Is Tyler Baltierra and MTV's Relationship At A Divide?

tyler baltierra

Breaking away from Teen Mom doesn't appear to be something MTV wants to do.

Tyler Baltierra revealed the reason why MTV does not want to move forward with Reunited. It looks like his passion project isn't getting enough support from the network.

"@MTV refused @ReunitedMTV because 'it was too heavy' Even though it rated #2 on cable TV that night. Would you like to see more episodes?" said Baltierra in a tweet according to OKMagazine.

The Teen Mom OG star got support from fans who also made the point that Baltierra's episodes from Teen Mom have been particularly heavy.

"@Gina_1084 @CatelynnLowell @MTV @ReunitedMTV That's exactly what I told the network executives," he said in reply to the statement from a fan.

"@TeenMom is a 'heavy' franchise & the only one really working for MTV at this time."

With the relationship Baltierra has built with MTV is strange to think that they wouldn't allow a show such as this one to move forward due to its heavy nature. Is there another underlying reason here?

We'll have to wait and see if Baltierra can get enough support from fans to keep the passion project going.

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Did Tyler come out yet?