More Details Regarding Adam Lind's Car Crash

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More details have emerged about the crash that could have killed Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind.

We reported a few days ago that Adam was speeding his 2001 Corvette Z06, and hit an elderly couple driving a Lincoln Town Car.

All three of the people involved in the accident were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Adam, who is now 23 years old, suffered from a concussion and some minor cuts on his face. The passengers in the car, Donna and Orval Fodness (87 and 94 years old), are currently at home recovering from the crash.

Donna broke her leg, and Orval had some minor cuts and bruises. It's really a miracle that nobody was hurt more than that, especially after seeing some new pictures of the accident.

adam car 2 The remains of Adam's vehicle after the crash.

adam car 3 Orval and Donna Fodness' vehicle after the crash

adam car The remains of Adam's car after the crash

Photos courtest of KELOLAND

Details have also been released as to what Adam will be charged with regarding this accident. Lind is charged with driving with a revoked license, reckless driving, no proof of insurance, driving with a suspended license and driving an unlicensed vehicle.

That really doesn't sound like a good thing.

After 3 DUI offenses, Adam really shouldn't be allowed on the road, and it appears that he was driving illegally when this accident happened.

With no insurance, he's going to be looking at paying a hefty fine for the damages, as well as hospital bills for those involved, since he was the one at fault.

Hopefully this accident opens Adam's eyes and makes him realize just how close to death he really was. Then again, you would think some DUI's and a jail sentence would open a person's eyes, but it didn't work for Adam.



Taylor will be sure to pray for you ;)

No but seriously, that girl's an idiot.

Well, Taylor deleted her Twitter now. She should've just learned from Chelsea's mistakes.

Ugh this just makes me so mad. Chelsea was 16 and didn't have a clue on how Adam would be as a dad. BUT, I'm sure Taylor watched the show & knew exactly what type of person he was! She deleted her Twitter because she can't handle the truth that she's a 22 year old girl who thought having a kid with a loser would be a good idea.

Chelsea knew he was a shitty human being though, and still had unprotected sex with him. A few times after Aubree was born too.

That is very true, after Adam wished he had handed over that mistake and had been a dick she still slept with him, bad enough, but she knew she wasn't even protected so she is equally as bad as Taylor.

Seriously how can you sleep with someone after they call your daughter a mistake??? He also called her fat stretch mark bitch (obviously less important) but it's like YEAH I have stretch marks from having YOUR kid you ahole!

Honestly it looks to me like classic battered wife syndrome. He might not have been physically abusive but he is definitely emotionally abusive. He's awful to her 99 times but that 100th time he is really sweet and that's what she clings on to hoping that if she just does the right thing, looks right, says everything right then that person that she saw every 100th time will show up more often.

I think she's 24, that's what she tweeted when she was pregnant with Paislee. She said people bully her for being a teen mom, but she's 24 and an adult, probably meaning she knows what she's doing. No, you don't, Taylor, you don't.

Maybe Taylor should've told Adam that in the first place!

It's sad that Adam wasn't around much when Aubree was a baby bc he was out at clubs and now he won't be around for Paislee either bc he will be in jail. Maybe next baby...

Well at least we won't have to worry about him getting custody of Aubree after this. Lock him up and throw away the key!

Wow no he'll be in debt for awhile! Take this kids licenses away!!!

It already was taken away...

Hence the "driving with a revoked and suspended license" charge. And you can't get insurance with no license so he should've never been behind the wheel.

I do think he was supposed to have some permission to go back and forth to work only but don't know about all that jazz

I don't know why this was thumbed down meanwhile commenter who obviously doesn't read had 10 ups...

Lol I think some ppl just go thumbs down crazy in here.

I also read that about Adam being able to drive back and forth to work. Maybe he can prove he was going to or from work but it may not help much with the speeding and no insurance. Plus the 3 DUIs on top of it. He seems screwed to me.

Am i your "commenter Greasy Hair?? I know he didnt have a licenses because of his dui's ....i know he had a "work only licenses " . I meant he shouldnt have a licenses AT ALL. Its just a teen mom blog..calm down. Who cares about the thumbs :?

Obviously... Everyone's calm. Just trying to understand the thought processes

He won't be in debt. He'll cozy up to Chelsea and manipulate her til she pays off whatever he needs. I imagine that's all she's good for to him.

I know this is probably inaccurate but I think she's learned her lesson...also I think Randy her dad will cut her off if she does that crap lol

That was one of my first thoughts when I saw all of Adam's charges. Let the using of Chelsea begin!

However, I do agree that Chelsea seems to have wised up some but, even if she hasn't, Randy Warbucks will never stand for such bullshit.

HAHA! Randy Warbucks, that's perfect. I wonder if he pays for everything for Chelsea's sister, too?

I'm SURE Randy pays for everything for Chelsea's sister, too. The girl is not much older than Chelsea and has 2 kids already, plus, she hasn't been on Teen Mom, so she doesn't have that kind of money Chelsea has.

@Susie: I'm sure he makes sure all his kids are well taken care of, Chelsea just seems to need a little more than the rest of them. Chelsea has three sisters and she's the youngest. Her oldest sister is almost 12 years older than her and seems to be happily married, a mom and financially independent of MTV and her parents for the most part.

I feel for the elderly couple he injured. As many before me have pointed out, it is much more difficult for older people recuperate from what we consider minor injuries. My great grandmother is 93 and just had surgery on her femur, but at least she fell down...she didn't get plowed over in a car by an irresponsible loser. Their injuries could have been completely avoided if he would grow the hell up already.

Thank GOD it wasn't more serious. Seriously, he could have outright killed them. He's an idiot, but he is lucky. He shouldn't push his luck.

