatively) good mom with an adorable daughter, and she is super fun to be around!

Maybe he wants to take care of her *gag* and I like the girl! But damn, I've known several guys who would go straight for the girl with the baby voice and baby daddy drama. Think it's the male equivalent of the girls who go after the unemployed multiple baby daddy. Let me fix you!

Sorry, I have never liked Chelsea. She is too dependent, on both her Dad and Adumb. Having said that, she has made great strides, has a stable job, and hasn't procreated again. As someone who has never been able to depend on her parents, I just can't get past how much Randy props her up. She wouldn't be where she's at today without him, and I just can't understand that.

She was a single Mother at 16 (or was it 17?). Yeah she needs people to depend on! I sure as hell would.
Just like in a two parent family, the Mum would rely on her partner to help raise the kid, do the chores, pay the bills. Chelsea doesn't have that, so she turns to Randy instead, and he generally gives pretty good advice, so I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. She is very lucky to have him to rely on.
I bet Randy is glad he supported her financially too, his short term investment in her future seems to have really paid off now, and he can obviously afford it.
Hey, it is great if you can be independent, but not everyone can cope that way.

If you can't cope with independence you can't cope in life. Sorry if it's harsh but it is the truth. Chelsea is a perfect example, she crumbles with any outside pressure she can't control because she has never exxperienced stress or worry like that because Randy was alwayds there to stop any problems starting (except when she got pregnant) .. yeah she would need help but if she is old enough to make a baby she is old enough to care for that baby and support that baby. I hate when people say "i was young and stupid and got pregnant" ... yes you were young but you were old enough to know that a baby would be made so you made the selfish decision to have a baby knowing your dad would have to pick up the peices and support her lazy ass. Yes she was young but she took 3 long years to get a GED. Really? And that is with all the support available. She crumbles if things don't go her way and she becomes rude to randy and others if they dont agree with her, she remind me of a spoiled version of jenelle. The way she seems to have to try so hard to control herself from being rude to people.

I agree Beth. Very few people in general are truly independent and it's my firm belief that everyone should have help.

I don't understand why here in America people are so against anyone having financial help, even from their own flesh and blood. Randy wanted to help- he told her not to adopt Aubree out because their family could take care of her- and it's worked out well. I would never hold getting help from family against someone.

When I was young, I used to also resent people who had tons of help and support from family. I grew up in a divorced home, my mother went through multiple boyfriends/husbands, and I never had a strong support system in my family. When I went to college, I had to take out student loans in my name for my entire education, and found it sooo irritating how people could just get everything taken care of by their family! (I will say that the kids whose parents paid for their entire education were not as disciplined and studious as I was, most likely because they somewhat "took for granted" the opportunities their family provided to them. Nevertheless most of them turned out pretty OK)

However, now that I'm older, I feel very differently. Why should other people struggle and suffer just because other people have to (like I did)? I think its amazing that Randy and the rest of Chelsea's family has been so supportive of her. Yes, she could step up and take more control over disciplining Aubree and she was super pathetic during her Adumb obsession, but overall, I can't fault a girl for having an amazing family and support system

Papa Randy needs to just hook her up with a recent dental school grad and call it a day. Might not be the hottest guy, or the smoothest, but he'll be stable and reliable. Chelsea needs a guy like her dad so he can retire, and be a grandpa as opposed to a surrogate dad to his granddaughter.

Cole has super cute dimples though.

Chelsea has the best dad. What she goes through with Adumb is really her own fault, but the minute she needs her dad he drops everything and does his best to make it better. He should have a Super Hero named after him.

Super Randilicious? Iron Randilicious? Hahaha I'm not good at this, but I know someone will think of a good one!

Rockin' Randilicious

The Mighty Molars LOL i don'tk now

The Mighty Molars is what Chelsea's teeball team (Sponsored by Houska Dental) was called, I think. Hahaha it's so cute

He owns EVERYTHING. I heart him.

The man owns a South Dakotan palace. I'm ready for him to just buy all of South Dakota, and just become their king.

