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Chelsea Houska
Some of you might remember Chelsea's unique friend Ashley from the earlier seasons of Teen Mom 2. Ashley helped Chelsea move into a new apartment, and was shown being a supportive friend at an Adam-Bashing cookout at Randy's house. Soon after her short reality-tv stint, Ashley and her husband moved back to her hometown of Dallas, Texas. She gained a large fan base on Instagram due to her interesting fashion ensembles, designer handbags and home decorating skills. For a while, she was posting her outfits daily and informing followers where they could purchase the same pieces. She frequently showed off very expensive designer handbags and shoes with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Celine, and Dior. At the end of each fashion season, she would sell many of the bags through Instagram and use the money to purchase new accessories for the upcoming season.Many fans asked Ashley how she could afford such lavish shopping sprees and she would vaguely reply with things like "I don't have any kids, so I am able to spend more on myself" or "my husband and I both work very hard to afford our lifestyle." Her husband was working in construction and she had several jobs as a secretary at medical clinics. Both are respectable professions, but not quite the income needed for the designer clothes and accessories.

Recently her popular Instagram was deleted and many fans wondered why. reported that the bags she was selling at the end of each season were fake! She was allegedly charging people around $1000.00 for her used "designer" bags. The bags customers received ended up being fake, and some customers never received the bags they paid Ashley for. There are now several Instagram accounts dedicated to exposing Ashley and a few threads easily found via Google searches about her scam.

This isn't the first time Ashley or her husband has been cast in a negative light since their Teen Mom 2 appearance. After the episodes aired, other blogs reported that Ashley's husband, Slade, is a sex offender and many fans were concerned for Aubree's welfare. Also at the time, it was revealed that Ashley was a stripper in her younger years. These two seem to have quite a bit of drama - I wonder why MTV hasn't brought them back on to add drama and boost ratings!
It seems like Chelsea and Ashley both have questionable business practices. If you recall, Chelsea had her own jewelry line called Chelsea's Choices. She sold trinkets that she had hand-picked through an outsourced company and charged about $25 for each piece. Fans flocked to buy the jewelry, however they were met with disappointment when they never received their items or a refund for the purchase. Nothing was mentioned about it on social media or on the show. The site closed down and the incident was later swept under the rug (or weave in this case).


Those eyebrows...

Hahaha I was going to say the same.

They're the real tragedy in this story.

Not being mean or anything but why is this a story?

I don't even remember this girl...

If Chelsea and her were/ still are BEST FRIENDS and their friendship actually meant something then I could see why it would be story worthy.

For example if you want to write a sory about Kayla ( Leah's friend or even peach I'd understand because regardless if their friendships are still their thoss friendships meant something.

I am not friends with Chelsea personality and I do not follow any of the girls on social media I get my info from here but I think I can say this safely, Chelsea doesn't give a damn so neither do I am pretty sure that Chelsea is only worried about herself and her daughter not her " friends" I'm sure she has some lifelong friend's that mean a lot to her but I'm pretty sure this isn't one of them.... And I could be completely wrong.

I love this site and I am a fan of this writer as well so do not take offence when I say this but, this was another boring read.... I love new info just as much as the next person however boring/ pointless stories have been being written lately.

I disagree. This girl played a MAJOR part in Chelsea's life a few years back. I don't know how many times she appeared in the show as I have never been a big TM2 watcher but she was all over Chelsea's social media accounts back in the day. As soon as I saw her picture I knew it was Ashley. I also remember the backlash Chelsea got after Slade's past was exposed. Heather Clouse was a buddy buddy defensive of Ashley on TMT because of her obsession with Chelsea. Even though Ashley moved to Texas she definitely remained friends with Chelsea because I've seen them talk on Twitter recently and I think Ashley visited SD again and they hung out. This is very sketchy to find out. I never knew about any of this as I never followed but I definitely remember her. You know how Chelsea used to be BFFs with Megan and now it seems to be Chelsey Grace? Well after Megan and before Chelsey she had Ashley as well as another girl but I can't remember her name. Anyways my point is this girl is definitely well know for those who followed Chelsea on Twitter and Instagram back in the day and more well know than your example of Kail's friend Peach.

