Blind Item...Child Support and Drug Money

Leah Messer


I post about blind items sometimes, just because it's fun to speculate about which girls from the show are making poor life choices and trying to keep them under the table.

Blind items have revealed in the past that Maci Bookout made a pornographic film while partying in Miami, that Farrah Abraham was selling herself for sex, and that an unknown Teen Mom 2 star was photographed using meth.

While there's really no way to tell if these items are true or not, most of them don't seem like they're too far from reality.

This blind item is short and simple, but it packs a punch for sure. It states:

This Teen Mom is using her child support money to support the drug habit of herself and significant other. She has already run through her money from the show.

Well...let's narrow things down.

If we look at the girls from Teen Mom, then Maci is the only one that would be receiving child support. We've heard that she's in trouble for not paying her taxes, which means she doesn't have a ton of money anyway, but it might not be extremely far-fetched if Maci ended up being a drug addict. Farrah is a single mother (when she's actually with her kid) and since Sophia's father died, she wouldn't be receiving child support.

Amber doesn't have primary custody of Leah, but seems to co-parent with Gary pretty well.

Since she doesn't have Leah the majority of the time, it would be assumed that SHE would be paying the child support for her daughter.

Catelynn and Tyler gave their daughter up for adoption, so they obviously don't receive child support either.

The Teen Mom 2 cast has some promising story lines, and three girls that receive child support.

Jenelle has a history with drugs, but doesn't receive or pay child support because Jace's father is out of the picture and Barbara allowed Jenelle to quit paying her child support once Jace was with his mother more frequently.

Chelsea may or may not receive child support. It's always off and on whether she's getting money or not.

I would also go out on a limb here and say that even though Chelsea may enjoy to have a few drinks while Aubree is with Adam's family for the weekend, she still had a job that will pay the bills after the MTV money is gone.

Although we know that Chelsea has been allegedly dating someone for a short amount of time, we don't know enough about this guy to assume that Chelsea is buying drugs for the couple.

Kailyn is married to Javi, who is in the air force. With routine drug screenings and strict rules, it's pretty unlikely that Kailyn is providing drugs for her and Javi.

Kailyn is also breastfeeding, and seems pretty adamant about making sure that the milk that gets to her son, Lincoln, is the best stuff he can have.

We all remember her stressing about pumping on the episode when she went out for her 22nd birthday.

That leaves us with Leah, who seems to fit the requirements for this blind item. Leah has been pushing Corey for more child support, and on recent episodes of Teen Mom 2 it appears that she's slurring words.

While we don't know a lot about Jeremy's past, it's possible that he's had drug issues before. Leah has admitted on Teen Mom 2 that she has a spending problem, but she's never mentioned anything about addiction.

To top things off, All The Teen Moms posted an exclusive article stating that the reason Corey wants full custody of the twins is because Leah has a history of abusing prescription painkillers.

The article says that the addiction started after the birth of Jeremy and Leah's daughter, Adalynn in February of 2013.

The source told All The Teen Moms that the prescription painkiller Percocet is what Leah was taking for a while, and that her county in West Virginia is known for their drug problems.


I don't believe this for a second. A "source" came out with the rumor that Leah was abusing drugs after he saw the episode where she was having issues with the drug the doctor prescribed her because that person knew that people would believe it. It was just too easy to start that rumor after an episode like that.
As soon as I saw that episode, my first thought was that someone is going to start a rumor about Leah being a drug addict.

And I doubt Leah and Jeremy need Corey's measly $200 a month to buy drugs for themselves.

Leah is a doper. She's probably the one down voting and this article was just posted...meth causes paranoia!

I don't think there is any rumors

I don't think they are rumors *

Thank you thank you thank you for being Chelsea's Pretty Kitty!!!!

There's already a Chelsea's pretty kitty so I said it the way she says it (imagen it) prettayyy kittayyy

Don't forget, she's doing it for her FUTURE HUBBBBY!!!!

Hahaha I love Chelsea.

Doggy style. Thanks for the info Chelsea!

Oh hi Leah

I read that in the calm, tired voice Babs uses when she says, "oh, hi, Jenelle. "

Lol me too!

Me too!!! Hahahahhaa

Oh hi Keifah. Oh hi Gary. Oh hi Nathan. Every week it is someone new hahahahaaha

So did I

You would have to be blind not to see there's a problem

Did you watch the preview? Do you seriously think she looks normal and not high high high? Hokay then

High High High is a whole new level. Even Jenelle was just "high high". Jesus Leah, get help.

Thank u Livvy. I'm just tired because of my part time job at the tanning salon!!!!!!! When I was chewing those gummy worms in the car I was trying to share my story in the more inspirational way possible. So you guys really should take a step back to THINK before being so judgmental.

Yeah that measly $200 from that deadbeat went to my new haircut and my gummy worms. I always put my girlses first.

This is way too coherent to be a comment from Leah.

I made Ali write it. Her and Aleeah have the highest IQ in our familyyyyyy

Don't you mean she drawed it?

Yeah she drawed her name while Gracie climbdid the couch and I sat in the crib. I kicked Addy out of it and sent her to baby boot camp.

Don't druggies eat binge eat candy constantly? She is always eating crappy 7 year old kid candy!

Leah if yu r trying to get drugs when yu cannot get yr hands on meth then u should go to the ER and complain about cysts it works all the time thank you. Peace dude.

aw u always give the best advices <3 forget the haters their jealous uve changed so much. i'm going to start bathing my bong just like u.

Don't do it Leah. You gotta go to couht with Cory and if tha judge knows yah on drugs, he'll throw tha book at ya!

Livvy yu r so wrong lmfao. The source came out that Leah was doing meth before the season even aired. Everyone wants to blame shit on me but at least I never did meth. I did heroin because Kieffer's bad pipes harmed me and I needed to feel better. I did it in an environment away from Jace. His room was set and fucking ready to go too but mom always wants to blame shit on me. At least I blew my teen mom money on MY DRUGS ONLY I never shared with anyone. She will probably go to jail to be away from her daughters. I got clean off of heroin in like 3 days or something. I wish these girls could be as strong minded as I am.

yeah that was so wrong when jace got taken from u :(

I have told babs so many times he is my child not yours but she does not listen to me. Everything is always my fault with her. Personally myself allows Jace to eat whatever he wants when he comes to my house once a month but babs does not even allow him to eat certain foods. Jace needs a stable environment and I can provide it because I do not have ostyoporeosis like babs or bald people disease like my sister. That's why babs took gabe away because Ashleigh does not have hair, and I even filmed her yelling at gabe. She gets very angry because she does not have hair such as myself and I was on the cheerleading team in middle school.

Juhnelle don't you tell me how to raise this baby! You wah neva there and you Neva raised him! Ya such a goddamn son of a bitch. I'm out bustin my balls tryin to goddamn suhvive, and ya out having a la-de-da time with Nathan!

What happened to jenelles sister?

Wait. Haha. But Jenelle would have blamed Keiffer for getting her hooked. If I remember correctly, she said he stuck her in the arm and she didn't even know what it was. And every time she did heroin, he stuck it in her arm for her.

Yes he did I would just be laying in my bed minding my own business and he would stab me with it once I pretended to be sleep and I seen it. But since I am a woman of virtue I paid for my drugs EVERY SINGLE TIME. Kieffer would make me pay or he would hit there. There was bruises all over my body and I was so upset.

In Jenelle's world:
"Hey baby, what did yu just put in my arm?"
"Vitamin's, baby. To make you the best mom you can be for Jace."
"These vitamins are on point, dude. I need to be able to talk to Jace rationally, because he admits to me when he's mean. Unlike with MeMe, who just screams in his face. I got his room all set up and everything so he can spend the night. My mom's always being so negative with me, so she won't let him."
"Hey baby, isn't Tori passed out in Jace's room right now?"
"Leeeeaaaavvvee meeeee alloooonnnneee. Yu are always being negative with me."
*storms off into bathroom, runs bath, does bong rip*
"I like to smoke around this time of the day. Because of the feelings that I'm feeling, so I won't have to feel them for hours."

That is exactly what happened! I trusted him and believed he was helping me get Jace back but I found the truth out two late. I will never text him again yesterday was the last time dude mark my words

Plus, I heard injectable vitamins do wonders for the inte-gu-merry system. You can tan all day without ending up with a sunburn that looks like eczema.