Agreed, her dad is always there for her but he does really need to loosen the baby leash, like that episode she was bawling on the toilet about adumb and speaking to her dad like shit i coulda hit her! Randy does too much for her, i wonder if he helps emily as much as chelsea or if it is a baby of the family kinda thing, like chelsea is the youngest so she gets extra hep and attention or if he treats all of his kids like that?

I will probably get downvoted for this like anyone else who said something about Chelsea but ...

First I don't think there is anything wrong with Randy helping his own kid. His money, his choice, and a strong support system is not something to fault Chelsea on..HOWEVER: he coddles her a little too much. I don't mind the financial support or being there, because I think that's great, but what I don't like is the enabling. He enables her to act irresponsible (in the past: taking forever with her GED when he had agreed if he got her a place that she would have to get her high school diploma. Fast track several seasons and she only then got her GED).

He also enables her to act like a brat. Who in their right mind would let someone (i.e. Adam) talk to her dad like that, and be okay with it? Chelsea also loses it on her own family if they point out anything or disagree with anything she does. The obvious example is Adam. When Randy pointed out (quite lightly) that it might not be a good idea & she was extremely rude. When Chelsea and Adam broke up around Aubree's 1st or 2nd birthday can't remember, Chelsea's mom and sisters were pretty calmly asking why she was with Adam and that they wanted her to be able to recognize that it was healthy. She goes OFF on her mom "MOOOOOM! I AM GONNA LOSE IT TODAY!" and gets frustrated in about 2 seconds with her older sister as well. It also happened another time with Emily, her other sister.

Now obviously I'm not saying these instances alone show she is a brat. But my point is, she always wants everyone to say yes and you're right. It seems to me that's why she has a less close relationship with her mom, because her mother is not like Randy. Remember when her mom made convo, something about softball, and Chelsea was unnecessarily standoffish and full of attitude.

Besides that, I don't get is why people always emphasize that Leah slept around (not defending her), but that Chelsea seems to get a pass. Chelsea slept with a lots of guys, not just Adam on and off (even when Taylor was pregnant).

Anyway I just think sometimes people think since she isn't as out there as Jenelle or as overtly confrontational as Kail, and not crazy like Leah, that she's somehow so amazing and great but she has her own flaws like the rest. Self-entitlement is one of them. She does do a good job with Aubree (never been an absent or neglectful mom) but she did subject her to a pretty dysfunctional relationship many times.

*I KNOW nobody is perfect and I'm not saying we should all hate Chelsea over any of this stuff, lol.

wasn't** healthy. Sorry about that

Very well said, Felon!

I agree with you Felon, but you forgot about the time Chelsea's negligence led to the death of her little dog, and Randy brushed the whole incident off. Chelsea was whining about the police making her feel like it was her fault, and I screamed at the TV It IS your fault!! You let your little ankle-biter run around freely in a neighborhood that you knew had an aggressive dog. Randy really missed an opportunity to teach you a tough lesson about caring for animals properly. My God, what if Aubree had been attacked? But no, everyone assured her it wasn't her fault, and here's a replacement dog right away to lessen the sting of letting your dog get ripped to pieces. Sorry for the rant but everything about that tragedy was handled so poorly. There was no last second PSA about leading pets or anything. And as much as I do like Randy, he shouldn't have babied her then. It's situations like that that make Chelsea so perpetually immature.

I agree with you Da Big House. You're right I totally forgot about that! I think there is a difference between parenting/being there for your kid and just plain enabling them in a negative way, as well as allowing/encouraging their negative traits. The dog incident is a good example. To be honest I wasn't defending Chelsea because I don't actually like her much. She reminds me of every hot mess wannabe diva I've ever known. What I was trying to say was that Randy being there for her isn't automatically bad, but the fact that he's there for her & then enables/spoils her is what makes it problematic. Lol have you noticed that she pretty much projected her neediness she used to have with Adam onto both Randy and Aubree? She's got issues.

Thumbs up x10000.

I think that particular pear

Doh! I hit reply too soon and now I look like I'm talking about pears like an idiot.