He was charged with driving without insurance, as well as no proof of insurance

I think he was charged with reckless driving too. Too bad it probably will not do him any good.

I think they tried to tack on as many charges as were applicable even if some of them seem to override the others just so he won't get off on a minor fine and a slap on the wrist.

that poor little old lady sitting at home with a broken leg right now :(
those pictures of his car are SCARY!

Not surprising actually. Corvettes are made of fiberglass mainly which isn't very sturdy and is highly flammable :)

I agree. I can almost guarantee you he put that woman into a nursing home.

My grandfather's girlfriend is in her early 80's and she broke her ankle, had to have pins and rods placed in surgery and was in a nursing home rehab for several months after she was discharged from the hospital. Then, several months later, she got a staph infection in her ankle that almost killed her and they had to go back in and take all the hardware out of her ankle from the first surgery and she was on IV antibiotics in the hospital for 6 weeks. And she's in relatively good health for her age and usually has really good mobility. I can't imagine breaking a femur at 87. If she was driving around her friend who was in her 94, she was probably in relatively good health to be able to be doing that and Adam effectively fucked her over for the rest of her life, statistically speaking. I also don't even want to think about what the shock and trauma of that bad of a wreck has on a 94 year old.

I just want to say that the injuries the geriatric couple suffered could very well take their lives still. Adam is a burden on society and a danger to himself and others. It will never sink through his thick skull and this wreck makes that blaringly obvious.

It's a shame his injuries didn't include castration....

The elderly couple is around 87 and 93, right? Approximately?

They should be spending their days enjoying retirement and their families. But, now they have to be on (probably more) medications and suffer through a longer recuperation. Plus, a broken leg could very well end up with this person not being able to walk ever again or being forced to take pain killers for the rest of her life. All because some idiot who can't pull out also doesn't know how to ease up on the accelerator.

The older couple could (and should) probably sue Adam personally. But since he was uninsured, don't know if they'd get much of anything, but that's still an option for them.

Even if he never pays them, a successful lawsuit will be on the books against him for personal injury and I can't imagine owing someone hundreds of thousands of dollars does much for your credit score.

He is what attorneys and insurance people call "judgment proof". You cannot get blood from a turnip.

The good news is that if they sue him and get a judgment, he cannot discharge this debt in bankruptcy, and it will follow him around for the rest of his life. Every paycheck he will ever make would have a sizeable chunk taken out to pay for the judgment, which could easily go into the millions. The judgment would keep getting paid to the estates of these poor elderly people for years after their deaths.

Another interesting thing is that although a debtor can discharge many tort (personal injury) judgments in bankruptcy, judgments that are the result of damages arising from an accident where alcohol is a factor are not able to be discharged in bankruptcy (they are in the same category as student loans). I do not know if this rule would apply in an accident where the defendant had a suspended license due to previous alcohol-related violations, but had no alcohol in his system at the time of the accident. This will be interesting to follow in the comoing months and years.

Sorry, Adam. This is one "mistake" you can't sign away.

*slow clap*

THAT was good.

I ❤️ you, Roast Beef Kaiser sandwich. Bravo.

Good point, but I am thinking that he is loving the accident and everything that comes with it.

This accident has made him an even bigger star in his stupid little world. He made the mainstream news for something that had nothing to do with Chelsea, and he is just as much of a famewhore as Farrah or Jenelle. When it comes down to it, this is a conversation starter that will help him get into the pants of at least one more girl with no self esteem in some lonely corner of some seedy bar - "Why YES, baby, I am THAT Adam Lind. You might have heard about me . . . Yeah I was on MTV . . . "

In his little Beavis mind, you know right now he is running through the memories of the crash in his Beavis-like little mind, "YEAH, YEAH, Going FASTER AND FASTER. FIRE...FIRE... FIRE COOL".

In his way of thinking, the only negative to the whole situation is that he lost his Vette. Everything else was great. He is now a legend among all his friends.

Perhaps the best thing about the whole accident is that he now has a new subject that he can have tattooed on his body. You kno wthat in a few weeks, we will be seeing a tattoo on this gentleman that features a flaming Corvette and burned rubber skid marks on the pavement behind it.

I am just wondering about how he is going to represent the old lady and her husband in the tattoo. You know that there will be some skulls involved (probably three) and the grim reaper or Satan will be hovering over the crash with a gleeful look on his face.

You know for an absolute fact that there will be a tattoo coming out of this whole thing. I would like to hear if anyone else has some thoughts about what he is going to ultimately ink on himself about it. Does anyone else have any ideas? It will be fun to see the TMZ news item regarding the tattoo when it comes out in a few weeks, and it would be funny to see if any of our predictions come true.

Holy crap!!!' His car doesn't look like a car anymore. He should be thankful he's alive. And I still say he needs his license taken away for a very long time!! It's crazy that he was trying to get some custody of Aubree. No way a judge now would ever allow that. Well o hope a judge wouldn't.

He needs to serve time for this. Is there a three strikes law in South Dakota? Three DUIs alone before age 24 should be enough but now he almost killed himself and two elderly people through his own hubris and jackassery. I really hope the other victims continue to recover or else he'll have vehicular manslaughter charges against him. A broken leg is hell on anyone, let alone an 80-something year old. It's an unfortunate fact but it's very likely she's not out of the woods yet. I hope she heals well and as quickly as possible. These two people's lives don't deserve to be shitty just because Adam is an idiot.

I really hope he's not ever out driving with either of his children.