You obviously don't know much about drug addicts. Especially opiates- the would ask for a dollar if they knew it was going towards more drugs and also they are very expensive to buy on the street so yes- I can see them wanting AND needing the 200 easily. Even for one addict! But there's obviously two

Leah is definitely on las drogas!!!!

I could definitely see hillbilly leah and juuuurmey being addicted to pain pills. And meth.

She blew all her money on horses, washers, dryers, percocets, makeup, torn jeans, big cars,
And Houses and therefore, couldn't buy Ali her willchair. If she was so frustrated with Corey's insurance company she should have had enough money saved from This shit show to buy the pink willchair herself. But she's poor and needs Corey's money. Pain pills are
Not cheap on the street

Mama dawn bought that horse , remember that's what Leah said in her Twitter rant.

Leah reminds me so much of my x best friend that did meth all the time. It brings back really painful memories to the point I can feel my blood pressure raising lol...I get upset. I can't watch her segments. I can see her being that strung out nasty meth head whore that can't take care of her kids and lives in a shitty shack in a few years. It's going to all come tumbling down, leah. Should of never sucked on that glass dick.

Yeah that is what I was thinking. The Percocet surprises me honestly. She had behaviors of stimulant abuse.

hahaha omg! Sucked on that glass dick!!! Good One! I know a lot of people who should have never sucked on that glass dick! Sadly for them though they don't look as cheapishly good looking as Leah lol

You mean,the shitty trailer she will be living in, with the nasty mildew in the basement, so she can't "bath" her kids?....oh wait,that already happened!now that she's strung out on meth,I bet her trailer will be even better than that one!

Coming from someone who lives not too far from Leah and is very familiar with her and her family and her bullshit life, I know this is true. She's addicted to prescription meds for sure, the meth...not as confident, but wouldn't surprise me. She's been doing drugs for awhile. Newsflash Leah- you come from a county where PEOPLE TALK!! God this girl. I try not to hate people, especially ones I don't know well, but she bothers the ever living fuck out of me. If you saw her children on most days, you'd think that they were homeless. But she needs more child support for her Mary k?? Right. Mother of the year.

We all know Leah was the one :0

I think I like your name better than mine. Lol

Also I'd like to add- the county that the lovely and talented Megan mentioned is adjacent to the county where my hometown is. Saying that there is a drug problem there is putting it lightly. Again, people talk. Especially when you're mtv "famous" and make visits to dealers on the regular. I'm not surprised this information finally got out, just thrilled. Karma, Leah!!!

I've been teaching math for the last week, and all I could think about while reading this comment was how much of a struggle it is to get kids to understand what "adjacent" means.

I so read this as "I've been teaching meth"

Megan I wanted to ask what grade level(s) you're looking to teach! I just started an internship doing high school science. It is soooooo busy but a lot of fun. I love my kids :)

I was a huge math nerd in school and I love math but it is so tough to teach abstractly which is why I decided on science.

I'm a big meth nerd too!!!!!

I was a huge meth nerd in school and I love meth but it is so tough to teach to the girlses

Hahahahahahaha you're ridiculous. Thank you for that.

well the schools arent well there, except meth class, everyones ace-ing that shit!!

do you have any gossip about corey?

i could tell she was on opiates when she was on the phone nodding out. anxiety medication doesn't do that, that's that opiate nod.

Xanax can if you aren't used to it. Not arguing with you, it certainly DOES look like an opiate nod and very well could be. However it can do that too.

Though when she was talking about how when she first takes it she feels good and gets stuff done, that does sound more like opiates.

As soon as I heard she was blaming Xanax I knew something was wrong. I'm sorry but Xanax doesn't help you get stuff done nor does it make you feel the way she was describing. It's prescribed in low dosages as a mild anti-anxiety. I took it on and off over 7 years so I do know what I'm talking about. I have not taken it for the past 3 years. That being said, I have never slurred my words when I've been on it. Sometimes it would make me slightly drowsy so I would take a nap. I never ever nodded off like that no matter how much I took although I was very stingy about how much I took at one time. Anyway, what I saw had nothing to do with Xanax.

I agree 200% Red... If people abuse Xanax, like taking 2 sticks (which equals 4mg) you better believe they'd nod off. Yes opiates make you nod, but so does Xanax if you take too much.

Especially if she is snorting drugs! Honestly i'm sure there are people who need and actually benefit from it but people abuse xanax wayyy too often. I've had to dump one of my best friends because she did that shit. Im 50/50 on it like oxycontin, vicodin ext. Besides those who are truly in pain then wtf is the point! Discontinue it! It fucks peoples lives up and makes them not care. Its all fucked up!!! lol

Thumbs up for username, Percocet&Ponies!

Idk I think for an opiate nod she would have had to be on heroine. That would be ALOT of percocet. Most people I know who I have gone through this with get happy & energized and ready to go do stuff, like for example spend money. I'm not sure if everyone has noticed but drug users who have constant money coming in can support drugs + some so they look overly done, clown makeup eyes, over the top makeup. Point is because their so fucked up they try to hide the affects of drugs on them, unbeknownst to them they are making themselves stand out! Look at amber she thought she looked great with those eyelashes. Anyway it's totally her she's even thinner than before, as is jurms. She's (besides that one episode) changing, her attitude is harsh. She used to co parent great now look! Drugs have torn families apart before and they are continuing to do so with Leah's brood.

I don't know but what I have seen of her not only on mtv but everywhere else she looks like the girls I worked with. Although they were on vicodins but then again percocet does & is the same damn thing to a pill popper. Nothing in those moments matters till you get that high. Point is I believe 100% it's her and have since it all came out.

You make an excellent observation. She, like Amber sees/saw ( we don't know how much Amber has recovered) things in a very self centered way and thinks everyone is out to get her and holds on to her narrow view stubbornly and cannot take a breath through her self pitying rant to hear her friends, family or " enemies" and her only " real " friends ( cousins?) are those who yes her and agree completely with her. Like Amber , she hops from one relationship to another to validate her because sex is her only measure of self esteem because on some primal level she must recognize her lack of real intelligence ( this is a snark site). She vehemently defends her poor patenting skills and declares herself as a wonderful, caring mother in the midst the glaring evidence to the contrary . Yep- it's just like Amber. It's more drastic to see because Leah didn't start out looking so hard where as Amber didn't have a pixie cute demeanor to begin with and she was never really sweet and loving in a awwww precious type way the way we all saw in Leah at times.

Yeah, Xanax can definitely have that affect. I was a moron in high school and let's just say I experimented with different things and Xanax was one of them haha. There were a few times where I took too much and I hate to admit it, but I was as bad as Leah in that painful phone call segment. Never talked about dye for baby's heads though so I'm not as creative as her.

Totally agree!! That's why when she claimed to be on whatever anxiety meds she said I was like oh hell no bitch. You did Xanax aka zanny bars. Such is a terrible "prescribed drug". I just as electronical experimented in college (well holiday break) and I ended up fighting my sister. That was a blurry ass night! Never again!

what else do you know about leah? spill!

I second this!!

And do you know what the rumored drugs are?? Or is that less clear??

The drugs are definitely less clear, which is why I haven't straight up outted her. I've heard oxy and sedative rumors as well as meth, obviously. I know she uses anxiety meds to come off of the harder shit

Yeah thats what made me think Adderall at least. Typically you use xanax for the come downs.

Hey red you think she was on adderall when they conceived addy or Addie? What the fuck ever I think name rhyming is dumb (because I came from it! Wait till Leah's old and she has to run through her six kids A names!). Anyway I bet that was a secret little thing between them. Like haha we went to a cabin in who the fuck knows where and were on the adderallll binge and decided hayyy why done we make babies it will totally make us a reul couple jerrmy! M's tv weal loves it! And vwala there's that bald big eyed baebay:)

Hahaha I never thought of that.

Oh my gosh, I can't imagine how weird it must be going to the grocery store and seeing Leah there screeching at her litter of girlses. Or just ignoring them while they tear up the store as she piles Lunchables, Cheetos and Mountain Dew into her basket. That must be so irritating.

Funny story about that. I saw leah at target in Charleston when I was a senior in high school. That would've been 2011. It was in the parking lot and Aleeah was running around while Leah was on the phone and carrying ali. Aleeah was running thru puddles in the parking lot and splashing in them- BAREFOOT. No shoes at all. It was before I graduated in early spring, which is still way cold in WV. I remember I was still cold. So yeah, I have personally witnessed her lack of parenting!!! She's an awful mom

Holy shit. Lol the poor things seriously look like they grow up in the forest. Hair never brushed, dirty, junk food, can barely talk, what a shit show.