Anyway, I think that particular pearl of wisdom is going to come later on, probably in her later 20s. I like Chelsea, but I think we all know that girlfriend is superficial as all get out. She's so concerned with her appearance that it's only natural that she transfers that fixation to other people as well. I would love if this was her knight from the Dakota Traffic Services, but if not, I wouldn't be surprised if she had a few relationships before meeting Dr. Right, DMD.

Dying of lolz at the particular pear.

Hahaha it was such a fail on my part :)

I want pears now plz

I'm surprised none of Randy's daughters went into the dental field (maybe the older two did but not Emily or Chelsea). He's a dentist and isn't her mom a dental assistant? They were raised in a family of teeth lol. Maybe it just skips a generation and Aubree and Braylee will open up a practice together.

Wtf do they do anyway?

I heard the other one is a laywer or something.

It's hilarious how Randy's two oldest daughters are very successful in life and waited until they were stable before getting married and having kids. And then you have Emily and Chelsea (who's also the baby of the family) who ended up teen moms and aren't on the same level as their older sisters (though Chelsea is doing well for herself in a field she loves, so props to her on that). It's just odd how big the divide is between both sets of sisters lol.

Total Leah moment: I spelled it "laywer" instead of "lawyer". Oh, Lord.

I think the oldest one is a Dental Hygienist.

Here's the link to the oldest sister's blog post: She is a dental hygenist, but no word on the other two sisters.

No, her mom is a hairdresser.

Yay!! I'm so happy for Chelsea. she's the only one who didn't jump on a new dick and have Aubree call them dad. She seems sensible not to rush anything and hopefully she hasn't introduced him to Aubree yet (if they've been dating a short time). Almost anything is an upgrade from Adam this guy looks clean cut and sweet. Adam looks 50 years old and douchey and bald.

The Mighty Molars! He could chew douche bag dads like Adumb and spit them out.

Thumbs down from Adumb's pornstar gf.

She's just mad she got dumped by a guy in a bro tank.

I personally had hopes for her getting pregnant. Since she only makes boys. Can y'all imagine the shit storm that would've been once it went downhill since she was sooooo defensive of her man/child if she HAD gotten pregnant?! I would've loved it!

& years later Chelsea, Taylor n Cougar all get along for the EE-babies sake while Adam is roting away in jel.

Aww! He's a cutie. Total upgrade from adumb. Chelsea, you go girl!


Not gonna the first pic had to take a double take cause he looked old. Way older than 25. But then I kinda see it in the second pic...Kinda nerdy?

Get it girl. You and your pretty kitty deserve something that's not Adumb and his string of past and future baby mamas.

Would love to be a Match Maker and match Corey and Chelsea.

Omg can you imagine? The girlses and Aubree growing up together? The girlses would be chasing cats and Chelsea would be like STAHPPPPPPUHHHHHH in her baby voice what a mses. They could both wear plaid and drink beer though.

God so cute. I bet Corey would love her log home.

And then at the drop offs they have to deal w Adumb and Leah who are now together and you see Jeremy from a distance w Taylor texting them how right they were as the lawyuuuhs hold em back due to the pending court cases.

Dear lord. As funny as Leah and Adumb would be, Adumb would be "parenting" five kids. All girls. And I use parenting very loosely.

OH HELLLLLLLLLLLLL NO!!!!!!!!!!! *in chelsea voice*

As cute as it would be (I even gave it a thumbs up!) I don't think they would be each other's type. I can see Chelsea with more of a pretty boy, like this Cole guy. Plus, as much as I like Chelsea, she does a lot of whining and her house is always a mess, which might hive hom Leah flashbacks.

Oh Lord yes. She's a bit of a diva (I am too) he'd probably be so annoyed with her. But remember she wants a guy that goes fishing and has hawt muscles so maybe it's a matchmade in heaven. Although she'd probably shit herself because he goes hunting too.

Go Chelsea!! He's a bit of a spunk. I hope she finds happiness and Adumb has to sit back lovely and bald and watch.

Good for her! She deserves to have a nice guy in her life. He definitely seems to be a cut above Adumb, that's for sure. Maybe this is what she needs to get over him for good this time.