I don't remember the Slade thing (the name Slade... Jesus fucking Christ), could someone brief me? Do we know what he was charged with? Is this a rapey kind of sex offender or a public urination type of sex offender?

Baby earrings I did a little bit of 'research' and supposedly he was convicted of 3rd degree rape for him being 18 and having sex with a 15 year old.

Well, fuck. That's awful. If it's true I certainly hope Chelsea didn't know, and cut that shit out when she did.

I doubt she knew. Say what you will about Chelsea but I think the one thing we can all agree on is that she loves aubree more than anything. I would be genuinely shocked if she knowingly put aubree is harm's way like that.

Unfortunately, I think Chelsea did know, she received a lot of backlash when that picture of Aubree and Slade was posted. Straight away the Clouse posted an article defending the picture, she claimed Slade was in a relationship with a 16 year old. I can't remember if it was the girl's parents or because of the breakdown of the relationship, but he was reported for statutory rape. The article was written in his defense and basically blamed the girl. I remember thinking that the Clouse's ass kissing had went a step too far!

For too long we complained about not enough posts..we really don't have the right to complain about too many posts..just read it and move on to next story if it does not interest you.

I don't remember this girl at all, but I'm really intrigued by the comment made on the previous thread about Chelsey's name being Miriam.

And speaking of jewelry, I wonder if Cole's sister or SIL's jewelry business is booming now that Chelsea is wearing her stuff. She can just promote that instead.

Lol I wrote that post and it's true on an old episode she was Miriam and she changed her name to Chelsey and started being swf to teen mom Chelsea. I wish I remembered what episode it was so I could screenshot it

The only thing I remember this girl for is her RIDICULOUS eyebrows.

Also, Jenelleeey graduated?
I feel like I should say congratulations but some part of me doesn't feel it is right to say so...

Haha the Daily mail thinks she graduated from high school

It's certainly not the most inaccurate the Daily Mail has reported.

Oops! i just posted this below. I think it's hilarious!

Yeah Starcasm reported it as "Jenelle Evans Graduates college"

Fuck you Starcasm, she did NOT graduate college. She took years to get a 9 month certificate. Thats an insult to people that busted their ass to get a degree. I do not have a college degree myself, but I have many family and friends that do, and worked damn hard to earn it.

Thanks for writing about this.

I followed her on IG and all of a sudden it was gone, then I figured out she was scamming people when I came across an "awareness" page. I actually liked Ashley because of her fashion sense but when I found out I was sickened. Because she would tell all these women her mom or dad was in the hospital and just make really bad excuses as to why they hadn't received their bags or items. Police were involved I know that much. also does anyone know what happened to her sister? Just curious

I know i just realized yesterday that I wasn't following her on Instagram anymore. Her sister overdosed

Her sister died of a drug over dose. I'm pretty sure it was heroin and pills. Ashley wrote about it a few months after it happened. I believe her sister was laying dead in a crack house for several hours before anyone called 911 or anything. Sad story. She left behind a cute little girl.

Oh wow that's awful :( her daughter is very beautiful. I heard it was drugs but I didn't know for sure

I was wondering where her IG went. She was starting to look a little crazy because she was really overdoing it with the lip injections. Do you have the info for her "awareness" pages on IG? I'm dying to see them.

Its beautifulashscam or something like that. It has all the info and police reports and everyone's story

they changed the name from "beautifulashscam" to "beatifulashxo" and the name under it reads Ashley Hinrichs Information.

I'll never understand paying thousands of dollars for bags, designer or not.

Buzzfeed had a great video of guys guessing purse prices. It gets kind of crazy.

I've always gotten my purses at the thrift store. I've gotten some designer stuff for under $10.

OMG how could you NOT remember this girl? She LITERALLY looks like a clown. Like she's going to go take classes at a clown college.
What a shady-ass bitch. Thanks for sharing this story. I always wonder about the "friends" who disappear from this show. Remember Farrah's Asian hairdresser friend? That was a weird matchup, not because she's Asian but because she seemed to actually be a cool and down to earth chick.