Oh my gosh, I can imagine! Poor Gracie. I have really tried to give Leah the benefit of the doubt, but the girl has no idea how to raise kids! I really hope Corey and Miranda grt the girls. Do you know anything about them??

The sad thing is I can totally picture of this happening. I am not surprised at this at all

Totally you guys. Whenever I see Aleeah, ESPECIALLY when she's chasing the cat or just being herself, she reminds me of Nell. (Jodie Foster's character in Nell)

And, HOLY SHIT I believe this story. I have been saying since the meth story came out that it was fucking Leah. I knew it. Maybe there's more to the story of Corey wanting custody than we know. If so, I SO hope he gets it!

I live about an hour north of Charleston and ran into Leah a couple months ago at Target. She was literally running around the store yelling on her phone. I ended up in the same aisle as her and she turned around and looked at me. Naturally, I smiled at her and she gave me the bitchiest look back. Unfortunately she did not have the girlses with her so I can't comment on how "not well" they looked. She was probably on her meth/adderal/whateverdrug high and that's why she seemed so hyper and mean.

Do you have any more stories you know of or things you've heard. You know we're all ears! :D Or in the case of the blog, eyes.

I was told something by someone that Corey actually decided to fight for custody awhile ago. It was just released now because of tv, contracts, blah blah. He filed because of the child support, but the person who told me said that it was cuz leah was seen at at a party that most people who live in the area know as a drug house. She wasn't with Jurrrmy and was snorting something. If you know anything about the problem there, it's been mainly with oxy. The town 10 miles from where I grew up was called Oceana, WV. Aka, oxyana. It's bad!!! So I don't know for sure what she was snorting, but the person who told me said everyone else was doing oxy and xanax, but are known for having/doing meth too. Oooh this is fun to finally share!! ;)

I cannot believe there aren't three credible people willing to testify to this stuff at a hearing. But when one of Leah's " sources" said she was " sober" now perhaps Leah concocted the anti-anxiety angle, feigned the too high a dose bull shit and then the back woods courts will say the special needs child needs her mamma and Corey will be screwed. I see it happening and it pisses me off how the manipulative whiny, selfish neglecto mom might continue to be seen as a well meaning stay at home mother of the WV hills and Corey and Miranda work so the girls would be " stuck in day care" as if Leah tends to them at home!!! In reality they will be in school and all kinds of activities soon and Leah spends negligible quality time with them. They're always in that car with her toxic smoke and her texting and driving! How safe s that?

Someone claimed they saw her driving one day sometime this year, smoking with the windows up and kids in car.

It's illegal here (AR) to smoke in a car with a child under 14. Is there a similar law in WV?

Hahaha I was with my sister who was driving and we totally saw her doing that. The twins were pretty young- I know my sister was driving me to school and I want to say I was a junior in high school. But it was winter and the windows were up and she was smoking in her car with the babies in the back. This is another thing I straight up witnessed

Poor Alli, she can't even eat actual foods and now its "mommy, this isn't air"

The Forgotten Twin - oh please, DO TELL MORE! I'd love to hear more juicy gossip about Leah and her clan from the holler over yonder. I know someone on here once called Leah "The Kanawha County Cum Dumpster", was it you? I was in tears laughing at that one!

Oh god I'm dying at that one!!!


But also pretty dirrty!

Haha I'm taking credit for that!! ;) it was me, I think I mentioned that on the first story about her doing meth. Honestly guys I have so much dirty gossip on this skank... Unfortunately not all of it is directly from my own eyes. Also I'd say I'm about 98% sure I know who posted that blind item, and I'll just say that if I'm right, that person is a VERY liable source

Pleasepleaseplease tell us the dirty gossip on the skank!!! I think I remember you saying in another post that Mama Dawn is essentially a 40 year old Leah, right? I'd also like to ask what you know about Jeremy, Corey snd Miranda. And I think someone said Leah's sister Victoria lives with some guy who is like 40 in PA and her brother is expecting a baby?

I don't know miranda or Jurrrmy so much haha but I do know Corey and his family as well as members of Leahs families. Dawn is so the 40 year old Leah!!! One thing I know is when Leah was 13 she met her first bf Seth and Dawn took her to get on birth control shortly after. She Was 13!!!!!! I personally don't have kids but who the fuck puts their 13 year old daughter on birth control at 13?!! I get 16,17, I was no angel as a teen either.... but 13. Corey was her 2nd one night stand after her and Robbie broke up too. She had 4 guys by age 16

Also, dawn is on her 3rd marriage and was the one who signed leah up for the show and pushed her to do teen mom. It was all her idea!! Leahs seen her dick hop her whole life, I can see why she's such a mess

Oh I can see mama Dawn signing her up and the doller signs that would've been in her eyes. And I can totally imagine Leah being the WV slut. I hope there's only good things to hear about Corey's family.

It's a shame when grandparents don't give me moneys

who posted the thing on blind item?

I went ahead and unearthed the Starcasm article: Conveniently there's no mention of a husband between Leah's Dad and Lee. Apparently she's been married to Lee for about 15 years now. And how come all of the pics in this article look like they are really old? I didn't know anyone who looked like this in the 90s!

15 years..... I guess that'd be about right. He's lucky #3 ;) and those pictures are a WV thing. Girls there are about a decade behind on fashion trends and most follow Leahs horrible taste. Stripper hair, caked makeup, ugly outdated clothes with outdated sperrys..... wow commenting on this story has reminded me JUST how happy I am that I got out of that cest pool!!

you mean IN-cest pool

Can you tell us more about Corey and Leah? I know you told us a bunch of stuff about Leah but if there's any more you've got!!

When I went to All the Teen Moms to check out the article, I saw this: The pics cracked me up. Miranda looks cute, and Leah looks middle aged with her bad haircut and button-down blouse. Good job trading up Corey - I'd bet Miranda the cop isn't slamming Percocet!

Ugh, the shit is really starting to hit the fan down there. You're right, Leah looks just plain worn out, which is sad for someone her age. Meth is one hell of a drug.

Watching that pissed me off. "Who is the peopleses at your insurance? Theys nobodies! The dr is a somebody!" Are you fucking kidding me? You, as a patient, can't just keep harassing the insurance company and saying "but it's reals important!" No shit Sherlock, of course it's important. It's also really expensive. That's why the insurance board is looking into it. Calling and harassing an insurance rep that sits In a call center at Cigna or blue cross isn't going to do jack shit to speed up the process. If you didn't blow your teen mom money on Percocet and horses you could've just bought the will chair yourself. I thought Jerms made 20k/month????? Lol.

Leah calling somebody a "nobody" is definitely a pot calling the kettle black kind of situation. Does she not understand that the people they talk to on the phone are in no way responsible for making these decisions and they don't deserve daily harassment?

Yeah, the person answering the phone is generally not the one in charge. They're actually usually the person getting paid the least in the whole place, and have no say over the decisions being made. But of course, what the hell does Leah know about the way jobs work, anyway?

Seriously! She just really lacks intelligence. She literally has no idea how anything in life works. "I'm leah from teen mom give me a willchair!!" And apparently ali was missing therapy sessions to the point where she wasn't going to be able to attend if she had anymore absences? Pretty sure physical therapy is really important for ali, just like the will chair is important.

But of COURSE, she turned it around to be Cory's fault because of a vacation or something, because nothing is her fault And she just wants world peace - glad he spoke up and called her out on lying about that.

I can't believe a mom who pushes and pushes for Corey to get the willchair to "save her baby" would miss therapy sessions.... Ali needs that so wtf....Now I'm positive Corey should get custody. Even if I give her the benefit of the doubt for missing therapy because of Addy (not because of meth), it's clear that Corey has less on his plate and would be able to take her to therapy....

I wasn't able to watch the clip, but if they missed several therapy sessions because of Addy, that really drives home what we have all been saying about how selfish it was for Leah to have another baby when she couldn't handle the two she had. Obviously it's not the baby's fault, she needs and deserves attention too, just like Ali and Gracie. Leah is just unfair to all three of them. I would be so pissed if I was Corey.

Speaking from Experience, my son is in therapy, you have to miss a lot of therapy for them to drop you. Never been dropped because my son has not missed that much but missing two appointments, and even having a doctors note with an excuse for one , will not get you dropped. Nowif you missed two appointments in a row with no phone call they might threaten it but they probably won't do it.