If she says she slept with Adam on the reunion show I will stab myself in the eye

She probably will if he gets our fave cougar pregnant.

I think Adam will try and worm his way back in and ruin any relationships Chelsea tries to have

I agree. He's so controlling, even when he's not with her. She really just needs to drop all contact with him.

Yes! Adumb doesn't want her, but he doesn't want anyone else to have her. He is such a rotten person, he'll continue to play mind games with her. I hope she will find the strength to set boundaries with him and stick to them. Too bad she can't cut him out of her life completely.

Excited! I was able to purchase a Keurig Mini for $75. Can't wait to get it! Thanks you, Kohls!

Anyway, things seems to be looking up for Chelsea. She seems to be the more stable of the group. More and more her segments are become less dramatic. Even with Adumb bringing around his cougar friend. Which, I guess, they have already broken up. Surprise, surprise.

Soooo will you have sex with me, or no?

I'm happy for her. I think she has always been over Adam she just has a lot of resentment towards him. I don't blame her I don't think I could ever let go of him saying my baby was a mistake. She fell in love with him so hard and at her most vulnerable time and also brought her self esteem way down. I hope whatever this new relationship is, is healthy and she can finally see how a man should treat a woman.

This is off topic but did anyone else see that on twitter a fan mentioned Leah gets paid way more than Corey because of MTV then Leah's lying ass said to them that her and Corey get the same amount? Then she went on about not speaking on what you don't know about. Leah, it has already been confirmed the dad's don't get as much as the moms. She continuously lies and it's getting old. They aren't even hilarious harmless lies like Jenelle makes.

Corey's barely on the show. Leah obviously makes more then him. She probably says she makes the same after her meth purchases

I'm positive Leah makes tons more than Corey. The producers had to shell out a lot more to convince Jeremy to participate in the show because he initially wanted nothing to do with it. Maybe they have since had to do the same thing to get Miranda to participate.

I'm sure Leah does make more than Corey from the show. Doesn't surprise me a bit.

If ANYONE should make as much as the "Moms" do, it should be Babs considering she's the one who's actually raising the child.

Lmao well Jenelle gets paid partially in Olive Garden gift cards so she can't use the money on drugs so maybe the real money Jenelle would have received goes to Babs.

I'm soooo late to read this again. Jesus..

I hope Chelsea is happy. She and Aub's deserve a nice guy in their life. Am I the only one who notices she sticks her tounge out in pictures like that? Oh well, everybody has downfalls. Enjoy the pretty kitty, bro!

I wonder if Chelsea uses the baby voice during fore play and sex? *shudder*

Whatever happened between Chelsea and that guy from caged? I almost had hopes for them.

Part of me wonders if we'll see him in a future episode, since her story seems to be leading in that direction. Her recent episodes showed her and her friends discussing dating and meeting guys. I just hope Adumb doesn't try to mess things up by pretending he wants to be with her, because I think she would sleep with him again, and I think he knows that.

This is awesome! If they are indeed officially together, I hope he treats her well. She deserves a good guy! And hopefully if they end up breaking up, she would be hung up on HIM and not my sorry ass!

Adam Lind in Minnehaha County Jail Again!!!
Listing Inmates by Last Name

Inmate Number

First Name

Middle Name

Last Name

Intake Date

Intake Time


Bond Amount









Not set

Driving While Revoked; DWI 3rd

This has nothing to do with my parenting abilities!

Would've been nice if Chelsea would've said "Aubree is not a mistake! You are DOUCHE BAG"

Yeahhh, there's a few things that would've been nice that could've said to my ex, buuuuut I didnt. Woopsiedoo.

Jeez...this is the surprise of the fucking century. He is so disgusting. And for the love of God, SD, KEEP HIM THERE!!!

Oh good lord. Somebody PLEASE keep that man from driving. Nothing works! Taking his license, putting him in jail...I hope the good people of SD stay out of his way when he inevitably gets in another fiery wreck.

I know you can get your license taken away, but can the police physically withhold your car from you? Because that's what needs to happen here.