Adam is such a POS. I really really feel bad for Aubree & wish that Taylor would have had half of a brain and realized that Adam is a terrible person and a terrible dad & didn't bring another kid into the world that is going to have him as a father.

Chelsea posted on her Twitter that she's buying a house. Ugh I really wish I would be able to buy a house at her age without ever having a job. I really feel like the TM salaries are a lot more than what was published before.

Well yeah, if Chelsea's driving around in that nice ass jeep. No way a regular "teen" mom drive a vehicle like that and not actually work!

I hope that the prosecutor puts off court for a while to see how the elderly heal. I know of a 4 car accident caused by an idiot who was running from the robbery he just committed, one of the drivers involved was in his 50's and in fairly poor health and the accident caused hi m to be in the hospital for a while before he finally died. The prosecutor in this case kept waiting until he died so they could tack on that manslaughter charge.

What a massive bellend.

Nah... Adam's is probably microscopic. He's overcompensating for something.

This boy has no respect for the law, authority or his fellow citizens.

His licence was revoked, probably before going to jail, and it continued to be suspended after jail. This means that all those shots of him driving fancy cars and trucks in the new Teen Mom 2 season are Adam driving illegally! Crazy!

What I don't understand is why the people around him are turning a blind eye to this suspended licence thing?! HE ISN"T ALLOWED TO BE DRIVING!! Chelsea, Taylor, Adam's parents! You're all just letting him get away with driving unlicensed and uninsured?! You are all just as guilty as him! The authorities should have taken his cars away and auctioned them off. I understand this doesn't stop him from "borrowing" another car but at least you've removed the ones he has in his immediate possession.

I disagree that it's is Taylor, his parents, or Chelsea's job to keep him off the roads. Whether he acts like one or not, he is an adult. He is responsible for his own actions.

Yes, but when he is coming to pick up Aubree or driving Paislee around it means Chelsea and Taylor are endangering their children's lives by continuing to ignore Adam's blatant disrespect for the law.

Thinking out loud here, I don't think they have a custody agreement (or if they do it's with Adams parents rather than Adam, seeing as Aubree is with them often), but if they did have a custody agreement, would Chelsea be breaking the law by not letting Aubree go with him while his license is suspended? This is hypothetical and assuming Adam drove to get her by himself.

I really resent the teen moms now, I know a lot will say it's jealousy but it's not, i don't want their lives, to be in spotlight, have a child so young etc but I am getting so resentful that they are all becoming homeowners at such a young age. ESPECIALLY Chelsea, She doesn't work, she is a student, She has a kid and a single parent... how the hell can she afford a mortgage, girl needs a reality check without her daddys money and without mtv paying for her holidays, rent, pretty much everything. Part of me can't wait for the shows to be cancelled so the girls will have to actually work for their things :)

She has finished school and gotten a job.

Chelsea does work. She works for MTV. It may not be the standard 9 to 5 job but it is a job. Of course these moms would be financially compensated for showing their lives to the world.

I believe she works for a spa in town now and also for her friend Landon's business doing make up....

I don't know why all the thumbs down. It is a job. Just like actors get paid, people get paid for filming popular reality shows. It does take time out of their lives to be recreating moments and staging conversations and doing voice overs and doing reunions, etc. It is a job that MTV obviously wants them to do.

I find it hard to begrudge her for then buying a house with that money. Especially when she works a normal job as well.

Yeah but actors get paid (over paid in my opinion) for their talent, she gets paid for having a child at 16. There are so many reports and the teen moms even admit that the show had girls get pregnant on purpose to try get on the show. MTV cancelled 3 girls last season because of that and it was rumored mackenzie got pregnant deliberately as well. Yeah she works now but who was paying her rent since she moved out? They don't deserve fame, ample money and freebies and to be paid advertising on their fanpages etc just because they got pregnant so young. The 16 and pregnants kinda works, but teen mom, you always see them getting glaam holidays, nose jobs, boob jobs, nice houses, nice cars and they don't even work (in the programme right now) .. what messege does that send? I litterally hate that i love this show, hence the name, i wish i didn't like it because then i wouldn't help the ratings but its so drama filled and you want to know how they're doing :/

I don't know why either. Whether or not people want to admit it, being on teen mom is a job. Of course that doesn't mean that the girls shouldn't further their education and/or find a "normal" job. They are not going to be on teen mom forever so they need to prepare for their future.

And quite frankly, I find the girls who buy houses the smartest of them all. Look at what Javi, said, 20 years old and already homeowner. Do you know any 20 year olds who own their homes? I don't. At least when the show is over, they'll have something to show for it, they'll still have a house. It's a good investment. It's certainly better than blowing their mtv money on ridiculous stuff that they won't even remember years from now.

@Livvy, yeah its much better than that but surely, and im sure the mums would even agree to this, mtv could have put the money in the childs college fund, medical bills etc rather than trust the mums, i mean kailyn has been responsible and her children will prosper for that, Chelsea with the help of her dad has prospered but say Randy wasn't there, got a feeling she would go mad with money! And then look at Jenelle, she blew that money that could have been used for jaces college/medical bills/education etc on drugs, which i'm sure she now regrets. The children did not aask to be put on TV and have everyone know every detail about them so they should be the one benefiting and any GOOD parent who wants to show what teen pregnancy is REALLY like would agree that they would prefer money like that going on their childrens future with enough to help them get by with a job until then. The girls claim they wanna show what it is really like, they don't know what its really like!!! Yes they have some of the emotional side but emotion is very much affected by stress and money is one of the biggest stress factors for young parents.
The show should now just do catch ups every other year, that would truly show the struggles.

