Chelsea Houska is Pregnant With Her 2nd Child!

Chelsea Houska

imageTeen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska has just announced that she is pregnant once again! She shared the above photo on her new official website with the caption "And then there were four..." along with the following post:


Oh my gosh! I'm so excited to finally be launching my website, and I felt like the perfect first post...would be to announce to everyone that baby DeBoer is expected in February 2017!

We are beyond excited for this journey and can't wait to share it with you all! Big sister Aubree is also extremely excited and it's no secret that she is hoping for a girl haha ?

I'll be sure to keep you updated throughout this pregnancy, and I'm also excited to use this website as another way to stay connected with you all about tons of other topics!

I'm so grateful for everyone's continued support and kind words!


Chelsea Houska"

Chelsea and her fiance Coel DeBoer have been open about their plans to have a child together, but Chelsea has been adamant that she didn't want to get pregnant until after their October wedding. Looks like that plan changed!

They both also spoke with MTV News to further share their excitement about the pregnancy. Chelsea said "We're really excited and Aubree is pumped to be a big sister." I'm assuming she means Aubree is excited to be a big sister once again, since she does already have her little sister Paislee from her father Adam Lind.

Cole then added "I'm a proud dad of one already, so adding another to the family is just amazing." Again I'm not sure if he's referring to himself as Aubree's dad and contributing to the alternate universe fantasy where Adam never existed, or if he's giving a proud parent shout out to Pete the pig.

Regardless, congratulations to Chelsea and Cole!

Neither has commented yet on if this pregnancy was intentional, or if it's just an earlier than planned happy surprise.

Also, random side note, once this child is born there will only be two girls out of the entire TMOG/TM2 franchise who haven't yet had a second child (Farrah and Amber).

Anyway, here's some more photos and captions that Chelsea shared with her pregnancy announcement:

image Had to take 3 because I couldn't believe it!

image Our little cutie patootie!

image DeBoer baby 02-2017 ?

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due feb 2017...confirmed on her new website

Thanks! I missed that. Updated the post.

you're welcome :)

More bastard children in this series then Game of Thorns.

As much as I like Chelsea, she's the more stable of the girls out of the whole series, I really wish she would've waited like she said she would, at least until her wedding night. Nobody is perfect and I know her and Cole planned this, but it would've just been nice to see at least one of them finally put their money where their mouth is an actually announce a pregnancy that happened after the nuptials. Either way, I'm happy though and hope for a safe pregnancy since she announced soooo early. Congrats Chels!

JoandVee I feel you. I was thinking about how it seems none of these girls had their second child conceived within marriage. Some born after, some born before, but always the baby first. Times are shifting, I guess and its weird. No problem that people are waiting longer to get married, but weird that people still have babies without getting married. Kids still need stability. That hasn't changed.

Though I just looked it up. Addie was conceived after Leah and Jeremy were married I believe, so there's one exception, however Leah was pregnant and lost one, but I don't remember offhand if it was before married or not. I don't care enough to look it up.

Awww I am happy for them :)

Side note, ever since the issue with this site refreshing and the whole drama around the spam, my e-mail is constantly telling me that there have been sign in attempts from the USA (Im in Australia). Very annoying. Any one else had this issue also???

Kudos to TMJ for being right on top of this!

So she didn't wait like she said she would? I'm disappointed!

Chelsea said in a twitter Q&A that the pregnancy was planned, that she and Cole began trying and that it happened sooner than they thought.

If the baby is due in February then it's way too early to safely announce a pregnancy. I do wish Chelsea and her family the best of luck and I personally hope it's a boy!

Well I am not surprised. I at least thought she was going to be trying to get pregnant on her wedding night :p since she kept saying she was gonna do it right and get married first. But she has been itching to have a baby so I knew it'd be soon. Her and Cole seem to have such a good relationship that I hope this won't be too fast for them and cause them to hit too many rocks too fast without knowing how to handle them. Best of wishes to them. So she's going to be 5 months pregnant at the wedding the I guess? Hope she doesn't have her dress already.

I was just thinking recently how the girls on Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 have all had their second child be the same sex as the first, except for Maci.

Catelynn - Carly and Nova
Kailyn - Isaac and Lincoln
Jenelle - Jace and Kaiser
Leah - Aleeah, Ali, & Addy

I wonder what it'll be for Chelsea. I bet Amber will follow suit soon after this. I think this will make her feel like she wants to fit in, and I think Matt is all about spreading seed. It just seems in the cards. Maybe it won't happen though.

I guess none of the girls have actually conceived their second after they were married, though some said they intended to.

I read "sperms are in the cards" lol.

I guarantee jenelle will announce her pregnancy after this! after all she needs the attention!

the downvoter lives on and what record timing 2 mins after I posted!

Congrats to chelsea and cole and aubree I can't wait until the baby is here. They're a great couple and cole is already a great father figure. And he will be an awesome father to the new baby.

I'm actually really excited for Chelsea and Cole!!

I'm just now getting to watch Being Barbra? Can't wait

Checking in for the first time in a few weeks and - well, you guys are doing a bang up job. Between little miss 'let's not fat-shame Jenelley', the dipshit who thought it'd be a good idea to auto-refresh every 5 seconds, and the other people involved who were so clueless as to not realize how detrimental to the site this stuff was until it was far too late, you've managed to turn a site where this post could have garnered several hundred comments to one where it gets fewer than 20.

Keep up the good work.

Proof that jenelle is actually pregnant!

She was in an accident last Wednesday when David rear ended someone. Says in the police report that she "said she was about 10 weeks pregnant and was taken to the hospital."

Janelle confirmed that she's pregnant and there's no post? What's going on with this website? Has everyone abandoned ship?

I'm honestly waiting for the day when I try to visit the site and told it no longer exists.

Ashley Salazar just announced a pregnancy too! But of course no post about that on here either

Yeah I'm removing this site from my iPhone bookmarks. Tried giving it another chance after everything but I'm gone. There has been so much drama going on with jenelle and we get nothing. No article in a week. ?✌?️

man, i miss this site. Reddit is filled with ass kissers