I work for an insurance company in the pre-certification department, which is the department that gives you approval for things like wheelchairs. What she, and most people don't understand is that the insurance company has guidelines that they have to go by to determine if something is medically necessary. It's not just a doctor sitting there saying "i don't think I'll give this person a wheelchair, DENIED." The doctor asking for the wheelchair has to show that all the criteria are met for the wheelchair to be covered. Also, like others said, the people answering the phone have nothing to do with whether it's approved. It does absolutely NOTHING to keep calling. They have a certain number of days to get these requests approved or denied. It can be done sooner than the limit if it's not super busy at the time. However, calling and checking won't get you to the front of any line, and won't change their decision. It's so frustrating to watch her blame Corey. He has nothing to do with it, and really, the insurance company doesn't either. It's an outside agency that determines the guidelines for the necessity of things.

Poor Corey....he seems like he's trying his best and she seems like a belligerent drunk yelling at him. He must look at her and go jesus I dodged a bullet on that one. Lol i like how Jerm and Miranda awkwardly stand there and then say a couple of things. I'm glad Miranda didn't get super involved I hate how Jeremy insults Corey. it's none of your damn business....

LOL does anyone else just want Miranda to snap and go nuts since she's always so quiet?


Well let me break it down. I went to drop the girlses off at Food Heaven with my new asimitrical hair cut that "makes me look like a mom" and ah was half awake when i gaved the girlses to Coorey and i asked him about the damn insurance again cause he's such a deadbeat. I told him the inshurances their are nobodys, the doctors are somebody. He trieds to tell me he called but i don't believe him and told him to call again and then he accusedid me of not taking Ali to physical thurapy. Then Jurmy said the co-parenting hasn't been well and then Coorey said its our faultses, and Miranda wos like we don't has to be best friendses we need to get along for the girlses, and then Coorey said he's going to take me to court cuz we're aruging. I can't believe I got acused! I do this for world peace and to help others.

And i forgot to add I was stuffing my face with gummy worms on the way there and chewing with my mouth opens just like my legses

Well Meth makes you want to chew doesn't it?? Or is that the come down? I don't know. I'm just a pipe.

Don't forget you were in the new car too. complete with new car seats for the girlses.


I fucking loved how Miranda said something finally! "We don't have to be friends!"

I would love to see the drug bust go down on TM2 and Miranda be the arresting officer or the person at the station taking the mugshots.

Miranda is just being the diplomat in this whole situation. She never says a bad thing about anyone, she just tells it like it is. She is a very respectable woman and on top of that she has a job that serves the community.

I just watched that clip and all I'm
Gonna say is blind item is accurate. Look at her and Jeremy, how they are acting- how aggressive she is for no reason. I had about a month and a half of abusing norco and that is exactly how I was- for no reason. This seems legit. By the way I love Miranda and I loved Leah's face after Miranda made the most adult comment of the whole clip. And Leah- you are a moron. Calling insurance DOES not speed up an approval. It's a process. One of my best friends has to approve things such as wheelchairs and she says she laughs so hard watching teen mom 2 and hearing Leah's advice.

"If you didn't blow your money on Percocet and horses" LOLLL

Lol I need someone to make their name Percocet & horses.

Percocet & Ponies!

That's the American Dream, right there!

Pink Percocet pony.

Pink Percocet pony paid by INsurance

Best and most accurate comment so far. I wonder if anyone, even if they don't personally know her has said something like this to her? Either way even if you are a "nobody" seeing her, like the forgotten twin I would still come up to her with her cheeto puff haircut and be like, BITCH since you are doing this for our benefit let me tell you, YOU'RE WRONG! Ya nasty whoo-haa!

thanks babs:)

Insurance companies will do anything not to pay out on things--they are businesses! Calling every single day about the wheelchair isn't gonna be helpful when you're just gonna be talking to people in a call center. I worked in one back in the day, and my job was basically not to help people solve problems, but to kinda get them into a holding pattern. She's just using this as an excuse to bash Corey.

Before I saw that they got the " will char" I thought maybe Corey knew Leah having access to his insurance info and crazy calling - rambling whine might just be detrimental to getting the chair. If I answered her calls and she " damad to spik to someone higher up than y,all I'm talking to now" I'd give the phone to the janitor and tell them to tell her I'd return her call tomorrow at 5:30 am, or some other mess with her head shit. Yes the call center personnel is often the lowerst paid with no power but they are the first one you call and calls get lost with a click and promising a nut job she will be taken care off and losing her number happens.

Corey keeping her away was very prudent! He's well aware that she's unable to communicate.

Lmao she reminds me of catelynn now with that stupid 40 year old haircut

40 year old mom* to be specific. It reminds me of Kate gosselin, ick.

It's hideous lol it does nothing for her face.

It makes me look like a mom

No one is buying Leah is a "mom," even with that haircut. Stop trying to convince yourself Leah. Lol

Yes! She also reminded me of the Long Island Medium with that haircut.

Yes! It was bugging me who it was like. It wasn't Kate Gosselin like someone said- it was her! Who, I believe is a grandmother- not 23!,,

It seriously looks hideous on her. And Jurrmey killed me in that clip saying that she had "sex hair". EW.

Wow. If I were Miranda, I would have snapped as soon as she said "Corey Tyler". Like, don't yell at him like he's your child....or your HUSBAND, because he's NOT anymore! You gave up the right to speak to him using his middle name when you fell on Robbie's dick the night before your wedding. Don't even fucking try it.

Oooh. That really irritated me. Also, her hair looks horrid and she eats like Jenelle.

Foreal! Acting like she's disciplining her 5 year old ...
Back the fuck up, bitch.

I actually said "oh HEEELLLLL no" out loud. I would never speak to my husband like that, much less my ex-husband. That just screams disrespectful and condescending. Miranda clearly dislikes Leah, not out of jealousy, but just frustration at the chaos that trashy little thing brings into her life.

She's just jealous of me and Jurmys relationship and our wild sex life with our Cure-ig

I've never in my life called my husband by his first and middle name.

I agree. ABSOLUTELY not ok or appropriate especially as you aren't married to each other and your new spouses are both sitting right there listening. She still thinks she can control him. I love the fact that Miranda remains so calm because if my finances ex called h
His first and middle name I would have had some words with her

Ugh! Props to Miranda, I would've dragged the floor with Leah by her disgusting rat nest mop!

Lol, sorry, I guess I got way too excited. I meant mopped the floor or dragged Leah on the floor. Lol, I was thinking faster than I was typing.

Oh and guys?? I bet we see Alex on Project Runway soon. She is so talented., nice try, Alex. Better stick to pinterest and shopping at Target.

haha god that's awful. remember when she had a video of arabella dancing in seriously a bra and tiny shorts? Cool she can market stripper outfits for kids

Have you ever seen the outfits the kids on Toddlers and Tiaras wear? If Alex could get a little bit better at sewing, she could make a killing selling scandalous children's clothes to desperate pageant moms.

So funny! On her IG she had a recent photo of Arabella in a leotard and scrunching she made her. So maybe it's in the works. Lol

That's something I would let my girlses wear but with more Mary Kay

Oh HELL no! I make leotards and figure skating dresses as a side gig and that doesn't even qualify as a "leotard" - more like some cheap fabric stitched together with no finishing. She's SO classy!

Personally, I think Alex would be an excellent contestant on "So You Think You Can Dance". Not.

Seizure dancing bitch.

Did you see the picture Alex posted - a side by side of her as a toddler, and Arabella? The caption said "I definitely believe my family when they say bellie is a spitting image of me ❤️

the second half of my comment disappeared :( What I said was...and all her minions were agreeing telling her exactly what she wanted to hear even though Arabella clearly takes after Matt. I find it weird how these people have such hardcore fans out of nowhere and are always willing to tell these people what they want to hear, whether it's saying Catelynn is a strong beautiful inspiration or telling Mckenzie or Maci they need their own show. NO FOOLS. ONLY BABS NEEDS HER OWN SHOW.

I think it's a safe bet that this is Leah. Even without the blindbag, we've pretty much come to this conclusion on our own in previous posts.

What makes me feel bad for her, but not at the same time, is how for as many hardships as she has had to deal with, she is never able to recognize or appreciate the good things in her life. As someone who is still looking for the right guy, it baffles me how she has no appreciation for what a great guy Corey is. Even if they weren't right for each other, she seems to have no appreciation for the fact that her daughters have a father who loves them, and wants to do right by them. Also, does anyone remember the time they couldn't afford a bucket of paint? Now she has a shit ton of money, and believe it or not, still isn't happy. I would wager that she's less happy than ever before, and she and Juuuurmy are just trying to smoke away the pain on Corey's dime.