They can sure as shit impound it. Unfortunately, it seems like Adam has so many enablers that it's not difficult for him to get a car to drive around in.

They would have to cut off his arms and legs to keep him from driving at this point. If I ever have to go to jail I hope it would be the Minnehaha County Jail. Seems like a nice ass place that Adumb doesn't mind going back every couple months. Unbelievable.

Lmfao I told you guys he wouldn't have an opinion on Chelsea's new man because he's in jail! And like clockwork there he is. What a loser. They need to throw the book at him. He's proven he refuses to follow the law and it's not like he's ever going to be a productive citizen that benefits anyone in society. Good thing him and Jessica broke up after dating for 30 seconds. Now there will be nobody that misses him.

Cole needs to take charge of Adam's case!

I wish they could literally throw a book at him. I'd choose a dictionary and throw it as hard as I could at his face, and I used to play Division 1 softball and still do play in my spare time, so it would hurt...a lot :)

Hahaha Gracifier that image just made me lol. I would love to see Adumb just getting pummeled with those gigantic library dictionaries or one of those huge pulpit Bibles or something. He needs Jesus just as bad as a dictionary. Lol

Woah! Was he sentenced by court for one of his past crimes or is this ANOTHER new arrest? When are they going to get the hint and leave him in there for like a year? Come on, SD, this is getting ridiculous.

PS - Happy Whoopsie Doo Wednesday, everyone!

:) Happy Whoopsie Doo Wednesday right back at ya! Cant wait for tonight's episode. The battle royale begins!!

It said it was for driving with a revoked dl, I wonder how many times he's been caught then because this is the second jail stint this yr for sure. At least it also said he's still facing charges for the accident!

I think he's serving time from a prior time he was arrested

I come to this site to read articles and comments.
Many Times I've wanted to comment on something but have never made an account until now.
Many Times I've questioned myself why I still watch this show.
I'll be the first to say its not realistic at all.
Everyone has new car's.
I understand lots of people have car payments and I'm sure that's what MT wants us all to believe but I don't buy it..... ( although half this GRILS don't have common sense)
I don't have a *favorite* I don't follow any of them..
But Chelsea is smart. - Adam not the best choice.
She's the only one that hasn't "changed " - that's a good thing.
* She would have that annoying voice with or without TV - she thinks it's cute.
* she would have friends with or without TV.
* she would drive her car with or without TV- Not without Randy though!
* She'd have support from family.
* she would have finished school.



THEY ARE DATING BUT DON'T WANT IT* OFFICIAL* because they like a thing called privacy and aren't rushing to change Facebook from single to in a relationship.

....Annnd Adouche is in jail again. Guess what for? Driving without a license. And the award for biggest dipshit in South Dakota goes to...

ADUMB is back in jail as per Radaronline. he will be serving three weeks.

He should have a cell waiting for him whenever he leaves, they all know he will go back for a visit ha! Kinda sickening the number of times he has broken the law and he still hasn't had a decent sized sentence.

I hate the way people become a couple nowadays. Like really? OH I kiss him, do stuff with him and have sex with him but we aren't dating yet, then they move up to "seeing each other" which I think is when they can see other people too? Then it's dating ... like that isn't complicated at all?
I find it kinda funny how everyone praises her for not dating but come on, not to be dirty minded but she has been having sex somewhere ... how is sex with no strings better than being in a stable relationship like the other girls (barr Jenelle) I dislike when people put chelsea on a pedastool because she doesn't date, be real, she is having sex, just no strings. Which in my opinion (and any other sane person) is worse, say she gets pregnant (like she almost did with adam when she was having no strings attached sex) ... yeah she is super-duper responsible. Note the sarcasm.

I really don't care if she is having sex, as long as she uses protection. She appears to be safe anyway, since she hasn't had an whoooopsies (as far as we know, she was obv stupid when her IUD fell out).
There is nothing irresponsible about having safe sex.
And I definitely do not think it's more responsible to rush into a relationship with someone, have babies and then probably break up. Kail and Leah both have some serious issues in their marriages.
Come on, it just gets kind of boring when people nit pick SO much. Yes their lives are out there for us to criticize but one, Chelsea has had no more babies and two, she keeps her relationships and sex life private so it's none of our business.