MTV has a Trust Fund for each child on Teen Mom. They will get the money when they are older. I am glad they did that for the kids bc I don't know if the teen moms would've been responsible enough to set aside money for them.

I agree with you about it being frustrating that these girls all own houses because they got knocked up and allowed their dysfunctions to be shown on national tv. However, the girls like Kailyn and Catelynn buying houses is way more annoying than Chelsea being a homeowner, because there's no way they'd have the means without the TM paychecks. Chelsea is essentially a trust fund baby and would probably have gotten a house anyway, simply because she is the trust fund baby of Randalicious.

Oh, and on a positive note, at least some of the girls are putting their money into good investments and not into a needle like Jenelle.

I was a teen mom. My ex-husband and I bought a house at 19 & 20 years old without a down payment. No need to be jealous about Chelsea buying a house at such a young age. Anyone can do it as long as your credit is decent. She probably does have a down payment and will have a way nicer house than most peoples first. She's been pretty lucky financially (with and without teen mom) and I don't blame her for enjoying it.

This could have been prevented. After 3 DUI's why wasn't there a breathalyzer required to start his car? After so many speeding tickets why isn't there a guardian on his car to keep him from speeding? How is he able to buy/register vehicles without a license? I've seen way worse punishments for people with less DUI's and less overall traffic offenses. He clearly has no care in the world that driving is a PRIVILEGE and not a right! You must have a license, registration and insurance to drive! Is this kid that stupid? Does he not realize that he's going to be owing thousands in medical bills and court fees because he couldn't be bothered to do the adult thing and wait to get his license back and some effing insurance? There were no consequences for his previous infractions, so he's not going to stop, and he hasn't learned his lesson. IJS this is ridiculous and he got off to easily before. He is soooo lucky no one died. Then he would be in prison for a looooong time. They should lock his ass up now for sure. No "work release" BS. He needs a real punishment. His parents and GF are all enablers and I find them partially responsible for not caring that he is driving around with no license (and possibly registering vehicles in their names b/c he can't). They have to know that he is an accident waiting to happen out there on the roads. Well the accident happened now he needs to wake up and realize that it's not about him anymore. Stop wasting money on stupid cars you're not allowed to drive and get something better to do with your time, like A JOB! Be a father and stop blaming everyone else for your problems! Maybe you can't get visitation or custody of Aubree because you are always in trouble with the law! I mean, think about it! It's not rocket science! Sorry I just have no patience for these losers who force people like me to pay higher insurance premiums to pay for their irresponsible asses when THEY screw up and get in accidents! I take care of my shit, have no tickets or accidents in over 10 years of driving and I still feel like I'm being robbed! But more importantly that that, ALL of our lives are at risk because people like Adumb are allowed to get off with a slap on the wrist, no real punishment whatsoever. It just sickens me!

Adam finds a way to race around. He would very likely induce Aubree or Paislee to puff on any breathalyzer device and start daddy's Corvette.

It doesn't get any worse than running down senior citizens, pregnant women, and young children. Adam will be demonized in Sioux Falls until the residents force him out of town using pitchforks and torches.

I think buying a ticket to see that happen (and also maybe a pitchfork) would be one of the few reasons I would ever find myself in South Dakota. (Not knocking the state, I just live nowhere near there.)

I can honestly say if he was my son and he pulled out of the driveway against my demand to stop, I would call the cops on him myself. It is called tough love because it is TOUGH and it is also LOVE. If he has the maturity of a dandelion, he has no right to drive. If he was still under my insurance and I owned the car, I would report it stolen.
Those 2 elderly people will be lucky to survive the long-term trauma of the accident. I would not be surprised if the stress caused them to drop dead. God love those poor souls who lived a long life, are loved by so many, only to have this arrogant, cocky bastard do this to them. If they (God forbid) did not recover, but it killed them, he would be up for second degree vehicular manslaughter, I would bet.
If he was my daughter's baby daddy (I would be dead but...) I would make an anonymous call to the police to tell them to haul his ass off the road. Impound his cars and bike. No way in hell MY child or grandchild is getting in his death machine which runs on alcohol.

Lock his ass up!!! He is a serious danger to society. How can you live with yourself after you break a little old lady's leg?!? Poor Orval and Donna!! I hope they have a speedy recovery. I also hope that they have a bunch of grandsons that will beat Adam's ass on their behalf!!

Adumb really just has a face you want to punch. Smug bastard!

hen Adam Lind had hair and fewer tatts, he was the HANDSOME teen dad. He was second only to Ryan Edwards, and you know it. -_-

Nah...he's like that older senior guy you met in 9th grade and thought was cute until the next year when you looked at the yearbook and thought "what the hell was I thinking?!"

What a great picture.....a horde of angry grandkids and great-grandkids beating down his door! Wouldn't you love to see his stupid smug face then?

After they're done kicking his ass, they can wheel Donna over and with her one good leg she can give him a good swift kick to the balls! ;)

What a moron! I love when people throw out quite a bit of money for a car and don't spend the money to insure it. This kid never ceases to amaze me! Bwahahahaha! I do feel for the elderly couple he hit. If I was them I'd sue! He should NOT be on the road at ALL even for work. THREE DUI's? What a winner! And yes- I can't wait to see all of these girls after the money stops rolling in- Especially Kail!
The only one that will still have decent money is Leah- IF she stays with Jeremy. You don't make crap in the military... Adam obviously is going to be broke for all of time and Chelsea will keep getting Daddys money. Janelle? Well- you know...