There have been SO many "friends" that have come and gone for Jenelle and Farrah while it seems that Leah and Amber just dont have any friends. Catelynn seems to keep her friends off of the show. Maci and Chelsea have a revolving door of BFF's. Chelsea seems to get new ones and drop her friends each season where as Maci just has a ton of friends that we know she pays for, so i dont know how many a genuine friends but she is still friends with her friends going back to 16&P, which cant be said for like any of the girls.

Lol let see who has had the most BFF's
Chelsea:Megan Nelson, that other Megan girl who accused her of popping pills, Tiffany, Ashley, Erika, Landon and now her BFF seems to be Chelsey.
Jenelle: Tori is the only one i can think of
Kail: Peach, that black dude, Sterling, Gigi, Toni, tbh i hate all of her friends so thats enough thinking for me. I am convinced they all hate her anyways.
Leah: Has Leah had any friends besides Kayla and Amy LaDawn?
Maci: So many friends i would be listing them for days. Paying for your friends has its perks, yall!
Amber: I really dont think she has any friends. She is only ever filmed with her cousin Krystal i feel like.
Catelynn: Its rare she is every with friends but they seem to have remained the same for years, when they do appear. Couldnt tell you a single name though.
Farrah: Has a new rent-a-friend every season. It seems she was popular back in high school and had a lot of cheerleader friends on her 16&P episode but ever since towards the end of season 1 of teen mom she seems to have all rent a friends.

I liked "the black dude." I can't remember his name either, but it cracked me up when Kail showed him Jo's music video and asked what he thought about Vee. He was like "she's cute" and Kail scoffed back "she looks LIKE A HOODRAT!" (Or something like that. Either way she was pissed that he didn't sit there and insult Vee with her and it was great).

I think the black dude's name was Mark.

Jenelle was friends with a girl named Amber spanning multiple seasons. They moved in together and had a falling out because Jenelle couldn't be around Amber's bf because she was on probation and so was he or something like that. So Amber moved out and I remember Jenelle yelling at her to give back her sweater that she was wearing. And Amber had a son named Brantley. There were a couple more of Jenelle's friends that she lived with but I don't remember their names.

I have no life.

Catelynn has one friend that's been around since the first season of Teen Mom. I remember her from when Cate went shopping for prom dresses with April, and April kept telling her she looked ugly in every dress. She was recently on Teen Mom OG, in a scene on Cate and Ty's porch, I don't remember what they were talking about though.

Catelynn has one friend that's been around since the first season of Teen Mom. I remember her from the scene where Cate went shopping for prom dresses with April.. She was featured on Teen Mom OG a few times recently. She's the only one I actually recognized though, you're right that they tend to keep their friends off the show.

Mark was awesome because he didn't put up with her shit! He moved away and Mama Acula and I were convinced it was to get away from her.

Yes. She was so normal, I thought she couldn't possibly be an actual friend of Farrah's. She must be an MTV rent-a-friend. I think all of Farrah's friends are probably MTV rent-a-friends.

The Asian girl was Farrah's hairdresser. MTV was running out of places to look.

I had no idea about any of this. Thanks so much for bringing this to light. I remember Ashley very well back in the day. She was friends with Chelsea around he time Chelsea was hooking up with the dude from Caged. I want to know how she is not being ivestigated legally? She is swindelimg people out of thousands and thousands of dollars, that is a major crime. I hope these expose pages gather enough evidence to turn her j to authorities.

She is. A lot of the people that got duped called Fort Worth PD and an investigator has her case and is handling it. Some people have received partial refunds, but the refunds are coming from Ashley's mom and an address in South Dakota. Apparently Ashley didn't have enough money in the bank to give these people refunds.

Well if that doesn't scream "addiction," I don't know what does.

Did she seriously think that people wouldn't notice the bag they paid a thousand dollars for was fake? Or that she wouldn't get in some type of legal trouble for not sending bags and scamming people? Criminals are so stupid. I kind of remember her, but never followed her on any social media sites so this is the first time I've heard of any of this

Is this the friend that had a twitter meltdown because Chelsea didn't visit her at the hospital when she was sick? Or the one that said on twitter Chelsea has a drug problem? For a girl with not that much drama I can't keep her friends straight.