I couldn't agree more. But she's snorting it, not smoking it. Most of the time, anyways ;)
She's unappreciative and money has made it even worse. In some way I feel bad for her too, but she's just such a mean and selfish person, it's hard to gave much sympathy. She's stupid and greedy as fuck and every problem in her sad little life has been self inflicted

I feel bad for all people who just can't let themselves be happy, for whatever reason. And I would disagree with you just a tad, to say that after racking my brain, I could think of two things that were not her fault. Her dad leaving, which I think really screwed her up when it comes to men, and Ali's muscular dystrophy were not her fault. But at the same time, every action has a consequence, and no matter what she's been through before, she has to live with consequences like everyone else. Children are a product of their environment, and Leah is giving her daughters an environment that is just as, if not more, unstable than the one she grew up in. It's sad that she can't objectively look at her life and look at herself and think "I don't want my daughters to turn out like I did, how can I prevent that?"

Her dad walking out was in no way her fault and for the most part, Ali's issues aren't either. But she did smoke thru her pregnancy, like nonstop. So you never know....

Forgotten I thought the same thing. Also Addy was born prematurely. I saw pics of her smoking while pregnant too....that's fucking awful.

I'm not trying to stick up for her at all, I completely believe that she is completely responsible for the mess that is her life. Look at Kail. She didn't meet her dad until she wad 16, and her mom was Smirnoff Suzi. She had a really shitty upbringing and even though she's not my favorite person, and there are plenty of things about her life I disagree with, Kail is a damn good mother. So even though I feel bad for Leah not having her dad, I think she needs to be an adult and own her mistakes.

I know someone who was working at a gas station when Leah was pregnant with addy. One of the rumors about her is she came in to the gas station on her way to her checkup, pretty close to around the time Addy was born. She bought a pack of smokes (and I'm sure a shit ton of junk food) while Jurrrmy got gas, and people saw her smoking them while she waiting for him to be done. "Gotta have my malboro reds before my ultrasound, yall!!"

Seriously, you would think that after having one child with health problems she would be like, the epitome of crunchy earth mama especially during pregnancy. But I'm sure she came out with gems like, "Mama Dawn smoked all through her pregnancy with me and I turned out just fiiiiine."

Unfortunately that's the trash can I hail from. Haha it's a regional thing I think. I personally know a lot of girls (my sister and own mother actually) who smoke thru their entire pregnancies. Seems to be really common there, not so much in the civilized parts of the country..... not gonna lie, I thought it was normal/no big deal to smoke pregnant until college!!

The fact that she smoked while pregnant is disgusting. Especially since ali has major medical problems. If you can't quit smoking while you're carrying another human life, keep your legses shut! She never should have gotten knocked up again period.

Pump gas, while pregnant AND smoking? This is the only image I have of that worn out twat

So, not trying to defend her, but its worse for your unborn babys health to try and quit smoking while you're pregnant. It causes too much stress, and repercussions of trying to do so may be worse than continuing to smoke through pregnancy.

Maybe so Biglet. But it's also a good idea to cut down. Or when you are PLANNING a pregnancy, to quit prior.

@BigLet Which is exactly why you should quit smoking before you even try to being conceiving. I'm studying to be in a health profession so I know exactly what you mean, but there are plenty of ways around it. I live in Pittsburgh and it has the highest percentage of smoking pregnant woman in the entire united states. We've learned how woman should be encouraged to be weaned off the cigarettes by about half way through their pregnancy if possible. Smoking is NEVER what's best for the baby. Quitting cold turkey isn't either, but weaning yourself off over 3-4 months and causing the child relatively little stress is very possible if you truly want what's best for them. Cigarettes are no different than illegal drugs. If you are a regular user your baby will go through nicotine withdrawal as a newborn which has the same effects as heroin or cocaine withdrawal in newborns.

Honestly, as a 21 year old I don't know how anyone my age smokes anymore. The previous generations were different. They were raised in a more ignorant time in regards to cigarettes and their long-term effects. But it's never been a secret or an unknown as to what will happen to you. Cigarettes kill. Nothing attractive about them.

@Biglet my pregnancy was a surprise to me as I was on birth control so I gave up smoking as soon as I found out (5 weeks) and my midwife said to me there's never a bad time to give up during pregnancy. Every cigarette you have starves your baby of oxygen so even having one less is better than not giving up at all. Smoking in late-term pregnancy causes low birthweight and even premature birth so again the sooner you quit the better. Every time I began to feel stressed I took a few deep breaths and did something to distract myself. If she loved her babies more than herself she would find a way to keep herself calm. A healthy baby was much more important to me than a shitty cigarette craving, however strong it was.

Also smoking and therefore a lower birthweight have been linked to SIDS so surely it's better to quit than lose a baby.

Yeah I'll buy the taper down BS when people encourage women to switch to vaping. Nothing negative can come from quitting the smoking part and depriving your kid of oxygen... Sooo if it were so important to taper down the nicotine then obviously it'd be common sense to encourage the least harmful way to do so.

What else can you tell us about this shit stain of a mother Forgotten Twin?
And can someone tell me what Percocet is?
I'm really not surprised. Though I doubt Jeremy would be on anything. But he must know she is. And he leave his kid alone with her while he works away??? What the fuck??

Percocet is the brand name for oxycodone w/acetaminophen. Schedule 2 narcotic.

I can tell you TONS. I've never actually met her but I have several family members who have, we had some mutual friends, etc. There's been a "rumor" that she snorts oxy, which is one of the drugs Kanawha county has a problem with. Oh I have tons of gossip about her. She doesn't have a pretty decent reputation around there, we'll just say that

Damn that's crazy!!! YES we wanna hear everything! Like WHAT she just snorts it in public?

Oxy is bad shit to come off of. Fuck Leah you dumb bitch. How did it come to this?? And is MTV trying to cover this shit up and make up stories about anxiety meds and wrong dosages?? They didn't give a flying fuck about showing Keeeeeeefer losing his shit trying to find Xanax or Juhnelle nodding off while patting her puppy. Why give Leah a good edit? Maybe that's why Teen Mom is coming back-to give Leah time to clean up in rehab.
Forgotten Twin-you need to spill. Let rip with all your trashy Leah tales!!

Leah's meth pipe (lol),

I also wondered if the whole "I'm stressed and need xanaxes" was a cover up...Hm. She was probably high high high on the percs and mtv didn't want to have another teen mom looking like shit.

My mother was put on percocet during labor (I think) and after she had me with a vertical C-section I think, so she was in horrible pain. They don't do vertical incisions anymore. They do horizontal now and its much less painful (if I am not getting that mixed up). Anyway, for a significant amount of time after being born I wasn't able to nurse properly because the percocet was in my system and I kept falling asleep. That's my percocet story, and that's basically all I know about it. Haha.

New user name:

Leah's Oxy Straw

I was on oxycondone and OxyContin when I had my pelvis broken in five places earlier this year. I hated it, it made me feel sick, I couldn't eat all I did was sleep and I couldn't even put coherent sentences together. When I rewatch the scene of Leah on the phone that is exactly like how I was! I was asking my mom to bring me cupcakes for my dog to the hospital when I was Oxy at one point. Fortunately my medication got switched at around four days post op, because I couldn't handle the side effects. If Leah is on Oxy then I have no idea how she manages three young children, it's a scary thought. I can see Leah doing pain meds/meth but I can't see Jurrremy doing any drugs maybe the loved one in this blinditem could be her sister? Or "mamma" Dawn; she's lost weight recently...

That's why she's always sounding like she has a cold or stuffy nose and sniffing!

the cocaines does that

Oh gosh, I wondered about that. I knew somebody years ago who snorted cocaine and he sounded the same he had a constant cold. Duh. Geesh, it's all coming together isn't it?

Dude I was in the middle of nowhere, MI, these past few days for a wedding and come back to all this shit unfolding! This is awesome!! Thanks for all the intel, Forgotten!

Cackle, You hit the nail on the head!