He didn't spend the money to insure his cars because 1) he's a fucking idiot and 2) at this point he's uninsurable because he has three DUIs and dozens of other traffic and moving vehicle violations. Why would he give a shit if he wrecked his car or someone else's? He's not paying insurance premiums so he can just go out and buy another car to crash into South Dakota's elderly population instead of pulling his balding head out of his ass, growing the fuck up and being there for his kids emotionally and financially. I can't add "mentally" to that list because at this point, it's obvious he doesn't have a brain.

He will probably be going back to jail. No such thing as "scared straight" for Adumb!

Haha omg what I would give to see Adam on Beyond Scared Straight. Crying in a corner while some enormous dude name Spudz gets in his face and threatens to make him his little Teen Mom bitch. TV. GOLD.

YESSSSSS. I would pay good money to see that! Some huge dudes making Adumb give up his shoes. Haha!

I'd love to see Adumb's face as 'Bubba' threatens to make him his bitch.

What I dont understand is .. why would he spend so much money on a car when he doesn't even have a license and didn't even bother to get insurance? I mean, he could have had a license at the time he bought it but still, it just seems like a waste of money especially if you dont get insurance. And it was a waste of money because now he has no car haha.

Where I'm from, you can't buy a car if you don't have a license and insurance. Is it that way everywhere? If so, how did he even buy the car? I guess he probably had some from before, but it has been mentioned that he had this one for less than a year. He's a dipshit. Anyone that gets in a car with him is a dipshit. If Chelsea or Taylor let their kid in the car with him, they're dipshits too and if I knew them, I'd totally have CPS on the phone.

He had to have gotten it off craigslist or something- pretty sure a dealership is required to check that sort of thing in every state. Not the case for some average Joe selling on craigslist.

Yeah, he probably has "connections". Either ones he met in jail or like that old biker dude he hangs out with. Real upstanding citizens.

Good point, I didn't think of that since I've only ever gotten vehicles from dealerships. Ugh. There needs to be a national database of people to not sell cars to created just for him. Heck, at this point hang up huge signs around SD saying that he's a menace who can't own a car.
I feel so terrible for the elderly couple he hit and their family. Adam's a douche and they were probably pleasant people just trying to live life.

Are the car's perhaps registered in Taylor's or his parents' names?

I worked in insurance for a long time.. its a bit different in each place, but generally:

You don't have to have a license or insurance to buy a car. You're just not legally allowed to drive it. Plus, he may well have purchased his 'Vette before he lost his license.

After a DUI the court can allow you to drive to necessary places ONLY (ie- to work or school). This is generally only granted to people on a FIRST infraction. If Adam had this arrangement that is total BS! 3 DUIs = bus for you. They probably wouldn't have charged him with "driving without a license" if he had this arrangement and was doing something legit. He had no legal right to be driving.

If you have no insurance and get into an accident like this, you are F*CKED. He is now liable for the victim's hospital bills, the replacement cost of their car, any damage to city/municipal property, and pain and suffering on behalf of the victims, his own hospital bills... etc etc etc. Like probably 6 digits $$... and if he can't pay it they will garnish his wages until it is paid off. Not to mention the criminal charges he is facing.

Short story- Shame on him. People with such a total lack of respect deserve every bad thing that happens to them. Too bad he managed to procreate and those kids/baby mamas will have to be stuck with him forever.

In a way.. it is probably a good thing Adam might have a little cash from Teen Mom. If that elderly couple he hit does not have 'Uninsured Motorist Insurance' (generally optional coverage), then they HAVE to sue Adam (they will either way) to get ANY compensation for their damages. If he had no money, then they may never recover much from a settlement.

Wow, this guy just screwed up his life majorly bad.

Apparntly in SD you are only required to show a picture id to buy a car, not a dl. I just learned this on the local news sites because someone posted the link to it on one of Adam's news stories, I had no idea...sad.

He's honestly a waste to society. Do any of you guys know if Adam had already gained custody of Aubree? I know he ALWAYS threatens but not sure if it happened, don't really keep up with him.

Sidenote: 3ish years ago or however long ago he first aired my boyfriend at the time thought he was cool and funny from what he watched LOL now we're broken up. Goes to show what a douchebag both guys are lmao

I think he was suing for visitation rights...not even joint custody. Better make those visits supervised because he's made it abundantly clear that he should't be alone with children especially if there's a car ride on schedule haha.


Karma is an even bigger bitch than I thought, enjoy your financial ruin and your jail time, King Douche.

I feel so bad for Aubree and Paislee having such a douche for a dad, and the moms having to explain dad is in jail.

Imagine if he had died or killed someone and having to explain that But he doesn't care about Aubree or Paislee otherwise he a) wouldn't be speeding and b) wouldn't be breaking the law driving, risking getting thrown back in jail and missing out on Aubree's life and Paislee's first year of life.

Don't have to pay child support, property damages and old lady's hospital bills if you're in jail with no income. Perhaps he was preparing for this all along and that's why he bulked up and got scary scary skulls tattooed all over his arms and chest. So the other prisoners would know what a badass he is.

Adumb is a great example of TM NOT having an influence on his life trajectory. I really think that this is who he was before, and who he was going to be regardless of the show. He is clearly enabled - to answer the question people keep asking, he probably didn't buy the car. It most likely was his parents. Likewise, Chelsea would have had a house without TM. Enabler Daddy would have put in for the down payment.

It blows my mind that Adam escaped basically unharmed.. He is beyond lucky that there was someone there to pull him out of his car. He's gotten away with a lot I'm hoping he doesn't get away with this as well.