I don't believe Ashley is either of those ex friends you asked about. I remember those incidents but can't remember who they were exactly but they weren't Ashley bc I used to follow her on Twitter and Instagram. That pearl/white lipgloss and black lip liner was like a car wreck and I couldn't stop looking away. And obviously her eyebrows. Then she became my BEC because I could tell she thought she was SO cool because she was Chelsea's friend, not a real humble person in my personal opinion. So her scamming people doesn't surprise me.

I had no idea this all went on so thanks for this article!

No that was some girl named Erica

Erika Flom!! That was the girl I was trying to remember her name in another post but couldn't. Their little friends group was Chelsea, Erika and Ashley. I remember Erika was also friends with Taylor Halbur as they worked together.

Another weird twist to this story is, when Ashleys sister died, Erika kooked up with the sisters husband.

*hooked not kooked

Thank you! Are there any updates on Chelsea's friend Meghan? After "skin" school did they keep seeing each other?

Be-Bopping With Butch, i really dont think theyre friends anymore. I haven't seen Megan on Chelsea's instagram or twitter in like a year and she hasn't appeared on the show since they graduated. I am not sure if they had another falling out or what but it does seem like Cheslea replaced her friends and is only ever close to like 1 friend at a time. So basically Chelsey and Cole fill the two spots and all of her other friends are left out to dry until she has a falling out with Chelsey or breaks up with Cole.

So I see Jenelle has 'graduated' too. What was she even doing again? It's so funny they have a big graduation ceremony for a certificate! I did a certificate in Applied Science, it takes 1 year to get, and we had no ceremony, that's saved for the actual degrees.

Haha she posted on her own page "Sexy and successful! If i have been through all I did today and still can go back to school ...and graduate... SO CAN U! I did it !!!!!"

Modest isn't she!

Hmm my comment is still awaiting moderation? I must have said a bad word or two in a previous post!

Weeeeee! I bought a certification that won't do shit, because even if someone wanted it they won't once they see me shooting up on the teevee!

lol i found Ashley's old twitter from 2012ish before she got a new one, and i think the new one is now deleted as i cant find it. This is her twitter bio from her old one "I'm happily married, Best friends w/ my lil buttcheek @ChelseaHouska from Teen Mom 2, and the best driver ever. And I love French Bulldogs Xo" if that doesn't scream famewhore than i dont know what does.

Twitter handle is @beutifulash and yes i am completely aware that is now how you spell beautiful but thats how she has had it spelled lol

Thank you for posting this article. I knew of this girl, but it's kind of an interesting story. Additionally, this gets out that she is a scam artist and criminal for those who might have been unaware and read this site. I had no idea any of this went down, I just assumed she was another lost friend in Chelsea's little black book o' best friends. Her eyebrows are atrocious, also agreed.

Wow im looking at the post on The Dirty and in the comment section there's a screenshot of a giveforward account, which is like gofundme, from 2013 that her and her husband created to raise money for their "baby". They claimed they were trying to conceive and the money would go towards IVF. Of course no baby.

this is it

I really hope the authorities do something about these scam artists. I really wonder if Chelsea knew her bff was doing this. This fundraiser was from back in 2013 and she definitely still communicated with her as of a few months back, it really makes you wonder how much Chelsea knew. We all know Ashley's fan base was thanks to TM2 in the first place. Sad.

Jesus...they scammed people out of money claiming they were going to do IVF?! Thank god they haven't reproduced yet, I guess, but that's pretty fucking low.

The Daily Mail posted a story on Jenelle saying that she just graduated from HIGH SCHOOL. LOL!!!


I just saw a few articles on OK magazine, and US that Jenelle has graduated from college. When I saw those I did the Leah demonic eye roll.

Well, I suppose it's still a long delayed graduation considering she's been "in school" for four years to get an 8 month certificate. Seems kind of strange that they have such a huge ceremony for a qualification like this, but I suppose that's where those $25k fees go.

On Twitter Jenelle said she's now applying for the surgical tech certificate, so hopefully she'll be able to put off getting a job for the next four years while she completes that.

If I got rolled into an operating room and saw JENELLE there, I'd march my sick ass out of that hospital ASAP. Who in their right mind would hire her to be anywhere near patients, medications, supplies or patients' personal information!?

