Trouble in Teen Mom Paradise

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So remember last week when Kailyn went on a trip to Miami and met up with Teen Mom 3 stars, Briana and Brittany DeJesus, to get some discounted surgery? How could anyone forget that gory mess! Well, the plot thickens just like Kailyn's butt! Jenelle also took a trip to Miami this past week for "business." Ya know, like in the same sense Nathan was on a business trip last season of Teen Mom 2. Jenelle claims to be in Miami meeting with a ghostwriter for a book that she will be releasing this year and also working on a website she will be launching in February of this year. I'm making her Instagram picture plugging the website the main picture on this article, so that everyone remembers this moment in time when it eventually falls flat or gets abandoned like Farrah's frozen yogurt, Kailyn's interior decorating website, Maci's first clothing line and probably Amber's house flipping.

Mackenzie "Drops" Her New Single

mackenzie douthit

"The Sweetest Treat" is here y'all and things are about to go down. Mackenzie decided recently to create this video for all of the children out there suffering from Diabetes. But unlike her predecessor, Farrah Abraham, her song was actually a rap. She said she wasn't a very good singer and decided that a rap would be the better way to go. Today is the day we finally get to hear this masterpiece single that has been much anticipated by us over at TMJ.

Do As I Sing...

mackenzie douthit

Editor's Note: This post was actually created before the prior Mack post, but there was a mess up and I didn't see it. Either way, part of having multiple contributors will be having different takes on stories. That said, I am going to work on coordinating with the writers better. My fault. Here is Girlses first article...

Douthit, Divorce, and Diabetes

mackenzie douthit

More and more seems to be unfolding in the world of Mackenzie Douthit McKee lately. Most remember Mackenzie from her appearances on MTV's 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 3. Those who have since kept up with Mackenzie are familiar with her encounters with the devil, her recent attempt to get free breast implants and the rumors that swirled about trouble with her marriage to her children's father, Josh McKee, this past April. Because we all know how marriages in this franchise tend to go, many fans readily believed and weren't particularly surprised at a rumor that Josh had flushed his wedding ring down the toilet and left Mackenzie. Though Mackenzie initially denied the story and continued to post happy pictures with Josh online, she made an official statement to Wetpaint confirming that there was indeed trouble in paradise.

Another Teen Mom Car Crash

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I would say that a majority of the time when someone is in a car accident, we assume that it's Adam Lind. This time around, Adam wasn't the one crashing a vehicle, but don't worry - we'll talk about him in a different post tonight.

What's New with the Teen Mom 3 Girls?

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Not much has changed in Katie's life since our last update. She's still dating the same guy, and even though she recently was awarded full custody of Molli so that she could move closer to her guy, it appears that she's still in Utah for the time being. Katie hasn't made any mention of Joey in a while, and it appears that she's keeping busy with work, while also being a mom and a girlfriend. As far as we know, Katie is not currently enrolled in school, although she had previously expressed that she made the move to Utah so that she could continue her education and obtain a Bachelor's degree. Katie also has some baby fever going on lately, and has shared several Tweets stating that it's a good thing her boyfriend is 600 miles away.

Mackenzie McKee answers fan questions

mackenzie douthit

Mackenzie McKee is probably the most well known girl from her Teen Mom spinoff, so it's no surprise that she's using her notoriety to try and gain followers on social media. Mackenzie has opened an Etsy store, called Mackenzies Makings, where she sells crochet baby items, wooden picture frames, and fabric headbands. Mackenzie is also attempting to take her fan base from the show and transfer it to a YouTube channel where she's planning on making workout videos, diabetes awareness videos, and answer fan questions.