There is much more blame to go around than just Adam. It was not like he was hiding his illegal driving. He was not sneaking around on the sly in some beater in the middle of the night. He bought an incredibly flashy and expensive sports car (even though it was used when he bought it) AND WAS CAPTURED DRIVING IT ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. Didn't the cops take even a slight interest in the fact that this guy who was notorious for not having a license was shown driving around their town on a hit television show? Don't any police officers have daughters who asked them why this guy was still driving? Didn't the cops feel the slightest compulsion to mosey on over to his house and watch him washing and waxing a Corvette in his driveway (and you know that this douchebag probably spends more on car wax than he does on diapers).

Everyone who even had a passing acquaintance with this guy knew he was out there driving illegally. He is behind in child support, but why wasn't Chelsea screaming bloody murder when he drove up to her house in one of the fastest and most expensive American cars ever made? Didn't anyone bother to notify the police when they saw this guy driving a CORVETTE, screaming down the residential streets where children play, when he is nationally known for not being legal to drive. In fact, if you asked anyone who has ever heard his name to list 10 facts about him, the person would probably mention that he fathered an illegitimate child with a 16 year-old girl, then they would probably mention his record for DUIs and driving and then they would probably not know anything else about the guy. There are literally millions of Americans who know that this person is not allowed to drive, but I would guess that very few of them even know his last name. He is simply known as Adam,the douchebag father from Teen Mom with all the DUI [well, maybe a few would mention that he is going bald and has lots of really shitty tattoos].

How could this guy brazenly and openly drag race down the streets in broad daylight without having people flood the 911 switchboard to report him? How could this guy drive that car around his hometown for more than a day before being caught? It is not really a big town. How could Chelsea or any of her friends and family let him pay them a visit in his Corvette and just let him drive away without trying to stop him? I thought Randy was the voice of reason in that family, so how could he allow this to go on?

This is exactly what I was saying in my comment!! How could everyone have let this go on!

You comment and some of the others were what got me thinking about these issues.

I know in ca our 911 system for something like this sucks ass. A few months ago I got behind an extremely drunk driver after I got off work. I called 911 7 times and we even passed 3 chp units to no avail. This guy hit 5 people and was only apprehended 50 miles later when he got off the freeway in my twin by municipal police.

So that may be the case, apathetic 911 operators and responders

If the cops in Indiana busted amber so quickly why didn't the cops in sd investigate #1 DUD?!

Can anyone tell me where and when I can find the episodes of "Being ___". I saw Being Maci last week by chance while flipping channels. Now I see there are shows for many of the girls, but I do not see them advertised on MTV. I live in Canada. Thanks :)

I was just looking at the schedule because I missed Teen Mom last night, actually. I live in the eastern time zone of the US and it says that Being Farrah will start at noon today on MTV and the other two will follow in succession. I have no idea if that applies to where you are in Canada or not. I know some places get "American" MTV and others have a different schedule or MTV channel entirely depending on where you are. Hope that helps?

being Amber is on Not sure where the other "being_____" shows are, I could not find them!

This accident reminds me of a story in the headlines this week. A young, gifted athlete, age 20 was going to propose to his longtime girlfriend. He had the ring on him. This young man had planned to attend college with an athletic scholarship. Instead he spent months in a coma with a traumatic brain injury. He is now wheelchair bound, can only speak a few words and has life-altering, permanent brain damage. He cannot walk or care for himself.

The driver who hit him was 31. Of course he had only minor injuries. He was 3x the legal limit of alcohol. It was not his first OR second DUI. It was his THIRD. For doing massive, irreversible brain damage & devastating lives, he was sentenced. I was DISGUSTED at his sentence. 3 YEARS. That was all. Sickening, no wonder people like Adam are not deterred. What if one of his daughters had been in his car with him? Or someone we love?

The most beautiful thing about this young victim though, is this. The love of his life stayed right by his side. He just proposed to his love to music, as he cannot speak well. He held out the same ring he had with him during the accident. You can search the story on the People website. It is guaranteed to make you smile and cry. True love <<3. The laws MUST change, it is the only way to get asshole, arrogant drinkers off the roads! If you think a cab is too expensive, compare that to the medical bills this accident created. Millions of dollars in expenses.

Yep. I definitely cried.

There is a girl who's recovery I follow on Facebook named Emily Bowman. The Facebook group is Bows for Bowman. She was walking on a sidewalk and was hit by a drunk driver who fled the scene. She spent I think three weeks in a coma and then months and months in the hospital. A charity called Sunshine on a Ranney Day ( remodeled their home for them so she could come home and have handicap access to a bedroom, bathroom etc and there would be room for her wheelchair, hospital bed and everything else. It's been a year since she was hit and she's made incredible progress but doctors don't know if she'll ever speak again. She's in a wheelchair, gets food through a feeding tube and has around the clock nurses. The guy who hit her waited three weeks to turn himself in to police and then pled not guilty when he was arraigned. He doesn't have a trial date set yet but I hope he gets a shit ton of prison time. There are too many cases of people getting off with a slap on the wrist for ruining people's lives.

Sorry, one thing I want to add. I have a son around Adam's age. I had a talk with him when he was 10 and every few months we have the same talk. "If you are out somewhere, even somewhere you are not suppose to be, call me. I will come and get you if you have done drugs or if you have been drinking. I will not yell at you and I will be so proud of you for calling me. I do not care where you are or what time of night it is. I will not be happy the next day and we will talk about it then for sure. However, never ever feel you have to get in a car with an impaired driver. Never feel like you had no choice but to drive either. I will also pick up any of your friends as well. The offer never expires and will never change."

I have been criticized by people for this speech. I have been told it gives him permission to act out without consequences. I completely disagree. We would certainly discuss it the next day and I wouldn't be happy. I would love to say MY KID WOULD NEVER drink and drive. MY KID would never do drugs. I am not naive, I know it happens. I would rather pick up my drunk son from a wild party, than to identify his body at the hospital. I am older than most of you on this blog, so I am interested in your feedback on my pact with my son. He gets my reminder text whenever I know he is out with the guys.

