Battle Of The Teen Moms

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As most of you already know, the rumor I posted last week has been confirmed over the weekend. Teen Mom 3 officially received the ax, leaving all 15 of their fans left out in the cold (I kid, sort of).

The cast of the show took to twitter over the weekend to express their sour grapes as they took shots at the two successful versions of Teen Mom in the process.

It's a pretty hilarious read for many reasons, and you can read the entire thing at starcasm, but I'll post some highlights.

Alex Yes no more teen mom 3. Guess we weren't enough of train wrecks for it to be interesting. America wants to watch crazies oh well #relieved

Boom, roasted. The opening shots were fired, and the battle was now on!

Randomtwitterperson - I'm not shocked. It wasn't a season full of drama which is why pplwatch Tm. Amber and janelle drama kept Tm and tm2 alive

Briana I know! That's the reason why!

Note, Starcasm put the twitter names of the random people in there, but that made it confusing to read, so I'll just name them all Randomtwitterperson because ... well, why not? Anyway, it's spelled Jenelle.. just sayin'

Randomtwitterperson Tm3 is canceled because @DouthitKenzie became pregnant. @MTV would be dumb to broadcast that. Bad message

Randy Houska (Chelsea's dad) That thinking is bullsh!t ... you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about

We couldn't have a twitter fight without daddy dentist chiming in with his 2 cents. I don't know who enjoys the celebrity status more, Chelsea or her father. Anyway, it's funny he spoke up considering his daughter's segments are easily the most uncomfortable and irritating to watch out of the 4 mothers.

There is 0 chance Teen Mom 2 would have survived if not for Jenelle... 0 chance. As far as cancelling because of the pregnancy, that part is indeed wrong. It's because nobody watched, not because Mack got pregnant again.

The same randomtwitterperson then goes on to try and convince herself and others that the pregnancy is the reason it was cancelled.

The other TM3 cast members jumped in and said that's not the reason and pointed to Kailyn and Leah popping out kids. Alex then pops out this gem...

Alex but she's married and graduated with Cosmo degree n 2 kids w same dad

That wasn't enough, she repeated herself...

Alex at least she is married graduated w Cosmo degree n it's w the same guy

She felt that was a good enough roast to mention twice, and hey it wasn't bad. Kailyn didn't agree....

Kailyn what does the same guy have to do with anything?

Alex nothing but it's nice to finally see someone make things work with her babies father and continue their lives

Briana I agree

Kailyn So mtv continued with us because we're train wrecks? Not to mention Leah and I were not teens when we decided to get pregnant.

Ahhh, good stuff.

Double Daddy slam by Alex! I love how Kailyn has convinced herself people watch Teen Mom 2 because they're not train wrecks. Or has she convinced herself that she's not a train wreck at all? Either way, she's wrong.

The pity party continues for Kailyn....

Kailyn I can't help but be a little offended by some of the things the girls of TM3 are saying. Cancelled or not we all relate somehow.

Kailyn The fact that my kids have different fathers has nothing to do with anything. I still graduated, work and am married.

Maci Bookout but BOTH of yours kids have tons of love around them ? you should be very proud of yourself.. im proud of u!

Kailyn thank you Maci!!! Love you!

I do agree with Kailyn on her first statement. TM3 girls are just being babies about the cancellation and they can definitely all relate.

All of the moms, minus Farrah, will be distant memories in a few years. Farrah will probably remain relevant by starring in more videos when her popularity declines

Kailyn We're supposed to be an MTV family. We all relate to each other and came together for the same cause. TEEN pregnancy prevention.

I'd say you all came together for the fame, but if you want to convince yourself it was for teen pregnancy prevention, be my guest.

Randomtwitterperson How is not getting a second season a failure? Quit while you're ahead....

Had to add this because it's not only funny, but true. The TM3 girls will miss out on the larger contracts, but at least they will get out before looking like a Jenelle.

Alex jenelle makes teen mom 2 only reason ppl watch is to see her fail

Randomtwitterperson which is sad. Shouldn't be commenting On others life when you, I and half the world don't have they're shit together

Alex that's the thing I have it together without mtvs pay check

Randomtwitterperson that makes no sense why call out @PBandJenelley_1 when 85% of your segment you were screaming && being a "train wreck" !

Alex because I at least better myself she's going into season 5 a mess I at least got help for my anger

Jenelle it's ok becuz I've changed since last season and I'm not failing anymore. I'm very happy with my life.

I have to say, I like this Alex girl. She's got some spunk. I liked her during the 16/pregnant episode and probably would have watched TM3 if they removed the other 3 girls from the series.

My opinion, drop Chelsea and add Alex to the TM2 cast.

Alex and Jenelle continue their back and forth for a little while with Mack's mother jumping in to mention something about drug usage (obvious Jenelle slam).

My final quote comes from Jenelle's fake boyfriend, Nathan.

Nathan Griffith (Jenelle's boyfriend) @angiedouthit I have great respect for your family and your beliefs. But God says "Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at" we all have sun and we all make mistakes Jenelle has changed. I wouldn't be with her if she didn't.

His statement explains a lot about life. Wait, no it doesn't. What the hell is he talking about? As Babs would put it... Jahnelle, did you give Nathan tha weed?


Alex needs to get off her high horse.

