Ryan Edwards Fiancée Mackenzie Standifer Opens Up About Her Ex

MacKenzie Standifer

While Ryan Edwards has made a real turn around in his life, his fiancee Mackenzie Standifer has an ex-husband who she says was a nightmare.

"Standifer filed for divorce from Zachary Stephens on July 13, 2016 after tying the knot on September 14, 2013," according to Radar.

"Plaintiff charges that Defendant has been guilty of inappropriate marital conduct toward Plaintiff as renders cohabitation unsafe and improper," court papers obtained from the Hamilton County Courthouse in Tennessee allege, according to the report.

"Plaintiff charges that irreconcilable differences has arisen and exist between the parties."

While details are still a bit fuzzy, it's safe to say that Standifer is in a much healthier situation at the moment.

Edwards has mended his relationship with his family and taken steps to moving forward in his life for the better.

Standifer couldn't be happier with her fiance, as you can see from her most recent Instagram post to date. Only time will tell just how the two move along in life together.

Are you into magic because Abra-ca-dayuuummm ? Man Candy EVERYDAY ??

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