I have the same deal and conversations with my children. Everyone makes mistakes but you can't come back from killing yourself or someone else. I'd rather have my child alive than dead because they were too scared to call me for help.

I'm 21 (got married at 18, moved out at the same time, and live out of state since my husband is in the military), but my mom told me similar things growing up. I haven't done drugs, or drove after drinking, but that's probably more to do with who I am than that speech. However, it was nice to know that if I drank at a friends then wanted to leave, I could just call my mom. Since my parents had that talk with me, I never felt the need to sneak around behind their back, which is probably why I didn't do much drinking. My husbands parents never told him anything like that, and though he didn't drink and drive or drink underage for the most part, he doesn't feel like he can be as open with them. Our daughter just turned a year old, and though ideally we'd rather her not drink until she's old enough, when the time comes, we'll probably have the same conversation my parents had with me. I would much rather be unhappy with her choice to drink than to have to watch her be in trouble for a DUI or end up in a hospital or put someone else in the hospital. I've seen DUI's ruin things for a lot of people (I'm not saying they don't deserve the consequences) and I'd rather do everything in my power for my daughter to avoid that.

My parents did the same with us and the speech began at an early age, probably around 10 like your son. We knew that if we were ever in a situation where we needed a ride home, we could call them. We'd get in trouble the next day, but it was understood that we were NEVER to drive drunk or impaired because we ALwAYS had the option of calling them. My sister and I did our fair share of hellraising as teenagers (her moreso than me...I was younger and kind of learned from her mistakes) but if we knew we were going to be drinking, we drank with either a designated driver (a responsible one who actually DIDN'T drink) or we drank/partied where we knew we could sleep for the night and be safe (both with not driving impaired and trusting whoever we were staying with.) We never had to call my parents because we took every precaution to NOT be in a situation where we'd be at a party drunk and have to call our parents because, while we knew they would pick us up, the fear of punishment pretty much kept us in our place and made us plan ahead. We weren't out drinking or doing drugs every weekend or anything like that. Just a fair share of every-so-often stupid teenage stuff. I have never driven drunk because my parents spent time (A LOT oF TIME) drilling into us that there was NEVER an excuse to do so.

They also informed us that were we ever to get arrested and put in jail, they would not bail us out and we would spend the night in jail for whatever we did. We were told to not even bother calling them. We were told we could call their good friends who were also our neighbors and THEY could decide to come pick us up, but we would pay them back for whatever it cost to get us out, they would definitely tell our parents before they picked us up, bring us straight home and we would have to deal with our parents' wrath sooner that way, haha. This was the deal for minor offenses (I have no idea what a minor offense would be that would get me arrested for the night because I never did anything that would put me in that position; really bad speeding maybe...alcohol unopened and in the trunk?) and anything major would I'm sure be handled much, much differently. It was understood that we would be safer if we stayed in jail overnight than to call our parents and ask them to bail us out, because they would kick our asses AFTER letting us stay in jail overnight, haha.

Because of these discussions and the way our parents covered every hypothetical situation, we were mostly good kids who didn't put ourselves or others in danger. I think if our parents had never drilled in the importance of this to us, we wouldn't have had that voice in the back of our heads knowing we would be in absolute and legitimate deep shit if we chose to drive impaired and DID make it home safely and we would ruin lives if we DIDN'T.

My parents were incredibly strict while I was growing up (I am the oldest of 5), but they both gave me the same speech you gave to your son. Their words were almost identical to what you wrote and they repeated them so many times I could recite the speech by heart.

I'm not sure why you get criticized, because--like my parents--you were being caring while being pragmatic. I didn't drink until I was in college, but even then I knew their promise would still apply when I was home on break. It just resonated with me that much. To this day, as a married 22 year old, I know that my parents would rather come pick me up downtown at midnight than have me get in the car slightly tipsy.

My kid is 10 and we've started having these conversations. Stupid mistakes as a teenager or young adult aren't worth someone's life.

I bet Adam is more upset about demolishing his corvette than the welfare of the elderly victims he injured.

Watching tonight's episode, I totally cringed when Adam kept asking Aubree if she wanted to get in the car and leave with him. And watching him speed away in his uninsured corvette

If he doesn't do at least a couple years in jail for this then I give up. After 3 DUIs, these charges are more than serious. He has absolutely no respect for the law and a complete disregard for his responsibilities to his family and two daughters.

Also, at 87 a broken leg can very easily become something so much worse. The body does not heal well in old age and infections are common. She will likely not be able to walk right again at the very least. Those poor people!

OK, rant warning. (Btw, I'm Swedish.)