How embarrasing is this for Maci? Even Jenelle pulled it off before her. And they both can use the two kids/tv show excuse. (only except is Maci actually parenting)

Maci might be parenting. But Jenelle was a heroin addict and STILL graduated something before Maci.

Idk why anyone is still pretending Maci will ever graduate. I can't stand Jenelle, but at least a certficate in Medical Assistting MAY be worth it (sans a criminal record as long as hers). Jenelle started her program probably 2 years after Maci as Jenelle graduated high school in 2010 and Maci graduated early and began college in 2009. Jenelle also battled a heroin addiction, many arrests, etc and still managed to finish before Maci. Also an Associate's Degree in Broadcasting or whatever Maci has changed it to now is not worth it. You need a Masters degree. Maci has gone from Journalism to Creative Writing to Communications to Broadcasting to Radio Hosing to Mass Communications etc and still changed her major. Why? Because she clearly cant pass the classes so she drops them. How can you have a career in a field that you cant even get a 2 year degree in at a community college, especially when you've been attending since January 2009??? Maci needs to give it up already, she is never going to graduate and even when she does, the degree isnt worth it. Also now she apparently wants to go into social media marketing, next change of major Maci??? I will have my Masters before Maci has her Associate's ans i am only going into my junior year of college.

I didn't even need to read this to know that a girl was friends with Chelsea. they must buy their hair dye and make up in bulk.

Instagram just search beautifulashxo, apparently she deleted her account after she was called out for stealing. So, someone grabbed the name and made an account to help anyone who was scammed by her. It's definitely not a pro-Ashley site, lol. She was the same girl on Chelsea Instagram this past Thanksgiving. I feel bad for her mom, her one daughter dies from an overdose and her other daughter stole thousands from "followers" and she couldn't afford to pay anyone back, so her mom had to. Sucks ! Ashley tried to use Chelsea's name to get free stuff all the time, on the Instagram they found posts from her trying to buy Chelsea a fake Lous and use the " she's my BFF" card to get it cheaper...what a LOSER.

I posted this in the other thread but I think we've migrated to this one:

Oh. My. God. The sneak peek for next week of Leah is insane. She’s talking with Corey about custody (again) and she says that she doesn’t think she can be the mom she’s supposed to be if Corey has them for more days than he does now. And then she legitimately asks him to look her in the eye and tell her he’s not “plotting against” her. She says “plotting” like 8 times and just rambles on and on about how he’s trying to take the kids from her. Paranoia much?!

I don't see how people think she's sober when they see that clip, to be honest. Her pupils are huge.

I hope Corey was just saying that stuff about giving ack custody as motivation for Leah to better herself. He not only deserves 50/50 but he owes that to his girls always!

From a starcasm article of an interview with Jenelle:

"You’re less argumentative and angry now than in the earlier years. What do you do to keep that anger at bay? And why do you think your mom doesn’t try to do the same?
I think I have given up arguing back with people. Of course when I hit my boiling point I might snap like any other human being, but I have learned to not to try to take things to heart. I don’t know why my mom gets in the moods she gets in but she does what she wants regardless of what you try to suggest to her."

Bitch must have a really low boiling point. she was interviewed on the news last year about kidnappings. She doesen't even have kids. around the 56 second mark is when shes on and she looks even worse than she did on TM2

This chick is pathologically bizarre. Wow. And that child safety taxi service looks really awesome. Night vision on their cameras and everything!

Few off topic things, but whatever happened to Melinda? (Used to write here years ago) and why do have so many writers who've never even posted? I.e Jenn, Jennifer, Darcy Ellen, Ghost writer. Etc. It just seems weird that 4 of the 11 writers have never even posted.

I think I remember a lot of people volunteered to write when Megan went on her honeymoon and Stevebeans just took on a bunch of them for infrequent articles and only a few have become prolific posters. Seems like something I'd do...volunteer and then chicken out so that no one ever finds out how lame I actually am, haha. (Not to imply that the ones who haven't written any articles are lame...I just mean me personally...I'd hate to disappoint you guys.)

Melinda is stevebeans wife. She used to post articles when I first found this blog, but then she stopped and it was only stevebeans.

With all that make up and dye for the babies head, she looks like a 47 year old fishdog.