I don't think kail and leah are better or worse, i just don't think chelsea is that holy. Call me old fashion too but i think it was immature of her to bang adumb when he was with taylor, it was also stupid of her to have unprotected sex with adumb that one time we knew about, plus she had sex with adumb's best friend while aubs was in her tummy, so no she didn't keep all that private, i don't google her on a daily basis, i just watch the show and i know all this.

Chelsea definitely is not holy!
Well duh there will be stuff we will see on the show, and her slots revolveee around Adam so we hear about it, but in reference to the comment I replied to that discussed her sex life whilst single, no I do not think it's anyone's business! And I do think it's more responsible having fun and having safe sex with someone you may not see again, than marrying someone quickly, bringing them into your kids lives then having horrible arguments infront of them and them eventually leaving your kids lives.

Then i guess its OK for Leah having safe sex with Robbie & I'm sure Kail has safe sex as well w Jo. Let's not forget Jenelle and her constant fun of one nights...but like you said, its none of our business

All I'm saying is that everyone tries to make it seem OK cause Chelsea is the "good mom". She gets a good edit but there have been plenty of allegations about her as well. Look how everyone praised Maci & Leah. Not singing the same tune anymore, huh? We might not see Chelsea bringing boyfriends around but that doesn't mean she didn't. Heck I don't ever recall seeing Maci drinking or having a night out...shes had several boyfriends that shes posted very few pics of and then they break up. I dont really see this relationship lasting either.

Well obviously it's not ok if they're in other relationships! And Jenelle makes it everyone's business lol
I'm just going on what I know about her.

If STDs didn't exist I would fuck everyone tbh. The fear of getting a disease keeps me from being a ho sadly.

Hey whatever works LOL!

Yeah if it weren't for STD's I'd totally fuck Russel Brand. But I value my life.

Call me old fashioned but I think you should be in a relationship if your having sex with someone. Even if it is safe sex. (I know I'm in the minority but this girl lacks morals, miss bang a girls boyfriend when she is pregnant, miss bang boyfriends best friends while pregnant. I think i dislike her so much because no one comments on her faults and horrible behavior.
Ha yeah i dont think she cares about people knowing what her pretty kitty gets up to and if she wants the D !

Totally disagree - I guess I'm a prude. There is no such thing as "safe sex". You can use condoms and still get STDs. Let's say you don't get pregnant or STDs, at the very least diminishing sex to something you can do with practically a stranger will screw up your chances of having a truly loving relationship down the line. Not saying wait for marriage, but it should be in a committed relationship.

My husband and I have only ever been with each other. We treasure that and it is something more beautiful than most people can imagine. Our sex life is amazing - 7 years in we do it at least every other day, and I am 5 mos pregnant. We didn't wait for marriage and are actually atheist so religion was not part of it. We just happened to find the one early enough in our lives and realize what others we know are missing out on. I don't have dysfunctional relationships or one night stands to draw from and create friction in my life. Almost everyone else I know has issues stemming from screwed up ideas of what love/sex/relationships should be and got that way from "playing the field".

I just totally hate the idea that it is normal, okay, and even great to have meaningless sex. You are just screwing yourself (pun intended).

Lol you probably think I'm saying all that because I'm a massive slut. I'm not, I've been with 2 people in my life, the first I was with for 2 years and the second I am still with 4 years later. But that doesn't mean I look down on people if they do want to have sex for fun.
If you use a condom properly it's pretty unlikely... From what you're saying, nobody would ever have sex unless they got their partner tested first lol. I don't think you can say it screws up your chances of a loving relationship either.