Someone over at TMT said that they thought Adumb will have most of the charges dismissed or pled down. Can somebody help me understand the f#&@ing system? Someone please give a couple arguments FOR this stupid system with a) bailing out of jail and b) pleading down or dismiss charges, so I can sleep at night? Why is it a good thing for society if criminals don't STAY in friggin' jail until their trial, where they get convicted for ALL the friggin' crimes they ACTUALLY COMMITTED? Why are they never accountable for all they've done. Please explain. /rant over

The system is made up of many attorneys and some are good and some are scumbags. A lot of defense attorneys (like Jenelle's) will find little loopholes or tricks within the system to get their client as little punishment as possible. The prosecutors don't make enough money to care equally about the UNBELIEVABLE amount of DUIs, vehicular manslaughter, driving while uninsured and/or unlicensed charges that come across their desks. Some get more attention than others. Just as innocent people fall through the cracks when it comes to caring about children's welfare or a person's mental health, guilty-as-sin and unapologetic repeat offenders like Adam and Jenelle also fall through the cracks and get off with a slap on the wrist. This seems more prevalent when a person is famous/infamous/rich. Like that 16 year old in Texas who killed four people and paralyzed his friend because he was driving drunk and on pills and got off with 10 years of probation and rehab at a swanky $300,000 a year rehab facility with horses and a golf course instead of going to jail like any normal person would. His parents are loaded and his attorney argued that he had "affluenza" and wasn't taught right and wrong as a child and didn't understand that his actions had consequences. Instead of throwing the book at him or even having him attend rehab in a state-run facility in TX, the judge gave him probation and the kid gets sent to a resort in California with a personal chef and a gym to work on his "problems."

This is the first time Adam has actually caused injury to another person as far as I know (not counting the mental abuse he's put his child through) and all of his previous convictions will definitely weigh against him on these charges. His lawyer could try to plea to a lesser charge to get him less jail time or a suspended sentence (like probation where, if he screws up again with in a certain time period, he serves the sentence given at that time.) I don't know the specific laws used or plea bargains he could find himself in because 1) I'm not a lawyer and 2) I don't live in South Dakota. I hope he gets the absolute maximum punishment possible so he can stop endangering everyone around him but unless he gets a supremely dedicated judge and prosecutor who care about ALL of their cases equally or they decide to make an example of him, that's not likely going to be the case which is wildly unfortunate.

As for the bailing out of jail to await arraignment and/or trial thing, the court system can be slow and tax payers get pissy if required to feed and house a person in county jail until their court date. Also, the whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing applies and it could be argued that being required to stay in lockup until their court date could be unlawful imprisonment because they haven't yet been convicted. It is MINDBLOWING what crimes a person can commit/be charged with and still be allowed to make bail and leave jail. Sometimes they're put on house arrest or GPS monitoring until their court date and sometimes they are unmonitored and they disappear and don't show up for the court date. That's why there are bail bondsmen and bounty hunters. The bail bondsman puts up the bail money with the accused paying 10% with the understanding that they're on the hook for the total amount if they don't show up for their required court dates. Then, if they don't show up, a warrant for their arrest gets issued with a bounty attached to it and bounty hunters find them and bring them in to collect the bounty money. In some states, only a capitol murder charge allows for the person to have to stay in jail until their trial. Scott Peterson wasn't allowed to bail himself out of jail because he was charged with two 1st degree capitol murders in California and the DA was seeking the death penalty. Jodi Arias has been in county jail in Arizona from like...2008 until 2013 when her trial for capitol murder was held and she was found guilty of 1st degree murder. However, she's still at county jail rather than prison because the jury couldn't come to a decision about whether she should get the death penalty or life without parole. There will be a new trial for only the penalty phase of her case sometime in the next year and then she'll be sent to prison in solitary confinement on death row or with the general population if sentenced to life.

I could be wrong on a lot of this. Like I said, I'm not a lawyer but I studied forensics/criminal justice and read a lot about the various trial processes and often find myself outraged about the shit they let people get away with, so then I study specific cases in more detail. So if I'm off base on anything, feel free to correct it and add more to it. Perhaps someone with experience with SD laws could add more insight?

Good point, but I am thinking that he is loving the accident and everything that comes with it.

This accident has made him an even bigger star in his stupid little world. He made the mainstream news for something that had nothing to do with Chelsea, and he is just as much of a famewhore as Farrah or Jenelle. When it comes down to it, this is a conversation starter that will help him get into the pants of at least one more girl with no self esteem in some lonely corner of some seedy bar – “Why YES, baby, I am THAT Adam Lind. You might have heard about me . . . Yeah I was on MTV . . . ”

In his little Beavis mind, you know right now he is running through the memories of the crash in his Beavis-like little mind, “YEAH, YEAH, Going FASTER AND FASTER. FIRE…FIRE… FIRE COOL”.

In his way of thinking, the only negative to the whole situation is that he lost his Vette. Everything else was great. He is now a legend among all his friends.

Perhaps the best thing about the whole accident is that he now has a new subject that he can have tattooed on his body. You kno wthat in a few weeks, we will be seeing a tattoo on this gentleman that features a flaming Corvette and burned rubber skid marks on the pavement behind it.

I previously posted the above comment that got me to thinking about how fun it would be to make predictions about the tattoo that this tool is inevitably going to get to commemorate this big event in his life. Does anyone want to join me in making predictions about the tattoo. The person who comes the closest will be the big winner.

I am predicting that the tattoo will probably be placed somewhere near the ironic tattoo on his chest of the Chevy logo with flames around it (some other astute poster previously brought this to our attention). I have also predicted that there will be flames (obviously) and a depiction of burned rubber on the roadway behind the vehicle. I think that the date of the accident will be proudly and prominently featured and that there will be a grim reaper or Satan or devil or something like that watching over the accident scene, and this demonic figure will be laughing. He might even add something to honor the fallen vehicle with a statement like "R.I.P. [insert his pet name for the Corvette - you know that he had some really stupid name for the car, like "the Panty Dropper" or some similar moronic title]". He might also make some kind of statement to disrespect Ford products (like the Lincoln Town Car driven by the victims) while simultaneously bragging about Chevy products (like his Corvette). My final prediction is that he will probably not include the two elderly people in the tattoo design, since they are really a non-issue as for as he is concerned and their existence/survival/presence at the accident were really just an inconvenience to him and do not factor into the story in any meaningful way.