Simon Saran Pulls MTV Producers Into Ryan Edwards Drug Abuse Scandal

Teen Mom OG producers

Just when we thought all of the stories about Ryan Edwards and his drug abuse were out in the open, Simon Saran pulls out one hell of an accusation.

Saran may have insinuated that an MTV producer gave Edwards pills during a taping.

"Teen Mom OG's resident gossip decided to spill some tea when he was in a particularly snarky mood on Twitter earlier this week -- and made a shocking claim that one of the producers of the MTV reality series provided drugs to Ryan Edwards, who is currently in treatment for substance abuse," according to InTouchWeekly.

"I wonder if I should talk about [Kiki] giving Ryan pills during shoots or save that for another day," said Saran in the tweet.

There seems to be plenty of confidence behind his words too and well, anything else that comes out of his mouth.

He's making it known that he is no one to mess around with when it comes to scandals and information.

"I'm a business man remember, I have dirt on everyone before I walk into any situation! ," tweeted Saran on June 5.

It's never quite clear who is in the right here, however, why would he have so much confidence behind these statements? We'll have to wait and see what MTV's move is in response to these accusations.

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