It's all edited for MTV I can’t help but wonder what goes through som eof you alls who mind… I’ll be the first to admit I put everything before myself

never gets old

I can imagine Leah being on meth for sure. She looks awful, and has aged a lot faster than smoking alone would have caused. I cannot imagine Jeremy being on meth or any hard stimulant because he looks very healthy, and there is no way he could perform his job if he was on it. I can see him on prescription mood stimulants, like xanax. The majority of guys in the oil and gas industry are on them.

I wish Cory could get primary custody of the girls. He seems very attentive to them and makes them his priority. He also has a great support system between his dad and Miranda. Leah on the other hand, treats her children like an afterthought and has negative influences all around her like her mom.

Actually pain pills are huge in that area. I used to think there was no way anyone could work like that and be on pain pills til I discovered a friend was a secret addict. Turns out it's possible and jeremy reminds me of him. They are easily agitated and always have that blank look. Jeremy just seems so uninterested in everything to me except dissing Corey

Also, isn't Jeremy doing smaller contract jobs now? Part of it could be that he's trying to stay closer to (the meth) home, but it could also be that he isn't getting the really good, long-term contracts out of state due to unreliability and drug use. I don't know. Maybe he couldn't fulfill contracts because of exhaustion and not having the time to eat, as was described on MTV, or maybe he was using/withdrawing on site. I think he worked really, really hard, and it genuinely could have been exhaustion. But it's also amazing how people can start out as "functional" addicts and be that way for years, all fairly undetectable, until the addiction gets worse and your body just has had enough. I can see Jeremy maintaining a "work hard, play harder" lifestyle for years because he was young and didn't have a family.

Did any one watch couples therapy ??

Oooh, I forgot I had that recorded. I'm going to get right on it!


So happy to see you, Farrah! Please tell us what you think of Leah and how she's not being a role model.

Personally I knew this question would be asked of me as I know my advice is useful and I can show others how to be successful entreneurs. I have been trying to hold my tounge because I love to support my fellow teen moms when they are being role models but unfortunatly to be uplifting is hard in a situation like these. Personally I myself would never let Soph see something atroshus like this but instead would put my funds into successful business like a resturant with fresh and frozen foods! I advice Leah to put her daughter first like I do with Soph.

Thanks for the inspiration to share my story in the more inspirational way possible.

Thanks for the support! #kisses #raspberryketones #poopingboba

#Aliannahhopefoundation #allproceedsgotomymeth #imeanmygirlses #methponies

I am laughing so hard. You guys crack me up!!

Haha MethPonies! Can I use that as my new name?

As long use any typo A namesis or virtue middle namesis coz I'm saving that for future trap babies. That won't be until my 4th husband though i have morals.

*don't use any. The dye (meth) is kicking in. I'll let ya off here.

Okay, I watched it. Listen, I don't like Farrah by any means, but I just can't stand Caitlyn anymore. I wish Farrah was just a bit more witty. When Caitlyn and Tyler said, "Yeah, 'cause you sold your vagina!" Farrah should have said, "Hell, at least someone wants to see (and buy) mine! Not even your "man" wants to see yours coughgaycough." I can't stand how self righteous those two have become. In what world are either if them better than anyone else? They're the products of part April and Butch. Who are they to pass judgement on anyone?!

Also, I can't stand Shayne's whiney ass. It's pretty sad when Courtney effing Stodden is looking like the most mature one on the stage.

One more thing: "Dr." Jenn is worse than "Dr." Drew. All this (first part) of the reunion showed me is that her therapy just worked woooonders (sarcasm). Look at how well they all communicate with each other! She has no control over the stage. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the drama, but it was incredibly annoying with everyone interrupting everyone else. You couldn't hear shit through the screaming. Ugh, what a fucking mess. Fuck them. Just Fuck them all.

I cant stand Dr. Jenn. She's a bitch. What kind of "dr" yells and cusses at her "patients".

She's trying waaay too hard. It's so obvious she does that so that her patients feel like they can relate to her. What she doesn't realize is how pathetic she really looks.

Just like when Dr. Drew calls Ryan "dude". Like, really, your not helping them feel more comfortable. Your actually just making it more awkward. Oof.

*you're, you're oops.

I couldn't believe the smugness and righteous that Catelynn & Tyler showed while sitted with real D- list celebrities- surrounded by hookers and rappers! They think they have a clue? Catelynn - men don't want you and Tyler uses you for his beard- look up that concept ! Cannot tolerate the self congratulations of those two. Fade to black- separate- go live like grown ups- stop saying " me & Tyler as if its one of the Ten Commandments! Getting pregnant and still not being married or having a degree or owning a home does not a teen pregnancy counselor make- it makes you another MTV whore! Go away!

I hope Leah gets help for her daughters' sake, it might be best that until she is successfully rehabilitated Corey and Miranda have primary custody. Her whole situation is just sad all around, didn't her own mother have her at 16? I feel like their situations were super similar. Leah was definitely not mentally or emotionally prepared for the life she has, its readily apparent. God bless the girlses forreal.

i recently rewatched leah's 16 and pregnant episode and it's really sad to see her now. she was by no means an angel during 16 and pregnant and sure, i wanted to shake her a few times, but she was 17...i think i'd probably want to shake my 17 year old self too. i have no trouble believing this is true and i hope corey and miranda get full custody of the twins. i wonder who whould get custody of baby adderall...hopefully not mama dawn or we'll have leah 2.0 on our hands in about 15 years.

I was just re-watching it too. It made me shake my head on how much has changed. I wonder how things would have gone if she hadn't been chosen for Teen Mom 2. I don't think much differently but she wouldn't have been in the public eye and had that money at her disposal.

I don't think she'd be the least bit different - just a little less money. Didn't her Dad have a drug problem?

Wow I feel like if this is true Cory will have no problem getting full custody.

This is honestly just sad...

Right when I read the headline I immediately thought of Leah. She has all the signs of someone with an uh-deek-shun. She looks so strung out lately. And I call bullshit on her nodding off because of anxiety meds. Lord knows I've been in my fair share of anxiety/anti depressants until I found the right ones that worked for me and I never nodded off like that, on any of the ones I tried. That looks more like a percocet nod. I also think for Corey to take her to court for custody of the girls it has to be something big. I hope he can get custody and she can pull herself together, and not write a book about it.

On another note, I have to take percocet or dilaudid for my Migraines, and that shit makes you constipated. Everytime I see someone with an uh-deek-shun to pain killers I just think of how uncomfortable they must be not being able to poop regularly.

Same here! I've taken anti depressant meds and was neverrrrrrrrrrr that bad....that was like vicodin or some shit. (Or Meth)

I heard she was coming down from her meth high when that scene was shot, and used her xannys to ease thru the come down (which is hell to come off of) and it was a convenient excuse for mtv to use her anxiety meds to mask it

I've been on xanax before as an as needed thing and wasn't on a high dose. Can a normal dose do that to you or was she taking too much to have the nodding off affect? If I were Corey I'd use that scene as evidence, especially if Jeremy was gone and she was driving to and from work like that, which I'm guessing she was.

Shut up!!!!!!!!!! Omg crazy... YES she seemed SO out of it. Definitely seemed like she was on xanax or something. I've taken xanax (lol gosh I sound like an addict but I don't abuse drugs, I take xanax MAYBE once a month its prescribed to me), and that is definitely how you are if you're on it...but she had to have taken at leasttt 2 or 3. I take one and I just fall asleep. Holy shittt

My mother is a recovering meth addict and i totally remember her acting exactly like Leah when she was high and also the scene of her nodding off reminded me of my mom to the T when she was coming down. ughh she really has no idea what she is going to do to herself and her girls if she has a drug addiction. :-(

Look, I have been on Xanax for YEARS. Even in the beginning, at the dose my dr had me on, I was NEVER like that. Not on anti depressants either. At first, the Xanax just made me super mellow and laid back, but not nodding off. That was her taking too much, not too high of a prescribed dosage. Now, my ex was on ALL kinds of pain meds and muscle relaxers and abused them ALL the time. And, I mean the HEAVY shit. Like, oxy's, fentanyl patches, methadone, and soma's. He was pretty much ALWAYS like Leah was. Looked fucked up, nodded off all the time and would suddenly come to talking non sense jibberish.