The show was cancelled because these girls have zero likeability.

Not true* Mackenzie and Josh are a cute couple

All Josh does is clench his jaw and try not to utter polysyllabic grunts while Mckenzie sits in her room crying because Josh won't answer any text messages and/or hasn't told her he loves her in the past 30 minutes or so. They're not cute. They seem like nice people but they're immature and their relationship is far from cute.

But they managed to work things out and become a family

Or hasn't sent her her good morning text, hahahahahah.

Mackenzie is the worst one. Being a ditzy dumb blonde does not make her nearly as adorable as she thinks it does.

Ffs imma throw a stapler at the next person that mentions they are cute or adorable. She's as dumb as a sack of bricks, REALLY dumb bricks and I'm not even sure josh has a pulse which could explain his complete lack of personality. Or maybe it's brain herniation. Anyways they are horrid. She is physically pretty and that's it.

My favorite was when her mom caught Josh lying about rodeo training and they went over there to confront him about it and her mom said, "I'm here because Mackenzie's not much of a talker..." And then proceeded to grill him on her daughter's behalf. The next VoiceOver was mckenzie saying, "Ever since I confronted josh the other day..."

I'm sorry but if you can't have a simple discussion with your fiancé, you really, really are not ready to marry him and make even more babies.

I don't know why they think if they have their lives together they have more of a right to be in tv than the "train wrecks". That's the attraction of the show it's like a car accident you shouldn't watch it but you can't look away and in terms of pregnancy prevention if your life looks a ok as a teen mom then you aren't really turning other young people off the idea lol

Also when they say they should be shown cause they are better role models my eyeballs nearly roll out of my head bitch please win a n

Also when they say they should be shown cause they are better role models my eyeballs nearly roll out of my head bitch please win a noble prize or something- you are NOT a role model.

Yes! Briana also posted about being a grown up. Really? She has no freaking idea how hard it is to be a grown up.

You mean that lavish house and mommys income haven't made her grow up?! Lol

Jennelle is just a fuck who does what she does for the attention. She should never get custody of Jace because of all the horrible shit she has done. Especially since this shit keeps reoccuring. You say you changed but I doubt it since you're still on the show for being a "train-wreck." The other girls in TM2 I dont mind at all but Jennelle is over the top annoying.....

She *has* changed, guys! She's sober (Except pot doesn't count. And alcohol doesn't count, duh.) And continuing to put the burden of raising her son on her mom doesn't count. And being a social media attention whore doesn't count. And moving out of state away from your son to live with a guy you met a month prior doesnt count. I don't think she understands the concept of sobriety at all. Or the concept of personal responsibility and consequences. Say you've changed all you want but I'll believe it when I see it.

Those girls clearly haven't heard the saying "don't bite the hand that feeds you". Acting like immature spoilt brats because your show was cancelled (because it was like watching paint dry) isn't going to solve anything, all it's going to do is ruin any chance you have of having anything further to do with MTV. The only one with any class is Katie.

how does Katie have any class? she keeps complaining to joey about stuff he doesnt do when he's the best dad on teen mom 3. But yes she is less annoying and more independent compared to others...

How is it that people still can't spell 'Jenelle' correctly when it's in the article they are commenting on? Just curious....

Laziness? It has always bugged me. She's the only Jenelle I know so that's the only way I've known how to spell it. But seriously, you're on a computer, look up a word if you're not sure how to spell it. That goes for any word.

For some reason it bugs the hell outta me. It's not that hard to sroll up like 3 inches for the correct spelling!

Speaking of Jenelle, several sites are reporting that she's pregnant again. TRTMT even has a pic.

Can we give Briana's sister a spinoff? I'd watch a show about Brittany, just sayin...

Gosh, these girls are so frustrating. They didn't get another season because none of them have personalities and all they do is whine all of the time.

I was a teen mom. I got pregnant my senior year of high school. I am graduating this May with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing- I will have just turned 23 and my son will be 4. I am a year behind schedule (it's going to take five years, instead of four years to graduate), however at least I am doing something with my life and I am not making excuses like ALL of the girls on TM have done so far.

Yes, it was hard. But, it was not impossible! I wish at least one of these girls would get an education and focus more on school and working than their current love interest.

Good job! Congrats!

Good for you!! Its nice to see teen moms who still get ahead in life. The problem with the girls on teen mom is that they are "famous" or rather known people who are in the media spotlight and have multiple opportunities to get money (being on the show, scentsy, sulia, etc) because of their popularity. They all have big egos and I doubt any of them are going to get an education because they all seem to be happy with their lives! As long as they stay relevant to the media they will probably never get real jobs and educations.

I welcome you to nursing and I bet that you find your challenges help you relate to others and them to you. I think it is awesome that you persisted through difficult times to make your education a priority. Nurses, for some reason, like to 'eat their young'. This means that senior nurses can give new nurses a lot of grief. Having faced adversity and prevailed, you will have no problem standing up to them. Being a young mom has allowed you to mature earlier, which is an advantage in nursing. Never forget the reasons you became a nurse, your career will challenge you, so remember my advice. If you carry that reason with you, after 26 years, you too will still love your job. :)

oh and BTW its apparently been conirmed that Jenelle is pregnant again!! Gag.

Looks like babs might have another baby to take care of.

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