Chelsea Houska And Megan Nelson Have A Falling Out

Chelsea Houska

I originally wasn't going to write about this, because it just seems like a lot of gossip and I don't know the whole story. In fact, I don't think anyone knows the whole story. However, you might be wondering where Megan Nelson's Facebook fan page went since it disappeared yet again.

Megan Nelson, as I'm sure you remember, was Chelsea's Houska's friend and roommate on Teen Mom 2. Megan's fan page was deactivated for awhile when she was pregnant with her son, Hunter, due to people wanting to know the gender of the baby and then the baby's name.

Well, it's deactivated again. Megan's father, Lance, explains:

With some regret I am deleting this page later today. Megan has deleted her twitter account and her fan page after a fight with Chelsea and Erica. You don't go and call a 3 week old baby names. Attacking Megan is one thing but seriously a baby? That is messed up!

I would like to think that Chelsea wouldn't call baby Hunter names, but people do crazy things in the heat of the moment and she may have been fighting with Megan to begin with and said something dumb.

This is pure speculation, so don't quote me on that.

On the other hand, Chelsea was in Los Angeles all weekend for the Teen Mom 2 season 2 reunion special, so I don't even know where she would have found the time to have a huge fight with her former friend.

This is just my opinion, but it was probably a misunderstanding and it is likely that she deleted her Facebook fan page for personal reasons. People like to try to make up stories where there is none.

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