I know people prescribed xanax too and they don't act that way. That's because they take it as directed and prescribed, unlike leah. She knew what she was doing and like I commented before, I heard she'd been out all night and for days before that scene was filmed. She takes anxiety meds to come down from other things and that's why she was fading. Which makes sense with the meth rumors. Ever seen a meth addict come off their high?? It's not pretty and they'll literally sleep for days on end. Aka, what she does. When corey has the girlses, she goes out and parties and goes in drug binges. Jurrrmys parents have addy, the twins are in good hands with their father, Jurrrmy out of town..... She's free to do whatever the fuck she wants, and does. Ever notice it's when she's getting the girlses that she looks the most torn up?? Just an observation I made that collaborates what I already know

I am anxious to watch the part 2 or couples therapy but it's true I can't stand Tyler and Catlyen and Farrah man have some balls you seem so scarred of everyone !

She's scared of altercation. She might pop an implant

I agree. I've been on many anxiety and depression medications (some just don't work or are not a right fit). I HATED Xanax. I did have a brief stint with painkillers and you nod off with those and often say strange things.
Xanax I just straight up went to bed.

I have had an as needed Xanax prescription for many years now. One day when I was really depressed I took way more than my prescribed dose (not to kill myself, just enough to really knock me out) and I blacked out on it. According to my husband I acted really manic and hyper and I do not remember any of it. That's the last time I've ever messed with my dose but I've never heard of someone nodding out from too much Xanax, especially a prescribed level.

Omg I just watched the sneak peak of them arguing...what a wreckkkkkkkkkkk holy shit. S he looks half asleep, she's barely able to talk. I took adderal once (which is basically meth. JUST ONCE GUYS it was in college and I needed to study) and omg I was up for like 2 days it's bad news, I would never do it again. It sucks because the co-parenting was going well too.

Can anyone else just not picture JERM doing hardcore drugs? Maybe pain killers? I don't see him doing meth for some reason but I could be wrong.

Scary thought if Adderal got taken and given to Mama Dawn.

I can actually see Jurmy doing some hardcore shit. I can't see him as an addict, but I can imagine him doing it with her. But then again, anyone can become an addict, and my opinion of him has been plummeting for awhile now, but especially after the last couple of weeks.

Maybe Addy will go to Mama Tammy. Or Barbara.

To Barbara! Hahahaha

She and Jace will probably get along wonderfully and beat up Gabe together.

I can totally see jermy being an addict. He always seems disengaged and a little out of it/tired. Maybe he started taking stuff to be able I perform on the job. Then when he gets home, takes Xanax to relax and that's why we've seen him zoned out so often!

I can totally imagine him as a meth head. If he's using now, it'll be a short time before it catches up with his looks. Then he'll look like a backstreet boy reject on meth. But seriously, it doesn't surprise me that they would do meth. Isn't meth super common in small towns, especially the south?

He has been looking extra worn out like she does. I figured it was just from dealing with her ass LOL

Jurrmey has lost some weight in the recent episodes. He's not looking well. He he... *pun intended*

Wouldn't he be regularly and randomly drug screened for his job? I know in Australia with jobs like that you are.

Where I live there are tons of pipeliners. 90% of them are Xocai be and meth users. That's how they work 7 days a week. They are very open about it.

Cocaine. Oops

Oh yeah. A lot of the more difficult blue collar jobs have workers using meth to keep up with the workload. I have an acquaintance who is a plumber and went over to his place once, to find him and his friend there smoking meth, and they offered it to me lol. I can buy Jurrmy as a drug addict. And didn't his ex say he was one a few years ago?!

Wow. Well maybe they need to start drug screening then if it's bad. Jurmy probs is a meth head. So he passed out cos he had been up for days and the Drs couldn't find anything wrong cause it was meth related. It's all coming out now you drugged up method users!!! Call it Corey!! Tell it loud and proud!!

I know someone that does the same type of job as him and he does get drug tested randomly. It's not super often though and he finds out the day beforehand. I don't know if they have it in Australia, but in the US at least you can by synthetic urine that will show up as clean. So honestly they're very easy to pass even if you're a drug user. All you need is $40. :p

You don't even need $40. "here Gracie, go pee in this cup"

"The cheese puff concentration in this urine is off the charts!"

Meth isn't just in small towns, its everywhere! Havnt you people ever watched Breaking Bad?? lol Meth is in high demand all over the world! haha the reason it seems like a bigger problem in small towns is cause there aren't that many people in town for you to be seeing all the time so it just seems like if you see a lot of druggies the entire town seems to be on drugs, but there are pill poppers and meth addicts all over, I live in Las Vegas currently and they are everywhere!!! Before that I lived in Portland, OR and my hometown is Los Angeles...and trust me there are pills and meth all over those cities too, sadly enough!

A unrelated relative of mine is serving time for manufacturing meth.

I can probably see jerms doing it only because his ex said she broke up with him because he partied too much or something like that.

I didn't know that.. hmm that makes it a lot more plausible.

I take Adderall every day. I lost a shit ton of weight when I first started it. I quit when I had our daughter Vivi and was sooooo fat. Like gained over 100 lbs in 9 months fat. Still have about 25lbs residual just hanging out.
But yeah, Adderall is basically legal meth. I never tried real meth so i can't directly compare the two, but having A.D.D. really zaps the fun out of stimulants. Back in my party days if I did blow the first line or two would make me tired as hell.

Actually, My chemistry prof in college- many years ago- said that people with ADD ( before everyone and their brother was diagnosed with it) would feel calm and chill on cocaine. He said it was what the brain was doing to counteract the chaos. its why they prescribed Ritalin - legal meth- to AdHD sufferers. I think in many cases it really is over diagnosed and given like candy because parents and teachers are busy and want quick fixes. And that was also in the days when recreational cocaine perhaps was a more pure form than the street stuff around now too.

I also couldn't picture Juuuurmy doing hardcore drugs but at this point I just don't know! If she had that kind of lifestyle I would find it weird that he knows nothing about it and doesn't get involved. Plus he's almost always indifferent, uninterested, and tired (from work, sure, but Corey works as well and it's not like he acts like that). When he's not like that, then he's angry, irritable, impatient, or ready to slap someone in the face with some bacon. The ONLY lively moments of his are when he's ragging on Corey. That kind of makes me wonder if he's also on something..

So I just watched the sneak peak.... Those pupils look pretty small Leah.

Corey is just so over this shit. I really do believe that he and Miranda are going for full custody, and I hope they get it. And I hope Leah has to pay child support.

Maybe she can take Ambers book to GEL with her and get some tips on how to survive seventeen months. (Was it 17? Or 18? Or 20? Pretty sure it was 17mths. Yeah. 17mths)

Nah, it was definitely 16 months :)


She chews like a cow! Leah close your mouth! If I were Jurmy I would've snatched those sour patch kids from her and told her she can have them back when she chews like an adult.
And shes a b*tch. Corey is doing what he can. Get a job Leah and then add the girls onto your insurance. Be thankful they have insurance and a dad that is doing what he can for them. Ungrateful slore.

Ever seen someone on meth chewing gum? Thats what her chewing looked like

EXACTLY. even when I've seen a meth head and their weird chewing and grinding of the jaw I almost feel like I'm
On drugs. It makes me so uncomfortable and yes that scene was the epitome of meth jaw/chew

I don't really know how I feel about Leah missing Ali's appointments. If Leah can be believed, it sounds like she had legitimate reasons for missing. (not to start a political rant,but..) I know from personal experience that since Obama care started, it doesn't take much at all for a doctor to drop you. My grandmother got dropped for missing one appointment(she gave 3 days notice). I tried to pick up a rx from my doc and was told he would be gone for at least 2 months. We could wait or find another doctor. It is getting harder to find a doctor to accept some types of insurance. (and good luck if you're on Medicaid or Medicare)

Not trying to start a debate, but using your personal ngatexperienves and impkying its ecause of Obama care isn't fair. I have had no problems before or after healthcare reform and I could just as easily use my good experiences as a way to say it's good for everyone (which I wouldnt ecause that isnt fair assumption). My father is 78 and has Medicare and he also has had no troubles. He has at least 3 doctors and they are all still with him and everything has been the same, actually better. His medications decreased by over $100/month since January.

Negative experiences and implying it's because*
Lol that was a crazy typo!

I'm not saying Obama care is a bad thing. I am actually happier with our insurance coverage now, and I know a lot of people who now qualify for some government assistance with their insurance. But it is a fact that some doctors are dropping a lot of patients because of their insurance carriers. I'm not saying this is what is happening with Ali, I'm just saying its a possibility.