I somewhat agree with you. I guess I'm old fashioned or a prude because I refuse to have sex with someone that I'm not dating. Even then I don't think it's wise to give it up so easily. I'm not that old but some of the stuff "the kids" are doing these days I would never dream of doing if I was a single teen again. Maybe that's why I got married so young. Lol

I'm the same, i have only had sex with my partner after i had been with him a significant amount of time, we plan on getting married, i do realize it doesnt work like this for everyone, they fall in love and then fall out of it or the relationship breaks down, fine move onto a new boyfriend once your heart heals but dont go shag randoms, have respect for what goes into your body! Say the condom splits and he has hiv? you get pregnant? Honestly if you throw a freakin stone it hits someone who has had an STD.

Yeah, STD's always just gross me out more than anything. Other people's bodily fluids are pretty gross to me, so you have to be very close to me if you want me to ever come into contact with them so to speak, lol. TMI I know I'm sorry. Also, I just don't like the thought of setting myself up for hurt that usually happens when you sleep with someone too early or that you aren't in love with, and then the relationship ends. I'd rather save the more physical stuff for someone I'm at least in love with, and I hope that person would feel the same way. Going on 5 years of marriage now and I've never had a doubt in my mind about my husband and our relationship. I guess I've just never understood how people could enjoy casual sex, not my cup of tea.

I don't think it's a no strings attached thing, everytime she has sex with him she is thinking they can be a family again. Adui is the one who is all no strings attached.

She is crazy then, if she actually thought "i can have my family back, taylor and her daughter wont have the family they want but i will :) " makes me hate her even more than if it was no strings!

Lmao, how many times is this loser going to go to jail?

Wow. Wish I could say I was surprised

It's the cars fault for making him drive. It's never his fault!

I'm not even surprised.

Finaly! Randy is getting his sleep back.

I saw a commerical for this weeks episode. Leah is ridiculous. She gets a paper saying that Corey is suing for full custody and she is on the phone with someone and she says something like well you know I really care about the girls a whole lot. Something to that extent. I watched it and thought really, could have fooled me!! If that was me and my husband and I were divorced and he was suing for full custody, i would be HYSERICAL. and I would be screaming and crying and extremely pissed off. Maybe she was trying to stay composed, but when it comes to my son, I more than "care about him a whole lot".

Those were my thoughts exactly! She flips out over everything and then not when it's actually understandable! If someone was suing for full custody I would be going crazy not "wellll ya knooow I really do care about them." More evidence of her not being quite right these days.

i've always liked chelsea. obviously she has her faults and she's definitely not the brightest penny in the fountain. however, she was smart enough not to ruin her 'good girl edit' by posting any and all of her craziness on social media (psst...maci...take note!)
i hope she and her new guy are happy!

Does anyone know where I can watch these episodes without paying for them?

Also, they finally put last season on Prime. I can finally, sort of, catch up with it.

Omg you guys! I realize no one gives a shit but I went on a normal date tonight and I'm so thankful to just know there are normal people out there. he seems normal anyway keeping fingers crossed.

Awesome Trap! McDonalds, Walmart sock shopping, OR bitching about kids in restaurants?! Home run, girl!!! :)

RIGHT!??????? Already an improvement! No and no trying to show me his dick in the parking lot YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Does he have a brother? Cousin?? Cousin twice removed??? Lord knows Ive been meeting meat heads & manipulators here in LA lol. FedEx 'em my way!

Just by the first pic alone, she's gonna mess u w this dude. She's the best mom to her kid, but girl C'MON! Grow up a bit!! This clown makeup & hair look she keeps rockin is over & her Paris Hilton circa 2000 baby voice is just gross. Aubree sounds more mature than she does! Glad she's over that faux hawk mess of a baby daddy. She really does need a man though. She deserves one since she hasn't popped out a 2nd&3rd kid like her co-stars.

Chelsea talks about Adam bringing girls around Aubree, prolly because she hates that he's been with other girls and isn't over him. I mean look at the way she talks about Taylor. These girls aren't exactly ones to practice what they preach so it wouldn't surprise me if she brought guys around Aubree. Even when she and Adam got back together over and over, she'd move him in right away. Even though he's her dad she still should've thought to have an adjustment period before jumping in as if they'd never broken up. Idk I hope I'm wrong, I'm just saying I don't think the fact that she talks about Adam bringing girls around proves she wouldn't do it herself.