Lol. Typos like that happen to me all the time when I get excited and start typing too fast. It seems my brain works faster than my fingers

Skanky, you are right - doctors are deincentivized to accept certain government subsidized insurances because oftentimes they aren't compensated for the full amount they're owed. This has been happening for years with medicare, and now branches into ACA policies because they too get routed through the government. This is inciting many of them to put stricter policies into place about dropping patients who miss appointments or have certain coverage. I know I'll get downvoted for this comment but it's important to understand issues like this and since it came up I wanted to offer some explanation. I hope Leah takes her health care more seriously in the future. Remember how the girlses were in the hospital for like three weeks when they were born? I'm almost positive that those bills were covered by whatever low income government run insurance they have in WV. The care for two premature babies in the NICU would be soooooo expensive but she just doesn't get it because like everything else in her life it was just taken care of with no skin off her back.

Um I will blame oba and overall healthcare right now. I have psych issues and take care of them but the things and "new rules" are ridiculous. It just happened after obamacare so I'm really unsure how they aren't related. Two years ago they'd get me in for a psych appointment no problem within a week. I tried to make an appointment and now they are 2-3 months out. For psych? That is absolutely terrifying. I don't have suicidal tendencies but for the ones that do, I can see not getting help fast enough as pushing someone over the edge. I can either go wait in the ER- which now, er times here also have increased and are ridiculous or I can say ill kill myself and get put in a nut hut... That's not fair and people wanna know why those individuals go on killing sprees or kill themselves. I won't talk anymore about politics after this- how safe do you feel with the ISIS situation with a president who clearly has no clue how to handle it. Glad your guys coverage is good and better than before but not mine. Plus I have many friends that had to give up their healthcare they loved and had for years because of stupid stipulations from the affordable care act. It's a joke!

My brother, his wife and their two kids have a deductible of 3000$ now. It use to be under a 1000$. All the changes with obamacare that I have witnessed have been for the worse, unfortunately.

If she had a doctors note for one missed appointment and that would not be right of them to drop Ali. And the probability of a long-term care patient like Ali being dropped is pretty low. Unless she's missing a lot of appointments are being late and Leah is not Calling to let them know

And to think that kail wanted to base her coparenting relationship on that mess.

Well t be fair, they started out with a very good co-parenting relationship, I was impressed until recently too.

Until Corey got married it was all going well......

This makes so much more sense. The nodding off, the spacing out and the slurring of the words are definitely indicative of pain killers. I was dismissing the meth rumours because that just didn't make sense with her behaviors. But this makes so much sense. She is already such a mess and so tragically stupid; adding an addiction just makes those attributes worse. Ugh she is more annoying than ever. She needs help and she needs to stop spending so much. If you want more money for your selfish BS Leah, get a damn job! Go to work.

I work at the tanning salon while grandma watches my fuck trophies!!!!!!!! Remember I don’t do this for myself I do this for others.

lmfao leah ur so stupid!!!!!!!!!

me and jurm gots an in touch magazine spread with the trap baby and the girlses ur the stoopid one

lmfao WOW dude rotfl I'm more fanous.

lol fuck trophies !!!!

Dead @ "fuck trophies"

LMFAO not me this time fuckers! leah is 4 sure on drugs! don't listen to the rumors about me. I'm sober and I have NA keychains 2 prove it! I just have soooooo many h8ers bc I'm so fanous!

R u still doin bathtub bong sessions in the dark ???

I finally watched the clip.

1) Where did the purple car come from? Did they buy ANOTHER new vehicle? Why would you get a little bitty car when you have a child that has a huge wheelchair?
2) Leah is an idiot. Calling the insurance everyday does NOT make things move faster. Corey called them and said something about them having thirty days (I assume they told him to check back in thirty days to see how the progress is going, since big ticket items like this take a LONG time to be approved).
3) Did she really just use his middle name like he was her damn child? "COREY TYLER!"
4) Leah has missed so many physical therapy sessions that Ali is on the verge of being kicked out of the program, but she has the nerve to tell Corey that he's not doing enough? Then all this "DON'T ACCUSE ME!" stuff, when all she ever does is accuse Corey of crap.
5) Leah's trying to get out of it by saying that she knows what the physical therapy people said and Corey doesn't, but they apparently called HIM so he DOES know what they said and when they called. She can't blame those missed days on HIS vacation.
6) Miranda looks so mad when Leah starts hollering. Props to her for not going off and cussing Leah up and down.
7) "I don't understand why all of a sudden co-parenting went to shit." Because your wife is a selfish whiny skank, Jeremy.
8) I hope they film the court hearing. I can't wait to see Leah slurring and crying to the judge about how everything is everybody else's fault and how she's perfect but everybody is against her.
9) This entire scene just reinforces my belief that Corey should have full custody of the girls, or at least 50/50. Corey and Miranda are more mature and seem to want to put the girls first. I liked Miranda's little speech at the end.

1. Child support $$$$. Ah needed a new car becauz the other one was a whole year old just like a needed a new washer dryer
2. Coreys just in denile!!!!!!!!
3. That's when i'm real mad at him
4. I had to sell my Mary Kay I run a business!!!!
5. It's all his fault i can't believe he went on vacation
6. She's just jealous of my new haircut
7. it's bcuz Corey only has them on the weekends and doesn't feed or bath them the hole time. I do all the feeding and bathing and he's just a babysitter!
8. My lahyur will handle it
9. Hearted and only want the best for my family and the world itsef. I love each and everyone of you guys and I hope my journey on TM2 has ..(seriously I tweeted those wordses)

9 excellent points!

I was so annoyed by the "Corey Tyler" bit. That's not how adults speak to each other. I loved when Corey brought up therapy and she just stood quietly for a second, before her little "don't you accuse ME" speech. Umm, all she ever does is accuse him of things. I was thinking about all the other things Corey should be accusing her of, like using him, cheating on him, ignoring their daughters, etc. It's clear that Miranda absolutely can't stand this bitch.

I hope Jurm went home and bacon slapped her for acting a fool.

Nah. They went home and smoked some more meth together. Or maybe they snorted some Percocet. Or Xanax. Fuck I can't keep up!

All of the above

What a cunt. So she's not even taking that little girl to her therapy. That's so disgusting. Fuck yeah you're being accused Leah!!! Your daughter needs therapy more than a willchair!! Were you too busy Dr shopping to take her to her Doctor??
Miranda should've put her hand in her face and told her to stop right there when she said "Corey Tyler" Who the fuck do you think you are, you filthy messed up pill snorting ho, to call another woman's husband like that??
Did all this take place in front of the girlses?

The girlses were in Leah's car. They were doing the drop off, so once the youngin's were in the car, the various mommies and daddies had it out in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

So they still would've heard and seen.

Exactly. But I'm sure they've heard mommy bitching about daddy for years so it was nothing new.

Did anyone hear Leah bitch at Gracie to give something back to Sissy because "she wanted it"? I have a feeling she is really creating a tyrant in Ali and a ball of resentment in Aleeah!

I understand Ali needs more attention, but Leah should give them the same amount of love, Aleeah will resent her.

What does Jermy think when Leah says "Corey Tyler" . He saw her keep looking back at him for validation when Leah when postal at being "accused". She admitted less than two years ago she still loved Corey and here she is trying to get him to be shamed like a kid saying something naughty and play him like a nagging shrew and Jermy should be having feelings of foreboding if he isn't too numb or dead to see that it will be him in that position in 5 years or less while exchanging Ady.

You summed that up beautifully. I wondered about the new car too!

Ah, the rumored blind item. Well can't say I'm surprised. Even if she's not using meth or using her child support money to buy it, this bitch is on something. Maybe that's why she had to invest in so much Mary Kay, gotta start hiding the sores early on. It's not helping though as we can all tell how haggard she's gotten just in the last year or so. God this is sad. Three kids under 5, one with special needs, not to mention how much Jeremy's gone and she's the primary caregiver. Why do people ruin their lives with this shit? Like the other posters said, sometimes it's just easy to get this shit in some places, so why not do a little meth or opiates to take the edge off. Ugh.

Did anyone see javi's instagram yesterday? He wished Kail a happy 2nd anniversary, which was very sweet until he got to the part where he told her to ready by 5 because she had reservations with papi. Fucking gag me

Blecccchh. Was it their courthouse anniversary or their aquarium anniversary? And does Kail demand gifts for both?

I'm not sure. The picture he posted was of them coming back up the aisle after the wedding. It's a really cute pic of them. She actually was pretty all dressed up. But surely they celebrate their actual legal anniversary. Who knows? You could be right about her expecting him to recognize both